The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWff .)' gOURjER CQV$IER NEWS 9OS|PtJiIENTARY TICKET This Ticket Will Admit J|r. and Sirs. !.. i). t'hamtyiu 5»9 West Chiffcasiwba . —10 me— KITZ. THEATER -rlo ' I FLAPPER FANNY O—•• •— i ',-..-.i . coptr. iQiNiWkftcrEutrf iur Spqia} Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mr and. Mrs. Harry/ \y. Halncs cnfe'rtatnlp? Tu,esdi«' Nifht Supper clvjb. Maple Grove Cemetery association meeting at home of Mrs. Sal- liS Hubler. ?'30j). m. ' Mrs' 0[oe G. Trleschmami -having Young Matron's Bridge club. Mrs. J. 'Nick, Thomas entertaining the Tuesday Bridge club. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Wednesday ' Bridge club' meeting •ftithMrs HSrry Kirby. Mrs. L. 11, iloore cntcrlaining the Wednesday Contract club, Central parent Teacher association meeting' at 3:03 o'clock at school preceded 'bjl executive board meeting at 3:30 o'clock. ladies' Bible ptudy of church of ClHist meeting \ilth Mis Waiter Clark at 2.30 pjw. 1 .THURSPA\"«> EVENTS Mrs. Cecil Shane entertaining Mid-\V?ck/ Bridge club. Thursday Contract 'club meeting with Mrs. F. B. .loynor l^rs. Ross D. Huehcs having ^airs-Jay L,unchepii' club. Thursday Afternoon club insct- ine with Mrs. POSCOC Craflon. Mjs L K Hai\\arg, of Osccoln, CJiter{a!ninp Jewish Ladles' Aid spciety at ?:()? p. in. Little Theatei h»Mi\g old-fashioned, drop in at 8 30 u in at Wo- Hian's club Alt^r Sppiety Af Iiumaculale Conception t-hur^h living bmgo party ^t Cstholie Halt a,t 8'CQ o'clock. , PRIDAY'5( EVENTS Music dep,utinent of Woman's club mpelmg t\l i 00 o'cjock at jumqr high a\idit,oinun , Mrs ^ W Adams si , Airs. J. \V. Adams jr., Mrs. Carleton Smith jr jii\d, Mrs w D McChifk'in critcrt^iHing tuth Uridge party at 2 Oft o'clock at Woman s thib, Pinnrr P^r»j Mi and M;rs ,r LOUI-; Cherry. arid Mr.' and Mrs. Cecil Shane. cntcijlamed 20 of thpiv Ii lends -at a dinner piyrlv Friday nvgiil flic Simie ' Throughout the living room and £im room, attractive bouquets of jonquils nci'e' used These ' sjinic spring flow-era formed Hie centerpieces of the small tables where dinner was served. In the bridge games which fol- „„.-- •-, r • •; . . . ipwed, Mrs. 0 w Afllick received ™ A l )r fl wl ' ln S 'ccd for baby i ?- Piece .of glassware for high score Scvc ™' S'<»!»8 .Eardens were i onions; »ie \iameti, avd Russell Phillips was given handkerchiefs for men's high + * * Have Dutch Sur/pcr. "?400 exfmi/lio))! KO\V, ai'oi't you srlnd you've not me, Papa?". _ Demonstration Clu]> News Notes I'crry The I'erry homo denionslration club met at Ihe honic of tilrs. R. C. Rose ill Roselmid • Friday with 1Q inemliers projenl,. Officers flriti chairmen were elected us lollows: Mrs. irUish, I'evry, president; Mrs. \V. R. birrton. vlcc-pi-cjl((cn(: Mrs. Jehu t'.irley, srsrplnry; Mrs. J. \v. Perry. Irrasvircr; NJrs. Joim Farley, reporter; Mrs. John Wiley, garden chairman; Mr$. J. W, Perry, ixiul- Iry; Mrs. R. C. Rose, better homes; Mrs. Noririah Brady, yard iniprove- llayhes, rccrca Wav^cy, cloth- ~.^ &>utL-4t OU^IJLJ. ilrflll rtilvll. 11.11O[I(.