The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 5, 1934
Page 6
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CAGE SIS BI.YTHRVII.I.J?, (ARK.) COURIER STAYS MOXf/AY Chick Rally Falls Short, Werner Wins Cage Title I nnmi n -pit n 1111/1 r* . • ' — . _. * ^ I CARL HUBBELL, i _ . .. . — .. -.-f'j'^,- * Chick Rally Laic in Titlo Game, Then Come Back Strong in Last Tilt. The Blylheville. Ciilckasaws IK.HC-S Tor .1 sei-jiiil comec'iimv I'onrth DiMrici cucc' litlr- v.<".'- b'i'MjJ Ijy Wi-iiii-r in Hi'. 1 finals •.i Ilk- diMricl tourr.c-v :\( tin- njiu- t-ri 1 hi re Saturday iii:-!ii. The- wire- V.:is Ti 10 20. •"ruiluig Iran Ihi- Mail the C:ilelv, were Is'V.iml lliru'.ixhuul i,:e championship lilt, although WI-JIV*T b'.ircly ny.'.navi-d tn ,sv.\vf- o.'I a final <|iiarli-r thnat ttini KI'.V thi 1 Chiekjs ru'. tin- M^itoi^ lr;id rrom 10 |«ir.!.s to 'J. EutiTini-' a conies; for M'coiui | |;l:K-e' with Jone.sboio. winner <ii :i'f ro!u>o:at!on (Iii;!il. Oil (lie hi Us oi Ihelr !<iss i:i the litl.> gninc- ••'• <•-Chicks .soundly irouner-d tin- C.'afghe-ael -.ounty champions. 28 lo 15. An Ironic Miii«i:em Jnmi i.•!• Chicks' point o! view wu»s tint Weiner bniHy m.inai'ed to i !•(• nut a victory yvcr ;ln- .same JoiK'sboio ii-nin In (he Tumid t>J the loiirney Jeni'jbcro beat Siinwnir. 2« lo 2i in a lute comflhitlon flight L'amc and then went on to bt-ui T r wnar!n in the consolation final. 1 .. H:'d Weiner b'.'en H:L> loser or '.'r- championship j'ame no con'..•"l would have been ni'ie.ssnry (.1 determine, .second pine-". Wi'lniT t -aln^ previouslv beaten Jnni's- MeHity of BVyilscvllle' was his;!) ?'':rer of lbi> im-cl with 51 points. •<Jc wiis liailce! by D. Keller of .'uiiesboro with 4G. S|:eck. ejt Sl'awncc hnel 43 polni.s, Mack or iifctor 4^, nnd Millrr or Tru- niiiim 37. Wciner led rrom the stem. The Chicks never thrcnlrned seriously until the closing moments of Ihc ejiime when (lie whistle emleel n desperate rally that [or the fli-si time seemed to have Weiner nervous. 'I'he three poim margin Weiner hold at the mil wns Die finallcsl enjoyed .since the stnitol tlio game. At one- time Weiner led by 10 |K>inLs, early in the' final Barter. incidentally it, was at this stage thnt Weiner's attack was finally halted and ihe Chirk lally bcgnn. Weli:er was leading 23 to 13 at the time. Blythcville added seven points while Weiner lulled to nimcx any, paitinlly because or tactics designed to protect their lead nnd partially because of n close knit Chick defense. (Jhick Offense Slopped The Chick olfensc was entirely missing In ihej fivsl hall, Uic. locals failing to score n lield goal. Avi 8 lo 1 lead (or Wciiicr HI, the half proved decisive. Blythcville got Us nttnc's to clicking belter in the last hnlf, counting 10 points lo 15 for Weliicr but Ihe visitors had already \voii Ihelr e>nme. Weiner ran up 7 ]x>ints before Mosclcy ennde BOO<1 n free throw to give, the Chicks llieir ilrst sejore. A Weiner free throw placed Weincr nt a decided sidvnntnge, 8 to 1, at the. halt. Tlplon sank n field goal "as the second half opened but, Weiner came back nnd increased