Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 28, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1887
Page 4
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K A S KIN E (THE tfEW QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, «0 ringing ears, ,.C UTM quickly feeaaarit,! 1 "" A POWJKKFUI. TONIC, that the most delicate stomach will boar. A 8PJK3O1T1O FOR MAtiAIUA, vO C' v £RHEtrMATlSM, '•: M BBVOUS PttOSTBATlON, "*-•* ""and till Germ Diseases "'-• FOB COLDS KA8KINE HAS 11EENFOUND TO BE ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Bellovuo Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally sue- Mr. F'. A. Miller, 030 East 157th street, N. Y., was cured bylKosklno of extreme malarial prostration after seven years suffering. Ho lind run down from 175 pounds to 97, ]>egan on Kosklnoln Juno. 1880, work In one month, roaalncdihls full weight In 0 months, quinine dla him no goort whatever. Mr. Ohnrlos Ilaxter. architect, 133 E. 120th St. N. Y., was cured by Knsklno of dumb nguo In 3 months alter <iulnlne treatment (or lOyenrs. MM. J. Lawson, 141 Bergen St., llrookly was onrod of malaria and nervous dyspepsia of f . many yearg«:andtng by ICashlno, the quinine :- roatmont having whollyfailed. ;.<.:_ , • rBet. JMJ L. Hall.Cbaplaln Albany fenltoh- ;•'• tlary.wrlcos that Kasklno has cured his wife, alter twenty ;*oars < snfforing from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him tor particulars. , Letters from the above persons, giving full details, will bo sent on application. » Kasklno can be taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per oottlo. Bold by or sent by mall on receipt of price. KA8KTNK CO., 64 Warren St., New York mySd-wVm JOSEPH JAJtCKJETT'S LTVERY STABLED fBONT BTBKET, BETWEEN ALBYANDEABTON. AUTOV THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLKT.E ASSORTMENT of Cooking Stoves ever brought to Alton. BUCK'S BKILLIANT tho BEST GASOLINE STOVE] In tho market, saves tlmo, labor anil money. The favorite summer stove with al.< lliouuo- hoopers. All sizes, dull uucl examine. I am also prepared to do , Hoofing, Gatterlng.Spoutlngand , all kinds of Tin Work, ' " '•••' •"ht'feasoriab'lo prices.' ' * A. J. DEGENHABDT, 888 BAST BKCOzjD STREET, FIFTHDOOB WBST GF HENRY. OF PUEE COD LIVER OIL ........... """ Almost as Palatable as Milk. Tho only preparation of COB LIVEB 01^ that o»S lio taken ro«lll]%nd tolorated for ft long tlmo by dellculo stoiiiacns. ' " AND A8 'A -.IlEBEnriFOB COKSTOttPTlON. S("nOyi)l.()li8 AFt'KCTlONa, . AKAEaiA, OKfT- liTur. lIKllllJ'fY.fCOIJQllS A8D";TIIHOAT AT- KKCT10.\K, «Hd all 1VASTIMU DI80UDKRS OF It ImnurToUouB In Itii rmrita. ProBcrlbod and ondoraod by tuo boat FbyiloUni .- < ! In tho cquntrica of the world. <f -:i ; '•:! : -Fan RAI F BV -m he Appetite Increased, tho Digestive organs strengthened, and the bowels regulated, by taking Ayor's Pills. These Pills aro .purely ,V9getahlo , m thoir composition. ^They; conjala. nol|hor; calomel nor any; "othe't dangerousdjnig,<nnd may bo token with perfect safety by persons of all ages. I was a groat sufferer from Dyspepsia and Constipation, I had no appetite, nnd was constantly afillctod with Headache nnd Dizziness. I consulted our family doctor, who proscribed for ino, at various times, without affording more than temporary relief. I finally commenced taking Ayor's Pills. In a short time my digestion and appetite , ;(MPROVED " :\. , my'bowe'ia Avo'ro regulated, and, \>y the time I finished two boxen of these Pills my tendency to headaches had dlaap- ; - peared, and I became strong and well,— I v'.UttrlusM.logaij, AVilinlngton, Del. i, \e4l vfa» troubled, for oVer a year, with Loss of Appetite, and General Debility. I commenced taking Ayor'tt Pills, and, before finishing half a box of this medicine, my appetite and strength wore restored.