(1II'I11.1 Ut lUI^m jonquils and spring f5o\\crs dec- food cake a,nd ice cpam were scrv- crated the home of Mrs Alvin, cd. The club adjourned until the a visil in the home'of her sW H^uffman ,,he n '20 memhers of U,e first Friday In April when it, will Mr W J i!« hv 'aiH Hmlly SSS °'^ 5 2* . Flrst ^P'Ul meet at We'home of Mrs. John "«te •^^^S 1 ' nioht • tn* t*, • i< 1 -" u "-», inni nine a dcmonslra- mfetm/ monthlv supper Uon vviu be given by Hie clothiin Durilg. the- business session Chili " Ua "' Mra " Wayne Woolc - v °" which followed the dutch supper. ™» M " r members.' names of piospcclne were announced. '. « * ails. C. U. Willey To, g« fjrst of . alfairs to be gi\eu fo.r Jlrs. c H Willey. who nith Mr. AViiley is movjnj to Oxford. Miss, win be given at the home of Mrs. Loy Welch' tomorrow a.fte(!ipon. whan she and Mrs F L Engler will entertain.' Mr, 1 \ViUey, who. has been svork- . ing with the iJudd^eslon Grocery Co. here, w-ill in the fuU;fs be ,~on- Jiecled with thi A. S. Barbara' Co. with headquarters' in" Oxford ]i« will leave"' Wednesday ' 'aiul' Mrs". Wilier will jofn. l«ui In two 'weeks * * » Wll Have Bin^o Parly Mrs. Karl Gre2n and Mrs Pat Listen will be hostesses to a bingo party Thursdiy nl»ht at 8-00 o'clock at the Catholic Hall. 'Ihe affair is sponsored by the AUar 'Society of the. Immaculate Conception church, 'the proceeds Will go to pay for (he church organ Red Line School Sixteen students, of tee Red Line school , nguied on the honor , Second grade Ralph C4anton. Thlr4 grade lifth grade Oma Knight Sixth gr^de roll for. the -i\th month of the •semester:..They were: First grade Ather Holder, Billy Si_co, M:>aVne Clanlnn. Dcwey Wheeler. — ^- D Marvin -lolinson Ralph Vickers, Elsa Morgan jr Fourth grade Gladyse Dicker- eon, L-ena Siseo Ruth' Turner. J B. Mcknight, Virginia ' Morgan. Oneil frrlfflit, Cloma RIcElyea. Hie pupils of llic filth and sixth grades have completed their book- j$t$, on Washington and Lincoln. ^ie Wnuers vterc \'irgini3 Morgan, Myrtle CooU, Marie Arnold, l<ei« Uie Sbarpe and Mary Tur- ftet. l^ln the fl/th grade map contest 3 B. McK ' ' ' " ~ - - - . - "jer? the jJUpiH nu v onlo(l an in play "An Kiculng at i" at Etoyah pn " " iient; Mrs. i Jon JT, AitS.*>V r 4 l Ji' IiL ' ' ^v«vii;y, cioia- ing; -Mrs. '-SohiV- Marley;, cnnnin?; Mis. Ma,ltic fii-adbsriy, focKls. Plans [or a rttcinbcrs^lp drive vyere dfscussec). Mrs. J. W. Pcrvy, poultry c):alrnian, g^vc 11 dcmou- lUrnllau pu making i\ brick brooder ana preparing feed for b:iby cliicks. Several young Rardens were reporl- cd. Afler llic busincfs iiie?ling nd- journcd, everyone enjoyed nolng through i\rs. Rose's new house. The "tour" 1 ended in (he dining rccm where rciiEheiucnl:,- of angel Wilson Society—Personal The Ixiskeibiill girls went lo Corning Thursday to play In tUe District Tournament lichi (Hare Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the team being composed ol Gladys Speck, Mabel McDanlels Marie Column, Gene IJrown, Frances Strsetcr, Mary Howard Suit Rulli Orr, Joliiinie Wc.'ttbrook. Jane Cnrpenter, 'Elizabeth Am . . M!