Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 30, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1887
Page 2
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Autm DAILT TELBSRAPH, BY W. T. NORTON, Oor, Third and Plain Street*, Alton, HI. MONDAY EVK., MAY 80. THE &DPERY1S0B8. Proceedings of the County Board. The committee on City Relations reports a» follows, towit: We, the committee on City Relations, have examined the following petitions and order the olerk to grant dram shop license: To JOB. Lour, of Woodrivor, malt llnrtora, for one yoftr. . To I. E. Booskoy, of Chouteau ;splrit- oug^tnalt and vinous liquors, for one . To Bftlsor Hememann, of Narneoki: splrltous and malt liquors, for one year. To Henry Rolnoman , of Uhbutoau ; spiritous and malt liquors, for one-year. To HnnryQumn, of Chouteau; spirit- ous and malt liquors, one year. To Wm.iMolonbrook, of Nameokl; spinlous and malt liquors, for one year. To John Schmidt, of Nameoki ; • mall liquors, one year. ' ' ; To V. C. Backs, of Hamel : malt liquors, for one year. .To Clias. H. Flgfte, of , Hamel; spirit- ous and malt liquors, for one year. To Ernat Wolf, of Hamol ; Opinions and malt liquors, for one year. To J. P. Sonerl, of Saline; mall liquors, for one y oar. . J?o, Henry Oldenburg,- of INameoki; spintoug and malt liquors.for one year. ' T6 Lonis Pfls'tcr, of Fosterbnrg; malt liquors, for one year. , • To Frank Yanda, of i fidwaf dsvillo ; malt liquors, for one year. Allot whiofi is respectfully submitted, LOUIS KOL.B, '" H. 8TRACKLEJAHN, , W. .0. KEOWN, ' E. J. PENNING, W. E. WOOD, • " '• Committee: Tonte offers the following , I move, as a substitute, that .those parties asking for a license, but not expressing what kind in their petition, he permitted to such as they (lesirn,upon payment to the county treasurer < either «ieO or $600. And on, motion substitute, adopted and report of-' COmmittoa adopted as amended, and cleric authorized to issue license as required. , The committee on City Relations makes further report as follows, to wit: §We, the committee on City Relations, have erumined the petition 1 ' of Ernst Peterson, of Nameokl, and find thai eame Is for malt license only .and that said Ernst Peterson has been . selling wpiritous liquors all- -along; • without license and ;• has at present a law suit ponding, would, therefore, recommend his petition be rejected i ' All of which is respeotfnlly submitted. LOUIS KOLB, HEBMAIS STRACKLEJAHN, -.. i; v -;;': :fv+- ,.-..••. \i-- ••'••'•' '••- \-.'\ : .-- Committee. On motion tho report of tho.uommiU too was adopted. Poor Tarm committee makes report as follows, towit: Your committee on Poor Farm claim' would beg leave to repert that they have examined the following claims presented, and recommend payment,' and that the clerk be directed to Issue orders to the several claimants, towit : John J Muinrne, . ; . > , {30 85 Ooo Hot/, A Co., • • 4M TruroB 4 Keller, - i,. »»s U II Orano, 17 80 U It Crime, ' 82* AUK 8 HolBol, ISO OUtho, 1170 Total,; r : '•'•:. 8080 All o( which la roBpeottully submitted, K!*S , sT.J.JtJDY. .<" t » V ',•* .;.;. A; J. THAUBKNIOHT, ,, ,. , . G, W, K1NDKK. " 3 ;•?. y ; . ; - : ] y, P. SKl'MKIKH, " * i ' -- '..> •;. 'uomiultteo. On motion the report of the committee was adopted. " t ., ••"' Fee and Salary committee makore>. port as follows, towit; Your committee on Fees and Salary claims would beg leave to 'report that they have examined the following claims presented and recommend payment, and thtit the Clerk bo directed to .Issue orders to;the several claimants, tewit: James .Thorn ton, . WOKoowns A IP Itafr J '• ' I a 7u t 'rr_-rr* ., _ . "I ' * *• ^*0 dcOambrldge, . , f. 4 oo Goo W Kinder? 8 lc> Win MoKlttrlok, — 440 A J Trauornleut, 10 00 O W F Laugo, , : . . 7 40 F Oswald, )j i f, I ;•.... V SO 67 John 8 Gulp! .''••• i i'.' . • = .-' 11 *o W 0 Koown, 4 70 Win MoKltrlck. 4 40 T J Irish, 4 00 i 10 MuOambrlUuu, . ; : 9 Od John Keller,'" • ' 10 40 N 8 Gay, ' , • . ; 10 SO B W Orawlord, :• • 10 00 M 8 Oubboi'ly, w 00 John U Gloss, 117 M M 8 Oubburly, 20 oo I'etor Watts, 12 no Arthur Lowe, (i oo T W MoOunc, 8S 00 John Glass, 2 60 John Knsmlnuor, 17 no Thoi itoyuolcTs,- : 3 so H K Todd, 10 00 Harrison Barco, vj BO Joa Klolsnor, . . ' U oo LAUoal, ;. v i r 10 00 Robt Friday, 100 on M H Fuller, 19 oo J B Honomworth, M oo J .V Graf, ;, .'•.