The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on May 30, 1941 · Page 12
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 12

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1941
Page 12
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12 CLASSIFIED ADVTS. ' THE 'AGE. FRIDAY. MAY 30. " 1041. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. B. SECOND BIG WEEK! Not .uiubte to, G.n.,.1 Exhibition BROADCASTING 3AW TO-DAY'S ITEMS 6.30. 3AW: 6.45. 3AR: 3KZ: 7.10. 3AW; T.30. 3AR: 7.45. 3AW: 8.30. 3 AR: 8.45. 3XY: 9.0 . 3AR: 3UZ: 9.15- 3AW; 9.30. 3AW; 9.45. 3AR: 10.0 : 3LO; 3XY: 3AR; 10.15. 3AW. 10.20. 3LO: 10.50. 3KZ: 11.0. 3LO: 11 15. 3AW: 3DB: 11.30 3KZ: 3XY: 12.0 3AR: 3KZ: 12.20. 3LO: 3 AW; 12.45 3XY: . 12.50. 3AR: 1.0 . 3LO: 3AW: 3U2: . 1.15 3AR: 3KZ: 1.35. 3AR: 1.45. 3AW: 2.0 . 3AR: 2.15 3LO: 2.30 SAW: 2.35 3KZ: 3.0 3XY: 3DB: 3.30. 3AR: 4.0 3LO: 4.15. 3AR: 4.30 3KZ: : Nicky and Tuppy. National News Bulletin. Band and Vocalist. Rnnrtlne Tallr. B.B.C. Broadcast and Talk by colonel waiter eihoii. ''The Age" News service. Hospital Session. Train News. B.B.c. Broadcast. -Penelope. Brother Bill. Choice oi People. Religious Music. B.B.C, News. Housewives' Club.' Devotional Service. Women's Session. Women's Session with "Jane.1 Exercises for Women. Matters ol Music. Surprise Packet. Soma Songs. Dept. of Information Talk. Racing Newa. School BroaHiaat. Looking Back. Essential Services. Vltatone Music. Trick the Announcer. Newa Session. War Savings Talk. Vernon the Pest. Community Singing. Country Talk. Prince of Storytellers. News. Comedy Corner. Orchestral Music Britain Speaks. War sidelights. Music of Masters. Rndio Magazine. Fred and Maggie. National Talk. B.B.C. Talk. Afternoon News. Out of the Box. 1 3AR 484 Metres 3DB 291 Metres 1 i 3LO 390 Metres 3KZ 254 Metres I I 3UZ 323 Metres 3XY 211 Metres NEW TIME, 6.28 p.m., SPORT ALK Fred. TUPPER 9.30 a.m.: The Choice of 8 p.m.: Mack's Melody Time. 10.15: wSmen'.OPSessloVir- 8'30: TawagBers' Club. Klnla. a 8.45: Round the World on a 11.15: EDMENTS' SURPRISE Piano Lindsay Blr-PACKETS TERRY X DEAR. f llnS 1 p.m.: Vernon Pett Presents m i 915: The Meldy Llners n-7.00: Musio to Measure 9.45: BRAMACLUES VER- Alan Sanders. yj y NON PETT. uuiiuay, ai au a.u., o.o... iteitj 8.15 P.M. KRAKPOT KWIZ - v -m. mmm 1-16: PRINCE OF STORYTELLERS. CI M 3.00: THE BOY FRIEND. Ik 7.30: PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY. I . 8.00: HILL-BILLY ROUND-UP. J A MMmi 11.00: B.B.C. NEWS. 8.45 P.M. VICTOREE TO-MORROW NIGHT, at 7.4S 10 NEW RADIO STARS in the LESLIE ROSS PRODUCTION (MAPLES). "WE'RE ALIVE" VICTORIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK 3 H A 3 S H 3TR 7 a.m.: Music of the Bands. 7.30 a.m.: Radio Alarm Clock. 7.00: Breakfast Session. 7.45 a.m. AGE NEWS. 9.00: 10.00: 10.30: 12.00: 12.20: 1.55: 6.00: 6.00: 7.00: 8.00: 8.30: Light and Bright. ).15; Thought for the Day. 1.45: Bonnyshlne for Brightness. 1.00: Midday Melody. 1.30: Selected Programme. !.15: Margaret and (ha LETTER SESSION. .45: Hwpltal Session. 1.00: The Man That Comes Around. 1.45: Margaret and Soldiers' Letters. 1.00: Afternoon Concert. 1.00: Merrymakers. i 1.00: CENOVIS TALKS. 1.1ft: Notable British Trials, Ella KUtlt Play. Luncheon Music. Coxon Bros.' Newa. A Oarlsnd of Vre; fiunshlners' Session. . B.B.O. News. World Of Sport. CENOVIS TALKS. . "The Age" Session. 9.00 p.m. B.B.C. 9.50: One Good Deed a Day. 9.46; LM.a DtrM MONET. A. STEELE STEELE STEELE STEELE STEELE STEELE STEELE STEELE STEELE 5 to 100. 57 ELIZABETH -STREET, 57 ELIZABETH-STREET, Above Melb, Sport Depot. Second Floor. Phont MIJ3832, B. C. 8. C. LOANS, 2 to 100, A ' WITHOUT SECURfTV, HARRY HALL ply. Ltd. Next Rhumbs Cale, HARRY HALL Fty. Ltd. 4 Queen's-walk. Melb. HARRY HALL Pty. Ltd. 81, F'acray. HARRY HALL Pty. Ltd. 107 Jobnsion-st., C'wood. HARRY HALL Pty. Ltd. 369 Bridge-rd.. R'mond. HARRY HALL Pty. Lid. 131 Ryrle-st.. Oeeiong. s W A 2 Upwards. Loans. 2 Upwards. R. WILSON . Head Office: R. WILSON .7 tnd 9 Eim.-st., City. U1371. R. WILSON Branch Office: R. WILSON 1SH Hlgh-st.. PRAHRAN. ' LA306B. ADAM M X T H (FINANCE tnd CASH ORDERS). LENDS FKOM 2 UPWARDS. SECURED And -' UNSECURED. CASH ORDERS ISSUED. ADAM SMITH (FINANCE and CASH ORDERS) PTY. LTD 11 ELIZABETH-STREET. Pboot UU421S, SUBURBS: ABBOTSPORD, 407 Victoria-street. J3881, rni.LiNr.wrioD. 170 Johnston-straaL J22on NORTHCOTE, 6 19 Hlh-stret. JW1219. AllO tt BENDIQO. A EDWARD CASPER WITH or WITHOUT SECURITY. CITY OFFICE, 272 Bourke-i treat, MELBOURNE; 225 Chapei-sUMt. PRAHRAN (U m lairs 1: 4 Gordon-plsce. ELSTERN WICK . (Adj. StO.). INTEREST UNDER WILLS PURCHASED CASH ORDERS ISSUED. A DVANCES, WITH or WITHOUT SECURITY. 33 Bridge-road. RICHMOND. Tel., J8472. STAB LI SHED SINCE ' THE YEAR 1882. ws without bbquhity. . 