\ry- Cornelia Carter nccomrmn led into Saturday night.' The girls woi boro wluiiin^ first honors. Coach \V. E. Furnlss nllcndcd of the" Confederacy, of which I he Boys' State Basketball Tour- Is stale president, iinmenl in Joiiesboro Tiii(rsd<iy nnd • Friday. Mrs. A. R.. S.lipiion, Mrs. J. Pits o( News Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. ntissell Phillips left Eimdiiy for Nashville,' Teim.. to at- tci'd Iho funeral services of J. 51 Baiter, Who (lied Saturday from a, licatr attack. Mr. Bak'cr, slate man- aijcr of Hell Telephone nd Mrs. Baker, have visited. Mr! Mrs. Phillips here a/»mnbcr Mr. and Mrs. Bob Burns, M™ L-ulsc Leggptt, and Jamfs Edwa.rds ment ypslerday hi Memphis. Mr. a,ii(J Mrs. j. Norrls irpon iyho rpccn.Uy m p vf d to forest city, were \\yf guests p.( Mr. 'Moon's •-—'-., Mr. a ( m >^s. M^ T. Mooii, yesterday. ^Sr6. A,- R. \Yctcnkamp, Harmon Taylcr, Mrs. G, W. pill'ahunty, aiid MK. O. r. Ba,rber were tn M.cmphts Friday where they heard the Ffed Waring show a,t the 6r- phewiv ^ris McCalla spe;it the week ?nd wllli his parents in Rosem^rk, Venn. ' Mr* ai\d Mrs. parroll Blukempre aii^ j. N.lck Thomas spent y "' '' , . . sen yfser- gay in Memphis^ They were ac- cojiipaniecl home by Mrs. Tho.rnas wlio' been visiting there. ..... ' MarccHo Hmnpiirey. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. fl.'j. mimphrcy, is ccnfined to her hoine, '700 Park jvviuic,- from measles. " ' O.corgc Martin spent the weekend tn Mcmpliis as the guest of l\is parents. ,' ' ' A;?rs. Lewis Batiglier, Mrs. Sam , . f incber and daughter, rmli.a, and Miss Map BnmbalouBh, alt p( Manila, and Mrs'. Fhichcr, 'o! of Mrs. Lcliit ind Enima Moore Monday, Hey Hiuit anil.sptui, Harris and Willhiin, went' to Memphis Satur day night to be \vlth Mre. " who Is in the hospital there. y< . im,"'' - Ml ' 5- L ' G ' NaS . changed . Mary Frances Rcgeuolct paiiglilcrs of e niencan pev- Edna Truylor. Siipt. G. L. gallon i\\\;l Slate chairman of Bird, Mrs. W. F. Wilson and Miss Valley '• ?qrge, Ifft lodiiy for Pine M!r- Corneli Carter nccomrn- : ' " lal lor soiuc lime, i? ulightly improved. She recovered consciousness Friday for a short tlnic after having bceiv In a coma for several weeks. Miss Era. Wright, spent (he week cud In Osceoln- as the guest of her brother, Ira Wrtghl, and familj-. Mrs. K. M. Holt, Mrs. Nina Ca!d- wcll, Mjss Annie Lee stark, and Mfs. U. G. Matthews were in I'or- Ingeville yesterday. Mrs. Loy welcli returned yester- duy from ^anstts City where she visited her daughter, Marllia, wiio attends schpol there. Mrs. Ross u. iliighe.s and chil- dicn. ,Nancy Ann and Ross Dillon, Mrs. Jaine.'i 11. Dell, and Mrs. T. J Miilnn spent Saturday in Mom- phis. Mrs. Uwtyhl Bowen, Mrs. Wyatt Henley and Mrs. Edgar Herrlck arc in Memplils today. Dr. J. P. Rowland of Hoi, springs, fjj arrived to Icok after his business interrsls here, Mrs. John M(les Miller spout Sunday in Memphis with hci Itiotlicr and family. Miss 1'carl Giavc.s was in Memphis yesterday. '"Mr. and Mrs. Fred gmlth and Miss ^tiropa Lcmon.s, of De.ster, Mo., were 'the guests pf Mr. and ItJrs. Rodney L. Banister tuityMrs Miry Little yeslerda.y. 