Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 24, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. REAL ESTATE~FORSALE READ LIST OP BARGAINS -ATC, A, Schlueter's Agency. For Sale, clump, cor. ALTON. ILL,, TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 24, 1887. — = -j—100 acred, 88 in mil- northeast ol Fostorburg, n ),rf.°" 1 "~ x '' v S,: 1 'o oml Jriokhdu8c, story und I nii, i,i ?, OT , aor K ,tel'th and Moolmnlo street. I rout BC " bar 8 a1 "- Qooa .Property to Quo now house, with collar, olstorn & Market"ts S ° by U ° on t " tl ttt>d I. For sulo-lono 8-room house nnd,'onc 8-room |; house, oth and Market sts. Lot 60 by lio: fc good cistern and coal house, at a bargain. |f, * or sale—15 acres in North Alton with good \!f orchard, barn and plenty of water. wi tor sale— Mo acres imprevod farm with .•a good house and stables in Woodson county, **•• ™8 n S? 1 '' u< ¥.' mua nofoss from Fort Scott to $'c, Wichita, 6 miles from county seat, Kt For sale—76 aorns partly bottom land, ini- "$;;• Proved farm, near Dorsoy, with plenty of 'K, good buildings on same. §,s For sale—10 plooos of valuable propartv tevwlth good houses, In thla city. i v l'. F ? r oal0 or exchange—A nice little cottage |Jn Bethalto, with 'plenty of ground, stable /and good wator on oromlsosi. r i For sale or exchange—Two sections of lR.n. lumber land in So. Mfiisourl. 160 miles from St f |JUrala on the Iron Mountain B. K., at a bar- I xr F . OT a ^° 9LP x ,° Vla ?.P e ' 8 acres Ol groundl on ft Main St., adjbiulng Mayor.Ooppingor's on the -*,'. BUStt : ' . • • ; Foi 1 sale or oxchan!fe-6 sections of prairie land In Crocket county, Texas Wfll aoll cheap. Suitable for any farming purpose!? Three acres adjoining Dr.Uoberts on north. One and a half lots In Hawley's addition. One and a half lots In Shelly's addition at a bargain nbOVepl ' 0perty oan be Uou 8 ut I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. • Y._, one of the best companies in the U. S. And other good Companies in addition. C. A. SCHLUETER, Office in my New Building on Second street. . moliHdw • i. -***^*^* I/[ The Importance of purifying the blood cannot be overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every one needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich tho blood, and wq ask you to try Hood's Par I 11 i a H S'lraaparllla. It strengthens rcUUIIdl n,,,! uulld8 up Olo systeD1> creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while it eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of tho vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Sarsaparllla pecul- -r-_ |*.,-,ir lar curative powers. No I O IISGIT other medlclnohassucharecord of wonderful cures. If you have made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not be Induced to take any other-Instead. It Is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparllla is sold by all druggists Prepared by 0. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar T, L FOULDS & CO., ATEJNTION! in Tnrrant'a Soltzor you bohnld Aoortoln euro for young and old; For Conntipation will • depart, And Indigestion quickly Sick Headache, too, will noonaubslde. when Torrent's Seltzer has been triad. I onest Help for Men. Pay No More Money to Quacks! J wUl send you a NEW SELP-OUKE, discovered after 80 years' experimenting, which ;VBH FAILS and COSTS YOU ABSOLUTKLY NOTHINO.untU.cured. Address HENKT'. SPBAUL, box 405, Milwaukee, Wis. ,.,-.. myUdiw The First Sign Of falling health, whether In the form of Night Sweats and Nervousness, or In a souse of Qehe.ral Weariness and Loss of Apbotlte, ' should ' suggest j.tho use of Ayer's Sarsaparllla. This preparation is most effective for giving; tone and strength to the enfeebled system, promoting the digestion and assimilation of food,, restoring the nervous forces to their normal condition, and for purifying, 'enriching, and vitalizing tho blood. Falling Health. The Pickle Factory wishes to make contracts for CIICUMBEBS For Piclclo purposes. Will pay 40c, 50o and 60o per bushel tor Uucumbers not longer than 4 in., 3 in. and 2 lu., in good shape. Will take all that can be raised, whether by contract or not. nvyfldwlm W. 1\ ENSINGER, Plain and Decorative ill WORK PBOMPTLY ATTKNDED TO AT LOWEST TBKMS. OFFICE AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA ALTON. . . REAL ESTATE Night Sweats, „ _, , „„,, „„, ness. I tried various remedies proscribed by different physicians, but became so weak that I could not go up ; stairs without stopping to rest. My frIpnds!rocommBU<lou me to try Ayer's Sarsaparllla, which I did, and I am now as healthy arid strong as over.