Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 27, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1887
Page 2
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AUOK DAILY TKLBGRAPH. BX W. T. Nt>BTON, Cor. Third and Flans Street*, Alton, 111. FRIDAY EVfc., MAY 27. TUB 8UPEBY180K8. Proceedings of the County Board. •S3. STATE OK ILLINOIS, ) ModiBon Couttty. s EUWARDSVIM.E, May 10. The Board mot pursuant to adjourn- mont. Members present as 1 Yesterday. On motion the reading of minutes was suspended. On motion rule 28, tor filing claims, WAS suspended! . Mr, Jobu Keller offers the following metion, viz: I more that the Poor Farm Commit- too bo instructed to send the two soldiers having (their papers admitting them to the Soldiers' Home, to said Home, at Quinoy, 111., and the olerk bo directed to issue an order for $11.00, in favor of the Poor Farm Committee, for their transportation, which is, on motion, adopted. Louis Lateec offers the following: I movo that tbe Committee on Printing bo instructed to have 160 copies of our rules printed, CO of which to be in card form and 100 in pamphlet form, which is, on motion, adopted. The following is offered by F. Oswald: '; I move that the proceedings of this ' Board, durine; the ensuing year, be pub' : Haheti in the same papers, and at the same rate, condition and terms as those of tho last year, which is, on motion, amended, viz. that all papers willing to publish at one cent par line can do so, and, on motion, adopted as amended. The following communication road, and on motion Hied and ordered to;be spread on record, towit,; EDWAUDgTiLLE, May 10th, '87. To the Hon.- Chairman and Board of Supervisors: gentlemen — Binoo a motion was made on yesterday before the board, to increase the per diem for keeping the Inmates of the poor house, an impress sion, or idea, seems to prevail that I was the instigator of the thing. Now, in justice to myself, 1 desire to say that I did not ask any increase, and do not intend to do so. So send on your boarders, and I will see that they are fed and cared for according to my contract with tbe county. ' % % '• ••:- Yours respectfully, v ^ ; f '••'•• WM. BERRY. A resolution of Louis Kolb is referred to committee on Judiciary. A. motton that committee on Public •, Uuildinga be instructed to • buy two more desks for Circuit Court room, was, on ••' '.- motion, adopted. On motion, Board adjourned until 1 p. m. . One o'clock p. m.;' board met in afternoon session. Present, same as this morning. Committee on Judiciary reports as follows, viz: Mr. Chairman: l - ; -"your- committee on Judiciary, to whom was referred resolution of N. S. Gay, asking this board to appoint Bale & Bradshaw as Assistant County Attorneys, at a salary of $500 a year, would ask leave to report that said resolution be rejected.. Respectfully submitted, ,1OHN WEAVER, WM. MoKITTIilCK, WM. Id. FAIBES, Committee. On motion, the report of tho committee wits adopted. Committee on Judiciary makes further report, towit: Your; committee on Judiciary, to whom was referred the claim of Attor* ney MoNiilty for $2.86, an amount ad- vauced by him in acrimmal case,would report that tho same be allowed and i lie olerk bo directed to issue an order lu favor of Geo. F. McNulty for $2.85. ..