'Mr. and A||- s . j. 4. Waterman and Mr. and Mrs. T«m qi aS 5/of Memphis, yisitetl frieiuis here yes- MONDAV, MARCH 1-i, 1D38 Spring's Frills terday. "' t(cv. J. Walter ppbb. of ' . . . Memphis, who wa's formerly pastor of the First Presbyterian church here, attended lo business in Bly- thevillc today- Mrs. Kltgn W. Kirby and Mrs. Httiry W. 'Halncs are spending today in Memphis. '•"Mr. and Mrs. Ccpil Slinne were in MeiiipUis Saturday where they saw tlip motion picture, "Snow While KIK) the Seven Dwarfs." \ Dr. "Alba Mcadc and sister, Miss Helen Meadc. of Memphis, were the ' , pt Drs. Carl and . N'lcs over llic weekend. Cioah Barnes, who is now livinj lu Meriipliis, spent yesterday here. ,;; Mrs. Ffaiik Cliiles, of Wesi Memphis, undenveiit n tpiisileclomy nt the Husband-Wall clinic this morn- neon to the home qt Mr. and Mrs. Bob chn>s. Mr. Chiles is witli her. H. B. Campbell 'spent yesterday LitUc Rock where he visited hi (till two children, Bobby and Betty Ami, :UV- Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Be.ile. of ,,.-• •• •:•—.. — -• —iShi Memphis. wcrc| the weekend giiesls Miss Marthfl Mcllvnm. of Car- of Mr. and Mrs. A. ci Hall Mis 1 ; utuersvillp, and James Hunt nipt- Bess Hall, and Mrs. H. G. Wickliam orcrt (town to, spend the day with " "' "" —' -• ' ~ her. Mrs. Hunt's'condition"'is in also can make a powerful conlri- Ijulion to our spiritual well-being," lie told (lie Massachusetts counter Freezers Association conference here. Cobbler Offers Pickets Half Price on Soles SEATTLE (UP)—OUo Weik did not want, to get mad at pickets who walked in front of his'shop, ») he pot an Ides that he thought would make them friendly. Weik placed a sign in his window which read: "Special: Half price for hall- soles for Pickets. 1 ' But Otto had no takers. * : - *^^^"*"W*BBBB^HR»SgS5l Spring can't be fa, behind v,hen fiilly blouses such as these appeir Bom were shown at the recent Swiss Fabrics Fashion Show in New York and reflect the spring trend toward tailored ,„», iu ,,, ,, styling for under-jacket wear. At the left, an all-over organdy with high ncikMiid features a fulled double the- style at the rigm uws hra kl)irc ^^ ^ for fluttering femininity n, „ laJlol . M , Uollse of transparent'c organdy. \Vo<neti's MaiksmansUm FALL RIVER, Muss. (UP)— Because hq believes firearms in the lianrts of women arc dangerous 1'olicp Chief Abel J. Violclte lias suspended revolver target shooting by members of the International Ladles' Garment Workers Union at the police pistol range April Kuiv-Aroniul Frock Serves Uol August, Too V?», C. W. Ramey ami 5011, J. p., Mrs. H. N. Swcarcngen 'and 'Mr. an:l Mrs. Carl Bass are in Caraway - =—•• ; mi.i mia. \j.ui ijuss arc in uaraway Mrs. James 13. Chirk, as regent of lc:l 'V for the fiuicral of a rcla- Ihe Cliarlevoix chapter of the liv0 ' w - , B - Jones. They will return Paiighlcrs of Hie American Rev- tnis aft:rnonu.' , Bluff where : sbe' will "attend the H\cm to Coming, •returning stale D. jji: , R. cpnvention. T : ' ' ' . . . day, Mrs,' : .Glnrli Will go' t'c 'uttlc ' ' ,. second place in flic district, Jones- Reck for' the annual' sprhie board meeting' of the United paughiirs Apple, Mrs. Evi rs. J. A,. Irs. K. I>. I . Vf. C. . .. - eiis Evrnrd, nnd Mrs. Mnx B. Reid , . spent Saturday in Memphis, ' " Mrs. , daugfT- "1'i^v, Kiio. i-^vii n.