Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 25, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1887
Page 2
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aw <r Atom BAU.Y TELEGRAPH. BX W. T. NORTON, Co*. Third and Plug* Streets, Alton, 111, WEDNESDAY EVE;, MAY 25. [Offlclal report.1 COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. COUNCIL CllAMBER, t CITY OF jti/roN, May 24, '87. \ An adjourned mooting of tho Uity Council, held in the Council Chamber, at 2 o'clock this p. m. Present at roll call Mayor M'Plko, Clerk Ward, Alder men Coppinger, Thornton, Fingleton, Schweppc, Beall, Uoper, Elblo, Keyland, Hewitt, Fries, fiisamger and Herb—12: Absent—Burke and Ann- stroiig—2, r c On motion at Mr. Kopor that the reading of :th6 minutes be dispensed with and tho minutes bo approved. The petition of Miss Tronchery, asking for tho uso of the City Hall, for a musical entertainment, on the evening of June 10th, Koforrod to committee on Public Buildings with power to act. On motion of Mr. Herb the uso of tho City Hall, for an entertainment to be given in Juno by the ladies preparing a Milkmaids' Carnival, was also referred to tho committee on Public Buildings with power to act. -. ~ —/ Tho petition of Julius H. KaibTo,, A. K. Koot, Eilert Aswogo, A. U. Bishop, Henry A iJobrons, Zephaniah- B. Job, John K, Hayner, Pitts & Hatnifl, Mrs. Joosting, Flynn & Schwurtzo and A. J. Howell, asking that the gutter on the East side of Bello street between Third --' . and Fourth streets be repaired, so as to afford better drainage, was referred to Street and Alloy Committee. . The petition ot H. M. Carr, Theodore Latino, S. S. Hobart, et al, asking; thng the filling of Eighth stroot be made only to tho correspond with tho west crossing and that easy .grades for drainage be made ^thorot'rom and that the granting of said petiton will in no way interfere with the contemplated improvement or damage .any property, referred to Street and Alloy Committee. The Petition of Thomas Jun, Adams Moriek et al asking the privilege of removing Dearth from the alley in the rear of their lots where the alley is above grade without expense to tbocity, was referred to Street and Alley Committee. l The bids for grading tho following streets were opened in the Council Chamber and contracts lot to the lowest responsible bidders as follows, JobnUawson, grading Walnut street, 18 l-2o per yard. „ Thomas Wright, Eighth street, 13 3-4c per yard.. David Fleming, Alton street, 12 l-2c per yard. Wm. Brooks, Main street, 13c per yard.'.:•'•'. ,:; ; <"' James Klelly, Ninth and Alby street, • 14 1-20 per'yard. Patrick O'Neil, Ninth and Alby sts., 14 l-2o por yard. • John Dawaou, Seventh street, from Henry to Liberty, 17o per yard.. •John Dawson, Fifth street from Liberty to; Ridge, 16 l-4c per yard. VVm.'; Brooks, McAdam 'for Main street, S3.76 ; per square. " D. FlemlDg.McAdara for Alton street, $3.80 per square. 'David Ryun.McAd&m.Ninth to Belle, !{U).76 per square. Thos. Wright, McAdam on Third, between Henry and Kidgo streets, $1 por square. _ Andrew Maloy, grading on Alton stroot, botwcon Twelfth and Eighth strools, at 12 1-2 cents per yard. . On motion of Mr. Coppingor that the report of the commutes be adopted: Ayes— Copp:oger, Thornton, Fingle* ton, Sohweppo, Buall, Hoper, Elble, Kcyland. Hewitt, Fries, Uissmgor and Herb—12 , Absent—Burke and Armstrong—2. Ho also moved nhat tho contracts bp awarded t'i uiuth of the above named i>Lirl : ei und thuc «ach give u bond to the iinumitr. of 20 por cunt, of tho work, which was adopted on the call of tho ayus iipd niiya: . Aye's—Uuppinger, Thornton, Fingleton, Suhwoppo, Boall, Kopor, Elblo, Keylund, Hewitt, Fries, Bisslnger and llnrh—12. Aliaoiit—Burko and Armstrong—2. Thu bids for the guttering of tho following streets woro opened in the Council Chamber and lot to Ralph