Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 24, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1887
Page 3
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&4 2 PH •3oh4 £ 0 l-H GO CO HEADQUARTERS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS The undersigned has In store a carefully selected Btook of Manes and Organs of the best make: also Aocoroeons/Ilannou- ioas, Flutes. Vlolins.'Qultars. Guitar Strings, and Piano Stools. Instruments warranted for five years. Old Pianos taken in exchange. JOS. "FLOSS, THIRD ST., At Mook's Pharmacy. mySidwtf AITON DAILY TELEGRAPH, TUESDAY KVE,, MAY 24, NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS, For ttie year 1887 we .shall charge the following rates (or transient notices In our local columns: .'-•'-.' Per TAnt. Single Insertion , . . 10 cents. Throe to five insertions, . . 7 " Six to twelve Insnrtlons, . . 6 , MATES OF ADVERTISING: TRANSIENT.— FIFTY cents per Inch first Insertion, ana TWENTY-FIVE cents pur Inch for each subsequent Insortlon, J3 por inch flrst motitli, $1.50 per Inoli.each month thereafter. LKQAL ADVERTISING: $1 par Inch for tho flrst Insertion, and BO cents per Inch lor oaoh BUbBoqiionl insertion. 49- Above rates will bo strictly adhered to. TJlE DAILY TELEGRAPH is delivered by carriers to all parts of the city of Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents por week. Mulled to any address at the ruto of 55.20 por year. T1IE TELEGRAPH has tho largest circulation of any paper in Alton, and Is tUo boat medium for advertisers, COHNEH THIRD ANI> PIAS\ BTMBBTS. TELE- J'HONBNo.88. • Go to Connor's for Strawberries, Bananas and Oranges. It CARIU>LLTON has j three saloons and each one pays $1,000 license. Koineuibur the concert at the Prosby-, terian church on the 26th. 14 td INDICATIONS for Illinois: Warmer, fair weather; westerly winds, becoming variable. NKILSON, of Boston, won the 1UO mile bicycle race at Clarksville, Mo., covering the distance In C :47. PRBSIDKNT Cleveland has , accepted the invitation to visit St. Louis on the occasion of the Grand Army encamps merit. Corded Piques with Embroideries to match—Haagen & Fuess Dry Goods Co. ••• H THREE hundred cases of strawberries were shipped to Chicago, last evening, from this place by the U. S. Express. A complete line of Spring and Sum« mer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by H. C, G. Morltu, Third street. moh!7 tf SHIRT waists for children. Mothers will save time and money by reading the new advertisement of Schweppu, the Clothier. Another new lot of those fine Perca. lines with Embroideries to match.— llaagoti & Fuess Dry Goods Co. It Remember the concert at the Presbyterian church on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Admission, 50 cents. A car will run lo Upper Alton after the concert. 23 3 FOB Ocean Passage Tickets At LOWEST BATES of tho OONARD, WHITE STAB., and ALLAN LINE; also of all GERMAN and FRESOII 7 to BUDKRSHAU8EN * SONNTAG. LINKS AP affi FOR SALE. THE EEUHION. Secretary Hobart has received the following letter from Maj. Edwin Hur- Ian, Assistant Adj. General, G. A. R. Department of Illinois: BLOOMINGTON, May 23d, '87. Oapt; ,8. S. Hobart, Seo'y Soldiers and Sailors reunion, Alton, 111. DEAR SIR AND COMRADE—I am directed by Commander Sweetser to say that ho will be with you on the 4th and 6th of July and wo will do all wn oan to get the balance of the Department officers to go with us. Wo both remember our promise and you may depend on our keeping it. Wishing you a success on tho 4th and 6th of July, I am Yours in F. 0. and L,, B. HARLAN. EXCURSION- The Socia Laotle club will giro an excursion on the Spread Eagle this evening. We have received more of the deslr* able Black Spanish Lace Flouncing. Call in tiiuo—Haagen & Fueis D. G. Co. It TIN WEDDING .