Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 23, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1887
Page 4
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Bars and Scalr> Covered with *<c- zematoiis Scabs and Soros Cured by Cutlcura. M l llttlo son, aged elulit years, him boon nl- fllctcd with Eczema of tlm scalp, nrtil lit times a groat portion of tlio body, ovor slnoo lie was iwo years old. 1* begun In Ills earn, and extended to tils scalp .which became covered .with scabs and sores, and from which a sticky fluid poured out. causing Intense Itching and distress, and leaving his hair inattod and lifeless. Underneath these scabs the skin was raw, liko a piece of bcefxtoijk. Gradually tho hair camo out and wits destroyed, nntll but a small patch was luft at tho back ot tho head. My friends In i'cnbodv know How my llttlo boy bus suffered. At night lie would scratch Ills head until his pillow was covered with blood. I lined to tlo hlg hand* behind htm, and In many ways tried to prevent his scratching: but It was no use, he would scratch. 1 took him to the hospital and to tho host physicians In1'eii- body without success. About tbln time, somo friends, who had boon cured by the Ontloura Kemodlos, prevailed upon ino to try them. 1 began to use them on tho 16th o( January last. In seven months every parti • ole of tho disease was removed. Nut a spot or scab remains on his scalp to toll tho Btory of his suffering. Ills linlr has returned, and Is thick and strong, and hlu scalp as myoot and clean as any child's In tho world. 1 cannot say enough to express my gratitude for this wonderful cure by the Cuttciini II" 1 ""dies, and wish all similarly afflicted to know that my statement Is true and without oxag- aeration. OIIAKLKS AlUlvAY, Oot 0, 885. I'onbody, Mass. 1 have scon Mr. McKay's t.oy when badly alfeotod with the Eczema. He was a pitiful sight to look at. 1 know that he has tried our best physicians, and did all a father could do for a suffering child, but availed nothing. 1 know that the statements lie ba<< made yon an regards the curing of his boy by your Untleura ftembdlos are true in every particular. WILLIAM J MCOAUTin, 83 Foster street, 1'eabody, Mass. I I do not know or any Instance tn which tho Cutlcura Remedies have failed to produce satisfactory results. I believe I have sold more thero than of any other akin remedies 1 have ovor handled during the 83 years of my experience as a druggist. . A. D. TttYON, Batavla, N, Y. Hold every where. Price: Outlcura, 60 cts.; CuttcnraSoap.26cents; Outlouru lie-solvent, II. I'ropnrod by Totter Drug and Chemical Co.. Iloston. . ,, Send tor "How to Cuvo Skin Diseases." T>T TV/rrLK8, Blackheads. Skin Blemishes JC J.1VJL and llaby Uumors, use Cutlcura tioap, „__ A Word about Catarrh, "Ills tho mucous membrane, that wonderful semt-Iluld envolopo surrounding the doll- cato tissue" of tho air and food passagos.tbat Catarrh makes Its stronghold. (Jnco established, it eats Into tho very vitals, and renders life but a long-drawn breath of misery and disease, dulling tho sense of hearing, trammelling the power of speech, destroying the faculty of smell,- tainting tho breath, and killing tho refined pleasures of taste. Insidiously, by creeping on from a simple cold In the head, It assaults tho membranous lining and envelops the bones, eating through tho delicate coats and causing inflammation, sloughing and death. Nothing short of eradication will secure health to thoipatlent, and all allovlatlves are simply procrastinated sufferings, leading to a fatal termination. 