Dixon us follows:, i :, < : Washington street, from Herb's store ,tocity limits, $1.60 por rod. Walnut street, from Third to Fifth, $1.GO per rod. Fifth street, from Kidgo to Liberty, $1.00 per rod. • Seventh street,from Henry to Liberty, $1.50 por rod. Eighth street, from Langdon to Alby, $1.4fi per rod. Alton street, from Eighth to Twelfth, $1.50 por rod. Ninth street, from Alby to Bollo, $1.40 por rod. Ninth street, from Bollo to tho bridge, $1.36 par rod. Mam street, from the bridge to Mrs. Bottle's, $1.40 por rod. Ou motion of. Mr. Thornton that tho report of tlio committee bo adopted: Ayes—Coppinger, Thornton, Finglo- ton, Sohwcppo, Buall, Koper, Elblo, Keyland, Hewitt, Fries, Bissingor and Horb-12. Absent—liurko and Armstrong—2. On motion of Mr. Oop'umgor that tho above contracts bu awarded to Kalph Dixqn: , ;1 , Ayps—Qpjjpmgor, Thornton, Finglo- ton, Sohfvuppo, Boall, Roper, Elblo, Uoyland, Hewitt, Fries, Bissmgor and Herb—12. Absent—Burko and Armstrong--2. On motion of Mr. Coppingur the committee was empowered to ro«advor- tlno for bids on contracts not let today. Mr. Burko came in and took his seat. Mr. Copplnjjar moved that owing to tho failure of Thomas Walsh to tile a Bond for tho tttrout cleaning' contract that tho contract bo awarded to Thomas Wright at $!)OU. Mr. Ropor objected because Mr. Wright had not boon a previous blddor, Ho offered tojdeolnro all bids off and nwidvertiso, Ibis was acooplud but tho point was raised that tho council had determined ut Us last mooting to awiiril tho contract to tho next | lowest blddor. Tho matter wus then loft with the Strnut and Alloy Commlttuo, Mr. Roper moved thai .the report of officers bo laid over to the regular meeting in June. The call of the committee brought out from the Judiciary committee recommending the abolition of the City Court and a proposition to abolish tho same at a special election to be held Tuesday, Juno 21st. The same was laid over until the City Counsellor could look up tho law covering tho case: WIIKHKAS, tho Alton City Court Is costing the taxpayers $2,500.00 annually, of which amount tho Judge of thn Court receives a salary of 81.500,00 and, whereas, tho Court has long since ceased to be of any benefit to the people of Alton, which fact is established by tho small number and character of suits that are brought in tho City Court, it requiring only about ton days in the year to dispnao of tho entire docket, and, whereas, litigation has largely decreased, tho jurisdiction of tho County or Probate Court and Justices of Lho Peace, greatly increased since the establishment of tho City Court; and, whereas, not one cont of tho money expended is ever paid hack to the city, as the costs of tho Sheriff are, by law. required to be paid into the County Treasury: taking In consideration all tho above facts wo find tho court a use 1 less and expensive institution. There' foro, Resolved, that the proposition of discontinuing and disestablishing tho City Court be submitted to"* tho vote of the people on Tunsday,the 2lst day of Juno, A. D., 18B7, for thoir consideration In tho same mannoV as other city elections. O A. HERB. The School commiUee, to whom was referred tho petition of Mrs. W. vV. Martin, Mrs. J.P. Black, MaryE.l'inck- ard, Mrs. Geo. A. Baylo el al., asking to have the pond of water adjoining the Gavlield school, on south sido of Souii nary square, drained or filled up, made thoir report which is »s follows; In reference to the petition of Mary E. Plnckard, Laura Clement, Mrs. W. W. Martin el al., asking that tho pond of water near and adjoining Garfleld schgol be drained. Your committee on Schools would recommend that the Sowcrago committee be authorized to attend to the matter immediately for in case of many more heavy rains it will cause great damage to tho piopertyat the south of said