The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1934
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Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT NKWfil'Al'Kri of NnicniKA HI- .HILT..,,, "^ ~" * ™ *• • • K_A VOL. xxx—NO. sno Blythevllle Dally News Dlythcvllk' Courier Mississippi Valley leader niythovllle Herald AHKANHAS ANU SOUTHEAST M18SOU1U Hl.VTllKVll.1,K, ARKANSAS, TUK81MY, HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVK CENTS* FIGHF HIGHER PAY FOR SHORTER Make Spectacular Esca[Xi After Taking $1,500 From Sioux [-alls Bank High Court Dismisses Suit Against Arkansas WASHINGTON, March (,. iUP) —The .supreme courl today dismissed tlie suit, of ilie state of Pennsylvania which smiglU to force Arkansas lo ln>]>osc sufficient taxes un gasoline, oil, and motor vehivlPs lo meet the re([iiiremenl.s of the int- ter state'.? ro:»l bonds. Pennsylvania claimed thai Arkansas guaranteed to raise 47,500.000 j annually to meet interest and amor-' tizalion requirements of the bond Issues and had failed lo do so. Pennsylvania owned jaw.OOO of tlie SIOUX PALLS, S. D.. March C.| bolltls (UP)—Six bank bandits, armed with He's Heralded As NRA 'Tonic 1 llirce siib-nmcftiiip guns, lotlay sped through southern South Dakola wilh four girls as hostages alter robbing Hie Securities National bank here of about $1.500 and seriously wounding a motorcycle po- licemnn. T.i« robbers kidnaped four girls and a man out released, the man, Leo OUc,n. bwk teller, about, two miles south of here. Two hours after the robbery no word had been received from the girls although Uie bandits were reported to have changed automobiles twice in their mad dash across country., pursued by an airplane and scores of police and deputy sheriffs in automobiles. Bullet I'urrtiires Gas Tank Their gasoline tank punctured by one of the hail of revolver bullets fired al them by Chief of Police M. W. Parsons, the bandits were forced to desert their powerful Packard sedan a short distance outside the city. They switched to a Dodge sedan belonging to Alfred Musch, farm- D. At Shind- Since ue suit was filed Arkansas has revised its tnx system so thai the taxes Involved probably will raise $9,000,000 annually. !l was said, and Pennsylvania moved tc • dismiss the action. Missouri Public Service Commission Gets Fig- vires on Power Company JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.. Mnrcli C. (UP)—Work of the Missouri Public Service commission to determine value of the Arkansas-Missouri p^wer company as a basis for siting fair rales (o be charged by the utility nearcd an end today. Attorneys for the company and ollt '" 0astor " ler they stopped a United States mail carrier and l-iirealened to steal his automobile but changed their] minds when the mail man warned them that was a federal offense. The reports from Shindler made no mention of the four girls who may have been left stranded somewhere along the roadside. . Meanwhile physicians here were fighting for or Hale Keith, motorvycfa policeman, vjr.-irii ' one of the bandits shot with sub-machine gun bullets through a window of the bank. Keith was hit at least twice, once in the arm and once near the abdomen. SIOUX PALLS, S. D., March 6. 'UI')—One of the bandits who today robbed the Security National bank of approximately $1,500 "looked like John Dillinger," President C. R Clark of the bank Eald when shown a picture of Hie notorious Indiana' outlaw. Missouri cktes and towns met here when commissioners hcnrd their engineers testify as lo the audit they made of the company's property. Tlie engineers completed their evaluation several weeks ago and spent the morning testifying as to Iheir findings. A. Z. Patterson of Kansas city is' attorney for the company. Towns represented Included •Caruthersvllle,' Kennett and Piedmont. Findings of the Missouri Public Service Commission on the basis of the audit report submitted today will be closely watched In Blythc- ville and other 'Arkansas cities served by the Arkansas-Mls.