The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1967 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1967
Page 6
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2-Algona, (la.) Upper De* MoinM Tuesday, March 7, 1967 WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON - Here are facts on the manner in which the handsome Greek shipping tycoon, Stavros Spiros Niarchos, settled a $25 million U. S. tax debt tor less than 6 cents on the dollar. Niarchos had married shy Charlotte Ford in December, 1965, after a whirlwind romance and after divorcing his first wife in Mexico. His first wife was the daughter of another fabulously wealthy Greek shipowner, Liv- anols, and the sister of Aristotle Onassls, owner of Greek shipping, Olympic Airways and, in latter years, the husband of opera singer Maria Callas. Niarchos was 56 when he married Charlotte Ford in Meidco. She was 24. Mexico was as close as he would risk coming to the United States with the huge tax delinquency hanging over his head. One of Charlotte's friends was Lynda Bird Johnson who, on her visits to New York City, often stayed with Charlotte. During one visit, Charlotte introduced Lynda to a handsome young movie actor whom Charlotte herself had occasionally dated. His name: George Hamilton. Charlotte had campaigned actively for Lynda's father during the 1964 Presidential campaign and served as co-hostess at two high-society soirees to raise campaign funds for LBJ. It was about the time Charlotte fell under the romantic spell of Niarchos that Lynda began dating Hamilton steadily. After the marriage, Niarchos and his new bride flew to St. Moritz, the Swiss winter resort, where it was reported Niarchos spent more time with his children by a previous wife than he did with Charlotte. But when she returned to the United States to have a baby, reportedly at the instance of her father, Henry Ford n, Niarchos wanted to be on hand for the blessed event. Suddenly, the Justjice Depart' announced it had obtained ment a $16,582,000 ta against six Niarchos- judgment owned companies that had finagled an estimated $40 million out of the U. S. in one of the biggest shipping maneuvers of all time. Plus penalties, the $16,582,000 came to a total of $25 million. Niarchos had been Indicted, but the indictments had been dropped In 1954 during the Eisenhower administration. The Justice Department's explanation for the settlement was: "Both of these defendants (Niar- chos and an associate) are fugitives from justice, and the government believes that there is no expectation of : these defendants ever returning to the United States while these Indictments are pending." - o - - GOLDEN GREEK RETURNS- For ten years the golden Greek had stayed out of Uncle Sam's reach. But when the tax judgment was announced April 26, 1966, Assistant U. S. Attorney Laurence Vogel In New York went out of his way to add: "There Is absolutely no tax claim against Mr. Niarchos personally." DREW PEARSON A few hours later, Niarchos returned to this country for the first time in more than a decade. The accomodating Justice Department had made the deal just in time for him to reach his wife's bedside before the birth of their daughter. The settlement was finalized on April 26; Niarchos arrived in New York City the following day. But there was one fact which the Justice Department did not announce. With penalities, Nlarchos'stax liability added up to a cool $25 million, and the Justice Department's announcement gave the Impression that the full amount would be collected. What wasn't mentioned was the fact that Niarchos's companies had secretly settled for a mere $1,468,002 and that the rest of the tax debt had been written off as uncollectible. It had been also agreed that Niarchos could enter the country free of personal liability. Small taxpayers, who have had their paychecks attached to pay back taxes, may get the Impression that it helps to have friends in high places. They are right. - o - BOBBY FOR PRESIDENT - A political action group, calling itself "Citizens for Kennedy- Fulbright," has written to Democratic leaders around the country urging them to dump President Johnson in favor of Sen. Robert Kennedy, D-N. Y., in 1968. The group, which has its headquarters in New York City, claims Kennedy has not tried to discourage them. "We believe a more attractive candidate is both necessary and available," the citizens group wrote in a letter dated Feb. 7. "That candidate is Robert F. Kennedy, a man who could unify and Inspire the Roosevelt coalition of forces that have led us to so many past victories. "Not only would Senator Kennedy make a stronger and. more charismatic candidate than Johnson, he would also make a better party leader, a party leader more attuned to your needs. He has, does and would oppose siphoning . off your funds into national party i coffers. "To convince Johnson to step aside and to convince RFK that he has the party's support, we need your help. We hope to be hearing from you. We hope that you will give us the benefit of your opinions — even if you think Johnson should be re. nominated. But most of all we hope you will encourage Robert Kennedy - and, Incidentally, Lyndon Johnson, to consider his obligation to the party and to its future." The letter is signed by Dr. Martin Shepard, who heads the Citizens for Kennedy-Fulbright. Already, he claims to have received several pro-Kennedy responses. The names will be turned over as a nucleus for a national RFK political organization. - o- HAWK VS. DOVES - Important differences have developed inside the Johnson administration regarding the stopping of bombing North Vietnam as a move toward peace. The chief differences are between Secretary of State Dean Rusk, the No. 1 Hawk in the Cabinet, and U. N. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg, with Secretary of Defense Robert NcNamara. Both are Doves. Part of this difference developed at a White House briefing for congressmen last week for about 75 members of the House, with their wives. The ladles explored the private living quarters of the White House with Mrs. Johnson while the congressmen were briefed by the President, the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense. Most of the congressmen indicated 100 per cent support of the President's Vietnam policy, though some Republicans wanted to know why he had not gone further In bombing the heart of Hanoi and the seaport of Haiphong. Secretary NcNamara replied that we had bombed about as many targets as we could without getting the Chinese into thewar- or the Russians; and that the number of tar gets was decreasing with each sortie. - o- - RUSK DUCKS - At one point, Rep. Scheuertold Rusk that he was impressed by the testimony of such experienced diplomats as George Kennan, former Ambassador to Russia, and Edwin Reischauer, former Ambassador to Japan, that the road to peace was by stopping the bombing of North Vietnam. "In view of the unanimous statements of such experienced diplomats,' asked Rep. Scheuer, "isn't there some .way we can deploy ground troops to prevent supplies from coming south instead of bombing, , while we explore approaches to peace?" Rusk replied with an American Legion type speech which did not answer the question. "I am not going to let one American boy be subjected to an increased number of bullets," he orated. As the White House briefing broke up, several congressmen privately asked the same question of Secretary NcNamara. "Isn't it possible to deploy men on the ground instead of bombing in order to prevent supplies from going south ?" they asked. I "Of course it is," replied the Secretary of Defense. 'iThis is what we have been planning Furthermore, we have told them that we are ready to stop bombing the north as soon as we get a firm peace feeler. But we have told them that they shouldn't ask us to stop bombing until they are serious. For if we fail in the peace talks, we would have to come back and clobber them harder than ever. This would be a setback to all. moderates who want peace." Favorite Ceem-Less FLOOR AND WALL COVERING Th« easy, economical way fp modernize your fleers 4 EASY STEPS... lire you a modem seamless flooring of sparkling beauty and unusual durability. 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