The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on May 6, 1950 · Page 17
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 17

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1950
Page 17
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..... m . IIWM H 01 CTCLM iwn, -;mf.o'' (or .our ntn 111! 7"viAI.! AkICL ftlM) aow o luf Fjlce, !' t.. Pf!!s!L- AT"W MACHINES ON SHOW Is- Esse iptmit ;.' I8 4?? Ill &4 S.V.. O.H.V. lit Sim- ""', '""M Ij s 500 iprml frame , . IuiSiinM (or Immediate Delivery. r1 Our Seconahaild Moduli, li v,no All Claim of Repairs. hmi of Spares and Aeceasorlei. wJg$p ,nd UOTOK k yffittiim-it., SANDRINGHAM. . m Phone xwjmi?. 'A fld.. run. ellt beaut Dealer offered uii itio. urg. 33 Balmorai-av . ediaiuca'l oider.' cieem First tol Jtiii ouf. Owfler join iwa( 1 jttimn-rd., Praiirao. win. iliJ. A&t?oi njr trVal! 2S RUWI A w 8 rvS or ofl. . ivuiaao. .js"'500 S.V.. -3tJ. cel. orSer. fisrfiei-rd.. N. Coburl. tram erm -.alEL. '39. R.H.. aw. enrome A rjitji: it B Cheiter-at,. Moo- 7 5T Motor Cjcle, 1948. 350 C O , I ekctU. cond, ion, mileage: 140. T. 500. O.HV., MS. 9000 rail.. UUS7IJ.. IO, VCt tlVl iAmi. with complete Riding Gear; ,ftO camperdown-at.. Brighton. 'a a r.. Hiuw, w - .. 3 Hirh-it- iw. , J.S., 35 moa., . C1SU overhead valve, 1st an (rial: 40. I). lMrlmQ, 52 Drummond-st.. Oaklelgh, A done 15.000 mllei; 150. 1U A iuc-rd.. Murruntteena. sat. after- Anil 5o. 107 Murra-rd., li Tlfi. 500. '43 mod., 4G00 ml A beiut. cond.. one owner: Km. tmlw. 18 nutnrtt-it.. W. Brunwlck. A J.S., 1931. 3!i. "i. Sept.; I t'J 10 81 Counelly-av.. E. Cobure. - A UN Trick Cycle, nenuine IWit-'A (IIM trame. liel. near wneel, S. neilW condition: 20. Sun. Tn Abbott-it., sandrlnRham. - - ,Hu .at 1950 model! reviewed In the A new 130-pie Motor Cycle Guide, 19 im neii .lenti or Motor Manual. e. mew and Used Motor Cycle Parti Anlore all mahei.. J. Stewart, the liorci MOTOR CYCLES fir BICYCLK r s a.. 1 1 and nhania.aver Ofllndent Spares new and uied, for thfa model, EltDCtnSI. 15 8.A. Outfit, 600 c.c, B.V.. ISHt)- and anuear.. ree.. lua. : m or Sun, a.m.; week day, ana i p.m. . ouu a.T. 1944. tear ratios Id. rtt nncidlllon and ID- iifarinct?; wind icreen (not fltted): will atand any trial; 87 10, or offer. WU1182. II S.A.; 19.H6. vee Twin, can. SOU 13 c.c, chromed and silver, recond. motor, with receipts; best oiler. . Sat. aft. or Sunday, 11 Parer-st.. Kait Oaklelgh. BS.A., 350 C.c. S.V., 11)40, completely overhauled and rebured. In; good nick and good tyrei; 57 10, Apply werk end, 'Hi Gumer-it., St. Hilda. i Ba.A. '36 Outfit, newly shod. - long1 rcg., special chair filled with hood, tide curtains, best otter. O Hawtliorn-t,. W. Cotourg. BS.A.. 500 c.C. lrab Empire Star excellent L-ondltlon J. Nealv. Hi uaiaciava-ra,, East Bl. Kllda Saturdai only. O H. V., 34 h.p,, just Abbeygate-st., Oak- :2H Dartl. I 3.A.. 1947 model, 3.')0 c.c. a pi .u.jO: fick. i. cond . . roe and Ina. Nov. . 130. 140 Gieniyon-rd.. Brunt-. I S A. '49. SflO O H V. slnB.r?. Ij 4000 miles, registered September; 1 170, cash or terms. 7' BrownBeld-st.. Cheltenhamt ; . : T) S.A.. '42 M.. 500 C.C. 6.V.. SD- x Dearance. motor oerfect. all acces- ionei, rcnaieoury, Jtouana-ra,, uiacK- ourn, 1 T h.A. SIODer Outfit, ii'ar box neetlsi O aiiembllng, sports Side Car, -good; condition; bargaJi, 24 Milton-par., Ba.A., 1949, 230 d luxe. 4000 miles: cash or terms. Flat 2. Dandenonfrd., Prahran, near Or-lotig-rd. . . ... BS.A., 43. 500, S.V.; good condition and appearance; must sell, beat offer. 1 Elgln-at., Newport. BS.A. Bantam, new cond. 'throughout. Phone XB1995, Saturday or Sunday. . 1 13 S.A., 1939, 250 c.c, cheap, re-; i glstered. Sun. afternoon, or nishts. BO Beavera-rd., Northcote, - S s.A. '47, 350, O.H. V., really good.1 1 U000 miles. 59 De Carle-st., Bruin- iiator Crcle King. 208 Johnston-st. AlhsBtted. ss new. UI747. - It Sirdta-ST.. Glen Huntly. . AP-IEL- Square 4. ,1938, 600 c.c. Mirante and mechanically perfect: also Her; ternu arranged. Smith, M Al Pi Bivr. ami. O.H.V.. "38 model, foot V chanfe, must sell this week end. it offer between 45 and 80. Alter p.m. aaiuiusy, naHu-ni BrllMon. . 1 .... A bored.- Al 'condition. - Cheong'i Hair Oretiing Salon, Main-st., iroy- HS.A., 250. good condition. ti4S; 9.), or offer: must sell. 27 Syca-more-it,. East Malvern. BS.A., 43. 500. S.V., good cond.; (il) or offer. 13 Bonvlewrd.. Mal vern. U.W92. HS.A., - )U c.c, ' pencct uraer auu condition: .ill or heat offer. ' l.'i Dei-by-it., Cdmberweli. ' s h.a., jtnj, t. v., recon ii loiifu IS throuBhoul. ree.. Ins. : 7.1. . '2"2 Nlclio!son-st., Abbotsford, JATiSTtS. ' HS.Ax- 330, '47-4K mod., perfect; definite sale. Alter 2 p.m; Sat. W. ..ies, 1!) Rlvlera-at.. Mentone. BS.A., '40 model, 2;x) c.c.. good order ; best offer. 3(J Derby-cres. Carnegie. - - - W niiles. as "new: -i50.' 505 Dry- burgh-it., N. Melb. ; - miles; lOO. 9 Warwlck-av.. Sur rey inns. wnm n -r 1- O S.A..' 500 1949, 9000 miles, per-Im feet cond., new tyres, pillion seat. accessories. Win. 6509. May. . - - BS.A,, IHIUi JDU, gooa oraer;, z, on or oflerl 35 Nlcholson-st., S. BYQriS.'A.. 3-50. late model, 11 months' renr. . perfect order: tell book cheap Micxa, D.1 noiinm-ii,, c, i,uuui. twin. fast, reliable. morninr only. i Oueen-st.. Surrey Hills. ' BS.A.. 500. S. V.. 1940. good order, reg. Feb., 1951. 60., 458 Ly- eon-st., B. BrunswicK. T S.A., 1946, 350 c.c., O.H.V.. must tr sen; oner waniea. in menaiy-iu, Reservoir. oKnr. th ifipr Q a m.. Sundn .APIEL. 500. C.C. R.M.. '49. .Cicel- irtlent order, wltn extras; must - mi; "50 or offer. U91 viciona-st.. . TrTl 1934, 600. sld valve. tele-Wlarat-at. f draunc loin, guou 120 Commerclsl-rd.. Footscray. ftmei Knn or. rur and in- 'Ami. D rnthi., good order; 65. lun. T6b Burwooa-ra., Aiioum, . ARIEL Twin. 11000 miles good apP. A cond.: accept offer. 26 Wakanul' i'n twin. 9nn m.ie7 A 185. PlPcr. 10 Dorothy-ay., Glenl fiRIZL. '33 model, 500 c.c. Red jfi Hunter, new tyre, motor perteci, Lihts. horn. 191 i:utton-it.. Thornbury, ARIEL. 500 c.c. R.H.. 49 mod.. A 10.UOO m.. must sell. Sun a.m. Beer. 15 Grandview-gr., Prahran. TRia, 1949.V.G-, h W c.c. Outfit! A UTO CVCLES. English RAYNAL1 J DE LUXE, the dincreot auw 'e, iTI 10. including tax; ABERDALE. th. nhnt hnv In town. 169 1U. fccluding tss. Very eaay terms. Speedo eptlonal; 6 months' guarantee, free Zfrini, o.trMa TmrlP vnilr flirt Dike. CflaJoiijei posted. Spares for all Auto Cycles. Mali Orders. STERLING CYCLE nd MOTOR CYCLE DEPOT, 48j( Chapel-Hreet, South Yarra. BJWVf. Inrn fTm-lia RnitlAllali. . 'iUTOCYCLE, Malvern Star, good. new: sell well below list price, 367 Kooyong-rd.. Caulffeld IJ a. A,, ATW C.C, W.ri. V , idiKl. 1CB., 'fonrtltltm 'and an- pearauce. Price 45. Phone U2431. AUTO CYCLE, reconditioned. rfiveru aiar; ., Thornbury. A UTOCYCLE, Sun, fsultlets condition, Ag.; 29 10. 16 Wlgton-st., A, A UTOCYCLE English .good running oraer; tao or oner, Appiy it wa , . 7- stridor!. uiu tiULiv. exceiieni conamon; ill xw. uu wurpny-st., tiicn- ;A UTOCYCLE, '48 M, star, recond. J perfect order; offer. Taylor, Law fence-it.. Heidelberg. JL1914. A UTO Cycle. Rudge, exc. cond. XX long reg.; 45. 16 Mary-it. AurocyaE. new. with or without ia car. urmw. ' perf, cond., reg. i Sat. morn. 02811. i Ban. don't mlai M.ti. tvo Morris tt.v., t n.p.. 34. i oniy fou Qtp.. craae oumt. laio, at t .annlni-at., Carlton. D 1946; 95, "of offer. '19 Mendlp- a., ttesenoir, IIATTEHIES motor cvcle. 32ti: D large stocks, suit all bikes, Mel bourne tyre, . 323 siizac-eth-st. DK Wlie.-outflt. Indian! '37. Yeates, won car, iiwdukii, recona. tv ia .Bnning-st,, utriion. BELT0N3. 330 Elliabeth -street. Try ui first. Don't believe that the wri tou renuire is unprocurame untu toil hate ctimultofl n Our tutor. State branchts nost to 'us dally parts rmi are unprocuraoie in Memourne Cent. 4234-5 KPl't MOTOR SERVICE, jlt me Boior t-ycie npcciausis, 12 OHm-eovt PARKDALE. XYlMll Immeu'slt Lellvcry from Stock of ytt handls All M,vkes of New Machines. .Cash or very easy terms. T0.fitrnlri trnt. fT. rl.n CI U1. f oor-Slroltea'. from 33 ,78 dep., i Ipu tequlre s,d USED Machine, :vSJ.inai-. we S!TB Doner vaiue. . 60 Dep.- DOUGLAS. 850, O.H.V., reaj . iprinr 50 Den. AJ.S., 300, s.V., very reliable; 20 SJS!', pt Polishing or Complete wakbs HKPAIRS. ACCESSORIES. ., BIVIC MOTOR SERVICE, 12 OUVE-GROVE. ' PARKDALE. WpCLE BARGAINS. Gent's, uiuiia ncconaiiionea uycies, 1 lKv clu?.Ilsceri, new condition, Ifom 1W' Cash or terms. ; , PROGRESS BICYCLE Co., - S2 CIlAPEL.ST.,. WINDSOR. ' DICYCLE. KnilUh T,.rl, LI Internal inaM he.i,., n K'Jl,0h 7D -reliability, a bargain. MOTOR CYCLIS 8 SICYCUS Q in Dim. 'Uiio HOTOR CYCLE BARGAINS AT DISNEY'S MOTORS. Look at These for Value, VELOCETTE, 1948, M.S.S., ; ; extras. .... .. ..157 10 C B.S.A.. 1949, 500 Twin. ueautiiui ' jraer,,- pntion seats, footrests 155 0 0 ARIEL. 1948, 498 Twin, excellent condition,' . .139 10 U INDIAN, 1942, 500 Pony niuui. mccuanicauy perfect. f 79 10 fl NORTON, 1948,- "8.8.3., " an extras, small mileage, 169 10 U TRIUMPH, 1948. Speed iHlll, ICMlt KUUfl CUUdl "on .. ..159 10 C ARIEL, 1949, 400, Red Hunter, miles. . . 149 10 tl A.J.S., 1948 500, O.H.V.. craan bars, . registered, " ..149 10 C H.R.D. "RAPIDE." Beau- tliui order. Laree lavlne ' - -. ' on new price,, ., ..245 0 0 suuna mcciiamcal con dition 48 0 0 nUYAL UN r I ELD 1950 ue Luxe twin port 11(H) and medium weleht Dust ing Sidi- Car, 14W) miles. 235 0 O itiuairn win speed Twin Side Car,' windscreen. Pron las q q 3? TKRHiS ARRANGED, . EASY TERMS ARRANGED. EXCELSIOR. n The Pioneer Lightweight, Full Range ''Universal"' 125. "Ro'sdmaster i97' and the "Talisman Twin" 250 cc .. R.e?r SprloglDg Standard on Ai Models. NORTON. Thp Wnrlrl'i B..11..11.. Offers the "Domlnator Twin" as Well " Famou. Slngle-Cyllnder Ma- THE VINCENT. i$t!