Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 26, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1887
Page 2
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Aiaror DAILY B* TT. I. MOltTOK, Cor. Third and Pt<ua 6tre«M, Alton, Ul, THURSDAY EVE., MAY 26. THE Governor has returned to the Secretary ot State two bills without, signature or veto, and they become laws by tho lapse of tho constltutiona' Von da7B, Tho one bill is the Rev< nolds mutual savlngf) bank bill, and tho other Is the bill which provides that juries in civil cases may return special as well as general verdicts. I ! k <atoou 1 GbVernttr Oglesby has appointed J. L. R. Wadsworth, M. D. of Collins ville, this county, as successor of \V)1 liatn A. Grimshaw, whose terra as member of ^the State Board of Charities had expired, No better appointment than this could have boon made. Dr. Wadsworth is admirably qualified for the duties of this responsible position. "THAT PRIZE CORK. 1 ? May 10, '87. Ktlltor Telegraph: In the proceedings of Clio Alton Horticul- tural'Society, published In your Weekly of May 12th, appeared the following; Mr. Jiioknon- Culled attention to an advertisement of seed c«rn In tlio 1'ratrle Farmer by Mr. Frank Plckard, who makes tho state in cut that "It carried off the nnnual preml ums at Alton, 111,.until ruled out to give others a chance." So far as we know this society Is tho only one awarding] premiums nbout Alton, nnd neither Mr.l'tckard.Mr. Kailenberg- ur nor any one olao naa over boon awarded a premium on the corn advertised and the claim made IB. fraudulent. Wo are at a loss to [know what prompted snob an unprovoked attack upon n». I on- close you a copy of tho advertisement alluded to by Mr. Jackson as It appeared In tho J'rafrto Farmer; ' 'Oar Pinna King Seed Corn took premiums at State Fair, Chicago, for throe years; at tuo great St. Louis fair and carried off the annual premiums at Alton unttl ruled out to give others a. chance. F. 0. PIOKillD." • How la this for a "fraudulent claim:" CHICAGO, Nov. 9th, '86. We congratulate you on being a first prize winner. In your tltnte, on (white) Dont corn at our splendid" Prairie Farmer exhibition and winner of tho sweepstakes prize for bust White Dent In snow. BWTOK KlAIBJB FAltMEn. There Is no claim nmdo that we wore .awarded any premium offered by this extra• 'ordlnary'ulgh and mighty Horticultural Society who seem to own a largo share of the earth and the State of Illinois In particular. The annual Alton premiums alluded to wore . ijlven by JUllnor A Anton, the popular and well known dealers In farm machinery In r your city, and if you will take tho trouble to see Mr. Charles Ullnor he will satisfy you that wo have made no false claims. So far as tho Alton Horticultural Society Is concerned wo can not attribute this Attack upon us as the result of anything but envy at our success In capturing tho premiums offered by the largest corn show over Held In this, or any other country. But ttielr statement is a ' libel and is calculated to mislead the public 5 and Injure us and, Injustice to us, as well as youraolves.wbo wore tho Innocent publishers 61 the wholly uncalled for and unmerited attack, we .hope you will publish this communication. The only excuse olTored by tho Secretary of tho Society la contained In tho words "asfar as wo know;" Ills knowlodno Is probably as limited In this as other matters. Wo would advise him to continue his occupation of fruit killing and' let young men alone who are struggling to attain n place in tho front rank of America's most prominent Industry, and who propose to got there. The Secretary of tho Alton Horticultural Society to tho contrary, notwithstanding. There are snrno members of the Society who we greatly rospeet and oali not think that they would Intentionally sanction such an unjust attack upon us, but we hold die Society as responsible for tho act ol Its Secretary and sincerely b >p<> they will goo the wrong done to ns rlgntvii. Ue»peotfuUy yours,. B. P. KKtil,ENBEUGEn, F.0.1'IOKAItD. Soon Hare Died. Burks Modicinu Co., Qulney, 111: GBNTS—£ want to'tell you what your White Pine'Dalaam has done for me, I had a cough fur three long months, contrnotL'd while in Loatlvillo, about Aug. I 1 ,). L had doctored Iconstnntly. 