}• . ' 46 00 8 U Uouuoi', ' M 00 HotiryDauUo, , u «n K A Ilurke, 4 55 1' J Melllng, 187 so All of which Is respectfully submitted, J. B. OUL1'. • i JOHN WKAVKK, ,'- , A . ... ' LOUIS L AT/, Kit, „• . W.L. K8TAUUOOK, ' Committee. On motion, report of committee was adopted. Tho uoniuit|ep on Delinquent Taxes makes the ftillowlnj; report, viz: Your (lommittoo on Uollquont Taxes, to whom was reforrcil the petition of William* Donoho, asking the Board to refund H1J,42'of county tax, claiming that an orrpiieoua .aaaeusmeut had boon made on "pt sw pt so 1-4 aeo 9, 3, 7," UUVQ oxaiumed said petition au't rouotu- mend that the prayer thereof be rejected. F. MoCAMBRIDOE, JOHN KELLKH, U. H. LUUKtiR. J. K. BUTLER, ;. A. U, HASTINGS. ; , Committee. •..: On motion, report of committee was ' adopted. The Printing Committee makes report as follows: Your committee on Printing claims would beg leave to report that they have examined the following claims, and recommend payment, and that the clerk be directed to Issue orders to the several claimants, towit: AhBrovn, $16)70 W A Mode, . w» U. D. IlBihnrd A Oo., 13 70 WNDanvers, .1076 T M long. S CO 11 IHckollmupt, IS no OroBuman llroi, 20 76 Grossman llios, 2U '16 Uronsmnn llroo, 38 »0 Alton Ucinocrat, 22 46 J 8 Hoerncr, 1C 08 intelligencer, 17 W Ilrown, I'ottluono ,t Co, 3 Kospcctfully submitted, J. K. BUTLER, W. E. Wood, Committee. On motion, the report of the committee was adopted. J. S. Culp offers tho following resoi lutlon, viz: 1 move that tho county clerk be Ini- structod to notify the chairman of the .Fee and Salary Committee when he has received the semi annual reports of tho several county officials, and that he be instructed to place Raid reports in bis hands for investigation -by himself and committee, so that said coinmittee may bo able to make their report on tho same at our next meeting; which Is, on motion, adopted. • The following resolution is offered by James Banhon, viz: Whereas, The fence of the county poor farm is in a dilapidated condition, and the,neighbors compialu that they are unable to keep their stock upon their premises, owing to the condition of the fence owned by the county; therefore, be it Resolved, That tho Poor Farm Coin> rnlttoo or the Public Buildings Com mittee bo instructed to build a substaus tlal fence aroilndsaid premises. On motion, resolution adopted and referred to Poor Farm Committee with power to act. F. Oswald offers the following, viss: 1 move that all resolutions adopted by previous board, which have not been reconsidered, shall stand in full form until otherwise ordered by this board. Which, on motion, was adopted. John Weaver offers the following communication, towit: WHUKKAS, At the last term of the Circuit Court, of this county, the grand jury took occasion to arraign the county board for not .providing additional room for the county officers, or in other words, for not building addition to the coiirt hOusei and ,•:-;';• 1; WHEREAS, It is much easier, for some men to complain, iind fault.vocomiiiend and suggest, than it is to perform the service complained of; and, Whereas, It should be remembered that the old county commissioners' court, previous to the adoption of township organization, with-; high valuation on all property and a levy of 75 cents on the $100, turned ttie county over to the first board of supervisors with a debt of over $500,000; and, WuitUKAS, Since that time each succeeding county board has been making strenuous efforts to relieve the taxpayers and reduce the debt without increasing the burden of taxation—how well they hava succeeded can be judged, wnen the facts are stated, that with a shrinking valuation on all taxable property, and with a levy at no time greater than 75 cents on the $100 valuation,the county board has provided for the current expenses of the county, and reduced the debt down to two hundred and twenty thousand dollars, to say the least, makes a very good showing; and, WHEREAS, While we admit that the county officers are cramped for want of room, they must submit to some little inconvenience as well as the tax payers, whose right should be protected; therefore, be it Resolved, That when the old debt is reduced . below one hundred thousand dollars, and with a few years careful management on the part of the County Board, this can be accomplished. It will then be proper time for the County Board to provide for a sinking fund for the purpose of building additions to the Court House and making other needed improvements; before any further burdens are lald'on the people this old debt should be brought under control. Respectfully submitted, JOHN WEAVER. And, on motion, resolved that the same bo spread on the record as the sense cf this Board. Moved that when the Board adjourn it adjourn unlit tho regular meeting in July. 