$n& aV PWi" nd "Black tub "LAMBRETTA" Motor Scooter. High Performance. Rnv in m.i. . f DISNEY'S MOTORS. . Antrim llou.e, 410 Ellzabetli-itreet, Melbourne KJJllil, KRUtO, n-la., W nniniwldb 42. W.D., 500. S.V., well ions- retc. sat. morn.. Sprlng-road. Ormond. 1 -- nay. 2v woaaiHna-si., n. e,sBenuo. der.' 22.300: 100. Phone FW5232 RS.A.. '47. 250. O.H.V.' 85. pr offer. 10 Ersklne-at.. Mid Park 1 S.A.. .1' n.p.. excellent oraer; i best' offer. 8 Ross-st., Elsternwlck, CIO. reolstered December: J offer. 28 Joffre-st., E. Preston. RS.A., Bantam, perfect condition, art n.wnnri.ii if oiiltiotnn s A., Bantam, sen dook; .tin. Mary-at.. Spotswona. 1 A R BURETTOR TROUBLE. hard KJ starting, bad idllnit. excessive petroi nnllon T)pnif vnup CARhV tO BELTONS. Carburettor SpeclalisU, 330 Eiiiaoetn-street, -,;' rtHAIN. All Sizes. Netf Shlprnen J Just Arrivea. All parts, fjxuv ilHASSIS, good order, with fittings; inc. i'jh lBiinKion-at., iaihi. iHEAP Motor Cycles at Harford's KJ Motor Cycle service, ,. jiwi, ma1 . vern-ra., Maivern;-r , iv. -v. James, 2-stroke. .reg.I -20. Harley.750.. reg.;. 80.. Norton. Outfit, excellent t . X 150 1 or nffpr. ' . ' - 1 ' rtMOT pib! " rvfttrhanli for motor Kj cycles and auto cycles by Pr'''8" called for,' delivered. Naylor, co Frank-1 I r.u. ; MOTOR CYCLES 4 B I CYC US YfATCllLXSS. '43. 330, O.H.V.,, lTi teles., new cub . valva culdei. springs, cnslns, rebored, good condition. 93 10. 108 Kmpren-rd.. Surrey Hills, WP3774. A f atchlkss, 1948, 78tH) miles, en- 1TI linn, tvrtri ind itonpirinri. Ac perfect; 145, 61 Grangu-rd., Alphlng- S.V., '30; Just Saturday, i ft 4" AT CH LESS 500. 1IL overhauled, engine perfect u mav mar ti in MATCHLESS late model 350 O.U.V.,1 exc. appear,, nerf, condt, ; best offer week end. 2,'j Lang-lt.. Sth. Yarra. - . - .... MATCHLESS, 11M9, flOli, O.H.V., excellent condition: f 17(1. trmi arranged. , 342 , , Barkly-it.,. Footscray. uDnomtj looiuau ground. MATCHLESS, 350. O.H.V., telescopic furlu. rB(alrd in month! hpit offer. 19 Byron-st., N,. Brighton MATCHLESS, 'Jh0. 4 stroke, '38 mo-del. (.vretlpnt rnnd . riv Dfl ZI Pout rlianirn t'itra f W tlMtt'ti? ui Mnlditntic Jtl ATC'IfLESS. ISM) i fort AleiD. O.H. V.. MB. son-l., Albert Park. . - ft g a rci i less. s.V.. e.v r... ill faultless order: 55. Sat. after i u.m.. ui uarnem-si., Kicnmona. EIATCHI.ESS, '4M. 5tl; 14(1. rash XM or terms, 5'2 Ertn-st., Preston. Sunday. . I A TCHl.ESS. aso, S.V.,. '36 mod, l.lbltlon-st.t Bentlelflh. - XU2742.' IfOTOR, Cyue Parts, Used, Aew, Buy, jLTXSell, Exchange; country, C.O.D. .teuun. 45 Balilie-st.. N. Meio. FJ3871 1TOTOR Bike, 1937. B.3.A.. 230 Phone LAiHti: MOTOR Cycle Chain, In x la. available, x, stock. FJ0528, Jrforllng. 29 Little Latrobe-st. it.. Tlioriiburv.' lxV"A'iC;i" Chev. Tourer, excel, or. .'. 'fn or gooa outflt, - 4 Camp- IV fit a noi T r , u, ,p,L ;vr- out" KTin8 arneit Crulr. good order; ,0,'i. or offer- Arnup, Baldwinii rVDBi?5urn- wek end. H pU,fn ." M new: 250. 70 idajpTp ,1. wow, rarit. 1"""V: reu. au Cruiser: sell JENTLEMAN'S Bike Malvern Staij G1? viyciTA fF',w-i 24-ln. new; LIARLEY . Outfit. excellent rnnrt teid. Vnod tVr. ' VSW ??" n iioyi VBI" Sheitenham. MD- "49 Raplde. mech. nerfect: jl a. spare parts. After 12, Sat . 44 H;,l,Glen Iris. ,' Uh.- 1942 utflt' beautifully .i,rn, SK?.!- anl chromed, sound i riV out y'JL separate. Well worth LARhuo' w,hld0n "iLiAv modeI car. This outflt is 100 o.e. throuah- ra. 123 Beach-rd.. Sand'rlngham. TTARLEY. W.I. A . tint ft!Koqd order throughout. Just' reg.; XAJfitt',- XR1596. 5 Hamilton HARLEY, '42,' beaut., ducoed maroon1 and chrome, sound throughout, well worth InKQoetliin- C 1".- r.n d,.rf. '36. special, 45. 155; also Rudge, HARLEY IO-I2; 1936 Outfit, . wind shields, well shod, clean, suit Kin a J ;,l i.'"1-1'. L. exenange lor tuili'Artr lm,'Jnr- FW.1443. LTARLhY Davidson and Side Box, Iree., in running order; 22 10, Sat. after 1 p.m., 10 Glengyle-st., Co- In iwpllpnt off- 3 Walker-Bt., Clifton Hill. i-pnf jjBviason uuint, 7y, needs t-. MoHynston. Sunday morning. 30. Il Van ioviuson UU(U, ana BOX, , ,uv .v.. kwuu cgnaition ana auco 83,DT6S Edlnburgh-t.. Burnley. FTARLEY and S. Car. 1938, res. JP-Feb. 70: best offer; must sell. Bennett, Rlgby-st.. Carrum. HARLEY Davidson Outflt. '36, good M fl5. - Woodhall, Arunder-rd. , J ARLEY -Twin Outfit, only done 235 Marlbyrnomr-rd.. Ascot lal 1 unL.D,x, moaet, excellent T,V"u,l'u,1' Jt-iw. , Ot' m cnaei-st., N. FlUroy.. . HARLEY Special, reit., good order; best offer. 141 Kangaroo-rd Oak- VELOCETTE, K.9.S., cannot fault, appearance as new. long reg stratlon, any trial, unmarked.., Deposit 75. Terms to suit. . .. TRIUMPH. 3T. twin, plftlon and rests. registered, moiur vi7 . shod. Deposit 60. Terms to suit B.S.A.. W.D., trade as Is " steglilweg, runs well, appearance fair. Will taks 69 10. ' . B.S.A., twin. 1948 model, fitted wltn f union ana tchis, iuub i, ered. any trial. Deposit 65, Terras to suit, . b nen - .' ' nD If 1 afind. 'with pillion and rests', registered, latBi VELOCETTE. 1948, M:A.C "PP"ranee1 as new, wen snoa, any mat TTARLEY Oavidion. '42. W.L.A. pert fWa'SS'ifc ?..APi? .e.b.-crVnWL iiivu. , iw, a, ran, mi. uveiyo. tfARLEY, 1930 mode), solo- 23. II 436Brunswlck-st.. Kltiroy. .akl.h,y Twin "zi Parts, cheap. 884 a. reci-n,, new. well shod.' sound condition. NDIAN SPARES. Genuine Factory Spares for army 500 and 1200. Full mime new auu uea; a no Kegrinas, exchange Cylinders, service. Big Ends, navai is, ciiiMueifi-at., MeiD, nnu tnntnt- fUV nil la hat nil nil delivery vehicle; screen, box covers for deposit. Terms to suit. ROYAL ENFIELD, 1048, 350 C.C, O.H. V., all extras fltled. registered, in very good nick; 60 deposit. Terms to1 lull. . . ' VELOCETTE. - L.E.. long registration, usrd as demo, machine, runs as new. 55 deposit. Terms to suit. . i. Inspect at COTTMAWS. 291 ELTZABETH-ST.. MELBOURNE. . NDIAN Cycle, 10 h.p. and Box Outfit. x arm OibsiIi. annd cnnrll- tlnn throuehout. Tenders wanted for sale oi same, inspection, not sunaay, . & uuDiii-bt,, iticiiinuiiu, COUNTRY CLIENTS. A special staff V; to attend to your requirements, Prompt and cfftclsnt service suarantecd. Goods returned C.O.D.. post or . rait, as requested. Any part supplied. Any repair effected. ,. . . BELTONS, 830 Ellzabeth-atreet. nOVENTRY EAGLE, 250 CC. 1939. In at rohnrnA. PrAnkihaft vround. new bushes, generator and magneto overhauled. Sunday only. 60 or best M COOK, 244 Lygon-itreet,. Carlton. TiOVENTRY Eagle, '89, 00d. regll-KJ tered; offer to 32 107,. BJ44U7. 9-6 Sat. 15 Moor-st,, Saodrlngham. Sunday. . " liKiS, 300, fOOQ KJ order sen o on. ' COVENTRY Eagle, '38. 250 welt shod, good order: 40. Harold-st.. Middle Park. (10VBNTRY Eagle. 250 C.C,, '36. per- feet order; best offer. 13 Culloden- urunawicK, NDIAN Outfit, 44. 1012. 130. 95001 ait. aim. morn., m wuisciey-ai.. ua hltrff PWOflilS MUIA1N. i.tu c.c, amaii appraraiice, lust registered, motor In .good order. rasli ban: 50. or oeat offer. 12 Wordaworth-at., St. Kllda. LAH315. NDIAN. 500 c c, exc. cond.. long rer.. Ins,: ma. 16 Marv-st... Rich mond. . ' ' '.. NOlAN UUint, I!H4, iHHJU mnrs, duco, chrome; 135. 101 Connelly- v,. Coburg. rear Gaol NDIAN, 500. '42-43 mod, I 7&i good COUit, 24 FARADAY-ST.. CARLTON. NDIAN Outfit, '44. 1012. screens. dual seat. 12.000 miles. 576 Can- ning-st,. N. Carlton, r- noian scout, z wen 'snoa, new batteiv. needa maeneto check. L. Carne. Plenty-rd., South Morang, ndian outnt. 1948, Army s. ear, !ionn mllea. bareain. IILR748 INDIAN, '42, 500 c.C, reg. 10 mthi. Beat offer. Ring XW1938. KuiAn outnt, lmz moaei.ecest oner.. Apply 117 Barkly-st., E. Brunswick. NDIAlSTSolo 500 r44: offer. Flat 2. 101 Glen Huntly-rd.. Elwood. NDIAN Outfit V44), .D., 750 M., . as new; 210. Terms, 85.019. Age. JACKSON BROS. J A 4534- 150 B.S.A., 250, S.V,: dep. 53 76 100 B.S.A., 250, O.H.V. i dep. 81 17 150 B S.A. Bantam; dep. 40 5. a Coventry v,eit. 9 evcle. 250 c.c. Kj gpd. 24 Faraday-st., Carlton. j e 'jr.. I'M uicycls : 2 1(1 I M omi ilti Holland. Lml.mcr A anpprt wnn ayamo ngnt; to Club Racer, S.A.V.. 'iJfi aun- morning. fJ6 Henry- Sal "j"?i: ,mr. .?'.' tian J!r. "" number, hartl, ."Sil'WM tear change and Mail "Jjjs, ne ireondljana, Renalrl, A--.. Q,.B""ra cycle., vioui Eutabetn-.t.. , i "oSBraVAAbrMfi."iL "fi .UAW SxAby?!:''' 'M ""Lit ISS'8?'. 'J5'"'. ent.'i, alitioil ,1 L fcw- "Initlei! Ill iWp.8 rnne-d., s Richmond lmliA..n'.d.Vffia.,.r5rjl ort'r. i i -MnH-fWer perfect ox naicign-ar.. mai 1UVfc.N l Kit fcf J 2."0 c.c 4 B iUTFIT or 2-! fSYCLE. B.S.A., I j ilnirlps. 3 S nearly new; ton. s. Nvtiunva DmnniWl nr ORRT.IOIV. VINO. BELTONS Specialty. Our service tl better and surer. Oureom- pieie raniie oi muiui 1 n't hesitate. Brln your Rebores BELTONS 330 Elisabeth -street. B We if" other dealers . art Phaan at a rnnlni. TJLACK ana anu. rt llTiPiW- w,l 28 16. sell .. 39 St, Jamei-at,. Moonet Ppnds. c5be',w Junction. TO P"1- iKslitors, second Hand lliJ6' mWA?l deposit ; Vm 1 30 dip. Indian and side- & otSrc" jPP0t! sunbeam. K"ffi PF? 1 :Dsa, 82i 6.5,,.c."., ,or T1"M Specially r.-lcel Motor Cycle,: ""iS,,.3.5?.. Twl" T'lumpl., 1 500 ti ilSUt.!1.' EffiS'i.. .... Mannn .v..' "'svi "i lMi ST1. tx W W- JWB. iom cond,, 6 i ,0 C.C. E. , In,. ) ku... .... !! 2S jS" " ' J ".4.J.S.; tood .maarano tar ana iiin. in,'. lone rep CarHon- 1 runs well:, -Stroke wanted, to 33. i9."i0 Triumph Tiger; dep. 1930 B.SA. Twin: dep. 97 10, . terms ArrangeD. 2K1 Victoria-street, ABB6TSFORD: I AMES 2-Stroke, reg. and deposit Hna MiffVL'tPj. nnlv nfter mlddai. Run' day. , ... 