Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 23, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1887
Page 3
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CD B I TUP AT TVTMff'Q Sooond atreot,noar '£O O\tlil/J:4tH O( corner of Henry ' — FOB— fJFINE STATIONERY, Crime's Floral, Whiting's Standard ./.I'apors. Hurlbut's French Linens, '.Eclipse i Ragged Edfto, Ellto Ragged Edge, Balmoral fi'Linen; Griffin's Linen, Turkey Laid Linen, fetich Blow, MUtado, Charred Edifo, Oream ' a. Mourning Note, and a large assortment , ol Illuminated and Decorated stationery. if Donnlson's Wax and Heals. School Tablets I; and Stationery.^ _ doclldwly PIANOS, ORGANS and i SEWING MACHINES! | CHEAP FOB CASH ON TIME PAYMENTS j Pianos and Organs tuned and repaired Sows'' IBR Machines repaired SupnHos lor all Ma- rpHnes. N. D. LAMOBEUX, . *' Music Dealer, Third street, nearly opposite -• - •--• — decSdwly Belle, Alton 111. WATCH i *OB THE BARGAINS IN JOB'S N15W *. COB. 11CII.DINO, HENRY ST., AT ! . MBS. I>. HKITKAIUP'S, i All hinds of Fancy, Hand made, Knit and Oro- K on"tgoods. Hoods.Tobaggans and MHs. Men's ; j Scoria and Fascinators at very low prices, f Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sowing i and Stamping Done. Como and give us a * call. Don't forgot the nlace * *tncfl ilwlv Lucas Pfeifienberger ARCHITECT, I;GENERAL 8UPEBINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, v ' Ofllco onThird st.,ono door west H of Piasa, third floor. \ SUPPLIES. Oils. Needles, and Farts of all all Machines, We have now the B. & G. Howe Shuttles, Also Turkish Bug Patterns and Machines. E. H. GOULDING. mnhlBdw von Ocean Passage Tickets At LOWEST 1UTB8 of the UUNAUD, WHITE STAR, and ALLAN LINHl also of all CJBUMAN and FUBNOH L1NWB Apply to UUDKUSHAUHKN « SONNTAO, AUou, 111. AITON DAILY TELEGRAPH. MONDAY EVK., MAY 23. NOTICE TO AUVERTIBEBB. For the year 1887 wo shall charge tuefol lowing ratea for transient notices In our loonl columns: Per JAM. Single Insertion . . . 10 cents, Three to flvo Insertions, . . 7 " Six to twelve Insertions, . . B " KATES OF ADVERTISING: TRANSIENT.— FIFTY cents per Inch Drst Insertion, and TWSNTY-flVK cents per Inch foronoh subsequent Insertion. $3 per Inch first month, fl.GO per Inch ;enoh month thereafter. LKOAL ADVEnTlSINOl $1 per Inch for the llrst Insertion, and CO cents per Inch for oaoh subaoquonl Insertion. ta^ Above rates will bo strictly adhered to. TUB DAILY TELEGRAPH Is delivered by carriers to all parts of the city of Alton and Upper Alton, for ton cents per week. Mailed to any address at tha'i'ata of $8.20 per year. T1IK TKLEanAl'H has the largest circulation of any paper In Alton, and Is tho best medium for advertisers. OOllNBtt TltlllU AJiU PUSA. STUKBTS. TELE- 1'IIONE No. 38. CITY Council meeting tomorrow. Picnic Potted Meats and the Uiindy Pickles, at Connor's. H A ^KINKING fountain is to be erected on the square at the east side of City Hall. Wo can supply every one with Lawns, Sattoons and Batistes now.—Pierson & !arr Dry Goods Co. It INDICATIONS for Illinois: Slightly cooler; threatening weather; local rains; light variable winds. TUB watering trough on City Hall square will be removed to a point nearer ihe city building. A large lumber raft, the first of the leason, arrived Saturday evening and was landed just south of the Union Depot. It belongs to Mr. H. C. Priest. LOST—Between Godfrey and Alton, on Coal Branch road, a black Jsilk larasol. Finder will receive a liberal eward by leaving at this office, mw Remember the concert at the Presby-> erian church on the 25th. 14 Id RELIGIOUS— Kev. Mr. Zobel preached us first sermon at the Evangelical .hurch yesterday before a large congregation, and his discourse was high- y pleasing. He has accepted the call o the pastorate ot the church. Show cards and Samples of Boys bats and suits, to be awarded for merit in the boy's Educational contest at the