Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 24, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1887
Page 4
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RASKIN E (THia^ No bad effect No headache Nohausea. MO ringing ears, AWOH 1)A1M TELEGRAPH, (Kntered n« Seconrt-niiuu Mnttor nt the P. U. nt Alton, III.) quickly (Pleasant,* 1 ™ A POWBKFtllj TONIC, that the most clolloato Btomaoh will boar. A BpjsoiFic row MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEBVOUS PIIOSTKATION, PO OOLBA TOMS ALMOST; A WEOIFIO. Superior to y jBollovuo Hospital, N. *.: "Universally sue- 00 Mr. U F."A. Miller, 030 Kust lB7tu street, N. Y.. was cured by IKasklno ot extreme mBlattnl prostration after seven years snltorlnK. Ho iinil run down troin 115 pounds to 07. began on Kasklnoln Juno 188(1. went to work In one month, regalnedllils full weight In I) months. Quinine did him no nood whatever Mr. Obarlos Baxter, architect, 13.1 K. 120th St. N. Y., was cured by ICaaklno of dumb "Kuoln 3 months after quinine *r» fttnl ; n U°jJJ^ 8 5 rrl S; Mrs. J. Lttweon, 111 Hot-gen St., Brookly was cured ot malaria and nervous dyspepsia or many yenrssiandliiH by Kasklno, tho quinine treatment havlna wholly fulled. Kov. Jiui- L. llull.Obupliilu Albany r-oniton- ttary.wrltoB that Kaskfno has cured his wife, after twenty (years' HuHorlm? from mnlarin and nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor par- Jxsttor's from tho above persons, Riving full details, will bo sent on application. »j,Kuskinu can bo taken without any special tnodleal odvloo. 51.00 porbottlo. Sold by or sent by tnnl.l on receipt of price. K ASKINK CO., 64 Warren at., New fork JOHN BATJEB, IDBAL.KU IN AND MANUFACTURER OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Mall, ALTON, TLL> All kinds of flno und common farnltur constantly on hand. Also undertaker, etc. . at>2Sdwlw SCOTT'S EMULSION Of FM COD LITER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. Tho only preparation of COD IJYEB Oil, that can l>o taken ri-Mlllj%ua tolerated tor a long time by dollcalo stomachs. AW! 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ASK TODR GHOCElt fOR IT. EMPIRE SOAP GO. ST. toma. MO. , WILSON WASHBOARDS. •^I'DicBuM'nililKHvrdiiiro modo with ;;; » It<m( ,\Voml tlin. Tho Strong: **ll . • i _ — * t - ^ ... . -. . i— *J7 a u d H , , ott And l«3t wiuliors In (h i Id. for talo by all ik'uler u no otlior. N'F'O 00,, TUESDAY MAY . Itoniomforance. t 60 remind wo how, when, by a blor, 1 looked my last on nn unnnawcrlnB nee Serenely waltlug for tlio grave's cmbraco. One who would fain have comforted saw, This Is "tho worst. Life's bitterest drop is Impartial falo lm» done yovi this one grace, Thnt till you BO to your appointed place, Or Boon or late, there In no more to four. It wan not true my ncrnl 1 It wui not Intel "Thou art not lost while 1 remomlior thoo, Lovor and friend I 1 ' 1 cry, w th baled breath. What if the years, slow erooplnjr llko two blue. Heslntlona tWfi, Rlioiiiil blot tlmt face from mo? Not, to rornoniber would bo worse than death. _ Jlllla Ci u , »u|. r , in Scrlbner. Mistaken Identity. Bho'd na pretty us a picture In ft frames And, for all I did not oven know her name, Jtlll I couldo't help but love, her just tho same. 'for papii, I found, wns not a mnn of rank He Is only Just n cashier In a bank); And to mo ho seemed a little bit too frank. For when 7 called upon him yesterday, And uskod him If n visit I infant pay to my love, what did the follow say? Why, bo shut mo up as If 1 were a knife! And I roully feared that lie would take my .... lie snouted: "Why, you rasonl, that's my wife I" _ So morvlllo Journal. life. When 1 A DEFEATED PLOT. As fin 1 us liis position was concerned Fred Wylio was the picture of comfort, tml one look ut his open face would show you that ho was the reverse of comfortable in mind. His clear honest eyes wore dark, his brow gloomy, and the corners of his mouth had a downward curve; altogether ho was as perturbed in his mind us any healthy young fellow with a clear conscience could possibly be. "I must confess I was never more dumbfounded in my life!" ho was saying to himself, as, with his feet elevated to the proper angle, and an unlighted cigar in