1 AMES. '48 model, 125 cc. excellent Road Racing, fltUv Bear. F. & B. brakes, offer. 8 Sussex-it., Pres- ALLOY PISTONS, And FIT THE BEST. 500. '38 model, complete renore, oik eiius, i- aisterfd. new battery, tyres, perfect cnndltlon; best offer. ay leiter. j. Hlrtdle, Bay-st. erannsion r u - 1-kK.W. 350. H and F.C.. reg.. w. w shod, nice hpprar.. rw "" lOBll OfTer, a.I C0piin-si,. Kicnmona. - 1 der, 80 or offer. , 81 Tennyson. reg. nice appear. ; C 83. or A 40 dep. FJ3934. 79 c?"tnmVi"AXnCrV. I I oerftct condition; beat offer. . 40 Snowden-av caumeia. Twin,, good running order; 8056 iiliimur-ra., wrnioou. Htfy DOUGLAB, latl moaei, ouu .c a.y F.C.. G.R., excell. cond.; 35. Last house Park-st.. Seaford. week end. Wntmr o 'Aa Twin 12 monthl' MJ ret. 1 135. Wllloughby. 437 St. Kiiaa-ra., aat. oniy, -" - I EXCHANGE, 1936, GW C.O. MOWJ a Cvcle. excellent order, for Wood. Machinery, Timber or anything useful for home building, vaiut in Lull-it,. Abboutord. aAm J EXCELSIOR Tfl... 147, fl.C, !i . splendid order, . . food tyres, 23 RED BLUFF-ST,, BLAClf. ROCK, SjJtUSWIUH. JJHt lliiuri .sinAl "iiiBJ 'j wincine uu psiniv. rra. 272511 excellent order: 170. I B.TXUKllUK AUlO-oyPi, . ill i m vjrim Pj condition sell as traded; i m ju, XCKUSIOR. ,125 CO. lalf J918 lit-Vj tie used, looks new; 63. Hi Arvnvcn-ai,, uarnna. - - ;" FJirning forkl. all access.. Just run IxdEtJtlOR 'W' 148 o.e, exc ord, rj Bargain. C4.V.160 Elliabeth it, 35, WX92tM, ll?X HxCRMTOItt '36 mrtd,. lj rhnrrl Rln ITWl 5xCBLSIOR J93R 3-Straki 15. Tl M'j Kooyong Kooi-ra.i, iiswinorn, fXCHANGX. 1946 iUndart Taurtr. Engiisn ooqy ang ijrti, in wcei. 10-12; mutt sell. 13 MOTOR CYCLES tr BICYCLES MAYFAIR MOTOR CYCLES PANTHER. JAMES. DOUGLAS DISTRIBUTORS. Wa offer lht Mnit rnmtilpla Ran of Machines from 1 h.p. to the Heavy Duty out) c.c. O.H.V. Panther. Easy Terms, Immediate Deliveries. If unable to call personally, you may Purchase Any Machine by Mall Order-either for Cash or Terms. Writs or phone Today We'll Do the Rest. aiuuy uur uuirima akiuw, 4 NEW JAMES LIGHTWEIGHTS, ne saicst aiacninea ever uui. Autocycle de luxe , 79 15 Dep. lYt b.., 3-sp: 107 15 Dep. 2 h-P. 3-sp. M.C. Jl.'H 10 Dep. Prlcei Include Sales Tsx. PANTHER lttriU OKFEklNGS. AT NEW LOW PRICES. Today's Best 4-Stroke Vslueit O.H.V. 250 .. 169 15 Dep. 58 TonpUGTT TENDERS art Invited and will be received u ta 12 noon nn Wednaa- day. May 18. I950T for the Supply and Delivery of a 13-cwt. or 1-ton Heavy uuty utility xruca wuu crop siaes. oniraciDr to auppiy ium aeiaua ana educations with tender. A. if H f.riNr. Town nark BRICK. Price wanted, about 12 sqi,, N, Balwyu dlit. WA1830. BRICK Work, Plaster. Cement Floor, L.O. 3 Georae-st.. Reservoir. BRICKLAYER, able to supply material and laborer to alter fireplaces, do chimneys or small alteration Jobs. BRICKLAYING, sub-contract, -23O.OU0 concrete bricks to be laid; straight panel ok; ready 3 to 4 weeks. Bricks' uu aiir. Jippiy AuvtriiacF. nu o. vaif' neia r.u. 19 O.H.V. 350 189 15 Dep. 05 O.H.V. WW 239 15 Dep. '80 GOO and S.C. , 298 13 Dep. 100 or offer. 237 Park-it.. buyer will call If you cannot deliver. uEiL.iuns. aw jsiizauetn-street, , MOTOR Cycle, cracked gear case, nwy sell; best offer, 3 Hall-lt., Moonee 1 I MUDAK Milton ill the lurgi-st Stock ft.lUi.iJit CVLLi PAMTS. Rend 1VX Rest, then go to 111- Best Wreckers, ..lodak. 342 ElUabe'.h-st. Melb. MOTA BITZ, Motor Cycic Wreckers., largest Stock Secondhand Parts Mem. Moia uat, jj'i nnd-lh-si.. Melb. Cent. Ji)5. uycie wrecKeia, ut Good UiKd Puits in Autdialia. t'A'2 ., u. com. iV'tH. . MOTOR Seuuler, 148 c.c, 12 mtlis. rex., lust 6verliauled : i:..Y or uiTer. 192 wejtOM-st,.. Brunswick. run cycle, M., 5UU, O.H.V. mu't'itd . iffr nilp aurnv- I' tl HI. PJ31I34. 79 Canning -at.. Carlton, mv ini)tjnai u.ii.v., iiiuoti, li i.. VI muiilha' rvv stratlun: : tJ(l. Sundav untv Lcne. Cherrviar.. Mltcham. . : : XTORTON, 500.' O.H.V., 1936-37. mo-ivdcl 18, reconditioned tnioualiout. show receipts, reg. 11 months; 50 or ouur. uhmi or terms, rara, Keivin-avv Montmorency, op. station. i something jpeclai, 'real eiithuilast's uine, bcii cueap. sunaay, am Aioert- ra., Aioert fa. . TVTORTON. J.949. 500, O.H.V.. tele- ll SCO Die fortes back and front. 2iwui im,, worm inapetiion. autiaay only, Ina Heel miles, ncceot nmnlir. IntP muuei. ur sen outrigni, Xto Hrowning' V-fORTON Outfit. 1942 mod., ree.. re 111 cently overhauled; 90, Before i-.ou ouiuiuay ur aunuay, am Jt., Port Molb. ; Norton. -42 M.. tele, rorks. con- dltlon and appearance excellent;! rd. KpnaliiiTtnn " IVfORTON. cradle frame:, best offer. jl t uttDv i-ora .own wneei ana finion. in v;iiane8-i., pottscrav. Melbourne. Garden Citv. uiiiun auu c.c,- s,v.( recenuy do icq. wen anon, torn ree.: aa. 10 Jeffrey-st., Recent. jniun, fiw. .yju, tj.n.v,, appear., mech. nerfect: reasnnahlt offor Sunday. 25 Sarffood-st . Hmnnton a, v. uutnt, 14 nvwhanlfid. am trial. Rear RSI Hfrh-it.. Thornbury. VORTON. 1931, good order, reg.. 500 . i u.n.v.; Deal oner. Gen Ir If. TVTORTON, 1948, spring heels, beaut. Prlrpa Tfifliiilp Ralni Tn DOllf:i.A.i "HI IIPHIiil." TWIM The Svii.atlonal. Entirely New 1950: nmiruiro Aiouei is postiiveiy so ai ahead of all utlier twins in spec! flea t Ion performance, appearance, rldlne com fort and mechntilcal excehence that vuu will not hesitate to declare It the Most Outstanding de Luxe Twin ever built. BLUEBIRD . 239 10. Dep. 85 rrices incmue mbici rax. OUR "AS NEW" USED MACllfNEh this week Include many 19(8-49 models of all popular makes, ready to ride way. iteiiieinoer; ii you cannoi van ersonally you can purchase by writing to our npeciai .laiei per nan uepi. uq on tsaay lerms, too, . TRIUMPH iiOO. SP.' Twin .. 60 Deo a. ft, A., --ift. ami. BPoris . i-OU UCP VEI.O. Cam. 350' '48 .. 60 Dep Panther, '47. 350 c.c. . . 40 Deo MATPt-f LRRH STWi n H : MS F nt B.S.A.. MM. O.H.V.. -250 .-40Deo. 4, nuu, peri. . Jt bu uep. Sim O H.V' MR fSi Dea MATCHLESS 350. O.H., '48 50 Dep. ROY. ENFl, 1948, O.H.V ..--50 Dep. JAMES 12j CC '47 ,. .. ?22 Deo. A.J.S., "48. 500. -6.H: ROY. ENF. Bt S.C. 1949 .. A .1 s ASP . S(V1 f e .. t TRIUMPH THUNDERBIRD . V And Dozens More foe Vnur Re lection, MAYFAIR 'S FOR VALUE IN SPARES AMU AUUBbMUKlttM. Pult Rnnirn nl Part fnr Panther. James. DoUKlas, Burma n (iears, Lucai and Miller Electrical: 'Vllllcrs. Amal Carb.. Sirnrk Plugs, ic. all available .iante Lay service. nepoirs ui Kiiiui promoi y executca ana u- snatched on return, v uatever you Heea, Always Kemenioer "You Fare Better at Mayfalr's." , mayfair motors pty. ltd. ' panther, douglas, james ' Distributors. 303-5 El. I U A BETH-STREET. .:'uitJNB.. Muuuiia. RlUMPilV T.100.1948, exc appear, condition: ti worth extras. Sat. riernoaii. .Sim. mornlnz. 44 Brown- ing-sL., s. Yarra. 'PIIAILER, 5-6 cwt, capacity, wanted, X good order. Lowest price, part leu- r arsons, . i uranain-si. lars. J. Sunshine ITWiMCU rpRlUMPH Twin, 1948, genuine 7000 X miles, good, cost A'J-ui; sacrince x. 13U. smelt, ciarenaou-it., 28 'E'mu-st., TRIUMPH Twin, 500 cc. good tyres, Teardrop silencers, extra enrame pitting. Better than new; 165 or oner. q jonn-si.. ciwooa. - TRIUMPH '3b. 500. O.H.V. I 45 01 L olfer Sat. V'lri Valentlne-st. ivannoe. rd.. nnltnvpr.rrt W Prpatnn X cash or terms. 123 Aubu'rn-rd.. Auourn. VrORTON. S.V., 1942 model;. 70 or il best off.r. 71 Dunstan-par., Fort MCII N' rJlH rpRlUMPH Tiger. 100, '39 mod., suit X eicramoie uite; twi, li'l uiyiw st.. Brunswick. ..... rnRlUMPH. Soeed Twin. M9 model. JL perfect; 170. Brings, cnr. Frank- 1RIUMPH. 1949, Speed Twin. 4120 m.ies, sprung nuo; sen ouok; tan. Maiinfflpld-ii R Hruniwlck . . ryiRiUMPH 40 M.. 350 cc: 50or x ouer. sunaay. unasay-av I'Utiuivu'H xwi speea i-win, jK.uuu, rebored, repainted, perfect condi-an: V.ft R37 Rae-at.. N. Fltzroy fpRlUMPH, 250 c.C. O.H.V.. good jb. oraer; nit oner, oeaiiDa-ra, "VTORTON, '39 M., 500. O.H.V., extra A! gooa; ton or .oner. 1 Gladatone- uonura! i i i m vnaitvw 'At w.nA term 1 OHV." rnir 12 mth'a F1SB id'i uiyine-st.. tsrunswicK, ORTON. '47. E.S.: N115 perfect cond.; 170 or nearest offer. 30 Niciolaon- OK. Supreme, 1939 model, condition, nerfect: new appearance, well shod; must sell. Alter 1 p.m.. Saturday. 86 Andcrson-st., N. Richmond. moa, J.A.r., twin, auoa orucr ,A.f., twin, gooa oraer; Kay-st.. Carlton. solo) (Yeats sidecar). FJ3934, Cannlng-st.. Carlton. OUTFIT, Ariel. 600, .S.V.. done w HiH hi m m. cnt f win. nn rnaa sell 160. finance arranged. 92 Row- ena-st., rticnmona. OUTFIT. Indian, 12 h.p., '44 model, 15.000 miles; 128. 3 Yeweri- ifiUTFIT. Calthorpe, 500 c.c.,., reg.. J good tyres, perfect order;. 1 65. mRlllMPH T. 1IV1 niitfil " nicolldnt nr. x ' der, long reg. : best offer. Sunday, 19 Klollnc-st.. Moonee Ponds. ., rilRlUMPH, '46. Tiger 100, sprung a ncei crasn oars. stc. oericci con ditlon. 244 Willlams-rd.. Toorak. - X very neat; 58 10 or' nearest of-fei. 109 Jlauscen-st., N. Fltiroy. MKiuMrii ouu c.c., itd, reg. juiic, I must sell week end; best offer to 60. 17 Kclth-st.. Moorabbin. rpRlUMPH 49'3T, Twin, conditlonj fTpr 'A'A RrunnliiB-Bt St' Kllda filRIUMPH. 330 C.C, twin. 1947 , 8300 a .iiiiua, lute muenme, . oeii unci. BJ3.'I22. am Tnnrnh-rd.. S. Yarra.' TRIUMPH '49 Speed Twin, spring 1 ub. 4800 miles; exceptional condition; sacrifice 3 Queens-av., Auburn. rpRlUMPH, 350 c.c. Twin. '49 model, j. book, i iiu. a neison-st., uoourg. T1RIUMPH. 1948; 110. 436 Bruns-wlck-st., Fltzroy. fllRIUMPH. 7 h.p.. D.S., 1028. 105 . . North-rd., Reservoir. rpRlUMPH MeGan Racing . Outfit, . . spares. 172 Hlgh-st.. Preston. FTtRIUMPH, 350 cc, M8. 3T; 13o. . . 14 Lvitervllle-av.. Malvern UY5H73 TWIN Douglas, '.16, good condition i 10 months' reg. Sun. only, 6041 Maln-st., Mordlalloc. ; rSlWO-STKOKS, utuity. 