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GERMANY AND ITALY AT WAR WITH RUSSIA TV DAMASCUS FALLS TO ALLIES French Troops Retire Beyond City Australian Associated Press LONDON, June 22. General Head Quarters at Cairo reports that Damascus has fallen. The Free French forces entered the city at 3 p.m, on Saturday, after a campaign notable for its intense fighting. The French High Commissioner in Syria, in a communique, which was broadcast from Beirut, stated that in the face of enemy pressure and in order to avoid street fighting, the -French troops evacuated Damascus and occupied positions Early Morning Enormous Attack Across Frontier 2 HELP outside the city. FINLAND ON CViv mm Vichy officially stated that British ROUMANIA NAZI FLANKS shelling caused disastrous fires in the Street Called Straight." The French recaptured the whole of the Mezze air-field district.

si Accounts from Jerusalem say that Vichy troops contested every inch of Australian Associated Press the advance from Klsweh. Tney were well supported by artillery and i mored cars, and subjected the Free French to fierce machine gunning "CAN SPEAK from prepared positions. A snarn fight raged across the rail way 8 miles south of Damascus, until ers Indicated that General Dent: bad thrown all his forces, Including his reserves, into the battle. British and Australian attacks on the Damascus-Reyak road chased several columns, destroyed many of a convoy of 120 vehicles, and blocked the road. Vichy reports say that the Allies made a three-point attack on Damascus, throwing in large reinforcements and bombarding the city.

An agency report says that General de Gaulle's troops In Syria numbered 5000. ot whom 1500 were Frenchmen and the rest Legionnaires and natives. The Allied armies totalled between 25,000 and 30,000. The R.A.F. Middle East communique states that R.A.F.

and Australian Air Force fighters and bombers were active In Syria on Friday. Fighters attacked armored vehicles on the Damascus-Beirut road, and motor transport convoys, destroying a considerable number of vehicles. The bombers attacked concentrations of motor transport in the Damascus area. Fleet air arm planes bombed shipping in Beirut harbor, and registered four direct hits on a large jetty. They also hit a ship, believed to be a OPENLY" tne iree r-Tencn capiurea two nrntuuie gun posts by the bayonet.

Indian and Colonial troops occupied Mezze, and then on Saturday pushed on and captured the heights threatening the Damascus-Beirut road. Hitler's Attack The taking of Damascus must be tne A mass descent of Russian parachutists. The Soviet was one of the first countries to develop on a large scale training for this form of military attack. end of the Vichy resistance in Syria, General de Gaulle said from Cairo and the Free French radio at Jerusalem. He said the Vichy troops were on the "A ROBBER ATTACK" run.

-rnev were encountering supuiy difficulties, particularly for goods which they were requisitioning from villages without payment. It Is stated In Cairo that reconnaissances and the interrogation of prison- 'NEGOTIATIONS SUCCEEDED" on Soviet Australian Associated Press. June 22. In his proclamation announcing the German attack on Russia Hitler said: "National Socialists and Germans, I have been weighed down by heavy cares for many a long month. The hour has now come when I can speak openly." Proceeding, Hitler said: LONDON, June 22.

Germany has declared war on and attacked Russia. She has the co-operation of Finland and Roumania along a front extending from the Baltic to the Black Sea, and the greatest armies in the history of the world are now face to face. 1 The Rome radio announced later that the Foreign Minister had informed the Russian Ambassador that Italy considered herself at war with Russia as from 5 a.m. First news of the climax to the long-existing tension between the Nazis and the Bolsheviks came early this morning when the German Propaganda Minister, Dr. Goebbels, speaking over the German radio, read a proclamation by Hitler which announced the marching of the German armies on the Eastern frontier, with the support of Finland in the north and Roumania in the south.

Subsequently the Moscow radio stated that the Germans this morning bombed Kiev, in Poland, Sebastopol, on the Black Sea, and Kaunas (formerly Kovno), capital of Lithuania (now part of Russia). Two hundred people were killed. M. Molotoff strongly denied German charges of aggression. Navy's Effective Work Soviet Answer to Nazis.