•••,'' Hespootfully submitted, JOHN WEAVER. WM. MoKITTlUCK, W. H. FAIRKS, Committee. Ou motion the report of the commit* tuo was adopted. The committee on Judiciary also makes the following report, Your commit tee on Judiciary,to whom • was referred tho resolution of Mr.Kolb, asking that the Sheriff, County Clerk »nd Circuit Clerk bi> allowed a cora- inlsslsn of 5 per cent, on all sums col- • looted over tUo amount of their salary, wpiild report that said resolution be rejected for the reason that this board hi's no authority to offer such per cent. Uespoctfully submitted, . JOHN WEAVER, WM. McKirriUOK, W. H. FAIllES, Committee. On motion the report of the commit* teo was adopted. Tho .Committee on Judiciary makes further report;, 'toswit: Your Commute* on Judiciary to whom was referred the claim of Sarah May for f 1,76'0 and the claim of Bird & lloxoy for $76, and the December statement of oXrCounty Olerk Bayle, is held over for further consideration. All of which is rospeotfully submitted. JOHN WEAVER, WM. BicKlTTUICK, W. II. FA I WES, • "; Committop. On motion, tho report of tho commits too was adopted. Tho committee on Town Accounts makes report as follows: Your committee on Town Accounts to whom was referred tho dog lloonso bond of Supervisor W. L. K.stabrook, beg loavo to report that they ctirufully examined tho dog license bond of said W. 1.1. Estabrook, of Fort Russell, and llnd the sarao correct and sullloient. All of whidh is respectfully submitted, F. OSWALD, H.8TUACKLKJAHN, WM.K. WOOD, 0. V. SEPMKIEH, JA8. bANNON, Committee. On motion, the report of tbo oomiuit- loo was adopted. '.' " The Pauper commvtteo mukos report «s follows: Vonr oomralttoo on Pauper claims would beg leiwo l« roporl UwV Vhtiy. htvvc examined the following claims present' ted, and recommend payment, and that the clerk be directed to issue orders to the several claimants, towit: Theo Lebno, W oo ZHParkor, .Booo Paul ft, Blctbtmtn, 4060 ZHParkor, 0300 Clifford * lilnfce, 21 oo mifford A Blake, V- 00 J U lloward, 11 00 DKoonan, MOO I! 1. Dotsey, 4B 8.1 John Mitchell, 200 John Mitchell, 1BOB Ohaa Herb, 1} 00 W Jllldobrand, « »0 Lovl Nutt, ' 1800 llenryMuss, 14W) Jacob FahriK, >0 00 1'htl Thornton, 3850 JohnShoehan, MOO K Fisher, «00 Joliii Hoffmann, *> 00 II A IJotW, 181 00 X Orlobel, !» 00 Frank McOatnbrldice, 54 oo F u Boobs, 116 Jnmos Murphy, t> 00 Oanunon* Droll, 1000 Uebler & T,amb, 5 00 John Dotmllng, 1810 OhrlstlniiArclousor 475 Goo Schlcttmgor 7 00 at Joseph Hospital, Highland, 3 UO J 0 Vfaxgonor, 20 oo A II Hastings. 12 50 Mrs Domtnorshauscn 250 G IJ Crane 10 90 Cliiia Hack, 'i 00 «I30 Zoel/.or, 4 03 Tunnoll Bros, 1!« Tunnoll liros, 19SB 8t Joseph Hospital, Highland, W 20 0 Klnne A Co, 4 00 E Domolfn, 4 UO Henry Mueller, 3 ou Ooiirad Ttath, WuO Oonrad Until, nun Henry Ilelnemau, s so llonry Hnlnoumn, 3 26 St Joseph Hospital, Highland, 7 I o J A Olive. 1 oo John Ploroe, 10 uo Jobn I'lorco, 25 00 FAnwator. in oo UBollgman, 700 USellgmau, UUO B Y Jurvls. 2 00 J Bonlangor, 7 !K) J BoulnuKor, X 20 Jobn llnbson, 1 !>(> Mnry teuton, « 00 T J Judy, 5 00 Mike Sklllu/.ftk, 71.0 JJjttOttVOB, S48 Long & Flynu, U fi8 OoutralUospltal for Insane TWO Southern Hospital (or Insane 170 45 Institution for tbe Deaf aud Dumb 5i) 75 Eastern Hospital for Insane, !'•*) BS Divided among the following townships, to«wit: Alton, $ Bfi« 40 Qodfroy, 71 60 Posterburg, 28 oo Venice, 34 oo Helvetia, 4196 St. Jacob, 7 20 Jcirvls, 03 10 Ilamel, 1 55 Wood River, • :iz 60 Saline, > • s 60 EilwarilaviUo, ll» 00 Moro, 4 68 New Douglas, ' 9 48 Pin Oak, : 13 00 Uolllnsrllle, 7 CO Oboutoau, 3'.l 60 Alhambru, IB 10 County, - 315 08 Total, f 1,298 38 Your committee would further report that they have examined the following claims and recommend they be rejected, to-wit: 01 ty of Alton, feeding prisoners, 1 bill, $ 6 25 City of Alton, feeding prisoners, 1 bill, la 80 Bill of SIstors' Hospital, uo voucher, 21 40 11U1 ot HenUrUoot * Qrookeldo, for rent, 14 00 All of which is respectfully submitted. A. H. HASTINGS, W. C. KEOWN, G. W. KINDER, A. P. liETZ, LOUIS KOLB, Committee. On motion tho report of the committee was adopted. The Committee on Transportation and Physicians' Bills makes report as follows: Your Committee on Physicians' and Transportation claims would beg beg leave to report that they have examined the following claims present* ed and recommend payment, and that the nlerk bo directed '.o issue orders to the several claimants, to-wit: PM Pearee, $17 26 Dr Halliburton, 20 7Q Win Olive, 12 50 Jon Qunrton, 3 05 AlUuistlugB, e 56 F MoOarabridKu, o 76 Wm Berry, U 56 Win Kerry, 8 60 M J Penning, H 00 Louts Latzer, 3 2« J M Armstrong, 40 U6 Olms Vaughn, 3 00 John Uoldorroud, :i oo Q V Orowe, 6 M John Weaver, 4 06 K A Burke, ra 00 John Kullor, 76 K F Blewend. 