The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1949
Page 13
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VEDNESDAY, 51 ARCH 30, BT,YTHP!VIM,R (ARK.) COUIUTCR NEWS UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE THIRTEEN COME ON--A GET ALL TH 1 J. TOOLS B»-CK \ AMP LETS I GET &OINO.' J ~ -—^ HUH? WHV MOT. Jv\«.? TH4.TS WHERE THEY WAS. 1 KNOW, BUT MOW THEV'RE GOING UP IK> THE FRONT SEAT WITH VOU TVJO--MOT BA.CK WITH US TWO.' N'f\\' Orlean= lies bo low the urr Ifivcls of iho Mississippi, the k'o, and l.nke By Bob Wade and Bill Miller News Watll Ads. Political Announcements XL £ IKUTENANT LAY to Municipal EU-ciion Aoril 5 1919 1'or DOYLE HENDERSON E R JACKSON for Alderman Fust Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER J1MMIE SANDERS bccond ward WALTER C GATES J. W ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS UAILKY LOUIS G NASH Fourth Wurd (Twro !o be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE TMft RAILROADS AR£ TIM ID HELD BAG* 8ECAOS6 THE SUPERFICIAL C \MiLiZATlOrV VIDEO, jex PLACES, MO TRftlMS TO MlMK 3UislCTlOi ttfoi oce l^i THE GKOOrOQ M£AR StTOR tsJ 60T h NCA UtVICE. IMC tossed the sialcmcnl tin his desk and said, "Run through it again." Sagmon Uoboltom sat on a hard wooden chair bes'de Lay's desk in the cubbyhole that served the homicide chief as an office. "1 did the wrong Ihing," he said hoarsely. All the hard lines of his lace that had been stern now seemed confused and ineffectual. Lay lapped the statement. "Run through those bare facts again." LeaniMS 0^^111=1 the closed door, liehna Loomis brushed ashes liom her blue patrolman uniform. Uobollom cleared his throat. "I'm an archaeologist. Lieutenant. I nrs: told the story ot the lost Spanish galleon lo BarscLou more lhan a your ago. Naturally. 1 was eager to locale iL So was he and —well, we pooled ouc talents. "As time passed, 1 discovered thai Barsclou regarded the ship ulmosi lanaucally. 1 knew that it was the Reina's leweSs rather llian (he relics. 1 made myself overlook hi? persona! motives. But believe me. Lieutenant. 1 didn' realise how far he'd go!" "Go on," satd Lay inflexibly. Robotlom stared with gray unseeing eyes at the Boor. "I sup pjicd him with maps and wna knowledge I possessed. He hirer a niiin named Anghn lo do th exploration and promised to spoil SOL an expedition later. A wee ago 1 hurried here from Los ATI geles. Anglin had found the ship. "You certainly hurried, 1 ' Thelm Loomis put in. • *' * DOBOTTOM went on, "Barselo nhonccl me Saturday nigh thai a man and a woman name Jones, masquerading under th name ol Conover, were trying t beat us to the Rcina." Roboltoi squirmed. "Lieutenant, those re! ics would have doubled iny rcpu Lation. 1 had to discover them first!" "All right." I thought 1 might be able to ufT the Conover&oul. I talked lo e woman and thought 1 hud suc- ctled. 1 was wrong." 