—0. O. Clark, Danbury, Conn. Ayor's Pills are tho bent medicine known to mo for regulating tho bowels, and for all diseases caused by a disordered Stomach and Llvor. I Buffered for over , throe yours with Headache, Indigestion. and Constipation'> I bad no appetite, npd . J was weak und nervous most of tho time. three boxes of Ayor's Pills, and at tho same time dieting myself, I was completely cured. Mj digestive organs aro now In good order, and I am in perfect health. — P. Lookwood, Topoka, Kaus. Ayor's Pills bavo bcnofltoJ mo woudor- fully. For months I Buttered from Indigestion and Headache, was restless at night, and had a bad toate In my mouth every morning. After taking one box of Aycr's Pills,, all those troubles disappeared, my food digested woll, ami my sleep won refreshing. — Uoury 0, Hemuieuway, Kockpoct, Suits., /' ' • , I was cured ot tho Piles by tlie nse ot Ayor's Pills. They not oHlyjeJleyod mo 1 of that painful disorder, but jfiVB jao Ini oreotod vigor, and restored «ny health.— John Lazarus, St. John, N, a, * ' Ayer's Pills, freptrwt by Dr. i. 0, Ayw & Co.,Lowell, Uui, Bold by »H DrugdUU »ua Dftttn la ALTON DULY TELEGBAKEL • .! _• ' .-" .' •'• «.—™———— ' (Knt«r«d tu Second-omul Matter nt the F. O. at Alton, 111.) SATUKUAY EVE., MAX 28. For I Know That My Iiivoth. Redeemer 8bftH the mole from hli nlffht Mndewtround, - . call the beitstB from the day-glare to flee: Shall the owlohnwotho birds: 'I am wise, do tol Hook thd Rliadows with mel" Shall a man bind his eyes and exclaim: "It Is vain that men weary to see? Lot nlm walk In the gloom, who so will, Peace he with him I Hut whence his right. To assort that the world Is In darkness, because ho has turned from thought? Or to seek to o'orslmUow my day with the pall of his solf-choBon night? I have listened, like Davld'a groat son, to the voice of tlio beast and the bird? To the voice of the trees anil the grass; yea, n voice from the stones I have heard; And the sun and tho moon, and the stars In their courses, ro-eolio the word 1 And one word speak the bird and the boast, and the hyssop that springs In the wall, And tho cedar that lifts Its proud head upon Lebanon, stately and tall, And tho rooks, and tho sea, and tho stars, and "Know I" Is tho message of all. For tho answer has ever boon nigh unto him • ; who would question and learn How to bring the stars near to hla gaze, In what orbits tho planets must turn; Why tho apple must fall from the hough; what tho fuel that sun-fires burn. Whence camo life? In tho rooks Is Itwrlt, and no Finger hath graven It there? Whence camo light? Did Its motion arise with. .outbidding? Will science declare That the law ruling all Imth upspruhg from '•'- Nomlnd, thatabldoth Nowhere?!; "Yoa, I knowl" cried tho true man of old. And whoso'or wills It may know. "My Udoomor oxlstoth 1'1 seek for a sign of his presence, and lo. As ho spoke to tho light, and It was so ho epcaks to my soul, and I knowl —Solomon Soils Cohen, in tho Century. DICK'S PROPOSAL. • Dick Nash paced slowly forward and backward on tho river bank in front of the boaHiouse. "What the dickens do I want to go abroad for," soliloquized he, "unless on a wedding trip? I'd bettor many at once, and, as the saying is, kill two birds with one stone. But there is only one girl for me—Millie Denton; and I'might just as woll ask for the itioon."; •':' ••. •' • ''\i '-.'•' Dick'had just come to this conclusion when, on lobking up, he beheld the object of his thoughts coming toward him. her cheeks were ros}' and her blue eyes sparkling. Dick appeared not to recognize her lit first; then, looking up and favoring her with a little stare, he exclaimed: "Why, it's Millie!" "None other," laughed sho. "What brought you here?" "Oh, I am looking for some one." "Some one who belongs to the club, I suppose?" ; "Not exactly, though ho is hove a great deal." "Well, you won't find him." "WhyP' y "Because there has been no one here for tho past hour but myself." "Why doiiit you ask for whom I am looking'?" '"Perhaps I don't care," laxily. "Oh, but ho is just splendid! 