Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 28, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1887
Page 3
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**m ALTON DATLT TELEGRAPH. SATURDAY EVK., MAY NOTICE TO For the year 1887 we shall charge the following rates lor transient notices In our local columns; PtrUnt. Single Insertion , . .10 cents. Three to five insertions, . . 7 " Six to twelve insertions, . . 6 " BATB8OF ADVBRTISIHa: TRANSIENT.— FIFTY cents per Inch first in- sortlon, and -rWBlTTY-Firil cents per Inch (or each subsequent Insertion. $3 per Inch first month, $1.50 per inch :each month thereafter. LEGAL ADVBRTIB1NG! $1 per inch tor the first insertion, and 80 cents per luoh tor each subsequent insertion. «f Above rates will be strictly adhered to. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH is delivered by carriers to all parts ot the city ol Alton and Upper Alton, (or ten cents per week. Mailed to any address at the rate of $6.20 per year. T11K TBLEQllAl'H has the largest circulation of any paper in Alton, and is the best medium for advertisers. OORNEK THIRD AND PU8A STREETS. TKLB • PHOHH NO. 38. ADDITIONAL local matter on second page. THE Plow Works will resume lions next week. opera- Wall paper hung at Neff & OburmueJler. short notice.— 263 PICNIC .—The ladies ot the Evangel!cal church will give a picnic at Alton Park, Monday. POST OFFICE .—The f ost Ofiice will be closed Monday, Decoration Day, from 10.30 a. m. till 6 p. m. SOME vandal has broken down a fine cedar tree belonging to Mr. II. A. Behrens, which he had procured for Decoration day. Just received a fine line of summer neckwear at H. C. G. Moritz's. dtf EXPOBITION.—The ** Upper Alton exposition will be continued this evening and the premiums (or the beat work will be awarded. A visit will repay all persons, especially teachers, PICNICS—A children's picnic took place today at Triangle Park, where the most of the day was spent, by the youngsters, in an enjoyable manner. The little children of the Upper Alton schools were given a picnic today at Goetz's grove while the larger aohoK ars went on an excursion to Smith's lake on the steamer Hudson. NoTiCK--The Alton National Bank and the Alton Savings Bank will close at noon, Monday, Decoration Day. A complete line of Spring and Summer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by H. C, G. Moritz, Third street, mchl? tf MR. G. Kolb is painting his btuso, corner of Seventh and Liberty streets, and greatly improving its appearance by the process. Bremner's Cakes and Crackers, fresh, received this day, at Connor's. It EXCURSION—rThe pupils of Upper Alton schools, under direction of 8u» perintendent Powell and the teachers, went to Urafton today, on the Hudson, on their annual excursion. IT geeins that the officers who notified the railroad company m regard to placing thn flagmen at certain crossings and respecting the speed ot the trains through the city limits exceeded their authority. The resolutions introduced were referred to the Railroad committee for report and that committee, so Aldermen Armstrong and Roper inform us, have had no meeting and issued no orders. It seems that Mr. Klble's resolution had special reference to the rate of speed between the Union depot and Ninth street, especially the ballast tram m the evening. There is no disposition on the part of the Coun cil to antagonize the railroad, and the trainmen, per conlra, should not attempt •; to make the ordinance odious by crawling through town at the rate of two miles an hour, when six Is permitted. An easy solution of the matter is, we think, that practiced at crossings in eastern towns where the watchman, on the approach of a train, lets down a long pole across the street by means of a mechanical appliance, thus barring access to the track and permitting trains to run through the streets, at any. speed, with perfect safety to the public. This (plan IB almost universal in the eastern and middle States, and is perfectly practicable. A Fine Programme. Rilly Arlington, the "old timer," gave a first class performance last evening, for the benefit of the G. A. K. local