his hand, ho was gazing out of the window, not seeing any of tho busy throng below him,-'but trying to settle something which sadly worried him. •'Mr. Allison was always friendly to mo, and encouraged my visits to Maude; why he should have made such a strange will I cannot for the life of mo understand! If I were sure she would hover regret it, I would lot Mr. Allison's money go. and marry Maude without a penny—provided she'd have me, that is." As he spoke ho arose and began to search for a match wherewith to light his cigar, but to his vexation there wasn't one in his pockets or anywhere in the room. "Oh, bother! I've got to get a light from tho hall gas." But there happened not to be a wisp of refuse paper convenient, so ho opened an old secretary which stood in one corner of the room. Ho was boarding with Maude Allison's aunt, in the house where Maude and her father had lived uptothotimoofhis death, and this secretary, as well as most of tho furniture in the room, had been used by Mr. Allison in his lifetime. In this secretary was an odd jumble of clean paper letters now and old, scraps of newspaper clippings, etc. Evidently the owner was not a methodical old gentleman. • After some rummaging ho came upon a scrap which was' not too valuable to bo used as a cigar-lighter; but just as ho was about to -Use it, ho espied his lady-love on tho opposite side of the street, where she seemed about to call on some mutual friends who lived there. Of course lie forgot all about his cigar, and, soi/ing his hat. went to call on these sumo friends. "Maude," said ho. when, a little later, they were on their way to Maude's Thome— she was living with her guardian, Andrew Urugio, and his mother and .sisters—''Maude, has Mr. Cragio ever said anything to you of tho turnit! of your father's willP" "Never" until to-day, Fred," sho answered. "Whatdid he say then?" "He did not say anything; but oh. Fred, he gave mo such a strange letter—one which papa had left in his euro for me, to be given to mo at aui time when Mr. Cragie saw lit, before I was twenty-one. Why it was given to me now 1 am sviro I do not under stand." "What was it?" "Hero it in. Read it for yourself I brought it with me to show to Mrs Leonard, and got her advice, but sho was not at home." Fred took tho letter which Maudo handed him and read it with mud interest. It was written on an almost Bquaro sheet of paper, of an odd bluisl tingo, and, after an unimportant pro Imlu, said: "Any girl, my dear daughter, is liable to be nought in marriage b HOIUD designing forliino-huntor whoi sho is possessed of so large a prop orty as I will leave behind me. There fore, for your own future happiness I bequeath this money to you onlj on one condition, which is that 01 your twenty-first birthday, or as much earlier as will suit you both, you aro married to my dear friond"—hero Fred turned tlio pago—"Andrew Cragio. 1 am sure ho will mako yoi a good husband. If you do not .marry him, but marry Homo one whom yoiu guardian approves,—fur (hero's no tolling what may happen—Hum yoi arc to have one-half of my property If, howovw, you marry contrary to his-wishes, then you uru to inherit but one thousand pounds." This was thu important chuiso in tho letter. Mr, Allison had so nmdo his will that this luitur to Mamlo was to bo considered part of it. "Haveyou »eim Mr. Cragiii since lu gave this to youP" asked Fred. "No. HII sout it to iiid, Healed, say ing that ho kn«w its contents, unit w more than willing to abide by its lurnut—that ho should novur give hi consent to my marriage with an other man," "DKl bu toll you of uiy call on hlu •eslcrdnyT'™. . "No. What did you go to see him orP" asked Maude, innocently. 'Tolcll him that.I love you, my during, and to ask his jtnrmission to make. i formal proposal for your hand. He efusetl my ' request with scorn, and aid I was only after your money." 'Oh, Frwll how could he say that vlien ho knows that 1—that you—I iieati tlmt papa was fond of you?" tlnudo stammered, blushing furi- msly. "llow about papa's daughterP" .skcd Fred, earnest!}'. "Do you not ovc me a little?" Unfortunately they were still in the trcot, so Fred could not say all hc-do- irud, but his tone expressed volumes. 