1 ' "Who is splendid?" . "Ha! ha!" laughed Millie. "I thought you wanted to know all the time; • ; "Bat I don'tl" ; : - "Do not interrupt mo! If you insist upon knowing " . -I don't " "It is my black dog, Towser." "The deuce!" exclaimed Dick. "Why, Dick Nash!" "What Is the matter Millie Denton P" "Isn't douce a swearword?" "A mild one." ; "Don't you know that you oughtn't to swear in. tho presence of a ludyp" "Yesj : I suppose I must bog your pardon?" " Yes, I think you ought to, if only to teach'you better manners." "Well, do you insist upon ItP" "Oh, no! But -" "Then you do insist; so hero goos." Taking a largo handkerchief 'from his pockot, ho spread it carefully oft tho grass at her foot, then assuming a most comical position and expression, as ho knelt upon it, ho began: "Oh, fairest of thy sex!' 1 "You silly goose!' laughed Millie. ' "If you dor?t fcoep still I won't apologize at alll Once more, then—Oh, fairest of thy sox, I'have committed an unpardonable " "Hear—hear—hear!" The voice camo from tho direction of tho boat-house. Tho speaker was Ned Morgan, and lie and Fred Bailey were greatly enjoying tfTo little scene. "Well, old fellow, 1 ' continued Ned, "this sort of tiling usually takes place in the conservatory,- if wo are to believe the novelist, but I see that you are trying to improve' on tho old plan. With the blue dome of heaven '• overhead and tho'Mississippi throbbing at your feet^-with tho birds hushing their songs and the trees whispering lowly, you " : "I say, now, I don't think this quite the fair tiling. Hero was Miss Millie Just ready to bloss mo with a sweet yes, whim " "But," interrupted Millie, enjoying the joke in spito of herself, "you know I lind not made up my miiid/' "You run; away, boyB.i Svhllo sho makes up her mind," said Didk. "You go right along and don't mind us," said Ned, "for wo moan to see it through." "Come, Millie," said Dick, "hurry up and say yes," "Hut suppose I say noP" i "Thou i will iniviir ri.iti again; and I itih yon would hurry, for my knoos ache awfully." "Dual- uu'.t then I navycs, forif I did not I should forever alter be haunted by a vision of you in your very uncomfortable position." i i "That sottles lt,",nuld Uiek, jnmptiig 'tip; "I think that if we don't hurry up ,Towsor will got away from us. Como 'Millie." ; Leaving (lie others they started In pursuit of the favorite. As soon as tlioy were out of sight /of the others Dick said: / "Woll, I'm glud it's M settled I" "What in sottledP" ^Skod Millio. "WUy, our eugaKutawit," .,:"•„ " r "Ha, ha!" . "What are you laughing at?" : "You, of course. I don't see how you can keep your face so loiig when you Joke." i "Then you think it is only a joke?" "Why shouldn't IP Are you crazyP" "Not I; but I had made xip my mind to marry you, and as we wore engaged all fair and solid, in the presence of two witnesses, I don't see how you are going to get out of it." "J do. 1 ^ f "Well, howP" ' "I shall have to put you in the asylum." "Just because I want to marry youP" "You don't want to marry me! "It is tho dearest wish of my life, Millie, believe mo." "Then why didn't you ask me decently, instead of joking about so serious a maltorP" "Well, to tell the truth, Millie, I thought that I would essay something novel in the way of a proposal." Then in a few earnest words he told her how dear sho was to him, and begged her to bo his companion on the voyage which ho was soon to take, as well as on through life. "Why, Dick, you take my breath quite away!" : "Well, hurry up and breathe again, Millie, for my heart has stopped boating, and it will not resume its proper action until you have given me tho answer I crave." "Oh, Dick, you are too funny; but I suppose if you insist-—" "i certainly do insist!" "Well, I " "Go on!" "Well—your heart may beat again." "My dearest Millie—-" . "Oh, Dick! We arc on the street, you know." "Woll, what of it?" "Nothing; only I would not like to have it said I allowed young men to embrace me in public." "Why; who was embracing you, I should like to know." "You were!" "I didn't touch you." "But you were going to." "No, I was n#t; but I suppose that you expected mo to— 1 —" "Dick Nash!" '•Never mind, Millie, wo won't quarrel over it, anyway." A month later Dick