Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 26, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ILL., THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 26. 1887. NUMBER 306. REflL ESTOTE FORSALE READ LIST OP BARGAINS C. A, Schlueter's Agency. ,J r £*^ alo i,<! no i l V.cor.°t7thand Alton Bts.; flopeVronth 8 ' " ot>ma '*"* ooliar. rents tor For Sale or Bizohangoo—100 aorosi 85 In oul^ ataba?Ka^. mUa8 ' nort ^ aat ol fo ^^ nr «For solo—Five-room brick house, story and » ball, corner Eighth, and Mechanic, street, pan be had at a.bargain. Good iproperty to rent. ' •'."•'•' • ; -, : • • One 0-room new house, with collar, cistern and coal honse. Lot 60 by HO 1 on 9th and Market stj. ; . s . F °r sale—one 8-room house andlonc 8-room \< house,. 9 til : and Market-sta. Lot 60 by 110; ;: good outoru and. coal hoaBo.; at,a bargain. r For sale—16 aores In North Alton with good S orchard, barn .and plenty of water. ! , For salei-680! aores Imprevod farm .with • good house and stnbloa in WooBson county, .Kansas. R.K. runs across from Fort Soott to f Wichita, 6 miles from county seat, • k For sale—76 acres partly bottom • land, 1m- •proved ,lann, near Uorsoy, with plenty ol 'good UulldingB on same. ' a, ByjiJ salo-rlo .pieces vOf Valuable property with good houses, In this olty. '" For gale or excliango—A nice little cottage In Bethalto, with 'plenty ol ground, stable and (rood water on premises. J Sor sale or exchange-Two sections OIJH.IU timber, land In 8e. Mfssouri, 160 miles from St. Louis on the Iron Mountain B. It., at a bargain.,. :• ;;'•••••,•• .v/:-;•..•.-.•.•- . • Fpijaale brjaohange, 8 aores ol ground|.on Main it., aojolnlng Mnyor.OopplJigor's on the to ¥ or Bole or eiohanKe—B sections of prairie & land In Crocket county, Texas. Wul sell 1'cheap. Bultable for any {arming purposes. er Three aores adjoining DnHoberts on north. ;; Five lots on, Dry gt., adjoining/Thomas Bigi gins'residence on the east. One and a half lots In Hawley's addition. One. and a Half lots In Sliolly's addition. ., Any of the above property can be bought kat a bargain. '. also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. T., one of the best companies in the U. S> I And other good Companies in addition. C' A. SCHLUETER, ' Office in my New Building on Second street. mobUdw in Turrant'i Saltier you . behold A certain euro for young and old; For Couitlpatlon will depart. And Indigestion quickly Slok Headache, too. will , , soon subside. When Tarrant's Bcltiet baa been tried. 1 pnest Help for Men. Par No More Honey to Quacks! ST will send you ft NEW SKM-OuitK, dlBoovor- t?JL.BA,«tIite 30 years' experimenting, .which '&BVB* FAILS and COSTS YOB ABSOLUTELY :: NOTHING untti cured. Address . Sl'BAUL, box 4(iS, Milwaukee, Wls. InyHiHw The First Sign Of failing-Health, whether in the form of Night ewents'^and Nervousness, or In a souse of Gcribral Weariness and Loss of Appetite, ..should suggest.- ithe use of ' Ayijriiyjatsjipiiifina. : ; .This preparation is most .effectiv.o^or giving , tone and strength tp, / th e ifiB( e< rt ) l6d.> B y B t omi pro . motiug the digestion uud aaainillation of foo4 > ';Testoripg.;yje ^nervous .forces to their normal'coridltion,' and for purify- iug, eiirichlrtg.'and vitalizing the blood. Health. .Ten y pars, ago mrliaaUJi began to lail. I wa3.Uoubleu.witira,(lbtreflslngCougIi, Night Sweats, Weakness, and : Nervousness. J tried ..' various i< remedies pre- scrib,ed "by; dlffere;^ physicians, but . became BO.weak that I? could not go tip stairs;, wHhoiit. ''stopping, Jo •; rest. My frionda, recommended wo to try 'Ayor'a Sarsap'arilja, which I did, and I am now as healthy and strong as ever. — Jlrs. K. L. Williams, Alexandria, Minn. ,1 haye/iisqcl Ayer's Sarsaparilla. in, my family, ,tor Scrofula, and know, ,i( it is taljoii faithfully, that it will thoroughly eradicate this'terrible disease. I have also prescribed it as a tonic, as well as an alterative, and must say that I honestly believe it to be the best blood uicdicino over compounded.—W. F. Fowler, M. D., D. D. S., Qvoeavllle, Tenn. Qyspepsia Cured. It would be loipoasible for no to describe what I suffered from Indigestion and Headache up to the time I began taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. 