Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 26, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1887
Page 3
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ALTON DAILY TEIJEORAWL THURSDAY EVE., MAI' 26. NOTICE TO AWVEBXIBER8. For the year 1887 we shall charge the following rate* (or transient notices in onr local columns; Single Insertion . hree to flvo insertions, Th Per Hat. t 10 cents. <*ULW kVJ AIVU AUBUiblUUItl » • * Six to twelve Insertion!!, . 5 " RATK8 OF ADVERTISING ! TnAKBtBHT,- Ftvrr cents par Inch first Insertion, ana TffStfTr-Firit cents p«r Inch foroaoh substquent Insertion. $3 per Inch first imonth, 11.50 par Inch ;oaoh month thereafter. LEGAL ADVBRTISINat ?1 per Inch for tho .first Insertion, and 00 cents per, Inch tor each subsequent Insertion. Jtsr Above rates will 1)0 strictly adhered to. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH Is delivered by carriers to all parts of theoltyof Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents per week. Mailed to any address at tho rate Ot {5.20 per your. THE TELEGRAPH has tho largest circulation of any paper in Alton, and Is tho best inodlnm tor advertisers.. OOBHBR TIIIBD AHB PIABA. BTBEEI8. TKLB• 1M1ONE NO. 88. Wall paper hung at short notice.— Neff & Obermueller. 26 3 AN excursion party from Montioello Seminary made a trip to Grafton today on the Hudson. Buntings for Carnival in cheapest, at the Globe. all colors, It INDICATIONS for Illinois: Generally fair weather, nearly a stationary tempers ature light, variable winds. THE Shurtloff nine have challenged the Illinois College nine to a game of base ball on the grounds of the former on Commencement day. Wanted—Two good gentlemen boarders, at a location near tbe business part of the city. Apply at this offlce. 26 2 A complete line of Spring and Sunn mer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately re- ceivsd by H. C, G. Moritz, Third street. mch!7 tf CAPT. SPARKS, of this city, took a prominent part, yesterday, in the proceedings of the National Millers'* convention at St. Louis. Remember the concert at tbe Presbyterian church on Wednesday evening'at 8 o'clock. Admission, 50 cents. A car will run to Uppei' Alton after the concert. 28 3 PERSONAL. Mrs. Flaoheneoker, ot St. Louis, IB visiting Mrs. Metzler. Dr. A. R. McKinney, Secretory of the Millem' Mutual Insurance Association of Illinois, visited the Millers' Convention in St. Louts yesterday. UNAmnt* A FILE. The Alton Democrat IB gnawing a file. Angered and nettled at losing the city printing it makes a venomous and uncalled for attack 'on Alderman Hewitt, whom It seems to think chiefly responsible for preventing it from having its own way with this administration as it did with the last. We haven't seen Mr. Hewitt since the article appeared, and don't suppose he wants any reply made t» it,as his action in the printing matter needs no defense, and we shall make none. His reputation and standing are so high in this community that any attack upon him from such a source simply brands the assailant as a wilful slanderer The climax of absurdity is reached when the Democrat says; We congratulate the people of Alton, and the people of the Sixth ward, thst Mr. Hewitt holds for the short term, and Mr. Fries for the long term. Yes, the people want to bejcongratui lated(P) on that fact. They are wildly exultant and elated over it. No class, in fact, is so delighted over it as the active, sanguine business men who have taken up the work of pushing Alton to the front. *We are surprised, however, that even the Democrat's runlioe betrayed it into the admission that it does not want a citizen in the council so unselfishly devoted to the prosperity of Alton as is Mr Hewitr. ^ All goods now in demand are plenty, at the Globe Bazar. It AN EHJ01ABLE ENTKBTAIHMEHT. Bohmoll, Wobor, Misses Merchant and Lathy, wa» exceptionally fine, the oneness ot the performance being an unusual quality In dmettplaying. Great credit is due Miaa Wad« who was untiring in (her efforts to bring the oonoert to a successful issue, and to the performers whose able assistance was kindly given. MisaUoskell, with several members of the f aonlty and the Senior class of Monlicello Seminary, were present ;also Eev. W. H. Moore, of Vlrden, came down to attend it as the guest of Dr. Wolff. ___ Laces in all widths 'and grades at the enterprising Globe. It UPPER ALTOH. WE ARE FULL OF Satteens, Batistes, UO 1T/VI TYEWKl Second stroet,noar •XQ nAJliJJJun O» corner ot Henry —FOB— FINE : STATIONERY, A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's .Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. ALL persons in need of first class musical instruments should examine Jos. Floss 1 stock at Mook's Pharmacy. The Professor is an accomplished musician and his patrons can rely on his judgment. Ladies' Hats and Bonnets, largest and best stock, lowest prices, at Globe? dlt Rouged Edge, Elite Ragged Edgo, Balmoral Linen, Griffin's Linen, Turkey Laid Linen, Lald, h Monrnlng Note, and a largo asaortmont oFlUumtnatea and Decorated Stationery- Dennlson's Wax and Heals. School Tablets end Stationery. aec8d\vly PIANOS, ORGANS amT t ' SEWING MACHINES! • CHEAP FOR OA8B ON TIMB PAYMENTS Etanos and Organs tuned and repaired. Saw tnT»laoMnes%>atred Supplies for oil Ma chinos. . I). D. LAMOUEUX, Music Dealer; Third street, nearly opposite Belle. Alton Ul. deoBawiy WATCH l. HKITKAMP'S, All kinds olFanoy , Hand mado, Knit and Oro- cn"tgoods. Hoods.Tobaggans and Mils. Men' Boon's and Fascinators at very low prices ' Also PresBijiaklng. Plain and Family Sewing and BtamptoK Done. Oomo and give us s coil, Pon't forget thft nlace 'Incfl'lwlv HEADQUARTERS - , • . - -FOB - T- MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS The undersigned has In store a carefully selected stooK of Wanos and Orjmns of the best make: also Aooordeons, Harmou- leas, Flutes, Violins, Guitars, Guitar Strings, and Piano Stools. Instruments warranted forflvo years. Old Pianos takon In exchange. JOS- FLOSS, THIRD ST., At Mook's Pharmacy' • myliuwtf DINNER.—The ladies of the Unitarian church will give a dinner and apron sale next Friday, May 27th, in the store jullding on Third street formerly occm pied by Mr. Wm. Siem, adjoining Mr. Neerman'H. Dinner, 50c. 24 8 BILL of fare at Unitarian church dm* ner, Friday noon, May 27th, at room on Third street, adjoining Mr. Ne or man's: Roast beef, spring lamb, green peas, new potatoes, salads and pickles, cucumbers, tea and coffee, strawberries and cream, ice cream. It FOR RENT—An eligible house containing seven rooms and pantry, on Fourth street, south side, between George and Langdon. Inquire of 'Squire Qunrtonor at the premises—A. Browne. 28 10* Spring Goods. New goods in all shades and colors which will be made up in suits at roas sonable prices. All goods cut and made by the New York Fashion Review. We guarantee a fine fit, at Brueggeman the Tailor's, cor. Tbrd and Piasa sts. my!2 dCw Great Chance for Bargains. The stock purchased of C. M. Crandall, Chlnawaro, CJueonsware, Silver- plated ware, Glassware, Lamps, Table Cutlery, in short household goods of every variety and style, is being sold off at 60 cents on the dollar, until Juno 1st. 9 tf Money to loan on improved fnrm properly. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLE & SMILEY. VOB Ocean Passage Tickets AtLOWBBT IU.TBO Of thO OUNAIID, WHITE UTAH, and ALLAN LINE; also of all GEHMAN and FKKN01I USES Apply to BUDEBSHAUSKM & 8ONNTAO, «WSIrt»Rw Alton, III. FOB SALE. The residence of 0. M. Orandall, contain Ina eight rooms, gas, water aud numerous closets, with largo yard and good woodshed Apply at resldonoo, south side Second tt. now llotel Madison, or addross^ox wa. y Tbo next Nutional Democratic convention can renew all its promises made in 1881. II hasn't fulfilled any of them.— Detroit Tribune. The famous society play "Our Boys," will bo given at City Hall, by St. Agnes Guild, Saturday afternoon and evening. All tho favorites in the oast. Admission 16o; reserved seats for evening, 26o, at Chamberlain's. t th TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. P&rWes Intending to buy Uoal Kstato In tho city of Alton or vicinity will find It to their Interest to oull at the oUloo of nudorshauson A Sonntftg and examine tholr U*t of properties for sole us only ft part thereof is advertised, apSdwtf llrautl Excursion to Chicago—Decoration Day. BOAT HACK KOU CHAJfl'IONSnil' OK AMKK1CA. The C. & A. It. It, will sell excursion tickets Alton to Chicago & return at f8.76 on May 28th, 28th, and aoth, good to retrun until May 80th, three trains each way dally. Free chair oara. 2U2t The concert at the Presbyterian church was attended by a select and appreciative audience. As the pro* gramme announced the selections given were choice and attractive and those who had the executive duties to perform were among the most able of our amateurs assisted by Mrs. Cunningham, oj St. Louis. The first number of the programme, an organ solo. Communion in G, Batiste, was skillfully rendered by Mr. Levi D. Yager. His ability in managing the stops and the excellent pedal movement wore specially noticeable. The two songs tbat followed, Her Picture, and the Daily Question, by Schubert, were sung with pure and sweet intonation by Miss Topping. 