The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1967 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1967
Page 5
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go -Round WASHINGTON - President Johnson's attitude toward the war in Vietnam has hardened. In the past he has said again and again that the United States would be willing to halt the bombing in the north if Hanoi would make any gesture of de- escalation in return. But this no longer is true. News from the battlefronts has been so encouraging that the President has decided he will not order a halt to the bombing or make any other major concession without equivalent action by North Vietnam. On the surface the United States will still appear eager to consider peace feelers, but this will be for the sake of our "image" in the world, and will avoid giving fuel to critics at home and abroad. Actually the President now is convinced that the longer the war goes on, the stronger the U. S. bargaining position will be. So he will pay little attention to the continuing rash of truce balloons being sent up from Hanoi, Paris and Algiers. One new specific goal of the President is to clear the communists out of the Mekong Delta before any truce talks start. This is the food factory of South Vietnam, and if the Viet Cong were left in control, they would retain tremendous power over the Saigon government after the fighting ceases. Further, the President now has information that the bombing of North Vietnam is hurting much more than Hanoi admits. Most of his military advisers have long argued this on the basis that even though the North Vietnamese appear able to repair destroyed bridges and roads and factories quickly, this uses up manpower and materials and strains resources which otherwise could be used to intensify the war in the south. This is believed to be one of the reasons for Hanoi's growing willingness to soften its terms for peace talks. The lessening of Red China's omnipotence in North Vietnam, of course, is another. In any event, it was significant that the White House gently rebuked Roving Ambassador Averell Harriman when he talked in a taped TV interview about the chances for peace becoming stronger. The White House simply noted that this may have been true when the Interview was taped, but that it no longer was. - o - - NEW ORLEANS PLOT - In judging the alleged new discoveries in New Orleans of a Kennedy assassination plot, you should remember that Jim Garrison, the district attorney, is a candidate for governor of Louisiana. It also should be noted that Garrison estimated that arrests would be "months and months away.' That could take him ip to the time of Louisiana's primary election campaign. Whether he actually has important evidence remains to be seen, but there's no question that almost everybody in Louisiana is now talking about him. And if his Investigation proves a dud, he can always claim that somebody "higher up" was to blame. But if he does have credible new evidence, there's no question that it should be brought out. - o - - REAGAN GOING RIGHT - Henry Salvatori, a millionaire Los Angeles oil man, is raising around $400,000 to build a new governor's mansion for Gov. Reagan of California. Salvatori also was one of the heaviest contributors to Reagan's campaign funds. A lot of people are wondering what Salvatori wants from Gov. Reagan in return. It may well be that all Salvatori wants is for Reagan to follow right-wing policies; if so, the new governor is certainly conforming. He has now appointed Norman Livermore of the Pacific Lumber Company in charge of state resources. Instead of protecting the California redwoods, Livermore will be more inclined to cut them down. Reagan has appointed John Montgomery, a cattleman, as director of state welfare. His experience with cattle hardly qualifies him as an expert in human welfare problems. Reagan has appointed Allan Grant, a prop j-.ient of right- to-work laws, as president of the State Board of Agricn'ture, and Dr. William McCandless, a physician, to the State Board of Education. McCandless wanted to circulate school children a comic strip showing that the Pilgrim Fathers were participants in a communist experiment at Plymouth Rock. Public protest against McCandless's appointment was so strong that Reagan tried to withdraw it, but McCandless refused to step down. Anyway, Henry Salvatori must feel Ronald is acting very well indeed. - o - -UNHAPPY POWELL PROBERS- Rep. Manny Celler of Brooklyn, chairman of the special committee which investigated Adam Clayton Powell, complained in closed-door sessions that 40 per cent of the voters in his district in Brooklyn are Negroes and they were picketing his office. Rep. John Conyers of Detroit, the only Negro on the committee investigating Powell, told other Congressmen: "Adam Powell has been my hero since my earliest memory of politics. Nobody was more disillusioned than I over the wrongdoing reported here. I can't tell you how difficult it has been for me as a Negro to listen to all this testimony and sit in judgment. However, I have a duty to perform, and I'm doing it to the best of my ability." He voted to censure his hero. - o - - ADAM'S A PIKER - If you sometimes feel your own local politicians get away with too much, consider the case of Mayor Sam Yorty of Los Angejles, most junketing mayor in California history. ! In January he took a trip to Paris, London and Dublin. In Feoruary he went to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia. In March he's scheduled to go to the Philippines, Hong Kong and Tokyo - all at city expense, and presumably as part of the job of governing Los Angeles. The mayor has taken 15 foreign trips since elected. On January 18, the Los Angeles city council voted him an additional $50,000 for expenses so he still could show Rep. Adam Clayton Powell a few tricks. When the mayor attended the World Series game in Baltimore at the city's expense, incidentally, he even bought an electric razor and charged it to the taxpayers. - o - - NO CONGRESS CONTROL - On Jan. 24, 1966, the U. S. Senate in the second closed- door session since World War II voted 61 to 28 not to perm.'