6anford ? s Kadloal Inhalation and by Internal administration, has never failed; oven when the disease has made frightful inroads on delicate constitutions, hearing, smell and taste have boon recovered, and tlio disoauo thoroughly driven out. SAKFORD'S iIUWCAL Ouius consists of one bottle of tho Kttdlcal Cure, onoboxCatnrrhai Solvent, and one Improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped in one package, with full directions; price $1. ' POTTBU DBUQ&OllBMIOAHJO., HOSTOM. HOW~IT~ACHES. Worn out with pain, but still com- 'polled by stern necessity to stand up Kto tho work before us and boar the Jpftln. JRollnf in ono minute in a Ou- "tlouva Anti-Pain Plaster lor aching sides and back,weak & painful muscles,] tho eoro ohost and hacking cough, and ovory pa in and ache of daily toll. Elegant, now, orl glnal, speedy, and infallible. At druijglats ,25o,; five for $1; or, :postago free, of Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston. Cures Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Catarrh, Croup, Soro Throat, RHEUMATISM. Lame Back, StIR Joints. Sprains, Brulios, Burns, Wounds, Old Soros and All Aches and Pains., Tbo iimny tOBtiitionluls rocolvud by UB moro tlmn prove nil vro claim fur tbln valuable remedy. It Uut only rollovort Uiu moot severe pulna, DUG It Cures You. That's the Idea 8 Bold br UriiKKl>ta. < >* ) «'"• HONU Home mullocl froo. Address MffZARD OIL COMPANY CHICAGO. A. J. HOWELL, —DEALEU;7JIN— FURNITURE I 1 A Full and Complete g Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OUUEI/ FOR .-i. . . UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed. > Bollo at., bet. Third and Fourth. -ALSO— UNDERTAKER. RESIDENCE COlt. STATE & SKVKNTH 8TS T, L FOULDS & CO,, ATENTION ! The Pickle Factory to inuko contracts for ATJON DAILY TELEGRAPH. (Eutflrfld nil Anconu-ninit* MnitcriU tlio I'. O, nt Alton, III.) M ON I JAY KVB., MAY 23. Iilfo In the A wrltRT in dm Outing puts In n plea for the sleernK«, and liilvisrs iniliviihi- nlH or fumliua to whom "r.xi>emlitiii'o is in any iiii|H>rl!iii!<lcgn:i!;i consideration" to truvi-1 by "lliat, menus, us they can got (o tliuir destination at the rule of |3 a day instead of .itf lOadiiy. "Tho roinanoo of travel, liki; tho romanuo of lifn, i.s tlw rough side of it," tlii.s writer says, "Wliy not regard an experience In the steerage as a sea p'u:- nie or a bit of marine rustication?" A gentleman who made a trip in the steerage of an ocean steamship "just for fun" read the- artiele in Outing with much interest. "I wonder if the writer ever tried a steerage passage?" he said to a reporter of this paper.' "I think not. The ehaneos :irc that he has merely stood on the 'bridge' and wateh'ed the steerage victims in their ploiisantcr odd moments, when they are allowed on deek, and are joyous in their temporary release from their dark imprisonment below. Certainly no man who had ever been a steerage passenger in reality would recommend sueh an experiment to any iuit a lost soul who had only that means of escape from some dread calamity. A Bteerage passage! Great heavens! Does the writer realize the full meaning of his adviee? Now let me tell you what aBteorageis like. A long, low, dark room, dimly illuminated during the day by straggling rays through the think "head lights,"" against which the waters swash continually, and at night by a smoky lantern whoso cheerless rays only add to the cheerless gloom. A long board table.a few round stools constitute the out}' furniture. Along the sides are ranged two or three tiers of open bunks against the dump ship timbers, for the room is mostly below the water line. "Here are gathered promiscuously nen, women and children, herded together like animals rather than human beings in their miserable quarters, and in their forced confinement modesty is soon forgotten. Tho ventilation at best is but scant, and the exhalations from tho perspiring bodies and their not overclean garments, together with the reeking timbers, the odor of pitch, the musty bedding, the steam from tho food and the funieK from old tobacco pipes, render the atmosphere foul, stilling, and nauseating in the extreme, which is by no means clarified in case