1U3B, 1HOI x c.c., good order, . well shod, re- eisterea; jtcu. du veraon-st.. wn rnhllrtt i.C. and del., hox. R4 ue uarie-at.. -oourg.' , J der; best oiter to 100. 113 (jiaremoni-av.. maivern. rpWO-sf ROKE ' or . Outfit wanted, x Jt ao, x.nyntv. J large Vates. TYREb.lmported, and 4.00 x 19. . new 3.50 x la DO i IB., Available now. Akron Tyre Co., 472 Ellz.-it. FJ3111. nPYRES. Wheels., Tubes, 385 k 20. x new; cheap. . 384 Brunswlck-st., ' order. IITF1X. 1 24 Faraday-at Carlton. wick. UANTHER, new ion prices for imme- I OIBie aenvery. i nree u.n. v. 250 co. 169 15 (coll, ..58 j Sales Tax Included. Dep. ueo. Dep. MAYFAIR' S, 303 ELIZABETB-ST.. MELBOURNE. T ANTHER, 600 c.c, 1936. O.H.V X good order, P.F.C.; 4U. After ner. Phone FL1048. 1 p.m. Sat. Apply Queens-par,, Fawk- ree. . so Commerclal-rd,. Footscray. good tyres; 'ftO. 1948. sell book. tANTIfEk, 1949. 2600 mllei, must L sell, best offer or book. , wxitiu. PANTHER Outfit, 1948, 600 c.c, per-! feet condition; offer, Sat, afternoon! o; Sun. 30 Nlcholson-st., N, Balwyn. IIANTIIER 1948 model, 250 c.c,, O.H.V., as new; best offer, 150 Ginostone-av., nortncoie, t . Norfhc.te. FAnniCiK, mnj c.c., 43ini niiica, tiny trial' 185. 30 Taunton-av., uaKieign. J ANTHER Outflt. 600 CC. perfect conaition. I lANrHEK, ihoo. iiu Co.. aone duv I miles: at sift pr ce. 632 Canning- Oa'n'ther, 1948, 250 c.c,, good cond, Ci Wallrnr-.t Prnhraiv . I boy A L. unueiu. i;au c.c; iool Li change, good tyres, motor ana ap-oearance: Ions registration: 39 10. 1 WilUat Hawthorn Maw 49H7. TIOYAL Enfield, 1949, 500 cc. excel. XV appear, ana cona., every care, i Emma-st., Caultleld. UL45B4. Sat. mnrnlil - IIUiALi EJineia, ho. -atrvac, cavci- xiy lent conaition, long reiiairaiiou, Edlnburih-it.. Newmarket. Royal Enneia, oaij c.c,, h.v., ijhu, excellent condition. 27 Hammond- iOYAL Enfleld, 350, S.V., good T-ftl XV condition; must sell, 50 or fair KuxAL, cnoeia. extra suw rlrio 2S. 50 Klmt-St., LfUIIUCUVIIS. cnndltlim- evn nrema, ia raoaei, reg,, ins, 97 Darebln-st.. id orJer and tvroi 1ft3 Altitun. cellpnt nrdpr; FM7 1n7 WV'jToi AMES, two stroke; cheap, - perfect A.P.. -34; 350 o.c, 0.HV.. good rnnriillnn rphnrail' inrl mmnlnltl. nvpfhallltvl noar hattorw ClUi Jl6 f inv At. Rn fluid. Cnvpnirv Kae,c. IVllors Engines. Spare Parts, Stewart's1 motor vycics iyiitiotiii-ni, f.,ne,m ROYAL Enfield, 250, 38 model, fair order: 30 or offer, 285 Victoria- St.. w. meio. r joato, nnvAI. Rnnnld. '39. H.,0 IV O.H.V.. beaut, order and condi tion, pillion. Ac; 6U. WM-IU1H. Xfl :trf Hrlilon.Fil . nlnl,mnn1 HOYAL, Knnew, lilin, u.n.v., craan bar. shield. Ac. perfect running oraer; Jt i iane-ai., vy, nniun. IX uearance. any trial; 75. 116j Napier-at,, Kiizroy,, ,7 I T A'pit 250. 1937, good order; 30. v BU JHaraings-st,, . uoourg. A, P. Motor Cycle, run. order, ret. oa FiiDert- AWA : OGAR THE1 CONTINENTAL MACHINE THAT 'YEARS AHEAD OR THR TIMR " FOR THE BEST SERVICE SEE ONE IHS 1-UL.LrtJWlMLi A rrKUV oU WE WILL BE PI.ESSED TO DEMON- Sl KA1H UN KWH YUU. Mpt?ANJN and MfLt.RR. 172-174 HlKh-itreet. Preston. JU286 ' fltfDDS MOTOR CYCLES. 775 High-street. Salt Kew, WL32I itARRY ROSENTHAL, . 19 8t, Georgf's-road Northcote. I cycles; Immed. delivery, rishera 8 Kllsabtth-it. Z";- atxra m mantha old. faultfeta. I extfai; 140 or nearest. ' 8 Burin-: I.. K. . waivcro. weca eng., TTKEP your Motor Cycle In good rt- BELTUN.1 I or EBiisiaciDry ovarnauia. 330 Elltabeth-street. . tnvs frpa.whuet Bicycle, as new. I 8 10. Sunday, phone XUl7vi f EV1S. "38, 51KJ. O.H.V. , very tut 1J mech. as new. ai a pp.. new oat. reg,: 73. sat. atternoon. sun morn- kvfd ium ovrallpnl cond.. tood id Ij near., with or without frailer, if i ...n.i-nth.ti Moonee Ponds. FU140' j good condition: I 55 or offer After rEVIS 500 D "Special. '38, good Ij cond appear.) best oner. ;i nib- Binpoinam.H,. oourg I j 'cond.: offer.' 10 PageMt., Ihiglifs aaie. VIS. f ALVERN Star Auto Bike. wiP; nai nraxe: very i leaving State. UY5173 Tfi.P. little used: owner! alvirn Star Ccli. good order i 14 model; 45. 123 York-st., Prahraa HUDGB, 500. '37 .mod., resleeved , nntr,- r Ann H 1 1 1 ntl ail FUllllaVUlri. Sooa tyrei, new uanerj. ia. , &o loonee-st., Aicot Vale. FU2932. - - Cutting, Cobham-rd.. Mltcham. lUliK Uliier, net nice aunearance: CJCOTT DPY4550, j reasons Die caumeia. qide Car, lightweight, good chassis, V7 gooa tyrv, 1UES ;ar iijuiwcikhi, win m ".j nvxla 1 1 nam tn 0(71 1 E 3.1 I 12 10. 50 Donald-st.. Prah TtM. ail .PPk and Win. 1!IM1 i iint.1 i-f., f'rmoti. crtmmprc in l uox, ft cheap. 51 Dalny-rd.. Murrumbeena aoiusiment. or sen. vyi.j.hi. J I lid IUOU L-UIIU. , irn, mil--,, J After 1 p.m. Sat. 15 Crookston CJ1DE CAR Chasils. box.- '48. model. O fittings, sun i rumpn: i itu. SIDKCAR, compete, exceiiem wuuui-lion: 23. 17 Blphln-gr.J Glen- SIDfe Car, Dusting, new apron and curtain, new tyre: 15. 28 Moo-nee-st., , Ascot Vale. FU2932. iHkar .A1Saiit cond"ulo O ion able offer, 22 Nlcholson-st. IDE Car Chassis,. Box, complete. 293 Katnaown-st.. canton. i-nun FJ53' SIDE 5.7 Brl4ge-rd.. Richmond O.H.V . reg ; 75. 144 Blythe- r.r rhala anA Ho, off ftar. kuiq .H nardon-st.. F'scray. cat, complete wun cnaaiia) uUPER X 750 Twin Outfit, good tyret 45 Evans. Boule vard. Msrioyrnong. iandkm Malvern atar. Drano new, nied eearf. huh brakes, fitted W , .Ight and speedometer; price reason i i Plum wvjims. - riinfttMPir Md thYI. nerf. ord. I nop msnv spare, panniers, wnfr- nroois. leauier. crasn neimet. K I (. win irparnie. a itiisnin, in Vlncent.t.. Surrey Hills. WP.113S fliRlUMPH. 40 model: s-ll bonk 1. 50 owing: extra good, maroon, chrome, Saturday, 104 Welllnilpn- nar . K Mplh . I n m npRlUMPI! '48 Speed Twin, lust i. overtiauien, nxe new; nuance ar- ranged if needed. 314 Biytn-il.. Brunswick '- - fpRlUMPH, lDiaMflgcr 100. sprung sl nun. aone rwnaj (90. Senford 316. nraiora, f 10, Pint XM2711. hhwiUMPH,' '49, BOO Twin, r.l.T. AtClKSS '86 mod), good ap. I iprlni hli, excel lint mndlUM TENDERS OF RINGWOOD. BRICKLAYING, Brick Work daws, labor only. Rear 11 Sherwood-st.. 1ITY . OF BHEPPARTON. TENDERS. TENDERS are. Invited and rill rta received until 12 noon on May 29-lit.), for the following works: CONTRACT 450. Supply and Installation of Traffic Control Lights at four intersections In the City of Shep-par ton. , CONTRACT 550. Mixing, placing and finishing 5000 lineal feet Of Concrete Kerb and Channel fall materials supplied by council), various streets la Plans and Specifications may be Inspected at the City Engineer! Office, Town Hail. Shepparton. The lowest or any tender not necessarily Accented, , . , n. wiist,, i Tore..C.'rk. OF SANDRINOHAM. leaning wheel and scarifier tvoe. 10 ft. blade, tractor drawn, suit shin niraciur, ti. n. uiare, neywooa, IftUlLDKR Is now able to contract 2 J iioinei, w,u. oniy. - JJUau. Dally Deliveries All Suburbs, Chelt. 234. McORATH SAND & STONE CO, McGRATri SAND & STONE CO, . . PTY. LTD. PTY. LTD. Crr- QUOTATIONS Jir Invited, returnable up to 4 p.m. on Monday, May 22-1950, at the Town Clerk's Office. Town Hall. KandHneham fr thp TVPIH.l AND DUPLICATINti OR PRINTING OF VOIERS' ROU (100 copies), for lh Nurth. central and South Wards tf the ciiy oi aanarmgnam. numoer on iton amiroximateiy Further oartlculara available fruot me auove omce. j, i,, ,nu2.naJM, Acting Tow.1 Clerk. GUILDERS. FRANKSTON CONCRETE SAND NOW AVAILABLE. . Dally Deliveries All Suburbs, - Cnelt. 234. cGRATH SAND . A STONE O CGRATH -. SAND & STONE O ... PTY, LTD.; PTY. LTD. , 1ITY . of WILLIAMSTOWN. TENDERS are Invited' and will M received un till 4 n m. on Tuesdav, May 16. 1950. for the CONSTRUC TION of a WING to the FERRY ducks at Newport, consisting oi timber piles, waling and sheeting. ' The lowest or any tender not necessarily aweotPd Further particulars may ba obtained at tne city engineer' i umce Town Clerk. Town Hall. William town Anrtl no I960. BU I 1 COAf NOW AVAILABLE. DELIVERIES ALL SUBURBS. ' RING CHELT. 234.. UILDERS, Contract for new House m.w aecuuii, j rooms,- piua laundiy, &c. KloorttgjLMR) sti. lt weather boa rtt, pUiter and tile roof. Permit Issued. K.tlier fllilHll PKterliir and flnn, nun or fit out and finish Interior, complete jwi, iniflii nu uiaici iai, airaignt' forward job, inspect plan any time. If ICJ1AKU3UN, m Wfl llcor.alrPPt ruitrr, Hilt nuiLDEHS. Combination Maclines. ,M-r mi .aawuiK, uiaiiuiG BUU OOrillg, 10 stock. Kills ton. 5tut nniirir..,, rOnri floor, 'Over Coles and GarrardsO Open ujLjjntta, no use irames crertea. x lab., material. T. Peerman. 112 nciiv-ai.., rrcnou. jujwjuj alter I p.m, UILUeks. Let us dig your Housi Nicholas WrlghL GUILDERS. Wanted. nlrni K-r I J trlule-f runted Dwolllntj ian a.m. iiiaic ui itn wun, r JVllOUO, BUILDERS' Wrought 1 iron Work, Balustrades, Gates, Doors, dec it i ilk; ujYiy.HM, Greenwood, Win. Hoi , BUILDING Good Carpenters andl Plumbers aval I ship fnr all nlaaana oi worn, King IjA&vib- BULLDOZER Available, Land Clear-Ins. Road Work, &c, W. G. Gould, Springfleld-rd., Box Hill. WX4080. BULLDOZERS and Scoops Avail for clearlna and Road Work. Earth Work; go anywhere. Contract or tina, wmavi aiewan, uox zy, uiy dale. IkULLDOZERS Available for Land X Clearing. Dams, Roads, -Ac. Gould. Blackburn, WU159B. - BULLDOZERS. Front-end Loaders. Trucks for Hire or 'Contract. i-JDifixi. an, ouurs uADAif, CAPACITY available. Wood-work Machinery Idle, Toys. Parts, any- Vickery-it.. Bei.tlelgh, "tAPACITY for Welded Fabrication tust ne suppiiea. King umxjlh CARPENTERS. Price wanted for all carpenters- worn ana oricx emm-nevs in 111 NO. W.B. Houses (flODrox. o s., aroaoiora, rrive iwu or inuit: linuses coiiKldfred All materials sup plied on slle. Tenderer to visit site before submitting price Apply Prentice, Bros, and Mlnson Pty. Ltd., 210 Kivcrsaaic-ra., tiawinorn, or co A.r.M. win, uroaaiora, 1ARPENTEPS. Price wanted. Frame .j and weatherboard, labor oniy. vmas. onweign am. UM3WS1. HiRPKNTKR Rulldrr rpoulrpd Excel- KJ lent opportunity, assuring rapid nromot on. lor ngni. man: experience es C1ARTAGE contractor, must have tray J body, to cart bundles of precut houses. - mechanically loaded, constant work. See Foreman, New Housing Estate, near Aioion station, sauarai-ra, (CARTING of any kind for Utility or , 5-ton Truck, F. Turner. U2900. ! SemenT Tiles for early delivery. No V man proem. x& laem-ii.. .uuui, BRUNSWICK, 23 John-st., E. Bruns- 250. first class . fnllv rP. 65. 