end of present term, are in the •lobe Clothing show window. It will >ay to see them. It A complete line of Spring and Sunn mer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately ro- seived by H. C, G. Moritz, Third street. tf MILKMAIDS' CAUNIVAL— The carnii val will take place Friday evening, uueSd. Not only will there be a plendid exhibition drill by the young adies under tho command of Capt. C.' A. Herb, but a musical and literary )rograrnmo will be rendered. NOTICE— The committee on Streets ,nd Alleys will meet at Council Chamber, Tuesday, May 24, at one o'clock, to open bids for street work.-- ,1. E. Cop-" nnger, Chairman. • 21 2 TUB Chicago & Alton today opens a new rail and lake route to the Eastern cities' which will offer a great reduction over existing all rail routes. Tho .cut to Boston and New York from East St. ijouis amounts to 12 cents on the 100 .bs. first class freight, and other classes n proportion. The St. Louis Re.publi* can soys ; "The Wabash may be able a meet this reduction by combining with some steamboat company at Chi« oago, Toledo or Detroit, but none of the other St. Louis east bound hues can ind a way out of the dilemma into which tho Alton has thrown them." Remember the concert at the Presbyterian church on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Admission, 50 cents. A car will run lo Upper Alton after the concert. . 28 8 A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia ttre tho best cigars in the market. EXCURSIONS—Tho 'German Hunting Club gave a picnic yesterday at Scotch Jimmy's island, witha largo attendance and a pleasant time. Prof. Gosgmu'B band rendered fine music for tho occasion. The ferry boat, Altonlan, was utilized by tho club for the trip. Tho Spread Eagle and Hudson both brought up excursion parties from* St. Louis yesterday, the Hudson having a company of bicyclists on board bound for Clarksvillo. In consequence of this trip tho Hudson did not make her usual run to Grafton today, but will go down to St. LOUIB thin evening. Fon HUNT—An eligible house containing seven rooms and pun try, on Fourth street, south aide, between George .and Langdon. Inquire of 'Squire Quarton or at the promises-—A, Browne, 28 10 Money to loan on unproved farm property. For particulars, W1IIPPLK 4 SMILEY. ply 11LI UPPER At- the close of Prof. D. Wilson 1 , elocution and vocal musio classes, held in Upper Alton, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: " Resolved, that we express our highest appreciation of Prof. Wilson's insirucs lion and cordially recommend him to all who desiro thorough instruction in elocution and vocal tnusio. Spring Goods. New goods in nil shades and colors which will bo made up in suits at rea* sonablo prices. All goods nut and made by the Now York Fashion Ueviow. Wo guarantee a line lit, at Brueggeinan the Tailor's, cor. Third and Piasa sts. my!2 d6w Milkmaids, Attention 1 Bright colored goods for tho Carnival at Hangen & Fuess Dry Goods Go's. 21 2 1'EKSONAL. Mr. Ben. Hushworth, of Koodhousc, an old Altonian, is here today. Mr. C. B. Stanton arrived home from Kingman, Kansas, last evening. Miss H attic Knapp,of Jersey ville, who has been visiting Mrs. C. M; Crandall, returned home this morning. Mrs. Adison Love and Miss Rose Mack, of Kansas, are visiting the family of their brother, Mr. E. P. Mack. Rev. L. A. Abbott left this morning for Minneapolis to attend the Baptist National Anniversary meetings. Mr. J. E. Hayner returned home yesterday morning from a trip to Providence, H. I., and other eastern cities. Mr. Chas. L. Joestmg returned yesterday from a trip through Missouri and Kansas. He invested in six lots in Bluff City, Harper county, Kansas. While at Kingman he called on Messrs. Pates & Pinckard, who have, what is designated as the ' 'biggest plow works west of the Mississippi." Mr.