The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1967 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1967
Page 7
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MARCH 2, 1967 J inentun H^pirrf jer [ Published By The Upper Des Moines Publishing Co., Algona, lowo MRS. RAY UTHOF News Editor i Fenton Phone Co. To Meet On Saturday FENTON - Th? annual meeting o: the Fan:or. C^-o: TsJs- phone Co. v.iL r»e halt a; tiis Fentor. Ccmrr.uru:;- Center, Saturda*. Marc- w . 4 at 1:3C :.. n.. 6— .JUjsns la. 11 ' Upper Tbwsdcv 1*67 Mrs. \Valtsr Krause, Mr. anc Mrs. Eldor. ar.i Sandra visitsc Sunca;. aJterr, cor. -»it:. Ellen Krause v>t.: is r.aspiialiss; at the Lutherar. hospital :r. ?;. Dod^e, havm; hai lee surrer;. Wednesday o: last vesk. Liter ir. the day they visits; a.'. iss Levris Pe-grande iioae a: Eagle GTOT&. Mr. anc Mrs. Kr>«.rc Krause and grirls, Lane Rock, Mrs. Walter Krauss aai Mr. aril Mrs Eldor. Hantsirnan and Sandra vers- guests is the Lorsr Mills r hsrae at Fainnant or. Fricia;- eve:ur.r, The occasion was Mrs. Miller's birthday . Mr. and Mrs. Rarer: Miiciisll and lamil"' sails:; Friday evsr.- ing at the Dinaic H.v."t~~6r home. Reuse Votteler and TV,-: ;: her rooinmnzes at Lavrtner ~' y , Csdar Falls.- spent me -•&&£££: 21 the Brvii. Toneisr iisse. Mr. snc Mrs. Rarer Potran, .rjlta. r *~~ tn*- nar£tiis o* a ~**' bon Fet. 2i a: tie .--Ira ios- and Mrs, .dir. PDrrair. sad Mr. End Mrs. Amos Finnesrai. Tae Patrar^s ar-v have a iarr.lly x Mr. and Mrs. imaii Hasial- TPST r'l gr T; is£T£ "S'eJQSSdzy is: Sar i-tram:., TEL. n T-=rr riisar Fenton Girl In Nigeria To Wed Englishman FE>~70>" - Susa:. Hiittl-ai. daarSiier :>:" K.:. and Mrs, ^v-. ir. tie ne.LT :r:.;rf ::' ar, Erarlishsii, ier parenu navs rie^.i Mr. ar.i Mrs. Sazuiniai have r—fei s:c.j ti^urit t: t-nirif t: rst t: XireriL j:r Uif r.£re.ri3iy, rr.^ ±jfre are r.:iriiLirir:jr-S c: d:star.r.s ani ney aau'n: at this n~ : e vi.rtbr.r :r nrr. ±-r? r^^ tr.2j".r tt. SMSir- »-^5 horse last susiEifr r a iurlrati ir:/- ii.r itsies, rer^minr uisre '.:>: r.onr_titu:t;ar. i: her v-:.rt aisr her visit. ar.c tie "Jppsr Ites Monies VOIL: api.rruar.i ary ri"^re.j ria: "'ere Mrs. nia Ne»'=l, Mrs, Estrisr Frank. Mrs. ."essie Sevel arc Mrs, Free Jen:i. " iiame x Mrs.. ljrr?">f Beri- laac.. Ft. Iitsdrs. isr Cltieryl's ' VT-ETr *"* . ~^ ^j,™''— -.— ^TI*-' -p-TT- " tarr'a-nr ^rrr 1 "JtelEU "jSiri. iir. grir Mrs. HDTETT. Ssss ^rig"" v-frrftc Tas TIKSOS;. steT-ratJi "nrife cist HiSt £i iDi iinine r^ Mrs. 5riE=£ vsnt t; Mrs. ~"; ^svsl. Vrr, Hfrmsi Vrs^t PT' Mrs. -err Mr. an: Mrs'. Dale Ear.- ore:. Alrona. arc Mr. aai Mrs. V-DI ti4± priK lor v-s^ei. aai Mrs. James Msysr, i?v. Ser- -T'V, Mr. aai Mrs. 'C-'eariell Foisti aar Marrt spsnt last v-ssteni risitinr at tue Heriter; """easts home ir Csoar Earjiis. Mr. aai Mrs. LtjrsK Htis- Sraizy ar-eniDoi wallers a: tie rsrrri^r.Tif Bi£rst=± asas ior Mrs. 3i=rsa±*= 'irSEzr -?