LONDON, June 22 (A.A.P.). M. Molotoff, in a broadcast state cluded members of the former Spanish Earlier messages stated that the international brigade. Nazis on British and Soviet Talks Australian Associated Press. LONDON, June 22.

"Jewish Bolshevists in 1936 wanted ment, said: "To-day. at 4 a.m., with Australians were reported to have re-occupied part of Merjiyun. The necessity of relieving Merjiyun had held up the Australians' advance from the coast. to set the wnole of Europe on Are. It HAND-TO-HAND FIGHTING out giving any reasons and without a declaration of war, German forces attacked Russia.

Thev Invaded the fron was not Germany who threatened Rus sia, but the Jews in their centre at Herr von Ribbentrop, Nazi Foreign1 Minister, this morning received Jour Beirut claimed that British artillery tiers at many places, and air-raided: Moscow, who wanted to spread their towns, including Zhitomir, Kiev nalists. He said that Sir Stafford domination, not merely spiritually, but militarily. I thought I could Sebastopol and Kaunas, killing or wounding over 200 people. Enemy was shelling the Moslem quarter. The Damascus authorities protested to the Iraki and Saudi-Arabian consuls, drawing attention to the fact that Damascus was "the second most im Australians Engaged JERUSALEM, June 22 (A.A.P.).

An authoritative radio commentator. reacn an unaerstanaing witn bus Cripps's negotiations in Moscow were reported to have been successful, and it had become clear that Russia was planes as well as artillery nre came from Finnish and Roumanian terri tory. This unheard-of attack is with portant city In the Islam world." it lit rernllert in London that the French sia, tor wnicn purpose I sent -voni Ribbentrop to break Britain's en-1 circlement plan. I hoped that the treaty which he concluded would remove all tension. The treaty resulted working against Germany.

Ribbentrop promised to give docu out example in the history of nations, themselves shelled Damascus in 1925, ano was mane aesoite Hie non- referring to the fierce hand-to-hand fighting going on between the Australians and Vichy troops in houses and streets in Merjiyun, says that each side holds half the and is fighting for possession of the other half. mentary proof of Russia's understand destroying the famous Moslem pal aggression pact which Russia has conscientiously kept In every detail i ace. ing with Britain against Germany; alsoi in tne disappearance of thousands of German subjects from Lithuania, but I The corresnondent of the British and riesmte the fact that a valid Ger a report from the High Command on United Press with the British trooos many could not furnish proof that the Kept snent, ana agreed to tne Russian annexation of Lithuania, hoping Russian military preparations, and Referring to Damascus, a military on the Lebanese coast reported that soviet, ever infringed a single clause, to arrive at a lasting agreement with report by Herr Himmler, Gestapo spokesman said the Allied troops Russia. Germany never intended to! chief, on the subversive anti-German three large, last frencn destroyers were playing "cat and mouse" with substantial British forces. The de- REAPING THE WHIRLWIND activity of the Soviet.

attacK ljitnuania, out merely to sena troops to protect it. "The victory in Poland, which was The High Command, he said, had ttomis declared that the Russian troop concentrations could only mean prepara-i carried out entirely by German troops, gave me another ODDortunltv to of- pusned into tne main lines oi city defences under severe artillery fire. British and Indian troops, who had advanced against Mezze aerodrome, about two miles and a half west of Damascus, were hotly engaged in and around a suburb where the exact position was uncertain. In the south numerically superior forces of Vichy troops attacked the Free French In "All responsibility for this robber attack falls on the German Fascist leader. The German Ambassador at 5.30 a.m.

gave me a note in the name of his Government that Germany had decided to proceed against the Soviet because of the concentration of the Red Army units on the western frontier. In answer to this I declared that until the last minute Germany had made no representation to the Soviet. Germany has decided to attack the tlon lor aggressive action against uer- ter peace to tne western rowers, out many. Ribbentrop added tnai documents found in Roumania confirmed tnis oner was rejected Decause jjjng-land still then had a chance of get United States View Soviet preparations and showed that ting co-operation of the Balkans and Russia would D6 reorganising ue Russia, mat is wny sir stanora until August. Crlpps went to Russia.

