Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 23, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL., MONDAY EVENING, MAY 23, 1887. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE LIST OF BARGAINS NUMBER 303. -ATC, A, Schlueter's Agency, lTOMni? 1 «8 r « ! f 101 "inso&-100 acres. 88 In oul- at a Uarittln. »°rtlioast of FosterburB „ £P, r r '""a-Flvo-vooin brick house, story and '-• nAn&i 00r i nor E 'B««i and Meohaiilo B{root rifnt Ia 8ttln> Good •l )r °P° rt y to 6 "'""Oni n8w house, wltti collar, cistern °' Lot 6 ° by 110 ° U 9th and For sale—one 8-room house anyone 8-room pjiousp, nth and Market sts. Lot 60 by 110; 'good cistern und coal house, at a Imrgatn. i, For sale—16 acres In North Alton with good i orchard, barn and plenty ol water. , For sale—BOO acres improved farm with Rood house and stables .In Woodson county, t, Kansas. B. R. runs across from Fort Scott to t j Wichita, 6 miles from county seat, - Forsale—70 aorns partly bottom land, 1m- { proved farm, near Dorsoy, with plenty of f good buildings on samo. K For sale—10 'pieces of valuable property Lwlth good houses, In this city. ' * f For sale or exchange—A nice little cottage Vln. Bothalto, with'plenty of ground, stable | and Bood water on premises. r For sale or exchange—Two sections of.'lt.K. s timber land In 8e, Missouri, 160 miles from St. • Louis on the Iron Mountain H. It., at .abar « gain •>•'••• . . . . . For sale, or exchange, 8 acres of ground! on Mayoi-.Oopplnger's on the , ; Main it., adjoining For 8iUoorexohanc[o-5 sections of prairie land in .Orooket county. Texas, "Will Boll aheap. Suitable for any tanning purposes. Throe acres adjoining pr.Boberts on north. Five lots on Dry st.,,adJoliilng.Thomas Biggins' residence on the east. "•"»<>«'« One and a half lots In Hawley's addition. One and a half lota In Sholly's addition. Any of the above property can be bought I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffoky W Y.', one of the best companies in the U. S. And other good Companies in j, addition. ':4.'-:{. • : A. SCHLUETER, in my New Building on Second street. .. • . - .. . tnchMdw . in Turrant's SolUor you bohold A certain cure for young and old [ For Constipation will And.Indlgostlou quickly Blok Headache, too, will 1 • soon subside. When Tarrant'a Soltier bos been tried. H onest Help for Men, Fay No More Money to Quacks! r will send you a NEW SELif-OmiE, dlsoover- Led after 80 years' experimenting, which MBVBB PAILS and COSTS YOU Ausou/TBrA- 'JOTHINO until cured. Address UBNET SPBAUL, box 465, Milwaukee. Wls. myUdiw JOSEPH J AWKETT'S LIVERY STABLE! FRONT STBEET, BKTWEBN ALBY AND KA8TON. iiiTOl- • . • ' . ILUNOl mvldJv FAKE ADVANTAGE OF TEFE BOOM. Parties Intending to buy Heal Estate in the city ol Alton or Tlolnlty will find It to their Interest to call,at the onlceof Rudersbausen A Sonntag and examine their list of properties for sale as only a part thereof Is advertised.- apSdwtt The First Sign Of failing health, whether In the form of Night Sweats and Nervousness, or in a souse ot General Weariness and Loss of Appetite, should suggest j.tho use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This preparation Is most effective for giving tone and strength to the enfeebled system, pro- inotlng the digestion and assimilation of food, restoring the nervous forces to their normal condition, and for purifying, enriching, and vitalizing the blood. Failjng Health. Ten years ago my health began to fail. I was troubled with a distressing Cough, Night Sweats, Weakness, and Nervousness. I tried, various remedies prescribed by different physicians, but became so weak that I could cot go up stain •without stopping to rest. My friends recommended me to try Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which I did, and I am now ns healthy and strong as ever.—Mrs. B. t. William*, Alexandria, Minn, I have used Ayer's Sarsaparilla, in my family, for Scrofula, and know, If it in taken faithfully, that It will thoroughly eradicate, this terrible disease. I have also prescribed it as a tonic, as well as an alterative, and must Hay that I honestly believe It to bo the best blood medicine evorcoiupounded.