-=re Mr. aic Mrs. Sx Karn r.j ETC ia-ni:: . SEiicrarX Mr. and Mrs. SfKirc Bierstsri EiciEiii^j", ^i* Mr. Eai Mrs, Eotert 3£u.siell sari iani;, sn: Mars^ret 3iEr- srsx ant Sishari E2en, Alrana, Trury ^T<grs>m«- p**anns.^ ^t starts 4-H CETJIJ Ht MiiiriS r/rsr iae. vsefcsnd. Sss sptare ID &t croir^ ar. Ftimaii^i. Mrs. ili-ale; Zvisisl vZl a:^D~par.y w trr.» e^sttfiw * ri^se tainnr ?art 11 tie ~"i>-- rpartst, vtii viU ir. ±e Biae Choir, Till tie liarj' "nneler, alu ; lliohael JatiSDti. teri— : -'I*' Strre Sohlei, sase. Marr loi l>arsrc a^i Dale Eli- Sentral 'Pops' Concert, Mar. 14 FEKTOy — The Pr>ps conr-ert v~l t« held liarch 14 at tie Seorral gj- a: 7:SO - . -. It vOl feanre v:,-al rrotrps an; the stare band, Aimissior. Till ne "!•:• f:r adtits aad hirh siiiDol srafenis, and 5?: Jcr" itiiiren gTiines 1-t. Mrs. Johnson Is Bridge Hostess Mr. tad Mrs, C^trMrs Arri.Tfas r?rurD?i F?r.. T-J Lrtsr a ~;inths vtrttinr ir. Fl:c;it ind other s.Tdirif.r:. sritss. Ths} visited V.r. an; Mrs. Erra; ?r:fr«, V.r. and Mrs. Id ?r;?r* Ft. Meysr. "a. -is hntiss v-± Mrs. "«'rr.. •i«£.ner and Mrs. Irvard>":rland as hostesses. Der:c:cs vere r-ve:r iy Mrs. Donald Tvait and £ Nelsor.. Community Club Meets With 15 In Attendance FEyiOX — The Fectoi C:o- rtiniry Clttr held its rfralar meenn:: Monday, Fit. 2-1 ^1± a sr:?rier at tie Fent^n Cafe udih at.rct 1: in arisndanie. Rans vere made ::r the ner mit:±'s meeting t: r>e held Mari; IS at tie Fenian Cafe. At t'-'g .ill be annstintei and awards vlll :»e -resertec. T~esday evening guests at the "^Vilired LaaishtmefDrhis Dirth- day vere Mr. and Mrs. liazior. aai lirs, Dioi: Vaner and farnily, EaT=l:cJi, Mrs. George Meinie and Mary, Mrs. Fred Mortensin, and Kathy, Mr. and Mrs. James Laais, Jlm-y and Pain, and Mr. and Mrs, Bernard L? and Mr."and Mrs. Ker^ie± Halverson and Merle and Clyde Gil- baagt, Sr., attended the veading si Stisan Anderson and Michael Presbyterian citir^h aiRinrsted. Sentral siiixls "111 held volirr.— tary parent-teachers coherence March 1 and 2 from 2:45 to 5:00 r.. rr.. Scicol vtll be disrru.ssed it 2:4r r, rr.. th:ise afternoons, Mr. an; Mrs, DeLrc Vr-tteler LTJC :a~il;. ^'er; Sunday dinner g-wsts at ths I me si Votteler },:r. and Mrs. Henry Eh~, T-fs M:-ines, soent several days v.s.iting at tie Ernest Vorteler Mr. and Mrs, Mslvir. Theisen -.,.- z- — ;*.. -..--.^ o-._^-^ ^^__,_» riests at the Fay "Jthof home. Stnda-. dinner nests at tie Clarence Mem hrme for Ann's ::rthday vere Mr. and Mrs. "Wizard Mem and family, Mr. and Mrs. Marcld Scilei and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Chns- r.hilltS. Mr. an: Mrs. Melvm Berkland vere Sunday aftem?DD visitors at ±e «"m. Derail home. Mr. and Mrs. Stanlev Berkland Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Berkiand vere S"jnday evening dinner g-ests at tie Homer Marthiesen Sunday dinner guests at the