'What about this Kaye Jordan?" ay pressed. "I met her once—this morning, hat's all. Lieutenant, We talked r a few minutes and 1 gave her card to Barselou's—ah—" "Casino," said Lay evenly. "1 now about iL" lie consulted helnin Loomis 1 skeptical cxpres- on and then turned again lo the across the desk. "You mijjkit c in prelty hot water now, you low that? Conspiracy, possible ccossory lo a murder, intimida- on—" Kobottom attempted to straight- n liie creases of his soiled white ;'ousers but his strong hands wen. linking. "What are you going lo o to me, Lieutenant?" "Whal'U you (Jo if 1 let you go?' No hopeful shade crept into Ro- lOtlom's eyes. His dull voice replied automatically. "Why—I'U gi ionic—my wife—" The police officer said, "Recognizance and this statement wit) dc me [or now. Keep in touch." * • * 'T took John Henry, Burselou - Sin and Trim with his revolve half hour to climb Ihe 200 fee up to the suspended ship. Atiglii lad done his work well. A rougj ladder ot deep steps had bee chipped in the soil stone of on cliff, leading up lo the stern Ihe Queen. Sin clutched at the crude ston steps and kept her eyes as near closed as she dared. Then sud denly, to one side, was a rottin balcony of sancl-covereci wooi She grabbed for U and John Vlenr pulled her onlo the deck ol tl galJcon, *'No wonder I couldn't spot from the air," Barsclou mullcrec This topmost deck was hcape with sandy dirt »nri small rock Sagebrush, mesquite, a Tow slru Crnppic or Catfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo Stale Line SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Better Service 808 North Franklin Phone 32U3 THE GRAMS COMPANY I\E.\LTOl\S Real Estdto - Nforttjaq'- [u<tn»- fiMiraiv Phone 521 BUTHIMl M Phon* 30751 Soy it .... With Flowers The Flower Shop Glcncne Hole! Uldg. Phone 4491 or 274? OlROS ARK ABU. To WHILt STANDING, SOMtTIMIS ON ONE LEG — THEJR LE.& JOINTS LOCK We harcn'l Ro ne to sleep on the Job ... we have Ihe wonderful floor covering KENTILE. 11*5 Ihe asphalt tile that Is Kt »pon the floor, tile by tile. The patterns are created by combinlrn different colors in various layouts. The pattern you u«« can be one of your own rleMjrnlng or one of the standard combinations. HEALS ' faritghu. 109 CAST MAIM SrPffT YTHfVliL^, ARKANSAS COTTON FARMERS Chemically dtlinted cotton seed cermiiKilc iiuicknr, plant and plow (he same week. Ketluce chopping expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CEKTIFIKI) VARIKTlr.S AVA1I.ABI.K O. it r. L. No. U. per aO Lb. Bag.. $1U.UU O. A P. L. No. 15, Ter 50 Lb. Bag 1U.UU Sloneville 'i B, Per SO Lb. Bag 10.00 Sloneville 'J C, Per 50 l.b. H»g 10.01) Kuntten ll-B. Per 5« Lb, Bay 10.00 Hall * Half iHtbred). Per SO I,b. Bac 10.00 Ooker's 100 Wilt Rrfi^lant. Per 50 t.b. Haj 10.00 Paula. Prr 50 l.b. Bar 10.00 Empire. Pf.r 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Come in ant] place your order or Kct vour supply lotlay, BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phonr 85* Blythcville. Ark. I'linne 857 Brancbcs: Leachvillc. Ark., llnrnrrsvllle, Mo. and Setiath. Mo. .STUDEBAKER FINE CARS AT A FAIR PRICE '49 License on All These Cars 1947 Chevrolet, very low mileage, clean inside and -> oul. C 1947 Ford, radio, healer, anil seal covers. C D JBIO Mercury, new painl and BRAND NK\V m MOTOR W 1940 Ford, new paint, equipped with overdrive X 1939 Chevrolet, good motor, radio and heater PC 1947 Studcbakcr I'/j Ton Truck, good motor, (ires m and body _ • Come By Before You JJuv • Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 'STUDEBAKER HUCCKMCS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8E1 Coming In Fine AM HODB.SIMCE 1 SAMO. AMD HOT A f.AU I LIMES MOST Bf QUICK ! \Tt(c WHO WA9 A WOA^iWG SCXJWt> ABOur AN HOUR AGO.' &L>RWFP-our TUBE "Will you please tell tno manager to snow more westerns or all his important customers will switch to television?" 