The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on September 2, 1939 · Page 27
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 27

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1939
Page 27
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CABLES. 27 GERMANS ATTACK ALONG POLISH FRONTIER BRITAIN AND FRANCE TOWNS BOMBED "Inflexibly Determined" MUCH LOSS OF LIFE IN THE AGE. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 2. 1039. WARSAW RAID Britain and France Fully Mobilise LONDON, September 1 German troops have begun an of f ensive with extreme violence along the whole Polish front. This report comes from the Paris correspondent of Reuters. It is officially reported by the Warsaw correspondent of the American Press that Germans had bombed Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice, Czestochwa and Tczew. Reuter's Paris correspondent states that latest information confirms that Germany attacked without delivering an ultimatum. The offensive is developing in three directions; firstly, from East Prussia; secondly, towards Silesia, and, thirdly, northwards from Slovakia. It is reported that Germ an troops have occupied Danzig. An official report from Berlin is that the German troops had crossed all German-Polish frontiers. The Polish Embassy in L ondon reports that many lives, including those of wo men and children, were lost in the Warsaw air raid. Communication with Warsaw is suspended except by rdio. The Paris correspondent of British United Press states that the Polish army is falling back slowly to defence positions in Upper Silesia, previously prepared. At the meeting of the Privy Council in London, lasting 12 minutes, the King signed an Order-in-Council for full mobilisation of the Army and Air Force. The Navy is already fully mobilised. Another meeting of the Privy Council will be held to-night. The French Cabinet has ordered a gene' Holisa-tion, placing 6,000,000 men in the field. IT IS OFFICIALLY REP ORTED FROM WARSAW THAT GERMANS BOMBED THE RAILWAY STATION AT CZEW AND THE TOWN OF RYPNIC, ALSO PUTZK NEARBY. MILITARY CIRCLES IN WARSAW REPORT THAT FIGHT-ING HAS BEGUN IN DANZIG, AND THERE IS APPARENTLY GENERAL FIGHTING ON MOST PARTS OF THE FRONTIER. Berlin radio warned the East German communities against the danger of bombing from Polish planes. Warlike orders poured from the Berlin radio while people were still asleep and the streets quiet. The radio also blared out martial music German ships and foreigners in danger zones have been given urgent warnings, and the blockade of Gdynia was announced. An official radio message from Warsaw states that Germany is attacking towns inland near the Corridor, and in Upper Silesia, striking at the Corridor east from Dzialdowo ad west from sixty miles f Danzig. Fighting has started in Danzig. The German Supreme Command announced that the Germans had crossed all frontiers and the air arm had also come into action. The German Commander 'in Chief (Marshal Brauchitsch) in a wireless message to the. army said: "After othermeans have failed, weapons must decide. As successors to the proud traditions of the old army, the Nazi army is now taking over the defence of Germany. We fight under the supreme command of the Fuhrer." The message ccludes, " Forward, with God for Germany." A thin column of smoke appeared above the German Embassy in London, and pieces of charred paper were seen; It is thought, the Embassy staff . was burning secret documents. . . German Cavalry in massed manoeuvres near the German frontier. HITLER TELLS REICHSTAG T r 11 Hit'' : jj "Decided to Give Poland No Light Lesson" THE FUHRER'S TRUCULENCY MR,, CHAMBERLAIN, Whose continuous peace efforts have won the admiration of the democracies.- BOMBING OF CIVILIANS Appeal By Rooseve it BERLIN, Spt. 1. Herr Hitler, addressing the remnant of the Reichstag, over 100 members being at the front, said: "Danzig was and is a German city. The Corridor was and is German. All these territories owe their culture to the German people, without whom the most profound barbarity would prevail." (Australian Associated Press.) WASHINGTON, September 1. President Roosevelt to-day risked all the potential participants In the European war to pledge themselves against the bombardment of civilian populations or unfortified cities from the air. The President's appeal stated: "If re sort is had to this form of inhuman bar barism during the period of tragic con flagration with which the world Is now confronted, hundreds of thousands of in nocent human beings who have no re-l sponsibility for, and who arc not even remotely participating tn the hostilities, which have now broken out, will lose their lives." The message was addressed to the Go vernments of Britain, Prance, Italy, Ger many and Poland. He requested an immediate reply. American Opinion A poll taken by the American Insti tute of Public Opinion revealed that 88 per cent, of Americans did not wish Bri tain, France and, Poland to agree to Germany's demand for Danzig. The in stitute comments upon the extent to which Herr Hitler had alienated Ameri can opinion during the past year. Lord Lothian, the British ambassador to the United States, In a press statement said a final peaceful solution of the disputes in Europe may include eco nomic concessions by Britain, and a con sideration of the colonial problem. He added that the United States Neutrality, Act would affect Britain if it prevented the fulfilment of the orders for aircraft and arms that had already been placed. President Roosevelt, in a message read by Mrs. Roosevelt at the launching of the 34.000-ton liner America, significantly referred to