of violent weather when seasickness is common. The only escape from the uninviting pen is when the victims are allov/ert on deck. In pleasant weather life on dock is enjoyable and full of interest. "Tho menu of the steerage usually includes soups in • tin kettles, coarse meats, hash, ill boiled potatoes, and broken bread fivjm the cabin table. This food is served in tin dishpans. Tea and eotl'ec arc passed around in buckets, tho principle dilVerence between them is that the tea is less thick and muddy than the cotl'ce. The whole mess is slung pull-mull on the table and tho passengers make a dive and grab. The number of tin plates and cups, iron knives and forks, and tin spoons is limited. Ho or she who fails to secure a supply of dishes at tho 'first grab must simply wait till some luckier individual finishes. There being no possible opportunity to wash the utensils, they must bo used as they are, except such cleaning as could bo done by scraping on" with tho knifo. • "Then there is another matter that claims attention. No facilities are provided for bathing. Tho steerage passenger may wash his hands and face in the common washstand on deck, but that's all. Under such conditions bugs and vermin thrive apace, and tho less one is inclined to tolerate them tho more they are determined to grow intimate, and their increase is only determined by the'length of tho voyage." —New York Commercial Advertiser. The Little Imp In Green. The peasant folk of Ireland find tin infinite attraction in searching for tho leprechaun. As far as tho analogy of tho leprechaun is concerned, says tho Globe-Democrat,'\\> is acreaturo framed to taunt tho human thirst for gold, in the same manner as the fro- Vf'rable delusion known by every American schoolboy, which assorts that at tho end of every rainbow there hangs a pot of gold. The leprechaun, is a cute little fellow, not an inch more than twelve inches high, who dances and Hits through the meadows liko a litf ill sunbeam. He wears a littlo croon coat, and a gay red vest, and tho shortest and frailest cut pantaloons. He is commonly supposed to bo able to lead one to Kl Dorado, where wealth is infinite and free for the taking. Whether any person has ever been actually conducted to this wonderland of treasure it is very reasonable to doubt, although hundreds and thousands of hopeful Jiersons have followed at his beckon. I'ho principal condition imposed upon tho candidate for treasury is that liko the .spiritual disciple who has put his hand to tho plow, ho shall not look, back. Uy inducing his companion, through somo deft excuse, to glance behind, the lopreoliaun generally attains success' in practicing his deception. Suddenly appearing before a peasant, perhaps working in his vegetable patch, the flashily attired little villain smiles and cries out: "Come along, and I'll tako you to endless treasure." Over brook, through dalo, up over hills, by deep bogs, the leprechaun and his panting companion tleo with tireless eager step. Try how he will to elude his follower and escape, tho leprechaun finds his feet close belli nil. Kvery other device having failed, tho leprechaun wheels around and shouts: "Well, hero we are." "Whero?" his companion eagerly cries. "At tho place of all tho treasure." •'But where is tho gold you promised mo?" "Hight behind you," replies the leprechaun, and as his companion looks around, suddenly disappears and is no moro, Eighteen months ago Bm-tlm Pingrc, against tun wishes of hoi 1 parents, camo from Germany to marry a coachman, William Wundrum, of Hock Island. Her husband*has just heard of tho death of his fnthur, whereby he inherits a fortune of $500,000. Sol Smith Hussoll was recently presented to tho President by Congressman Springer. Mr. Hussell told tho Executive various funny stories, which wore much appreciated. The President gave Mr. Russell more time than he