«)iirl Power company because the company lias promised that any rate reductions made in Missouri will be matched in Arkansas. New York Cotton NFAV YORK, March G (UP) — Cotton closed bnrHy steady. open high low close March 1207 1210 1204 1210n May ian 1225 1212 1212 July 1229 1238 122S 1225 Oct 124i 1249 1235 1235 Dec 1253 1257 1245 1245 Jan t 1258 1202 1250 1250 Spots closed steady at 1235, off 10. Heralded a* a rigorous for hla Ideiis, I.enn Henderson ol Now York, nlmvo, aiiuoiiitcil NBA dlr-xtor ot research and plicmtng, I? expected to put new Ilf« Into a division which has eliown little activity. H O [„ n former Industrial r-coiioinlc.i protesso». President Receives Honorary Decree _^ _ ,/ o Pleads (or Acquittal of Dr. Wynckoop on Grounds 1 Crime Unsolved ! i CHICAGO, Mar. (J i UI>)--T|H', slaying of lihclii Giirdiici 1 Wyni'- • kocp ri'innhi!. a.s bnilllns; u mystery loday tit it wiis on last Novi'mlwu 21 '.UK'ii hi'i IjiillH Mmiiri-:'!!. body MIS (iiiiiiil bidding. mi tuiv | table. nltutiK'ys fur Dr. Aiid-j Wynekeop conuiiili-d today, | "We <lu:i'i Miy 1)1:11 Rlii-ta com- i iiiilli-il Mik'ldc." said Mlltcm ymltli.i | as hi: pn-M-nU-d hl.s closing art!U-l inputs to Hit' jury in Dr. Wyne-| koop's trial on murder rhiii'ifi'S.. "We don't know whether she did' or nol. Wi- nrc nut satisfied what hnpliejied on tin- nlghi Him .IZhetii' was killed and neliher Is I'losn-i cutor C'harlos nuiii;lU'i-Ly." ll'rcsldciil Roosevelt rounded out his first .your of otflce by receiving In ins last dramatic elfort to;an Honorary, degree of doctor of law.1 at p.vorclses at American Unl- Bmlth l »!«i'd "fo"' I V ' f ' lllS Climl ' vm ' ly nl Wnslll »l! tn ". D - c - »l which Dr. Jixwpli M. M, Gray (rlghl) siullity of imirdi'i- by a bur'glnr. ! I ' I ' IMI!L '» I "Mr. Dougherty says he couldn't; shoot, himself Irw wny Khelu was! shot. Well, I could. And I'm bful and fat and bulky. "Or. how do we kninv that a: marauder didn't do It? "It Is entirely jicsvllilc thai n dniir addict, surprised by lilieta ln| (he midst of his depredations.! cliUirnftirined nnd then Miol her."' Caruthersville Votes on Whisky Sale Tomorrow OAnUTIlERBVH.\,E, Mo. — To- inuinm 1 Carullicrsvlllc will 'vole ut u s]wirh\l elPcllon on wlu'lher or not whisky iniiy lx> sold In (lih dly by Un drink, or only in (In- itrlitliuil imck'iiKe, Sevi'inl uiislih'.ss huilsj'.s an^ Ik 1 lin: iin'iNiii'd liri-i! In imtlclimlUm of tin? vole ciirryliiK. ,. Tn -A'll \Uilsky. I'Ulwr bv the drink Vr In lliii oilnhial ]MrkiiKi!, uu'i 1 - CliUHls imisl hnvo \\ l,5tH) slock o! ixli on hail<l. ft&'.ii.slv'i! of fix- ires inul whisky ntocks... Whisky by' the drink will bfl iltl ul !5o "]K'r "shot," iiolenllnl IflH'iisois Intlmnled, whllu ben- 111 |>o in 5c for u Inrgi 1 ".srhoon- ^npl. Walter Vcrnnii. White Houso Naval aide, looks on. Sumncr Bill May Speed Settlement of District 17 Bond Problem Hope for ultimate acceptance by bondholders of Uifi proposal for refinancing the debt of Drainage District 11 on a reduced basis was strengthened by action of the judiciary committee of the United Stales house of rcpresenlatives Here for Inspection of Recreational Areas OSCEOLA, Ark—A. W. Parke, executive secretary of the Arkansas Recreational Commission, is in Osceola today to inspect the Grider Memorial Park site. been offered to Hie as a desirable loca- NEW ORLEANS. March 0 (UP) — Cotton closed easier. open high low close 1203b 1218 1222 1228 1239 1248 March May July Oct Dec Jan 1257 1234 1245 1253 1257 1213 1225 1236 1248 1257 1200 1213 1225 123C 1244b I247b Spots closed qtitet at 1213. otf Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 121 Anaconda Copper 15 3-8 Bethlehem Steel 45 1;4 Chrysler 55 3-4 Cities Service 31-4 Coca. Cola General American Tank 41 1-2 General Electric .' 