—A number of friends of Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. .Cousley urprlsod them last evening with a call n the tenth anniversary of their mar;o. Tho event was appropriately gnalized by the bestowal of numerous n presents and the affair was success- ul in every particular. Provisions in foundation were taken by tho ladies and entlemon who composed tho party,and ho result was an elegant supper corn* leto in all its arrangements, Those resent spent an enjoyable evening and oft with congratulations and good Irishes to Mr. and Mrs. Cousley. SAD ACCIDENT.—Thomas Klrwln, bout 16 years old, son of Mr. J. B. tirwin, while attempting to get on, or ff, of a flat car of a C. & A. train ear Seventh street, last evening, about o'clock, fell on the track and was adly Injured. Four cars passed over is right arm, crushing that member to pulp about five inches from the boulder, and tearing off tho flesh from le wrist upward. The lad called on is comrades for help but none could e rendered until tho train passed. The ufferer was carried home by some oung men and Dr. Haskell was called. He per formed an amputation the patient eing put under the influence of an naesthetic. Dr.Halliburton assisted in ressing the wounds which, in addition o those mentioned, included a bruise n the back of the head and a severe ontusion on one cheek. The sufferer was resting comparatively easy today. TUB SOLD1EUS' REUNION. Additional subscriptions to the Sellers' Reunion are as follows: PItrSICIANS. >r. W. A. Haekell $10 00 ir. K, Guollch 1000 >r. W. Halliburton 200 Dr. K. Gibson 200 >r. Plgenbanm 280 Total $28 00 MISCELLANEOUS. Alton Gas Works $10 00 .. J. Kellenborger 2 00 .J. Glen - 1 00 lloinerlStanford ,. 1 00 V.Wade 500 ohnS.Hoper 500 Invitations to tho reunion wcro only issued Monday and acceptances have already been received from Hlllsboro and JerBoyvillo Posts. Spring Goods. New goods in all shades and colors which will bo made up in suits at rein*, sonable prices. All goods out and made by the Now York Fashion Review. Wo guarantee n line lit, at Bruoggoman tho Tailor's, cor. Third and Piasa sts. my!2 dOw A universal remark by every smoker •of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia uro the best cigars in the market. EXCURSION.—The ladies of the M. E. church will give an excursion on tho Spread .Eagle, Wednesday evening, June 1st. Strawberries, Ice cream and other refreshments will be served on board. • t w m s ODD FELLOWS AND MEMORIAL DAY. —Hon. J. S. Carr, of Jerseyville, Grand Master of the 1. O. O. F., of Illinois, has issued a dispensation authorizing and earnestly requesting all subordinate lodges in this State to join m the public ceremonies of Memorial Day. DINNER.—The ladies of the Unitarian church will give a dinner and apron sale next Friday, May 27th, in the store building on Third street formerly occupied by Mr. Wm. Siem, adjoining Mr. Neerman's, Dmnor, 50o. 24 8 A FREIGHT WAR —The Ohio and Mississippi, Bee Line,. Vandalia and Wabash folks are very much put out over the U. & A's-now rail and water route to Eastern points, and they have no notion of allowing tho tonnage of their customers to be diverted to that channel. At this moment it looks as though a fierce rate war between the St. Louis east bound roads could only bo avoided by the Alton accepting such a differential as tho other roads may agree to allow it. The famous society play "Our Boys, will bo given at City Hall, by St. Agnes Guild, Saturday afternoon and evening All the favorites in tho cast. Admls< sion 15e; reserved seats for evening, 26e, at Chamberlain's. , t th MUSICAL.—Tho attractive program published last evening of the concert to bo given at tho Presbyterian ohurol tomorrow evening is an assurance tha a rich musical trout is in store for tho public. Mrs. Leo Cunningham is om of the most talented and popular vocal 1st s in St. Louis and her name on tin program should call out ovory musi< lover in tho Altons. In addition sovora of our favorite amateurs will take par in the concert and contribute to th general excellence of tho entertainment Foil HBNT—An eligible houso con tainlng seven rooms and pantry, on Fourth street, south side, botwoon George and Langdon. Inquire of 'Squir Qunrton or at tho premises—A. Browne 28 10» Money to loan on improved fitrn property. For particulars, apply to * • WHIPi'UO * SM1LKY. Total 12400 LAWYERS. A. W. Hope $6 00 CARPENTERS. A.T. Hcrren $ 2 00 T. J. Chapman <..., 100 V. H. Wayman UT 160 'lioe. Ralph 1 00 MoCluro Bros..... 300 Total .....