usually accords lo statesmen. Mrs. Abigail S. Tillon of North Woodbridgo, N. II., is tin; last pensioner on the list of the Revolutionary War. Sho is paid $101 annually by tho State of New Hampshire, and $1!)2 by tho United States Government. Mrs. Tilton is over 100 years old: Dying at the ago of one hundred and" threo years, Uncle Sam Mutney, of Jess Valley, Cal., turned to his friends and said: "1 haven't been a very bad man. I never did anything worse than kill Indians, and 1 don t believe that will bo held against me. I had to do it." A sweeping order has boon issued to the conductors of the Southern Paoitic Kail road Company preventing any Indian in the future from riding on their cars. The reason for this order is to prevent tho spread of tho smallpox should it become epidemic. This order will probably bo enforced at all times in the future. Seventeen j'oars ago Mrs. Rosanna Dennis, of Tiffin, O., died of dropsy. Tho other day, when the body was disinterred, it was found to bo thoroughly petrified, with the exception of the feet. It was so heavy that ten men were required to remove it. A piece cehipped from tho body ro- sembles flinty limestone. Rev. John Jasper, of Richmond, Va., the noted colored preacher and author of tho Jasperian solar theory, having recovered from a long and critical illness, has resumed his ministerial duties. Ho is over 70 years old, and tho most influential of the colored preachers of that city. During his recent visit to Richmond, Gov. Heaver, of Pennsylvania, attended his church, when "the sun do move" sermon was preached by particular request. Henry C. Kelsoy, Secretary of State, is the Pooh-Bah of New Jersey. He is a member of the Board of Bank Commissioners, Clerk of the Board of State Canvassers, Clerk of the Court of Errors and Appeals, Clerk of the Court of Impeachment, Clerk of tho Court of Pardons, Clerk of tho Prerogative Court, Commissioner of tho State Library, Scientific School Commissioner, and State Commissioner of Insurance. The Rev. Dr. Tahmige, who has just returned to Brooklyn from his Western tour, said in a late sermon to his congregation: "I have novor seen such signs of life in business—I would call it a boom if I did not dislike the word. Tho men who took Horace Greeloy's advice were right, I would give the same advice to-day; nay, I would go myself if any necessity was laid upon mo, as I told some of thv Westerr people.'^ Enjoy Life. t What a truly beautiful world we live in! Nature gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. . We can desire no bolter whon in perfect health; but how often do the majority of people feel like giving it up disheartened, discouraged and worn out with disease, when thero is no occasion for this feel* iner, as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Flower, will make them free from disease, as when born. Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint are tho direct causes of seventy-five per cent, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Costivenoss, Nervous Prostration, Dizziness of the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, and other distressing symptoms. Threo doses -of August Flower will prove its wonderful effect. Sample bottles, 10 cents. Try_ it. in3 dweow ly PHILADELPHIA North American: The administration might make a worse appointment to tho Supreme bench than that of Mr. Garland, but it would have to exert itself. Everything which belongs to pure, healthy blood is imparted by hood's Sarsaparilla. A trial will convince you of its merit. 10 An old cavalryman saya that a horse will novor step on a man intentionally. It is a standing order with cavalry that should a man become dismounted he must lie perfectly still. If he does so the entire company will pass over him and he will not bo injured. A horse notices whore he is going, and is on the lookout for'a firm foundation to put his foot on. It is an instinct with him, therefore, to step over a prostrate man. The injuries caused by a runaway horse are nearly always inflicted by tho animal knocking people down and not by his stopping on them.