\;iiiii. iui*. iv. i'.' iMia. i-*um v^aiawcn aiKi ciausn Cii|loin and Mrs. E. W. Faulkner. tcr. Mrs. E. M. flolt left this after them. lo make llrll The Dell homo dcmonstrulion club was host lo the officers of Ihe neighboring clubs on Saturday. March 12. The meeting was b'riil in the new horns economics build- Ing where the tables were decorated with spring flowers. A brief business session was held in the morning and the Better Homes Campaign' for April 24 to 30 was phmicd. Dans (or increasing (he membership, -and participation or -ill clute in the Llve-at-Homc aiul Plant lo Prosper contests \v«rc discussed. Luncheon, prepared by.(he DeU club, was served at uoon by members of Hit houic economicj; class. St. ralrick color,-; were used. After lunch Mrs. Curlls Downs directed a number of games which were enjoyed by everyone present. Other .clubs reprcoeuted were Gcsuell. Ektou, Half Moon, Lone Oat and Perry. At the Hospitals A son was born yesterday to Mr :ml Mrs. Lt-slie Collins, of Ca- rutbeisvillc. "yesterday at the Bly- ihevill" hospital. Miss Aunabelle .Bryant v/.i.s dir,- Wtesed yesterday from the Blythc- ville hospital. Mjliere she has besn undergoing trca'tmeiil Mrs. " " allendpd nn nil day apiip mcetiii" of Hie Mctliodi.'il Missionary Soc-- lely iii M.ajked Tree Friday. Miss Josephine Ba,l(z of I'oca- hontns, Ark., will arrive today, for a visil in the home' of her slslcr, " J. Ludwig'an:!. finvuly. Rachel Beriy spent tlic week end in Memphis, guest of Mrs. F. S. Winford! Mrs. W. B. Furniss visited her siclers, Mrs. Put. Murpliy a,ntl Mrs. (Inrry U steel in \Vesl Memphis ovc Ihe week end. Mrs. T. M. Hudson slopped over here for a short visit with her son, Tom HmiEon ami wife, on her return Irip u-oni New Orleans, where she has spent the past mouth. Sh; to her home in Maiden, Mo. Sunday. 4-H Club Notes of her Nelson, jinrl e ».n.o» wi iici ;,u]i, Ml|3!\ [NOISOlt. JUl'J . other relatives for several days. | Garden Clllb To Hold Bliick water The Blackwalcr home deiuonstra- llon club met Tucsdai at the home of Mrs. J. A. Bagc. The president. Miss Elijabclh Bagc. called the meeting to order and as the toll was called each member told bow slic would observe Belter Homes Week, which Is the last week in April. Each chairman was given an tutlinc of her work. Miss Cora t,cc Cole m a n. home demonstration ugenl. gave a clemciv-.tnUion on pulKng in sleeves and proper seams " v "" i^^iitaua mm uiuie lioi-k for clothing. TWO new members. I w , llcrc Slle atlcmlsd lo businex; far Mrs. Tom l^astcr and Mrs. Oscar I =V ' ' Pat ton, were enrolled. Mrs. Will noon for Hjckman, Ky. (o attend ., sevyiccs o^ Mrs. Calii- well's sister, Mrs. Nevada Jones. They plan to return tomorrow. Robert Baxter spent yesterday in Caruthersville. Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Wallace anil Mr. and Mrs. Frank Qrigsby spent yesterday in Afenipliis where they' Eilw the Walt Disney feature. ".Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.' Mrs. A. B. Holland aru( (laughter. Margaret, and Mrs. J. M. {light 'and daughter. Rose, were in Memphis Saturday. ..... Mrs. E. s. Chiles and family, of Osceola. were the Sunday giiests of Mr., and Mrs. Bob Chiles. Miss Lilliaft Shaver, of Manila. spent tlie Vejkend here as the guest of her brother, W. W. Shaver, , . . this afi:rnoDu.' iMit.-; Martha Mcllvainc of Ca i-iiiiicrfville was the wpck cud gncsl of Miss Mildred Mborc. Mrs. C. W. Ramey, who. is ill In'jthc Methodist hospital m Memphis,' is slendlly improving. Mrs. R. F. Kirshner and (Iniigh- (er;. Mi?s Money, nnd Miss Virginia Little are in Memphis today to sco-"thr. nictVu'c '"snow While and the Seven Dwarfs."' Miss kirshner. wh.p tuyi beea. attending t!in University of Arkansas at Fayctle- .vllle, Ivis ret\i(ned lipmc.' - -Mrs. Hcrtert Hughes is ill at trifc''hp;i!c of Mr. ami Mrs. Virgil Greene. Dr. and Mrs. I.,, n. Moore and and family. Don Pellit the weekend with his parents in Memphis, TCIUI. Charles Cush nrrive<i home Sat- urdaj from a five weeks visil in Los Angeles and other point! of California. While in Los' Angeles. he WHS the guest of his-, aunt. Mrs M. E Hogan. Mrs. Floyd Grimes, of Manila, and Nil's. Essie Davis are attending to business In Little Rock Unlay. Mrs. J. ],. Thompson.' of Memphis. arrived Saturday (o bc'dir ' . daughters, Mary Helen, ' ., . a;ildrcd at(d Miss and Mitchell Best , were 'Uic guest of Dr. Mcare's sktcr, M,r5. I. I. Jones and family. of, Chiirleston. Mo., ycslerdny. "Periect Attendance" Students At Red Line A large number cf Red Line si 11- enls 1m \ perfect attendance records during the sixth month of the Icrm. They were: Marie Arnold. Oncil Griffin. Virginia Morgan, Mary Turner, Albert McKnight, J. S. McKniirlit, C'ioma McElyca, J. L. Griffin, Charles Hicks, Money Sisco. Wilbur Lawson, Thcluiii Arnold. Glaydsc Dickcrson Lena Eisco. Riilh Turner. Marie Simpson. Billy McKnighl, J. W. Davldscn. Charles chain- hers. Juanita McKlyca, Billy Ray I King, Junior Morgan. Joe Clrsm'- hers'. Virgil C.riirm, f^igenc Martin, Buster McKnight. Erma Jean Aruold. Louise Clayton. Kirty cay- ton, James Chambers. Doustes Ui:kerson, Barbara Hide, Wayne Morgan. and detailed sew chart show you exactly how to proceed. Pattern 8107 Is designed In size- M, 16, IB, 20, 40 and n. size 1C calls for 4 1-2 yards of 33-lncl material, will, G 1-2 yards of braic for Irinuniiig. The new SPRING AND SUMMER PATTERN BOOK, 32 DaKCS of allraclivc designs for every size and every occasion, is now ready Photographs sliow dresses made from ihese patterns being worn- a feaiure you will enjoy. Let the fliamiJiB designs in this"new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Spring and Summer Pattern Book—25 cents Book alone—1,5 cents. for n PATTER^) of (his attractive mo.del scud 15c in COIN your NAME, ADDRESS STYLE' NUMBER npd SIZE ( 0 Courier News TODAY'S PATTERN BUREAU, 11 STERLING PLACE BROOKLYN. N. Y. THIS BOOK EXPLAINS ALL ABOUT PILES A new edition of an illustrated wok has just been published by (be Thornton & Minor Clinic—the world's oldest