post to a delighted audience. Virgie Bunell, bis wife, Baby Marie, his little daughter, and Frank LeReux, engaged for the occasion, shared the honors by their marvelous performances. Mr. Arlington is especially good in his banjo tact. We commend them very highly to the amusement loving public. —Jacksonville Journal. Mr. Arlington, with his fine company will give a performance at City Hall next Wednesday evening, June 2d, under the auspices of Alton Post, G. A. K. UO Vft\T 1\WQ. Second streec.near jX> fM^\f |jj° jftm Of corner of Henry -FOR- FINE STATIONERY, Buoh as Crane's Floral, Whiting's Standard Papers, Hurlbnt's French Linens, EoUpse Bagged Edne, Elite Ragged Edge, Balmoral Linen, Qrlffln's Linen, Turkey Laid Linen, Peach. Blow, Mikado, Charred Edo-e, Cream Laid. Mourning Note, and a large assortment ot Illuminated and Decorated Stationery. Dennlson'B Wax and Seals. Soliool Tablets snd Stationery. deoBdwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CHEAP FOR CASH OK TIME PAYMENTS Pianos and Organs tuned and repaired. Sew•^Machines ^^^^^^ x ° , Third street, •— 111. WATCH •OB THE BARGAINS IK JOB'S NKW COB, BOttDlNO, HBNBV BT,, AT "MBS. B.HKrrKAMP'8, All kinds of Fancy, Hand made, Knit and Oro- cm"t goods. Hoods.Tobaggans and Mils. Men's Boarfs and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dressmaking' Plain and Family Sewing and Stamping Done. Come and give us a call. Don't forget the t>laoe HEADQUARTERS FOR-—MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS The undersigned has In store a carefully selected stock of pianos and Organs ot the best make; also Acoordeons, Harmonicas, Flutes, Violins, Guitars, Guitar Strings, and Piano Stools. Instruments warranted lorflvo years, OldPlauos taken In exchange. JOS. FLpSS, THIRD ST., At Mook's Pharmacy. ''"' . VOR Ocean Passage Tickets , AtLOWBST IlATBSOf thO UWABP, WH1TJB! STAE, and • ••'„'AW/AN JJOHJB; also of all •• .'GERMAN and FRENCH LINES to BUPEBSHAUSEN & gONNTAO, -,w6w , ' Alton, III. FOR SALE. The residence of 0. M. Orandall, containing eight rooms, gas, wawr and numerous closets, with largo yard and apod yoodaaed. Apply at residence, south side Second st., near uotel Madison, or address box 122. • mylu dwti TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. Partdes Intending to buy Itoal Estate in the city ot Alton or Tiblulty will find It to their interest to call at the office of Budorshauson A Sonntag and examine their list of properties (or sale as only a port thereof is advor- (lMd. apadwtf A FINE] PICTURE.—We have soon a lino photograph of the children of the Turners' school, making with their teacher, Mr. Albert Ernst, a group of 60. The picture was taken by Mr. Wm. Hayes. Men Wanted — Twenty-five men wanted to work in the quarry at Grafton, 111. Apply to Chas. Brainerd, Supt. 28 5 A. universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Nemlnger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. BASK BALL—yesterday—At St. Louis —Browns, 5; Mete., 1. At Louisville- Louisville, 6 j Brooklyns, 8. At Cincinnati—Cincinnati, 5; Athletics, 9. At Washington—Washingtons, 8; Pittsburg, 9. At Boston—Boston!), 8; Chi- oagoB, 8. At New York—Now Yorks, 9; Detroits, 11. FOR RENT—An eligible house containing seven rooms and pantry, on Fourth street, south side, between George andLangdon. Inquire of'Squire Quartern or at the premises—A. Browne. 28 10* TUB pretty Milkmaids are progress* ing finely in mastering the rather intricate carnival drill under tho Command of Capt. Herb, These young ladies are not afraid of cows, in "proof" of which they have procured milking stools, manufactured at Wheelook & Gintor's planing mill, and are ready for practical operations as "Milkmaids," EXCURSION.