pond. [Signed.] ED. BEALL, L. BIStilNGER, Committee on Schools. On motion of Mr. Roper the report was adopted and the Sewerage com- nnttee was instructed to do the work. Tho City Engineer, Elmer. E. Rutledge, mado the following report concerning the drainage of the pond at Garliold school. CITY ENGINEER'S OFFICE, ALTON, ILL., May 2-1, '87. To Honor tho Alayor and Common Council: GENTLEMEN—! would most respectfully call your attention to the condition of the park. During the last heavy rains a large quantity of water has accumulated in the center. Some action ought to be taken to relieve it, a sewer ought to be put in to carry tho water off down Laugdon street to Third street. If we have many more of our spring storms the water may break out in the center of the block and pass down west of the German Catholic church and do serious damage. lies p. submitted, E. E. RUTLEDGE, City Engineer. Mr. Bnrko asked for further time bo given him to report on ordinance which was referred to him—granted. The Health committee made their report which is as follows: To the Honorable Mayor and City Council. GENTLEMEN — Your commiUoo on Health respectfully represent that Sugar Alley is in a very fllihy condition und is liable to breed disease during the coming hut months unless cleaned, and, as your committee is without funds, they rccommond that tin- Street and Alley committee bo instructed to clean said Sua;ar Alley and all streets and alleys in aforesaid condition. P. KEY LAND, JOHN ELBLE. THEODORE FRIES. On motion of Mr. Herb that that report of tho committee on Health bo adopted. On motion of Mr. Coppinger that the committee on Real Estate be instructed to pay tho taxos duo on tho city farm and tho clerk bu instructed to draw an order for the sumo. Tho chairman on Real Estate reported taut tho city farm was not liable for taxes. Mr. Burke reported that there were back taxes extended on the books in Edwardsville against the city farm and that tho same should ho paid. The motion of Mr. Coppiuger was carried by tho following vote: Ayes—Burko, Coppinger, Thornton, Fingleton, Sehwoppe, Beall, Roper, Elble, Reyland, Hewitt, Fries, Bisain- ger, and Herb 13: Absent—Armstrong 1. Tho Police com. reported in favor of Mr. Roper's resolution to enforce tho city ordinance advocating tho closing of the saloons on Sundays und at 10 o'clock at night. And instructing tho City Marshal to enforce the law. On motion ot Mr. Beall that tho report of the committee bo adopted. Rus<ilv&.l t That tho committee on Police bo, and are hereby instructed to enforce the city ordinances in regard to tho closing of saloons or dram shops m} Sundays. COMMITTEE'S HEI'OHT. In reference to Mr. Roper's resolution asking that the city ordinance in relation to Uio closing of saloons on Sunday be enforced, your committee on Police bug leave to miike tho following report: Wu find that Section 5 of our ordinance, providing for thn ^licensing and regulating of retailors of wines, spirituous and fermented liquors, on page 1!M of tho rovitcd city ordinances, 1875, expressly forbids the keeping open of saloons und soiling of liquor on Sundays, or ut a later hour than 10 o'clock on week days, and wo further Und that suoiion i>, of tho HUtuu ordinance makos it the duty of tho City Marshal to proa, cento all violations of this ordinance, Thoroforo your commiUnu recommend that the resolution bu adopted and the law enforced. El). DKALL, GEO. R. HEWITT, 1'oliue CotmniiU'u. Mr. Burke moved to amend by mov> ing to Instruct tho Mayor.the Executivo ofllcer of the city, to enforce the ordinances. Mr. Coppinger moved that tho report be laid on tho table. Mr. Btssmgor opposed the report. Mr, Hewitt said ho was in favor of enforcing tho ordinances of tho city and that ho would sign all resolutions favs orlng the enforcement of tho ordinances: but that if an ordinance was not right or contrary