1 was so bad 1 could not lie down at night. I wouW just as soon hare died 'as, to live in that condition. I took on.e •b6ttle of your Balsam and* am' entirely cured. Have not oven coughed for four days. Yours truly, MUS. S, J. BARRACK. LITTLE APRICOTS. There is nothing so positive in its action in treatment of deranged liver, , biliousness, heartburn, norvou.sand sick headache, as Little Apricot Pills, easy to take as sugar, so sumll, so pleasant. Try them. It is no wonder that people complain of hard times when they pay a doctor bill every few months, amounting to several dollars, Instead of keeping ot, hand some reliable medicine like Burks 1 • White Pine Balsam jthat would cost them but 60o, and perhaps euro three or four colds. Bold by Is. Marsht BUUKS''WHITE PJJvE BALSAM. It wilt be found equally utHoaoious in colds and ouughs of long standing, relieving tho distress and restoring the throat to its normal state. For sulo by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. uiyldwlni lOlllolal roport.l | V COUNCIL I'ltOCKEUlnGS. ((JouoUidod.) On motion of Mr. Coppinger tho mat* tor was !a»d on the table to bo called up at any tlmo. Tho Police committee reported favor» ably for the purchase of the following: Resolved, That tho I'olloo committee is hereby onlorod to purchase from Messrs. Towers & Lvou, 96 Chambers St., New York, tho following: Three small brass bulls eye dark lanterns.... ....,,, ......,.l tot Four duplex police call whUtloi, with chains........,, 200 Four llean'i put. flexible nolloe olubi, li Inches ,...,. .. ,,, • ..' goo One Tower'n porfoot twtitor ..,, ,, l to Totnl... ,, .| 17 -00 Signed by oommitteo on Police: fiU. BKALL, G. B. HEWITT. Oumotional Mr. lioall tho report was adopted all voting aye. Mr. Thornton of tho Public Building oommitteHBjOfferod tho following: Hoh. Mayor and City Council: GENTLEMEN — Your committee on Public Buildings would ask to bo em powered to advertise for bids lor tho painting of tho City Hall building and to let the contract to tho lowest raspon/ Bible bidder upon tbe usual conditions, provided that the cost of said work shall not exceed tbe sum of 9400. JAS. P. THORNTON. On motion of Mr. Roper the report was laid on the tablo by tbe following vote: Ayes—Burke, Coppinger, Fingleton, Sobwoppo, lioper, Eible, Royland nnd Herb—8. Nays—Thornton, Boall, Hewitt, Fries and Bissingor—5. The following bills for the lighting of coal oil lamps which bad been referred to the Gas committee, at a former meeting, wore reported favorably upon and on motion of Mr. Roper the clerk Was instructed to draw orders in favor of the several claimants, towlt: All thu Aldermen voting ayo: Will. U. Harris, lighting I coal oil lamps • in April ..$ 6 00 Henry Loarts, lighting 6 ooiil oil lamps tor two months to April 2sth 16 00 0. f. Booker, lighting 2 coal oil lamps from Uoo. 1880 to May 1st, 1887'. B BO S. O. Uttssett, lightings coal oil lamps iu April to May 1st 450 Itonrr Falirig.llgtiting 4 coal oil lamps In April to May 1st o 00 Henry Oben, lighting 3 cool oil lamps from Fob 12th to May 1st ll "o Mr. Roper of the Gas committee offered tho following report: To tbe honorable Mayer and Council of the City of Alton. GENTLEMEN — Your committee on Gas, to whom was referred the resolu-, tion of Alderman Fingloton, calling for sundry coal oil lamps to bo erected on Alby street, would respectfully report that they doubt tho wisdom of ordering the work done until they are convinced that they can be made to do better service than those now in use here. A great many complaints are being made about the failure of tho oil lamps to give light and as it is light rather than lamps that is called for your committee must ask the indulgence of the Council for further time to consider tho question before rocommending the purchase of additional lamps. /te-.v,*^ : Furthermore, your committee