-F. H. Rabe starts for Freeport, Ills., this evening, whore ho will open a jewelry store. He leaves a host of friends here who regret his departure. During his residence in Alton he has proved himself a thoroughly capable and reliable business man and won the confidence and esteem of all. Ho will prove a valuable acquisition both to the social and business circles of the com-, munity in which he intends to locate. To Man!ton. The Chicago & Alton R. R. will sell excursion ticket!) from and after this date, Denver.Colorado Springs, Mauitou and Pueblo, Col., at lowest rates. Choice of routes. Good for return until Oct. 81st. For full information, sleeping berths, etc., call at ticket office. 19 4 w 3 Southern Prosperity. the correspondent of the Chicago Times, Secretary Lamnr says that the apparent prosperity in the south over which such a noise has been made exists mainly in certain cities and in their immediate vicinity, and that the agricultural sections are no better off. He adds that 'Charleston, New Orleans, Savannah and Mobile have shown very little progress in popula-- tion, while Atlanta, Chattanooga, Birmingham and other cities have gained wonderfully. Crops have been large, but prices correspondingly low. In connection with this, the "Wilmington, N. C., Star recently protested against the numerous glowing accounts which have been published of late regarding southern prosperity, and it denounced the "so-called industrial iournuls" which are loudest m their praise of the; great progress being made. ' Great Chance for Bargains. Tho stock purchased of U. M. Crandall, Chinaware, Ojjeonswaro, Silver- plated ware, Glassware, Lamps, Table Cutlery, in short household goods of every variety and stylo, is being sold off at 50 cents on the dollar, until Juno 1st. 9 tf THE buildings corner of Third and Piasa streets, belonging to Mrs. Waples, are being repainted. Lawn Mowers sharpened and repaired at Boall Bros.' apll d2ra mon ' DECORATION DAY.—A meeting of the G. A, R. will bo hold this evening to make tho final arrangements for Decoration Day observance. THISTLES.—Mayor M'Plko has caused the destruction of thousands of thistles in the northern part of the oily. He says that now is the time to do the work effectually and that by cutting below tho bulb, about four inches beneath the surface of the earth, tho plaut aau be utterly exterminated. LKT everybody join hands now and moke tho Soldiers' Reunion, on tho 4th and 5th of July, a grand success. Tho mouiDoi's of tho citizens' executive committee have done nobly and are still hard at work. RALPH, tho 16 year old son of State Senator A. W. Uerggrcn, was run over by railway oars, at Galesburg, III., Friday, rvnil almost Instantly killed. BALL NOTES. (For the Telegraph.1 Siloh's out by Umpire was B questionable decision. Smith wants, and ought to have, better support behind the bat. Weiss U earnest in his work, but hardly good enough to hold him. Siloh took the boys by his phenomenal aatoh in right field In the third inning, thereby saving a run. Ferguson made a base hit, yesterday. Tho second this season. Bouchard's error in throwing to first Instead of putting a man out on third, was awkward. Oldjlold's five errors were costly. His place is. undoubtedly in out field. Changing players around promiscuous-! ly is unproductive of good playing. Ball-players, not 'proteges, are what tho patrons of the Park want. This 1s a fact that cannot be ignored. Defeat comes easy to tho crowd, now that contldcnce is lost. There will be plenty, of rest between now and the next game m Alton. The score tells its own story of yesterday's game. If the management could only concentrate itself, (like the little mouse under.tho school mistress' chair) they would hear some racy opinions racily expressed, As for me, "I'm not saying a word; am IP". TUB SCORE: AI.TOHS H III T A B Well), C....1 9 8 10 Oldtlold, 9 o o IS Smith, p...2 8 1 10 1 Bouoh'd 3b 1 2 1 s I Uarry/.2b...O 2341 Green lb...l 2 11 00 Sllob rf 1 1101 \Vebor,lf.;..l 1100 Forg'son.cfl 1 1 « l Total..,i9 10 2721 10 itAX\w:r,LS B IB r JL B Oahtltb.,.,2 t 7 i 1 Oasoy 8.8...0 3120 Land, C....1 2341 Duiran,p..,l 1060 Stapp, 3b..O 2 1 20 Stokes, H...2 012* Patron, of ...1 1.000 Qlbbons.lbl 1 1.1 02 Farrol, rf.,8 o 0 01 Total....11 1220* 20 « •Sllch declared out. I)V IKNINOD. 