to tho sentiment of the pcopln, It should bo repealed. Mr. Burko moved the previous question. Mr, Kopor wanted the dosecraliou of tho Sabbath stopped and quoted the Mayor's inaugural in support of his position. Tho Mayor explained that as far as ho had hoard or know of the mattor.tho law had boon strictly enforced. Mr. Thornton claimed that the resolution was out of plnco. (uontimied to-morow.) Tho best way for women to get mustaches off their upper lips is to get themselves to a nunnery svnd lock tho door,— Ex. A Ears and Scalp Covered with Ec- Tsematous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuticura. M l little son, aged oitrlit years, lias been at- lllcted with Ecxoroiv of tli9 sculp, and ut times a great portion of the body, ever slnco lie was two years old.' U begun In Ills oars, and extended to hla scalp .which became covered with scabs and sores, and from which a sticky fluid poured out, causing Intense Itching and distress, and leaving his hulr matted and lifeless. Underneath these scabs the skin was raw, lllfo a piece of beefsteak. Gradually the hnlr came out and wus destroyed, until but a small patch was left at the buck ot the head, lly friends In t'eabodv know how my little boy lias suffered. At night ho would scratch his head until his pll- low was covered with blood. I used to tie his hands behind him, and In many ways tried to prevent his scratching; but It was no uso, he would scratch. 1 took him to tho hospital and to the best physicians In 1'ett- body without success. About this tlmo,' some friends, who had been cured by tho Outlcura Remedies, prevailed upon mo to try them. 1 begun to usis thorn on tlio 13th of January lust. In seven months over}' particle of tho disease was removed. Not a spot or scab remains on his soalp to tell the story of his suffering, ills hair haa retnrneil, and Is thick nnd strong, and his soalp as sweet and clean as any child's In the world. 1 cannot say enough to express my gratitude for this wonderful cure by the Cuttcuru Homo- dlos, and wish all similarly afflicted to know that my statement Is true and without oxac- gertvtton. CIIAULES McKAY. Oct. G, 1SS5. Peaoody, Mass. I have seen Mr. McKay's boy when badly affected wfth the TSczema. lie wus a pitiful sight to look at. 1 know that he has tried our best physicians, and did all a father could do lor a suffering child, but availed nothing. I know thHt tho statements ho has made you as regards tho curing of Ills boy by your Outlcura Remedies are true In every particular. 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I Imvn found It upBiiWll boneliclal In norroun or physicalozhimDtlqn, und In Ml dobllitiUinK nllmoiitn that lioar so heavily on tho nystem. Visa it frooly In my own family." sayi. IF 1 Gonulno has abovo Trade Mark and crossed rodllnof on wrapper. Tnhc no other. Mndoonlyby IiU« WN C'llEMH'AI. CO.. HALT1MOUE. BIO. Trustee's Sale Whereas, Kdward Uolltster and Murtlui It. llolllstor, by their certain Uoocl of trust, boar- ins cluto, the 2:icl tiny of Mny, A. »., 1878, ,11111! recorded tn tho liocordar'a olllco In ICdwards- vllln, county of Mmliaon, Stuto of Illinois, In book Ml, PIIRCB 22, 23 and 21, convoyed to Henry O. JillllnKS, Trustee, and tlio ShmMir of Mndlaon county, ns Ills successor, hi trust tho followlni; described ronl OBtuto, In tho county of Madison niid8tiito of Illinois: Tho south hulf \y,\ of tho norihenat qunrtoi I Ml of. section four [-IJ,containing eighty [80] ncros, und a portion of tho north Half [}il or tho northeast quarter I ,'f 1 of auction four m coutning twenty [20] uci'ea, more or loss, all of anid tracts ol Imnl being aituatoilln township live [6J, north of range ton |10j, west. Said party, norebv intending to convoy all Innd owned by them iivsatd section four W, which said deed of trust was matin to ncourt on£ certain principal note, for tho sum o! three thousand (.