10 for 3 Rpay 82 Wkiy, Pay merit, B 13 for 4 10 Repay 52 Wkiy. Paymenta, 71 20 for 6 Repay 62 Wkiy. Pay menu. 10 And 80 On. This rate per annum per centum represented 3 the tntarest and repayment quoted a dot la .M, ma calculated la accordance with the Pro- Tisione 01 uio seeona eeneauie ot tne cu Borrower Regular With Paymenta will Recatte omtu uaso neoucuon in jmertst on Maturity, TUB NEW SOUTH WALES MONT DB PIETB MotA ana invfiaiMsni vunrAni UMI1-ED, Tuie House. 309-11 Lime Coiiim-street, Opposite Royal-treads (Tel. P90M8); 39-351 Swaastoo-itreet. MELBOURNE, OpposiW Pubilo lakeejgf. Tat. CeoUii, 433f. ASTAIRE PAUIEHE COWARD ARTIE SHAW ".V." CHARLES BUTTERWORTH V IIBRFC VFRFDITH , For Eihibltiofv end t'm! Feature only, plus Newsreels, ,u o.iu pm. 1 cent.. 7076 lor Ree. The Year's Guaranteed Vexl-est and Funniest Comedy ! 2nd WEEK! 234 Metres. OF INTEREST 4.45. 3LO: Tea Table Topics. 3AW: Chatterbox Corner. 6.0 . 3LO: Celebrity Artists. 3AR: B.B.C. Newsreel. 3KZ: Happiness Club. 5.25 3AK: Children's Session. 6.0 . 3LO: B.B.C. News. 6.15 3XY: Songs You Can Sing. 3LO: Musical Savories. 8.28. 3AW: Fred Tupper. 6.30. 3UZ: Diggers' Session. 3KZ: Movies and Music. 6.45 3LO: Mel Morris and Sport. 7.0 . 3AW: Music to Measure. 3AR: National News and Commentary. 3KZ: Football Talk. 7.15 3XY: Recent Hits. 7.30 3AR: B.B.C. Newsreel. 3KZ: Physical Philosophy. 3DD: What Won 7 3LO: After Dinner Show. 3XY: Sing Song and Sport. 8.0 . 3AR: After the Dance.'1 3LO: International Celebrities. 8.15 3KZ: Krakpot Quia. 3AW; Vltatone Highlights. 8.30. 3AW: Tailwaggera' Session. 8.45 3KZ: Varieties. 3XY: Hits from Shows. SAW: "Round the World." 9.0 . 3XY: The Starflnder. 3LO: B.B.C. Hews. 9.15. aLO: Questions ol the Hour. 3AW: Melody Lingers On. 0.30. 3KZ: Current Topics. 3AR: National Talk. 3XY: Shall We Dance T 9.45. 3AR: Adelaide O.-ch. and Chorus. 3XY: Duke Ellington. 10 0. 3LO: "Wisdcm of BUI Webb." 3AW: Government Session. 3KZ: Dance Music. 10.20 3AW: "The Age" News. 10.30. 3XY: Starlight Hour. 3AW: Vltatone Parade, in 35. 3KZ: Jimmv Ltineeford'a Band. 11.0 . 3AR: B.B.C. and Australian News. 12.0 . 3AK: Studio Presentation. 8.15 P.M. COLLINGWOOD V. MELBOURNE, 2.40 SAT. VARIETIES 8.45 P.M. 7.45 a.m. 9.30: li.oo: 12.00: 1 o.r 1.45: 2.00: 4.15: 6.00: 6.30: 6.10: 8.00: 8.16: Women's Interests. Hwpltal Session. Luncheon MubIo. .: "Sweetheart ol Melody." Nuflor All Slar Revue Women's Club. B.B.O. News. Radio Newsreel. Koala Clue. Dinner Music. CENOVIS TALKS. Old Timers' circle. NEWS 9.00 p.m. I1 MONEX. M'd.M0RiTGAOE.m' ULor 2ni: Bund' hu- Be- A. GIBBINS. 78 Fletcher-st.. KS3ENDON mum a 1U O DONOHUS and LEND ON MORTGAGE. Nfi 2f,u"tlon Pm- Fiti't Mortgaga Money, MU2554. 0.wW. -.o mnune-et BO ON D MORTOAOB8, 50 to 1000. On Suburban Securities. 8. O. STEELE. 57 Elltabeth-st. Phone MU3S32. Elnd on Mortgage, loweet Interest. H. W, .ww a, mucn., snjiiuuur, BO VOlimS-Sl, LIVE STOCK WANTED AND FOR SALE. HnrsM nnrl Onttia I4R8E3 100. draughts, deliveries, ill classes J f,"S' ''il'iB-f Nol'Kn' 7QVlctorU-it.. Rich HORSES, 150. draiifhta. med., del., 50 bread Hi)lPedjw'l846 Rfaw"-8t- og Dcib'rldge-st.. Ollltmi' H k 1U- meoium ana heavy draughts, xx can be seen scoorinv. Taihnt.a. uihuJ Horse-rd.. Biiwvn ZL. ' """ UORSES, PoiiIm, Lornn. w.noni, Jlnkm T. v " "r.aj-.i., c inon Hill P0!!-". ,1,?' i.-"?f ""ted WM,on . nila.; H.rnesi, B.rrow, 3 15 ron, Of. H. UOa-lt.. CO n.wnnH L D . . ...i..t.. wicnmona Poultrv. Miscellaneous. PE"jns. KUblKj Kill. c: SHI or Hire. fWt ""'. w.w. IVKRRETS, ole.n. h.ithy: rnu tood .arb..- L H.u. o. Tcnnwit, a oolfl-it., O'wood. J4893. VEHICLES (Horse). AA. Bl 8lj, 100 Velilo, nw ,nd iul Wh.l, Ropaln, Rubljf ,i. .Jin .nd pTS DS5v BH(?8- ,2-i. Clmroh-ll.. Richmond CONVEYANCES. Ci CO 317 COLUNS-STRKl-r. 8TORAOI ft REMOVAL SPEOIALIBTS ym aoln Emptr B.ll.r.l, Anr.l, loih! Al-burr, Ecbuca. Hor.h.m, w.nn.r.iu, fcuro., lain Pnon, JW10flZ-All.rHniiVl..ll. i V.DOWAy BROS. (AUBURN) rfytf5 M .mDerven.ra.. upp.r Hawthorn. Loydln, -anld to Srdn.r. Ad.laldr. wwi,; Celao, lOtk; Balrmdil. 2nd. R.tumlR. latDL. rrom Bnpparton, 3rd. WAiooo, w AU34, Aitu nam, mini, NOW 4 ScmImu 7.M. ftfeMfvt. .1 It's it : - bt aam. of Laurhs , . 1 BOUCl TO-DAY ! . mm At 1U.30 2 and 8 p.m. Box Plan, .t Theatre (cent. 1163), and AU.n'1. aS. SffRffr AOA SPRING NIGtl 8th Spectacular Week I Plana, Theatre (F3131, Allan's Mt lilfn'i WVfX. . CsBjSgiaF"-?? Por annl Wf W sM fl PgLB I W k st ' f' a Mast "IS rrrvMrrAMt oumttavioo I "atiA Vm Fi VT jJmjm xnm SArrtarv mi twomiu M xt.v,., , JljicCiM jocvaui HumADAMt JM NOW I kXIV" dr A fcN Na Bm.".''.1. 