2 00 F McOauibrldge, U 40 Ohag Outmuu, D 76 H U Johnson, 4 20 Bill of W. Halliburton for medica treatment of the paupers of Alton township is held over for the purpose of receiving other bids. Tbo above amounts distributed union2; the towns, as follows: Oolllnavlllo. $ II 95 Bdwardsvllie, 75 Alhambra, 17 26 Venice, 13 76 Oliouteuu, 3 oo Uuuiul. 17 48 Helvetia, 3 25 Wood Jtlver, 9 65 Godfrey, 3 00 Alton, 30 35 County. 108 00 We, Your Committed on Transporta« tion and Physicians' claims, would beg leave to further report that we rooommenl tho following schedule of prices for medical treatment to paupers, outside ot the poor farm, towit: Mileage, first milo 00 cents, ovory mile thereafter 25 cunts, mileage to bo calculated in the number of miles travel- od one way only. 2nd—Nothing will bo allowed for prescriptions. 3rd— VVhen medicine is furnished, 50 cents will bo allowed, and no greater amount will bo allowed, except on an itemized statement, giving tho kinds and quanta ty of medicines used and retail pricoa o MAKES Sborter Hours For Women, th» b»«ta Ing Oomponuil known, Ified An Dlrtotod It prodiioca butter re»ul with K greater laving of Tlm« mid Latm la Waiting and Homo- tbia anything jetInrentad. W»lhyourDlibei,0!»n \>trt,'Wlndowii OurUlui, Jewelry, 81l»er, lu faot •wrythlogi with it. Try It in th« B»tD, lad noU luBuptrlorltyovcr Botp IlDWannriiultntlinii. Uenuliio iilwuyi twin the •twve S/inlwl anil IMIIIU at i'YLK, N«W York, nuoh medicines. All uf which is respectfully submitted. T. J. JUDY, H. H. LErjREK, F. McCAMBlUDGK, WM. McKITTUIOK, CONRAD UATil,, Committee. OD motion the report of the Commit*- teo was adopted. Public Buildings Committee mnte report as lollows, towit; Your Committee on 1'ublio Building- claims would'beg learo to report ihitt, they have examined the following: claims presented, and recommend payment, and that the clerk be directed to issue ordero to the several claimants, towit: Gil Crane. . $ 11 US 1' Wondorly & Oo. B G8 G 0 Lnsk. s on Ix>ng A Flynn. 3 00 Frank atlllwell 1175 Trares <x Keller, 3 2A Tunnoll llroa., 60 A Hoffmann, 4 S5 Jacob I'fcllfcr, 2U 7fi Frank Mtonzol, 846 Hugh Klrkpntrlok, 70 20 Traros & Keller, 12 45 Jas Willis, 4ti 00 "W U Ootter, 102 till Long & Flyiin, 1 M Will D Klrkpatrlok, 3 Bo All ol which is respectfully submitted. JOHN KELLEtt, » JAMES BANNON, F. OSWALD, W. C. KKOWN, \V. II. FAIBES. Committee. On motion the report of the Commit teo was adopted. Your Committee on Public Buildings makes further report towit.: that they have obtained a bid from James Willis for janitor, at tho sum of twenty four dollars per month for the ensuing fiscal year aud would respectfully recom mend that ho be retained as janitor ai the above figures. All of which is respectfully submit ted. JOHN KELLER, F. OSWALD, JAMES BANNON, W. C. KBOWN, W. H. FAIRES, Committee. Oa motion the report of tho a (Jom rait, tee was adopted. 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GOOD TABLE AND HEA- SONAlHjB HATES, CALL AND BE CONVINCED. myfldwam WQME_ «notve<l fttrettmb* o* who ftnffer ft-<ir.i «• peculiar to lotUr §c*« iiicttld ity This medicine oomblnw ban with para vegetable tonics, and IB Inratmtblw for Dlaenwjfl peculiar to Wqmoiu and all who load sedentary HVOB. It Kn- rielH-H and Pnrillcfl tho ]Ilnad» NtlinufaibM tho Appetite* tttrcriRthpuM the ftttinettis aud Nerves—in fact, thoroughly invlfforatofl* UJenrfl tho complexion. And nmke» tho akin smooth. It does not btnoken tho toeth.onuso headache, or pnAluco oonntipiition— nil other iron medicine• tlo. HUB. EuzABKru BAIIID. 