The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 1, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVH.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 1, 1949 Blytheville Industry Converts From Making of Tent Stakes to Building of Flame Cultivators Th* jump from making tent stakes to manufacturing flame cultivators might seem * long one but James Bnrksdale did it and gave BJylhevllle on« of the unique small industries In the state. Mr. Barksdale launched his* manufacturing business in J933 Blytheville would be an excellent spot for the manufacture aud sale of them," he said. It didn't turn out exactly that way, however. Although he has sold many «f the machines in Arkansas and Missouri, his best *:ii.ston>crs liave been In Mississippi. "They use the (tame cultivator down there more (hem I hey do here, =eems. Though I don't when he did repair work and light manufacturing. One year later, he started to produce large circulating fans. It Is believed that his organization was Hie first to produce the large type circulating fan, "We couldn't buy. regular Ian blades and used a small airplane propeller In the first inns. Later, when the large fan became popular, we could get a regular blade." By that time, hundreds of citizens of northeast Arkansas and southwest Missouri v.cre being cooled by the giant tans made here. When the war came along, thn Barksdale Manufacturing Company got. a contract to make tent .stakes. Converts Krom 1 ^'ar Schedule Sianrta rd mean s of prod uc tio n were too slo** to suit Mr. Barksdale so he and his associates tackled the problem of more and better tent stakes and came up with a solution that "had the rest of them heat by a mile." He estimates that he turned out about 30.000,000 tent stakes. Four years ago, with the prospects of more contracts for tent i "s ^ IT "• ""• »•'"•"-• •* »•«..... stakes dimmed by the end of (he more farmers will use the flame war he started looking around for cultivator ns the whole process of - growing cotton becomes more know exactly why," lie pointed out Sells Over Wide Area He has also sold machines to farmers in Alabama. Georgia, Texas, Louisiana and Florida. He sent one ruUivalor to a Klad- lola grower In Florida. "It was sent on an experimental basis. We did- n' r kt;ow 11 it would work lor him or tut, but due to some delays-. he didn't get the machine in time Vo give it a test. 1 think he might try it again next year, though." Practically every part of the cultivator, which can be attached to a tractor, except the tank is made in the Blytheville plant on South Broadway. The prospect for more extensive use of his product is good, according to Mr. Barksdale. ''I think something else with which to test his mechanical genius. '•I read of the development of the flame cultivator, inspected a couple of models and decided that mechanized. For intUnce, many think that cotton which is to be picked by mechanical pickers should be (lame cultivated." HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Hard-Boiled Cab Driver Learns Lot- About Life on Just One Short Trip BY Hal Bo.Tle NEW YORK— W — The sirl was rtark-hAired und young niul pert ».i a pony. There was a waggle to her body as she stepped inUt the street and hailed the cab. "Oh, oh! » good looker for change, said Ihs driver. He hailed and for a moment considered opening the door for her. Then he thought, "Oh, hell, why spoil 'cm when they're young? Give 'em some • ttention now, and when they're old and grey they'll think they deserve it." So the young girl opened the door herself, perched on the bacV • aeat, and said: "Welfare Island Ferry." As th« cab started off. she 'said: "Say, how many thousand dollars »re there in a million dollars?" "LooK," said the driver, "quit picking on me. If I knew how many thousands was In a million would I be driving a hack? Why do you. want to know?" "Cause that old lady we just passed on the sidewalk has a million dollars. Just inherited it. She live* at the hotel where I work." The c»b paused at a red light, and the driver asked: "Whatcha goin' all the way to "Welfare Island on such a hot day lor?" "To see my daughter. She's got t bum heart- really bum. Imagine that I And she's only four years old." "Teh. Ich," clucked the driver. Life So Very Complicated She tossed her mane of midnight hair back from her damp forehead. She lit a ctgaret and said moodily, "Oh, hell!" "Watsa matter now?" ''Oh, my love life's all fussed up.' "How, little chicken?" "Oh, I've divorced my liusband — he's a piano player. And I've