—The ladles of the M. E. church will give an excursion on the Spread v Eagle, Wednesday evening, June 1st. Strawberries, Ice cream and other refreshments will be served on board, •' t w am PROF. Wilson's class m music, at the Presbyterian church, is increasing in numbers and interest daily. Tho Prof, in a thorough master of bis profession. His manner of leaching is not only pleasant, but ho makes notesreading so simple that the youngest child can readily understand it. Anyone wishing to start at tha beginning of a musical education cannot do better than Join Mr. Wilson's class. Ho has an after, noon session at 4 o'clock for children and an evening session at R o'clock for adults. Applications to toaoh in tbo Upper Alton Public Schools will be received for May 10 to May 31, 1887, certificate or oopy ol marking to accompany application. — John Leverett, Secretary Board of Education. a wktd fnrm Notice. No one is authorized to contract any bills in the name of the Grand Army of the Republic except Purchasing and and Printing committees, LOUIS BISSINGEU, It JOHN DOW. PEKSONAL. President Hames and Gen'l Manager Fisher, of the St. L. & C. I. R. R. will be here on Monday. SOCIETY 8PKAT. Money to loan on improved property. For particulars, apply to V P WHIPPI-E A SMILEY. Mrs. Homer Stanford left Thursday for a visit with relatives at Kansas City. Miss Clara Leybe is visiting in War* saw. Miss Sadie Smith, who was spending several weeks with relatives here, has returned to her home in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Abbott, of St. Louis, are visiting relatives in Alton. Mrs. Frank Beebe, of St. Louis, came up last night to attend the play of "Our Boys." Mrs.W. P. LaMothe, of Upper Alton, is in St. Louis as the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Justin McCarthy, of 2735 Clark avenue. Misses Bailie Letcher and Annie Croft, of St. Louis, are visiting Miss Charlotte Messinger in Upper Alton. Miss Clara Funk, ot Bloomington, is visiting Miss Bessie Forbes. Mrs. Armingtoa is the guest of Mrs. L. T. Castle. Miss Carrie Swift, of Upper Alton, Is visiting friends and relatives m St. Louis. Misses Cora and Grace Colo leave early next month for New York from whence they iwill sail m one of tho steamers of the White Star Line for Germany. Mrs. Eugene Lahee has returned from St. Louis where she has been under the treatment of Dr. Dodd, the hygienic physician of Washington ave. Mrs. J. H. Enlow and children are spending tho summer in Upper Alton, their former home, with relatives. Over two hundred invitations Wore issued to the reception given to Mrs. Ryrio and Mrs. Hopkins at tho family residence «n Liberty street last evening. The invlta>> lions read from four until ten and between those hours the constantly changing company tilled the largo parlors and reception rooms to repletion. Elegant toilets were worn by both of tbo brides and the members of tho family, who received with them. Mrs. Ryrie'B dress ot white faille tranoais was e}abo> rately ^embroidered with pearli upon tbo tabller with mediols collar, trimmed in the same, and ornaments of pearl were worn in the hair and at the throat. MM. Hopkins wore a toilet of robin's egg blue silk richly and handsomely made, with diamond oraamenti. Mils May Hopkins received in a toilet of white veiling with garniture of satin. Miss Edith Lea, of Atohlson, appeared in a becoming toilet of light blue cashmere, and MUs Edwards, a relative, also appeared in-a similar costume. An elegant collation was served m the dining room. A delightful lawn party, the first of tho season was given by Mrs. W. P. Noble m honor ef Mrs. Anson Carter, her daughter, who has been visiting here for several weeks past. The Hfleruoon (Thursday) was all that could be desired lor the occasion. About forty ladies, including the friends of Mrs.Noble and her daughters,assembled on tho lovely lawn,admiring the flowers that bloomed ID profusion and interchanging amenities,' while the vivid coloring of many charming toilets mingled with tho perspective of trees and shrubbery. And an orchestra concealed discoursed sweet music during the afternopn. A dainty collation was served at six, after which the company dispersed charmed with the courteous and cordial hospitality of the hostess and her daughters. A young lady, one of the brighteit and prettiest of this galaxy of pretty girls sends us this poem entitled: QII1LS OP TUB MIDDLE CLASS. There Is a class of Jolly girls Whs goto Lincoln school; They keep tho room In sundry whirls But seldom keep a rule. Miss Ada Wise and Blanche