Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 21, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1887
Page 2
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ALTOH DAILY TELB7TUPBL BT W. T. NORTON, Cor, Third and Plain Str«eM, Alton, 111. SATURDAY EVK., MAY 21, BLACK'S unswsr to ' the long and.abort haul enigma, which the railroad sphinx pnts so persistently to the public, is to make a-fixed rate per ton per mile and to add to this tariff Hind terminal charges. With this amendment the long and short haul provision of the Inter State commerce law ought to stand. But the railroads don't want this. They want to make low rates to competing; points, which Include all the large cities and the river town?, and to make up their losses by skinning the shippers at small stations and non- competing points, This system of favoritism has built up the large cities of the land at the expense of country towns. THB Confederate General Rosser turns up at this late day and makes bitter complaint that Gen. Sheridan did not make rose water war m the shenan- doah valley but that he.on the contrary, burned barns, forage and rebel sup> plies. This reminds u* of the old Virginian spoken of in ono of Orpheus C. Kerr's letters who went to a Union commander and made complaint thai some soldiers had taken some custard pies which his wife bad placed in the door yard to cool, thus going contrary to the teachings of the Declaration of Independence, When asked to explain how the provisions of that immortal instrument were violated by the foraging soldiers the Bourbon responded: ! 'The Declaration guarantees to all life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and custard pies are included in the pursuit of happiness." MISSING LINKS. THE BCl'EimSOKS. Proceedings ot the County Board. On motion the report of the committee was adopted. The following bills were read and referred to the fauper committee: IlllnoU Southern Hospital for ln«ano ?17045 Institution for the Peat and Dumb 6B 78 llllnolB Central Hospital for Insane 7 uo Christian Ardousor Geo Sohictttngor Mrs DoinmorshniiBcu City o! Alton City of Alton Git Crane JohnSbeohan, Long & Flynn, Mnry Lenten, Eastern hospital for Insane, Chas Hack, Geo Zoelzor, Tunnell Bros, Tunnell Bros, John Uobson, 8t Joseph Hospital, 8t Joseph Hospital, 8t Joseph Hospital, Henry Mueller, 0 Ktnne A Co, E Domolln, G Grlobol, J 0 Waggoner, A II Hastings, John Hoffmann, Frank McOarnbrltlno, Oonrad Uath, Conrad Rath, Henry Belneman, Henry Holneman, 475 71)0 2 00 5 25 1380 1090 MOO 350 800 27 W) 60 IIS 200 4 0* 18S 1925 Ifiil 300 MO 1020 BOO 400 400 28 W 2000 1259 2600 3400 10 OJ 1001 IB 20 32.1 There are 190 college papers in this country. Clocked stockings arc fashionable for children. The pink shirt will con ti nuts to 1)0 a favorite with the swells of tender years. Governor Beavor, of Pennsylvania, rides on a railroad pass within the limits of his own state. Sending orange blossoms in tin boxes from Florida to friends in tho North is quite the fashion. Another eminent society ludy of New York is preparing to follow Mrs. James Brown Potter's example. Prince Montlourt, who died recently, left the whole of his fortune, estimated at £2,500,000, to the Quoen of Italy. A Mexican has boon selling to the unwary at Son Joso (Cal.) nuggets of tinfoil, representing them to uo of silver. Phillips Brooks considers Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln and Henry Ward Beechor tho three greatest Americans of tho century, The Concord philosophers will this year devote themselves to a consideration of Aristotle and his philosophy in relation, to modern'thought. Two Oil City idiots had a cigarette- smoking match the other day, and the winner consumed lifty cigarettes in an hour to tho loser's forty-live. Mrs. Noah, tho onco famous uctross, is still living in Buffalo at tho age of 80. With that name and those years what an attraction she would be in the ballot! , Lord luqn.Bd.alo is reported in financial hot water in consequence of his 111-advisod dramatic vonturo in bringing the Cameron and her company to this country. Luck Baldwin is building a hotel near Los Angeles, Cal., which will cost $600,000. If the excursionists holjl out they are expected to pay for it in ouo year. Tho ladies of Manassas, Vfl., have formed a memorial association for the purpose of putting a stone wall around the Confederate Cemetery ou the historic hills near Bull Run. Charles Wai to, ono of tho Now York boodle Aldermen, used to tip the beam at 260 pounds. Now ho weighs loss than 176. His prosecution has made quite a lightweight of him. Miss Paulino Morton has boon appointed ono of tho city physicians of Rochester, N. Y.