been going with a detective. But he's such a perfectionist. He's craxy jealous if I'm for a date. I instructor boy fun, but I can't depend on him. Sometimes he shows up for a date two days late." "Uh huh," said ;he driver. "Well. if von ask me — ." "And then there's my bus rtrivcr boy friend, he's really the sweetest." the girl went on. "And there's the embalmer — he makes move money than any of 'cm. Calls me up 17 times a day." "Marry the embalmcr." said Uie taxi driver. "Follou- the dough kid," "But he lives me the crews, ' she shuddered. "He Is so proud of his work- he wants me (o come down and watch him. And afterward I can't touch his hands or bear to let him kiss me." "Don't he wear rubber gtovcs?" "Yes, tmt^~" Cabbie Figures It all Out The driver mulled this over, r he halted near the ferry terrain..! he said: "Honey, I've Rot it all Jigurec out. Your detective Ls going t> shoot you lo death some evening while cleaning his gun. Your em balmer will fix you up pretty ,! Your dance instructor will danc at the funeral and your first has wnd will play the piano. Then th bus driver will tak*. everybody ou the cemetery for nothing, 'And, sister, the whole dan thing won't cost you a nicke What have you got lo worr about?" The girl paid her fare an laughed uneasily. "I know you're only Joking," si .said, "but you're the second who has told me the detective wi end up by shooting me." The cab driver watched as si walked away. There was a defiai waggle to her body. "If I wasn't married and ha three kids—" he said. Eubanks Slaying Suspect Declared Insane by Jury HUNTSVIIiE, MO., July 1. (AP —Arthur Scholield, one of five me charged with first degree murder 1 the slaying of Roy Eubanks, vva found insane yesterday by a civeu : court jury. After hearing the testimony- o two physicians, the jury returns the verdict in three minutes. Th 41-year-old Kansas City man wi be taken to the State Hospital a Pulton. Eubanks was shot a nd fatal wounded during a. hold-up at h filling station near here Dccembi 7, 1547. Of the five men arrest e> only Schofield and Herman AU Robinson have not been tried, five minutes late also got a dance friend. He's more uoui liquors for beverwc at retail on the premises described u HI So. Main Street, LwchvUle, Arlun- sa*. This permit Usued on the j day of July 1948 and expires on the 30 day of June I960. Fred f. Alexander 8-30-49 7-7-13 NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice Is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues ot the State of Arkansas has Luued a permit. No 222 to Robert I. Thompson to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as City Drug Co., 101 E. Main, Blytheville. Ark. This permit Issued on the 1st day of July 1949 and expires on the 30th day of June 1950. Robert, I. Thompson 711-8 NOTICE OF GRANTING OF UQUOK PtRMIT Notice t£ hereoy given thut the commiuloner of Revenues o! the State of Arkansas has Issued, a permit. No. 282 to R. W Bishoff, H. H. Thurmond U> sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage >' retail on the premises described as 10S No. Third St.. Leachville, Ark This permit Issued on the 1 day of July 1949 and expires on the 30 day of June 1950. R. W. Blshoft H, H. Thurmond 6-30-49 I ' 7-1-40 Read Courier News Waal NOW OPEN! CRAFTON'S SERVICE STATION Highway 61 South, Nexl lo Ra-wirback ^ Washing & Greasing Our Specialty We Guarantee Telephone Satisfaction 921 ROSCOK CRAFTON, JR., Owner and Manager —Courier News Photo UNIQL'K HI.YTIIEVir.M-: INDUSTRY—James Baiksdale (right.) and his men pul the finishing touches a ilainc cultivator which was made here by Hie Barksdale Manufacturing Company. The local plant Is of the few in the stale which manulacturei inc cultivators. Cultivators made hcr« liave Sound their y to cotton fields in nearly every southern slate. HAYTI NEWS By Nan Sulton Jaycees Install Officers Hcrshel Kaiser \vns ins tailed as ircsidctit of the Hnyti Junior Jhambcr of Commerce Wednesday light when that group held its | .nnual inaugural ball at Club j Vulvet. ' James Kolb, of Jefferson City, MCK, WAS guest of honor and had :Uarge of the Installation service, l€ is the newly elected Jnycce state president. Mr. Kolb spoke brief>v >vlor to the installation cevccony. Oilier officers installed include William Khourie, first vice president; MurreH Gunn, second vice president; Marvin Parker, secre- nry; Floyd Wooldridge, treasurer; ,i\d Jesse Paul McArmally, Abblc Bnrkovltz and W. W. Chism, directors- Pfc. Don Hays returned home yesterday, having been honorably