'r JJT Sessions Cont.. 10.50 TTlilS MIRIDITHfE y1."1 ifBafc B-30- Kve,,",,, 7 ''agrrfeain-f - - Pius uiaj. II. ol "Terry and the "Text Stniniiedr." "4t 9 Pirates." "Walls of Doom." tor tlri.ernl Kxhlbiiimi " affF?gPliili l "'aiisr 3rd GBFAT WKKK I Sfll, Plans (F2U83). l.:m, iiKtJ 1.5(5, 7.50. children Fil Mlhti id All in. UCHNICOtOtt wjt . WAIIER fAl dAIN f ER Seulons 10.45, NOW! At 10.SS, 1.40 t-St, 7.50. J MMI MOO. VAUIaNXIi o suiraoit FRIDAY SPECIAL BIG AFTER WORK DANCE MODERN, 8.15 TILL 12 Conllnuoua Dancing with 2 BANDS 2 ERN. PETTIFER'S SWING BAND lice. JlIcLcnnan's Boogie Woogic Band PLUS CROONERS .nl ENTERTAINERS NOTE ADMISSION, 171 REFRESHMENTS FREE. LATE PATRONS AFTER 9 p.m. ADMISSION 11 Not Inc. Brfrcshtnent. BEGINNERS' CLASS AS USUAL IN SPECIAL STUDIO, At Prahran Station. LA317C "ADMIRALTY HOUSElli LABAKLl TO-NIGHT And Every Friday Night. DANCING 9.30 till 2.30 a.m. Dress Optional. Cover Charre. fi1. Sunoer a La aE,s Buna Anil tils BAND. rt Reservations: Central 3673. II 3QI 1 DRESS CABARET AT Maison de Luxe ELWOOD EVERY FRIDAY 9 to 2, 5- Book Table LF1938, U2233, Club fleeretarlea, Inquire for , Sperlal Concessions on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS Danclngi Tuesday, Friday, 8a tarda y. BETTY LEE The Name thai Stands for All that b BEST IN DANCING. BALLXOOM CLASHES Nightly, S-ll ,m.. Incladlng Saturday, 8 till 11.30 p.m. FBIVATE LC8SONS Frem 10 THE ARCADE, HOWEY-COURT 234 CO I.LI NS-ST BRET. F44I0. ANCINO. ' . 'THE LIDO LIE ADA Single Lessons, 6i Course. 1 1. ot by muniLiX ui-Aat,B (Kxccpi rriaays). SPECIAL CLASS SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Ur. and Mrs. PRANK O'RHKA. FellOW I.S.T.D. (Lend J. V.8.L. fReg.1. N.T.S.D. F4693. "THE LIDO." F4593. 248 Colli ns-itreet. Next Age and Araus OOraa jOok ior tne reon oign "liuu. BBdlNNERS' CLASSES, CORAL ROOM. PALAIS OE DANSE. TUEHLmY, JURE 4. DIRECTED BY MISS JOSEPHINE BRADLEY. PALAIS DE DANSE CORAL ROOM, tvtnv Tnrjmav. CLASSES 3-10 p.m. PUPILS MAY ENTER MAIM SlUiUtUUM AriKIt lyLASOKQ Villa HU FURTHER CHARGE. ADMISSION: GENTLEMEN. 22: LADIES. 1.1 COLE'S OLD STYLE BANOE ANUfc ij uuLba Rxnioiuon-streei, OP- lOd. ar Mateaty'a Theatre. 10d. TO-NIGHT. 8 to 11.10. Bd. THIS AFTERNOON, fid. 1 SO in A. tea Rn lod. l()d. fid. Bd. E. COLE. Open Every Alternoon end Erenlng. FOOTER, and "TOOTS," TEACHERS. V.S.U M jiviuninn CAinuuL ulu UME UArfCINtl 22(1 Lit. collini'St.. op. Victoria Palace. O. 2553. Private. e. a: a. ci i. vnina ninu. ii ONLY OLD TIME STUDIO IN CITYl Biinday Nl ot Together Ooneert, -Tl) Rehear, sal Alberts Championship and Demonstrallona. ODERN Practice Oku, To-nlghl Adm. t: empire pbisis, an cnapei-ii., Prahran. Win 'ro-mpHT and mrf rrld.i. 79-zs tiim., in J M.U. H.ll. Srdnw-rfl., Brumwiea, 11 I P.M. Admluloa 1. Dally. JU.3U. S. O.IS. IL'cat. IHKI. MADru w UME PIJIIK r Biunni on emu . KAY FRANCIt RANDOLPH 5C0IT KAY FRANCIS BRIAN DONLCVY ANDY DIVINE Barrare BAIRNSFATHIR'S mm (Approved Not Suitable for dent- ral Exhibition.) Virginia QH- I TEMPLE more. Dlsnej'a Donald's Dog Laundry" at 1 Mam. (All for 6YMGTON BQUCl I Gen. Exhibition. Rlnehart's DOG IN THE ORCHARD." (Not Suitable lor Gene ral Exhibition.) MARCH OF TIME. . Disney Cartoon . . On Slave C twice dallv). BRENNAN 1 BREN0A JOYCE 1 Gilbert and Howe Bt Arr. Tli'oll Theatre i JOHN PATNc (For General Exhlblllou.) m fir nl lm aiTA HAY WORTH tor btneral tihlbitiom MELBOURNE TOWN HALL Sensational Weekly (All Modem) n ecu i y inn moo-era DANCE AFTER WORK S BOOMING With Continuous Dancing With 2 - BANDS - 2 Feattirlnr Melbonm'- LARGEST BAND Conducted by CLAUDE CARNELL With LES ADAMS'S IIAWAI1ANS. 11 VOICE QUEST. TO-NIGHT And EVERY FRIDAY, 8.15 till 12. Doors Open 8. Admission, 17)4. 3 FLOORS 2 BANDS AT PALM GROVE l's Court, St. Kll 9 llll 2. CABARET filbfton'i Band and luM-ailan Club Star. TO-NIGHT AD. .V101A. Rrvtrrrs LA2800. Saturday Modern Dancing The Most Popular Saturday Night Dance in Victoria. PALM GROVE i You will be proud to say that you have learnt at THE ROXY DANCE STUDIO. OPENING SOON OLD-TIME DANCING To-night I It yon ean't come early. Join the Other Hundrrds of Happy. Care-free Dancers After Shopping or After Work. Also, In special atudlo, OLD TIME BEGINNERS' CLASS With Expert Teaching Staff of 40. It's the Largest Ola.' in Australia. Adm.: Public. 1; Beginners, 10, PALAIS ROYALE EXHIBITION BUILDING, F1007. DANCING TUITION Every Evening, . Bat. Afternoons. 10. At ROBT. KINGSFORD'S STUDIO Personal Rupervlslon ot the Prlnrlaia, Assisted by Competent Staff. Strictly Private Tuition Daily. 3rd FLGOH, HOWKY-COUBT, COLLI NR. STREET, Op. Age Office, Cent, MO. 1 ' S LbAKIN UAINUING MODERN MON., WED., TIIORS. and FRI. OLD TIME TUBS, and SAT. PHTVATR l.t-Rgnkia nan v HMICKEY POWRi i srHnnii 78 BOURKE-STREET. O.. 934R HOTELS, HOLIDAY RESORTS. COUNTRY. WHY Worry seeking Accom. City, Country Quest House Bureau. 243 Collina-st. 0.. BflOi. EDITH VALB. RICR Hume Vacant, furnished, B.L.. gas, piano; ornef re'wlns l room. 28 Lochlel-a, HE A LES VILLI. (Coontry). 4 THE FERNS, beautiful scenery, tennis. Mi- sew., E.L.:' tariff 30.' Mrs. Msckenile. Tel! iftfi' T. Margaret's. Winter comfort, log Urea, pout- MV Brow" "llJ MABYHVtLI.F (Country). AA.A. . THE CHALET. A, A, A. FOR A PERFECT ItflLinAV TARIFF from 2 10. M'vllle. 12; Cent., 228. KwmriuA. ine Lfiami and R.A c.v. House, Now on winter tarlR. Mr. anil U ojiik... niiucuun iHBryfvine d., ucrn. OJia. WABntlBTON froanlryl. INTRR-BTATK. HYDNRF ANfl NtW NOlITtl Wtln OYDNEY. Visitors to flvdnev. read Ri O Advertisement this column next Saturday, TOURS, MOTOR SERVICES. I "ROMANA Rosebud Rts Borrsnto. 