would state that tho contract between the city and the Alton Gas Light and Coke Co., called for by a recent resolution of the Council, has not been furnished them, therefore, they do cot know what portion of .the .appropriation made for lighting the streets ia required to be sot aside for the fulfillment ot said contract. Your committee would also state that the time for the completion, of tbe electric light plant is so near at hand, (being June first,) that they would recommend that all further applications for com oil lamps be hold in abeyance until it ia determined what effect the electric light system will have upon the present method of street lighting. J. S. ROPER, Chairman, ED. BEALL, P. REYLAND. Gas committee, ALTON, 111., May 24, -87. On motion of Mr, Coppinger tho report was adopted and further tirno granted. Ail voting aye. The committee on 1'rinting made the following report: We, the undersigned, having duly advertised for bids according to tho following advertisement: NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed proposals will bo received up to Sat urday, May 10 a.m., at tho oillce of the undersigned, for publishing tbe proceedings, ordinances and advertisements of the city council for the current year: bids to be for one Insertion, by the Inch, brevier or bourgeois type, for tho council proceedings, and by the inch, nonpareil type, lor ordinances and advertisements, one ormoro insertions. Tho ooramitioe rosorv e the rig lit to reject any or all bids. GtO. H. IIKWITT, ChairmanOouuoll Printing committee. ^Do rcwpectfuliy report that the Alton TELEGKAPH being the lowest and best bid, recommetfd that the contract be let to them. GEO. R. HEWITT, J. JE. COPPINGER, ED. BEALL, Alton, May 24, '87, Committee. On motion of Mr. Roper the report was adopted. All voting aye. Mr. Roper of the Park committee asked that the committee be authorized to readvertise for bids for tho grading of Seminary square. On motion of Mr. Coppinger instruo* lions wore given to that effect. All voting aye. The following resolutions were offered and referred to the appropriate committees to report at the next meet* ing: Mr. Burke: Beit Resolved, That the City Engineer bo, and is hereby ordered to ruise dry wall at alley in Shelly's addition, so as to' opon said alloy for travel. Tho amount to be spent out of the money appropriated to the First ward. Resolved, That tho Mayor be and is hereby askod to enforce all tue ordinances of the city. Mr. Thornton; WHEREAS, Tho sum of $76 is nsuflloient to complete the work of improvement already in progress at the eaut side of the City Building, and WHKKKAS, According to the City Engineer's estimate it will require an additional appropriation of $200 to •aiHO tho curbing, remove tlio stops at the Posiofllco entrance and fill up the udewalk so that tho samo will bo on a evol with said entrance, thus making it more convenient of access to tho public, Therefore, bo it Resolved, That the amount necessary bo appropriated from the Street and Alley fund and the City Engineer Instructed to proceed with the work. The above resolution was adopted and tho work ordered to bo paid for out of tho Public Building fund, [by tho following vote: Ayes—Burke, Coppinger, Fingloton, Sohwoppo, Boall, Roper, Reyland, Hewitt, Bissmger and Herb—10 Nays—Thornton, Elblo and Fries—3, WIIKIIKAS, A stone sower pipe, 2-10 feet in length, was laid recently at tho corner of Sixth and Alby in front of the property of M. II. llotxls and it appears from the record in the' clot kg oflioo that said sower was never authorized by the old council and was therefore clearly an illegal proceeding on the part ot those who ordered tho work dane, aud whereas said Bower ia now a source of complaint from other proper, ty owners in Hie neighborhood Therefore bo it resolved that tbe Sewerage commUtco is Hereby Instructed to have the pipe taken up and used in tho building of the sewor on Walnut street upon recommendation of the City Engi- noer. Referred to Sewerage Cotnmlttee> Resolved, That the committee on Gas bo instructed to