$800 The Citizens' Executive committee desire that all citizens who have not yet subscribed to this fund and who wish to have a part in the good work ball give their names and the amount bey will pay to H.M. Schweppe, Treaster. The clerks' and book keepers' list was tot circulated as much us desired and is now in Otto Walter's hands who will see .11 he can, and others of this branch of workers whom he does not see are equested to call and give him their ames and amount for they will wish to appear on the roll of honor. DUCORATIOS DAY. At a meeting of Alton Post, G. A. R., ast evening, to make h'nal arrangements for Decoration Day observance, he following resolution was adopted, n addition to other action: Resolved,The.t the Alton School Board be requested to close the public schools on Monday, May 30th, for the purpose of giving the teachers and scholars nn opportunity of taking part in the Deco^ ration services. A cordial invitation is extended to the teachers and scholars of public and private schools, as also to ;he various societies and citizens,to join in honoring the dead and in doepenmg our reverence for their worth. Let all bring flowers who oan, leaving them at City Hall, if they wish. The procession will start from City Hall at two o'clock, under the direction of Capt. C. A. Herb, Commander of the Post. Friends of dead soldiers are requested to give the name, regiment and company to Win. E. Smith, at C: W. Milnor's store; the object being that each soldier's grave may bo marked with a flag and flowers strewn thereon. All teachers are requested to march their scholars in abody to the cemetery, forming in lino at City Hall. At the cemetery tho G. A. R. ceremonies will bo eono through with, and Rov. Dr. A. T. Wolff will deliver an address after which tho graves will bo decorated. SUUUIAUE LICENSES. has Doputy Clork Rudorsuauson Issued a marriage license to : Mr.Wm. Richardson and Mrs. Carrie E. BoUluke; both of Alton. Great Olinueo for Thostook purchased N of O. M. Crun dull, Chlnawaro, Quconswnro, Silver plated ware, Glassware, rjamps, Tabli Cutlory, in short household goods o every variety and stylo, is being sole off at 50 cmita on tho dollar, unti Juno 1st. I) U PERSONAL. Mr. Spencar Brown, of Brighton, pent the day in town. Miss Minnie Greenwood left today or a visit with relatives at Green- ille. Hev. Mr. Frost returned from the Jnltarian Association, at Chicago, aturday, accompanied by Kev. J. B, iurnbill, of Xenia, in this State, who reached for him on Sunday. COUNCIL MUETINU. An adjourned mooting of the City !ouncil took place this afternoon for ho transaction of unfinished business with a full board, excepting Alderman .rtnatrong. The petitions for City Hall by Miss 'ronohcry for Juno 10th, and for the Milkmaid's Carnival, Juno 3d, wore oforrcd to Public Buildings committee with power to act. A number of contracts for street rading and McAdami/.ing were awar- ed by adopting tho report of ttio Street nd Alloy committee. The bids for IcAdamizing Eighth street from Henry Alby street were rejected as being oo high. Tho contract for guttering a umber of streets to be improved was warded Ralph Dixon. The committee were authorized to j,re advertise for ontracts for rejected bids. A petition for better gutters on oast ide Belle street, between Third and 'ourtb, was referred to Street and Alloy committee. A remonstrance against raising Eighth street, at Langdon, to the eon* omplated grade was referred to the Ordinance committee in connection with the engineer. Chairman Herb of the Judiciary com.