—tho first Instance of the kind in tho State. Shu has a high reputation in her profession. William R. Travors, tho late stammering wit of Now York, loft un estate estimated to bo worth nearly $4,000,000, all of which ho bequeathed to his widow and nine children. Sam Jones having returned to Cincinnati, 2'/te Commercial Gazette welcomes him as "a hurricane of righteousness, a tornado of truth, and a blizzard of sanctimonious sarcasm." An old-time Montana freighter, and for many years in charge of one of tho largest bull trains In tho Northwest, says it is a fact that during a hard winter living uattlo will oat the dead ones, lie hits soon thorn many times. Queen Ranaylonmi III. of Madagascar is'a bravo young wointiu, only 25 years of ago, and is said to bo a sincere Chrlsuaii. About -100,000 of her people also profess the Christian religion. I?. M. Davis, known iu tho Canir d'Alenes as "Dream Davis," who found Dream Ouluh in iv vision uiul cleaned. up |10,000, lias spoilt all his wealth and committed miioido at Los Angulus, Cul. Au ordinance was recently passed by the Sun Jose, Cal., council declaring Chinatown a nuisance, and directing thu ully attorney to tuko stops, "legal or otherwise, to have it removed unit nhuloil. Duniel Miller, who roeently died in Choqunrt Township, Iowa, at the age of, 102 yours and oight months, was the father of ten ehildren, tho grandfather of Hevunty-ouo, tho great-grandfather ot 164, and the great-great-grandfather ot tlucue, St Joseph Hospital, F u llaclis, H A BetM, Thoo Lohno, Paul & Blorbnum, •/, U Parker, John Pierce, John Pierce, '/i II Parker, Clifford * Blake, J U Howard, B L Dorsey, John Mitchell, John Mitchell, Obos Herb, W Jllldebrand, Levl Nutt, Henry Muss, Jacob Fahrlg, Phil Thornton, JLHouves, J A Olive, J lloulangcr, J Boulunxer, T J Judy, 1> Sollgnmn, l> Soligmun, F Auwoter, James Murphy, Gammon & Droll, E Y Jarvis, Lloblcr&Lamb, ( Highland Brewing company, John Deimllng, Dr Halliburton, Mike Scbluzan, this Board i in 2100 2(180 .10611 6000 10 «0 sew 6300 27 BO 110(1 4031 200 10 OS 11 00 21 00 1800 1400 7600 8(160 H-18 I 00 790 820 600 700 U0',l 1300 600 1000 SOS 600 ! 1400 18 10 2140 760 ad- at 9 A motion that when journs it will be until tomorrow o'clock a. m., which motion was adopted. The following bills were read and referred to the committee on Public Buildings: O B Orane, Jail Will Kirkpatriok.-Jan. G 0 Lusk, court house, WondorlyA Co., court house, Ja.3 Willis, court boose, Long ft Flynn, court bonne, W ifOotter, Jail, Long & Flynn, Jail, Frank Stlllwoll Jail,, Jam OB Thornton, O W F Lnnge, Henry Daubo, John Keller, N S Gay, F McOambridge, TJ Irish. PJ Moiling. Wm MoKittrlok, bills were. WOKoown. BOBonnor, nobt Friday, I.AItciil, JosKlolsner. A J Trnuornlebt, Harrison Barco, IIKTodd, Thos Reynolds, John unsmlngur, John Olas*, T W MoOunc, Arthur Lowe, Peter Watts, M 8 Oubborly, John H Glass, J B Bosom worth, J U Graf, K Crawford, V Oswald, G W Kinder, F McOambrldge, Goo W Kinder, WOKoown, The following referred to the committee on Brown, 1'ottibono & 00, J S Hoornor, 0 BocBChensteln, A 1, B«M?n, Alton Democrat, Orossman Bros, Oroffsmaii Uros, Orossmun Bros, K A Ilnrko. Alton Sentinel, W A Bode, Q D Uarnhard, W N imnrors, Orosanmn Bros, p. J. Mellmg, Coroner, makes the following report, towit; HKNRV RINIKEB, ESQ., County Clerk: Sir:—The following is a report of the inquests held by mo, since my report of Jan.l, 1887: 1887. Jan. 29—Joseph Harti, ilighland; congestion of the lungs. Feb. 4—Charles Jones, Alton, drowning. Feb. 20—Rossana Wagner, Alton; apoplexy. March 1—Peter Maloney, Edwardsville; excessive use of alcohol. March 2—N. P. Ballard, Bothalto; drowning. March 4—August Sohlef, Nivmcoki; drowning. March 13—Rose Love, Godfrey; un« known. March 21—Julia Tunstell, Edwords- ville; unknown. Respectfully, P. J. WELLING, Coroner, Madison County, 111. On motion, Board adjourned until nine o'clock to morrow morning. " " I $ B 7* 7 40 »8o 1000 1080 9 00 4 0« 18781 4 40 « 70 9500 100 0(1 1000 16 00 1000 12 BO 1000 2 CO , 17 (!