and his bride sailed for England, the happiest couple that ever stepped on board a ship. Senator Edmunds on Jolly. Some time ago, a little Savannah girl read in a newspaper that Senator Edmunds had ways of his own for making soup and calves-foot jolly. She wrote to him for information, inclosing a sprig of jessamine, and got the following reply: Dear Little Miss: I have your note with tho pretty jessamine ilowers. With the trustfulness of youth you believe what the newspapers print,; but they have misled you in this instance. I do not know how to mpke soup or calves-foot jelly. I sometimes think I know how to make briefs and laws, that, like soup, are sometimes digestible, and I fear sometimes not. Cookery is a real art, and I hope you will loam it perfectly and grow up to be a true American woman, knowing how to do everything that makes a homo happy. Yours truly, GEORGE F. EDMUNDS. —Savannah Times. When the Prince of Wales was in this country in I860 he was elected an honorary member of tho Boston . Ancient and Honorable- Artillery Company. Ho has just acknowledged the compliment by tiro presentation of his picture, to the company. Such taste is unbecoming in the scion of royalty. . Enjoy Life. i J What a truly beautiful world we live in! Nature gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. We can desire no better when in perfect health; but how often do the majority of people feel like giving it up disheartened, discouraged and worn' out with disease, when there is no occasion for this feeling, as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Flower, will make them free'from disease, aa when born. Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint are the direct causes of seventy-five per cent, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Costivenesa, Nervous Prostration Dizziness of the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, and other distressing symptoms. JL'hreo doses of August Flower will prove its wonderful effect. Sample bottles, 10 oeats. Try it. . -1 i •jaS dweow ly A sound body and a contented; mind are necessary to perfect happiness. If you wish to possess these, cleanse your blood with Ayer's Sareaparilla. It is perfectly safe to take, and is a' thoroughly reliable, highly concentrated, and powerful blood purifier, wlw Self-possession in a young woman is well enough for a while; but she shouldn't keep it too long. i i How to Uttln Flesh and and Strength ' Use after each meal Scott's j Emulsion; it Is as palatable aa milk and eas» ily digested. Delicate people improve rapidly with its use. For Consumption, Throat affootious and Bronchitis it is unequalled. Dr. • Thos. Prim, Ala., says: "I used Scott's Emulsion on a child eight months old; ho gamed four pounds in a month." mwf wk 1m Those who wish to paint tho town rod Sundays muat use watcr-uoiora.— Ex, The moat senaiblo, easiest riding i cheapest, most. durable, most simple, neatest, entust thing ever put on a was gon of any kind Is the Kloe Coll Carriage Spring, made, at Pittston, Pa. and obtained of nny good carriage builder. dwlw THK season approaches when tho small boy in tho country begins to battle against tho terminal facilities of tho bumble-bee. Hood's Sarsapnnlla is peculiar'to Itaelf and superior to all other preparations in strength, economy, and medicinal merit. 2 Railroads in War. Tho first thing for. a boy or girl to remember in considering war is—that soldiers must eat. It is generally supposed that the most important duty of a soldier is to fight; but this 1 is a mistake. He must eat before he can fight; and more battles have boon-lost because commanders could not feed their armies than because they could not fight tho onomy. • JL'he control of the railroads is tho object of every great campaign In modern war. Whoever holds, tho railroads can move troops and ammunition and food to the important point more quickly than tho enemy. And everything depends upon :beihg stronger Umn your enemy at,the ..important point. Ono man is nearly'as good as another man, or at