—W. V. Fowler, M. I)., D, D. 8,, Greenville, Teiin. Dyspepsia Cured. It would be iiiinossiblo (or mo to describe what I suffered from Indigestion and Headache up to the time I began taking Ayor's fiarsaparllla. I was under the care of various physicians, and tried a great many kin do of medicines, but never obtained more than temporary relief. Alter taking Ayer's Sursapiirllla for a short time, my headache disappeared, and my stomach performed its duties • more perfectly. To-day my health is completely restored. — Mary Harloy, Springfield, Moss. I have boon greatly benefited by tho prompt use of Ayor s Sarsaparilla. It tonos and invigorates the system, regulates the action ot the digestive and assimilative organs, and vitalizes the blood. It is, without doubt, the most reliable blood purifier yet discovered, — H. D. Jolmsou, 888 Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, N. V.I • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, r. J. 0. Ayer k Co., Lowell, )(MI, Price 811 nix uuttlim, »B, THK OBBAX UNFAILING SPECIFIC FOR Liver Disease SYMPTOMS' Bitter or bad taste In the °* - . ', mouth ! tongue coated white or covered with a brown nir- nnin in {he back,isldcn, or jolntS-oftOT m,^a^onlo?- Khouinatlum j sour stomach, loss of anpotlto; sometimes nausea.watorbrash.or Indigestion: flatulency ana acid omotutions; bowels alternately costive and lax: headaclm' 1n«a of "p.mpry, with a painful Sonsution °{ having failed to dosomothmg which ought to lmvo boon done; debility; low spirits: a thick yellow appearance of the sfclnand eye"- n «^tl U ?. 1! i f a i v f ri , ros «08S'ioss; tho urine Is «™rt r ,i U 1 . 1 'B llo ° I °';od, and, If allowed to stand, douoslts a sediment. Simmons Liver Regulator U'aHKMr VKOKTAI1LK) LATKST NEWS. .. ,o arouse tho SitViorTlntt.Tofflo'acy'o^'thc 011 ' " ttCtS wlth f IVEB, JL( KIDNEYS, and BOWELS. • AN JSFJfEGTirAl, 81'EOIFIO FOB' Malurla. Dyspopsla, Constipation, UUloiuness, Sick Hendauho, Jaundice, Nnusen, oollo, Mental Depression, Bowel Complaints, KU)., .Etc., lite. Endorsed by tho use of seven millions ot bottles, as The Best Family Medicine for Children, for Adults, and for the Aged. Safe to take In any condition of the system! J. H. Zeilln & Co., Fhlla, Pa Solo proprietors. Price $1, my20 mwf wkly THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT of Cooking Stoves ever brought to Alton. IJCOK'S BRILLIANT the BEST GASOLINE STOVE! m the market, saves time, labor and- money. The favorite summer stove with al! ihouso- keepers. All sizes. Call and examine. I am also prepared to do Roofing, Guttering,Spoutingand all kinds of Tin Work, at reasonable prices. A. J. DEGENHARDT, 538 BAST SKCOz D STREET, FIFTH DOOK WEST GF BENBY. ap30awly W. V, ENSINGER, Plain and Decorative ftp iLl WORK I'EOMPTLY ATTKNDED TO AT LOWEST TKUM8. OJfFICK AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA AJ.TON. . . . ELI, BEAli ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, -BY- Rudersnausen & Sonntag, For Sale. A convenient and pleasant homo at a roa- onable figure, being a two-story frame house a Eighth street, near Henry. for Sale. A choice farm of 320 acres, with first class improvements, situated 2M miles .east ol lirunnwlok. Ohorlton co., Mo. For Hale. A one-story frame dwelling house In good ondltion. In Topping's addition to Allon. For Sale Cheap The residence of Oapt. W. V. oble; two toriesand mansardroof| 12 room.. 4 halls, losots, collars, etc.: 8 acres ol gronn Most •loslrublo property in the city, F*r Hale. Ibuoorasof land near olty limits, Sw.o ., wqstory brick and frame dwol, ru nouso loth situated on the east • o .jcato street between 6th and 7th ^ttoots- so the brick ilook ol starts on Sooon utreet, between lemv and Bldge street nown as Hunter's x>w. For Sola. .. •uiaU frame <" i^lng house within n no locks of the d it lor $375, IBOaores. fgooatarminKlana, another ractol 800 acres, both unlmprcvod Situate n Won co., Kansrts, at »10 and na per acre aspootively—one-third oash.balikuoo on time. For Sato. A laiTn of 140 acres on bottom land, all In ultlvatlon, near Madison, In this county. A ood two-story frame dwelling house on It. •rice $3,000 For Sale. A ohoico farm ot 120' aoros, situate 1 mile outli of Shlpman, Muoouplu county, 111., at low ilguro. • tfct; A farm, consisting of 110 acres of good laud ttuatu within t miles of Upjiar Alton, sultu • bio for dairy purposes. Cheap. Pater\ts. I'o ny persona wishing to obtain lotto: patent on now Inventions, luiprovouionts o loslgna, I will execute drawings and apeolfl ontlouo and moke application* for Patents All consultation, In person or by l«tt« , freo I'FEIFFENBEHGKH, Alton, HI. Seiialor Cockroll is to build a (!ne residence in Washington. Robert Leo was lulled by Missouri Pacific cars at Nevada, Mo., ycsterj day. Tho president has again given assurances of his intention to visit the West. Mrs. Grant has received in ^all 8394,458 from the publishers of her husband's book. The steamer Gallic has arrived at San