Its margin to lend 1C to 7 as Die third quarter ended. Urofcdoje Brlriss Hope The Chicks' slow scoring price picked up In the final charter, the locals making 13 points to 7 fcr the visitors. Koehler .touched, of!" Ihe Chick rally with a field goal. McCulley's goal finteiicd Weiner's scoring for the evening with tile visitors leading 23 to 13. With only n few minutes lert to play Brogdon replaced Mosley ror Blytheville. His presence inspired his teammates, especially when the diminutive .forward s.xuk two Held yoals in rapid succession. It was AM) ERiffc 'ft LUCK. WA v wu. et ?AC< J U I Giant Ace Goes To Ex-; Imnes To Court Lady j .nek Himself. II V CAItl. IIIJIiliKI.I, \<w Yurk fllantb' I'ite-lior •upyrllilit, 1034.NKA Strvice, rue.) '.','ln-n H e'eiiiu-s le> Ixi^ijiill, I iielmlt Hint I'm surxjrMl- uiiiiiLs roolish lo confe'.ss Hint, -ci far ii.s I know there! Isn'l iii;i;of lensue hnll player who ojnr iin-n.surc, Ihc snmo. 'I'he lltllc precautions 1 take .) I.ady I.lick em the jnound All District Teams J'Jiiyor Team ISIytheviltc Scott I 1 '. Kc-llor Si'toiul 'IViim pin v't'r Sfiifioi Forw:'iel ]). Keller Jmivshurn Foi'wtinl M : ..-k UK-tor Weiner Coniej- Jnn-s U'cincr Lnxora (.'(utnl Tinlon Hlythevilk- JouesUoro (lu.'iid Tliomiwon Trtimaiin \OIK: Ihesu all-di.slritt teams wc-iv .suleeled ),y II. h. hml, (list net president; C. II. Jtisiiss, ivforpe-iii-i-fik-r: IJurljert Schwartz, assistant referee: Miller Kitton »( I'.Jirli', liiiioki;c|)cr; John Holland of Hlyilicvillc scortr. up llilngs around Uu- diainon ;llc liu-rally M/our.s the territory around .second J«v. H,- picks of aw-n'l bad. wo. If they're move Just a foot or I truly ami we're re-ally In me i>rclty sons with whom 1 during !):<• [I try the olhi-r end of Hie bench.' N U one, Si.mtiiiiK..s 1 S|>end my time o!I . to a pitcher Ihe mound sliding up and dovi: I ; , ,, r ,mc Thai would lj. the- bench, trying to nnd llmili lucky sixil. When I pilch a winning giimt-, I liani- the swealshirt I wore in for a .'.JlK-eJb Of t'rj.SS. ciOcJs iilirl |J<-l,hlc.. 5 ' by tin 1 KJ'O.*.. All o( tin-en J... |j,| t ' s j HMO lils leJi hip pocki-i. I Tlien lie- ha.s ilx- pby.n' l;,.n c ii tt, worry about, too. 'ri,u im lsl .U- kept entirf-ly cle-an. Ji a If-am;mate lays a g'.ove on it, lliighie I pounces on It like 'a UrAr. ] t ln:onas errors' to him. I (/ness. : He pic>:s up dieting lubat-co j ai:d gum wrapjiinss. cigar suit)-:, •o.' anything else Hiai falls around join- bf-Mcli. fCai-h day. it is ti,,. UierolafcWs Jot) to .-mpf; JIuBh'.i- 1 -, l>iii Jiockel. , H wouldn't hold nn:t-li im>rv ine; than one- cjay'^ collection. I"' 1 '- A lol of players ife-clae* Hify <-xe-ii:in[:L- worets I are fr,. L - of "/ W ,|L^|I rc,Pui'>." uiu couw »r :i KMW. | just you M;it( .|, tl|li|jl Sul -,i:c r or i;atuially. -.veiiild f.|K-!ik ' lain- ym r]| cak .ji ihtm cloiii-/ while h-'s woikiiiK ««!«. cruy.y )| t ii L . i r j(.j.. . ul j doinif J.I.: lhe> «:„„,.,. WJiy f ,^ Ui ,,,. Wowuj). I Bn.soball makes a |j»-i-o» li'i't Tlie little things ilic- c.-ilcher, ;>ncl umpiri* art oftt-n Hit only : liny. I tie llm e things ni^-e iht- ave> Mi]XTSli:lr)iiS|breaks that win or ]o.w l>-,]| ann:--s mine. Seiiev.