—New York Sun. How to Ualu Flesh and and Strength Use after each meal Scott's Emulsion ; it Is as palatable as milk and ens* ily digested. Dohoatn people improve rapidly with ita use. for Consumption, Throat affections and Bronchitis it is uucquallud. Dr. Thos. Prim, Alti., says: "I used Scott's Emulsion on a child eight mouths old; ho gamed four pounds in a month." mwf wk 1m TUB City Council of UeKulb fixed tho saloon license fee at $800.00 in any part of tho cay, and granted four applications. " Where roads are bad you want n strong and easy spring to your buggy, Tho Kice Coll Spring keeps your buggy in order half as long again, as any other spring, and never gives one a Jar. !i. wlw Malarial poisons contain the gorrup of dangerous diseases. If these poisons accumulate In Ihe system Typhoid, Bilious, Intermittent or Chill Fever is sure to follow. Avor's Aauo Cure Is a warranted Bpeoilio for malaria. dwlw If o Was Too Obliging, Therein a certain solicitor in Leeds, very popular and good naturod, at- wavs rcaily to help younger and less-experienced members of his profession with advice and assistance. To him camo a young solicitor whom he had often befriended, to lay before him the outlines of a "case"', to tell him of the course he hail pursued in tho interests of his client, and to beg his opinion about somo especially difficult point. Of course the opinion was given fully and freely, and just as tho grateful junior was about to tako his IIMIVC, it wxHuully occurred to his friendly adviser to tako the name of tho client in question. It was given, and a sudden spasm of recollection shot over the kindly features of our friend. "By Jove!" ho said, struggling between his strong selise of fun and humor, and his consciousness of the imbroglio; "we are for tho defendant in this matter!" Talk about tableaux after sueh a situation as this! What ensued I know not, but I am sure, knowing how keen is the appreciation of the elder gentleman of a good story, that lie will not be the last lo toll it in future, .even though it may bo at his own expense.— Leeds Mercury. Their Business Booming. Probably no one thing has caused such a general revival of trade at E. Marsh's Drug , Store as the giving away to his customers of so many free trial bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. Mis trade is simply enormous in this verv valuable article from tho fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and rail throat nud lung diseasss quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a trial bottle free, largo size $1. Every bottle warranted. my 1 d w 1m Bruce Up. You are feeling depressed, your aps petite is poor, you are bothered with headache, you are fidgctty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, which*have for their basis very cheap bad whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then leave you in worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore youv vitality and give renewed health and strength Such a medicine you will find in Electric Bitters, and only 50 cents a bottle at E: Marsh's Drug Store. . my 1 dw 1 m BnuKion'8 Aruica Salvo. £?.The Best Salve m the world for cuts, bruises, sores.u.iers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped bauds, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satis faction, or money refunded. Price 25 ceats per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton. Ill mchTdwlm THE Legislature ought to pass revenue bill, and the general public think the House bill much preferable to the Senate bill. It. is more thoroughly thought out, is in harmony with itself, makes a new departure, will como nearer