'Moved thatjthat the Public Buildings committee bo instructed to have shelving erected in county judge's room and grand jury room not to exceed $50 each, which is adopted and so ordered, On mo^inn of Wm. MoKiUrick,towit: 1 move that this board will not allow hereafter, any physician bills, for treating-paupers with chronic diseases outside of the poor larni, was lost Goo.W. Kinder offered tho following, viz: : I move that $50 be appropriated to be drawn by tho poor farm committee for tho purpose of transporting Sophia Will to Sorantnn, Pa., and John Hall to the Indian. Territory. Which is, on motion, adopted and clerk instructed to issue orders for $50 to said Poor Furm pommittee. On motion Board adjourned until tho regular meeting in July, 1887. Shorter Hoes For Women. d tufentWiub. Ing Compound known, Umil A« DfrnfflJ It produces butter Tennlta with R greater laving of Tlm» and Labor • In Winning and Honno- denning, than anything Ttt Invented, WuhyourDlihei,OUii- wirttWIndovii Oartalui, Jewelry, Silver, In fact •Tirything, with It. Try It In »h» Bath, and note 1U Superiority over Botp OeiiuliiD «lw»)i Uwn tlio tlMvt Symbol anil nuiue ot JAMKB New York, Killing Kobbnrn In Mexico. Wliilo llio robbers were ransacking tlin town n do/on men run to tho nhoro, (Mil small holes In the bouts In which llifc roliliors cnmu, and phiggnd thorn wllh'nuul. 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BiLTiaoBK, BO Trustee's Sale Wheroua,Edward Holllster and Martha It. Holllstor, by their certain deed of trust, bear- lug date, tho Kid day ol May, A. U., 1878,, and recorded In tho Recorder's oflleo In Kdwards- vlllo, comity of Madljon, State of Illinois, In hook 141, pages 22, 23 mid U, convoyed to Henry O. Billings, Trustee, aud tho Sheriff of Madison county, as his successor, in trust, tho following described real estate, In tho county ofMadlHon and State of Illinois: Tho south bait | KI of the northeast quarter I >.f 1 of section four |41, containing eighty ISO] acres, and a portion of .tho north half [Jij ot tho northeast quarter f>il of section four [41, contatng twenty tSOl acres, more or loss, uu of said tracts of land being situated In township live [51, north of range ten |10J, west. Said party, horobv intending to convey all land owned by them In said section four [4], which said deed of trust wua tnado to aeouru one certain principal note, for tho sum of three thousand ($1,000) dollars and due In two years after the date thereof and to boar Intotost after maturity, at the rate of eight per cent per annum; also four [4] Interest notes for the sum of one hundred nnd twenty [$1^(11 dollars each, and duo In six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months after the date thereof, and bearing interest after maturity, at tho rate of eight per cent per annum. All of said notes being dated May 23, AY U., 1878, ftnd all of said notes Vmlnn executed, by said Edward iiollister and payable to tho order iof E. S. Billings. And whereas It was provided, In said Deed of Trust, that If default should bo made In the payment of said notes, or either of them, or tho Interest accruing thereon, according to tho terms thereof; then In that event tho said trustee Is empowered and authorized at once to advertise and sell said real estate. And whereas default has been made In the payment of said principal note of three thousand [$3,OOUJ dollars and the Interest thereon, and there will be duo, on tho day of sale, the sum of three thousand seven hundred and live and forty-four one hundreds | $3,709.44] dollars, as principal and Interest. Aud trhoroos It was provided in said Deed of Trust that If tho sold Henry O, Billings ortrustee, therein mentioned should fall, refuse or be unable to execute this trust, then In that case the Sheriff Ib made and appointed his successor in trust, with all the rights, powers, duties and trusts of said Henry O. Billings as therein set forth, and whereas the said Henry O. Blllinga la unable to execute this trust on account of his absence from the State of Illinois. Therefore, I, the undersigned, Sheriff of Madison county, at tho request of tho legal holder oi said note, E. 8. Billings, public notice is hereby given that in pursuance of the provision