- e.flaiKl if n player's mino is i« irst All jiiU'hc'rs liav more or less like Ihfin curry them ove-r Ti'Ojji ,sra-, for having adhered son 10 ».ia>!>. bin 1 never do.'.formula. I iiv minc every ye?u]-. Some- |j,\h .irter all. people say it's iln- iWlwn I drop one. that .sweatshirt 11 elm If I .stai n game an,; am goliig , is oul. I is Iwv. has gon.c | tlmra 1 have several sets In one -..d. 1 always, my glove loj If course while I'm pllcnine; a I month, all drpendins on how s)iot near ihe third IMEO ! name, none or with Us fne-e np. anil fnc-t-: v.-ould lliink of talkUiK to me i.lnwr wl.s hns the nrst simeo-j K Hint, bin I suppose UiaO to a (.vrliiin not fii fex'l- .;> ii hluys ns Jong fis they're nut' while teiimmalcs | we're elolni;. Dm 1 know one ball . .. to me playor wljn has , „ „.. . *'' : ' rc ° n ll 'e field. Nclthct 1 .sliuon he ever exercised—in :«ldi-1 they're nils. When tiiry hu. I. would they say anything on the ' - - - ..!<•>« il over or move It a few reel.. rtelel thai miglil call my attention to the raci that I'm yoing uloug' .Some dioiogical cllect" [anl. Baseball "psy- that's iinpor- i'l call tion to all he has accumulated i Welch and Knichel on Mat Card iloy Welch icurls Ral]>)i Smllh. dlirctO! 1 of athletics nt a Jackson. Ti'im., college In the mnln match o:^ loiiiBht'S' ive.stllni; curd at the L'.r.norv. In a preliinlnnry mntch Fred K.iichel, lavorile of local fans, lar-klre Johnny Stole In a one hour limit match, two out of three falls. Stole, who Is said to be tl.Te pounds lijjhler than Kriickcl, demented Frcrtrtic recently in n imuch in Tennessee, If is slated. Hooks and Slides PoltovinB nrc some or tlic problems American League mnnngei'.s are pondering: Walter Johnson. Cleveland—Will Wesley PVrrell regain his old Pitching form nflcr his rtisnral shmiii of last year, which ncce.'wi- tnled placing Mm in the onirtcld? What are we going to do about thai second unso weakness? will Odcll Hnle nil the bill? Ilnrlcy Bo-s-s Is n belter fieldine; first r.acker limn Eddir Morgan was. but will lils wenk stickwork pick up this year? Lou Fousecii, Cblcngo — Will Gcorne Gnvnstinw work willingly for the Sox. or will he show the same "enthusiasm" he displayed for Connie Mack? If \ve can gel another heavy-hitting outfielder to put onl there with Al Simmons and Mule Haas, our outfield prob- ft NSWERS Oreat was KINtl of I^F: WKKT SAXONS, S71- '-»)!, win) (.-xpc-llccl Hie Dunes mid lir.ciirnr lll)I.t:it OK RNC- LANIX A WH1TK HOOD, hncil willi (li'i cnll.'Ke rolora. tops the KHWII of Doctor of Aria «ml f^ttur». 7tacro am mor« Iliaa r.