21 7-8 General Motors M 5-8 International Harvester 42 Middlewest utilities — 3-8 Montgomery Ward 31 5-8 New York Central 37 3-4 Packard Phillips Petroleum n 1-4 Radio Corp 81-8 Simmons Beds 20 1-4 St. Louis-San Francisco Standard ot N. J. which has commission lion for one of ten proposed areas. Mr. Parke. in company with Major F. P. Jacobs, J. B. Btiim and J. T. Coston. who are promoting the Grider Park project, were to inspect the site this afternoon. Before returning to Little nock Mr. site view Hole site on tho river near Wilson, which is tentatively proposed as a recreational park site. J. H. Grain of Wilson said last night that while Mr. Parke would visit the Blue Hole, no definite application had been made fo park there. Parke will visit a proposed at Big Lake and will also is known as the Bhu J. Mell Brooks, secretary of (he Blytnevillc Chamber of Commerce, said thnt Mr. Parke was expected here tonight and that he would visit morning. Big Lake tomorrow Texas Co 26 3-4 U. S. Steel 55 Chicago Wheat May May .Inly open 87 3-4 87 high 88 87 1-8 low 87 1-8 88 1-t Chicago Corn open 51 3-4 53 1-2 high 51 7-8 S3 5-8 low 51 1-4 53 1-4 Nabers Grocery latest Victim of Theft Wave The wave of burglaries and holdups that has swept the city recently continued undiminislied last night when another store robbery was added lo the list. Nabers Brothers grocery, Mali and Division streets, was entered and n. quantity of slgarettes and a small amount of money stolen The intruder evidently was a fastidious one, police said, removing only cigarettes of a certain brand Entrance was gained by forcing a rear window. Sunday night Moore's store on East Main street was entered anc an assortment of groceries removed. Harvey Tanner and Thomas Hale, Alleged hold-up men, will face prelemlnaty hearing Wednesday afternoon. They ore charged wilh participating In hold-ups Saturday night. Hale was seized by his victims when he tried to hold too close mny captive. Tanner is accused of being the other bandit, who fled 3 7-8 3-8 close 87 1-8 88 M Freight and Passenger Trains Crash; Two Deadi O f j ,Van Swenngens Have Lost Control .of 28,631 Miles ines, DUiiUQOB,, Mnr. e. (UP) | —A p&s.wnw train and a Irel»hl train on the Milwaukee rallmojl craved head-on near Suecht's Terry. 10 miles north O f here, tod.iv. killing, two persons and critically Injuring at least two others. One car of bound pnssn- Niv :< was derailed :md yesterday in voiing 11 favorable re port on- ihr Sunnier debt re- idjustinent bill, under which of the bondholders would lave the power lo force tlie min- ta accept the debt readjnsi- nent plan. "If and when the bill is enacted," Thomas M. Talum. secretary of the National Drainage, Levee find Irrigation association wired he Courier News, "CO 2-3 of tile loud holders of any di'ninaee. evre. Irrigation district or municipality can force the minority lo | accept any re; •angemeiit deei lie best Interest of all concerned." Drainage District 17 has obtained from the Reconstruction I-'in- ince Cor[)oration a loan sufficient o retire the district's outstanding jonds at slightly over 30 cents on the dollar. Bond holders as yet iiave not accepted the offer, but it is believed lhat it may be possi- to obtain (he acceptance of Lwo-thirds of Ihcm which, if the Stunner bill becomes law-, would nsure the success of'the refinancing plan. five cars and Uin locomotive tlie freight badly damaged. The dead were J. O. Crawford, engineer of (he p.issmgirr and nip fimiuin.liinl na ,i 1f , Km-,' of the freight. An investigation of the collision wns begun on the s]wt immi'ilinli-- rrre the minority lo|,, " -adjustment, or rear- Ldward M. Tflllcilt 24 Is emcd ndvteiblc to, A . »,',', Arrested for Murder of Farme,i;. CAnimiEHSVILLE. Mo. -Edward M. Tiillent. 24. Saturday v.-nived cxtr.idllion from this slate lo rows, where he will answer n charge of • murder in romuvlion with (ho slavvns of Martin Wollz. Q3-yeai--o!rl lown farmer, wlio was shot and killed' at. his home last July. Tallent is oile of three accused of the murder. The other Iwn are Tony Thompson nnd Paul Hake. All three resided, prior to the killing, in St. Louis. Sheriff George Onkes and Del- Iwrt Murray, a special Investigator, had been seeking the three since tile crime, they said here Saturday, mid only recently ha'vr they secured a confession from Ilnke, fliunlne Tallent and Thompson as (he other two in the case. WoH?, was shot three limes, once with a shotgun, the charge blow- A. C. Martin, 57, of Manila, Dies Sunday Funeral services were held yes- It.'day at Manila fo: A. C. Martin. 