1 was under the care of various physicians, and tried a great many kinds of medicines, but never obtained 1 more than temporary relief. After taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla for a short time, my headache disappeared, and iny, stomach performed Its duties more' perfectly, To-day 'my health is completely restored. —Mary Harloy, Springfield, Maas, I have boon greatly benefited by the prompt use ot Ayors Barsaparllla, It tones and invigorates the system, regulates the action of the digestive and assimilative- organs, and vitalizes the blood. It is, without doubt, the most reliable blood purifier yet discovered.— H.'D. Johnson, 383 -Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.1 • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Preptred t>y Dr. J. 0. Ayer & Co., Lowell,UMI. t'rloo «11 ilx bottles, «S, Patents, To ny persons wishing to obtain lettet patent on new Inventions, improvements o designs, I wUJoxeouto drawings and epoolfl oattoni and make applloatlous (or 1'ntonts All consultation. In perion or by lotte , free PFEIPFENBEUGER, Alt/in. 111. For Kent. Two-story house one! KQOU stalJlo O n Common itreoc. Good Irult. WIUl'I'LK A Hlfll.BY. POWDER Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies. A marvel ol purity, 1 strength wholosoinoness. More economical. than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In composition with the multitude ol alnm janSdwly T. L FOUIDS & CO., ATEJNTION! The Pickle Factory wishes to make contracts for CBCDMBERS For Pickle purposes. Will pay 40e, 60o and OOo per bushel for Uucumbors not longer than 4iu.,S In. and a in., In good shape, willtake all that can be ratgou, whether by contract or not. nry9dwlm W. 'V. ENSINGER, Plain and Decorative WORK PROMPTLY ATTKNDHD TO Al LOWEST TBBMS. O7FIOB AND BHOK> ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA AJLTON. . . .'. ELI, REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, -BY- Rudersnausen & Sorintag. For Sale. A convenient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-slory frame house ou Eighth street, near Henry. For Sale. A choice {arm of 320 aores, with first class mproyoments, situated 2K miles .east ol Brunswlek. Oharlton co., Mo. For Sale. A one-story frame dwelling house In good condition, in Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cheap The residence ol Oapt. W. t oble; two itorles and mansard roof) 12 room 4 halls, closets, cellars, etc.: 8 acres of groun Most desirable property In the olty. J?«r sole. leuaeresof land near olty limits, Scu.o ... two story brick and traine dwe! n. nouse, both situated on the east •' o Aiafe street between 6th and 7th meets • so the briok block el stores on Secon rftreet, between Henry and Bldgo street nown as Hunter's row. For Bole. A small frame•* ..Jug houso within n no olooks of the d it (or $375. 160 acres • f good tanning land, another tract ol 300 acres, both unimproved Situate In Mon co,, Kansas, at $10 and !1S per acre laspootivoly—one-third cash,balance on time, For Sale. A larm of HO uor«s on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A good two-story frame dwelling house on It. I'rloe $5,000 For Bale. A nliolco farm of 120 acres, situate 1 mile south of Sblpinan, Maoouplu uouuty, 111., at u low figure. A farm, consisting of 140 aores of good land situate within 2 relics of Upper Alton, sulta < bio tor dairy purposes. Ohoap. 200 BAGS HIGGJOJJW FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table Use, in*14 Ib. lluon Backs and 5O ib. Bucks, for sale by J. A. RYRDB. Lucas Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, GENEBAL SUPEHINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DHAUG11T8MAN, OiUoo oiiThlrd St.,one door west of Plftsu, tUlrd floor. tATKST NHW8, Gould and Sage are to be sued by Kansas Pacific bondholders for $P, 000,000. Russia declines to acquiesce in the settlement of the Egyptian question by England and Turkey. , The Opera Oomique at Paris was destroyed by flre last, night, ant scores of people killed or burned to death. Memphis and Vicksburg companice refused to march in the parade ai Washington yesterday on account oi the negro companies. Two new elevators, with a joint capacity of over six millions of bushels, will bo the measure of the decline in Chicago's grain trade foi 1887. During a thunder storm yesterday fifteen head of cattle were killed bj a lightning stroke on the farm of J. J. Ferguson, in Pettis county, Kas. Natural gas was struck at the depth of sixty, feet one mile east ol Girard, Kas., yesterday. The flow is very strong and sufficient to furnish light and fuel for Girard. A Discovery Which Jttenders Futile years ot Work on the 'Panama Canal. NEW YORK, May 25.