.t other Senators except the Armed Services Committee to ride herd on the secret activities of the Central Intelligence Agency. If that vote had been different, the country nrght not have been so surprised by recent disclosures that some $3 million of the taxpayers money had been spent by CIA tosJbsldize various student organizations represented to the public as spontaneous youth movements organized in the spirit of American free enterprise. Investigation by other Senators besides the pro-military Armed Services Committee would have disclosed this subsidy. During the secret debate, Sen. William "ulbright, D-Ark., contended that the CIA played a more influential role in foreign policy than the State Department ; therefore his Senate Foreign Relations Committee members should be informed of the CIA's activities. Standing near Fulbright and striking his right fist into his left palm with a loud crack, Sen. Richard Russell, D-Ga., chairman of the Armed Services Committee, blasted the Foreign Relations Comm.'ttee as "self-serving, self-seeking." Russell demanded that the resolution to permit the Foreign Relations Conrnittee to participate in supervision of CIA be referred to his committee, where of course it was certain to be killed. Vice President Humphrey, usually a liberal, ruled against his liberal colleagues. He won the day for Russell and his conservatives. Ten years before, the Senate had also voted, 59 to 27, to defeat a proposal by Sen. Mike Mansfield, D-Mont., now Senate Leader, to create a joint Congressional committee to oversee the CIA. The then-Senate Leader from Texas, now President of the United States, voted against this checkrein on Central Intelligence. Portland Twp. Card Club At Donald Webers PORTLAND - The nighborhood Card Party met last Tuesday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weber, Mrs. Henry Smith assistant hostess. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith and Ramona, Mr. and Mrs. George Koestler, "Mr. and Mrs. 1 Jay Steven, Mr. and Mrs; Bernard Meister, Bill Meister, Vivian Dutton, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Marlow, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meister, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Andreasen. - o - Mrs. J. R. Thompson was a Sunday dinner guest in the Edmund Larson home. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Harlan of Algona were Sunday afternoon visitors and Sunday evening supper guests in the Larson home. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister went to Fayette, Saturday, to visit their son Eugene. They attended the basketball game Saturday night between Luther and Upper Iowa. They spent the night in Olweln in the apartment of Miss Mary Ann Goetz. They spent Sunday with Eugene and Mary Ann and drove over to Hazelton and out north totownlntheAmish vicinity and saw several buggies drawn by horses. They returned home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny H. Harms visited in the Raymond Franzen home in Titonka Friday even- ing. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks visited in the Joe Goetz home, at Wesley, Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dimond, Mr. and Mrs. Layton Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Orvin Friedow and Bill, Ricky Kline, Mrs. Ruth Gifford, Daryl Sparks and Betty Tlach, all of Britt, were Tuesday evening dinner guests in the Howard Sparks home, this was in honor of the birthday of Mr. Guy Dimond. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch and Judy were Saturday evening supper guests in the home of Mrs. Dwight Ruse. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ruse, Leroy and Steven were Sunday evening supper guests in the home of Mrs, Dwight Ruse. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Andreasen were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Prilipp at Clear Lake. They also visited Mrs. Andreasen's Aunt, Mrs. Walter Post, also of Clear Laek. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms visited in the Carl Harms home in Titonka, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch and Judy and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grosser and Randy of West Bend were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Schwendemann of Livermore. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Spear and family are moved in and nicely settled in their new house, on their farm north and east of Burt, which has just been completed. Mrs. Donald Glamm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett, called from Mankato Sunday evening, to say they had ten inches of snow again the past few days, mostly falling Friday, while we Just had snow flurries here. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Phelps were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Cecelia Jacobson, Forest City, a cousin of Mrs. Phelps. They also called MODEL NEW ONE OF THE WORLD'S LOWEST PRICED ELECTROSTATIC COPIERS ONLY 349 Now any business, any department, can enjoy fast, simple and clean operation plus inexpensive DRY copies at an exceptionally low cost. The portable, lightweight Model 800 is capable of performing practically any copying job handled by large, expensive electrostatic copiers. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co. Algona, Iowa on her sister, Mrs. Johnny Johnson, whose husband passed away suddenly, Friday night. The funeral tor Mr. Johnny Johnson will be held Tuesday forenoon, at Forest City. Mrs. Lawrence Govern was confined to her home Sunday with a bad case of the flu. Mrs. Edmund Larson attended the U and I Circle, Tuesday, at the Merle Schwietert home. Mrs. BeulahDundas, Mrs. Jake Gifford, Miss Martha Gifford and Mr. and Mrs. Jay Allen, all of Burt, were Sunday evening visitors in the Edmund Larson home. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meister and Brett were Wednesday overnight guests in the Bernard Meister home. Mrs. Bernard Meister was a F riday evening dinner gue st in the Don Welp home in honor of Mrs. John Welp's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Christensen were Thursday evening visitors in the Edmond Larson home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker visited their land-lady, Mrs. Mabel Samson, Sunday afternoon, in the New Samaritan home in Algona, to help her celebrate her 85th birthday. Mrs. Betty Miller, Donna and MR. AND MRS. Fred Baum and son of Minneapolis were visitors in the E. C. Schwietert home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Baum of Blue Earth were Sunday afternoon visitors in the E. C. Schwietert home. Jean Wood of Mankato spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Wood, Jean and Randy visited Mrs. W. A. Wood in Algona Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Elmers of Fairmont visited in the E. C. Schwietert home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shlpler were Sunday evening visitors in the Brink Shipler home at Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister were weekend visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meister at Lake View. They were also supper guests in the Francis Meister home at Wall Lake; Sun-* day afternoon callers on Mrs. Katie Fitzsimmons of Wall Lake; and Sunday evening callers on Mr. and Mrs. Jim McShane at Lake View. Mrs. Robert Wood and Randy were Saturday visitors at Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedys. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson visited Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy and Paul, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Erickson of Marcus spent a day with her sister and family, the Eugene Meyers, recently. "Fun is like insurance, the older you are the more it costs you" Several From Titonka In Speech Contest TITONKA - The District Speech contest was held at the Woden-Crystal Lake Community School Friday and Saturday. Those participating from Titonka were: prose, Marilyn Hopkes, Keith Rode and Judy Isebrand; poetry, Karen Brandt, Jo Ann Engelbarts and Carol Janssen; humorous, Paul Tapper Jolene Sleper and Linda Gingrich; oratorical, Susan Roberts and Keith Rode; dramatic, Jo Ann Smidt; after dinner speaking, Leon Pannkuk; extemporaneous, Glenn Bartelt. Speech director is Mrs. Edward Brandt. Thursday, March 2, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Dei Moln«-5 BLUE GOLD DINNER The annual Blue and Gold Banquet was held Friday evening, Feb. 17, at Good Hope Lutheran Fellowship hall. A 6:30 pot luck supper was enjoyed by Cub Scouts and their families. The district representative, Dale Lockwood, Burt, spoke to the group. Thirty-two awards were presented to 17 Cub Scouts: David Amesbury, Wolf badge, gold and silver arrow Randall Boyken, Wolf badge, gold arrow, Denner bar; Steven Dietrich, Wolf badge, gold and silver arrow; Freddie Tollman, gold and silber arrow; Douglas Fox, Wolf badge, gold and silver arrow, Denner bars; Gary Goetz, wolf badge, Jay Mayland, wolf badge; Bruce Sleper, Wolf badge, gold and Silver arrow; Ryan Baade, Bear badge; Roy Budlong, silver arrow; Mark Englund, gold and silver arrow; Brent Krantz, silver arrow; Gail Stoddard, bear badge, Denner bar; Doug- las Harms, assistant Denner bars; Donavon Beenken, Lion badge, gold and silver arrows, assistant Denner bars; Daniel Hamilton, Lion badge, gold arrow; Gary Krantz, Webelos and was graduated from Cub Scouting. - 93 rd Lifetime resident of the Maquoketa area, Mrs. Ida Penrose celebrated her 93rd birthday there on Feb. 19th. Mrs. Penrose is a 50-year member of both the Rebekah and Pythian Sisters lodges. She has three children, six grandchildren 12- great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. BUTTONS Nancy Trimble, Corydon, brought in 65,000 buttons which were gathered in one week after her fiance entered her name in a contest which gave 10 votes for every button collected. Her bags and boxes of buttons amount to 534,670 votes toward the prize of a new bedroom suite. APPEARING THRU SAT., MARCH 4 § * * * PINE ROOM HOTEL ALGONA "WHERE THE ACTION IS" NOW PERCIVAL'S OFFER YOU A VACATION FOR THE FAMILY WITH THE PURCHASE OF A NEW DODGE, CHRYSLER, OR DODGE TRUCK At t'Ke Fabulous DEVIL'S POOL GUEST RANCH On 52,000-Acre Table Rock Lake LOCATED IN QZARKS PARADISE VILLAGE, 10 MILES SOUTH OF BRANSON, MISSOURI IN THE HEART OF THE WORLD FAMOUS OZARK MOUNTAINS INCLUDING: FREE 4; MODERN LODGING •Jf All MEALS % FISHING-BOAT FURNISHED $ WATER SKIING 5fc PLANNED SOCIAL ACTIVITIES % GUIDED TOUR OF OZARKS PARADISE VILLAGE HORSE BACK RIDING HAYRIDES, SQUARE DANCING PINGPONG, SHUFFLEBOARD HORSESHOES JUST PLAIN LOAFING J OLYMPIC STYLE SWIMMING POOL NO GIMMICKS NO DRAWINGS NO HIDDEN CHARGES We are out to set new sales records for March \ Drive a new demonstrator today without obligation - see why Dodge gives you the most - but still remains in the low-price field ... or for only a few dollars per month more, you can move up to true luxury - Chrsyler luxury \ BUY NOW SAVE NOW This offer starts March 1 for a very limited time only! PERCIVAL MOTORS SO. PHILLIPS ST. DODGE * CHRYSLER ALGONA

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