75 Ralelirh-st.. Thorn bury. ..... VELOCETTE. 1948. Mac. 350. excel- V lent oondltlon. only 7500 miles; 130, or best offer. 1 'Gray-st.. E. Bentlelsh. ... . VBLUtKnB, 350-CC. O.H.C.. '39 model, good condition throughout. any trial;.; 85. 26 View-it.. Welti fooiscray, - DO, DVU, PCLI. CUUU.j X. Also S'car to suit. 34 Malvern- rd.. Prahran. Win. 6881. .. - A 7BLOCETTE, 1948, 350, M.A.C. , nerf order, red., manv arrpunrlps! iffer. HO Shorti-rd. Mr tmlon. TELOCETTE, 1938. 350 c.c, good exchange late model bVs.A. Twin, cash' in., iKju c.c. i.w., peneoi Sat.. IS rhtrnildn-V . W rnnt'acrav.. 7-elocette. X7. extra good con- Brunswick. - XT'ELOCETTE, 39. 500 C.c. good con- v anion, uner. ius Hatnmines-ii, nmnprRR ar Invited lm mediately for the Construction of tft) oeverai iiiguniiu rem jmich kiltuuibu riit-ncji itArti.iAAv. All material! and plant supplied 1 by rnnnpll At Ipaat nvi vpara' wnrk ruir. anteed. For further particulars apply City Manager's Office. Town Hall, urunswicx. , cny giaiiager. JITY"" ""O? Fairfield. .... rELOCETTE, 500, outstanding ap- pear, and cond., spring heels, teles.: t 125 or terms Phone ,1.1173d. VELOCETTE Mac 350 C.C. '40 mod, new condition, speedo. ; 85. ol fer. 33 Clvde-st-. Surrev Hills fELO., 1949. 500. M.S.S., 5800 t ai. ; reasonable offer, St.. East Brunswick. 7ELOCKTTE. 1934. 250. Two-stroke. t reg.. bo oa tvrea: t.11 iju com merclal-rd... Footscray. ... . 1 - 7 kloce ttf, ijo. 2, good order; 2 Mllton-av.. Bentleigh rELO. M.S.S.. TAh. nerfect order: V best offer. 1 Alsacp-st., E. Bruns- WICK, i-vviuu. H TELOCETTE. M.S.S.. MS. as new. V RDnn mla 17 Hamntnn 'ELOCETTE. M8, M.A.C.. Insured; 139. 844 Swanaton-st., Carlton. VELOCETTE. '39-40 model. O-U.C. ! ofTpr Man tr.i W5M71 1 YELOCETTE, 2-stroke. '34. reliable; ,32 10. 89 Pertb-st,. Prahran. V ANTED URGENTLY. 200 USED MOTOR CYCLES. HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID. H.P, ACCOUNTS SETTLED. MAVCAin'a urvrnR-Q ptv t.TO.. 303 ELIZABETH-ST ME1.B. MU6095. I Wotted fight towing, brakes "advan-' iaae; cam ouyer. r.u. uox una, , IITY OF CAMBERWELL. TRMTinnft win he mi-Plved no ta 4 p.m, on monaay, may ia, itwy, i" the undermentioned Contract No. 1750. construetlnn of Pascoe-street fVears roaa to warngai-roaa t , naernaa-avenur (Baker-pde. to Lis ton-street) and Vears-road (Pascoe-street to North Boundary lots 73 and 32). Futher particulars may be obtained at the City Engineer's Of- ' fc. M. C. AITCHISON. Town Clerk. Town Hall. Camberwell, E.6. Mat O IQn IT 1 O F C H E L i TENDERS are Invited, and will be receiveo. uu tin P.ui. un muuunj, :hls municipality for a period of five years, commencing uctouer i, iwuu. including Disposal oy tne contractor ai Tendnra ma hp nhmlttpd on either one or both of the following alternate oases, m.; - MX The council to supply the pans uDoiv all other plant and eaulu- ment needed, as well as all labor. nit. ThP rnn'rartnr tn suont eluding pans and lids), as well as an .laoor. Tender forms may be obtained and Xiueer vuite, A. S. COLL1NGS. OF Tniin rlerk. MELBOURNE, TENDERS JEPARTMENT OF SUPPLlf. REFRIGERATOR LIGHTER. No. DIMENSIONS--Lenglh lot) H breadth CONDITION HRllllrahU .1. REFRIGERATOR CHAMBERS generally JWr.""!! souu conaiuuu. LOCATION HiVll. tWIt. YARD. GARDEN ISLAND, New South Vi INSPECTION Bel ween 10.30 a.m. and application to Captain of Dock-. yard li. M A. Naval Yard, Gar- Tendpr Firm, 'inrl' ui,'ai4,ilu puait. ible from address given below. Tenders, which Close at 2 o'clock P.m. on Tueadsy, May 16, 1950, should i7 J h r raica envelope, en- Schcedule C46t77." and addressed ine oecreiary. Contract Board. MeTbourne. ' DEPARTMENT OF WORKS AND TENDERS, closing with the Director of Works, 22.1 Bourxe-street, Melbourne Invited for the . erection ana completion of BATMAN TELEPHONE EXCHANGE. . FLINDERS-LANE. MELBOURNE. ' lor the POSTMASTER GENERAL'S . DEPARTMENT. Ttit, Wrphnncn ( a limit tmlptit alaal. framed and concrete hnlldln Contractors desirous of tendering are advised that plans, specifications and uutuiiHiei are avanaoie irom tne UJSfAKTAUCNT UK WORKS AND . umisiMn 225 BOURKE-STREET. MELBOURNE. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, ; TENDERS. ...'' Tend er: pTntlnv with thp Tlrann n Works. Department of Works and Hous- a, 'L.uiiucrra. a.u. r., at 4 p.m. on he fmlowlne'-"' luvnea Envelopes to be endorsed "Tender 2 P.M. TUESDAY MAV ) IDn Construction and Completion oi Concrete Road Bridge over Murrutn- uiui;t;e nivcr, near fine island ' A.C.T Supply and Delivery, Erection and Testing of Constant Temperature Room Equipment. Incubutlon Room Air Conditioning Plant, Compressed Air Plant, Mechanical Ventilation System, Dark- luuin niii-wairr uppty, not Water Radiation fivntem ami Sump Pumps at the C.S.l.R.O Central Block, Canberra, A.C.T. Supply and Delivery of 250 3-gallon Flush Cisterns. Erection and Completion of Central .... . Admlnlstratlun-Block, C.S.l.R.O,, Canberra. A.C.T, Supply and Delivery of 4 In., 6 In., 9' In. and 12 In, Cast Iron ii pci ana specials lor canoerra. Supply and Delivery of 250 CI.P.E. Wash Hand Basins, Plans and uneel flea t Inn ara avail able at the Office of the Director ot Works, Department of Works and Housing 82 Pitt-street, Sydney; 225 Bourke- nucei, mciuuurne, ana canoerra. a.c.T, iu tenuur necessarily acceptea. R. G. CASEY. Minister for Works and KmiKtni 'OMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, WAR SERVICE HOMES DIVISION. TENDERS. suitably endorsed and closing with the War Service Homes! Division at 12 noon on Wednesday, May IT 1950. are invited for the! erection 01 inc snowing: ou Airaattt uwE.L,L,mua ar - GLENROY, 30 TIMBER DWELLINGS AT : FAWKNER, 23 TIMBER DWELLINGS AT ' BALWYN NORTH. 12 TIMBER DWELLINGS AT - RINGWOOD. 12 TIMBER DWELLINGS AT 1 20 BRICK vrfNEER DWELL- -INGS AT HIGHETT. . ' men. .npfiinpntinna anrt further nar- tlculars'are available at the office of tne war service nomes umsiuii. oi-hx Queen-street. Melbourne, xeiepnone. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. ELECTRIC MOTORS. i.ECTRir MOTORS Tt-rdera are Invited for the. purchase 01 mrnnuij ui new jj O.U. auu h.p.. 3-phase 1500 R.P.M, ELECTRIC MOTORS, . . For full particulars-. Inquire ELECTRO MECHANICAL PRODUCTS, ELECTRO MECHANICAL PRODUCTS, ELECTRICAL Contractor require! work, homes on large scale, at low price. A. P. Walker. Ring LA 1870. ELECTRICIANS. Price wanted for yj wiring large numbers of imported precut houses. See Foreman, Ballarat -1111. 1,11, uuurue-si. rnone, tiiUf 1 (. vxjrAf-ni7i7AT tit n Australia.. K.J DEPARTMENT OF WORKS AND HOUS1NU. WAlt stnviwi ouiiicj wa- irfiiniFiiD a,i,aklir anrlArwil. will h receivea at tnis omce uiuu nuun, nm-ncsday, Mav 17, 1950, for the erection a timKnv- nornl; Intra at MENTONlS. GLENROY, SPRINO VALE. PRESTON, uiwu.m ,r-HiM-r nnct&NNA. HE. tBERVOIR. SPOTSWOOD. PASCOE VALE "naj at NUNAVVADING OAKLEIGH, unnTiimr. H.T MALVERN. CO- BURG ana HT. WAVERLEY, Timber and Asbeatlc DwelllnE at ALTONA: the completion ot Dwelllnp, at EAST BENT-LEIGH and RINGWOOD (Brick Veneer) The successful tenderers will be given all possible assistance in the matter ol materials supply. No tender necessarily Envelopes containing tenders to he en-h..4 mith thn itntP nf eloslne of ten- ae-. Arrangements may w., rise In cost of wagei and materials. r lans, speciiiaiiuna, &uus. . ; by personal or written aPPcatlon. Correspondence to Box 1277L, G.P.O., J TENDERS will be received by lh( Melbourne, up to 3 p.m. Mi the date; Indicated for the supply and delivery ofj the following: 2551950. Manhole Coven., and Frames (Schedule c.Baeiij. Keiays, 3000 type (Schedule c.6270j: ware Tint raflPt-a SnhndlilP D AM71 ! In sulato.-B (Schedule C.6302). . Printed Forms, Registration "R" Series ( 3051950. Stay Rods (Schedule C.6306,. W1 I MfOlWiW.Jfjruriaww 2071950. Tooli. Lead Worklni M-.iiiHnD and MlirPllaneoUI fSchedU C.62461 : Moramm Printer Parte (Sche- mont (Schedule C.6288). , . 2571950. RouUne Testing Equip- 2771950. Ma'gneuo 'Tape Recorders tucneauie c.dolmj.. Full particulars at the stores Branch, G.P.O., Melbourne, C.l. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. AUSTRALIAN WOOL REALISATION COMMISSION, Victorian Office, 301 Flinders-lane. Melbourne, C.1 SALE BY TENDER. WMTIVRO aia InvltPrl fnr the PUF' chase of the following Office Equip-(a)one large let . Wooden Filing Cabinets with snaing aoors. (b) One large wooden Filing Cabinet with sliding doors. (c) One large. Wooden Filing Cabinet with sliding doors. tnbiinn L-ir.t iriruir. 