1mm J Motor Berviee. Cora leave Batmsn.av. atnnh MOW I At All Seulcua (by Arr. ol Information). "AUSTRALIA MARCHES WITn BRITAIN" Also PARAMOUNT NEWS Special. "The Truth About Uiillnloue." ate. tVf Oh. ... jit n r r 4th HILARIOUS WEEK I SESSIONS: 10.40. 1.50. 5.5 and T A5. Plana at Theatre. Central 11. Odd. i 1 l l ivrar. liesri g atJB-jsy -C3J - homi ensatitmatttitt tTL v i nth Conrad Hfta SttUAftT. (Approfed by Censor Not Soluble for fieneral Eifalblltsn.) ALBERT PARK. NEW KINEMA THEATRE. Phone MX4011 Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll. In 'NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE." . Plus Specially Belerled Shoria. BRIGHTON MIDDLE. DENDY THEATRE, Phone X31D1 Lew Ayres, Lionel Barrymore, (X) "SECRET OF DR. KILDARE." Wallace Beery. (X) "HO MULE TEAM." BRIGHTON NORTH-GARDEN VALE UAKUENVAL.E THEATRE. Phone Lew Ayres. Lionel Barrymore, In (X) "SECRET OP DR. KILDARE." Wallace Beery. (X) "20 MULE TEAM." BRUNSWICK. THE EMPIRE THEATRE, Phone FW46S4 Robert Young, Helen Gilbert (X "Fl-ORIAN." (X) "I-LOR1AN." (X) "FLO HI AN." Walter Pldgeon, In (X). "SKY MURDER." (X) "SKY MURDER." (X) "SKY MURDER." BURNLEY. THE BURNLEY THEATRE. Pnone JA19S3, Gary Cooper. Madeleine Carroll, In "NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE," Supporting Programme ol Shorts. Commencing Nightly at 7.50 Theatre Alr-rondltloned. CAULFIELD. THE CAMDEN THEATRE. Phone LP1144 Robert Young, Helen Gilbert, In (X) "FLORIAN." Walter Pldgeun, (X) "SKY MURDER.' Nightly at 7.60. CAULFIELD-EAST MALVERN. THE JXEBLEY THEATRE. Mfhon ULZ20O. Ik) "ARISE. MY LOVE.Tf' " RUth Terry. (X) "SING AND DANCE.' Theatre Alr-condltloned. Commencing Nightly at 7.50 COBURG. THE PLAZA THEATRE. Phone FW2000. Dick Powell, Joan Blonde Ll, Id (X) "I WANT A DIVORCE." Bonnie Bpker "YOU'RE THE ONE. EAST BRUNSWICK. THE LIBERTY THEATRE. Phone FW40&0. Ray Millnnd. Claudette Colbert, In VI "ARISE. MY LOVE." Chester Morris. (X) "OIRL FROM GOD'S COUNTRY." Nightly. 7..10 FOOTSCRAY. NEW GRAND THEATRE. Phone MWIl.lh. Lew Ayres, Lionel Barrymore. (X) "THE SECRET OF DR. KILDARE." Wallace Bferv in (XI "20 MULE TEAM." GLENFERRIE. NEW GLEN THEATRE. Phone WA1444. Olaudeetto Colbert. Ray Mllland. to X "ARISE. MY LOVE." Johnny Down. In (XI "8INQ AND DANCE." Commencing Nlghtlv 7.60. HAWTIIORN-KEW. NEW VOGUE THEATRE. Phone Haw. R2Q2. Claudette Colbert. Ray Millnnd. In (X) "ARISE, MY LOVE." Johnny Downs, In (X) "SING AND DANCE." Commenrlng Nightly at 7.fi0. MALVERN. THE EMBASSY THEATRE. Phone U3136 Robert Young. Helen Gilbert, 1b (XI "FLORIAN." Walter Pldgeon in (X "SKY MURDER." (X Approved by Censor as Not All Olher Feature Not Marked .'Sf'.V'CiKI. UU TOP OF BOURKE ST. J i i . n i IH..I.I HIGH-CLASS ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL BUSINESS, PARTNERS, HOTELS. A. A. A. APARTMENT HOIIRR RPFfil A I. CARLTON. 9 Rmn.. nltv end. 3 k'ettea. hnnse newly renovated and papered throughout. Rent only 30. Shows excellent returns and rooms I lor mu. PRICE 90. , DEP. 40. ALBERT PARK. H Rooms, fiillv film. aan. k'ettu. full suites throuuhout. let nerm. tood PRICE 130. DEP. 80. BT. KILDA JUNCTION. Very Attractive Villa well bnck irom slriet, nice lawna and garden, U rms., 5 k'ettes. each with slot meters, very well mm., an moo. suites, excellent linen, crockery, cutlery, good lease, fully let, good aco, for self, PRICE 376. DEP. ID0. CITY SECTION. II Rms., 2 batbrooma. bandy vicionB-par., luiiy iiirn., a a enea, gooa linen, crockery, cutlery: CLEARS 2 8. PRICE . llfi. DEP. f. RA. CITY .11 Rma.. 6 k'ettee. all fully furn., aiiuiiceoij uicaii, (mm inirii, crixritcry, cuuery, fully let. perm., good class tenant, nice ace. or sell, and shows clear 2 10, PRICE 220. DEP. 120. c,noi niE,L,a. ii Jvn., i:ujr ctlU, 1U1IJ ium snollenslv clean, hnll onrl slnlrwav narufited. flun. k'ettes. slot meter; 3 years' lease: Hat tor eelf, PRICE 4f0 DEP. 225. FINANCE ARR. ON ANY PROPOSITION. CAR INSPECTION AT ANY TIME. a. A. GREKNAWAY and Co.. A.N.A.-bldga...28 Eliabtth-at.C, 3177 (S lines). A A. A. A. APARTMENTS. LOW DEPOSITS. ALBERT PARK. Maruttrtn HOME fullv fnrn nnu ici, ouworo i,ti aim own ubi, long lease; EIKIE CIT .A REAL MONEY MAKER, 11 220. ST. KILDA. Attract. VILLA HOME, tastefully GORDON ft Co.. 303 Col)liu-st., cor. El 1 1. -St. A A. APARTMENT HOUSE. PRAHRAN t Attractive Villa. 7 rooms, nicely furnished,' . a.wica, iiu. incicia, hui e., omj our ton I First to Inspect will buy. Don't delay. PRICE 125. 70 DOWN. OTHERS. Al) Snhiirha. ft 0LYNES, Capitol House, iw awansion-sireet, ueni. anvti. A. GUEST ' HOUSE. ST. KILDA, between sin. and beach, laraa villa, ii r.. 4 taunai. equipped, 12 permanent guests, shows excellent CEPITONAL VALUE. 