—Mrs. B. L. Williams, Alexandria, Miuu. I have used Ayer's Sarsaparllla, in my family, for Scrofula, and'know, if it is taken faithfully, that It will thoroughly eradicate this terrible disease. J have also prescribed it as a tonla, as well as an alterative, and must Hiiy that I honestly believe It to bo tho best blood medicine evorcompoundod.—W. F. Kowler, M. n., D. D. S., Greenville, Tana. Dyspepsia Cured. It would l)o Impossible) for mo to describe what I suffered from Indigestion and Headaelm up to tho time I began taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I was under the care of various physicians, and tried a groat many kinds of medicines, but never obtained more than temporary relief. After taking Ayor's Sarsaparilla for a short time, rny headache disappeared, and my stomach performed its duties more perfectly. To-day my health Is completely restored, —Mary Harley, Springfield, Mass, I have been greatly benefited by tlio prompt use of Ayer's Sarsapurllla. It tones and invigorates the system, regulates tho action of tho digestive and assimilative organs, and vitalizes the blood. It Is, without doubt, tho most reliable blood purifier yet discovered.— H. D. Johnson, 383 Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.J • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Propartd by Dr, J. 0, Ayor it Co., Lowell, Man. Price HI | Blx bottles, 80. Patents. To ny persona wishing to obtain lattet Patent on new Inventions, improvements o designs, I will oxooute drawings and spaolfl cations and make applications for 1'utonts AH consultation, in perion or by latte , free LrCAS PtfEIFFENBEKGEIl, A 14*>n t 'Til. ITor Ileutt Two-story houuo and good stable on com- roon Dtroet. flood fruit. WHIlTf.H! A FOR SALE OR RENT, — BY— Rudersnausen & Sonntag. For Sale. A cpnvonlont and pleasant home at a reasonable llguro, being a two-slory f rauio house ou Eighth street, near Henry. . , For Sale. A choloe farm ol 820 acres, with first class improvements, situated 2X miles east of Brunswick. Oharlton co., Mo. For sale. A one-story frame dwelling house in good condition, In Topping's addition to Alion. For Sale Cheap The residence of Oapt. W. 1'. oble; two .torlos and mansard roofi 12 room „ 4 balls, closets, collars, etc. : 8 acres of groun Most desirable property In the city. F*r Hale. 1W) acres of land near olty limits, Sm^o ... two story brick and iramo dwel. u^ uouse both situated on the oast » o .j tale street betwoon Oth and 7th ftrcots- so tho brlok block of storfcs on Sooon • stroot, between Uonn and liidgo street oowu as Hunter's For Sale. A Biiiall lrame<' ..Ing house within n no olocksofthed >tfor$3V(i. IBOaorosi f good larmmg land, ' another tract of 300 acres, both unimproved Situate in Moil co., Kansas, at $10 anO £16 per acre iaspoottvely— one-third oaali.balauoo on time. For Sale. A larm of 140 uorcs on bottom land, all in cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A good two-story frame dwelling house on U. I'rlce $3,000 VOT Sale. A choice farm of liio 1 acres, situate 1 mile south of Shipmun, Maoouplu county. 111., at alowllguro. ' A farm, conalstlng of 140 acres ol good land situate within !i miles of Upper Alton, sulta • bio for dairy purposes. Plump , NEWS. .Conrad Ozara, a coal miner, was killed by lightning at Strcator. 111., Sunday. ' Among the articles found on the New Yot k elevated railroads this year were 1,700 umbrellas. The Cxar of Russia has a photograph album containing pictures of all the men who have tried to kill him. Jt would not do to take the census of New York on Sunday while it is over in New Jersey "getting a drink." William O'Brien, the eloquent and courageous Irish editor, is expected '•p speak at the grave of Wendell Phillips on Decoration Day. William Perry was convicted at Davenport, Io., Saturday, of burning the buildings on John Killen's stock farm April C. Queen Capiolani attended the service at Trinity church in New York Sunday morning and in the afternoon visited St. Thomas' church. A fire, caused by a cat overturning a lamp m a store, destroyed the business portion of Detroy, a suburban village near Detroit, yesterday. The effect of the consolidation of revenue districts in Illinois will be to throw Collector