'MM tTllnderi- lane, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 P'-Tenders. addressed to Secretary, close Friday. May 12. lau. Motor Cveles: ton nrlrp far nood machine! B R . Evana Motors. :(34 tiiizp oetn-Rt. piITY l TENDERS will be received until 2,30 1 p.m,, Tuesday, May iu, lor wont ! a cleaning down and Painting exposed surfaces of arched glrderi and soffits of spans and piers and bracing between piers under Queens Bridge, Melbourne. (b) Cleaning down and Painting all steel glrderi, wood work, balustrades, light hracketi, metal bands on lamp standards to Lynch's Brldge.oyer the Marlbyrnong River, Smlthfleld-road. QnAwtnailnna fit Architect's Office.1 4th Floor, Town Halt. Deposit Cash or Bank Draft No tender necessarily accepted. , 4N Acting 'Town Clerk, TENDERS TENDERS MELBOURNE TKOWICAL-COlLEC-t 124 Latrobe-slrest. Tenders art Invited for the purcnaaaj Mschtnery and Equipment: k. Buiwrtfriii anu uieaenion town Loom, ;)6 in. reed space, single shuttle, Hi Shaft Bllrl ri.itatila , 3, One only, 40O Needle Jacquard for power loom, A deposit of 5 must accompany Inspection '1 Melbourne T except Saturday, upon application tenders 'close on Saturday, May 13, FRANK ELLIS. M.A., B.S., Prlnelnil IfBLBOURNE AND METROPOLITAN contact any mr manufacturer! and contracts with view of contract French Polishing. Any proposition! -.JU.o:".'..5.' jx ana WA9182. Concreting Fouiv Plione end loaders, tractors, dams and trucks. Ac, for hire, J. R. Rayner Construe-, i,'r'.'!:'-13 altera.,. ruuLiviay. itiwjijtif BOARD OF WORKS, CI HIRE 1 TEUnffRS. Tendera addreaaed Ui tha PrMtdtnL and closing May 31, are Invited fog the following: . . t Supply and delivery ol 1 (one) net Motor car, approximately 700 value, 1 Further particulars Irom the under islgned. , Rushworth, 3550. .. orllling, and casing where necessary. the Board's Met rood It art Par in nnrth C.eeic iii-road, Werrlbee, approximately 27 mites from Melbourne, Full particulars may be obtained by telephoning tin rami mi.iojfcr, wernuctj ( lowest or any oiler not neces-acceolef offtiri ihould be aridretiad In thl rnrm m imager, nieiropoiiEiti farm, meiropoinHn farrr, rost umce. Secretary. M' OE SEWERAGE AUTHORITY. TENDERS ara Invited for thp iindei. mentioned works, and are returnable iu uiv wintv oi ine AUinoriiy, moe. Vic- un may at h p.m.; struction of SeweA and Manholei Id. diam. to 4 In diam. aewera. Plan's and Speci flea tl'ona may be In- Ln-tieu ur purviiHieu ai uie Auinoruy i Office, Mot. or at the Office of the un- C. W. CANDY. M.I.E. Aust . Char- terea engineer. 40S coiuns-st., Mel-bourne. C.l. M OB SEWERAGE AUTHORITY. TENDER ft ara Invited fnr th undar. mentioned works, and are returnable to uie omce oi me autnority, moe, Vic- Construction of' Sewatra' Treatment Wnrlm ' Plana and ' Specifications ma he In. spected or purchased at the Authority's Yiuuc, lYiuc, ur t mo uiukv oi tne uo- aersixneu; C. W CANDY. M.TB. A tut rrhar. tered Enelneer. 408 Culllns-st.. Mel- suburbs. Lagaard St Co., LA1709. IJA1NTERS. Price wanted for Paint-Inn larxe numbers uf Imported ore- cut houses. See Foreman, Ballarat rd., near Albion station, or apply J. J, Cllft. 402 Lit. Uourke-st. Phone tlculari from Kowlera Vaeola Kile Ltd.. 2f)7 Burwood-road, HAWTHORN. Haw, 2762. Interlar and Exterior -.Page 17 : SAT., MAY G, 1950 TENDERS rYAfONGX SOLDIER , STXTJEUKNT Tnrfara ar Invltvd b tha Soldier Settlement Commission. State Public Of flees Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, C.l, for Ihe purchase for Removal ot: One (1) Weatherboard House on Caiey's Estate, situated approximately uiner mnei norm oi iraraigon, Terma will hp a rieikiilt of K DtT cent, when lodging tender, and the ba. ance on acceptance of lender. iiiKneit or any tenaer noi ncccaaarn scctpled. hurt her particulars can be obtained on application at the Commission's Head Ofllee. Melbourne. Tenders will te received at the abort office till 12 noon on Monday, May 2$ 1JA1NTINO and Decorating, first class Rlne LAH729. Laaaard.' 1JITCHERS for Sale, Ring Chelt. EXCAVATIONS. Estimates given for all kind nf Karth D., Haulage Pty. Ltd., 22 Mt. Alexander- rienjuiKton. ruijHif. I'XCAVATORS, Hire or' Contract; Tip JJJ Trucks. Stewart, FW1338. FENCING. ALL TYPES, All tVDes of Wooden Peneln- arftpd' with selected materials Irom our own mills. Workmanship guaranteed. Materials supplied separately. Promt .ser vice. Tender! submitted. Inquiries invited, . BURROWS . it HARDY PTY. Liu, Kooos-ra.. west Footscray. MW3H47: after hours XW43K3 Wll. Uamatown 413. MW4474. : TkLASTERER. -Price, imill rouehcait XT job, rear presbytery, cnr. ingiesby and Burke rds., Camberwell. On Job J.U toaay. FENCING POSTS, RAILS, PALINtiS, COMPLETE JOB. DELIVERED. ALSO LABOR, MATERIAL. FJ2032. itAiar CAnL.TUN. IIBROUS PLASTER, labor and mat. 3LASTERERS, extensive rendering available now as sub-contract for Appij Advertiser, box a, .taii CULLING, 250 yds., available free, .a. central camoerweii. ivivv IHHU, ILOOR Surfacing Machines for Hire. ' Parquetry Flooring Co., 25 Apple ton-it.. Richmond .iah-iuu. LOORS. American Floor Sanding x' ior aoir or xiara wooa noon, uei f quote first. LF9225. JA2556 LOORS, Sanding parquet, Common-wealth Floor surfacing Co. JA6046. F avail-Lathe Pre -Work anil nloi Onalltv Mould ings. 84 Waverley-rd., East Malvern. UL.11, - ai.TTMnif Prlcn wnntpd L Plumbing large numbers of imported pre-gui nouaes, aen rorcman, oaiiaitti-rd., near Albion station, or apply J. J. Cllft, 402 Lit. Bourke-st. Phone, AND WATER MISSION. VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA. . TENDERS FOR CHANNEL -i CONSTRUCTION. Tendpri are Invited for the CON STRUCTION UNDER SCHEDULE OF RATES CONTRACT OF EARTHERN CHANNEL, known as the Goulburn- waranga no, aiain cnannei inm Stage), which will be duplication of the existing channel from Goulbura, Weir to Waranga Reservoir, i The Channel will have a bed width 'of 48 ft., and a depth of cut varying from about 9 iLJfc ft.. Involving approximately 2.200.000 cuh. yds. of exeavaUon ,over the length of about 8A miles The contract , does not Include the construction of. any , major channel structures, but doei Include .some minor structural works. iuch as drainage provision. The site is 90 mnes norui oi mniwuuic. -vicinity of the township of Mur- Chspe1clfleatlons and plani and tender forms may be inspected at the office of the Commission. 100 Exhlbltlon-it.. Melbourne: or msy be obtained from Die Chief Olerk. State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, 100 Exhibition-street. Melbourne, at a charge o! turn of Hie documents in good .order, prior to June 30. 1950 or following receipt of a bona fide tender. Tenders endorsed "Tender for Goul- jburn-Waranga Channel Constructor! Secre'ai'y. State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, at 100 Exhibition-street. Melbourne, until 12 noon, on June 30. 1950. A preliminary deposit of A500. payable at Melbourne must be lodged with each tender, and will subsequently be refunded to unsuccessful tenderers. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted STATE ELECTTUCITY cumiviiaaiwrt OF VICTORIA. Z'i William-!""., ".ciuvm -. L550. Specification No. 49-50306- La Supply and Delivery of Ce- . meVft. P.D. 15. 21650. Specification No. 4flR03J-J. Telephone Cable Loading Coil Assembllea. P-D. 10. 17550. Specification No. 49-503-27. 2850. Specification No. 50-514. Belt Conveyor Syitem.-OpeB Cut to Briquette Factory, Morwell. P.D. ,20. v..ii a avail, hi A at the above address, and tenders, endorsed "Tender to specincauori no. . together with the specified, preliminary deposit, are ' returnable by 11 a.m. on the datJ specified. - Thu Commission does not bind HieJ to accept the lowest or anv tender TUnnEiti POWER DRAG SAWS And CIRCULAR SAW BENCHES. ' . CW RECORD&HINERY CO., 108 JEFFCOTT-STREET. . WERT MR1.PD1IRNE FJ3905. FJ3314. After hours, FW8169 PRICE wanted. Framing, 11 squares, labor cr.I. A. Neuchew, 157 Jasper rd,, Bentleigh. 1 0DFREY St SPOWERS, HUGHES, H ' mew lun at lAjaa, Architects and Engineers, 375 Collins-street, Melbourne. FRANK HEATH. Consulting Architect, Invite Tenders on behalf of the University Women's College, FOR THEi ERECTION OF BRICK RESIDENTIAL PREMISES Quantities by AlTred GOODING AND Tenders close 12 noon MONDAY, MAY 22. at Architects' Office. a.m,-12 noon today, next Cuthbert-rd., Reservoir, PRICE, L. and M., Plumbing, sewer-ace. new house. Northumberland' rd., Pascoe Vale. 28 Bertram-st., Gar- en vaie. E. Preston. TRICE Erect Complete Rlntr XI1177J". Mnnda jrwuis tor t-ainiinn wouse, moui a oni. h tn V2 sat. morn. an t. 5 Fawkner-st., Pascoe Vale, ... Plana and RnecifWHnn PrpnarpVl ace. salamander to Aooleton Dock. ijoiuj jOD. riaxxn, . u. tl. neia Snna. fLdH . nrwhnro TTOUSE Plumbing Job , ready at SX HIChett. XY1688. - ... TTOUSES Raised and Reblocked. ' 3, st.. FlUroy. Established 30 'years, JA2242 or JU3605. . TTOUSES Raised. Reblocked, Damp XX wans curea, riaaienng, nepair.. Brick Villas Underpinned. R. Shannon. PVinna HOUSES Raised, Reblocked. while occupied. F. C. Jolly (late R.A.A.FJ, 65 Clarendon-st., W. Coburg. FM1283. ; HOUSES RAISED. New Foundations Made. W. Murray (late McLennan JJ1147 uunaas-streBi, t-roBiuu. HOUSES Lifted, 100 Jacks, suburbs, country; little damage; personal supervision, Plum, 17 Stott-st., Pres ton, jucsdiu. HOUSES, Damp, Railed. Reblocked. F. G. Jamea Pty. Ltd., 328 St, Kllda-rd, Melb. JMX5340. , A HOUSES Removed Bodily, Raised anc Reblocked, G. R. Calder, Sun shine. MWW1YO. HOUSES Lifted, Reblocked, white occupied, j C. Hude, 17 Sputh-ter., riiiinn un ' Wat 9fl tears. TTOUSES Removed . Bodily. Rtised- IX Reblocked. ... Grlfflths and Enaers, Aspendale. XY1fHr7. - invites Tenders fur the Erection of Three (3) Timber-framed units at SALE. Contract No. 1376. t . Pinna and nnpHftPitHnn ma- be In spected at: Town Hall. Sale: Office of ftouslng Commission, 147 Collins-street, Melbourne; Office of Buchan, Laird and aiichan. Architects, ueeiong, Tpndpra. pndomed "Sale Tenders. close at 12 noon on Wednesday. May i ;),. at Housing commission ui' flee. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. ' j J H; DAVEY. , aecretary. f ANTED early. 2-rtroke, ahorox W1 JTlTY tenders will . be received until ...Ki a.m. weanesaav may ur. iui work to oe aone. inside and see what we cannot display In the window. ment ha crown and can now aunolv gooa pins at p-ices wnicn savb money. 3.JU Kiizapetn-sireet, eona. ryUNDAPp, 1938, good condition,'' T.S. u anve. wen snoa. drive, well ahod. 102 Edward-at.. rt)NDAPP. 250. mod order and an- j pearance; 5Q or offer, 165 Bast- t)-STROKi. real good, 1940 model; 6 32;. 2-stroke, 1936. 29h W BrUhswick-st,,,- Fltgroy. 4-STROKE Simplex, 2 h.p.. good 4 order, sell 42 107. FW1443. ju Huage, going oraer, reg,. wen 9 shod, foot chanae. needs laiust. : x. m, l try unmoieiod-Hi,. miunie ri, best offer. Sat.: after 1 D.m. 4 vviiis-iL.. t.arqiner Tlinrnhtir rtiJO, O.H.V., '34. F.C.. I reeistralion: E.'U). uien ins. Udd Indian and side car. 1200 cc, goud cond. and appear,, spare tyre ana uauery 1 111, ai mcnwraiui-ai.i canton, rwniiu, (Liu TDittMPll 1' anrlntf 1-ippI fit ted, excellent condition. Sunda) only. 14 Fllson-st., Ascot Vale, 1VW A-J.a.. il C.C. bxcci, wuu.. reg. Nov., 11.500 miles. 78 Barklev-st.. East" Brunswick, before 11.30, Sat. -i UAH twin U.S.A. Motor Cycle: L 160. 40 Ilolmei-rd., Moonee Pondi. : SIpTToi Rock TENDERS inwressors, Orllli. i tne wrccxer, Atr Tools, for Hire. tiruniwicB. A JOINERY Mode to Order, poors. n, wtnaows, umce rutinga. b. . mh"i New Footscrsy-rd.. F'scray, MWIflriM. AK. LINKS A MACFARLANB. Archltecti. . aid ninoers-sirrei, meinour. i, MU3708. , , dence at East Camberwell. Permit ooifiinea A RCHITECT, HORACE J, TRIBE. 381 Let nbe -street, Melbourne, MU1760, tnvltes Tenders on Behalf of tl Committee of the COLAC FREE KINDERGARTEN. For the Erection of a Timber Framed ICInderffartpn Building at flllmartlo. street coiac. Area 21 squares, TenrttTB close Monday, June 9, 1950. USTRALian Terratso and ConcrcO srii-ai.. b. r-rtaion. nLmicn. rick cleaners, Tenders are 9 Invited fnr tha rleanlna nf annrn Viuvu ui ii... aia puiiiiiitui 1 Klin ,td.,. Fairfletd, Apply to Chief Con- COMMONWEALTH AIRCRAFT COR- j runAi lun rii, uu., Lorlmer-street. Port Melbourne, BUILDING AND MISCELLANEOUS TENDERS are Invited.' doling at S teriaiS. inciuaing WICK nun, wnsncra. Metal Parts and Sundries. Wood and! Glass Items. Zinc Anneal Strip and Channel Escutcheon Pins, Assorted Springs. Electrical Sundries Terrazo Porch Stepi. Motal Windows, Sub-floor Vents. Mild Steel Tube and Bar, Brass Bar and Copper Tube. Complete lists and tender forms now reany. rung maiiiu. . nnm inspection. , . The lowest or any tender not necee-sarlly acceptecd. OUSING COMMISSION, VICTORIA, Invites Tenders for Essential Re pairs to nouse property, no. a ucaci Full particulars available a( the of- nce ot tne i,ommissian, ahi t-oiuu- May 24 Office. OF MELBOURNE. MATERIALS to be (tONCRlTK SAND J NOW AVAILABLE DELIVERIES ALL SUBURBS RING CHELT. 234- 1 Cleaning down and external and Internal oalntlna and decoratlna of the Lodge In Fltzroy Gardens. metal work and roughcast at the k 1 nu in Fitzrov uaraeni Specification. City Archltect'i Office, 4th Floor. Town Hall. Deposit, caih accepted 'ySiffjf OF MlOURNE. Tenders win oe recwiveu p.m,, Tuesaaj, may id, idt oupviy (A; M r. 1 a l, auiwaniflua auu wi- tb Coarse, Medium Coarit and Fine for a period of two yeari from July 1. iiutn rit Rnalnear'a Of. nUl r,.nn.i na.ii nt Van 11 draft. Nil tender necessarily accepted. . 11 a urnrvrTON. Town Clerk. iiiW nw IM eLBOURNE. Kj Tenders will be received until 2.15 p.m., iwonaay, june i. iur quiiiiij. Delivery and fcrectlon of STEEL SHe.LV-IN (Spec, 715E). Specification, City vlpnlrlpal Rnfflnepr'S Office, DeDOSlt cash or Bank draft, s No tenaer necessarily accepted. 1 U, J. UCiAH, AC 1 1 118 UWH (ITY of NUNAWADINtJ Tenaers. reiurnnoie on may m, iu.. will oe received for the Construction of D snanne!sysirrei urui. KlnS-VtreerrL . and Oliver-avenue Group, 36:0 lineal reel. Di.n. .nil anpplflpat liint ma be IA- specieo at ina municiifw -"in-- A nut tnnniiBawunio, C CONCRETE Mixers, Sate, Hire, Well. Ing and Crosiley, 147 Clarendon. tppat. H Malhnnrna. a lunuitaia raina auu . uunuaiiwua. g iONCRETG Paths, Floors, Drives, Ac iTY " "OF ' PRESTON. lenoera (itparai; ai luvucu. 111 k. until IO tirwin ntl MONDAY, MAY 15. 1950, Tor the Con struction 01 concrete neroini Channelling In Gertrude-street Robinsmvroad. n naplfmilara avallahta from the city engineer, aurina uuiu noma. Tenderi. which must be mbmitted 1 inn ntne ai council rorm. 10 ne accompanied by a preliminary deposit equal to z '4 per cent. The lowest or an tender not necea arily accepted. tf. C, iiunn 1 11, . Tnarll CPtk. TRistoIf TENDERS ire-adverllsedl are Invited and will be received until 12 noon tn MONDAY, MAY 15 for the construction of .1000 lineal feet ot Undemutind Storm-water Drains and Kasemenlt tisDor oniy). Pull narllculara avail a hie from the City Engineer during office hours. Tenders, which must be submitted on the official' Council form, to be accompanied by preliminary deposit equal to 3 per cent. The Inweit or any tender, not necte- TTTVt3"F" RrrcHENS Modernised and light car nentrv. lolnerv Inhi enntracted. work guaranteed. Call m writ fof quotes, Bennett. 11 Merton-st.. Albert Park. tOADBR for Sale, side loader type.; I Built on Ford 4x4 chassis, perfect order: 475. T. W. Maw. Phone tv Ltd. f OGGlrJC I 4 own tr. niy. SH C. Ft. Petrol or Electric We Deliver to Your Job, LIGHTBURN A CO. LTD.. 54 Buckhurit-street. , . SOUTH MELBOURNE. 1 MX5434. M Invite TENDERS lor Extensions of Rein-farced Concrete and Steel Vratna C!nn. struction to Premises Auburn-road, Au- Plans. Specifications and Onantttlet KTanaoie irom may ix, jh.iu. LF8779. 10NTRACTOR Ouairvmen. Bulld- TIIKW.LtiltAIN EXCAVA TORS, the WORLD'S FINEST ROCK .siiuVKWi. are uow ueinn uuui 111 mua-Iralla by JAQUE8 BROS. LIMITED. ShovelJ Dltchrr. Dragline and Crane Kqiilpnient. Wrlie P.O. Box !) RICHMOND. E.I.. or telephone JA.U74. IOUNTRY ROADS' BOARD. SEPARATE TENDERS, addressed t( Exhibition Building. Carlton. N.3. and endorsed "Tnder Tor Contract " (as the case may oe), will be received until 3.30 p m, on Monaay, May 1950, for the following works: niMUVaniiaiw -ui nnuinuu arbcit lUAiiun, R nail. ma klnti nraintl Hnnlitdlna Recon. struction of the Access Road to the Gravel Pit) to the Princes Highway East, section, n. Between Murrunxowar ; turn-off and Newtons Creek. Plans and specincauona at c.k.b. iieaa umce, Carlton; the Divisional Office, Bairns dale, and the Shire Office, Orbost. rflNTRAf!T 1filMBW.'tO)A. COB- struction of 2 No Concrete Piers, with their Bases and the Superstructure Com olete. fo. a Composite Brldee of 3 No. CO-ft spans, and '.2 ft. between kerbs over tne Yarra rtiver at nasi warourion, (Inner Yarra Plana and aneclncatlnns upper yarra since umce, xarra junc- Prcltminary deposit (In each case). ', d The l(jwea or any tender not necessarily accepted, I-AM sinking Excavation Work. Rey-f nolds Bros Const. Co. Pty. Ltd., I AMMAN Asphalt Co.. corner Birth, ir uowoer its., w. m p id. mhiiihi. Iu pollen. Contractors. Asphstt. ' ' AMP Walla Cured, cracked Waill 19 Underpinned, Dry Rotted, Muatv Floors, cnariton, sol smitn-st,, rm- :NO Contractor wanted, with tractor, ereen winter bush. An- Phone WF4768. - - : ANUFACTURERS. '' ' FRANKSTON CONCRETE SAND. CRANBOURNE BRICKWORK SAND. . NOW AVAILABLE. Dally Deliveries All Suburbs. Chelt. 234. McGRATH SAND St STONE CO. MCGRATH SAND St STONE CO. . PTY, LTD. C PTY. LTD. AR3H, MICHAELSON A (lalA, 1ATK, Architects and Engtneeri, 15 Colllni-it.. Melbourne. Mantef. ' ' Mav 3. mn Tenders are Invited hv the Materials slreet, Melbourne, (or the Purchase wl ;alvanlsed Plain and Corrugated fitee Sheeting as followi: e.x japan; 24 B.O. Plain .. .. 800 torn B.O. Plain ., .. 600 torn 900 tons K Belttltim nt dermnnv; 4H n.u, iaf riuiBieu iu : ; 1 ft , tt. 1 a .. 340 t as Belgium or uermany; RICE FOR LAYING APPROX. 140.000 BRICKS. FIVE-STORY BUILDING. GLENROY. TUBULAR SCAFFOLD PROVIDED. LEWIS CONSTRUCTION CO. PTY. LTD., v 140 Queen-street, MU5748. STEPHENSON .. and . Architects, House at Eltham. labor only. Ellis. J AO 4 04. E, Brunswick. TJRICE for Erecting G.I, Shed, 45 xj Burwood. Phone WM8197, 374 Little Colli ns-itreet, lYieiuouriie. 1 ' INVITE TENDERS ;. On Behalf of the GIPPSLAND BENEVOLENT HOME 1. INSTALLATION OF CO AL AND ASH HANDLING) EQUIPMENT 2 INSTALLATION OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT. Pirns, ' specifications and quantities are available at, the office of W. E. Barsett dt Associates, 499 Little Collins-street. Melbourne, for the coal and ash handling equipment, and at the office of the archltecti for the laundry MTeSa close at the . office ' of Ste- pnenson aim luimi . &lay29,ltr50. , TATE ELECTKICITX tuiviiiaoiviii ) OF VICTORIA, 22-32 Wlllam-street, Melbourne. for the Erection of Precut Houses at Newborough, in accordance with Specification No. 49-50820. Full particulars are available from the above address and from the Commission's Offices at Yallourn. Tenders, endorsed "Tender to Specification No, 49-50320,'' together with a preliminary deposit of 15, are returnable by 11 a.m on Wednesday, P r-ftmmt.tlftn dnet not' bind Itself to accept the lowest or any tender. OF VICTORIA. , Wiui am-street, aiciuuuiu. Damp Course, four- fiaiine, BOX oxtr. Kllda rRtrs: fnr inn vdi U In Screen- T lngs, del. Mltcham. caih. MW7440. Prick, 43 5 II. fanng rence; ur- jitn-n. insist weiRnonoxe. o; uRICE wanted' to tile 3 'roofs, labor x ana material. awiw. S'knirP' wanterl. Tart dntWl Bricks. I 87 McCracken-st., W.5, FU6328. PRINCIPALS, 21. . lult big factory, for sale. 32 ft. long. 9 ft. high: Saw Tooth Roof; Oregon, nearly new. 5 Weston-st.. Brunswlok. FW2117. 