178. EVEliY THING. K, aiwhek. xo wuuiNo-ai; ueni., 0,18, A. A. APARTMENTS, superior position, close St. Kllda junction, mansion fills, beautiful appearance, ii ra., moaern oainrma,, garas llahtlully tur nlshed, modern aulfes. IDEAL HOME and LIVING: 450. EASY TERMS. AHCHKK, ZH0 UOLiLlWH-Sl. Cent.. 088, AA.T.A. APARTMENTS, BT. KILDA, Nr. T. and T.. 12 newly decor, ra.. moderniv furn., slot meters, olrs. 4 0 wk., Oat self; OUESTS, Irotn 45 to 8000. EASY TERMS. n MAfitr At Co.. Canltol House. 8th. a. R3.1S. A A. ft. ror bio, rniiwrrn na 0nitTiiOTi-ery. long lase, tow rent, very prod table; 950. slant and stork. Exceptional finance for enterprise. iuunu anvot, nniuw ft. A, nrnn i mui i y iimn or,inii, shops nearby. B f.. 6 kits. WELL KQUIPPlDj meters, c tears t.i, i"". nm tra obi. nim, J KEITH. 140 SWAN8TON-8TREET. Cen. j0-k, uk. kot, , irrenoio. nice armria. , re-(urnlne large Income: 650. den., terms. owner,, vittaa. i PARTMENT HOU8E. FOR PRIVATE SALE. NO AGENTS. Opportunity to Buy Into Business end Homt in Houne ot T Rooms end Two Sleep Oute. Bsrep- lloneiiy wan mmmnm, run udun ntwaya i Amu ted. CLEARS 3 TB WEXRLT. PRICE, S2ft. write for Full Partir-nUrs. 841. Care Age. X PARTMENT and GUEST HOUSES, every-JA where. One fl kits., beautifully furohhrd. nire villa, clear 9 11 and own flat; .175, Another, 10 rms,, clone South Varra elation, hoarders paying 30', no midday mralai 370. Numoer niners. rrom c to, i emu witiin ann t.y ru. uiu., 323 M3P71 (4 llnsa). A Writ full narUculars to A.K.. ttt T4 Ae. iii t in RJKDWtOYKIK' MAlVCM OT TIMS . .IMfU, VEIDT' NAZIMOVA AtWti tASSIIMANH. H0 DOH eMi MANvim (Aeproved by Censor Nat for Gcnrral Eablblllon.) NOW: At 10.45 a.m., 1.50 p.m., 4.55 p.m. 8 Pm. TO-DAY! 4 SESSIONS AT 10.50, 1.50, 4.50, 8 p.m. ' MOONEE PONDS. NEW MOONEE THEATRE. Phone FTJ226a Robert Young, Helen Gilbert, In (X) "FLORIAN." Walter Pldgeon. (XI "SKY MURDER,' Programme Commences at 8 p.m. NEWPORT-WILLIAMSTOWN. PLAZA-EMPRESS THEATRES. Phone MW7222. Chester Morris, Anltn Louise. (X) "WaOOONS WKSTWARD." Dorothea Kent (X) "RISKY BUSINESS." NORTH CARLTON. THE A DELPHI THEATRE. Phone F3S1 Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll, In "NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE," Plus Specially Selected Shorts. NORTHCOTE. THE PLAZA THEATRE. Phone JW1234. Victor McLaglan, Jon Hall, In (X) "SOUTH OF PAGO PAGO." (X) "SOUTH OF PAGO PAGO." (X) "SOUTH OF PAOO PAOO." Robert Douat, In "THE OHOST GOES WEST." "THE GHOST GOES WEST." "THE GHOST GOES WEST." FRIDAY NIGHT VARIETIES, Comm. 7.20. NEWS. TRAVEL Bud NOVELTY SHORTS. NORTH RICHMOND. THE VICTORIA THEATRE. Phono J2274. James Cagney, Ann Sheridan. (XI "CITY FOR CONQUE5T." ' L. Ball. (X) "YOU CAN'T FOOL YOUR WIFE." ORMOND. THE PLAZA THEATRE. Phones XU 1406-1 Oil Dick Powell, Joan Blundell, In (X) "1 WANT A DIVORCE." Bonnie Baiter. In "YOU'RE THE ONE." PORT MELBOURNE. THE PORT THEATRE. Phone MX422X Gary Cooper. Madeleine Carroll, "NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE." aeieciru eroitrainme oi Shorts. RICHMOND. THE NATIONAL THEATRE. Phone J3074 Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll. "NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE." "POPEYE." Plus Seiecled Featurettea. ST. KILDA. ASTOR THEATRE. CHAPEL-ST. Ph. LA1414. Gary Cooper. Madeleine Carroll. "NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE." "NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE." "NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE." PLUS Selected Fcaturettea To-morrow: (X) "NIGHT TRAIN TO MUNICH." AIQ (X) "GOLDEN FLEECINO." SURREY HILLS. THE SURREY THEATRE. Phone WFllftl. Dorothy Lainour, Robert Preston. (X) "MOON OVEh BURMA." Gene Raymond In 'CROBS COUNTRY ROMANCE, ' WEST BRUNSWICK. THE WESTERN THEATRE. Phone FW1B0O nooeri young, Helen uilDeru in (XI "FLORIAN." Walter Pldgeun (X) "SKY MTJRDZR, Theatre Alr-Condltloned. Commenrlng Nightly 7.fiQ. WESTGARTU. THE WESTOARTH THEATRE, Phone JW203b nooeri Young, iieien Glloert, ID (X) "FLORIAN." Waller Plrtgnn In SKY MURDER." YARRAV1LLE. TUB SUN THEATRE. Phone MWlflOo itcoicr morris, nniia uiuise, in Oleason Family. In "MY WIFE'8 RELATIVES." Suitable tor General Exhibition. Approved for General Eshlbltlen. BUSINESS, PARTNERS, HOTELS, A PARTMENT HOTIflR nprniii ty Mod. double-fronted brick Villa. 8 large ra..i all well -and futly furn.: aep. k'ette; reaa. rent ' good lease. Now clearing 2, and own accom. BERESFORD and Co.', 44 Toorak-rd. Win. 501 2. APARTMENTS. E. Melb., 11 ra.. k'ettee. well furn.. always full, clean pa mri n.t inr isiiua. uctveag A RARE OPPORTUNITY. City Business, easily managed, suit Inrtv or ini ni.riua o i k """.v cnume: m. ato. lAKKRV AGENTS. W",W 1J mE J. TINKLER. 314 Collln-st. MU3985. Kuioncn. mi. ,n oeuer ciass inaus r nl sub,, NO NEAR OPPftKlTirtN tnnrt .hnn l.tllC chuivu. innim jtu waiy.: a uttfiAi UPPOH' TUN1TY TO IMPROVE; .33. CARRYING, one firm's work. 11 ft' week I Ford tnick; 225. Marshall, 317 Colllns-st. CI O. CONFECTIONERY. MIXED AND MILK, 200 QUARTS. ALBERT PARK, fine dwelling, lakes 30 by elderly lady, smart people easily luiiiuvB, huuu uuyiiiK ui . .iti.i, lerms arrangeo. WALLACE. 