'One thousand pounds isn't much, Fred, and you know young lawyers .jet rich very slowly," was her queer .nswcr. However queer It may have sounded, t emboldened Fred to take a kiss from icr pretty mouth,' as they stood in ,ho shadow of Mr. Craglo's door, waitr ng for the scrvand to admit them. Mr. Cragio himself opened tho door, xnd when ho saw who was with Maudo 10 broke into a storm of invectives, ,nd forbade Fred to come near tho 1OUSC. As soon as Maude was within ho told icr he intended to carry ovit her father's desires and protect her from all 'ortune-hiintcrsj and that sho should tot leave tho house again without lira, nor should sho write any letters Lintil sho had given her consent to mirry him, Addrcw Cragie, or until sho became twenty-one—two years icnce. Andrew Cragie took a very unwise nothod to try to induce Maude to marry him. His conduct only prejudiced her against him; but of course sho was helpless, A long weary month passed, and Maude was so closely guarded that ?rcd could hold no communication with her—could not even send her any message, as one of tho Crugies was always with her. Again Fred was sitting in his room meditating; again he took a fancy to smoke; again he fumbled in his vest ,nd coat pockets for a match. "What's thisP' he ejaculated, as ho drew from one of his pockets some irumpled paper. "Mr. Allison's lefc- ;or to Maude, as I am a sinner! lallo! I've torn it—wish I dared ;oar it all up; but that would do no ;ood, as he has jjiven an exact copy ;o Mr. Cragie. I will mend it as well as I can, however, for sho will value whatever her father wrote. What a peculiar hand ho wrote! could swear to that fist anywhere," solilsquised Fred, as he got his mucilage bottle and some thin paper, preparatory to repairing the damage he thought he had clone. 'Hardly had he placed tho two pieces of paper together, however, when he started up, exclaiming: "Whew! Whore did I get this slip of his letter? Ah, I remember. I took it out of Mr. Allison's old secretary, one night, to light a cigar with; and it was in this secretary that he left his will and other papers. Now let's read Mr. Allison's letter as mended and amended by Fred Wylic. Hero it is as it was before Andrew Cragio so neatly cut off those last throe lines, making a very queer-shapec sheet of it, by-thc-by. This is what ho meant to say: 'On condition'—urn —um—'you aro married to my dear old friend'—now here began the three cut-off lines, which read—'Basil lie's son, a boy whom I love as if he were my own. I refer, as you know to Fred Wylie, your old playmate Of course, if Fred does not want you this letter is null and void; but I have entrusted this part of tho matter to my true and faithful', and here tho page is turned. "Hurrah! Dear Mr. Allison, Free does want her, as you more than suspected; and what's more, ho'l have her! I feel quite sure Mr Cragie is dying to see me, so I wil mako a call upon him, although it is past nine o'clock." There was no denying the authon ticity of Mr. Allison's amended letter and it proved itself from the fae that Andrew Cragio refused to shov his cop)', but consented to a marriag between his ward and Frod Wylie a any time they might choose to cole brate it, which was within a fei weeks. That old secretary is a, very vain able piece of furniture in Mrs. Wy lie's eyes; but oh! how Andrc\ Cragie blames himself for not hav ing boon careful to destroy the tel; tale lines! "Give a rogue ropo cuong aud he's sure to hang himself!" Daruys Prophylactic Fluid. Use it in every sick room. Will keep tho atmosphere pure and wholesome; removing all bau odors from any source. Will destroy all Disease Germs, infection from all Fevers, and all Contagious Diseases. The eminent physician, J. 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Those rirls immediately came into good do- •innil. They wnre forbidden fruit, as t wore, llow the boys did long for hem. To-day the society exists no om'oi'. It has been deader than Cloo- liitra for almost two years. Kloven of hose girln Imvo husbands aud babies; ix otlit.TS hnvo husbands and no jabii-s, ami two aro engaged to bo married when "tho llowers bloom in lie spring, trn l' l> " Parson Hlodsoo of tho Austin Blno ,ight Tabernacle made a pastoral call jn tlio Webster family, his object bong to remonstrate with Jim Webster or eating peanuts during divine wor- hip. Jim hid behind a curtain, and Mrs. Webster said that ho had gone jut hunting. Unfortunately the cur- ain did not roach tlio floor and Jim's urgo feet protruded. "So yon sos Jeems has gone out huntin'P" "Yes, larson, and ho 'spocts tor bo gone all lay." 