of said Deed of Trust, and by virtue of .the powers therein conferred, tho undersigned will, on the TWENTIETH DAX OF JUNE, A. D. 1887, at the hour of ten (10) o'clock u. m. of said day, at tho north front door of the City Hall, in the city of Alton, county of Madison and State of Illinois, olfor forlsalo and sell at public vendue to the highest bidder for cash, the above described real estate, to pay and satisfy siiicl note and deed of trust, together with the costs and expenses ,ol executing this trust, and compensation to the trustee for bis services. Said sale to be mitde without redemption. Emily G. Lefavour claims some interest in said land, but any Interest she may claim has been acquired subsequent to Bald deed of trust. EDWARD A, BURKE. Sheriff of Madison connty, State of Illinois. , J. F. MCUINMS, Attorney. lOdtd Trustee!s Sale. Whereas, Marcus U. Topping, of the city of Alton, county of Madison,and State ot Illinois, by his certain trust deed, duly executed, acknowledged and delivered, bearing date the 24th day of Juno, A. D. 1876, and recorded in tho Register's office of the caid city of Alton, in hook 7, at pages 4,6, and 6, did convey unto Albert Wade, as trustee^ all the following described premised, situated in tho city of Alton, in the county of Madison and State of Illinois, to-wit: The south holt of lot number eight (8) In block number twelve (12) in tho city of Alton, aforesaid, upon which Is erected a two and a half story brick'dwel- ling with stone basement, to secure the payment of one principal promissory note for the sum of three thousand dollars oxecntod by said Marcus H. Topping and dated the 24th day ot June, A. D., 1875, and payable two years after date to the order of Swootser and i-rlcst with Interest from maturity at the rate of ten per cent per annum, the interest, if not paid seml-annually, to become as principal and bear the same rate of Interest: and four interest notes described in said deed of trust of oven date therewith and payable in six, twelve and eighteen months and two years alter date respectively which interest notes have been fully paid. And, whereas, said Marcus H. Topping, by his certain trust deed duly executed, acknowledged and delivered bearing date, the 10th of March, A. D., 1870, and recorded in the Recorder's office of Madison county, Illinois, In book 14t; of deed records on pages 147, 148 and 14U did convoy unto tho said Albert Wade, as trustee, all tho following described promises situated In the city of Alton aforesaid, to wit: The undivided one-half of forty-two and one-half leot fronting on Third street, oil of tho west side ot lot number six (11) in blk number twelve (1?) to further secure tho payment of said principal promissory note for the sumef three thousand dollars. And, whereus, default has boon made in tho payment of tho said principal promissory note and there Is now duo and unpaid there- ou the sum of two thousand, nine hundred und lorty dollars of principal nnd tho sum of $001.18 Interest, making u total of $3,844.13 now duo nnd unpaid on said note, besides the intercut which may accrue on said principal from now to tho day of sale heroluaftermon- tlonod, at tho rate of> eight per cent, per annum; and there is now due tho legal holder of said note tho further sum of one hundred and ilftv-slx dollars and eighty-five cents for taxes paid on said promtdos and Interest on tho taxes so paid; making in all the sum of (1,000.08 now duo the legal holder of said note under said note and deods of trust, and tho legal holder of said note Henry 0. Priest, sur- vlvlnic part of sold flrra of Sweetsur & Priest has made upplloatlon to the undersigned, the trustee In said trust deeds named, and requested him us such trustee to sell ahd dispose of said promises under tho power in said trust deeds aud for the purposes therein stated, und It appears from the records of Madison county, Illinois, that said Marcus H. Topping has convoyed said promises to Mary Fannie Topping: Mow, therefore, public notice Is hereby given, that In pursuance ol said truMt deeds, and by virtue of the power and authority to me grunted In and by tho sume.and by virtue ol tho statute of tho State, I, tho undersigned, will, on TIIUK8UAY, TUB NINTH DAY OF JIINB, A, !