'The young lady posesses che art celare artem to a marked degree, which, with the sweetness of her voice, render her selections attractive. Violin Elegle with Spohr's introduction, H. W. JBtnst, by Mr. :\Vorttnann, with piano accompaniment 'played by Miss Cora Cole, was an enjoyable and musicianly selection. Both performers are proficient with their res apeotive instruments aud ^possess a technique that is highly developed. This was noticeable;also in the third number of part second, Le Beve, by Golterman, m three movements, that they played together. Tbe Cavatma, Bel Raggio, from Semiramide, Rossini, by Mrs. Cunningham, with molodi* theme and elaborate cadenza, displayed thehinusual compass and power of her voice with a grasp of the artistic possibilities ot the composition and an ease of execution that are seldom board in amateurs These tine effects of vocalizing held the audience spell bound as the immediate and enthusiastic encore attested. Tho encore A Lullaby, was no less attractive with its fine shading and tender intonation than the preceding number, though of a different stylo. Waltz Caprice, Rubenstein, one of tho Kussian composer's characteristic compositions, beyond the technical powers of ordinary performers, was givon by Mrs. H. E. Mills in her usually skillful manner. The Aria in St. Paul, Mendelssohn, sung by Mr. W. L. Tarbet, was a selection that Is difficult by virtue of its rigid adherence to tbe classical form of composition. In it Mr. Tarbet displayed to advantage ttto depth and power of basso singing. In the Angelic Salutation, one of Gounod's recent compositions tbat was introduced in concert by Mrs. Cunningham during the past season in St. Louis, her powers as a vocalist were again shown, though in a different manlier, tho sustained intonation being a diflU cult stylo of execution. Mr. Wortman's obligate was unusually fine. Tho encore, Angel's Serenade, Braga, a descriptive song,was beautifully sung, Mr. Worlman again playing tho obliga* to. MlBsWade.m this and the preceding accompaniments to Miss Topping and Mrs. Cunningham's Boleolions,exhibited rare powers in this art. Her smooth and unbroken phrasing with tho sweet and sympathetic cuntubllo are notiooa- ble and pleasing to tho cultivated ear. Tho piano duott, Overture, Fetor A VILLAGE—The election Tuesday upon tho question of organization as a village under tho general law called out a very small vote. It seemed to bo not that there was so much Indifference in the matter but that tho confidence in tho favorable result was so strong that many voters did not think it necessary to turnout. Tho total vote was 82, of which 71 favored, and 11 opposed the change. With a now code of ordinances conformable to existing statutes, we shall feel more confidence m tbo ability of tho munolpal government to enforce their laws. While tho powers of tho Council are somewhat broadened bv tho change, the expense of the new form of government will not bo materially Increased. COLLEQB"NOTBS—Tho exomlnatlonsjatten' dant upon tho close of tho year are in progress. Universal satisfaction Is expressed at the results of the year's work. The appoint ments for the coming week aro as follows: MayW, 10:30 a. m-Bacoalaureate Sermon by the President. May 29,8 p. m—Sermon before the 111. Bap. Education Society by Hev. G. B. Vosburgh, Ph. D., Decfttur, 111. Ma* 80,8 p. m—Address before the Literary. Societies by Rev. YT«n. Harris, St. Louis, Mo. May 31, Evening—Bo-unions of the Literary Societies. June 1, 10 n. m—Annual Meeting of tbo Board of Trustees. Juno 1,4 p. m—Annual meeting of the Alnm- nl, followed by banquet. June 1,8 p. m—Address before the Alumni by Hon. Francis W. Parker, Chicago, El. Essay before the Alumni by Mrs. Wm. H. Oart- wrlght, Upper Alton. June 2,9 a. m—Commencement. June 2, 8 p. m—President's Reception. The graduating class is composed ol flvo young men: Messrs. Barbee, Hamilton, Ken- drlok, Stoneolpher and Whltlook. Mr. Kendrick is