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Tills vas Saturday, November 8d. On Sunday morn- ug I felt so stroiiu I oalil to uiy room com- uilons, ''I was sure I could "Walk I -\yaiKi ., ••.-.••••• 80 started across the floor and back. I hardly knew liow lu cutitnlu iny«elf. I over tlio houni!. 1 nm Knlnlnt! Btranglli co nnd r.nn wnlk nulto Bate \vltliont any each Uaj uvur m>. ..«"»« and am wnlk qu Stick!" I nm now n'l my own lioimo, and liopo soon to He abla to earn my own llrliitt ngitln. J have been » lucuibc* of tho Mnnolif »lei "Komi KxclmiiKO For nearly thirty years, r.nil wns most heartily con- grntulatert on unlnK In tlm roinn on Tlnn-May lut. Very urnttfully yon™, JOH MANOIIBBTKII, (Kng.) Dec. SI, 1SSS. Two yews Inter urn perfcotly well. One Experience of .Many. Having experienced a creat deal of "Trouble I" from ludlgestiou, so much eo that 1 came near loelug uiy Life: My trouble always came after eating any food—- . Iloivover llplit, And dlBOStllilo, ' * Tor two or three hours at a tlnie J hid to go through the most Excruciating pains, "And the oiily way I over got" "Relief!" Was by throwing up nil my stomach contained I 1 No one can conceive ;tho pains that I had to go through, until "AtlasU" I was taken 1 "So that for three weeks I lay in bed and Could eat nothing 1 I i My sufferings wore. BO that I: called .two doctors to give me something that would stop the pain. Their efforts were no good to me. At last 1 heard a good deal "About your IIop Hitters I And determined to trv them." Got a bottle— In four "hours I took the .contents of . One / / / / Next day I was out of bed, and have not eeen a "Sick!" Hour, from tho same cause, since. I have recommended it to hundreds of others. Tou have no such "Advocate as I am." GKO. KKOTJAM,, Allrton.BoBton. Mass. RAILWAY TIMB TABIE. OHTOAdO ASD AiTON. On and .after Sunday, May list, 1887, train' on tne Chicago find, Alton railroad, will leav* the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, at follows: For Chicago and the Ea«ti OhteagoMall*... '.... 9:00 a.nv Chicago Accommodation' 0:00 p. in LlKhtnlngExpress' 9:10p.m Peorla and Rook Island Fust Lino t,9:00 a. m For JaoksonvWe, Keoknk, Qnlnoy, Kan* lias Clty.aud all points west. KansasOlty Mall* ... - .. 9.-00a.m. Kansas City Eipresa* 9:lop. m DenverEijnossf... 7:10p.m. Jacksonville AccoimnodAttont.. • Y :10 p. m, For St. lionls t LlKlitnlngExpress'...........,.....0:45 a.m Omoago Acoommodatlon* 9:80 a. in Alton Special!......................12:36 p. m Kansas City Mall* ,... .6:40 p. in Ohlcaeo Mallr 6:2 Op. in I11AINSIJ5AVB 81\ 1OOI8 UNION DEP01 FOB ALTON. (160 a.m. (600p.m. •4 SO p.m. *7 Mp.'nt. t s (8 45 a. m. Sundaysouly)., : *Dally [Except Sunday. 8. D. ItKEVB, Bup't. St. Louis DivlBion O.G.NOEUIg, Ticket Aaent. . Now and Beautiful Designs Just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. ___ WINDOW A ^ Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. At tho old reliable HOUSE -PAINTING and DECORATING establishment of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. Viltii Springs. ffi3T Better than •\Vlialebone or Horu,JSJ and teuaranteed never to break. Price, $* For »alo by leading wliolcula 'and retail Citab- llthnunli, . . j., ••• \ , : MAYER, 8TROU8E&CO. 413 Droaclway, N, Y. ( Manufacturers. .1. WILKES FORD & CO. Ot <fc Oil W, WnililiKton Bt., OhUngo, HI. FELT AND QRAVEL ROOFERS And Doalura lu UooQuB MuterluU. Our facilities for doing work In Alton are Buoh that we .01111 do tho very boat quality of Felt and Uruvol Uooflng, tlio uiiinu us fn ti»o on an tho Urat-oluaa buildings In Ohlotigo ut r lower prioo than Tin or Iron, and warrant p" 1 roofa for live yom-8. We alao sell nmtorlttl" •with full luBti-uutloii Uow to Uo tlio wnrir or fiii'iiluli itnoxparloiiaail num. apiifidiy

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