home rf Mrs. "S'm. Eimers vere Mr. and Mrs. Harold Eimers and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harlsn Eimers and family, Mr. and Mrs. C-tis ilraase and Roy and Mabel Homann. Mrs. Hans Eanson vis L- arierno-on caller. Mr. and Mrs, Fred T ^srmsa, Svea Ciry, visitsd Sinlay arler- noon at the Arnold Hanteliaan Speech Winners FE:CTON-Those vinning first place in the district speech contest at Emmetsbarg vere Linri?, Do>ocy, drainanc declamation; Mary Miente, book reviev; Kathr;.-n Sihaaeadorf, prose; Douglas Kading, prose; Lsnay Eassel, hamorotis; aad Jolene Gaagestad, poetry. They -R-Q1 be going on to the Stale Speech contest in - The Tht^-saav aiernDDTi bririri slur set at the name rf Mrs. Erris Jofcisari SarurisT tfisraaai. There vere liree elites ir. JJLET. Prizes ireii: is Mrs. Herar-; Mf-°..r:.s Mrs. Zlla !sev*l LUC Mrs. Esther Frzah. Sues plB.T£r£ Tere lirs. Kr. ETC Jirs. Carl Beck £a Choice of 571 Colors bsrjii'-,' Farwtlf* Decd-ctsf Lsrex FENTON LUMBER CO. Fenfon, Iowa FOR "BIG LITTER" SOWS FEED NEW FELCO STATEX FLUSH & FARROW d'. t •j^".v. YJ\, <;-i yi.'.^::.t L:'.'.A - r ,\'fi -^' r >:':--^!&:~ i~~:- i:x s'j'.vs. :v,-. vfetitt prior •-•_ I'.'-eeu'ir^' cLiid '.iiii v**k i-.f ier\vi.rd.. Frt>rc Svint RtoKirt'f. Aiif-the.' tt«^ icrvt.rd . . . nev- Fsi'-'. ;tti.t?j: F.I.E:. Ftrrvv. Vour ij^i.. I»urit4- :':ut.r-iv:g. Jv'tv. ?":..t:. ^- Ti.'.- v-.-i v.-;:r. t^c •. cr;.' .htbtt t«:t-: fit-f : ' i: ' fe - : • < -" : -'---i" t.\i...i.'j!t ^:;C *.:<<•' t... FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR SHOP in your HOME COMMUNITY Ftnton Buiirv*u & Proftstienal Dir*rt»ry PRtENDlY FENTON tNVITES YOU FENTON PRODUCE - Lbyd Sundt Go!d*n Sun GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE HAKTgUAAN &LHLDJNG SBVtCE Dr. E. W. Ruikt DiKTtST t>ffit* *h&»« It»-M* 619-iJiS FENTON DRUG T.y Sol« FEN =RIENDLY TON IOWA Chit - Chat Mr. aai Mrs. U.-.-o Kerr. a.-d farr.u> arteai?: tie graocation exercises at ATT.-E.S Saruriay, in •u-hucr. their s:c. Charles, re- Ctivec his Bachelor :' Soier.ce decree ir, arrcoony. He »ill cor.titit)e to v-ork Jcr his -asters decree. Mr. an: Mrs. Dear, Nellis, Ft. D.->rlge, Mr. and Mrs. Clarerce Yarer an: iara'ly, aa: Mr. and Stinday afiersror. visitors at tie horae' of Mrs, Amanda Kerr.. Mr. and Mrs. Glesr. Fliat vere ^m:a) evercnr capers at t^e Karrey Henriissi hottte. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Voiglan: JarTies Richard vere Thursday Mrs. F'rari McFall. Mr. and Mrs. .Oert Mitchell vere Stiaday dinner gsests at the Chester Sa^arhornes-t Prirr.jhar. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Keller spient 'the ve-ekead at the Morris MitcheUhome. Mrs. Richard tnier*-»d, Mrs. Morris Mitchell and Mrs. Shirley Ztin.ici vere Monday afternoon gT:eris a the Altert Mitchell hose for Mrs. Milcheii's birth- cay. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bruhn and iaraily, aad Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Berkland and family visited Tuesday evening at the! F ed- • j e r son ho m e . Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Berkland and Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bierstedt calls : S-jnday evening at the Mrs. Laciada BierrLedt home at Alecna. The Neighborhood Birthday Citit met ">Yecnescaiy afternoon at the horns oi Mrs. Ainaada Kern ior her tirthday. Guests ^ere Mrs. Roeif Miller, Mrs. Ed Sohiei, Mrs. Marguerite '.Veis- crc.d, Mrs. Art Voijt ar.d Mrs. Frari McFall. Mark Berkland and David Henrikser. are spending the v/eek at the pare rj ial Bennie Berkland ar.d Harvey Henriitsen horrii curing their sen.ester treaj;. &inday dinner guests at the CARD OF TKAXKS a..-; e:;-.s 1 received cur -:•-•• :-. the hcspitai. ir. l :r-arJ:s :oRev. Eidr:d? ::.'e, Fe-:cr.. (16« David Berkland home /or h!s birthday were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Berkland and Tim, and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Potraiz and Bobby. Sunday dinner guests at the Kenneth Bollin-jer home v,'ere Mr, and Mrs. Norman Bollinger and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bollinger and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Tletz and Michael. THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenror, Iowa Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funeral May Be Referred TO Us With Confidence Phonet FENTON 23 RINGSTED 21001 2100< 202 It CIRCLE H Look What 39c Will Buy 1 FRESH CARROTS 4p""39' DRESSING Qt m. SOFTEX FACIAL TISSUES 2 boxes 39C DEL MONTE CATSUP 1 14oz - 19r I- bottles J't MORTON'S FROZEN T-V DINNERS each 39c You Can Save $2.50 AGAIN This Week On New Spring Merchandise — CUP AND USE Good for $1 ja in cash on any 54 Men's Sport Shirt ] short or long _/ sleeve f Good for 50c in cash on pur- ehcse of 3 or more yds. of material E. J. BAILEY STORE fc. Phone 889-2376 FENTON, IOWA A 7-YEAR WARRANTY WITH KELVINATOR CLOTHES DRYERS EITHER ELECTRIC OR GAS AND IT'S A 7-YEAR WARRANTY ON THE NEW { for cleaner, gentkr washing . . . ! fan, automatic all-iabtic drying Golden Touch Washer neautiful, pracuca! washer and dryer pair will per- id your laundry chores easier, better and fa^er Tnis Kejvu-ausr Golden Touch Washer, Model W-747 features compete program washing. Six separate automatic seru&gs give you the correct temperatures for washing and rising, agaauon and spin speeds to suit any fabric including your most create items, wash-wear an'd woc:-rs The Dryer u-=47 gives you three automatic termination set- UE£.S, stu-ay wasn-wear, reg-olar or heavy fabrics" In addi- u&n >ou nave three manual serdnes for normal he-t deli Cate neat or no beat fiuffing. 5><? /A/j handsome pair at . . . Me Fall PLUMBING - HEATING - APPLIANCE Fenton, lowa

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