institution specialis- ing in tlie trcat.'iicnt of piles and other rectal alllictions. This book explains why rcclal disorders frequently cause sued common ailments as headaches, jicrvousness, stomach and liver troubles ft points out tlie danger of neglecting even n minor case of- piles shows how malignant and.Miicura- ble conditions may result. The mild at Thornton & Minor Clinic, by -which more than 48000 men and women have b-cn relieved ( ) U ri n g ti, e , Jast 60 yeajs and which requires no hospital!-' Stowaway Speaks -Boodoo And Slumps Authorities BOSTON (UP), _ The dialect spoken by Formosa- UTeiidy, 27. a Senegalese stowaway seized abo'arcl a freighter here, puzzled immigration authorities for more than a week. However, after a hailing teie- phons conversation with Mcndy Laurence Fair. Farmington. N. H' missionary recently returned from' West Africa, described the language as Mashec Boodoo.' BV CAROL DAY With wide .shoulders, blouse fullness, and a slim, slightly daring skirt. Pattern 8107 has lines t\wt arc particularly flaUcring lo slini and youthful figures. And if.-; tlie practical type that 'you can wear happily Ilu6u|;h llic sprinj; in wool or flannel and all summer long in linen or gingham. For all its simplicity, Ihls dress is distinctly individual, thanks to tit? button-trimming on [nc vaE . Ian rleeves. Die braid that outlines the yoke, the shaped hell and the pockets. This dcver design is easy ami quick to niufcc. The pattern Held, Powerful Stjroulaiits to Emotion AMHERST, Mass. (UP)_Flavors arc powerful stiniulanu to deeper crnc-Uons and, may entwine themselves into, one's affections, accord- in.? to Dr. u B. Allyn. | "Not only can they minister to I the welfare of our bc-aies. but .they cry. Is fully explained, if you are nllhcted, send for a copy of this frank aiid informative book which will be sent you in plain wrapper absolutely free. Address Thornton A: Minor Clinic, Suite 1719 926 St., Kansas City, Missouri. CQTTQN SEED I). P. I,. No. II Firs( Year From Breeder Cuslojn Ginned BRAXTON GILL »<•», Ark. LET US PROTECT AND BEAUTIFY Your Home With OUNAMENTAL IRON WINDO.W GUARDS All fJlcctric Wcl'dcd In One Piece Also Ornamental Hand Railings of All Kinds FOH KSTIM.VTE CALL 80S BLY. MACHINE SHOP Mr. and Mrs. VV. M. Robinson and daughter. Susan, of Cape Girardeau, met Mr. and Mrs. W. A Dowcll, jr., ot Newport, here Sslur- day afternoon and were guests oi Mrs. A. M. Blitt and family for the weekend. ,- j mt-m. c.™ c Mrs. J, E. Uasson has returne'.l i nail, whether Weekly Meeting Tonight Persons in cleaning up Plylhcville arc invited to attend a ntcttins of (he Garden club to j nit-lit, 7:l!0 o'clock, at the cil' . . and Little Rock j mcmfcers of Ido group. «r not I hey nre Palton, were enrolled. Mrs. Will Masscy and Mrs. Jacfc GoWcii were Memphis Baptist hospital. Mrs. C. E. Gimiand'. of Dell is i patient at the Memphis Methodist hospital. Miss' rjomine Da\is. of Dsll has been admitted to the Memphis Methodist hospital, Mrs. B. A. Wilson, of G->ccola. was admitted to ' the Memphis MethodUt hospital Saturday. 