Maurice Kelley, of Qumcy, and his force of deputies, out of employment. It is reported that Prince Frederick William, the heir-apparent to the throne of Germany, has had an operation performed for cancer of the throat, .but that no serious result is feared. Robert II. Eddy, of Boston, who died last week, left §20,000 to a son of Gen. Fitz John Porter, and $30,000 toward the erection of an equestrian statue of Gen. Porter, at Portsmouth, N. H. The Circuit Judge at Morris, 111., has refused to grant a new trial to Schwartz and AVatt, the Rock Island railroad robbers and murderers, and has sentenced them to the State Penitentiary for life. St. Louis' big invitation to the President and his wife to visit that city during the National Encampment of the Grand Army was sent to Washington yesterday. The invitation has 40,000 signatures, and is bound in heavy French calf. Daniel Webster's second wife's maiden name was Catherine Leroy, and Boston had a strange coincidence last week. Another Daniel Webster was defendant in a divorce case, and his plaintiff wife's maiden name was Catherine Leroy. • High license has worked finely in Joliet. Before it voted the $1,000 license Joliet had 145 saloons. The higher tax drove 100 saloons out of the business and increased the city revenue from this source to §45,000. "Lily" Langtry, and her Freddy Gebhardt, took a two mile stroll in Madison, Wis., last Sunday, creating quite a sensation along tho way. There was much curiosity to get a good view of the Langtry face and figure. Burglars Arrested. CAUHOI.LTON, III., May 2,'J.— A few nights ago the store of Heaton & Dill of Rooclhouse. wns broken into and about $100 worth of pocket cutlery and other goods were stolen. This afternoon Marshal Sitton brougt to this city and lodged in jail John McCullough (white) and Henry Benjamin (colored), charged with burglary. They were arrested atTallula, and had with thorn the greater portion of the stolen goods. They aro strongly suspected of having set fire to the store room of W. C. Craig, which was entirely destroyed, together with a stock of groceries, on the night of the burglary. JLojflslaturo. bpRiKGFiELD, 111., May 23—Less than a quorum was in either house for the Monday evening session. In tho Senate a bill or two was advanced, when resolutions expressing sympathy with Senator Berggren, whose son was killed by a railroad train the other day, were passed by a rising vote, when the Senate adjourned. Some half dozen special orders of bills were made in the house, some of which created considerable friction, when this body also adjourned. Nothing of moment was done. Good Bain and Bad Lightning. . KINGMAN, Kas., May 23—Another fine rain visited this section last night and was accompanied by great electrical disturbance. Lightning struck a low shed stable belonging to W. B. Nicholson, killing three out of the six horses tied therein. A number of other buildings were struck, but no lives and no stock were lost. A FlUine Union. "A very appropriate wodding took place in Boston thq other day," remarked Stnegurs: "a Cincinnati man married a Boston girl'." "What was there so appropriate about that?" asked Scroggs. "A union of pork and beans, you see."— Life. ' r NUMBER 304. MAY 1, 1887. Ingrain Carpets from 25c to 85c per yard, Tapestry Brussels from 50c to $1 per yard, Body Brussels from 90c to $1,25 per yard, Oil Cloths from 20c to 90c oer yard, India Mattings from I5c to 55c per yard, We have No Old Stock! No Job Lots! All New and Clean! fllflfSiADESIALLPAPEBiBOlERS. Upholstery Goods and Upholstering done. Agent for Awnings. Cash prices. I will gladly duplicate St/Louis prices. Call at A. NEEKMAM'S. Headquarters 80011 Hare Died. Burks Medicine Co., Quincy, III: GENTS—I want to toll you what your White Pine;Balsarn has done for me, I had a cough for three lon» monUis, contracted while in Leadvillo, about Aug. 19. I had doctored constantly, i was so bad I could not lie down at night. I would just as soon have died as to live in that condition. I took one bottle of your Balsam and am entirely cured. Have not even coughed for four days. Yours truly, MKS. S. J. BARRACK. LITTLE APRICOTS. There is nothing so positive in its action m treatment of deranged Jiver, biliousness, heartburn, nervous and sick headache, as Little Apricot Pills, easy to take as sugar, so small, so pleasant. Try them. It is no wonder that people complain of hard times when they pay a doctor bill every few months, amounting to several dollars, Instead of keeping on hand some reliable medicine like Burks' White Pino Balsam :that would cost them but 50c, and perhaps cure three or four colds. Sold by E. Marsh. BUKKS' WHITE PINE BALSAM. It will be found equally efficacious in colds and coughs of long standing, relieving tho distress and restoring the throat to its normal state. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. myldwlm FOR THE BEST BUGKJT IN THE WORLD. AGENTS FOE THE I Gear Co's WARRANTED FOR FIVE YEARS- THE UE.LEBKATEP Studebaker Farm Wagon, Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Co's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS AND 200 BAGS BIGGINS' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table Use, in*14 Ib. linen sacks and 60 Ib. sackBi (or sale by J. A. BYBIE. tJAUUKTT'8 LIVERY STABLE) rBONT STHKET, DKTWKKN AU1YANOKASTON. UiMMOl luridly Swallowed a Lizard. WIU.LSVILLB, Ohio, May 23.—Oil May C, while at work in the fields near his home at Bolesville, Frank Dishler took a big draught of water, and immediately afterward was thrown into convulsions. He told a physician that he thought he had swallowed a lizard, and the doctor adopted heroic measures until the reptile, some two inches long and very lively, was disgorged. In the four or five days that he carried the lizard about with him Dishler's weight was reduced from close upon 2CO to very little over ninety pounds. He improved until last night, when lie again became wick and died in great agony. Killed by Lightning. . WiiiTKllAU,, 111., May 24—This morning W. M. Welch, residing two miles northwest of here, went to hie neighbor, Calvin Hicks, to inquire for his son, Michael Welch, whom lie supposed had boon caught in the rain that prevailed hero Sunday evening and had remained over night with Ilicks. On being informed that jUieliuel had started homo tho previous ovcHing, a search was at once instituted. The party moved across a field of wheat in tho direction of young Welch's homo and found him lying on the ground, face downwards, dead, having bcci; struck by lightning tho evening before. His iiat was rent and the grass where he lay was killed. Welch wan about !i5 years old, industrious and of good- habits, and was returning from a base ball contest in whicli he participated that afternoon. In chronic diseases, medicines should be restoring, and not debilitating, in their action. Tno wonderful strength,, ening and curative effects, realized from the use of^Ayor'a Sarsapanllla, sustain the reputation of Ibis remedy as tho most popular blood purifier, dwlw --,.- — BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered to any part of the city. HI. Cor. 2d and State sfs., • ALTON, ILL. THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS EIHED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADING GfUNS, From $16 to $30. J. H. BOOTH fl " ^^-"^ * "» THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT Alton BEST GASOLINE STOVE! in the market, saves time, labor and money. Iho favorite summer stovo with al.< (housekeepers. All nizoB. Oull and examine. I am also prepared to do Roofing, Guttorink',S pouting and all kinds of Tin Worte, at reasonable prices. A. J. DEGENHARDT, 038 BAST SKCOiC O STKKHX. J?ll<TU I)OOH WK8T 61? UICNIIY. apaouwly JEWELEB, mylMwlr TAKE ADVANTAGE OP THE BOOM. I'artloslutondinBtobuy Uoal Kstato in tho olty ol Alton or Tiolulty will Hud it to their Interest to call at tlioolllcoof Kudorshuuion & HonntUK and examine their list of properties for sale us only a part thereof is inlvor- tl«od. apSdwtf TAR DID PILES, SALf RHEUM Ann All mil In til a^a«»« A »•!» »., J .4i._.t _j SUBSCRIBE FOR THE ALTOI E?E. fflEGBAPH, lOc Per, By mail or delivered, Only Kepublioan Daily in Madison county and el. . IKHIUUUJK . rofuuiloil. BoKl TiR-0|D CO., 71 U isao. A now mutual of «om- ure KuiirutitiKxl, or inouuy tB. mid ut tlio oflloo of It. CHICAGO, 1'rloet*!. J. SUTTER & SON, DKABtfllS IN FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Pull and Complete Stock Always on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUU 1TUUNITUUB UOOU8 AUK ON State Street, 'opp, Third, ALTON,; ILL, E. J. PENIFOLD, Prop. PIASA STUEET, Between Second and Third, Alton, 111. MOST OONVKN1KNT DIN1NU J»OOM IN TUB CITY. O001) TAHLB AND BKA- HONAI11..K HATES, CALL AND UK OONVINOKU.

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