Francisco with a cargo of Chinese small-pox. The Mayor of Kansas City vetoed an ordinance making eight hours a day's work for city employes. The United States Supreme Ccurt is expected to render its decisions in the telephone 'cases this week. . Wm. Wright, abrakeman, was run over by a locomotive at Ossawa- tomic, Kas., and had both legs cut off. Four arrests were made nea.r Luling, Tex., of parties charged with complicity in the recent train rob- beay. The President Saturday issued his order changing and consolidating the revenue districts, effecting a reduction of 22 districts in all. A Dakota man opened correspondence with an Eastern girl and th^n fled when she came on to marry him. Dakota has no business in the Union yet if that is the way her citizens behave. Just a month ago Jennie Bowman, a Louisville domestic, was hammered to death in her master's house by two ruffians. Yesterday the second of tho murderers was found guilty and sentenced to be hanged, and he will probably be executed on July 1, the date set for drawing to a close the career of his partner. This may look a little like railroading, but the majority of people will be pleased to, think that there is one part of the country at least where a murderer is: not liable to die of old age before he is made to suffer for his crime. It has been evident from the first that the opponents of the Irish coercion bill in the English Parliament were only wasting breath to argue against it. The party in power is determined the bill shall pass, and pass it will, because they have the voting strength to carry it; But the fight against it is stubborn and bitter, and will be so to the end. Mr. Gladstone has given notice that he will oppose it to the utmost of his power: at every step of its progress, and he will be loyally supported by all the Irish members and by a great mass of public sentiment in England. The prospective operation of such an unjust and Oppressive law is already having its effect upon the Irish people, and has started an enormous tide of emigration to this country. Threatened With Drouth. ELOIN, 111., May 21.—Two hundred farmers drive into Elgin each day with milk from all directions. They assert it to be the dryest season ever known in this section. Pastures are about exhausted, and meadows have not started well. Rye is being plowed and replaced with corn. The 150 farmers who come into Dundee report a simular state of affairs. Unless rain falls within a week farmers will be obliged to fodder. Soon Hare Died. Burks Medicine Co., Qulney, 111: ' GENTS—I want to tell you what your White Pino;Balaam has done for me, I had a cough for three long months, contracted while in Loatlvillo, about Aug. 19. I had doctored '.constantly. I was ao bad I could not He down at night. I would just as soon have died as to live in that condition. I took one bottle of your Balsam and am entirely cured. Have not oven coughed for four days. Yours truly, * MKS. S. J. BARRACK. LITTLE APRICOTS. There is nothing so positive in its action m treatment of deranged liver, biliousness, heartburn, nervous and sick headache, as Little Apricot Pills, easy to take as sugar, so small, so pleasant. Try thorn. It Is no wonder that people complain of hard times when they pay a doctor bill every few months, amounting to several dollars, Instead of keeping on hand some reliable medicine like Burks' White Pino Balsam (that would cost them but 60o, and perhaps cure throe or four colds. Sold by K. Marsh. BUKKS' WHITE PflsE BALSAM. It will be found equally eflloaoious in oolda and coughs of long standing, relieving tho distress and restoring the throat to its normal state. For sale by 1C. Marsh, Alton, III. myldwlm In chronic diseases, modloinos should bo restoring, nnd not debilitating, in tholr action. Tuo wondertul stronathr> enlug and curative effects, realized from tho use ofJAyor'a Sarsapnnllla, sustain tho reputation of Ihlu remedy as tho must popular blood purifier, dwlw CURIOUS PHENOMENA. One of tlic men Mtruck by light nlng last Sunday shavvs Evl donees of being- Surcltarg- 6d with Electricity. ST. Louis, May 22.—Itclnhol .Passler, the young man struck b lightning last Sunday afternoon the rear of 4119 Morgan (street, still suffering from his expertenc with the electrical current. Who his companion, Bernard Hoehn, wa killed by the bolt, Passler fell at hi side in an unconscious condition. H recovered in a"few minutes and fe that he.