the importance of the American mercantile marine, "should the un fortunate necessity arise of serving as a supply force for naval vessels," Canada's Course OTTAWA, September 1. The Prime Minister of Canada (Mr. Mackenzie King) has summoned Cabinet to meet at 9 a.m. It is expected that Cabinet will decide to convene ParliO' mcnt In order to chart Canada's' course "There the German minority was the victim of numerous tortures by Poland after the war. As always, I have attempted to make many proposals for revision. "It Is a deliberate lie for anyone to suggest that we always try to produce revisions by pressure. I have; tried .again this time to pursue our demands through peaceful channels. All these proposals have been refused." The Fuhrer then outlined the sixteen points of his proposal for negotiation. "There was nothing more loyal and modest than these proposals," he declared. "I alone am In a position to make such proposals, for I know very well that In making them I have brought myself Into opposition with millions of Germans. "These proposals have been refused. They answered not only with mobilisation, but increased terror against our German compatriots. "Poland has directed its fight against Germany. It did not think about keeping its obliga tions to the minorities, whereas we have done so everywhere. "No Frenchman can say that the French minority in the Saar is oppressed. I, time and time again, uttered a warning against these developments, and I increased these warnings in the last few days. I have said that If the Poles oppress the minority further, and try- to destroy Danzig economically and politically, Germany will no longer look on. "I also left no doubt that the Germany of to-day cannot be compared with the Germany of yesterday. My Government vainly waited for two days for a reply from Poland. "We could not put up with such delays and impudence. I have decided to give Poland no light lesson. We will not hesitate a second in carrying out our duty. "My last attempt at peaceful settlement has been made, although I am convinced that the Polish Government, under the influence of the Jewish clique and soldiers, was not earnest over the British proposals for negotiation." m VHa "Demand Sacrifice 99 'Neutral States have given us assur-i ances of their neutrality, which we will: respect as long as the others du not violate it." Referring to the Russo-German pact. Herr Hitler said that mutual non-aggres sion was for all time. "Germany and Russia fought against each other during the last war. That will not happen a second time. These are our aims: (1) To solve the Danzig question. (2) To solve the Corridor question. (3) To ensure a change In the relations between Poland and Germany, enabling them to live together peaceably. "I am therefore determined to fight until the Polish Government is prepared to establish good relations, or until another Government is prepared to do so. I wish to remove once and for all from German frontiers the element of insecurity and atmosphere of eternal civil warfare. I wish to ensure a peace for the eastern borders that does not have a different appearance from the peace of the western borders. I have given my air force orders to confine themselves to military objectives in attacking Poland, but if our opponent believes he will be able w ngnc witn other means, we will give him such an answer as will stun him. Last night Poland was fighting on our territory. Since 6.45 a.m. we have been shooting back. Every bomb will be Answered with bombs. Whoever fights with poison gas will be fought with poison ROS. "This fight, no matter against whom, will be fought until we have Russian Mission For Berlin BERLIN, September 1. Germany has followed Russia's lead of yesterday In ratifying the Russo-German Pact. German reports state that a Russian military mission Is expected to arrive In Berlin tomorrow morning under a Russian general. It will be composed of high staff officers. CENSORSHIP IN CANADA The Canadian Government htw completed plans to impose a censorship on all Canadian publications and broad casts, outgoing caoiea are aircaay unacr censorship. THE depression' ends with ft cup of GLEN VALLEY TEA, The tea that revives you quickly. ' . .. -AdvM secured our rights. I have worked for six years In building up the German army. Over ninety thousand million marks have been spent on 1U construction. To-day it is the best armed and strongest force In the world. "If I now demand every sacrifice from the German people, I have a right toi do so. I, myself, am ready to make every conceivable sncrlflce. There will be no shortage in Germany to which I myself will not submit. "I put on once more that coat which is the dearest to me (referring to his uniform). I will not take it off until we are victorious. "Should anything happen to me my successor Is Field Marshal Gocring, and after him, Herr Hess. Should anything happen to him, then I have appointed a Senate which will make the most worthy that is, the bravest its leader, My life was nothing more than life for Germanys resurrection. One word have never known is capitulation. "Let no one think that there will ever again be a November of 1018 In Ger many. Every German must to-day be a standard bearer of our resistance. I also expect German women to put themselves in this fight with iron discipline, We are determined that we will never capitulate. If our will is so strong no necessity can overcome it. Then this will and our might shall prevail." Herr Hitler then read a bill relating to Danzig's Incorporation, which was unanimously parsed amid applause and cheering. POLISH INVASION Official From America