74 Farwefl Avo.. Milwaukee. Win., Bam nndor dato of Roc. Btith, isW; "I hate «HO« Krown'a {ran U(tt«rs,«tul it liflSoooo Dioro than a doctor to rnn, havinR ourwil ino of the woaknosfl ladioB have In life. Also cured mo of ]<tv- er Complaint., and now my uoinplesion IB clwir and good, lias aleo boon benenniftl to my childwm." MliB. LOUISA O. BitAOpoN. East Lookport. 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Ilollletor, fay tholroortnln deed of trust, boar- ing date, the 23d day ot May, A. D., 1878. i»nd recorded in tlio Hecordnr's ofllce In Edwards- vlllo, countv of Sliidl.ion, State of Illinois, in book 141, pngoa 82, 28 and 24, conveyed to Homy O. illlllngB, Trustee, and tlie Sunrllf of Mudlaon county, as Ills successor, lu trust, tlio JollowhiL- doticrlbod real estate, iu tbo county of Madison and State of Illinois: The son til halt \X\ot tbo northeast; Quartet IJil oi section louv [<1, contutnlng eighty [801 acres, and a portion of the north half [>il ol tho northeast quarter \)f\ of section four [41. contnlng twenty ]20| acres, more or less, all of said tracts of land being situated In town, ship live [61, north of ranRO ten |10J, woat, SaW party.Uorobv intending to convey all land owned by thorn in said section four 14], which said deed of trust was nuulo to secure pne certain principal note, for the sum of three thousand ($3,000) dollars and duo in two years after the date thereof and to beai Interest after maturity, at tho rate of eight per cent per annum; also four [il Interest notes for, the sum of one hundred and twenty f J120I dollars each, and duo in six, twolre, eighteen and twenty-lour months after the date thoreoi, and bearing interest after maturity, at the rate of eight per cent per an num. All of said notes being dated Mn 23, A. U., 1878, and oil of said notes being executed, by. said Edward Jiolllstor and payable to tlio order tof B. S. Billings. Am whereas it V/RB provided, in said Deed of Trust, that If default should be made in the payment of said noto», or eltuer o! them, or the Interest accruing thereon, according to tho terms thereof; thenln that event the said tiusteo is empowered and authorized at ouce to advertise and sell said real estate. And whereas default has been made in tho payment oi said principal note of three thousand [$3,000] dollars and the interest thereon, and tharo will be due, on the day of sale, the sun: of threo thousand seven hundred and live and forty-four one hundreds |?3,7U5.441 dollars, as principal and interest. And choreas it was provided in said Deed of Trust that if tho said Henry O, Billings or trustee, therein mentioned should fail, refuse or be unable to execute this trust, then in that case the Sheriff U made and appointed his successor in trust, with all the riuhts, powers, duties and trusts of salt] Henry O, Billings as therein set forth, and whereas the said Henry 0. BlIllnRS is uuablo to execute this trust on account of his absence from the State of Illinois. Therefore, 1, tho undersigned, Sheriff of Madison county, at tho request of the legal holder oi said note, E. 8. Billings, public notice is nofeby given that in pursuance of tbe provision of said Deed of Trust, and by virtue of tho powers therein conferred, the ivndorsisned will, on the TWENTIETH DAY. OF JUNE, A. D. 1887. at the hour of ten (10) o'clock a, m. of said day, at the north Iront door of the Oity Hall, in the city of Alton, county ol Madison and State oi Illinois, olfor forlsole and sell at public veudue to the highest bidder for casu, tho above described real estate, to pay and