1234(6789 A! ton 8 0 0000*324-9 Maxwells 0 0100501 4—11 Earned runs—Alton's, 3. Two base hits-Oldfield, 1; Smith, 1: Bouchard, 1. Total bases—Altons, 19 {Maxwells, 12. Bases on balls—Barry, 1; Smith, 1; Cahil, 1; Casey, 2; Stapp, 1: Pairen, 1. Struck out—By smith, 9; Dugan, 2. Passed balls—Land. 1; Weis, 2. Wild pitches—Smith, 2. Double plays — Stokes, Stapp and Cahil, Land and Gibbons. Time—1 hour, 50 minutes. Umpire—Conley. DAN. TUG SOLIHEUS' REUNION. Additional subscriptions are as foH lows: MISCELLANEOUS. Oh as. Fhlnney $2500 St. Louis & Central Illinois 11. R. Oo 10 00 Peoly & Son woe Eagle Packet Oo 1900 M. U. Banogh 000 I, & St. L. B. B: 600 Total 7000 I.SMUKH. M. n. Boals S1000 J.Q.Qulgloy 100 I--' Andrew Alt 60 J.L.Voals 200 JolmStowart 100 John Herman 60 H. Lutz.... 100 L. Glnter BOO H. Whceloek 300 Total 2480 OABPBMTKIU AND CONTHAC'TORS. E. Hugo |100 1^-- W.L.Rlunk T joo John Berg 2 00 Total 4M PHYSICIANS. Dr. Davis $16 to Dr.Garvln S 00 Total 1800 Harry Johnston, two loads of Ice. A. Ahrens, 200 loares of bread. L--' Win. Keith agrees to bake all the meats. The committee wish to state that the newspaper offices make their subscriptions by free publication of suuh articles and advertising as the managers ot the reunion think will aiir them in their work. Advice to Hotuers. Mrs. Wiuslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is the prescrption of one of the best female nurses and physicians in the United Slates, and has been used for forty years with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During tho process of toothing its value is incalculable. It relieves tho child from pain, cures dysentery and diarrhoea, griping in the bowels, and wind-colic. By giving health to the child it rests the mother Price 2&o a bottle ia!5 mwf wk Concert. The following programme will be rendered at tho Presbyterian church on Wednesday evening: Organ Belo. Songs — "Her 1'loturo," (Schubert), -'The Dally Question," Miss Jessie Topping. Violin—"Kleglo" with bpohr's Introduction, (U. W. Ernst), (Mr. B. H. Wortmau. Oavutlna — "Bel KagKlo," (Uosslnl) from "SemtviuiiWo," Urn. <3oor|{la Loe-Gunnlug- ham. Vlano , Solo— WulU Ouprlco (Kubenstotn), Mrs. 11. E. Mills.' Song-Aria In St. Paul, (Mendelssohn). Mr. W. L. Tarbot. Violin and Fluuo—La Rune, (Oontermanu), adagio urn non troppo: Allegro appasslouata i andante uautabllo, Mr. Wortmann and Miss Ooio. "Tho Auuollo Salutation" (Gounod) Mrs. Georgia Loo-Ounnlngliani, violin obligate by Mr. Wortmann. Piano Duett— Overture, "1'otor Soliraoll," (Weber) Misses Merchant aud Lathy, FOB SALE. The residence of 0. if. Oraudall, containing eight rooms, gun, water and numerous closets, with largo yard and goat! woodshed. Apply at residence, aouth sldo Sooond at., noar Hotel Mudlson, oraddrois box 122. roylO dwtf TAROID PILES, W"t RHEUM and all akin diseases. A new method of «m>- uouudinu Tur, A cure guttrHiiteud, or i'\onoy hifuiidou. Bolil i)y uniralBtB. uim at tho olllou uf VftK n.K r*f\ *<• • tUMMlMl •¥ MUlflknn l*_1«_t *1 VUUUIUU *»•<« « VWIW MWW.W.II'UWM, ufumlmr. Bnlil by IlniralBtB. uim att iR-OID CO.,It IMSWfHlT. tHICMW. Our Line is Complete Buy Early. Use the Fresh, Pure, Home-made Ex. tracts of Lemon and Vanilla MADE AT Marsh's Drug Store, —GO TO— SEELY & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture IFrames, Brackets, Base Balls and Eats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the nlace: THIRD STREET, - - OPP. BELLE. GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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