McCluro Are of the studious Jew; Arithmetic they can't endure, And Latin they eschew. Miss Mabel Beers is in this class, Hiss Lucy Gary, too. Such lovely belles we mustn't pass, No, that would never do. May Buekmaster Is Crosar's friend, And stands up for his nation. The Latin scholars hold their breath, At her nerrect translation. Miss Oracle Stolle, with golden hair, Is full of sparkling grace; ' Tell us, which is most sweet or (air, Hor'e, or Mamie Baker's face? Miss Barbour and Miss White come next, They both deserve a mention, Of studying they make no pretext But always pay attention. Hiss Etta Stamps Is raving Over Algebra I hear, Miss Lucy Ash Is saving Most of her strength for next year. The middle class has a motto, 'TIs, "Look back and Improve," And tho' they don't they ought to All try by It to move. A member of the middle class Who did this nonsense write, Is not a very striking lass So I'll keep her cut of sight. And JoaieNlTren.doav, good girl- She studiesOiusar, too; You seldom find nor In a whirl, For she has something else to do. In geometrical Invention Hattle Fhinney doth excel, And things that 1 might mention She doe s them all so well. The highest girl In the class last year, • I mean Kiss Lulu Lehno, Keeps up her standard, and it's clear, An honor she'll obtain. Miss Emma liuehn Is merry—quite, And dwells en State street still; Miss Sadie Phlnnoy, too, Is bright., And Is partial to a mill. Sarah Wilkinson, who has a will 2?!> And always finds a way, Tries all her missing steps to fill— You'll always find her gay. May Armstrong is her father's child- Miss Edith Blair the same; So studious are they, good and mild, They'll rise to lasting fame. Will Close. On Monday, at 12 m. our store will be closed.— Piorson & Carr Dry Goods Co. 272 WE ARE FULL OF Satteens, DECORATION DAY. From appearances there will be a general suspension of business on Monday afternoon to enable all classes to take pare in the services of Doaoration Day. This is as it. should be and it is pleasant to note that, as the years go by, the disposition to honor the fallen soldiers of the Union grows more tender and sincere, as the sacrifices they made and the work they performed are more clearly appreciated. We republisb below the programme of tho day: Forming procession in front of city build- Ing at two o'clock Monday, May aotli. March to tho cemetery. Music -By band, Iteudlng of orders of the day—By Adjutant, from National Department and Post Commander. Address of Post Commander—The Duty of To-day. Husfo—By obolr. Post Commander—To day Is the Festival of our Dead. Music—By band. Address-By llev. A. T. Wolff, D.D, Hymn—My Country 'tis of Tlioe. (All are requested to Join.) Suewlng of mumorlal dowers. Benediction. Batistes, Lawns, AND ALL KINDS OF D. d CO. For Ice tail Use the Fresh, Pure, Home-made Extracts of Lemon and Vanilla MADE AT * . Marsh's Drug Store. —GO TO— SEELY & SON HEADQUARTERS IFOR ill —^ m^ i m ana Picture IFrames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc, A full line t of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies* Remember the Dlace: THIRD STREET, OFF. BELLE. MOTHERS 1 Clear tho Way Without loss cf tluio, when tho Intostinul.oun- al 111 blocked up by reason of constipation, oHronlo or temporary. It should be borne in mind that tbl» ailment Is prone to (become lasting and obstinate, and breed other and worse complaints, Uostetter's Stomach Bit- tars Is tho precise remedy to remove the ou,- Btruotlon effectually, but without drenching or weakening tho blockaded bowels, a consequence always to be apprehended from the use of violent laxatives, which avo among the most pernicious of tho cheap nostrums swallowed by tho orndulous and % uiUlnformed. Tho flat of experience, and of the medical tratornltv sanctions the claims of this standard aperient. Net only as a source of relief and permanent rogularttyito the bo well, liver and stomach, but as a means of remedying and preventing kldu«v and Madder troubles, and.fovor and nguo, It Is without a peer. Shirt "Waists For Children BRANCH: Second and Ridge streets,

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