The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1944
Page 3
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— WEDNESDAY,-NOygilBER I, r 19-14 » EPSON IM WASHINGTON 'Code' Notes From Prisoners •- aLYTJJflVriLLE , (AUK,), CqUlUEK NBW5 $FJ).R. President Suggested Clubs Last Summer/ Then 'Forgot' If WASHINGTON, Nov"•''' (UP) — llr^c-i,!,..*. VT ~ I/ , Yj \ j '. .MUL'IU-IU R',^ Illttll 1UU WUHJ3 ull UUV-'ll ' ± L ll£ ^^ .. l ?y., 1 ^..Pf«S l-.hJ«oee .cutback home (hrough the By 1'ETEK "EDSON Courier News Washington >. ' Correspondent* " ' ' '•American soldiers held prisoners of 'war-In Germany are Ilinltcd by '(.life . size of Uto -paper. .furnished them . thoughtless comrades In arm's who may havo swapped Identification ;|"do|j" lags as tokens of friendship limn words on ouch ,,.,, *• . . ,1 , *, , unooHHt- atut : L"ii.n iiuiiit inivvigu mi; conference yesterday thnt he had , Swlss ; government .nnd thc Intcr- hSg? ! d ../?. r ' n ?, ,°!l ° r _l h , c . V ::?''?? U . «lton.l Red crass, yet the amount Crab" to raise funds, lor'Ills.rejlcc-' tlon last summer,' but had '; not thought of the mutter again. - ... The'President was asked-by -a'vc'J porter'"to comment on n -sta'tcment attributed to Kepreseniativc. Estcs, Kcfauver, Democrat of Tennessee, ithat .the 'chief - executive had suggested the club as a means of rais- ing'funds for the Democratic party, and that the contributors' dropped, in to chat with the President on Thursdays. Mr',Roosevelt laughed and. said that-way back in the summer-he was talking to some people, presumably 'party, leaders eng'aged in raising -Democratic-'funds', and thc Pr&ideiil asked why ihey did not start a. "$100,000- Club". He said they laughed at him and told him 'HQ'ohe would contribute such funds. •A,nd then he, siilj he suggested-a ?10,000'Club and again they laugh- r ed.' ^Finally, the President said he suggested a $1,000 -Club and they thought' there njlght be some possibilities .in this plan. : The President said he had never ; thought of it.again until the •otherday when a -gentleman from ^Chicago came to the- White House ano-handed him a certificate showing : that : lie, the . President, liad joined the $1,000 club.-. ' - The President' said he. told this gexitieman . that he hadn't known that—hiit, that he had sent the Democratic committee his .regular campaign contribution of $1,000. And so, the President .said, he was a member. "What does a certificate entitle you to?" a reported asked. 'The'President said he would have to'iisk. Lands Fortress After Crewmen jhtlgye Bailed 'Out LONDON; NOV. i <UP) — Lieut Douglas " L. Johnson of Helena Ark., slipped his burning Fortress out of formation and.-took.a short, cut to the -target:" . . ' . . -•-.-- •-. After the bohibs were delivered to the Cologne mil yards, he told his crew: "I'm advising you boys to bai' of'.. .Information they have -been crowd Into those short com- nuntcalions of three letters: nnd four postcards a month offers n constant surprise to thc , Army's Prisoner'61 War Information Bur-' can • in -Washington, which is frequently called upon to acl as trans- a'tor for the next of kin who get th'e messages. .Sometimes a German prison camp censor will see the humor of some of these messages. Writing to an officer friend, one young soldier' sent, a message rending, "Boy, I certainly could ( | 0 with a . stcnk, some milk, and a [marl of Scotch. Also a pair of wire. critters mid smoke pistots, a tube of' .hydrogen and a bnloon, a helicoper, a shov-' el and a pick." Tl;c prize code , messages from prisoners . of war came-riot from Germany but from Japan, when ,10 cards were received in a.batch, all nearly identical . in praising the kindness of the Japs, how well they .were treated and how good the food was. One soldier, however, gave the big-hcartcd Japs an extra plug. "1 want lo go even farther; than this,' or ns souvenirs. Later, one,or the nen may be captured, thc other rc- :urned home nnd discharged. In one such icase, .tho parents 'ol one man held In a P. W. cnmv> In Germany hi\vc to write their son under another name because,-to tho German' authorities,'the man's- name is Ihe name : found - on his dog tag, even If it did once belong to Mils buddy. . Another mio of these mixed identity esses which . took a-dent: of straightening .-.out • 'concerned the four-man crew of an Army.plnno shot down over Germany. Tlii'cu of the crew were killed. On the fourth found, seriously Injured nhil taken to a prison hospital, there, were found Items of clothing benrlng four different vmmes. CIVILIAN I'. W.'s CAIISK GREATEST I'Klll'I.UXrrv 1 Worst mlxups, however, liavc conic from the -civilians who were In-Manila at the lime of Ihe Ja|> invasion nnd who joined MncAr- thur's forces without'^proper' U|i- clucllo'n into the ni'med scrvifes, Captured later'on Balnnu mid reported now. by the Japtinese as prisoners of war, they present difficult cases for proper 'identification. It. took, eight-months to 'locate relatives and properly identify thc former superintendent of a public utilities company who became one ' of MacArthur's commimiea- lions officers on Hainan. In au- J. S, Gains Right To Bui Id:Bases On-Africa Coast WASHINGTON, -Nov.,l.(\Jl>) ~ TUo Slate, Department of Foreign Economic Administration announced' thnt, the Unlted'States hns-obtnlncd tho right to establish;'and 1 'operuto mllltitry bases on thc;wesl'cimsl- of Africa In mi 'agreement yv'llh (lie republic.of Liberia. ,:•(• •>!'Under the -(igr?«'me'llt,'-the. un- iiounccmcut Eays,< this nation receives ' llio right tojiset Up't "irnvnl Army niut iUr. InsttOUttlons'VIn LI- wi'ln "for thc protection of thu sl'rn- teijlc Interests of the United Stittps of! America'In -Iho-Soil!)!'Atlantic." in return,. Iho United suites agrees to "respect , . . Iho. terrl- ioilal Integrity;-sovereignty nnd |ioJ lltlcnl Independence.of Liberia.,",:. The Slate Department "riiuj the PEA say an FIJA mission will leave soon for Liberia lo duveloji ni seaport In connection with the' a'wec- mcnt, H will bo constructed! ;by -a private American linn 'under,con- truct. to (he Nuvy Department. Am- ulcnn funds advanced, for the port will be repaid by Liberia'out of the port's commercial Income. ••,'•, The mission, which \vlll be headed by Earl Parker Hnnson, PEA spe- cml rciiiTSMitallvO'to Ubciln nlsa will ukr-the-'Arrlcnn-->ei)ubKi! t» in creuse Its production of rubbu <uU palm oils mill other resources needed by thc United Nnllons. Waste Paper Makes Rocket Gun 'Barrels LOWKU,, Mass. (U)>) _ i^rsoiib vvnnivvnMi{..yj the papcv salvage/ oiUu mny iKiAo the MlMUsthn ol Kno\U%tM(h<!tr 1 waste ptfpcr fnS}> fioon bo blaMIng at enemy Installs. Huns In Ablnjaii'l Europe 'Offlcloll'ntJlhc Ck-herni Electric' Go's )>V»nl here wy tntit bands on nnuj All force Halillng-shlp rocket tuns arc'nothing more lhau pa•— tunlcll , with hcat-ieslstanl plasllc' ttAOjVlHKr,^ T.A rc , his family only after- Setters -had been sont to'poslnms- fers of all 22 Springflelds; Eneiuy propaganda ' -broadcasts from their prisoners of 'war' offer another source of information and communication. 