valedictorian and ,Mr. Hamilton, sa- lutatorlan. The Shurtleff boys were muchjdlsappolnted and not a little disgusted at the failure of the Blackburn University base ball nine, to materialize according to agreement, on Saturday last, |to play the return game of ball. They had made all preparations, even to advertising the game by dodgers distributed that morning and only learned at 11 p'oleck that the OarllnvUle club had weakened. The Blackburn boys should have telegraphed their change of plan at the earliest possible hour, Instead of depending upon the mall. They saved another defeat, but at the expense of their reputation. AND ALL KINDS OF HOT For ice Crei it Use the Fresh, Pure, Home-made tracts of Lemon and Vanilla MADE AT Marsh's Drug Store. PROGRAMME OF DECOBA-TIOK DAf . Forming procession In front of cttv building at two o'clock Monday, May Both. March to the cemetery. Music -By band. Hooding of orders of the day— Bv Adjutant, from National Department and Post Commander. Address of Post Commander— The Duty of To-day. Music— By choir. Tost Commander— To day Is the Festival of our Dead. Music— By ban*. Address— By Rev. A T. Wolff, D.D, Hymn-My Country 'tis of Thee. (All are requested to Join.) Strewing of memorial flowers. Benediction. __ __ A Sea Sick Passenger, On the ocean, cares little aboat a storm. H« Is positively Indifferent whether he Is washed overboard or not, But, set right by a wine- glassful orltwolofJHostetter's Stomach Bitters, he feels renewed Interest In his personal safety. This fine corrective neutralizes In brackish water— oftsn compulsorily drank on shipboard, to the grievous detriment of health— the pernicious Impurities which glvo rise to disorders of the stomach, liver and bowels. To the mariner, the tourist, the Western pioneer and miner, theBlttois Is Invaluable as a moans of protection against ma'arta, when its seeds are latent In air and water. To tho effects of overwork, mental or manual, It Is a most reliable antidote, and to the debilitated and nervous, It affords great and speedily felt relief and vigor. —GO 10;= SEELY&SON SHEADQTJABTEBS FOB Paier JiMoi SMes, Bull ant Roolg Paper. Picture IFrames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats. Croquet Sets, etc. A ML line ( of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the nlace: THIRD STREET, - - OPP. BELLE. BIBB— In this city, on the 20th Inst, of con»nmptlon, John Wesley Bibb, aged 30 years, 9 months and 16 days. Tbe deceased was a native of Labadlo, Franklin county, Mo. Born AUK. 10, 1880. Funeral will take place Mayi28th,at 9 p. ro., from the A. M. E. onurob. All friends are respectfully Invited to attend. A CHILD'S MOTHERS! Shirt For Children Ears and Scalp Covered with EC- zematous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cutioura. M ^ little son, aged eight years, has boon at- fltntflrt with BJezotna of the scalp, and at times a groat portion of tho body, ever since he was Iwo years old. 1* began in his oars, andextendod to bis scalp .whichbecame covered .with scabs and sores, and from which a sticky fluid poured out. causing Intense itching and distress, and leaving his hair innttod and melons. Underneath thosei scabs the skin was raw, like a place of beefsteak. Gradually tho hair oomo out and was do- strovod, until but n small patch was left at the back ot tbo hood. My friends In Poabodv know how my little boy has suffered. At night he would scratch his head until his pillow waii covered with blood. I used to tie his hands behind him, and In many ways tried to prevent his scratching: but It was no use, he would scratch. 1 took him to the hospital and to tho best plivtlolans In Poa- body without success. About thin time, so'ine frlonds, who had boun cured by the Outloura llomouios, prevailed upon mo to try them. 1 begun to u«« them on the 15th of January last. In seven months ovory particle ot tho disease was removed. Not a spot or scab romalus on his scalp to toll tho story of his suffering. Ills hair has returned, and IB thick find strong, and his scalp us swoot and clean as any oblld's In tho world. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for tills wonderful cure by tho OutToum Iteuio- dies, and wish all similarly alllloted to know that my statement 1«i truei and without exaggeration. OHAUI.KS MOKAj. * Oct. 0,1888. I'eabody.Mass. BRANCH : Second and Ridge streets,

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