reaching all the property of the State, and by that means will reduce the tax on each article assessed, Springfield News. Unqualified Approval. Allcock's Porous Plaster (is t ho only external remedy that has the unqualified recommendation of J professional men as well as that of the public in general. It is the only genuine porous plaster, and all other so-called porous plasters are nothing more than perforated coun. ter irritants made to sell on the rcpu tation of Allcock's. Beware of them. JSAGLU 1'ACKBT COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. Tlio Steamer CD H. LEYHE, Master. j E. KOBa POWEI.I , I ED. BLOCK, OlorK 8. On and after Afonday, Fob. 11, tho Spread Eaglo will run asfollowu, vizi LBAVJNjB ALTON FOR ST. LOTJIS at 1 o'clock a. m., and St, Louts on return trip ut 3 p. in., daily. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing, Qrnlton, and waj points every evunlng ut R :30 o'clock. «S.Tlie Whistle will be Bonneted fiftoM minutes before starting tor 8t. Louis. To ST. LODIS, HOOHDTBIP TWENTY RZDKK - - - 5 oo « w. HILL. Fast Freight & Passenger Lii.e THE BT. LOUIS AND OENTUAL ILLINOIS II. II. CD'S J 1 ALACK STKAMUH J. F. ELLISON, Commander. EP.ANBIIOTJ!, Ininrka 3 THUB DODOE! ) ° 101 ""• On and after. TJmrsday,Fob. 17th, wlllleave Alton dally Commonelng Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson wllllonveSi. Loulu for Alton, Port- ago, Jersey, Grafton and all pulntson St. L. & C. 1. It. U., dally, excopt Sunday, at 8:3U a. m.. arriving nt Alton at 11 a. m. Koturnlng will leave Alton for St. Louis ut 6: IS p, m. arriving at St, Louis at 7:30 In ample time for parties to attend thaatrss, etc. Parties purchasing round trip tlokow will bo (urnlHliud staterooms without extra cost. Hound trip tickets of steamer Spread Eiigln or Hudson wllllbe honored by either boat for return passage. connecting with fast express on St, Louis and (Jontral Illinois Uallroud lor Joruuyvillo, Wu- vurly, Spilnglleldand all points north and east. FAUE. To ST. Louis, single trip, , . . noc. " " round trip 753. '• " twenty rlmi ticket,. , $8.00 11KNHY 0. TATUM, Uon. A«t. Alton. If. A. F18I1EH, Oon'l Mauagor. felldtf Sciilod proposals will bo vooelved by tlio Park committee, at tlinnnlooof the city uniil. iiHor.uptolOo'olockium- Tuesday, May M, IW, for the grading mm nlllug of Somluary square, In ucaordiuiou with apeullloutloiiH to be Hiien at the uuglneur's olllco. The com- mlttco renews tho right to ruloot any or all IndH. JOHN 8. KUl'Kll, l»ld Chairman, Absolutely Pure. Thin powder never varies, A marvol of purity, 1 strength wboloBomonoss. Moro economical than tne ordinary kinds, and cannot lie sold In competition with the multitude of low test, short weight, alum phogphatol powders. SOLD oxr.Y IN CANS. UOYAL BAKING I'OWDEH CO., 10U Wall St., N. Y. ]an8dwly WHIFFLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, UKllRESKNTINQ THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.V. Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladelyl'Ja; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, Liondon; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.; Continental; Girard; | Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AND OTHEIIS: A OABH OAP1TAI IN THK AGSKKQATE Of $20,000,000. WE AMO BKPRE8KNT THE Mutual Benefit Llic, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Uartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State s^a. For Salo or .neuc. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs S. J.Dutro. WHITPLB ASMILEY. for The late residences of J. j. and W. IT. Mitchell, on Mill St., two o; tlid best pieces of residence property in Altou. Tho property "The I'ark, east of above ; If lots known as on Mill and Summit streets, an :1 a number of ota In Miller A Mitchell's addition to Alton. Anv or all of above at n great bargain. • _ _ WIUM'LE & SMILEY. Jror aiue. Tho NotTlmim property on State Btroo In Miller & Mlohelrs add., to Alton, IX story house, 8 rooms and out-bulldlues; all In perfect order. Can be had at a bargain. WHIFFLE & SMILEY. Vor Sale. A 7-roornbvlakdwelling and out buildings ou Thlid street, between Ohorry and Vine. . WHIFFLE &8M EY. For Kent. Late residence ot M. J. Noonan on State street, known as tho A. Platt place. Good 9 room brick house, lu first class repair. Wfill'PLB & SMILEY. For Salo. Tho Woodroof property. A 2 story frame house of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, a 4 room frame house on Fifth street. WHIPPLE & SMILEY, For Sale, Five building lots on Alby and Market streets, between Tenth and Twelfth streets. ; WillI'PLE & SMILEY. For Sale. Ltiuo kiln, In good running order, with quarry and 1'i acres of land, moro or less, known ad tho Shelly tract. WHIl'PLE & SMILEY. For Kent. A two story brick dwelling known as tho A, Platt homestead; lately put in good repair. WUIPI'LK & SMILEY., Duslrablo Residences for Hale. : A two story brick dwelling on State street known as A. Platt homestead, lately put In good repair. A two story framo dwelling on Alain street, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh stroot, all for sole ut a sacrifice, owner having decided to «r WH* WHIPJ'LE & SMILEY^ For Hale. Seven lots with good brick dwelling and outbuildings, In good repair, in Upper Alton. BcsIdoBcaof O. E. Uolllns, and known as the Merrill property. WHIl'PLE & SMILKY, Alton, or I). \V. Collet, Uppar Alton. Fine Kuxlrimico for Sale. Tho late It. Doltow homestead, now owned by M. li. Underwood, situated on lino of liorao railway, in Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, and good out buildings, two acres of ground, will bo sold at a bargain. Possession given on completion of Bale. WHIPPLE & SMILEY. For Sole. The 2-story framo dwelling with 9 rooms Including 7 lots: good barn and fine fiulta Known as tho Nichols homestead, situated on 13th at,, In a doslraolo neighborhood. . WHH'PLE & SltflLEV. WM.L. KLUNK UNDERTAKER, Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes rov Ladies, Geutlovnen and. Children, Office and Shop on State street OvorUatt B Ltvury Btffble. Will attend to Job Workuui! Listen to You? Wife. Tim MrvnelicnlCT UIMIUHAN, ,)\mo Bill, 1889, MJ« At otic of Mm "Windows" Looking ou tlio woodland ways I Wflh clumps ot rlimloilemlroiia and groat inaisee ot May bloseomo I I I "Tlidro \vas an In. (.cresting group. . It included ono who hud been a "Cotton spinner," but, wuii now so Paralysed III That ho could culy boar to He in a reclining position. Tills rofern to i:iy ctiGe. 1. \vao first /.{.lucked twelve yours ngo wltU "Iiceomotcr/ta::y" (A iwRlyllc ill' rf nrrTii flbro rarely ever cured) uiul v,'K3 for Lcvcrcl yearn barely able to get, about. And (or the l.-.t.t dya yearn not able to attend to my lir.niiictii, i.ltlKj',i|;Ii MmiytWmni l-jivi 1 l.i"':i 1:0:10 for IM. 'riLGlfittoxjiprlMirnt I-ptmr Knm 1 . nimtclilnj'. 'J'WO J'CIIVO »[,'() 1 V.-;;') \ UtC.I Illtl) thO Jloii!o for I::c.u:'.-.Lkol 3;cw Jlimouester, in May, J6SS. • I nm no "mlvprnlr;' 1 "For anything'iritlio BlinpGcCtir.tciitf/'Mpt'.klm.'iif ' And made i:i.':'.iv obje/'tlonn to my dear irl/c'8 conitat urpln;;to Ivvlfojil'.'ttcrn, but filially to pacify 1 :(::•—' , Conci'iilcd I ' ••...' . 1 hud mil »iiiHn fiiiijlicd the firnt liottlo ivlicn 1, iv elir.iijL'n conio over me.'.This wasHiilurduy, 'loViMr.Iicvld!. On Rumlaymorn- ing 1 fc'.t, DO rtroiiji- I mill to i;iy Voom' coin- iinnlons,'Mwiia BUIU Iconld "Wnllrl I Jo tlavlcil i!srcc'' O'o fioor oml back. ] hnrdly l:i:»'v l-o\/ to ci'iitiilii iiiyjolf. I T,-ofl nil ovi^r Mm liou' 1 ':. 1 rin (.iiinlut; nrcatjtu cacn dayj i;nd rr.n vr.ll; viliiin-/.. \,;:iiou; m.y (jrrui f'o't. ] m;; iiuv.' ii' r y i:vr );' vno, ntnl hoj.c Foon to lie ahlo (d o.'.'n tn) <,'••(, Ji\i'>/. i.i'ni:.. L I.UVD bQim'uinombui! til til" J.!.i:'r;.