$3,000) dollars and duo In two years after the date thereof and to boai intoiest utter maturity, at the rate of eight per cent per annum; also four [41 interest nntos for the sum of one hundred und twontj |?1'201 dollars each, nnd duo in six, twelve eighteen and twenty-four mouths after tho date thereof, and bearing interest after maturity, at the rate of eight per cont per an num. All of said notes being dated May 23, A. D., 1878, and all of said notes being executed, by said Edward Hollister • and payable to the order t ot K, S. Hillings. And whereas it was provided, in said Deed o: Trust, that If default should bo made in the payment of said notes, or either of thorn, 01 iho interest accruing thereon, according to tho terms thereof; then in that event the saU tiusteu is empowered and authorized ut once to advertise and sell said real estate. And whereas default has boon made In tho payment of said principal note of throe thousunt [$3,000] dollars and tho interest thereon, anc there will bo due, ou tho day of sale, tho sun: of throe thousand seven hundred andllvo am' forty-four one hundreds [$3,70fl.44| dollars, as principal and interest. And iThoreas it was S tovided in said Deed of Trust that if the said cnry O, Billings or trustee, therein mentioned should fail, refuse or bo unable to execute this trust, then In that case tho Sheriff is, made and appointed his successor In trust, wltl all the rights, powers, duties and trusts of sail Henry O. Hillings as therein sot forth, and whereas tho said Henry O. Billings is uiiaUU to execute this trust on account of his absence from the State of Illinois. Therefore, 1, the undersigned, Sheriff of Madison county, at tho request of this legal holder ol said note, E. S. lilllines, public notice is hereby given that in pursuance of the provision of said Deed of Trust and by virtue of the poweis therein conferred, the undersigned will, on the TWENTIETH DAY OF JUNE, A. D. 1887, at tho hour of ton (10) o'clock a in. of said day, at tho north front door of the Oity Hall, in the city of Alton, county ol Madison and State ot Illinois, offer forlsale and sell at public vonduo to the highest bidder for cash, the above described real estate, to pay and satisfy said noto and deed of trust, together with the costs and expenses ol executing this trust, and couipensn • lion to the trustee for his services. Said sale to bo made without redemption. Emily G. I.ofavour claims some interest in said land, hut any interest she may claim lias been acquired subsequent to said dted of trust. EmVAUDA.BUliKE, Sheriff of Madison county, Stato oJ Illinois. I J. F. MCUIKNIS, Attorney. IDdtd Notice. Tlio annual vneetlngof the Alton and Upper Alton Horse Hallway and Carrying Company, for tho election of seven directors and for the transaction of any other business that may properly come before tho stockholders, will be held at the olllco of the Superintend- ont, corner of 12th and Henry sts., on Tuesday, tlio 7th day of Juno, 1887, au 7:.'!0 o'clock p. m. OHAS. HOLDKN, Jr., 21U Secretary. SUPPLIES. Oils, Needles, and Parts of all all Machines, We have now the B. & G. Howe Shuttles. Also Turkish Rug Patterns and Machines. E. H. MOULDING. Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GE NE11AL 8WEKINTENJ)E N T AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, , Olllco oiiThird nt.,oiio door west of Plasa, third door. fblH paper Is Bupt ou flic at Iho olllco cT YER^SON OVERUSING GENTS PHILADELPHIA. Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Marcus H. Topping, of the city ol Alton, county of Madison, and State ol Illinois, by Ills certain trustdee<l.d«ly executed acknowledged and delivered, bearing date tho 24th day of Juno, A. D, 1876, and recorded In the Register's olllce of the said city of Alton, In nook 7, at puges 4,5, mid 6, did cnnvoy unto Albert Wade, as trustos,; all the lollow- ing described premise**, situated in the city of Alton, in the county of Madison and .State of Illinois, to-wll: Tlio soulh half of lot number eight (8) in block number twelve (12) in tho city ot Alton, alorosald, upon which la erected a two and a lialf story brick dwelling with stone basement, to secure the payment of ono principal promissory note lor the sum of three thousand dollars executed by said Marcus II. Topping and tinted the Ofth day ot June, A. D., 1876, and payable two years after date to the order of Sweotsor and l-rlcst with Interest from maturity ut the I rate of ten per cont per annum, the interest, if not paid seml-annually, to become as principal and bear the same rate of interest; and four Interest notes described In said deed of trust of oven date therewith and payable in six, twelve and eighteen months and two years afterdate respectively whloh Inter. ost notes liuvo been lully paid. And, whereas, said Marcus U. Topping, by hie certain trust deed duly executed, acknowledged und delivered bearing date, tho 10th of March, A. J)., 187!), and recorded In the Recorder's olllco of Madison county, Illinois, In book 144, of deed records on pages 147, 148 and 14ti did convoy unto tho said Albert Wade, as trustee, all the following described promises situated In the city of Alton aforesaid, towit: The undivided one-halt of forty.two and ono-lutlf leet fronting on Third street, oIF of tho west side of lot number six (U) In blk number twelve (12) to further secure the payment of Bald principal promissory note for the sumaf three thousand dollars. And, whereas, default has been made In tho payment of tho said principal promissory noto aiul there Is now duo and unpaid thoro- on the sum of two thousand, nine hundred forty dollars of principal nnd tho sum of f'JW.18 Interest, making a total of $I,8-U.I» now duo nnd unpaid on said note, besides the which may accrue on said principal from now to the day of sale liorolnaftermoii- tlonoU, at the rate of olglit per cont. per annum; and thorels now due tho legal holder of said note lh» further sum of ono hundred and fifty-six dollars and olglity.llvo cents for taxes paid ou said premises and intercut on tho taxes so paid; making In all the sum of $l,0(K).S)h now duo the legal holder of said note undor uald note and deeds of trunt, and tho legal holder of said note Henry U. Pi lest, sur- vlvinifpartofsaid firm ol SweeUor it 1'rlest has mado application to tho undersigned, the trustee In said tiust dc-uds named, and ro- quested him as such trustee to sell and dispose of said promises under tliu power In vuld trust deods and for the purposes therein united, and it apneurH from tlio records of Muilluon county, Illinois, that said Marcus II, Topping has conveyed said promises to Mary Fannie Topping; Now, therefore, public notice Is uuruuy given, that In pursuance of said triiHt deeds, and by vlituo of the power and authority to me granted In and by Iho sauui.and by virtue ol the statute of the State, 1, the! undortil|,'ii<ul, will, nn TIIUB8DAY. Till'! NINTH DAY OF 1 J1TN15, A. D., 1887, ut ton o'clock a. m. at tlio norm front dour of thoGlty llullbnldlng.ln the oily of Alton, afiirosald, sell and UUnoso of tho promises above and In mild trust diiods respectively described, and all tho right, title, bonollt and crmlty of redemption of thosald MarciiHll. Topplni(,hlH liolruorassignstlioro- In, at nubile unction, for the highest and best price the same will In luir U> uauh. Dated May nth, liis;. AI.HKUT WADK, Trustee, WISE A DAVID, Attorneys for Trustee. dtil Ra SON'S MANUAL Silk Clocked Bftlb, Ladies' Hose, Oc a pair; other Hose up to 81.CO. Cnlieos and Lawns, !?c to lOc n yard. Sateens, Domestic uud imported, -to a yard to 3Cc. All grades in White Dress Goods from 5c n, yavd up. All kinds of Fancy Goods and Dry Woods very cheap.'