- mittee offered a resolution reciting that is the City Courtjwas costing the city 12,500, that the question of its disestab- shtnent be referred to a vote of the eople Tuesday, June 21st. The reso- ution was laid over under the rules. Alderman Beall of the School Com* mittee, recommended that the petition or the draining of a pond on Seminary 'ark be immediately acted upon by tho Committee on Sewerage. Chairman Reylaud of the Committee >n Health, reported Sugar Alley in bad auitary condition and recommended ttention be paid to it as well as other ilaces, by the Street and Alley Committee. Report was adopted. Aldorman Coppinger moved that the lerk be authorized to pay the accrued .axes on the listed land of the city . Chairman Beall, of Police Committee, reported favorably on the resolution advocating tho closing of the saloons on Sundays and at ten o'clock at night. Alderman Burke offered an amendment hat the Mayor, instead of the Marshal, bo instructed to enforce the ordinance u question. Aldorman Kissinger op-. >osed persecuting a class of our people as this resolution proposes to do. Alderman Hewitt spoke in favor' of the enforcement of all ordinances. Alder* man Coppinger moved to lay on the table. (This was withdrawn.) Alder-. man Roper said that no persecution was utended, but there was a feeling, quite general, in favor of an enforce* mentof the Sunday closing ordinance. Mr. Roper road an extract from the Hayors' inaugural on^the subieot under consideration. "If there is any man here who is opposed to having the ordinances enforced let him stand up and jo counted." Ananias was a good man(?)bathe attempted to "boom" Jerusalem ; be kept back a part of the prise. Lot this administration not keep jack anything, but let its aota accord with its words. Mayor M'Pike spoke in explanation and stated that as far as ho had hoard or known, the law had been strictly enforced. The saloon keepers have "come up like little men" and compiled with tho law. Alderman Thornton claimed that tho resolution was out of place, that the matter was in the hands of the executive officers. Alderman Herb stated that tho pass< aeo of tho resolution at this time would be, in effect, a vote of censure on the Mayor which would not be right in viow of the candid explanation he has made on tho subject. On motion the resolution was laid over with tliu understanding that it be called up at a future mooting. Chairman Hewitt, of the Printing Committee, repot tod ibat the Alton TKLKOKAi'ii bolng the lowest and best bidder for city printing, tbo work be awarded to that paper. The report was adopted. [Our report closes at 4:16 will Council still' in session.] A Sen Sick On tho oooan, oaroa littlo about a storm. If* la positively 'Indifferent whether ho la washed overboard or not, Hut, not light by a wine glassful oi1two|uqiloatettor'g Stomaoli Hitters ho fools renewed Interest In his persona aafety. This lino corrective noutrall/.OB In brackish water— oftanooraniilsorlly clnmkon shipboard, to tho grievous detriment o hoal tli— the pernicious ImpurlUog which «lvo rise to (Unorders of tlio atomacli, liver am bowoln. To the urn 1 (nor, tho tourist, tht) Won torn pioneer and minor, tlioHHtom Is In valuable u» n moans of prSteotlon aualnii urn iirlu, wlum ItsHomUuro latnut lu air am water. To tliu ellcets of overwork, mental 01 miimml. tt In u uuiut rollublo uutltloto, u»\l to thu debilitated and nervous, It ulfdrcln nrou and H|)»odlly felt v"l.t('f u»\\ vigor, Our Line is Complete lit UN ForlceCre Use the Fresh, Pure, Home-made Extracts of Lemon and Vanilla MADE AT Marsh's Drug Store, —GO TO— SEELY & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR • 111 Picture (Frames* Brackets, Base Balls and Bats. Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the Dlace: THIRD STREET, - - OPP. BELLE. MOTHERS! Shirt Waists For Children BRANCH : Second and Ridge streets,

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