satisfy said note and deed of Must, together with the costs and expenses ot executing this trust, and compensation to the trustee for big services. Said sale to be made without redemption. Emily G. I/efttvour claims some interest In said laud, but any Interest she may claim has boon acquired subsequent to fluid deed of trust. EDWAUDA.BUIUUS, Sheriff of Madison county, State of Illinois. j. J. F. MOUiNNis, Attorney. lOdtd Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Marcus H. Topping, of tbe city of Alton, county ol Madison, aud State of Illinois, by his certain trust deed, duly executed, acknowledged und delivered, bearing date the 24th day ot Juno, A. D. 1875, and recorded in tho Kefristor's ofllco of the paid city of Alton, in hook 7, at piges 4,6, and 6, did convoy unto Albert wade, as trustee,; all the following described premises, situated in tho city o( Alton, lu tho county of Madison and State of Illinois, to-wlt: The south half of lot number eight (8) In bioek number twelve (19) in the city o£ Alton, aforesaid, upon wbloh-lB erected a two and a half story brick dwelling with stone basement, to secure tbe payment of one principal promissory noto for the sum of three thousand dollars executed by said Marcus II. Topping and dated the 24th day ot Juno, A. 1)., 1876, and payable two years after date to the order of Sweetser and driest with Interest from maturity at the ( rate of ton per cent per annum, the Interest, If not paid semi-annually, to become aa principal und bear tlio same rate of Interest; and four interest notes described in said deed of trust of oven date therewith and payable in six, twelve and eighteen mouths and two years afterdate respectively which interest notes have been fuuy paid. And, whereas, said Marcus U. Topping, by Ma certain trust deed duly executed, acknowledged and delivered bearing dato, the 10th of March, A. D., 1879, and recorded In the Recorder's office of Madison county, Illinois, in book 144, of deed records ou pages 147, 148 and 140 did convey unto the said Albsrt Wudo, as trustee, all tho following described promises situated iu the city of Alton aforesaid, towlt: Tho undivided one-half of forty-two and one-half feet fronting on Third street, oil of tho west aide ot lot number six (U) in blk number twelve (12) to further secure the payment of said principal promissory noto tortha sum ef three tlioueaud dollars. And, whereas, default has been made in the payment of tho said principal promiebory noto und there Is now duo aud unpaid thereon the sum of two thousand, nine hundred bnd forty dollars of principal and the sum of $901.18 Interest, making u total of $3,&J-U(i now due and unpaid ou said note, besides the Interest which may accrue on said principal from now to the day of sale hereinafter mentioned, at tho rate of eight pbr cent, per annum; und there Is now due tho legal holder of said noto tiiq further sum of one hundred aud Illtv-Blx dollars and eighty-live cunts for taxes paid on said premises and Interest on the taxes so paid; making in all the sum of $l,ouo.U& now duo thu legal holder of aftld note under said note and deeds of trust, and tho legal holder of Bald note Henry O, Priest, surviving part ol Bald nvrn ol BwooUer & I'riest has made application to the undersigned, the trustee lu said tuist deeds named, and re- ((ueBUirt him as sucli truatoe co soil and dispose of uald promises under tho power lu said trust deeds aud (or the purposes therein stated, nnd It appears from tuo records of Madison county, Illinois, that gald Marcus If. Topping has conveyed said promises to Mary Fannie Topping: Now, therefore, puUllo notice Is hereby given, that In pursuance of said trust deeds, and by vlttup of tho power and authority to uio granted in and by tlio Hamu.and by virtue of the statute of