havo coal oil lamps plnced at tho bridge on Belle street,' nearly opposite Twelfth street, arid on Alby street north of Twentieth street as heretofore ordered by the City Council. By Mr. Coppmeer. Resolved, That tho City Marshal, be and is, hereby instructed to notify the Chicago and Alton railroad company to have watchmen, by day and by night, at the following street crossings: On Second, Third, Fifth, Ninth and Piasa streets, also on Sixteenth and Alby streets, one on Spring and Front streets, and that said company be requested to havo the said watchmen placed on said streets forthwith. Resolved, That tho committee on Judiciary be nud is hereby instructed to compromise the judgment of James Chesson vs tho city of Alton for the sum of $80. The following resolution offered by Mr. Roper was referred to the City Engineer for report: V.Q Resolved, That the Water Works Co. be required to furnish tho City Engineer with tho size and location of all mains, stop boxes, slop valves, &c., and the distance of same from curb. That.the Alton Gas Light & Coke, Co. also be required to furnish location of tbcir mams, &o., to tbe Engineer. Resolved, That the City Engineer be Instructed to make an estimate of cost of filling Fourth street between Langdon and Henry streets and report the same at the next mooting of ibis Council. By Mr. Elble. Resolved, That the committee on Railroads be instructed to notify tho C. & A. R. R. as to the running spend of said road through our streets and report the same at the next meeting. Mr. Herb: Resolved, That the committee on Public Buildings bo and they are hereby instructed to report to this council at its next regular meeting tho amount of hall rent charged for the use thereof, also tho amount of license now being required to bo paid for shows and performaces of all kinds. Resolved, That the City Engineer be instructed to havo North street repaired as same is now in a dangerous condition from recent washouts. On motion of Mr. Thornton the Council adjourned, all voting aye on call of the ayes and naya. PATRICK WARD, City Clerk, Tho Importance of purifying the blood can- hot he overestimated, (or without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every one needs a . good medicine to purity, vitalize, and enrich tho blood, and we ask you to try Hood's SarsaparUla. It strengthens an( i builds up the system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while It eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Sarsaparllla pecul- T-~ Itealf lar curative powers. No ' U llOCll other medicinehassucliareeordol-wonderful cures. If you havo made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not bo Induced to take any other instead. It la a Peculiar Medicine, and is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparllla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. 1. llood & Co,, Lowell, Mass, IOO Doses One Dollar BROWN'S BITTERS Combining IKON with PCBK VEOETADIK TONICS, qnkMj Mid comjiloUtT CUtlNSES and KMUC'HKS TUB BIXMW. Quickens the action of tho Liter and Kidneys, Clean the complexion, mtbci tie skin smooth. H does not Injure the tooth, num headache, or product can- Rttpstlon-AM, OTHim IttON MEDICINES DO. Phyalolani) and Druggists everywhere recommend It. Dn. N. 8. noooLKfl, of Mutton, Mam., BUM: "I hjcmnmoml Urpwn'f Iron Dltton) ta » vnluabla tnnlo (or onriolilnKtho blood, nurt ronwrllie nil dJilwutlo nymptomi!. It doe« not hurt tho tooth." 0n. B, M. 0ELZELI, BoynoIdK, Ind., sura: "I UAVO DreBcribod Brown's Iron Blttara tn onfloa of Anfcmu and blooa diMMee. also whoa a tonla waa uoodod, nnd it bu proved thoroughly aatlifoctory." Sfn. TVM, BrrtNa, SUSt. Mary St., Now Orleans, t»., eaya: Brown H Iron ulttflrs relieved run In a caRo of blood potaoninff. and I lioartlly cozauteud It to unmn B iron uiiwtp oueoioa n venoot cure 1 cannot BDoalc too highly of this valuablo modlolno." Genuine llifl above Trade Mark and croflaed rod linos ou wrappur. Tnko DO otter. Slado only by 1IUOWM UHEMIOAL OO., HALTZMOKli, 111*. Trustee's Sale WhoreaB.EdwardHollisteraml