'Claude Gregory, of Caiutiicr.s- viile, wa:; luUen lo llic Memphis Baptist hospital Saturday. Vf, D. Hughes, ot Luxora, Is a palfcnt at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Mrs, U. (.his Baptist' hospital! In AfoscOjv, several families, as a rule, share a community kitchen jfl it-lilnh tl\Ba »»A iu.i'_ L.-i^i.'.-' ' - visitors. All members were urged to sign I Hie Plant-lo-Prosper contest. • out in (he y;ud to see. Mrs. Mrs. E. j, Browne, who has Dcfintlc sir JIT, .nrr fxprclcd to be taken toward (he cleaning of otrects, alleys and vacant lots". critic.illy il| al'llie Memphis Mrlh- i " ' odisl lxospita.1 is slightly teller to- i day. Her inolhcr. Mrs. R. Read The courier NCWS want a.di Bajc's new concrete cellar. Mrs. Bagc and Miss Elizabelh served a sandwich plate during the ,-,oda! hour, at which llinc" club ideas were exchanged. Miss Inez Klncalil. county home dcuionslfiitton agent, and E. II. Bums, county agricultural agent, were the speakers at the meeting of the Stillman 4-H club, March Mt<s Kincald spoke to llic girls on color schemes ot their home or room, and she also gave !n- rtrucltons on how (o reupholster a chair. " j Mr. Uurns talked lo the bays on the new cotton program. Head Courier News Want'Ads. ;\ll»'ri allct ^»Jhlcr. Mrs. "non vV o^h"Tiui! „, V .'\ Rt ? Of ' T "-*'' y ' KS /MUr Mrs. Gladys D.-nt whilvTO b \ VVC ?' s!l lo lnte tllis mcilns of ~ . <»'nwoi(n, ,,f exr-ics-smg mir appreciation for all . . r ,) Houston. Tex, arrived ftiday i<> tc wilh her. Mrs. nrawne who lias pneumonia, lias been in „„ - - — —— •** mi O:\VE?cn lent sinrc sbe was taken to" "(he hospital Thursday. Mrs. Stella Cooke Vollmer and! daughter. Ami, of Memphis motor- i ed up Saturday ni»i,t, and ivcro the ' gucsU ot Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wu -' dcrhcli overnight. Mrs John E. Love, foraicrly of this cily, who has been' crilicjtli- iU_at the Memphis Baptist hospi- . (he kindnesses sbown us during (he recent loss of our husband and In other. Mis. Harry Calvin Raymond Calvin Roy Calvin. NEW SPRING YARNS AND. FASHIONS By Ccni^i FREE INSTRUCTIONS Mrs. Leslie Hosier 1109 CWtkasawba PJioiie 792 Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pay Highest I'i'iccs on Poultry at all Times. GAMES MKT, 118 W. Slain 51. Phone 33 SALVE l.irnjiil-TnMcIs .Salvc-N'uso Uro|is COLDS I'licc I Of & 2 Or, Edwin N. Barron '-illle H«ck 1 "i-r *lorc TiiCMl.-iy. i\lar '• ; !> for appoinlmciit. A. White S(l "i'.s & Hosiery EVERYBODY'S SPRUCING UP! Spring is in the air! Off with the dark, heavy clolbing! On y/ith the smartly tailored suils' and gaily colored dresses- thaf have been given shop-new beatify 'nroucjh the medium of modern dry cleaning! Nli-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 180 Clothes properly dry cleaned with safe fluids )hat remove the dirf and stains but nof the "life", o( (he fabric, stay clean longer. Our dry cleaning service helps you (o. be inexpensively t all limes. DUD CASON POST 24 SIRTHDAY PARTY Tuesday, March 15th, 7P.M. SPECIAL PROGRAM All Jjtx-Setvice Me.n Aie Keep tin your i n (he American,

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