—Advices from Panama to the .16th inst. say: In one of the. largest, iongest and deepest cuts, high up above,the prospective canal work, water has been struck. The amount of .earth and rock \aken out of the section referred to cost millions of dollars. All the work represented by these millions is to-day valueless, as the water has washed from the side of the mountain more than sufficient to fill all the cuts. Legislature. HOCJSE. 111., May 25—The following bills were passed in the House this morning: To prohibit the distribution of immoral literature among minors; providing for the closing of stores and workshops on Sunday; to provide for appeals from interlacutory orders, granting injunctions or appointing receivers; requiring County Commissioners of counties not under township organization to give bond in suras of not less than §2,000, also to prevent deductions from employes' wages and providing for payment of wages in [awful money. SENATE. After the reading of the journal ihe special order was the considera- iion of the House Alien bill. Sena, tor Johns moved to refer the bill to ;he Judiciary Committee. He stated ;hat the Senate bill to the same effect !iad passed the Senate and was now aefore the House Judiciary Commit' The motion prevailed. The second special order was the House Arrest of Title bill, introduced and supported by Miller, of Stark. The Judiciary Committee had reported It' adversely. A minority report had seen prepared, and the question wns substituting if for the majority report. The motion was carried, and ;he bill was placed on the order of second reading. Senator Evans moved to recous i- der the vote by which the bill regu- 'ating the practice of pharmacy in ;he State failed to pass. The nio- -ipn was carried and the bill was reconsidered . Senator Darnell moved ;o have it placed back on the order of second reading for amendment. Carried. Senator Darnoll moved to amend by striking out all of section 7, pro- idiug that any itinerant vendor of any drug, nostrum ointment or ap- tliauce of any kind intended for the reatment of diseases or injury, and who shall publicly profess, by writ- ng or printing, to cure or treat diseases or injuries by any drug, etc., hall pay a license to the Board of Pharmacy of $100 per annum, whereupon the board shall issue such iccnse for one year. The aracud- ncnt was adopted and the bill wits •lien ordered to a third reading. BKTUA1.TO. HBTIULTO, 111., May 44, 'B7. The Odd Follows of this place iu- celebrating their fourth anni- crsary on June 9th. A splendid >rogrumino has boon drafted, which lonuists of marching, speaking,sing- ng, iiuisiu and dancing, and the en- oyinent will] bo kept up until all arc lutisllod. A splendid good time was uid last year; and with good weather a butter time may be expected. Good pcakers will be in attendance. A number df Hcthulto Lodge, No. 100, A, F. & k. M. will visit Ed- ivardavillo Lcugo ou Thursday evening of thiswoek' The BorvlpcB horc on Decoration Day promise to^bo well attended. The different orders will turn out in full regalia and it is likely all, or nearly-all, the business houses will close from 1 to fi o'clock p. in. PKUSONAL,—Miss May A ppel entertained her grandpa from your city on Friday. Mrs, Lydia Williams recently returned from Macoupin county where she went to visit her sister-in-law, who is dangerously ill. Mrs. E. Morehead, of Pana, was here last week, and was present at the death of her brother, Mr. James Clark. Mrs. Geo. Klein, of St. LouiSjW a visitor to our town last week. Miss Addie Siner, Mr. Geo. Ress and Mr. Jno.Huddleston and daughter, of Alton, were here recently calling on friends. Mrs. W. F. Noisier and daughter, Lottie,«are the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Handle, ol (staunton. Dr. Burwell, who has been waiting on Mr. Neisler's customers this spring, has gone to Gillespie to-day to fit himself up with horse and buggy. He intends to locate at Worden, this county, to practice medicine. We would cheerfully recommend the Doctor to the confidence of that people having known him for some time. We sincerely wish him abundant success. Mr. J. C.. Bangert will represent Tcutonia Grove, of Bethalto, in the Druids' Grand Lodge, which eon- •venes