'On one of 'these • broadcasts, n man reported dead Was actually found io be alive and n prisoner: of war. They knew it was he because he mentioned receiving letters from Uncle Harry and Uncle Al:- out. .I'm sticking with thc ship Make your own decisions." Eight parachutes blossomed out them by the Army be given that or- nnd Johnson dived until the air- ' gnnrzaflon. ... i ••-::-.• speed 1 ..'Indicator • passed 'the 300 .-There-are cases of mixed identi- rniirkr. ' At:4COO'feet he leveled off ties to straighten out," caused' by and the (lames were dead. he wrote."! want you, to tell it to J other case, a prisoner Identified Ihe Army, the Navy and particular- ( only ns from Springfield-was put h MAKKIAGES AND ' DIVORCES AKKANGED All kinds of- odd jobs 'are given to the Red Cross and the Prisoner of War Information Bureau in keeping straight the threads In'tho tangled skeins of life for these prisoners of war. One prisoner in Germany exchanged marriage vows'with the girl he left behind him. Divorces have been arranged for several, and in one case a divorce was contested at the soldier's direction. -..-.' One -thing thc,-censors are par-, llcnlar about is taking out all gossip that might cause, the'men hv prison camps worry. If some old scandal-monger writes n'• kind note to tell the soldier that if he-comes home nnd learns that his 1 wife-has been running, around, he needn't, be surprised, it is deleted: prisoners buy. War Bonds, .change their , pay allotments, direct how their personal affairs shall be handled in their absence, i Tivo corporals, feeling grateful for what the Red Cross had done for them in prison cnmps, directed that S100 of the pny held in trust for or,i -PROPERTY OWNERS ' ...... Termites may bt ruining your property. Ciill m« f<x check-up without "e«it 6r bbllgaiion. '"' vst ' X AND ROACH CONTUOl '(GURANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP ; JO. __ Complete Auto Repair Service JIM '.V'j'-'.i,:,"' *'?;.y.\, NEKI.Yi i, is v,' now V i in charget «f r&iir..-mechanical repair 'department'.'." \V ' wio KOUKKT WATSON U In .charge of ihc body < utnJ upholstery .department.'' . SATISKACTION Shop Located In Hear of Martin's Cafe .-, -.if. 114,-W. Main—Phone 5(J5 COTTONSEED BAGS one/ SOYBEAN BAGS See Us Before You Buy! J- L TERRELL Office 111S. Bdy. Phone 2631 With the controls damaged, instruments shot up and more than 200 holes In :thc bomber, he landed it., in Belgium. , Crawling., back through :tlie Fortress, he found the tail :.gunher still at his post—the only other man-In the plane.'Johnson 'Spoke to. him, but he got-no answer. Thc tail gunner was dead. Courier CKIKI IRRITATIONS OF Or^BI^I EXTERNAL CAUSE i^czeiiin, none pitnptcs, simple ringworm, teller,, salt rheum, humps (bluckhcada), •\M\ ugly Ejrokcn-out skin. Millions relieve itching, burning owl eorcncss of Ihcsc miseries with (his smiplchome treatment. 13!ack and :)Vliito Ointment goes io work atonro. Aids healhiy, works the antiseptic ( way. 25 years success. 10c, 2ac, fiOc sizes, Piirchrisc price refunded if, you're iiol eat is Red! Use only^iia direct erf. Vital in ! cloansin|r is good.aonp. Enjoy Black nnd White Hkin Soap dailv. There's no extra charge for the extra miles, extra safety, extra service we build into your old tire, yet you have the satisfaction of knowing that your 'smoothie' will get the finest recap job in town. Our craftsmen use dependable Goodycar-processed materials and world - famous Goodyear- de-' veloped methods to give you a safe, sound recap that's 'clean as" a whistle . . . sells for a song', Np certificate needed. (GW) •*' 16) r.oon .'vi AR TIRfS /• GOOD/TEAR 410 W. Main Phone 2492 ^Through 29 years of ' . . 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