Mnrthn II. HolltBtor, by their certain doud of trust, boar- Inn date, tho 23d day of May, A. D., 187S, (and recorded in tho Uecordnr's ofllco in Edwards- villo, county of Mndl.ion, State o[ Illinois, In book HI, passes Z2, 23 and at, conveyed to Hotiry O. Billings, Trustee, and the Sheriff of Aladlaon county, as his successor, lu trust the following dcsoribod real estate, in tho county olMadtson audStato of Illinois: The south halt IK I of the northeast quartoi 1 containg twenty i20J acres, more or loss, of said tracts ot land bulng situated In township live 161, nortU of ranRetou jioj, west, Said party, hereby Intending to convey all land owned by them In said section four 141 which said deed of trust was inado to secure one certain principal note, tor tho sum o: three thousand ($.1,000) dollars and duo In two years after the date thereof aud to boai intoteat lifter maturity, at tho riito of eight par cent per nnnnui ; also four [41 interest notes for the sum of one hundred and twenty [31201 dollars each, and due In six, twelve eighteen nnd twenty-lour months after tho date thereof, and bearing interest after maturity, nt the rate of eight per ceut per an num. All of said notes being dated May 23, A. t>., 1878, and all of said notes being executed, by said Edward Jiollister anil payable to the order ,of E. S. Uilllngs. And whereas it Was provided, In Bald Deed ol Trust, that if default should be made in tbe payment of said notes, or either of them, or tho interest accruing thereon, according to tho terms thereof ; then in that ovt'nt tho said tiustce is empowered and authorized ut once to advort'so and sell said real estate. And whereas default has been made its'the payment of said principal note of three thousam [$3,0001 dollars and the interest thereon, and thnre will bo duo, on the day of sale, the sura of three thousand seven hundred and five and forty-four one hundreds if3.705.44] dollars, as principal and interest. And irhereas it waa provided In said Deed of Trust that U the said Henry O, Billings or trustee, therein mentioned should fall, refuse or be unable to execute this trust, then iu that case the Sheriff Is made and appointed his successor In trust, with all tho rights, powers, duties and trusts of sale Henry O. Billings as therein sot forth, and whereas tho said Henry 0. Billings is unable to execute this trust on account of his absence from the State of Illinois. Therefore, 1, the undersigned, Sheriff of Madison county, at tho request of the legal holder of said note. B. 8. billings, public notice is hereby given that in pursuance of the provision of said Deed of Trust, and by vlrtuo of tbe powers thereto conferred, the undersigned will, on the TWENTIETH DAY OF JUNE, A. D. 1887, at the hour of ton (10) o'clock a. m. of said day, ut tbe north front door of tho Oity Hall, in tho city of Alton, county of Madison and State of Illinois, offur forlsale and sell at public veoduo to the highest bidder for oaab, tbe above described real estate, to pay and satisfy said note and deed of trust, together with the costs and expenses ol exocutiug this trust, and oompensn • tlon to tbe trustee for his services. Said sale to bo m<tde without redemption. Emily G, Lefavour claims some interest in aald land, but uny Interest she may claim has been acquired subsequent to suit! deed of tnist. ISDWAKD A, BURKE, Sheriff of Madison county, State of Illinois. I J. F. MCGINN1S, Attorney. IDdtd E. J. PENIFOLD, Prop. PIASASTREET, Between Second and, Third, Alton, IU. ilOST CONVENIENT DINING liOOlf IN TUE CITY. GOOD TAHLE AND IlEA- ' SONAB1/K HATES, CALL AND UK CONVINCED. iny6dw3m J. SUITER & SON, FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Full and Complete Stock Always on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. i>UU yURNITUIlK KOOMB AUK ON State Street/opp. Third, Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Marcus II. Topping, of the city of Alton, county of MaUiaon, and State of Illinois, by Ilia certain trust doud, duly executed, acknowledged and delivered, bearing date the 24th day