least on an average. Ten thousand men of one nation are nearly sure to be worth ten thousand of another; and certainly in the great American war, where all of the men wore of ' ; ie samo nation, there Was little diflVi 'iiee in the lighting quality of tho > • ,.. sing forces. One side had more da-.i, the other more endurance; one perhaps wont into battle more furiously, the other I should say held out more stubbornly; but in the end tho men on one siao were about as good for lightingpur- posos as those on the other. Whoever had most men, therefore, was most likely to win. But they must be equipped and fed. To have more men than you can food worse than not having enough.— St. Nicholas. Their Business Boomtntr. Probably no one thing has caused such a general revival of trade at; E. Marsh's Drug j Store as the giving away to his customers of so many free trial bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. His trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from the fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and |!all throat and lung diseasas quvokly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a trial bottle free, large sizo $1. Every bottle warranted. ' my 1 d w 1m Brace. Up. . You are feeling depressed, your appetite is poor, you are bothered with headache, you are fldgetty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, whichrhave for their basis very cheap bad 'whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, .and then leave you in worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality and give renewed health and strength. Such a medicine you will find in Electric Bitters, and only 50 cents a bottle at E: Marsh's Drug Store, my 1 dw 1 ui Bncsien'8 Arnica Salve. The Best Salve' in the world for cuts, bruises, sores.u.cers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guarantied to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 ceats per box. Fr>r sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111 ' moh7dwlm "I HEAR that Mr. and Mrs. —. — have separated," said Miss Gossip to a friend. . "Yea; it's a great pity." 4 •• "I thmk^she's very foolish. I'm sure I don't know a single woman 'who knows him who dees not tbink he's a most charming man." "Yes, dear. That's why they have separated." . ; .,,.'' Uarbys Prophylactic Fluid.; Use it in every sick room. Willjkeep the atmosphere pure and wholesome; removing; all bad odors from any source. Will destroy all Disease Germs, infection from all Fevers, and all Contagious Diseases. The eminent physician, J, Marion Sims, M. D., New York, says: "I am convinced that Prof. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid is a most valuable disinfect' ant." '. ; tu ths wk A. J.HOWJSLLv -DEALEB7?IN- - j FURNl^FfE! A Full and Complete Stock - OONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OKDEP ... .... iFOB , , ;.,• . j UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed. • Belle St., bet. Third and Fourth. DNBEBTAEBR. RESIDENCE OOR. STATE A SEVENTH STS T,LFpULDS& CO., ATEKTION J The Pickle Factory wlsheii to make contracts for CUCHBitS For Pickle purponoe. Will pay 40o, Mo and 60o nur bushel for Uuoumbors not loiiiiov than 4 In', 3 In. and 2 In., In good shape. Will take all tlmt can bo raised, whether by contract or not. ___^ myUdwlm Notice. The iinnual mooting of the Alton and Upper Alton Horse Hull way and Carrying Company, for the election of seven director* and for tho transaction ol any < other bUHlncBs that may properly oomo before the stockholders, win be held »t the oflloo of the Suporlntand- ent, corner of IBth and Henry ata,, ou Tuus- dnv, tho 7th day of June, 1887, at 7:30 o'clock P. ui, oiiAs. GOLDEN, jr., 24U Heoratury, MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard toFnrlty, Strength, and HniJlth fulness. Ur,PrlQe'sBnklngPowilor.contluiis iioAniinanla.Llme.Aluinorl'hOBplmU)s.I)r.rrIcas Extracts, Vanilla, Lomon, oto-i flavor dellclously. .f.i:\'\,\'\.f, k' l.l". »v.t mlill'l' >K>y,jn>i ' I BK!f BAKtHS POWDfff CO! '"•—'• "•" "' '*•» WHIFFLE & SMILED, INSURANCE, ^ REAL ESTATE, &J LOAN AGENTS, THB FOLLOWING First-Glass Ins. Co.V. Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladelyhla; Gorman American; North British and Mercantile, London; | Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.-, Continental; Olrard; | Glens Falls, " Ameroan Central;, , Firemen's Fund,, 1 Western Assurance Uo. AMD OTHBB8: A CASH CAPITA! IN THB AGGREGATE OF $20,000,000. WE A1JSO KKPBKSENT THB j Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Hartf ord. Office: Over Alton Nat, Bank, Cor. Third and State StaJ . for Sale or jnenc. A desirable tenement on'Bluff street, owned by Mrs 8. J.Dutro. ' WHIPFLB ASMIMSY. "•• ' For btuW -• - : The,late residences of J. .i. and Wi H. Mltoholl, oh &1U1 St., two of tin beat pieces ol residence property In,Alton. Tlae property known as ''Tho Pork, eoatol above; If. lots on Mill and Summit streets, an U a number of ou In MUlor A Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all of above at fljjroat bargain. < ' '•• WTUPPliB & 8MILBY. ' '•'•'' "'for ante: ." . . i j The Morrlman property on State streo In timer & MlelieU's add., to Alton, IK story house, S rooms and out-bulldlnga; all lii perfect order. Oonbehadat a bargain.' : WHIFFLE 4 SMILEY. For Sale. ' A T-room br)ok dwelling and out buildings OB Thud street, between Ohorry and Vine. . WHIFFLE &BM gY. JTOT Rent. "" '' i Lato residence of M. J. Noonan on State jtreot. known as the A. riatt place. Good 0 room brick house, In first class repair, i WHIFFLE A SMILEY. ' • ' For Bole. ••' :.' ' •" The Woodroof property. A 2 story frame house of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, a i room frame house on Fifth street. < WHIPPLE & SMIIBY. " : - • , Ifor Sale. :.•••:.•••' j --. Five building lots on Alby and Market streets, between Tenth arid Twelfth strdetn. . WHIPFLK & SMILEY. :•' .••. ' - , ^or Sale.' ..' i> ."' • Lime kllu, In good running order, with quarry and 12 acres lot land, more or leas, known aa tho Shelly tract. : ' • ' WHIFFLE A SMILEY. For Bent. ; '•'• ' A two story brick dwelling known as the A, Platt homestead; lately put In good rerialr. - WHIPPLB ft BMILEY. Jfor Sale. " j •'Seven lots'with good-brick'dwelling and outbuildings, In good repair, In Upper [Alton. Residence of O. B, OolllniVand known' as the Merrill property. WHIPPLE * SMILEY, Alton, or D. w. Oollot, Upper Alton. For Sale. i ' " The 4-story framo dwelling with 9 rooms Including 7 lots: good born and fine 1 fiults known as the Nichols 1 'homestead, situated on 12th at,, In a doalraolo neighborhood. ' WHIFFLE & 8M1LK Y. Dedrable'Residences (or Sale. • A two story brick dwelling on State) street known as A. Flatt homestead, lately put in good repair. . A two story frame dwelling on Main street, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling ou Seventh street, all tor sale at a sacrifice, owner having decided 1 to KC & For Rent. ' ' Two-story house and good stable on Common street. Good fruit.- i J : • WHIFFLE A SMlLBY. E. J. PENIFOLD, Prop. PIASA STREET, Between 'Secoud and Third, Alton, 111. . . i MOST CONVENIENT., DINING BpOM IN THE CITY. GOOD TABLE AND HEA- BONAIiLE HATES, OAJ.L AND HE CONVINCED.,. .-, } ,,, :'. ...;, , .,_ niyOdwSlhl. SUPPLIE Oils, Needles, and Farts of all all Machines. We have now the B, & G, Howe Shuttles. Also Turkish Rug Patterns and Machines., E. H. MOULDING. maUSOdw The M«noh«ter OUAHDiiK, Jane nh, 1688, I»M , At onv of tho . , \ f '.'