in Chicago on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June. Some of our folks intend going to Springfield on the 30th, taking advantage of the low excursion rate which is only one dollar for the round trip. All Grand Array men and all old soldiers are cordially invited to take part in the procession here on Decoration day. SCHOOLS—It is likely that Prof. D. M. Bishop will be given the principal- ship of the . Bethalto schools next term. Miss Jennie Uzzell will be continued', and Miss Nonie Flick will be given Miss Jennie Rawson's place. Miss Rawson will teach at her home in Troy. Miss Lizzie Long will teach theLunian school again. We are informed Miss Katie Bangert will take charge of the Gulp school the ensuing term. We understand that Miss Jessie Clark will also teach in Foster townsliip r Prof. Geo. Klein, who taught at Gillespie last season, will direct the young ideas how to shoot in the school near Mr. Wm. Head's the coming term. Why would it not-be advisable to secure the services of P/bf. Jno. Uzzell to take charge of the school that Prof. Bishop tiught last year, then we would have a team that we know would not balk? IMPHOVKMENTS.—Mr. Russell Newman is putting up a large dairy barn on his farm north of town, place i s to be occupied in September by Mr. Sain Arbuthnot, who will carry on a large dairy, we wish him much success. Mr. Charles Gunclall, is putting up a now addition on his property on Prairie street. Mr. S. K. Miller is the architect. Lightning struck the C. P. Parsonage last Sunday afternoon, tearing a hole through thereof. Ahorse standing close by was knocked down by the shock but revived in a few :ninutes. The inmates of the house ,vere unhurt. Damage to the build- ng about $10. OuiTUAKY—The funeral of Mr. Jambs Clark took place from the 'araily residence Sunday afternoon, ilis age was 50 years and he leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his death. lib was a member of the £dwardsville Post, G. A. R., but .ho Bethalto Post took charge of the funeral. The remains followed by a large procession were taken to the Montgomery grave yard for burial, riio widow and children have the sympathy of all. GIMLET. In chronic diseases, medicines should >e restoring, nnd nut debilitating, in ihoir notion. Tbo wonderful strength* ening and curative effects, raalizcd from ho us'o of Avar's Siirsupurillla, sustain .ho reputation of this remedy as the moat popular blood purifier, dwlw SUPPLIES. Oils, Needles, and Farts of all all Machines, We have now the B. & GK Howe Shuttles. Also Turkish Rug Patterns and Machines, E. H. GOULDING. MAY 1, 1887. Ingrain Carpets from 25c to 85c per yard, Tapestry Brussels from 50c to SI per yard. Body Brussels from 90c to $1.25 per yard. OilCldths from 20c to 90c oer yard. India Mattings from I5c to 55c per yard. We have No Old Slock! No Job Lots! Ail New and Clean I Upholstery Goods and Upholstering done. Agent for Awnings Cash prices. I will gladly duplicate St-Stiouis pi-ices. Call FOB THE BEST THE WORM). AGENTS FOR THE WARRANTED IFOR FIVE TEARS- THE CIELEUliATED Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Flow Co's Plows and Cultivators arid Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS," DROPPERS AND MOWERS. 'Headquar ters for EUPION and CARMINE OILS • ENGINE, CYLINDER ind SIGNAL OILS: STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine line of COOKING- STOVES; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our $10 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $30, We keep the 1 BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and deliveirod to any part of the city. B Y TflUMCTflliF HABnUTADF r Pfl ,.L JUflHolUfl llMlJffMll bu,, Cor. 2d and State sts., - - ALTON, ILL. B. L. Dorsey, Jr. Harry Mann, DORSET & MANN, OFFICE: Belle Street, near Third, Special attention paid to the .Buying' and Selling of Real Property, and the Collection of Bents. TELEPHONE 84. B. L, Dorsey, Jr. Harry Mann. DORSEY & MANN, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all kinds of Goal and Goke, * OFFICE: Belle street, near Third. Illinois Soft, Indiana Block, Lehigh and other anthracite. Piedmont Blacksmithing, Coimollsvillc {& Illinois Coke. TELEPHONE 84. SUBSCRIBE FOE THE ALTON EVE. TELEGBAPH, IBc Witt By mail or delivered, Only Republican Dally ia Madison county |H* i .-> rt / i/',,A

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