57, who died al the Ulytlie- •I'-e hospital yesterday morning following several weeks illness from acute Indigestion. The deceased, who was a ploncr-r .-Ciller of Manila is survived oyl"'* P™cllcally all of the left :-ldc his wife. Mrs. Minn's; Marlin five ot Vi s fa( ' c aw!1 >'' »»<! twice with tini'ghtcrs. one son, three sisters rj.c three biothers. ' The Rev. John A. Gowcn officiated at th? funeral, held a', tl'.e Irriily rc-fiitcnce. The Moss- Un- oertnking company was in charge •jf arrangements a rifle, both shots striking bjm in the right side of the abdomen. Robbery was the motive. It was fa\d, about $240 being taken oil the dead .xjn, Tallent was picked""" up in this city one night nboul four weeks .ago hy Officers Medlin antl Bo- ilidnnn, when they caught him and two companions In the act of pushing on n car, with the apparent intention of stealing U. When he refused lo answer questions at on instigation, chief of Police John Hosier, suspecting Tallent and endorsee; efforts inror- 1 J a * ™«™ 'or some major crime, - WASHINGTON, Mar. 0. tUP) — Control of the $2,000,000,000 rail empire built- by tho Van Swerln- gen brothers,' Cleveland, has top- lilcd into the Iwnds of Uie banking group -headed by J. P. Morgan and company through default on two hunk loans totaling $40.000.000. It was disclosed today at the federal trade commission. The revelation was made In a securities rci!i.'itrnlloii filed by the protective committee for bonds of the St. Ix>uls, iron Alomutiln and Son I hern railroad, one of the subsidiaries In the Van Sweringen onaln of 28.031 miles of railroad covering the country. R. Ci. Page, vice president of Ihc Bankers Trust company ol New York, one of the Morgan liislllu- ttcns, Is L-litiinnnn ol the bond holders protective committee. Under the .securities act officials are rc- nulral to shew their holdings In ainilaled concerns. Statements disclosed that the Bankers Trust company contributed S1.G72.3M), or 7.5 por cent to- vnrd a $22,01!),032 loan made by J. n . Morgan and company to the Hevclnnd Terminal Building Co. Harvey McKay Held in Killing of Wm. Taylor CARUTHEDSVILLE. Mo. —Facing trial in connection with the ilnying Feb. 17 of William E. Taylor, farmer of (lie Hermoiulnle community, Harvey McKay is In here. McKny was arrested In Mew Orleans and returned here by Deputy Sheriff Robert, Ownby and Prosectillng Attorney Robert W. Hawkins. He has denied participation. C. A. Brasneld, officers said, has admitted the actual killing, and they said that 0. C. Thompson •Uso has confessed n part of the crime. Both are said, to have named McKay as the third party, who framed the slaying, they claiming that McKay told (hem Taylor had several hundred dollars on him. Only 520 was found. Brasfield and Thompson look S7 each, g the remaining $C to McKay, • the two said. Chicago Police,Scouv North Side for Escaped Indiana Desperado CHICAGO, Mar. 8. (UP)—Plain dollies men In bullet proof vests mussed in .Chicago's north slile today In an intensive search for Jo'm Dllllngcr, desperate Indiana outlaw who was uaced here from the Crown Point, Jnd., Jail Irom v lit! broke Saturday. The hunt began yesterday after t-he automobile of Sheriff Lillian Holley, In which nlltlnger fled, was found. Detective Larimer Hyde re- jwrteil that he had pursued the automobile lute. Saturday unsuccessfully, License plates on the automobile revealed that, tlie first warnings broadcast from Crown Point gave the wrong numbers for the plates Hyde followed the sheriff's automobile because it bore Indiana license plates. Veterans Endorse New Compensation Proposals Fifty cs-scivlcc men attended lasl night's American Legion meet- Steamer Makes Port With Fire in Her Holds NEW YORK, Mar. 6 (UP)-With fire seething In her holds and smoke and steam billowing from portholes and hatches, the coasta: liner City of Montgomery raced into port today and