>., 1687, at ten o'clock n. m. at tho north front door of tho City Hall bidding, in the city of Alton, aforesaid, sell and dUposo of the premises ubovu unu in said trust deeds respectively described, and all the right, title, benefit and equity of redemption of tho said Marcus 11, Topping, his heirs or assigns therein, at public auction, for the highest and best price the same will bring In cuuli. Dated May l)th, 1887. ALUBIIT WADK, Trustee, WISK & DAVIS, Attorneys for Trustee. dtd FOB SALE." 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Gents' Hats, all styles, way down in price; cheap enough for all. Ladies'Slippers, lOo to $1.50 a pair. Ladies' Shoes, in button and lace, $1 to $3.50 a pair. . Children's Shoes in all grades. Our profit on all goods is no mor« than lOc on the dollar, which will be well demonstrated at the Globe. Our Groceries we are selling out at cost; fixtures for sale. Call in and see us, we will surely entertain you and sell you, if you want to buy, at the lowest prices. Straight words these are, at W. A. H1LDEBRAND, prop'rbf the GUbe. \ .1 1887^ THE LATEST ! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES. Made in four istylos. Two and Threo Burners.-; With Tin onoVIUSBia Ovens. c A PERFECT Air Pressure,-without the elevated tank. Pressure Is obtained with a weight, not with a pump. Absolutely the safest; simple with no Intricate parts, LIGHTS with oarburetted air, instead of oil In a drip cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks are oil' of BK inch seamless brass tubing- small connecting pipes of heavy annealed bras»,w!th union couplings. One end of tank is of .gltxss, showing quantity of oil in same. Cannot . be filled while burning. : ... ,The regular lino of JEWEL STOVES AND KANGES are Improved mechanically and artistically. Large double oven for throe burner Ranges; Stand pipes increased la size to one inch, with large supply valve and trap at base. All ovens are made double or flue lined . - , apedlm PITTS & BAMILL, - - - - Sole Agents. LOOKOUT THE CELEBRATED- QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! UAGLK PACKET COMPANY. . FOR SALE AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HABDWAltB Also Outside Work a specialty. Kooflng and Galvanized Iron Work. Also undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. OOR, SECOND AND AI.BY STB. PHYSICIANS AND HUUGEOMB G. A. HERRMANN, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, THIRD STREET, OVER PFEIFFKH'S SHOE STORE, Olllco hours: 8 to 10 a.m.; 2 to 4 afternoon, and U :30 to 7:30 evening. mv7dOwk Dlt. E. GUKJUUtt, Physician and Surgeon, AND RESIDENCE, OOB.FOUJBTU la»-dwly w. A. HASBJSIX, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OUTTIOK-BJCOOND ST., ALTON, IU» OUtnn u ours—9; 12 to 1, and fl p.m. UKMTUTHY. DB, O. B. KOHLAND, Dentist, 18THIRDBTKKKT, ALTON, ILL, Omen llnvri-H u, m. to 12 m.i 1 Ui 4 p. m SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer ^ «e ! CQ CD H. LEYHE, Master. 1 B.KossPowBtl, ( ED. BLOCK, Oler* s. On and alter Monday, Fob. 11, tho Spread ' FOB ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip nt3 p. in., dally. And leaving Alton for Fortage, Jersey Landing, Grafton, and way points every evening at 6:80 o'clock. ' «a_The Whistle will be sounded •flttecn minutes before starting for St. Louts. IVAHBl ' .••':>•'„;: To ST. Louis, .... BO HOUWDTBIP ... . .< 75 TWBHTT RIDB8 . . . • 5 on , O W. TIILL. Agent, Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUI8 AMD CENTRAL J. F. ELLISON, Ooramandw, On and alter Thursday.Feb. 17th, will leave Alton dally Commencing Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson will leave gt. Louis for Alton, Port- ago, Jersey, Qrafton and all points »n St. L. &,0. LII. It., dallr. except Sunday, at 8180 a. m., arriving at Alton at 11 a. m. Returning will leave Alton for St. Louis at B;« p. m. arriving at St, Louis at 7:80 In ample time for parties to attend theatres, etc. Parties purchasing round trlptlokots will be furnished state rooms without extra cost. Round trip tl ?, k . 0 u t8 S f steamer Spread Eaglo or Hudson willlbo honored by either boat for return passage. connecting with fastexpress on St. Louis and (Jontral Illinois Railroad for Jersoyville, Waverly, Springfield aud all points north and east. FARE. To ST. Louis, single trip, " " rnnnri ti.lS round trip, 50c. 750. WM. L ELUDE UNDERTAKER, 'AND Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Gases, Gaskets Aud Burial Robes for Lading, Gentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State atreet * r V f > i .•a^SSif^tifttft ^^ i*. h, « " *. f ^ ' *tf * Y/- J* '

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