281 COLLI NS-STREET, C.56U7. tiONPECTlONERY BUYERS. LOOK. t OP. THEATim. nnnnlnr RTtnTIIfTRN n.h NO GOODWILL, plant, stock VALULD 400. el. Frlgldaires. Ac, TAKING 45 U 50. in'"" ucmro piirriiae; z giria awoiving pan-teis, here vrs,: 325. 195 dep. ST. KILDA, Busy Junction. CLEARS 5 to i. n. iviiu nun imnrnvM1 iniu n.rn k un . r vvn offer. another, south ot YARRA, splendid milk unu,- v,iiMno cu. eineru wiaow; btuur skliLi 105, terms. OTHERS. ALL SUBURBS, an mw nRP GORDON At Co.,303 Colllns-st., cor. Ells.-al. CIONPECTIONERY. MIKED. MILK, J OPPOSITE LARflB STATE fifiHrVH.. Most attractive shop end splendid dwelling, around Boor. Vendor aniarantttM f in wk CLEAR PROFIT. Any auditor can Invest 1-1 gi io proTa. aar. muUK A. E. KEENAN, 80 Swanston-street. FC178, f mNPtrnrirtMrnv mi r iinn .n. bi. . V . rlHBFlnv r ft nv.r all im trial baiu! uncji., mug leaBD, u-noie iiiny pain ing., regr,, scales, to.: 425. WE FINANCE. " CALLAWAY Ac Co., 243 Collloa-it. C. 0024. m lunrEUiiUNEKY. ail a but. taainai cut J mod. shop and residence, new P.P. frig. J oner. ni neiaeioerg-ra.', Aipniniton. - D AIKY FHUUUCK. COflKEU MEATH. tsoiio e ou weex Business, oeing aacrincea account enlistment. Plant (modern) worth 450. Fresh stock. Consider reasonable otter on 200 CASH, and balance over 3 years. Exchange suburban Property similar unoum. A. E. KEENAN, 80 Swa ruton -Street. F017H. rVAIRY PRODUCE. A BARGAIN. 24R s uu, . n w. . , wu.nno a. 0, mm, nop ana own,, ms. bud., own nil., aiw. enuar. cwnp, caiBB, ran., iiwi avov. Half Cash. Bal. Baa. BACKMAN At DORMAN, 825 Colllns-St., R.B.8.1. ILATS FOR BALE. OR EXC HANOI FOR CITY PROPERTY. BRICK FLATS, (furnished.- eewered), tn ante peroue Industrial country town, returning vrer 10 p.e. on 3500. Clear title. Ovnir retiring, M M. P.. Age OBIce. itr hr . 8 V 6 k 1. I wnnin 4ii Hiieo Mcioourne, Fullv eoulsned bakery: -roomed dwelling. Free- noia ana niiKinesa ( in map pric m a.aaov. ring (o iiineiw oi preirni owntr, ROSS BYMONS. 101 Qutentrfet. UU3055. 7"iUEST home, "Very exulubiv?.; a 81. KiLiUA neeuiuai mooem noma 10 r.. PRIO., H.W.8.. 2 bathrooms, decent living aa siirid; XI86 BEOURB8 THI8 BARGAIN, bal, J KEITH, 14 WW AN8TON -STREET. Pen.. 1820. LTA1R DRESSINO. CITY, 8p, ri Abinlute OlFT CLEARS 8 t tltt Drnfll weekly, 3 chairs, all eaulrment included In brine, cheap writ: owner must sarrlflre ItnmedlsUtr, rpiP WEBER and CO, PTY. LTD., iii couuu-si. ium u uotj. -r , SIXTH RECORD WEEK THE PLAY BEAUTIFUL "SALLY" Special Notice Special Concessions for Members of the Forces in Uniform (Saturdays Excepted). HIS MAJESTY'S Exhibition-street. Phone O,, 4S75 Nlrbtly, 8; Mats., Sat., Wed., at 2. J. C. WILLIAMSON THEATRES Present a Brilliant and Entirely New Production rf ALL SHARE IN BRILLIANT TRIUMPH. COMEDY TnEATRE Ccrtral 4875. Nightly, 8.10; Mats., Sat., Wed., 8.15. BRILLIANT 1 SENSATIONAL I MARJORIE GORDON In Rachel Crothers' Cor trovers tal comedy, "SUSAN & GOD" With CLAUDE FLEMMING MAHY WARD. MADOE AUBREY. FRANK BRADLEY. JOHN McCAI LUM. MAXWELL OSBISTON, ERIC REIMAN, DOROTHEA DUNPTAN and BEULAF MAYHEW. Produced by OERALD KIRBY. Booklnt at Allan's Blx Days Ahead. Prices: 8. 3 and 2 (Week Night,; 7. 48 and 26 (Saturdays,; Plus Tax. Concession) to MrmbrH of the Forces In Uniform. SAV01 TO-DAY HltSSt.L. r At 1.4S p.m. and O. 3162. 7-45 p.m. MAROARET SULLIVAN, JAMES STEWART In The MORTAL STORM Alao Conatanca Bmnett. Brian Aharn,. "MERRILY WE LIVE." AUSTRALIA CINEMA TO-MORROW I 11. 2. 5 and 8. Res.. Cent. 43S7. ALEXANDER KORDA'S "The Scarlet Pimpernel" Starring Leslie HOWARD, Merle OBERON, Raymond Massey, Nigel Bruce. Also Edward G. Robinson in "THUNDER In the CITY." A United Artists' Programme. (For General Exhibition.) LAST DAY I 11, 2, S, 8. Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, In "SWEETHEARTS.' 1 (For General Exhibition.) Also "WITHIN THE LAW." INot Suitable lor General Exhibition.) 1.1 xiidrnmcra. emawoau. ko; lucxy looie. r ANTED. Dancers, to assist class, city, traln-11 lng given, experience not essential: modem. old lme. Write L.H.R.. 30 Centrcwa.v. Mordlallor. PIANOS, MUSIC, &c. WANTED, one Fair of Tymponl; also one Set Bells (hlfth pitch). Prices ana particulars to L. Pogson, band master. Carrlimton-sl., Alburi1. N.S.W. nen, co Age. BUSINESS, PARTNERS. HOTELS. HAIR Dresser and Tobacconist, 22 yrs., one place, no reasonable oiler relused. 208 Char- in an-ra... uneitcnnam. IOME MADE CAKES, clears 6 weekly, mod- M.J.CIH siiup una oweinnK. up-io-aaie piani, eiec. ito'.es, eiec. .nlxer, plate glass counter and shelv-ing. full equipment; cheap. 165. Another will Rent his Business while he has holiday; there several ears. Others. ERIC WEBER and Co. ,25Colllns-sLM3971 . HOME MADE CAKES. Guaranteed 18 Clear Profit. Any Trial to Genuine Buyer. Select Suburb, No Opposition. Large Shop and Kitchen, With Latest MODERN PLANT. Same Hnnds Years. This la Some thing SPECIAL, DON'T DELAY. CARROLL, 325 Colllns-alreet. I" IBRARIES. We Specialise. Number Sole nooks and atock, ' &c, 5 'weekly; 165. Another. With At.ncl.i t.Lraa r ll . OKU O l hers, from 75. " tttiv weber tt Co.. 325 Colllns-st. M3071. OCK-UP Cake Shop, stock and fittings', no -J oppos. 