discharged from the army at Fort Bennlng, Ga. Creasy Kilns Conducted funeral services for James Creasy were conducted yesterday afternoon at \Vardell with burial in the Cariither.sville cemetery. Mr. Creasy was killed when struck by lightning near Ward ell Monday afternoon. LaForge Undertaking Company was in charge. Personals Mr. and Mrs. Hen Hutchison and children are home from a two week stay in San Antonio, Texas. Ronnie F. Oreenwell, Jr.. is home to spend the summer with nls father. Mr. Greenwdl Is n Junior at SI Louts University. Mrs O. T. Martin had :is house guests Mr. and Mrs. Bill Adam; and daughter. Sherron Ann. o Flint, Mich,; and Mr. and Mrs. H D. Sanders, of Memphis. Tenn, Mr. and Mrs Floyd Shlrey are parents of a son born Tuesdfl at the Kennett Hospital. They have one other child. Mrs. May Chism wiH returr home this weekend from Methodis Hospital In Memphis, Term., when she has been undergoing treat- Alum'mum Plant Strike Averted as Negotiators Vote Contract Extension LITTLE ROCK. July ]. (AP) — Representatives of the Revnolds Aluminum interests and the'firm's Arkansas employes have agreed to 15-day extension of the present contract, thus averting temporarily threatened strike. Meanwhile negotiations on a new contracf will continue. Some 1503 employes in bauxite mines and two plants—Jone,s Mill and Hurricane Creek—voted last week to strike at any time after today that a walkout was called by :heir leaders. The contract was due to expire today. The extension agreement was reached last night. The employes are members of the ClO-United Steel Workers of America- Wage scales an dottier matters are in dispute. Associate Justice Robins Buried Today In Con way CON WAY. Ark, July 1. (£»>—Funeral o/ Associate Justice R. W Robins of the Arkansas Supreme Court, who died at Little Rock yesterday after a long illness, 15 to be held here (oday at 5 p.m. The Rev. Allen D, Stewart, former pastor of the First Methodist Church in Blytheville. and Dr. C. M. Rcves will conduct services. Burial will be here. Sal Ion Sea in [he Colorado desert was a s;ilt marsh before 1905, when defective irrigation canals turned it into a lake 40 miles long. Jonesboro Auto Firm Appeals $7,750 Judgment LITTLE ROCK, July 1. (AP) — Quality Motors. Inc.. Jc-nesboto, has appealed to the Arkansas Supreme Court from a 51,750 Judgment in a sxrit involving sale of an automobile to a minor. The Craighead Chancery Court awarded Dr. D. J. Hays, member of the faculty of Arkansas State College, Jonesboro, the judgment representing price of an automobile he said the company sold his 16-year- old son. The automobile wa,s ordered returned lo the company. NOTICE OK GHAXTIN'G OF LIQUOR I'KRMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued a permit, N f o. 216 to B. S. Simmons to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquoi.s for beverage at retail the premises de-scribed as 109 So. Division St.. Blytheville, Ark. Thi.s permit i&stied on the 1st day of July 1949 and expires on the 301 h clay o! June 1950. B. 5. Simmons 7:1-8 NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the C o mm iss toner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued a permit. No. 234 to Fred P. Alexander to sell and dispense vinous or spirit- we offer our congratulations to the SKYLINE THEATRE Enjoy Pepsi-Cola brought directly to your automobile in the new Vcndcar. ., .or get it from the modern, sanitary Pepsi-Cola Cup Dispenser in the concession building. NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that 11 Commissioner of Revenues of VI State of Arkansas has issued a permit. No. 215 to Philip Applebaum to sell and dispense vinovis or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 110' South 5th, Blythevmc. Ar' f :. This permit issued on the 1 day of July 191!) nnd expires on the 30 day of. June 1950. Philip Applebnunt NOW For Immediate Delivery FERTILIZER Ammonium Kitrate Blytheville Fertilizer Corporation Per Ton F. O. B. Plant We suggest Jhat you fill your re- flitiremenls now while the material is available. L«s»8% Discount South Highway 61 Phone 3105 McCLENDON LUMBER COMPANY Caruthersville SKYLINE THEATRE WE OFFER CONGRATULATIONS TO BLYTHEVLLE'S NEW DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATER offers sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the SKYLINE THEATRE CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP MIDWEST ICE CREAM HUFFMAN BROS. LBR. CO, JESSE WHITE Bb'ttieville's Leading Sign Concern /•

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