The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1967 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1967
Page 9
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don smith AS expected, Garrigan and Algona High fans were treated to real solid basketball when the teams tangled in the finals of the District meet here last Thursday night. The Bears won, 65-61, in a nip-and-tuck fray that saw the score tied several times and each team have a shot at the lead before the final buzzer. While hard-fought, we thought the contest was (as usual when the two get together) one of the cleanest all season — and the most thrilling we've seen. There were stars, of course, but every lad who saw action did his part to add to the entertainment value of the game. One thing we noted- it's too bad the small handful of adults who insist upon raising verbal hell at all games can't take a hint from the students and act like grown-ups, or stay home I They really aren't needed and do a lot to detract from the enjoyment of others. Congratulations to both clubs - for terrific play, not just in this one, but all season long. All fans should be proud of these teams. WE enjoy an occasional beer- but the recent performance by 12 University of Michigan students, who set a new record of 604 hours of beer drinking is a little beyond our reach I Stories in the dailies said the 12 "weary, bleary and bloated" (I'd think so) students stumbled from a pub after each had consumed 12 ounces of brew every half-hour for an intake of 14,496 ounces during the bust. That's 906 pounds of liquid "refreshment". The record drowned out the old record of 302 hours by a Michigan State "team" in 1956. (We'll bet they kept the rest room pretty busy during the spree). DID you know that if you invite 28 or more guests to a party, chances are that there will be two guests who have the same birthday I According to Charlie Rice, the laws of probability make it so. UNIVERSITY of Northernlowa. That's the new name for State College of Iowa, nee Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls. What's your bet on the name of the school next year ? - ? - RIDICULOUS ! That's all you can say after hearing about the latest on federal prisoners. The Great Society has made it possible for them to establish eligibility for unemployment benefits; qualify for Social Security benefits ; and under certain circumstances, have time spent in prison counted as "federal service" for the purpose of increasing Ms pension under civil service retirement, Maybe they're letting them vote, too. Now, do you see what we mean by U.S. GIVERNMENT? SIG Wood, one of the top scorers in the history of basketball at AHS and a junior at Simpson College, recently sus- tained a severe knee injury that probably sidelined him for the rest of the current season. He was center for the Bulldogs in 1964 when they made their first trip to the State Tournament, winding up third, and had been one of Simpson's best scorers for almost three seasons since. YOU know what a tree is? It's an object that will stand in one place for years — then jump in front of a lady driver I IN 1956, there were 580 polio victims in Iowa- and, due to the work of men like Dr. Jonas Salk and others, there were no cases reported in the state just 10 years later. In fact, including the year 1960, there have been 55 cases reported since then. The secret is - keep those children of yours getting the vaccine. Think of the lives those scientists saved 1 IF you're like us, you get sick to your stomach when you read about some of the things the_ Congress in Washington, D. C. is up to. Recently, among the thousands of bills introduced during the session now on, was one which would afford two expense- paid vacations a year for House members. It would provide that each member would be entitled to travel and subsistence expenses during one period of not more than 14 days in any one fiscal year outside the United States and a similar period in the United States outside his own state. . Such trips could be taken only during recesses and a similar expense arrangement would also be authorized for one individual designated by each member to accompany him. sm RIGHT off the bat, we don't see why the House members should be entitled to any such thing. They're nuts to even allow the bill to be filed. What makes them so gosh awful great, anyway? The $30,000 per year they get as pay In their "job" (and you take that with a grain of salt) is at least four times what many of them are worth, so why should you and I pay for a couple of free vacations— when we can't really afford one ourselves. We'll bet right now the bill is passed - and by the same men who are in Washington "trying to balance the budget." Phooie I PRISONER to fellow' inmate : "I was making big money— about a quarter of an inch too big." WE were talking over the Vietnam situation over supper at home the other night. My wife, Trudy; and myself couldn't figure out why any boy of draft age should be given preferential treatment over any other of the same age — whether one is brilliant and a potential scientist, and the other just average (or maybe below). We'd be perturbed for sure if one of our sons went into the military and possibly wound up in the front lines three or four years ahead of a classmate — and Pm sure most parents feel the same way about it. In the case of enlistments, the picture changes somewhat, because then the lad indicates he wants to serve prior to the draft. So, why don't they change the draft laws and take them in order ? REMEMBER this. When you're getting kicked from the rear, it means you're In front 1 Burt News Mrs. Delmar Garner and April and Mrs. Rhoena Behse, Yp- sllantl, Mich., came Wednesday and are visiting at the Wallace Hawcott home. They are also visiting Mrs. Hawcott at Park Hospital, Mason City. Mrs. Behse is Mrs. Hawcott's mother and Mrs. Garner his sister. The birthday of Lefie McMullen was observed when members of the A. B. Club gathered at her home for a 12:30 luncheon Thursday. Present were Beth Miller, Celia Scott,, Lydia Schwietert, Clara Reynolds, Elva Boettcher ' and the honored guest. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wiener went to Westsule Sunday, where they visited her brother and family, the Bob Lewis. Mrs. Lowis had just returned home from the hospital at Denison Saturday. She had undergone spinal surgery to correct an Injury sustained in a fall on the ice. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Clark Miller and Mr. and Mrs. William Amesbury, Titonka, to Laurens Saturday evening where all attended Eastern Star School of Instruction. When you ask for bleach, say... Tuesday, March 7, 1967 Algena (la.) Upper Des Motntft—5 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dana, Ames, Moines, spent the weekend at the and Patricia Schwietert, Des parental Merle Schwietert home. 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