tne neignDornooa oi ueoei uikibd, duo the Allied troops still hold the railway highway from Transjordania. The Rome radio announced that! Soviet despite our peaceful attitude Germany has become the aggressor be "When Russia took over the Baltic Italy "would stand by Germany against1 countries she lylngly said she was pro cause of this very ract. tnis new enemy. tniii the Nazi Ambassador tnat tecting them, but the attempt to bring them and Finland under her yoke could only be directed against Ger GENERAL WAVELL'S DEMAND our army and air force had never violated German or any frontier at any Dr. Goebbels spoke at 5.45 a.m.

The proclamation bitterly condemned Russia's occupation of the Baltic States as directed against Germany, and accused Russia and Britain of working to the same ends. The proclamation proceeded to assert that Russia had organised a putsch in Yugoslavia. This was not from platonic motives, but still Germany remained silent. Moscow then demanded the mobilisation of the Serbs. The proclamation, in its justification of Nazi action, was in the well-.

known phraseology, and in closing it Hitler said he had now decided to put the fate of Germany in the hands of her soldiers. He asserted that 160 Russian divisions threatened the Nazi frontier, and that Russia had betrayed the German-Russian pact. The greatest march in history, the Fuhrer said, was now taking place, and German troops, with Finnish divisions and the conquerors of Norway, under the officer commanding Norway, were inarching together from East Prussia to the SUNKEN SUBMARINE many. nia.p Tho nmmnn iiTi ranio 8 alle "Then Russia penetrated Roumania. of New Move "The Age" Special Representative.

WASHINGTON, June 22. "Stalin sowed a tornado when he gave Hitler a free hand to invade Poland. Thus the wind Stalin released on the world has caught him in its swirls of death, and none can feel sorry for him." So runs one American comment on the latest European war gation that a Soviet air force raided Roumanian aerodromes to-day is nothing but a He and provocation. The Whole of Hitler's declaration in the h5ZWS;" 6KSi' and the Greeks acted with Britain in threatening an extension of the area of war. Roumania said she would accede to the Russian demands only under an Axis guarantee for the rest On Jibuti Governor LONDON, June 22 (A.A.P.i; It Has been learned that the British bWI DRUSE same way is nothing but provocation.

"Nnt that this attack against So Hope Abandoned for Crew NEW YORK, June 22 (A.A.P.). viet has begun, the Government has 01 ner territory. I gave tnis. "I invited M. Molotoff to visit Ber tHvpn mir tomes the following fsLJi The United States navy virtually Qaal- harlr the enemy's invasion.

DO Commander-in-Chief in the Middle East, General Sir Archibald Wavell, informed the Governor of Jibuti (French Somaliland) that he must Join the Free French immediately, or openly dissociate himself from the pro-Axis nolicy which has been evident in lin. He asked if the German guarantee to Roumania was directed against Russia. I replied, 'Against abandoned hope for the crew of the stroyers had apparently been ordered sunken submarine 09 after the vessel everyone. M. Molotoff asked if Ger Germany's attack on Russia is had been located 440 feet on the ocean to locate the Australian field artillery by drawing their Are.

The de floor, and a diver had failed by 70 not allow enemy forces to hold any of our territory. Hhls war forced on us, not by the German people, workers or intelligentsia, whose problems wer thoroughly understand, but by aWMque of bloodthirsty Fascist leaders of Ger-Czechs, Poles, Serbs, Norwegians, Bel-many, who have oppressed the French, viewed here as tremendously favoring the British cause firstly, because it Syria. In the event of his refusal to negotiate Sir A. Wavell is willing to stroyers darted towards the shore, flrincr niHpir salvoes, hut brisk Austra feet to reach the submarine. many wouia unoertaKe not to assist Finland, who was again threatening Russia.