safely tils- charged 29 passengers from Savan- Only 120 Ballots Cast a 2:30 This Afternoon; Directors Unopposed With no contest involved tb Blythevllle special school dlstrlc election was creating little Inter s^ here today. Al 2:30 o'clock this afternoon 8 votes hud L'ceu at the clt hall box and booth n- the 40 at the votln Arkansa.s-MLssour Power company office. The names of C. M. Buck an- J. A. Leech, candidates for re election, nrc the only ones on th ballot. As two directors elected there is no contest betwce the Iv/o allhoiigh other names ma be written on the ballot. • Tho only Issue left open wo. a vote for or against an "18 ml tax for ctirrcnt school opcrfltiti expense". While the usual vole I flu-or of the lax Is anticipate a vote either way will not obli sate the district to use funds de rived from the tax lo meet ou standing bond obligations. Ar kansas courts have held -lhat tli board would have no authority I use proceeds of n tax ,so levto for purpose's other than thos spccliied. Socialists Riot When They Lose French Vot STK. NAZAIRE, France, Mar. (UP)—Socialists, angered by a n> 51 1-4 53 1-4 with most of the stolen money. finger prints made. The low Louis to find Tnl- and Thompson after Hake publican victory In the municlp: veterans bill and the Palman I elecllon. starled grave rioting to llendanc«|tion. but steadfastly refnml lo ih c cr(MV at a legion uirclinf In some tlmr make a .statement. bla/e. In extinguishing thejlhe Socialists had always won U [election. uncval Service Resident Will or Old e Held Wednesday Morning l-'lual ilU-s will IK held tomorrow lornhifj nt 10 o'clock i\t the First ri'sbytri-lan church for \V. II. Wlt- iinis, 70. well known Blythevllle Ulzen and a resilient of this city or mori! lluin 30 years, who suc- umbcd at his home on West Main tvnc't al two o'clock tills morning. TUB Hev. Mnrlun A. lioups, U ")., yastor of tho First Presbyler- nn church ut Hot Bprlng.i an<! ormer pastor of the cluu-cli here, vlll officiate nt the services si ml he Ilev. StnnvL Salmon, pnxior jf (he local church, will assist The deceased was a member ol he church. Pallbearers w))l be V, O. Holland, Warner Hawkins Jesse Taylor, Jeff ..Roland, B. E Vnll, and Dill Lnnc. Honorar; pallbearers aro: Dr. M. O, Usrey '•iithcr Chambers, Oeorge Hub bnrtl anil .1. H. Etkliu. Interment will be made at Ehnwooil ceme- :ery. Mr. Williams came here whci Blylhevlllc war, n .small town sooi nfter 1MO. -He was liorn hi West, Tennessee antl reared by hi urandfalhcc, his , parents dyhiK while lie was a small boy. He was n the general mercantile bitslucsr n Lexington, Tcnn.. for ti number of years nnd Inter moved in icnnclt, Mo., where he remalnci 'or sonic time. He came here as i cotton buyer and gin man an< vas considered one rf the bes cotton men In this section whlli ictlvc In lhat business. Later hi acquired considerable real cslat icre and engaged In realty trad- ,ng. HU proiwty Interest* oscupled !iim for the late years of Ills life The dcccuscd Is survived by hL wife, Mrs. Ellzabclh Alcxtinde Williams, member of u promlnon Jackson, Tcnn.. family, and a 501 jy his first wife, W. M. William of Kansas City, Mo. The Cobb Undertaking eompan in choree Q f funeral nrrnngc- *nents. longrcssionn) .Sabotage of Recovery Codes Charg- cd by Lotiisianiaii WASHINGTON. March G. (UP) -Cliiirui's of code. sabotage by ongrcssnien und a tentative sug- I'.sllmi from Recovery Adnilnls- rutor lluijli S. Johnson for u M:our Industrial work week today L-d the NliA code nuthorlly.'con- iTcncc toward dispute and dls- ni-d. • Any reduction in the work week vmild be cnmiKnflvleil by on In- iciiM! In lituifly wd(iti rates. Smgrsls 10 \\t CVnl Pay IVxwt Jiilinson's lenliitlve sngge^tjou jclorc the einploymeiit section of hp live-ring conference was for a 0 prr cent, cut In hours and 10 per •nil liiciviiM'.s in wages. The ttvcr- work week Is 40 hours. Johnson did nob commit himself to tiio 0 per cent plan but tossed it inlo he iiremi of dispute. President Rcoievcll ojicncd the conference yesterday with n ile- iiand for