^hldoffl" ? ',,:,;• j J '•looking on tbe wooaiwidJwavsI With clumps of rhododendrons and gfeat manei of May 'blossoms I I I "There was an iu, tereitlng group." '' :• \ It Included one; Who had been a "Cotton splnnbr," but was now so Paralyzed I I I - >' ' » That ho could only bear to lie In a recllnlug position. This refers to my.caBe. IWOB first Attacked twelve years ago with VLpcomoter AtaxyJ' i, - ; (A partly (to dlioiuo bi norroflbrenlrely over oared) and.tiraB for aeverftV years barely able to get About. ;; ' ! Afta for the lafSt'uve years not able to attend to toy business, although = Muiy thlngRImvo'boonilotiofortnfi. * < The lAit oijiorlment being Norvo itrotclilUi. Two years «KO I wMvolcd Into tho: 't - Homo for Incnrublcsl * Near ,Manche«ter lam no""advocate;" "For Anything mth» shape of paUnt "Medicines?,, :, • And made many objections to 1 m; dear wlfi* g constant urgiufj; to try Hop Vltters, but flnalhr tojiftolfyher— '--' ^ . , > * Consented I I!"," 1 i t I'had not-'<iu(fo, nnl8hBa-jUio>flr«t bottla •when' I felt a chango come 'over me. "Riia was Saturday;'November 8d. Oft Sundaymorn- Ing I folt BO strong T oat&ito iny room com' pantons, '(I was sure 1 could \ ' So started ncro'ss the floor and back; I hardly know! hoiv'.tu cunUiln mj»uK. I wu rer tho hoilse. I nm Raining etrcngth each d ud can walk quite eafo without any "RUo.k!*^.. .. t .i v over sndc "Stick!" f, Oriupport. I am nowat my own lionpr, and In OWD'llV ' .*" (lay, to earn my b'wn • HvlUK ngaln. 11m- °''KoyMT hP ' t0r t For nearly tUirtj joars. aftd wn the room ou Jou tj joar gratulatod on BofHi In MAKOUKWKB, (Eng.) Doc. &l, 1888. Two j'Cirt later am porieotly well, ... ,.. •• . One Experience of Many. Having experienced a great deal Of "Trouble I" from Indigestion, so* much BO that 1 came near loelni; my ,. - "•• Ltfet • , My trouble always cam* after eating any lood— • . ' • " ' • However light, ',",'• ' And dlgeitlblo, Tor two or three hours at a time I had to go through the most Excruciating pains, "And the only .way I ever got" "Belief I »s • » fc f f* Was by throwing up all my stomach contained 1 I No one can conceive 'the palm that I bad to go through, until "Atlastl"' : '*• I was taken! "So that for three weeks 1 lay In bed and ' ' ; Could eat nothing t 1 i My sufferings were so that IicaBeil two doctors to give me something that .would stop the pain. , ;" '= > . Their efforts .were no pood to mo. At last 1 heard agood deal < "About your Hop Bitters) And determined to try them.'* Got a bottle — in four hours I took tho contents of One//// Next day I was out of bed, and hare not Been a "Slckl" '..,.: , Hour, from the earn Q, cause, since. I have recommended it to hundreds ot others. You have no anch „ •. "Advocate as I am." 1 % 'ri OBO. ExxDfij, AUaton. Boston, Maw. BAIL'WAI IIMK TABIJI. . OHIOAGO AND ALTON. On and'after Sunday, Hay flat, 1887, tralu> on the Chicago and Alton railroad, will lean the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, ai fellows: v,L> • Vor Chicago and the Butt Chicago Hall*... 9:00 a.m Ohloago' Accommodation*. B :on n. in Lightning Kinross*....'. .'..., 9:10 p. m Feorla add Rook Island-Fast Line t,9.'00 a. m For Jnaliaonvllle, Keoknk, Qalnar, Kaa> lira oitjr.fuid till points west. KanBiiBOity Mall* .,'..„-.,. 9:00a.m. Kansas City Express*, .< 0:10p.n - Denver Bxpressf. .7:10p.m. JaoksouvllleAcoommodatlont... 7:10p. m. ••or Bt. toulai •;'..;'' i UKhtnlng Krproas*.................6 M a. m Chicago Aooonxmodatlon* 9:80 a, in , Alton SpeolaH , u-.Kp.ta i KnnBOBOltyMaU'..... :.,.,......6:40 p. m ChicagoMattTV.!........ ..'....*/:. «:ZOp.m IEAINSLEAVK ST.'LOUIS UNION DKPOl - • ..".- FOE ALTON. i .' J7 60a,m. ' • , . . .(8 00p.m. *4 60p.m. .:'!•< •• , l,t ,,i *7 Mp.m. " (8 W a.m. Sundays only). • 'Dally rJSicept Sunday/ , • • •!...•. ..'•. :...,( I. .» SuD. REEVE, Sup 1 t.SU'LouisDivision 8prin K a. ;taTBettet than Whalebone or BoniiJft and guaranteed never to For'ialo by Icadioff wholesale Hihraenti, MAYER,8TROUSE*CO. ' 412 prr^clwayj . If; 1 Y.;, ^attufacturere. J.WILKE8FORD&CO. OJ 4> »O W. WulM Mttait,»t., CW*"»°' *«• FELT AND QRIVIEL ROOFERS And pealerj In Boonhg MWerlnU. Our W- olllties for doing worklft Alton are in oh that •wti'oan do the very best quality of Felt ma Gravel Koonng, the same as In uio on all thoflrat>ola«>Juildings In Chicago at ft lower prloo than Tin or Iron, and warrant our _-.j.-.-_. v '.,„ awrisll work ot JOHN BAUER, , IDBALEB , FURNITURE. • ^^/ftiWifT'ii) riMlQjivJLi, • ! SEJCOND STREET, ' f ' < Wndi o»nn« '«na OotflnUm f arnltttr oonstantly on bund. AUo W«

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