I replied, 'We have no political interest in Finland, but will not tolerate another attack on He evacuate the women and children from creates a second war front for Ger However, late last night a second diver descended, on the slender chance Jibuti and to supply them with milk and essential food until the evacuation Is complete. many against a- major foe; because Hitler's obvious desperation as asked if Germany would agree to that life may yet be found on board. gians, uanes, ureess, uutcn uu uwim nations. The Soviet Government ex Russian guarantees to Bulgaria. I replied that Bulgaria was a sovereign The first diver experienced a diffi to food supplies is proving the effec- lian macnme-Kun uie was wic uwj answer.

It was sufficient to persuade the destroyers to put up a smoke screen and to hastily return to Beirut. The British navy continues to hammer Vichy positions, regardless of attacks by German dive bombers. The war ships up to the present had only been negligibly damaged, despite cesses the prolound assurance mat hp valiant Red Armv. navy and air culty In breathing. Although experi tiveness of the British blockade state, ana did not need guarantees.

M. Vichy Complains The Vlchv Government savs offici thirdly, because It isolates Japan: and mental dives of 500 feet had been marie in Pearl Harbor, his was the Molotoff said that Russia needed a passage through the Dardanelles, and force will honorably carry out their duties and deal a crushing blow deepest recorded in the Atlantic fourthly, because It further delays the always feared attempt to Invade Eng Or.pnn. against the aggressor. inis is nut the first time a too confident aggres demanded bases in the Bosphorus. Rus sia later concluded a pact which invited the Serbs to act against Ger land.

The submarine 09 had only recently been recommissioned. It was equipped many near misses from louu-io, bombs. ally that it has sent a note to Britain and America alleging that General Sir Archibald Wavell, under threat of a blockade, had demanded the surrender of French Somaliland. Somaliland rejected the demand. The note adds that a blockade caused a famine in March and April.

While military observers expect early successes for the Germans in manv and offered the Serbs war materials for use against Germany. This sor has attacked Russia. When Napoleon invaded Russia we answered with a nationalist war in which Napoleon wm heaten and met his doom. Tne prisoners taicen at sioon in- Russia, since Finland Droved the Rus with underwater radio and oscillator, and was engaged in test diving in com-nnnv with two other submarines in was when I was advising M. Matsuoka the Japanese Foreign Minister, to "The same tmne will naooen to tne voter ahont 370 feet deen.

off the coast bring about a lessening in the Russo- sian army's weaknesses, it is certain that Stalin must have had some confidence to be able to withstand an attack, or he would not have rejected arrogant megalomaniac, Hitler, who of Portsmouth, near where the Squalus HIS Japanese tension. starter! thp new attack against Russia, HITLER TO ARMY LATE NEWS sank: two years ago. Aeroplanes, a submarine rescue ship, five submarines and two coastguards were all engaged The Red Army of the whole country Is one again, and will wage a victorious war for the nation and for her honor Massed Armies in tne searcn. Serb officers proceeded to Moscow, anr liberty. man mechanised forces had begun to march into Bukowina.

A Bucharest special communique stating that German troops massed on the Soviet frontier went into action with Roumanian forces this morning, added that General Antonescu in a message to the Roumanian army said: "I command you to cross the Pruth River and liberate your brothers from the yoke of Bolshevism." Another Budapest report says the Roumanians have occupied Bolgrad, on the Bessarabian frontier. It claimed that three Soviet planes had been brought down during the morning on the outskirts of Galati. A Helsinki report says a conference of Labor organisations adopted a resolution demanding that Finland be kept apart from all entanglements, and preserve neutrality. The Premier assured a delegation that the conference views would be given serious where thev were welcomed as Allies. "The Soviet Government is con A Berlin communique said: "Fighting broke out early this morning on the Soviet frontier.

An enemy attempt to fly into East Prussia was repelled with heavy losses. German fighters shot down a number of Red bombers." The German High Command has broadcast a warning to civilians against parachute troops. The Berlin radio defined areas in the Polar Sea and Black Sea, which, it said, were dangerous to shipping. It announced that the Baltic Had been mined, except for a three-mile zone along the Swedish coast. German ships had been ordered to return to Sweden if they were' unable to reach Germany or Denmark.