A White House statement was to the effect "The President received word by telephone from Ambassador Biddle, at Warsaw, and Ambassador Bullitt, at Paris, that Ger"many had invaded Poland, and four Polish cities were being bombed." Hnm 't SjS' stf'jt. km " NAZI METHODS (Australian Associated Press.) LONDON, September 1. A statement Issued from the highest official circlca in London is to the following effect: "If, as it seems, Henr Hitler's proclamation meana that Germany has declared var against Poland, then Britain and France are inflexibly determined to fulfil to the utmost their obligations to Poland. "The general attitude of the British Government is that if Germany was sincerely desirous of settling the dispute by negotiation she would not have adopted this procedure, which has the character of an ultimatum." The statement added that the Polish Government, In the opinion of the Bri tish Government, was fully justified in Declining to submit to the treatment which the German Government endeavored to Impose. "The German account of the course of the negotiations is wholly misleading. On August 28 Herr Hitler informed Sir N. Henderson that he expected the Follsh plenipotentiary to appear in Berlin by the following day with full powera to negotiate a settlement, and added that in the meantime he hoped to elaborate his proposals. In other word3, the Polish Government was expected :o submit to the procedure imposed on the President of Czechoslovakia and accept terms wholly unknown to the Polish Government. "Humiliating Position" "The Polish Government naturally wai unwilling to place itself in this humiliau ing position. It Is not customary, even in the case of peace terms imposed upon defeated Power, to demand that the negotiators should not be allowed to re- ler to their Government for .instructions. "As regards Herr Hitler's terms now published, these have not hitherto been communicated to Poland. "The British Government can only say that they should have been submitted with time allowed for consideration as to whether they Infringed Poland's rights, which Germany, in a written communication to Britain declared her intention of respecting." IT IS GERMAN AGGRESSION" DR. KORDT, German Charge d'AfTalres in London, who interviewed Mr. Chamberlain yesterday. SUBMARINES OF REICH Are No Longer a Menace ("The Age" Special Service) LONDON, September 1. The German language broadcasts from Britain are now more frankly propaganda, but with a subdued note of per suasive reasonableness, contrasting with the wildness of the German broadcasts. They compare Germany's economic posi tion with the economic strength of the British Empire, and give reasons why the hope for a lightning war is illu sory. . The broadcasts doclaro that sub marines are no longer a menace to Bri tain, and cannot sever the British sea arteries, because the British navy has developed a revolutionary method for destroying suomannes. ROUMANIA IS PREPARED Reservists Are Called Up A message from Bucharest states that further Roumanian reservists have been called up. Passenger traffic on the Danube has ceased. Germany has chartered a majority of Roumania's tonnage at abnormal rates and petrol prices are soaring. All doctors and all stocks of medicines have been registered. Prom Rome It Is reported that the Italian war preparations are being intensified. Crown Prince Umberto has oeen appointed to command one hail of Italy's forces. Including those in Libya. The newspapers comment on this a significant of the fusion of the monarchy and the army. General Qra-z:am has been appointed to command the other haif and It Is believed he will command the troops on the northern frontier in the event of war. It is as sumed that Field-Marshall Badogilo would oe appointed to the supreme com mand. WASHINGTON. Sentembcr 1. President Roosevelt has directed that all naval ships and army commands shall be notified Immediately by radio or otherwise of German-Polish hostilities. British Spokesman's Statement LONDON, Sept. 1 A foreign office spokesman says the Germans started military action shortly after 7 p.m. on different points of the frontier. This was undoubtedly German aggression against Poland, and military action Is now developing. The spokesman is unable to state exactly where hostilities are occurring, but the British United Press correspondent at Warsaw says it is authoritatively learned that the first German raids be-, gan early to-day at unspecified points. Notices are posted throughout Berlin mobilising A.R.P. forces. Wardens have knocked up sleepers warning them to be ready for air raids. LATE NEWS CONFERENCE PLAN, NEW YORK. Vniled Press co-respondent at Tarls says Mu3:3:r.i transmitted to France proposal iz: five-Power conference. Highest Polish sources here - declare Poland refused. rOLAND ASKS FOR AID. LONDON. Polish officials have Informed the United Press that Poland has invoked the military alliance with Britain, and has asked for aid. SMALL POWERS. BUCHAREST. Kins Carol has called Crown Council to proclaim neutrality. IIERNE. Swiss Government has ordered general mobilisation. EXPRESSIONS OF ' LOYALTY Indian Princes' Assurance ("The Ate" Special Service) LONDON, September 1. Messages of loyalty are pouring into London from many parts of the Empire. At Simla the Marquis of'Linllthgow re ceived assurances of loyalty from 28 Indian Princes, who have placed the re sources of their States at the disposal of the King-Emperor. Half the available South Africans In South-west Africa responded within 34 hours to the appeal to voluntarily regis ter for national service. 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