tho State, I. the undersigned, will, on THUKHOAV, THK NINTH DAY OF JUNK, A. 1)., 1887; Ht ton o'clock a, m. at the north front door of thoClty Hall buldlng, in the city of Alton, aforesaid, soil and dlnposo of tho premises alicivu and in mild trust deeds respectively douorlbed, and all the right, title, benefit and equity of redemption of the sala MarouBll. Topping, his heirs or aaslxiiB therein, at public auction, for the highest und bout prlue tho same will bring In ouuli. tlututl May IHIi, 11M7. AUIKKT WADK, TrilBteo, WIHF. & luvis, Attorneys for Trustee, _ _ dtil FOR SALE." The famous "Altonu Kongo," at Melville on tlio Ui'ttfton roitd, 0 iiilluH troiu Alton, with stable, Uavn, *o., uud i to 4 acres of j and, clioup and on ttuio, I'lirtlculurtf on tlieprwa- At foe Prices i tie We, Silk Clocked Halb. Ladies' Hose, 5e a pair; other Hoss up to $1.60. Calicos and Lawns, 3o to iBo a yard. Sateens, Domestic and imported, 4c a yard to 860. All grades in White Dress Goods from flo a yard up. All kinds of Fancy Goods and Dry Goods very cheap. V Men's Working Shirts, lOc to $1. . Men's White Shirts, <tOc to $1. Undershirts for all, at 12 1-2 to $1.26. Socks from 2o to 75c a pair. Men's Suits, $3.60, $4, $5, $G, $7, $8, $9, $10 to $20, just a littli over half price. Boys' Suits, $1.50, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7< $8 to $18, they are, worth much more. . ' , Odd Garments for Men and Boys at nearly half price. Boys' Pants, 40c to $8.50. Millinery too numerous to mention, but just as cheap as you want them and the largest, by far, stock ever in Alton. .Gents' Hats, all styles, way down in price; cheap enough for all. Ladies'Slippers, lOc to $1.50 a pair. Ladies' Shoes, in button and loco, f 1 to $3.60 a pair. Children's Shoes in all grades. Our profit on all goods is no more than lOc on the dollar, which will be well demonstrated at the Globe. Our Groceries we are selling out at cost; fixtures for sale. Call in and see us, we will surely entertain you and sell you, if yoti want to buy, at the lowest prices. Straight words these are, at W. A. HILOEBRAND, prop'r of the Globe. 1887 THE LATEST S 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES. Made In lour ^stylos. Two and Tliroo Burners.; With Tin and Russia Orona. ,-J A PEHKEOT Air Pressure, wltliout the elevatafl tank. Pressure is obtained with a weight, not with u pump. 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Wator, will supply tlia Craving for Strong Drink, without Its dlsnotrouo roiiultu, leaving Prepared oa a HEAVY tho system refreshed and invigorated. SYHUP, most agreeable to take. ONfcV BY THE Being non-olcohollo, it commends itself especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergymen, Merchants, and others following sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy. SECY. CHICAGO'lU. U'S'A* LOOKOUT HEitiEj! TUB OELEBUATEU QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove 1 FOU SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers iu E STOVKS AND HABDYTAUB Also Outaltlo Work n apoolalty. Hoofing aud Galvanized Iron Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies ALWAY8 OH HANI). COK, SECOND AMI) AMJY HTH. FHYaroiAjrs AMD auaqgoira 11 G. A.' HERRMANN, M.D.,f Physician and Siirgeori, TIIIHD STBEET, OVER PFKIFFBB'S SHOB STORE, Olllcohours: 8to; 2 to 4 afternoon, and 0:30 to 7:30 ovculn g, " •.•-.. •• mvTddwk D». B. Physician and Mnrgcon, OJTWOK AND RKSIDKNOB, OOR.FOURTH ANDHfflKUTBTB. -•' W. A. HAMOBIjl,, M.D., ( Pliyslclan and Snrgeon, OiUcu h ours— ta, m.| 12 to 1, and 0 p.w. DR, U. Bi Dentlntf IB THIRD STJiEKT, AXTON, ILL. omcuHonr»-8a.m.tol3m.i 1 tot». a i ';;'' ' ttbflwiy mont, Virginia Janio« Itiver. Va, in olouy. UluHtrated olrou- . J.V.MANOIU,-Clara

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