Rome radio broadcast a message from Bucharest that Roumanian troops had crossed the Pruth River to Russia at 3 a.m. General Antonescu has resumed the supreme command of the Roumanian army. He is also Prime Minister. A Bucharest report said Ger The moment had arrived when I could no longer merely look on these de vinced that the whole of the popula-tinn all thp workers, neasants. and In large Russian patrols entered Germany, and were forced back only after lengt.hv exchanges of fire.

tne uermans' aemanas. Most important, however, Is that Hitler's face has been turned eastward, and that whatever effort he expends there will weaken his forces to some extent and enable Britain further to strengthen her far-flung forces with equipment now flowing in fairly substantial amounts from America. It is Interesting to note how quickly Germany turned her eyes from the Near East following the stiffening of thp Rrlt.lsh In that theatre. Hitler telligentsia, men and women, will act with a complete understanding of their Instructions About Parachutists LONDON. June 22 (A.A.P.).

velopments, waiting would nave Deen a crime against Germany. Bolshevism is' ODDOsed to Nazism In deadly duties. Every one 01 us must aemmm from himself and from others discl-nline. organisation and self sacrifice. "We nave no intention 01 remaining Inactive In face of this grave threat to the frontier.

I have therefore ordered the German forces to oppose this menace with all the might at their; enmity. Bolshevist Russia desires to stab Nazist Germany In the back while Germany Is engaged In a struggle Hitler, in a message to his "Army of wnrthv nf a true Soviet natrlot. the East Front," summarised the ar Hisnnsnl The German concentration, for existence. guments in his proclamation, and concluded: "German soldiers, you are R.A.F. RAIDS LONDON.

Air Ministry states: ''Strong forces R.A.F. continued sustained offensive' against Germany's heavy industries oa Saturday night. Attacked objectives at Cologne and Dusseldorf. Lighter forces attacked docks at Dunkirk and Boulogne. Fighters carried out offensive patrols over enemy aerodromes In northern France." has undoubtedly decided that muchl more is to be gained by taking the rich Russian territories like the: Ukraine In a campaign which, it Is, believed, will last not longer than a month or two.

Further, this would provide employment for hosts of sol entering a hard and responsible strug. "In order to fulfil all the needs of the Red Army, fleet and airforce to guarantee viceory over the enemy we must be united and steadfast as never before." Throughout the speech M. Molotoff sounded excited and overcome, but without emotion. He frequently paused which is the greatest the world has ever known, has been completed. The German people are fully aware they are called on not only to defend their I native land, but to save the entire civilised world from the deadly dangers' "For weeks Russia has massed troops on the frontier, and clashes have already been reported.

One hundred and sixty divisions threaten us, and Russian planes are crossing our frontier repeatedly In order to gle. The fate of Europe, the future ot the Reich and the existence of the German nation lie in your hands. May nf Bolshevism ano Clear tne way lor prove tnat tney are masters. to control his voice. God help us all In this fight." On the nights of June 17 and 18 true social progress In Europe.

The warning of the High Command concerning caracnutists was broad GERMAN CHARGES cast throughout Germany at intervals German attitude. M. Dekanosoff has and was also given prominence In the press. It said It was possible the enemy would drop parachutists not only in the area of the military operations, oui, in uermsn territory ior tne pur poses of sabotage and destruction used his position for espionage. A Russian document discovered at Bet-grade after the German occupation of Yugoslavia declared "The Soviet will not act until an opportune moment, when the Axis has further dissipated its force, and the Soviet is consequently able to strike a sudden blow me enemy may use jews or Poles roeaKing lierman and wearing civi.

lian clothes." added the statement diers wno nave ueen iuic ouering the European continent. Like all dictators, Hitler must carry on constant fight, and must continue to achieve victory. Hitler's Next Step Hitler undoubtedly expects a quick success in Russia, after which he could attain self-sufficiency for carrying on the war indefinitely. He might then say to the United States and Britain, "Either make peace or suffer war for 5eHlUer's decision to fight Russia Is believed to have been capped by the belief that America will soon enter the conflict. If Japan attacks Russia, she must abandon her southern ambitions.