. Men's Working Shifts, lOc to $1. Men's White Shirts, <IOc to $1. Undershirts for all, at 12 1-2 to $1.25. Socks from 2c to 75c a pair. Men's Suits, $3.50, 8-1, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9, 810 to $20, just a little lioyB' n s'u!ts, 81.50, 52, $3, $4, $5, $('>, $7. $8 to 818, they are worth much more. ,•„'.• Odd Garments for Men and Boys at nearly half price. Hoys' Pants, -10c to $3.50. Millinery too numerous to mention, but just as cheap as you want them and the largest, by far, stock over in Alton. Gents' Hats, all styles, way down in price; cliea p enough for all. Ladies' Slippers, lOc to $1.50 a pair. Ladies' Shoes, in button and lace, $J to $3.50 a pair. Children's Shoes in all grades. Ouv profit on all goods ia no move than lOc on the dollar, which will be well demonstrated at the Globe. Our Groceries we are selling out at cost; fixtures for sale. Call in and see us, we will surely entertain you and soli you, if you want to buy, at the lowest prices. Straight words these are, at W. A. HILDEBRAND. prop'r of the Globe. 1887 THE LATEST ! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made in four stylos. Two and Three Burners," With Tin and Kusaia Ovens. A PERFECT Air Pressure, ivll bout tho elevated tank. Pressure tfl obtained with a weight, not with a pump. Absolutely tho safest; simple with no Intricate parts, LIGHTS with earburcttcd air, instead of oil in a drip oup. Gasoline and Air Tanks are all of :i, l i inch seamless brass tubing- small connecting pipes of heavy annealed bras8,wlth union couplings. One etui of tank is of glhss, showing quantity of oil in same. Cannot be lllled while burning. The regular lino of JEWKL STOVES AND RANGES ore Improved mechanically and artistically. Largo double oven for throe burner Kangtfs; Stand pipes increased In size to one inch, with largo supply vftlvo and trap at baae. All oven» lire nmdo double or flue lined. • apOd4m PITTS & EAMILL. Sole Agents. ^.icdHtE^^itaEJi:*': ALCOHOLIC ANTIDOTE FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES • AND ALL NERVOUS "DERANGEMENTS, An Immediate relief for prostration caused by AJXIOHOIjIO EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, when taken with Soda, Vichy, Apolllnaris, Seltzer, or any Sparkling Water, will supply the Craving for Strong Drink, without its disastrous results, leaving tlio system refreshed and Invigorated. Prepared as ft HEAVY SYRUP, most agreeable to take. ONtV BIT THOO Being non-alcoholic. It commends itself especially to Physicians, Luwyqrs, Teaohoss, Clergymen, Merchants, and others following Bedontary occupations or pursuits, requiring norve energy. LOOKOUT TUK OEMSUllATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stovo ! »* ' """™"™" > "*™"'^"S>5!KWEnwfflfll!flC^T - s?T?5R2K*?* ^ PHYSICIAMB AMD 8UUOKOMS G. A. HERRMANN, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, TIIIKD STREET, OVKR JPPlSlFFEB'S 8HOK 6T011E, Office hours: 8 to 10a.m.; 2 to 4 afternoon, and (1:80 to 7:30 evening. KOH 8ALB AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in i.STO VI3S AND \ Jndertaker's Supplies ice AT ' UAOMO MAN" tn lake orders for choice ntiruorv atock, (inod pay. Hteudy work. OuUlt froo. No experience needed. JAMK8 K. WlllTNKY, NuvuKryiuuii, Rnoliubtur, N.Y. ALWAYS ON HAND. COll. BKCUN1) AMI) AI.DY BTH. Dlt. E. Physician and Burgeon, AND RKSinKNOE, OOR.FOUKTH AND UKNltY 8TS. . __ tqg.dwly W. A. HA8HLEIX, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, Oflicn h ours— 9 a.m. j 12 to 1, and 6 p.m. UKHTIBTHY. DR. C. 1*. UOli&AND, Dentist, 18 THIRD BTHBKT, onico Uoni»-8 u. in. to 12 m.; 1 to IP. m fflbdwiy 011 Jainoa Ulvor, Va, In l)lim>- mnhtUolouy. Illustrated olrou- iurfrtiu, J, V. MANOJIA, Glare uiout, Virginia, [Owtt

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