|...|pt ' • !'»;!•'irr.i'i 1 - 1 i. Ir-. t y,'"v. r V. V.T.H idncl li"nrt',ly con- Cliilubl-'ii ,111 (,i:i>;:_ii t..., luum'l.ll Tbilfwlay lllit. Oro of Many. Having rxpi'rlpM'Til n rrcflt ill-ill of ''TroUT'l'.!!' 1 f :•'•!. i' iin'ijnV.kii.. tu much BO that 1 cnnsi! i.c..r l-i-hii.' i',i,- , J.tfi- ' My troulilo t'v.r.vs e;.::'.a n.le'r enllnfj liny food- rw-KrVcW,. AI.J ulr" '.'.i'.!. 1 , Tor tv;nn*t':ite l.oi..t at i. t!nuv! l . , "And i! c urily way I c :•.".• rot" "Kelk-fl" : Viih l.v ,t '.. rr.TvInp,' \:p i '.1 my 'r*-imaoh con- tulncd I I No one cun •*•')'. :-?lv>» tlio : palns that I !:inl tn go t'.iroup-),, ui.til "AtlnsK" I was t-ikr-i! "So fu- t)i:-;o ; weeks 1 lay lu betl nii'l 'Coulilcat nothlnsr III I>Iy EiilYcrtnga v?crc im i':il I called two doctors to give mo soniitiiiiii; u:uL* would stop the pain. Their eft'ovt? were no pnctil [a mo. At Inet 1 lienvil ;i ror.,i viisal ".About your Kofi l>lMi-r>l J\ml OeliTr.iltM'il lo iry them." fiot abottlu— in ! ,u.- i... .in. I tool: the contents of One / / / / Next day I was oi.t <.C uml, ami liuvo not seen a "Slckl" Hour, from tlie sarno fr.;i>i(:, s'.ucc. I recommeinli.'d i. tj l.iiudreda of others. Vi>u liiu'o no tiiicU "Advuviituaii I ^.m." Ono.K»»nM«. Aii'f- 1 " I'-'"'-.. »'— . RAIT.WAT TJMB TABI.B. CHICAGO AND ALTON. On and after Sunday, May (1st, 1887, traim on tho Ohlcago and Alton railroad, will leavi (he Union Depot, Alton, utandard time, at follows: for Chicago and the Hunt! Ohlcago Mail' ........9:00 a.m Chicago Aconinmodatlon* OiOOp. ui LlKhtnlng EriiroBS* 9:10 p. in Foorla and Rook Island Fast Line t,9:00 a. m For JftOkaonvlOe, Keokuk, Qulmjy, Kan- |s08 City.and all points wett. Kansas Olty Mall* .......... ...... 9:00a.m. Kansas Olty Express* 9:10 p. ra Denver Eipressf ...7:10p. m. JaoksouvUlo Aoconunodatlon;... V :l(l p. ui. ffor St. Louis I LlghtntngExpress*..... 6:45 a.m Chicago Accommodation* ,. .9:80 a. m Alton Special). ..12:96 p. m Kansas City Mall* ....5:40 p. m OhloagoMallr , ...0:' niAINS LEAVE ST. LOUIS UNION DEPOT KOB ALTON. 17600. ui. [800p.m. *1 60 p. m. *7 96 p. in. (8 is a. m. Sundays only). •Dally [Except Sunday. S. D. fiKEVB, Sup't. St. Louis Dlvtaion O. G. NOHBIS, Tlokot Airant. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Henrietta M. Born.dodeased. Tho undei'slgned,' having been ap pointed Executor of the lost will and ttia- tainent ot Henrietta M. Born, late of the county of Mndlnon ana State of Illlnola.doeouflert, horoby (fives notlot that]he will appear before the County Court of Madison county, at the court hoiiee, In Kdwardsvtllo, at the June term, on tho third Monday In Juno nuxt, at wbloli time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having tlio same Adjusted, All personi indebted tio said estate are requested foliuana immediate payment to tho undersigned. Dated thtu Hth day of oAprtli AID. 1887. VVILLIAH SONNTAO, 21d4w ..Bxeontor. WALL New and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASSI A Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. At tho old reliable HOUSE-PAIJITINQ and DECORATING establishment of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. lebll ,1. WILKES FORD & CO. 91 <(c Da W. Wmblnuton St.; Chicago, III, FELT AND GRAVEL ROOFERS Ami Dealer* in Roofing npateriuU. Our facilities for doing work in Alton are such that- wo.oun do tho very best quality of folt * u f? Gravel HooIinK, the sumo as in use o"W' tlio Urat-olasB buildings fn Chicago at a lower price than Tfn or Iron, anil warrant pur roofs for nvo years. Wo also noil materials with full Instruction how to do tho woric or furnish an experienced man. apwdly JOHN BAUER, .DEALBU AND UANtWAOTURKK OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, AI/tfON, All kinds of lino ana oominom farniwc oonHtuntly on hand, Alto undcrUkor,

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