€r,,11(10 rlvll 5«ivlc» cm- iiloj-rii In tlio if. U. r\l the slarl of n finine I always! jti.kej n certain plucc on the play- 1 bench and I sit there until Thanks Citizens For Aid Making Mecl Success Greene, sni>erinten<len; ille schnnb:. -In a stale- ll'.tinkcd clUzcns of wlm aided In nnkliu: c:\:\v limrney a wtc- ne said he wished In articular those cilizens cl mcmlM-rs of Hie vis-: s into (heir homes fo .veriiljjliL lodging and inenls. RO LAST TIME TODA^ Mat. 2:30, 10-2f>c Nitc 0:-ir>, I0-25c nie:ely. liossible hlnmler pull would be I mean Hughic Criu. He's the most suiiei-stitioiis ball player in the National League—anel ihnl's iayiiifi plenty. Hughfc's n specialist on picking Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, l()-25c 10-3.ic m a race willi time 1 now. Wilson or 'em will be solved. Will Umt a Blythcville made good n freej'Je this Bernard Ultalt. who h throw. With moments to go Koch-1-350 in the Pacific Const loop In: om" the floor, [.wnson?. ler aiiHled one in rro: Tlic Blylhcville. stands, seiising n last minute victory, went, wild bul tlic whistle blasted their hopes. Ctinmplonsliip (iamc Weiner FG FT PP Tl' Senlcney 0 o 0 0 Gibson 1 2 1 " 4 Jones 2 0 2 -1 Wilson 3 1 2 7 McCulley 2 i 3 5 Huffman 1 1 3 3 Totals 9 5 11 23 Blythevlllc FG FT PP TP Mosley 1 3 ; 5 Purtle 0 0 2 o Koehler 2 0 2 4 Wilson 2 I 0 Tlplon 1 0 3 Brogdon ,. 2 0 0 Blnckwell 0 0 2 Totals 8 4 10 20 Sfcond flact Game Bljithevllle FG FT PP TP Mosley 5 Purtle 0 Koehler Blackwcll Tlpton .. Wilson .. Brogdon to->y for Uurky Bucky Harris. Red Sox—With •vove and Pennoek to bolster the pitching sialT. nnd with Maxlc I)i•hop. Eddie Moi-gnu and Uill Cls- •i-ll piving a? a new infield, nbout be only worry I have is in the eutfieltl. Will Arthur Grnhnm nnd Julius Bolters, both rookies who •sit Ixntcr than .3GO last yenr, fit 1:1 with Roy Johnson? Cc:\«ic M-.\ck. Philadelphia-- Orove gone! Cochrnne gone! Earn- sliaw go^e! Bishop gonel My Rogers Hornsl>y. St. louls—Can r plug up (lint hole nt third, nnd will Big Jim Weaver, and that rc- okay. Beit If Gerriltl Walker cnn'l hit lils stride in the outfield willi Pete Fox nnd Goose Qoslln, wliat'll I do? Charley Grimm, Cubs— Hilling wns our weakness last year. Klein, Ctiylcr, nnd Babe Hennnn should supply that, missing punch—but will they? FrnivMe Frisch. Cnrilv-oitl Bur- lelgh Grimes vows he'll win plenty or gnmes for 115. A lol ot people are laughing nt that stntemeut— should I? George Gibson. Pittsburgh— Red Lucns is just what we needed lo supply thnt Inlssins pitching punch. II Red doesn't deliver, can I dc- pcml on Blrkofer? Bob O'Farrell, Cincinnati—Can T bring Paul Derringer bacX to his peak of effectiveness shown \\Nen lie pitched lor the Cnrds? Is Dar.- zy Vance's threat co win 20 gnmes the bunk? Will comorosky team up with Hnfey to give us one ol the best outfields in the league? Dill McKechnle, Braves—Who can I buy. beg, borrow, or steal to twister my wciik-htuing infield? ' , Bill Terry. Giants—Will Blondy Rynn come up with n new pep slogan? Cnn Carl Vlicbbcll make the new lively ball behave? And wlinl's going to happen to "Hard Luck" Johnny Verge?, lilts yenr? Jimmy Wilson. Phils—How can I stay out of Inst. place? Casey Stengel. Dodgers—Who's ntraul of Terry's Giants? ^CONSTANT WOMAN tCONRADINAOiL} _J> lilt* \ HYAMS' W.NCMl'. tOHM TAXI HOYS COMKOY BABY UUKLESK cmit, t,onis . \vho won 30 ror lx>s Angcies last year, give me - winning pitching staft? Joe C-onin, Washington—Who's soing to take GosliiVs place In Ihe outfield? John Stone? And will Ossic Bliiege