She cannot very well carry on a southern campaign, because she would be Isolated from her allies. If Russia can narrv on the flaht. Japan may try to "The active fighting against nArnnrm- NAZI ADVANCE LONDON. Rome Radio says Ger-mano-Roumanlan troops continued all morning penetrate into Russian territory. against uermany.

uibia win De aone oniy Dy army ponce and gendarmes. The help of civilians Russia in Scntember. 1939. gave an assurance to RibbentroD that she would win consist ox oDservation. mvery good German who sees parachutists land not occupy and would not Bolshevise any spheres except Poland.

But the ing singly or in groups must report the fact to- the nearest gendarmerie Soviet exclusively aimed at extending All German stations after Hitler's proclamation broadcast a note which Herr von Ribbentrop, Nazi Foreign Minister, sent to M. Dekanosoff, Russian Ambassador In Berlin, early today. A statement by Ribbentrop said: This morning I informed the Soviet ambassador that Russian armies were threatening the German frontiers, and that Germany had taken military measures for defence." The Note to M. Dekanosoff read: When in the summer of 1939 the Reich approached Russia to achieve an adjustment of mutual interests, Germany realised that it was not easy to reach an understanding with a Btate which was ruled by a party Which was a section of the Comintern, but It undertook this step In the belief that an understanding would be the best guarantee against a spread of Communism. This belief was strengthened by happenings in Russia, which suggested that the Soviet Government had departed from these doctrines and from her former methods of causing the disintegration ot foreign nations.

her military power wherever possible station or police post. Airmen who bale out must be arrested and handed over to the nearest police or army between tne Arctic ucean ano tne Black Sea. and sDrcadlng Bolshevism tnrougnout Europe. 'Then, while the Germans were still fighting in the west the Soviet ad shed her Axis scales. IN vanced into the Balkans.

The Soviet had declared that she would never CONSULATES AMERICA make the first move to settle the Bessarabian question, nut lniormeti Germany on June 24, 1940, tnat she There Is some speculation iiere us whether President Roosevelt's message to Congress in regard to the sinking of the Robin Moor was timed to give Stalin some courage If he were handed an ultimatum from Berlin. Both Britain and the United States last month gave hint; to Russia that they would help if sne went to war, but officials are asking, "To what degree could the British and the United States aid 9 Tn what decree could Britain was resolved to settle it by iorce, ano that her claim Included Bukovina. xis 4 ICELAND S. 'Tf r( ty tywA soviet ij-t I NOHTH rt 'Moscow r'j'" Jj- SEA mrSiA''- Russia cr ir-noir fv. AV7 I "fit A 5 throw SA I GERMANY mir ALGERIA 2.

jrSeA Nf-? -v-X MORE AIRCRAFT SUPPORT which was ancient Austrian crown land and had never belonged to Russia and Italians to Close WASHINGTON, June 22 (A.A.P.l. had never been mentioned In the nego "Thus the agreements of August and September, 1939, provided, firstly, for tiations by Moscow. These actions President Roosevelt has ordered that were Irrefutably contrary to the Mos- all Italian consulates In the United nntu no-t-AAmpnt-. and the United States ever consider States shall close and all consular Nevertheless Oermanv bad not a irienu yi uciuuvi.j, niVtat. ripirrpn could British and Ame officers be removed from American tervened in Finland or the Baltic but rican DoTicy be changed to hold out the Soviet had tried by every means to territory before July 15.

since there are so hand to Russia Interfere with the German work of ap peaceful and neighborly relations; secondly, for the delimitation of spheres of interest, Germany renouncing all Influence In Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Bessarabia, and agreeing to territories in Poland to the line on the rivers Narev, Bug and Ban being incorporated with Rus- "Germany adhered faithfully to the treatv. and. hv Khrririlng German blood The Assistant Secretary of State opportunism many proofs of Stalin and undependabillty (Mr. Bumner Welles) said the United peasement, and had complained against the Vienna award in August, 1Q40. nermnnv then Invited the Soviet States embassies in Berlin and Rome to give In concrete form the nao neen instructed to arrange for the return of all American consular condition of co-operation with the Trinordtp Pact.