'UEEN s LAND! Can quote good prlcM i V ana aenvery, son a ana uie outings, Die Sinking and Pressings, Woodworking. Write Queensland-Victorian REFRIGERATORS. Coldstream Commercial and Domestic are the best. Victorian nepresentaiivn. ECKERSLEY J. SONS PTY. LTD ' For Service. 1 -Ring MX1266. cavatini worn a ujmuu-iu.. . ilnaton. FP13)il. ROTARY Hoeing aont, w. j. inw, Blackburn-road, East Doncaster. WX9305. RUBBISH Removed, factories or home, promptly. LA8778., IUBBISH Remo iSAWFMilf Crew. 0 saw mill In Ot to take on contract, 1 Or host district, accom. ailable. aa.itaB. Age. SEWERAGE fPwnPRS. fnr the followlnx con tracts will be received by Messrs. Scott and Furnhv. Consulting Engineers, 465 Colllna-st., Melbourne, until 12 noon, on weanesaay May if, Contract 5422 Excavation of Trench for Rising Main; : Contract 5423. Carting, Laying and Jointing of Woodstave and R.C. -'plana and specifications may be Inspected at the Authority's Office, Shepparton; or at the office of the Consulting Engineers. preliminary aeposn,R.Eigj wui. aecreinry. i And fHIXf lilUtirun ana Aoauwnino . (Archltecti In Association), Tnvlfa TPWnERR fni th ' ERECTION Of NEW BEDROOM BLOCK and ALTERATIONS to Existing Building at Wrest Point Hotel, Sandy Bay-road, iiooan, Tasmania. .... Plana available at the office of PhllD. Llghton and Associates, Sandy Bay-road. Hobart. and Stephenson and Turner, 374 Little Colllni-street, , Melbourne, and Wm. Holyman A Sons Pty. Ltd., Brisbane-street, Launcestoii, on Monday May 8. 1950. Tendprs cl05P .noon. Mav 19. 1950. at the office of Stephenson and Turner, 374 Little Collins-street. Melbourne, Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. IMMIT Engineering Co., have capa-ntv for Plain Cylindrical Grinding work to 0 in. diameter. 391 St. Kllda. moid, win, hzi. - - TENDERS, addressed Shire President. Shire Office. Alexandra, Victoria, and! returnable at 12 noon on Wednesday. June 14 1950. are Invited for th; purchase and removal of 12 miles 18 chains of 2-feet gauge Steel Tram Line. nans Q 10. per vara, , Knll particulars obtainable at Shire lOfflce. Alexandra. Victoria. Phone Aiexanara. vctona, (,... J, W, MAL.U, Shire Secretary. T binders addrosFPd Shire President Shire Office Alexandra, Victoria, and returnable at 12 noon on Wednesday. June 14. 1950. are Invited for the purcnase ana removal 01 mites in chains of 2 feet gauge Steel Tram Line. Ralls 25 lbs. per yard. Full particulars obtainable at Shire Office, Alexandra. Victoria, . phone Alexandra. Victor,., anire wecrgmjry, ROCHESTER. C-IIIRE . OF TKiNLiKKS win oe receivea up tin. h m mi itntirlii Mav 9Q fnr .Qiinntv and' Delivery at Rochester of a) one Medium Power Grader: b one Speed Patrol or Light Power Grader: (c) three Trucks, each fitted with hydraulic hoi it and 4-5 cubic yards steel tipping body. specification to accompany each tender, approximate date of delivery to be Hated.. . MO tenaer necessarily reepiea. . H. R, WESTCOTT, Shire secretary, Rochester. sisiM" OF WERRIBEE. tenders, addressed to the President at the Shire. Hall. Werrlbee, will be received up to 11 a.m on Thursday. Mav 11. 1950. for. the undermentioned work: ,. contract no, iouivitn.- ouinj llniml feet of wldrnlnn- exlstlne metalled roadway and resurfacing with fine crushed rock ,,ir .. .. SHIRE OP WINDOURAN : FRONT END LOADER. I signed and closing on Tuesday, May 30. HriO. are Invited for the supply to this council of a Front End Loader. Atten tion is arawn to tne provisions or section 51 7 A of the Local Government Art 1(110. reioectlna oreferenca to Australian and Empire goods, and the pa B-fwiila mannfarfiireil ap firrtdiirpil In the Commonwealth or are British goods or roreign gpoqe. Windwiran Shire Clerk, lojDjmillquln. N.S.W. to specification A.S, r!lt '(' orden wilt be placed for 900 tons ex Japan, 1000 tons ex Germany and hixj tons ex Belgium. rrice 10 ne mown on a cr, ana Melbi nrne basis LcweM or anv tender not necessarily im rted. Ter.oen will b received at the above nfllce I'nlll 12 noon on Monday, Ma Wiiotauon Korms may se ootaineq a the above address. ' YfELBOUKNE AND METROPOLITAN I 1I BOARD OF WORKS, I OFFERS, closing at 11 a.m. on Tun- day June 20. 1950. are Invited fori ihe supply of forty (401 Reams of Flat; Tracing Paper, 17 in. x 27 In. ! A sample of the paper must be mti-mltted with each offer. The probable oate 01 aenvery must riro oe iiatrn, Tenders are invited bv the Soldier I Settlement Commission, State Fubllo Offices, Treasury uaraens, Meinourne. Four (4) Weatherboard Cottages, each having a floor area of approximately HTCi square feet, divided Into 4 rooms plus verandah back and front, cover in i an area ot approximately -jn squat leel Roof covered wit tt eaivan sed iron. Tenners way be lodged for one ir more 01 inrs" nouKru. The coltaee are iltusted on Cock bill's RstMe, apnroxlmntely 14 mil north west of Rochester, 12 miles southwest of Echuca and four mllei east of itonr railway station. Terms wll! bu a deooilt of S oer cent. when lodging tender and the balance m accent a nee nf tender. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. runner particular can oe ooiainra1 itj m inv vuinmwion 1 nno umce, Meioonrni, Notice Is hereby given of an. amend ment to the advertised conditions the undermentioned a a pco 1 Ac at lo , specipcaiion wo. is-aitow,-,-'5 lnff of Land. Removal of Overburden, Tanill Bait Quarry Site. , posing date 17Si!eclfi"catlon No. 49-50301. -Supply of Crushed .Rock -froai Tanill Bast Quarry Site. Closing date extenaed from iuaau to YlOOU. STATE ELECTRICITY COMMISSION OF VICTORIA, ' 'X w lliam-aircei, mciuuuiiic. tan,inAattnn n AX-SlVKm C ear- inc of Land Removal of Overburden at TanjU East Quarry Site. noiice ta Iicieuy kiycii mni, im Ing Date of the abovemcntlonel specification has been Extended from 3550 to 10550. STEPHENSON and TURNER FOR PURCHASE. TENDERS TKAns utwax UMiiao iiivhb ten-ira fnr Hip mirchatp Of.' LOT 1. The Company's freehold pro- ueriy, nuuaic ai ufucvii-au cci, Colac Is now used by the Company as a garage and prulcp jtatlnn. LOT J. Four Leyland Motor Vans, eacn wi a Ltirij-uit toFatiii of 80 cwt., one being a 1935 model, one being a 1936 model, and two being 1940 LOT 3, The Goodwill and that por tion 01 inu iit.-iBiii-tortj'iiia business carried on, by the Company at Colac, under . "Ecf" Licences, suthorlslng the carriage of general goodi within a radius of 20 mllei from Colac and certain permits to operate for the carriage of' certain specified goods from Colac to ueeiong and Mrlhnnrna LOT 4. Certain Plant and Equipment , business, particulars wher-i'l , are set out In the particulars and conditions of tender. Tendera mav be aubmltted for all the above Items in one lot or seoar- atcly fur each Item, and as to the uur moior venicies. .-paraiciy ior eacn vehicle. Should anv tenderer for the (bora Itemi as a whole desire to purchase the Company's rights for the carriage of goods ui.der D" Licences, which enahlp Ihe rnmnnn. fn nneratP fni I ha carriage of General Goodi between Colas ana apoho nay, aim oeiween oiac and Lome, consideration will be slven by the Company to the disposal of such rights by private negotiation. Thi particulars and conditions and form of tenaer may be obtained on application at the office of the Company, Mechanics Institute Building (llbrsry entrance), Ryrle-street, Geelong. Applicant! for same applying by post to encloie a stamped, addressed envelope. The property, vehicles, plant and equipment may be Inspected at any ne ousiness premises, Vijucen-airert, 'nlac. bv arrangement with the Branch Manager. Mr. W. Coffey (telephons Colac 549). All tenderi to be Indeed on Tuesday. May 23.1950. in sealed envelnnea endorsed "Tendera far our chflsc.1' and. addressed to the General Manager. Trans Otway Limited. 29 Ghcrtnghnp-street, Geelong. The hi chest or any tender not uecet ssrjly accepted, , TRANS OTWAY I.IMITKD Invite ten. den. on a rental basii, for a ieaie, cf Ran Tn fafe and finest Mnnie. Jtnata at Lome, together with the goodwill of the business of the said cafe and guest house, for the term of three yeara irom uuiy x. jhou, wun a nxni of first refusal of a further term, on the term and conditions set forth In a draft already Prepared and avail. able for inspection. . . Tne conditions ana rorm or tender may be obtained on application at the Offlne of the Oomoanv. MaehaniM Institute Building (library entrance), -Ryrte-itreet, Geelong, where the draft tease may be inspected. Applicants for conditions and forms of tender applying by post to enclose a stamped, ad- All tenders to be lodged before noon Tueada. Mav TV lnttA In ib;pA envelopes, addrttued to the General Manager of the Company at Itl registered office, 29 Gherlnghap-itreet, Gee "Tenaer ior i.eaie." TENDERS will be received by th Deputy Director, Posts A Tele, graphs. Melbourne, as under; Hcnenuie v.iwi, supply ana - livery of Barrier Stakes, Cloiei 2351950. Schedule V. 312, Supply and Delivery of Timber, Cloies 3051950. Schedule V.,'M(i, Supply and DeHve-y of Mall opening Tablet. Cioit-t 1(151950 Schedule V..'U7. Sqpply And Delivery livery Poles for Orbost-Bonang iruiiK nomr, (.iniei ,i'i'.i i. Detain are avail hie from tha Himar. Intendent, Store and Transport. Stores Branch, flrd Floor. O.P.O., Spinctr street. Melbourne, C.l. 1 ii luwcii or any uuer not iitxi-smart- cJttAi. , W. 1RIOOS, learettiT. vgSSR. muwwi jsiieim-Ei,, mi- (Conilnatd on Pc .) -

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