bear up under another year in the infield, or will I have lo starl Bob Boken or Cecil Travis in his place? Joe McCarthy. Five Kepresciitcd On All-Star Team Not one of the ticipating in the 16 teams par- Fourth District cr.gc tourney here the past week end succeeded In placing niort than one played on the first nil- district team. Blythcville, Shawnce. Weiner, Luxorn and Jonesboro each placed one man on the nrst team, it was the second year (or Mosley 11 Totals 13 1 10 28 of Blythevllte nnd Scolt of Luxora nnd the third year for P, - Yankees—The Keller of Jonesuoro. F. McClcn- pilchlng Starr's okay, but what rton ot Shnvmec and Mr.Cullcv of about the nging Lazerrl, and the;Weiner were the others nmicd uncertain quantity ot Babe Rutu?| Weiner, champion, and Blythe- Mickey Cochrane, Detroit -If, vine, runner-up, got one each Schoolboy Rowe's arm is hcftled •• and Tommy Bridges can dodge that Jinx, onr pitching ptnfT is on the second team, Die others go- Ing to Jonesboro, Trnmann and Rector. With (ho foto of tho world in hit honcH, why did court the favcrl ffi« witkcdesl i Paris? in IHI AFFAUS OF YCXTAIRC . G. APPLEBY -«V '---.- - • . ...^...^.^ ..^ MOTOR CO. .Main apt!, lilythuville.' Irom • pl*y by EUGENE O'NEILL ]'ur;ini»unt News Comedy ",Mixetl ll Wiir Scries Tues,-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. nnd Nile—lOc - 2f>c Ml'SlCM. SHOKT With The KOSWKL1. SlSTKIiS Tuesday - Weds. MAT.— -I (l-25c N ITK— 1 ( } '^- >c IT HAPPENS IN THE P,EST OF FA Ml LIES! r, is with the ;;rc;itcst pleasure that we make this niinouncetncnt to both present and future Kelvinnror owners. J. C. APPLEBY MOTOR CO. Main and 5th., Rlythevillr has been appointed our representatives in this territory. \Ve feel tliat in this fine organization we have secured the l\i»U type of representation that will reflect credit to the Kelvinator product and be of the fullest satisfaction to all Kelvinator owners. We wane to extend a cordial invitation to all Kelvinator owners and to every one interested in the purchase of an electric refrigerator to come in and see the new Kelvinator 20th Anniversary, models. They are, beyond all question, the finest we have ever built in the 20 years we have been in the industry. These new engineering and design features will, we believe, be of interest to you-"4 refrigerators in 1 -fully automatic operation, with no dials to set-the Frost Chest-the new refrigerated Pastry Set-the Food File, with the Vegetable Crispcr, the Dairy Basket and the Thrift Tray for lett-overs-thc Water Cooler-World's Fastest Freezing Speed-and many others. There are 16 beautiful models—a type and size for every family and every budget....KELVINATOR SALES CORPORATION, Detroit. Michigan. ns ynnlfi clniiccs pajs- Ilir pfyer. A Iieail-H:iriniu? drama, w " n Lionel liaiivinnre lircn? ' " mosl lorahlr to the screen' AUTOMOBILE SALES CO. 259 Monroe Memphis lirown, ('u;i ' v Carlisle ;' n '' Onslnw Slovens \Viilii- liopper Carlonn "Hell's Fire" MusM'.il S.linrl— "flot Fnim I'ctrosn:! 1 ' with Dave Appolion nncl Orchestra.

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