The Soviet thereafter officials In Germany and Italy, but at in the conquest of Poland, gained for Mr. Fraser Emphatic LONDON, June 22 (A.A.P.). The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr. Fraser, told a press conference at the Ministry of Information that there were problems arising from Crete which needed examination and explanation, not with recriminations, but for the purpose of facing up to questions like material weakness and to see that they were avoided in future. Mr.

Fraser added: "1 have studied British press discussions on Greece and Crete with the greatest interest. I will reserve my own ooinlon until I tne same time, categorically to reject allegations made against them by the Nazi and Fascist Governments. Intensified Its anti-German policy by co-operating more closely with Britain. The Soviet, In January, 1941, objected to German military precautions in Bulgaria, and designated Bulgaria and the straits as a Soviet safety zone. Russia the greatest success In foreign politics that the Soviet had achieved during its long existence.

The Soviet, on the contrary, through centres In neighboring countries, attempted sub- The High Commissioner for the Philippines has ordered the closure oi the German Consulate-General at Russian relations with the tripartite Powers, and Invited M. Molotoff to Berlin. Molotoff demanded, firstly, Russian guarantees to Bulgaria and the establishment of military bases in Bulgaria; secondly, a Russo-Turklsh treaty for leasing for a long term a base for Soviet land and naval forces In the Bosphorus and in the Dardanelles, with Germany and Italy co-operating to put pressure on Turkey in the event of Turkey's non-agreement; thirdly, complete Oerman abandonment of Finland, which would have meant Russian occupation and the extermination of the Finns. The Soviet's nolicv reached Its cli Manna, and the departure of the Con verslve activities and preparatory measures for sabotage in Germany and sular stan by Juiy iu max In the Yugoslavian anti-German uerman-occupied territories, m. nn lov.

the Comtnlimr nf the O.G.P.U. putsch, whlcn was instigated Dy England with Soviet endorsement. Russia Exempted From Freezing Klmiilfflnennslv concentrated a strong arranged for the systematic training of a force with which the Russians force on the Roumanian frontier, and The U.S. Treasury has Issued licences exempting Sweden and have met Mr. Churchill and the Chief of Staff so as to get a proper and accurate perspective of the situation.

There were conditions in both Greece labotaged sixteen German ships. "Ahilnriant. matnrlal roffAl-ritnff the attempted to induce Turney to aoopi an aggressive attitude to Bulgaria and Switzerland from the "frozen astets" order on assurances being given that credits would not be used to the ad "Germany relected the demands The map flvea soma Indication of the colossal new battle front which hat been created by the declaration of war on Russia by Germany and Italy. The new line extends from the Baltlo Sea to the Black Sea nearly 1000 uermanv, ana enaeavorea topersuaac Roumania to break with Germany. News received to-day from England which Russia designated as a primary Soviet Intelligence service and radio transmission and reception as methodsi of sabotage and comprehensive espionage lncontrovertlbly proves this anti- vantage of Germany and Italy.

miles at the crow flies. and Crete wnicn win not De repeated. One Irrefutable requirement is that more aircraft must co-operate in the closest possible manner with the land forces." about Sir S. Cripps's negotiations for You are invited to lnsnect our Stock GREEN LIPSTICK is unusual, closer Anglo-soviet political and military collaboration showed the sort of of TECHNICAL BOOKS at McOILL'8. Guard Against Influenza.

WOODS' GREAT PEPPERMINT iff women use but all discriminate Combat Coughs, Colds, Influenza. Wnnnai vrppraMtNT Never Neglect Colds. Taka WOODS' GREAT. PEPPERMINT CVBB. lAdVt.

fate Russia wanted to prepare for Banish Coughs, Colds, Influenza. WOODS' GREAT PEPPERMINT CORE 183 ELIZ ABETH-BT. (The Q.P.O. IS skin beauty. NIVEA Creme tor Pot StitbBorn Coldt, Otuilnt SlMpltu Mltbtj.

TU AaNOLD'B BALSAH (AlltL opposite.) Advt.3 CUBE. lAdVt. Advt.J I CURE. Advt.J.

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