1'KISCILLA'S l'01> I'erils of 1'allierlii AL VERMBER THERE ML OOEO... CHEER UP.' U WOM'T LAST 3,. FOREVER.' 1 RCMtMBEf? WHEM THE BOV5 U5ED IIArtG AROUND AMD PESTER MY DAUGHTER, "TOO' AMD HOW VOU DON'T SUE THEM ANY MORE "V CHASING M'-TER V- < «K l - n -,~T\ 0iGA1N ,, --"— — f- _____ IJy M1CHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK I'M S1X-FEE7-1HRCE IN MY NYLONS AND [ PVAY CtMTER IOR KIE PHIIUPS OIIERS WHOSE GEEAT- GBAND.V.OtMtH ARE YOU? /y,c CAME WITH MR. CMANNU MO MISS r<x.LY.MAYi{ WCTJ nnia i WITH THEM. CAM YOU DROP IN ON US IN mi WORMING. VtCf UMINK 1 HAVt A X>f FOR VOO SEE WHAT I WEAN. MR. CHANNEL? YOUR GIRL fRIEND 15 HEADED FORIROUBIE THAT'S IHf BIST MtW5 I'H HAD YET/ WHO WER HEARD OF COMING TO A HKHTCLUl BUY A MOV** 9 (THANKS.) By LESLIE TURNER IH DR.WIWG OUT TO THE OIL riiSLD LATEC ER6V. ILL OW'B '/OU Mirl ! / IF VOU'RE COUMTIUG OM NO.,. BUT tOK HBR WI&HT BE lltC RC&T &TC-P! AUO HE'LL NEfl) PLENTV 01 PUMNO.ER5Y. W6 THOUSHT GIS3IMG COULD REFOKH HIM WHBi TtlEV WECE EUGHGED».BU1 IT DIDN'T WORK. 1 . WON He's MUCH IIWB TIME 1O K 10 CWIW FIC^T. / WIHS'S StWSE Of= PUTV 1OWIVKD 1115 CHILD 1O I STCMGMltN UIMOLJTi \ I'l\ ftrCMP 'IOL \ KUOW ALCONOLIC9! BUGS BUNNY By FRED BARMAN JTM A SKA.TIN' ) OC-CWlEFUUi Y THATS Vs/HAT I YOU FOB. SWEEPINS MV SIDEWALK / Bv V. T. HAAILIN BUT MY 5TAK5./ I HAVE 6ONG? ^ L£>1. OF By EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HKK HU11D1KS '. WWVE. ] /\ ' W 1 UK wild flowers luid lakun fool. 0111 above, il wouUI sceni a pioi'e til the surrolliKlinj; Undluncis. The inasls were ll^i'ce broken uinps Ibul barely [JoJcctJ lliroujjh c siiKill <3inies on Lhc mnin dci:k low il\cm. Near on« roil. Vhe jckel buck of a oiimon slill owed above Ihe smicJ. enry looked nervously nt (be ck watls whieli held the Queen place. Then he scanned Ihe •ound level a tew feet over hia end. Trim interpreted the glainre and mclilcd. "No. Mr. Conover. own Into the hold. Thill's where .e chesls will be." Barsclou led (lie way Itehtly. it at every slep the tinibors be- ealh him creaked und groaned. four picket! iheir route erly across Ihe towering deck, own a rotting flight of steps, and to the low waisl o( the galleon, arl ol the dccldnR had fallen ivay here, exposing Ihe deck be- >w and forming a slupinfl incline mt joineti Uic two levels. John Henry o.-iscd Iliniscl/ down .e splintering boards. Then .Mended a hand back lo Sin. They crossed (lie P;iciftc in this ittle boat?" sbe asked. "They didn't know any better," aid John llenry> "The risk for the protH," Barse- ou said heavily. Trim sidled away from thorn, MS pug-nosed face leaning; over he pistol barrel as Ihouyh. he hiitl scented Uieir thoughls. "1 warn you. 1 shed my compunclicnis easily." Sin shuddered np aijainsl her nuibanu nud exlcjuied a trcm- >li»g forelifjgcr. "Louk at them.'" Sprawled around the deck in haphazard piles were collections ot Dleached bones. A skull stared al Ihem wilh hollow eyes as the rising sun caressed it. "Arvaez' crew," Harselou said in tones almost scholarly. Trim, in liis red knee breeches and long blue coat, seemed a fit commander [or the ghost ship. Hu wasn't looking al the bones on the cannon or the empty hold. His sharp eyes raced mound Ihc corners ol the shadowy deck. Then he let out a whoop of Irumipti. (To lie Cimtimicil)

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