of Juno, A. D, 1876, and recorded in the UeKister's olllco of the naid city of Alton, in book 7. at p»,ges 4,5, and 6, did convey unto Albert Wade, ua trustee,; all tho follow- Iny described promise.", situated in the city of Alton, in tho county of Madison aud State of Illinois, to-wlc: The south half of lot number eight (8) In block number twelve (12) In the city ot Alton, aforesaid, upon which ID erected a two and a half story brick dwelling with stone baaetnent, to aoouro tho payment of one principal promissory note lor the sum of three thousand dollars executed by said Marcus It. Topping and (latQd the 24th day ot June, A. D., 187&, and payable two yfliirs after date to the order of Sweotsor and 1'rinBt with Interest from maturity at thu I rate of taa per cent per annum, the interest, if not paid seml-annually, to become as principal and bear the same rate of interest ; and four Interest notes described in said deed of trust of even date therewith and payable in six, twelve and eighteen months and two years after date respectively whioh interest notes have boon fully paid. And, whereas, said Marcus if. Topping, by his certain trust deed duly executed, acknowledged and delivered bearluu date, the 10th ol March, A. D., 187!), and recorded In tho llocordor's ofllco ol M lultson county, Illinois, In book 14i, of dcml records on pages 147, 148 and 14!) did convoy unto the said Albert Wade, as trustee, all the following described premises situated lu the city of Alton aforesaid, towlt: Tho undivided one-half of forty-two and one-half loet fronting on Third Btvout, olf of tho west side ot lot number six (U) in blk number twelve (12) to further secure the payment of said principal promissory note for tho sum ef three thousand dollars. And, whereas, default has bciin made in the payment of the said principal promissory note and there Is now due and unpaid thereon the sum of two thousand, nine hundred bud forty dollars of principal and the sum of SUM. 18 Interest, making a total of J.l.WI.Is now duo uud unpaid on said note, besides tho Interest which may accrue on said principal from now to tho day of sale hereinafterniun- tiuned, at tho rate of oluht per cent, per annum; and there Is now due tho legal holder of said note thu further turn of one hundred and fifty-six dollars and oltflity-dvo touts for taxes paid on said promt IBS uud Interest on tho taxes so paid; making In all tho sum of $1,000.118 now duo thu legal holder ot said note under said note and deeds of trust, and the legal holder of said note Henry U. I'l lest, surviving part of said firm of Swuottur & Priest has made application to the undersigned, the trustee lu Bald trust deeds named, and re- riucstod him us such trustee to soil and dispose of said promises under tho power in auld trust deeds and for tho purposes tlioruin stated, and it appears from the records of Madison county, Illinois, tliut eald Miireus II. Topping has convoyed said premises to Mary Kanule Topping: Now, therefore, public notice Is hereby given, that In pursuance of said truHt deeds, and by virtue uf thu power and authority to inu granted In and by tho Biimo.and by virtue ol the statute of the State, I, tho undersigned, will, on THUHB1MY, THIS NINTH DAY 0V JUNE, A. I)., 1887, at ton o'clock «, in. nt tlio north front door of thoClty Hallbuldlng, Iu tho city of Alton, aforesaid, soil and dlipoao of the promises above and .in said trust deeds respectively described, tmU all the rlaht, title, boiiollt aud equity of redemption o? this said Marcus II, Topping, his heirs or asslniis therein, at public auction, for the highest imd best price the suuii) will bring in cash, Dated May Uth, 1B«7. ALHWyiT WADK, Trustee. WIHK A U.IVIM, Attorneys for Trustoo. \ dtd ALTON,; ILL. •PSdwlV At tie Prices Silk Clocked Bnlb.iLadies' Hose, DC a pair; other Hose up to $1.60. Calicos and Lawns, 3c to 15c a yntd. - Sateens, Domestic and imported, 4c a yard to 35c. All grades in White Dress Goods from fie a. yard up. All kinds of Fancy Goods and Dry Goods very cheap.' Men's Working Shirts, lOc to $1. ! Hen's White Shirts, 40c to $1. Undershirts for all, at 12 1-2 to $1.25. > , , [ Socks from 2o-to 76o a pair. i* Men's Suits, $3.60, $4, $6, $6, $7, $8, $9, $10 to $20, just a littla over half price. ' ' ' • • Boys' Suits, $1.50, $2, $3,'$4, $5, $G, $7. $8 to $18, they are worth much more. Odd Garments for Men and Boys at nearly half price. ' • Boys' Pants, 40c to $3.50. Millinery too numerous to mention, but just as cheap as you want them and the largest, by far, stock over in Alton. Gents' Hats, all styles, way down in prioe; chea p enough for all. Ladies'Slippers, lOc to $1.50 a pair. • Ladies' Shoes, in button and lace, $1 to $3.50 a pair, Children's Shoes in all grades. Our profit on all goods is no more than lOc on the dollar, which will bo well demonstrated at the Globe. ' Our Groceries we are selling out at cost; fixtures for sale. Call in and see us, wo will surely entertain you and sell you,, if you want to buy, at the lowest prices. Straight words those are, at W. A. HiLDEBRAND, prop'r of the Globe. '1 1887 - TBE LATEST!- — 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES. Made In four; styles. Two and Tbreo Burners." With A PEKFEOT Air Pressure, wi»out the elevated tank. Pressure is obtained.wlth a T Tr?J?i wltl1 ll P un) P- Absolutely tho safest; simple with no intricate parts. LIGHTS with oarburettcd air, instead of oil In a drip cup. Gasoline and Air Tanis are all of 3K inch seamless brass tubing-, small connecting pipes of heavy annealed brasn.wlth union couplings. One end of tank is of glass, showing quantity of oU la same. Cannot be fllled while burninu. . H . The regular )luo of JEWEL STOVES AND RANGES aro Improved mechanically and artistically. Large double oven for throe burner Ranges; Stand pipes increased In size to one Inch, with large supply valve and trap at base. Ail ovonn are tnado double or flue lined. apOdim PITTS & BAMII.L, - - - - Sole Agents, i HAY-FEVER JSLTS CUV AM BALM Is not a liquid, snuff or powder. Applied into nostrils is quickly absorbed, Jt cleanses tliiJtcad. Allays inflammation. Heals tlte sores. Jl<storcs the. senses of taste and smell. SO cents at Drurjffista; tiy innil, regiatcral, 00 eentt. ELY BROTHERS.Driifftf]sts,Owegro.NY, Hundreds Have Been CURED By taking tho GREAT GOLDEN SB At. Testimonials aro being received dally regarding Its wonderful properties. Eminent physicians endorse jt as the greatest medical discovery ot tho day. Tho GREAT GOLDEN BBAL is a Nerve Food, Building up tho nervous eyeton aud tho tired brain. An Anti-Periodic Or Proventatlvo of Chills, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming tho evil effects of excessive alcoholic Indulgences. A Nonalcoholic Stimulant Toning up tho entire system. If you oro Just recovering from sickness, no known remedy will givo strength and health so fast Price, (1.00 par bottle at all DruggUU, THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUG CO* *54 LaSalle Av.. CHICAGO, ILL." 1 LOOKOUT HM|! TUB OKI.EBI1ATKD QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove J FOK SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in K.8TOVB8 AND HARDWAHB Also Outside Work n specialty. Hooting and Galvanized Iron Work. Also undertaker's Supplies FOB SALE. Tito famous "Altoim Homo," utMolvIllo on tho Urafton road, S mtl&e from Alton, with stable, barn, &o., and * t|> 4 uovtm ot laud, cheap and on tlmo. i'ltrtloularnouthoproin- lben, 1 ALWAYS ON IIANP. GOB. SBVOKD ANI> AU1Y ^ PHTgtOIAWS /UO> BUKOKOKS G. A. HERRMANN, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, THIRD BTIIBKT, OVER JPFJSIFFEB'S BH08 8TOBB, Office hours: 8 to 10 a. in.; 2 to 4 afternoon, aud 0:80to7:30 evening. njv7d6w)t DR. E. GUJBLIXJU, Physician and Surgeon, AND IIBSIDKNOE, OOB.FOUBTB AND HHNItY BTS. W. A. MASKELL, H.D., Physician and Surgeon, OmOJB-SKOOND ST., ALTON, OI. OlHoe b ours—8 ft. m.; 12 to 1, and < p.m. • ummaTMT. DK, O. B. KOJbLLAtfD, JDentist, 16 TH1HD STREET, ALTON, ILL. omoe Hours-8 n. u». to U in. j j j« J^j moot, Ulver, Va , In Oiw«-

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