7 Bardolph-at., Burwood. ' G. A. GREENAWAY & CO. CONFEC. 180. GUAR. .'t In f A Uiri.v MrT Opp. large suburban theatre, rea. sub., 8.F. Mod. Shop, exceptionally well fltted. refrlg.. 2 eiec. mixers. Dayton scales, show casrs. Arc. Splendid 5-rmd. Dwell. Open vast Improvement by right people. MIXED, MILK. 200. GUAR,, 8 WEEKLY NET. Sella 2fiu qui. milk, wonderful position, south sub., bent milk licence in district. D.F. mod. Shop, well filled, frig,, scales, show siises, tVc; 00 stock, miar., In the purchase pi Ice. Same owner .1 years, oilers absolutely any (rial or proof. MIXED, MILK, . Clftd TAKING 21 to 30 WEEKLY. Side street, thickly populated sub. Good well fltted shop, glaaa show cases, Dayton scales. Ice cheota, Stc, 30 stock, guar., good 4-rmd. dwell., garage; rent only 25. Any trial or proof welcomed. Easy Terms Arr, FINANCE ARBANGED ON LOW DEPOSIT. CAR INSPECTION AT ANY TIME. G. A. GREENAWAY & CO. A.N.A.-bnlldlngs, 28 Elisabrlh-alreet. Central. 3117 (3 Usee). MIXED SCHOOL SHOP. WITH OOOD MILK TRADE. FINE DW ELLIN O. FULLY paid fria-.. UD to data olant anct ntllnva with hn,. stock takes 40 weekly; a genuine concern; only MIXED. ( COBURG, COSY DWELLING, TAKES Another, Coburg, no opposition; only 285. Another, outer district, takes 14 weekly, only WALLACE. 28j COLLINS-STREET. 0.5887 M KOU. HERE'S A BARGAIN, Best position, splendid sub., CAULFIELD line, Most attractive premise, stock 20 in price. TAKING 18 TO i8 by elderly people unable! GORDON Ac' Co., 303 Collins-street. miner bi rea oetn -street. VTIXBD SENSATIONAL BARGAIN, ITA OooortunltV for live rmmln tin nnnnai. TION, TAKES 20 wfc., CLEARS 3, RENT A. E. KEENAN. 80 Swanston-street, PQ17B. MIXED, BARGAIN ONLY TTTK Takings 33 weekly, anv trial .in an.S did GROUND FLOOR dwelling, cheap rent, SIDE " c-.Ti?; ti7it?.nVu- ",TDas,iA.". wo rinance. 325 . .Colllns-st. M3U714Ji lies ) . 17 1 No oppoatuon. Residential area. 2 FrlKs. Stock guar. 100. Taking flO-ilo. Price 500. BHAD. JOHN At SON, 349 Colllus-at, MIXED and MILK. Elwood Dist" CLEARS IS WKLY. Beautiful Hnmi Mn finonaiTinu ACCOUNTANT'S FIGURES Available, STOCK J yil8N3 1 7jD0lllns-Bt .JA .W8JM i 11 nes ) , niniu, m, miua, on inai, aweii., 171 complete plant 50 atock, guar.: 130 terms, from no .deposit. CALLAWAY At Co.. 243 o tnu MIXED, near school and hospital, tkc. ;t2! bealilifullv fltlMl and trwk.u'. 0 rr.J, a,A CALLAWAY ft Co.. 243 Coltlns-st. C. 8024 111 h A lit A ' U' DMt "C"00'. booka showni 220, snap. ' Innes, ''48ft Bourke- 174 Lygon-st, iIX-KDBH,'olJ'il1" w. rent, Includ. ill dwelling, 278. Phone J4509. 1 XTBWS AGENCIES. Consult Prosier, 271 Col' lins-st. Finance arranged. TARTNER re d Hired amall canltat in ... hv. 1. maker, atari navt mfmIf nn h .i. willing learn business, steady Income, 50-fio'. Ats. d ANDWIOHES. . Tn.nAV'fi-notrTX. m ij Surrounded DV offlee and fartndiu T.i mod premljes. PLANT valued 450. CLEARS ANOTHER, no long hour. TAKING 20; 126. TERMS ARRANO n fir, tnv nvonmtTa GORDON ft CO., 303 Colllns-st.. cor. Ella.Jat. UANDWICHES, city, tkg. 26. on trial. regT., O scales. Sa.l tame hands 17 yrs.; 250. WE E. CALLAWAY A Co., 243 Colllns-st. 0.. 8024. SEEDSMAN and Florist, old established business prevent owner 7 years. Ring UM17DB. QHOZINO and Blacksmith Business, 150 regu O lar horses, owner enlisted; ressonabjg orlce Peters smith, 412 Pi. Nepean-rd., N. Brlgh- W ANTED, any sort of Business, must be modern dwelling and shop, Kew district, R. ii'Aniiu, man wnn couy, attend OUtdOM vfssles. accounts, estab. IT years. EgQO. Ae, MEDICAL, A.A. LADIES, A.A A.I NURBC KAY'ai PAtNl.rna pii ra HARMLESS. NO ILL e.FPCcrrn ina nryrt m CI 1 FOR OllSriNATK OAAVtt nua.n M i.uki i r. cu i rnba ur UtlnKUE. NURP; KAVS DIPT. 1, SUIT J, lilh Heel. A p. 6. BENNtrT 81IROEON DENTI8TTT?. jAinia. ), i MALONtY MEDI0AL IM1 tTttllt. Advlr, and M,iiif in,, flA. , .uwY?. l?I?.,.,,rt . J,l-t.. B.llanit, SALLY Twice Daiuv 2 Untvliun: T1VOLI CIRCUIT. 1R CUBERTiHOWE co? LAWMAN HIOBE JfoWmV rySCAHLOH The UYOCU0S F0RBUTT MARKEY cac j LAMBERT MORTIMER. nnium. ieiKAtmu TO-NIGHT (FRIDAY). Ken Howard gives hln Phanlom Horse Race Broadcast from Stage. Production: WALLACE R. PARNELL. BOOK NOW. Allan's, Glen's, Collin's, Theatre. Ph. Cent. 028. 920. TO-NIGHT SUBURBAN ENTERTAINMENT ASCOT VALE. NEW ASCOT 1HEATRE. Phone FU73.11 (X) LADY WITH RED HAIR. M, Hopkins: JENNIE, wllh Virginia Ollmnre. BALWYN. THE BALWYN THEATRE. Phone WF1133. Joan Blondell, Dick Powell. In (X) 1 WANT A DIVORCE. Bonnie Baker in YOU'RE THE ONE. BOX HILL. THE Hi ALTO THEATRE. Phone WX1418. (X) LUCKY PARTNERS. O. Roiiers. (X) EAST OF THE RIVER, J. Garfield. BOX HILL-BLACKBURN. rilE REGENT THEATRE. Phone WX1418. (X) SECRET OP DR. KILDARE, L. Ajrei. IX) 20 MULE TEAM. W. Beery. CAULFIELD. NEW CRYSTAL THEATRE. Phone 01777. SPRING PARADE, wlih Ueanna Durbin: TUGBOAT ANNIE SAILS AGAIN. A. Hall. CLIFTON HILL. THE CUF1 ON THEATRE. Phone JWIHift. (X) LUCKY PARTNERS, with Ronald Col-man: EAST OP THE RIVER. John Garfield. COLLINGWOOD. I'HE AUSTRAL THEATRE. phone J22S2. NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE. Garv Cooper: X) CASE OF THE BLACK PARROT FAIRFIELD. IHE CA1RFIELD 1TJKATHE. Ph. JW2235. (X) I LOVE YOU AGAIN. W. Powell. 