\yas partially paralyzed. II was taken to his boarding house 2320 l-2|\Vash street, where in th course of a day of two he apparent! recovered. He attended the fuhera of his unfortunate companion, wh was buried in tho early part of th week at .Alton. While in the cem etery Passler was overcome by series of spasms, which lasted ove an hour. During the spasmed! twitehings of his muscles every per son who touched his hands was give an electric shock. Since then he ha had several attacks of the kind, large red spot on his left leg show where the current entered his body Since he was overcome by the bol of lightning he has felt the electric] ty in his system on several occasions the current passing from his head tc his feet and vice versa. Those wh have visited. Passler state that Ihf received a shock on taking hold o his hands, and that his case is real); an extraordinary one. He is stil suffering from a pain in his back an limbs and will not be able to go t work for some time. Steamer Collision. NEW YOUR', May 22—The steam' ship Britannic of the WhitejStar Line which left New York for Liverpoo on Wednesday laat, ran into the steamship Celtic, of the same line bound for New York, on Thursday morning during a dense fog, off Nantucket. The Celtic was struck jus' abaft and damaged.The Britannic hov ever, sustained even greater injur; and was obliged to turn back t.o th port, arriving off the bar with the Celtic about noon to-day. The cap tains of both vessels were on thl lookout for other vessels and ice bergs at the time of the collision, the fog being unusually heavy. Fou: grown persons and a little girl, al steerage'passengers on the Britani.'ic were killed, and seven persons in jured. MAKES Shorter Hours PEARU'NE FnrWmn,,,, the botand aafoatWash- Ing Oomponnd known, Peed As Dirantnil It prodnoea better results with a greater laving of Time and Labor In Washing and Honae- cleaning! than anything yet Invented. Waih yonrDlihea, (Hut- ware,WlndowB, Ourtalni, Jewelry, Silver, In faot everything, with it, Try It in the Bath,and note, Ita Superiority over Soap BewaroofImltatlous. The Genuine alwny, bean the atwvo Symbol und immo of JAfltHS 1>YI,K laW® PEARLINEDIDIT Now York. v WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tlioie Wiubboardi are made with a Bout Wood rim. The Strtmg- eit bonrja and best iruheri in the wurld. For aalo by all dealers. Take no otlior. SAGIJVAW MT'O CO., NfifrluiiWn Michigan. •With olitliugr Detachable Spring's. BST Better than 'Whalebone or Horu,jjil and gfiiarfintced never to break.. Price, $1.35. For sale by leading wholesale nod rotftU oiub- MAYER, 8TROU8E &CO. 413 Broadway, N. Y., Mnnufacturqrs, For Kent, Two-ntory IIOUBU and good utublu on Coin- won vtroet. Qood fruit. \VIIU'n,l£ A 8UU.ltY. MAY 1, 1887. Ingrain Carpets from 25c to SBcper yard, ;Tapestry Brussels from 50c to $1 per yard, Body Brussels from 90c to $1,25 per yard, Oil Cloths from 20c to 90c oer yard, India Mattings from I5c to 55c per yard, We have No Old Stock I No Job Lots! All New and Clean! Uphblstery Goods aiid Upholstering done. Agent for Awnings. Cash prices! I will gladly duplicate St.?Lonls prices. Call at FOR THE BEST IN THEWOELD. AGENTS FOE THE Go's WARRANTED i TOR FIVE TEARS. THE CELEBRATED v Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Co?s Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. ni EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS^ :Heaaquar ters for EUPION and CARMINE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL OILS; STOCK, WELL and CISTERN POMPS; fine line of COOKING STOVES; the DANGLER und PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our $1(3 'BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING^ MACHINES, $30. We keep the : BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered to any part of the city. ...El Cor. 3d iarid State sts., -ALTON, ILL. THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS JFIEiiED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BRMCH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30. J H BOOTH THE BE j. o. ouuin, raylBdwly SUBSCRIBE FOR THE ALTON E?E. fflEGRAPH.lOc OTfiflt By mail or delivered, Only Republican Daily in Madison county J. SUITER & SON, DBAWCHS UH FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Full and Complete Stock AJ- waya OH Hand. 50 NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUlt FUUNITUIUS liOOMS AUK ON late Street, ropp, Third, ALTON,! ILL. ' ipSdwlV E. J. PENIFOLD, Prop. PIASA STBEET, Between Second and Third, Alton, 111. MOST CONVENIENT 1HNINCI ROOM IN TUH CITY. GOOD TAltLK AND KKA- 80NAUJ.K 11ATHJ8, OAI.L AND 1IK OONVINOKD. mytdwSui *.4rtl / U t« I >.< v

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