hninctllntc consitlcrallon of u shorter work week antl higher itiurly wage rates to make more |ob-i. lie- was imlckly challenged from wlt-iiln the NRA orijantollon itself. C. 0. Shcppard of Clarks, Ls.. of the lumber code authority, made- the claim of congressional sabot- nt;e. He said coniircs-'incn htid written mill owners, particularly In the south, advising; them not to comply with codes but to run t'selv.' mills on a common sense basis. Uooscvelt I'bn Denounced Two thousand code authority del- eeates cheered a parade of Industrial witnesses at the employment suction'-who denounced thu Roosevelt • program of shorter lioura and. higher wages ns unwise nnd dan- Two letters allegedly vyrltteh by- nc-presentatlvi^ II. P/Fulriier. (Dem.' S. c.) advising sawmill operators to operate on a. "common «nse basis" without icKanl to code provisions \vcre read In the code reorganization section. Administration Member Hits Stock Market Bill WASHINGTON, J,S;vr. 6 (UP1 — The Flcldier-Rnyburn slock mari ket control bill is "diametrically cjijioscd to President Itooscvolt's policy of maintaining values," John Dickinson, assistant secretary of commerce, told the house Inter- stale commerce committee today%,^~ Enactment of the measure In Its present form would virtually wreck security markets of the nation, Dickinson said. Inter-American Highway Report Given Congress WASHINGTON, Mar. G (UP)- Prcsldent Hooscvelt. in a one paragraph message lo congress today, transmitted copies of a re- l»rl prepared hy the bureau of public roads concerning a survey for an inlcr-Amcrican highway that would link .North America with Central and South America. The copies of the report were sent first lo the White House frcm the secretary of agriculture and Hie secretary of stale. In a letter to the president Secretary of State Cordell Hull wrote: "The report contains a description of the selected route wilh accompanying diagrams of line ami profile tind there appears in regard lo each country which will be traversed by the highway a general statement of the principal facts of tin economic nature related to the propose-d enterprise. Mrs. Roosevelt Takes Plane for Puerto Rico MIAMI, Pla., Mar. 6. (UP)—Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt took ofl' by plane at 8:52 am. today for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to learn for hcrielf about these Caribbean Wands of the United States. Because XTrs, Roossvclt wanted, to see the citadel built by Henri Chris- toplie, f.-.e slave who became a king after being th? first president of the republic of Haiti. Pan-American Airways changed the course of the ship and will fly above tills "veritable marvel." built 2,500 feet above sea level. Six other passengers also were Roseland Gin Reported Afire This Afternoon A city fire truck wns called fo Roseland, 12 miles west of Blyth'e- "'c on Highway 18. at three o'clock this afternoon when • tho Rowland gin was reported to be afire. No dslniis of t'he fire wore received here. It. c. Rose, owner ot the gin. Is in Hot Springs. Seeks $1,000 Damages for Highway Collision Will Reed has filed a personal Injury suit In common pleas court naming the Lee-Coppedge Gin company as dcfeudaiu. He alleges a gin company truck struck . his car en Highway 01 hi Crlttcnden county resulting In serious injury to himself and asks S1,C€0 damages. The suit was filed through Ed B. Cnok and E. E. Alexander, local attorneys. aboard the lady. plane with the first H. A. Smith Appointed Farm Loan Field Man II. A. Smith of this city has been appointed a new Inspector for the Federal Agricultural Credit administration, according to word received here today from Washington. His work, it is understood, will be in connection with crop production loans, though he has not ns yet tern given his definite assignment. WEATHER at:d aians— Hfostly cloud}- tonight Wednesday. Probably sliuw- ers in west portion. Memphis and vicinity— Fair tonight. Wednesday increasing cloudiness. Little change in tempera- 'lur?.

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