1X1 WAGGONS WESTWARD. ChrMrr Morris. FITROY. ITlfc KCGEN'l TIlliAlUfc. Phone JA1444. SPRING PARADE w'th Dcnntia Durbin. AN ENGLISHMAN'S I'OME. Edmund Owen. I1DGIIESDALE-OAKLEIGII. IT1E PARAMOUNT THEATRE. Ph. UMlOSB. TRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINE. CHASING 1 ROUBLE, with F. Dnrro. NEWMARKET. THE NEWMARP ET IHEA'MtB. Ph. FU564D. (XI HONEYMOON POR THREE. Ann Sherl-dan: RANGE WAR. William Bo-d. NORTHCOTE. THE NORTHCOTE THEA I'HE, Ph. JWJfiflS. IX) DOCTOR TAKES A WIFE. Ray Milland. OC LONE WOLP MEETS A LADY. NORTH FITZROY. NEW PALACE THEATRE. Phone JW14M. THE GREAT DICTATOR. Charles Chaplin; YOUTH WILL BF SKNVFD. Jnne Withers. NORTH MELBOURNE. ITIfc LOCO THEATRE. Phone F2.18D. (X) CITY FOR CONQUEST. James Cstrnar. SHE COULDN'T BAY NO, R. Pryor. OAKLEIGII. THE PLAZA THEATRE. Phone UM1CSS. ANDY HARDY MEETS DEBUTANTE. If. Rooney. Pins Ann Sothern In DULCY. PRESTON. THE en. JAMES THEATRE. Phone JU1711. Bonnie Bauer, Orrln Tucker. YOU'RE THE ONE; Dick P0WU. (X) I WANT A DIVORCE. PRESTON. I'HE PLANET THEATRE. Phone JW2400. Robert Young. Helen Olibert. (XI FLORIAN. Walter Pirtneon (XI SKY MURDER. RICHMOND. THE GLOBfc THEATRE. Phone J2R3S. (XI DOCTOR TAKES A WIFE. Rbv Milland. IX) LONE WOLF MEETS A LADY. ST. KILDA. ITIk PALAIS THEATRE. Phone LA1&8S. NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE, Gary Cooper. 'XI IT.h CASE OF THE BLACK PARROT'. (X) Approved by the Censor .nt still able for General Evhibltlnn. All olher lea-lurea not marked Approved for Genersl Ehbitlan. LOST AND FOUND. ANIMALS AND BIRDS. rOST, wire haired Fox Terrier Puppy, collar, J name Peter. Seen Middle Pk. school Ihurt- IOST. Tuesday night, from Kensington, isblt J and white Pekingese. Suey. Good reward ottered. 7B Wight-st., Kensington. IOST, Golden Miniature Pomeranian. Return 17 a Kambea-gr., N. Caullleld. LFtlUO. Reward rOST, black, tan cross Kelpie Border Bitch. Ul-J vern district. Reward. Windsor 7370. White, 02 Rlvlera-sl., Mentonc. erT mnn'i Po In "'1'i.ot h In pttv rale. NOllll j 10 Gordon-cres., Kensington. Reward. IOST, Wednesday, zlpy Purse, contalniiiB money, j between Swanston-st. and P, Melb. bus term. Invalid pen. Reward. Return 147 Siation-st.. Pl LOST, Wed., skunk Fur. vicinity St. Patrlcit'i and Lit. Colllns-st. Reward. M. Clarke. 10 Parliament-pl. rr TTT IOST, on Princes Highway, between 39 and 41 j Mlfe Post. Tarpaulin, branded R. Warren Ji Bona. Nomargoon. Finder please ring North ar- Inr6sT, lady'e Hand Bag, between Murrumbeens j and St. Kilda, money and keys. Reward. 12 Blackwood-st., Murrumbeena. or name on keys. IOST. between Flinders-lane and Coies. flwsn i aton-al.. Pr. Corscls. In parcel. Rink win. M00. , at IOST. WCiniiy isspianaae miu rivi ;v t a Kilda. Locket, uaval crest on Iront, ijoto. enclosed; keepsake. 83 Wrlghl-st.. iagfc'c2 j notes, old age pension money. v- Siaiion i. Malvern. Reward. - . Hi. donald, 70' Wcllln,lon-;t., Rlclimoiid. , J Cafllal.. Camdm. King M. B,altw tliern-Bt., B, St. Kllda. . nTtan OBT, Spectacle., blue cae. May 23. In ""; i or city. Reward. Win. H.,.-r; nA B,i,. IOBT. Detween rvcni-,i., , J clav. stn.. oold Wrutlet w"lch-.JJSii,,. I OST. UUcIt auede B.. 'S SnrS?. -j city. Reward returnln, ,'" "fSia. I OST. Whit, gold W.ddlng Ring. eltylufM; lj Reward. MX53H. " 'rUBMO NOTICES. AOCNTS, Pleaie Nolo my guwt " irom iali. J. Fr.ier. 14 Olen tlra-rd.. w pun Lea i Lea : . -....n. 4 OENTB Pleaae Nouj. My Land a A 1. Sold. 38 Ed.r-.t.. Olen Irtt. rrjj l'lor Debf. contr.cled In ", "a thU d.te, without my personal authority. f WII.L not t "rawilbl. for .ny "m&a Machine, nuimir K2?S I Shuttle.. P.rti lor any machine. hhob. aa N. Melb.; omim-.;-. J nlturi; .toted by Mr. Clement Jonni oe October , 1M4. our Storeroom.. JOD HrldJJ- rod, R rnmona, win o .uw. .Tii Auc lion on Monday. July 2. t J. H. "TSSf " lion Room-. 307-9 Bridge-"" n'mond. GARDEN SUPPLIES. A antinAin) fltf. MR YOOR OARDEM. i yd., 10 cub. yd.: yd... '''"J'vAK'id. cub. tt.) d.UT.rtd norUieni uurba. II mm ICORATH BAND AND STONB CO. PTt. I' 371; SftOW tr.ea. "good." well grown, fll "'K OatalogiiM. price Hit. N. w. Onth.n". " Val. Nuraerlea. Bomervllle. - ; MEEl'INGS AND LECTURE!). A A. 11-1 'Vg'lm Article.. 2.S0 and . 1 Colnnl-H. MACHINERY A IRONFOUNDEBS. l-B1..,M"l'i',','f;,.?.".'J ALPS 'm'Sm Prtntwl gnrl pttblllhrt hy Q"ll',Ji",,,,S s'mi of 3 MlmtM-rcad. Carnrgje. (r OJ'JJ "TJ" W 1 EJlTRAOftOrHARV.'UrlUSUAL W Uad-i., , Klidt, ind CO.. .1 "Tn. Ag. Jmr. w- nnwn. a v -uiNnoa WBH 0f9 mm

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