• 260 3S 00 B 00 IS M> M 00 (17 SO 6600 4600 1000 20 07 440 400 810 »70 read and Printing: $ 300 160* ' 1725 JO 70 2240 2076 21185 3600 485 2260 •J205 1876 1076 2035 BROWN'S IRON BITTERS WILL CURE HEADACHE INDIGESTION' BILIOUSNESS DYSPEPSIA NERVOUS PROSTRATION MALARIA CHILLS AND FEVERS TIRED FEELING GENERAL DEBILITY PAIN IN THE BACK AND SIDES IMPURE BLOOD CONSTIPATION FEMALE INFIRMITIES RHEUMATISM NEURALGIA KIDNEY AND LIVER TROUBLES FOR SALE £Y ALL DRUGGISTS The Genuine hns Trade-Mark and cr-.ucd'Red Lines on wrapper. TAKE NO OTHER. I! 20 a 80 3 US 0 68 48 00 1 25 102 01) 11 50 11 76 70 20 SB 75 0 45 65 3 25 12 45 5 00 4 65 6 00 Hugh Kirkpatribk, court house, Jacob Pfeltfer, court house, FrankMtouzel, courthouse, Tunnell Bros., court house, Trares a, Keller, Jail, Trares & Keller, court house, T U Long, court bouse, A Hoffmann, court hou«o, U Btokoltiuupt, court bouse, The followina; bills were read and referred to the Poor Farm Committee: 0 nthe » n 70 O B Crane, G, a Orauo, uoo llotz & Co., Aug S. Helsel, Traros & Keller, G1) Orane, The following bills were read 30 85 17 80 4 25 2 50 9 95 825 and KASKINE (THE iSTEW QUININE.) No bad effect * No headache No nausea, NO ringing ears. Pleasant;r r referred to the Committee on Transportation an.d FhYrtetans' bills: * 2 90 8 00 4 60 6 CO 496 52 00 4095 75 3 25 ;t 00 B fit 2 85 8 50 11 55 B 95 3 65 12 CU 20 70 .'15 00 1 60 4 20 l)r E Blorwcno, Olin.8 Vaughan, John Holdorread, G F Crowe, John Weaver, K A Burke, J U Armstrong Jobn Keller, Louis Latter, 10 J Penning, A H Huntings, G F UoNulty, Wm Berry, Wra Berry, fo: F MoOambvldge, Jon Quarton, Win Olive, Dr Hulllburton, FM Pierce, 0 Sobutt, U11 Johnson, F UoOumbrldgo, Oil us Oatman, o 40 12 50 The following bills wore road and referred to the Committee on Fees and Salaries: EAGLJS PACKET COMPANY. SPUING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer U. LKYIIB. Master. On and alter Monday, Fob. 11, the Spread Eagle will run as follows, vizi . •• ' A IPOWEBFUL TONIC, tuat tbe moat dolioate etomnoH will bear. A SPJBClPIC FOB MALARIA, BHEUJVIATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases FOIl COLDS KfcSKINE HAS BEEN POUND TO IfU ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine . Bellevue Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally successful." Mr. F. A. Miller, 630 East 107th street, N. Y., was cured bv iKaskino of extreme malarial prostration after seven years suffering. Ho bad ran down from 178 pounds to 97, began on Kasklnoin June, 1888, wont to work in ono month, roBainodlbU full weight In 0 months. Quinine did him uo good whatever. Mr. Charles Baxter, architect, 133 E. 120th St. N. Y., was cured by Kasklne of dumb ague in 3 months after quinine treatment for 10 years. Mrs. J. Lawson, HI Bergen at., Brookly was cured of malaria and nervous dyspepsia of many yoarsssandlng by Kaskine, the quinine treatment having wholly failed. Hov. JaB. L. Uall.Obaplaln Albany Penitentiary .writes that Kaskme bos cured bis wife, after twenty .years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor particulars. Letters from tho above persons, giving full details, will be sent on application. „ Kasklnu can be taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., U Warren St., New fork _ mylidwlm Trustee's Sale Whereas,Edward Hollister and Martha II. Itolllstor, by tholr certain deed of trust, boar- ing date, tho 23d day of May, A. D., 1878, and recorded in the Recorder's oflico in Edwards- villo, county of Madison, State of Illinois, in book I 111, pages Z2, '23 and '24, convoyed to Hem'y O. Billings, Trustee, and the Shnrtil of Madison county, as his successor, in trust, the following described real estate, in the county of Madison and State of Illinois: The south half IKI of the northeast quarter [Kl of section four W, containing eighty [80] acres, and a portion of tho north holt [Klqt the northeast quarter r#l of section four [41, containg twenty L 20|acros, more or loss, all of said tracts of land being situated in town • sMpflvo 161, north of range ten 110], west. Snld party, hereby intending to convoy all land owned by them in auid section four 141, which said deed of trust was made to secure one certain principal note, for tho sum of three thousand ($3,000) dollars and due In two years after the date thereof and to boar interest after maturity, at the rate of eight per cent per iinnnm; also four I'll Interest notes for the sum of ono Hundred und twenty f$1201 dollars each, and due In six, twelve, eighteen nnd twenty-four months after the date thereat, arid bearing interest after maturity, at tho rate of oignt per cent per an num. All of said notes being dated May 23, A. B., 1878, and all of said'notes being executed, by said Edward aolllster and payable to tho order ,of B. S. Hillings. And whereas it was provided, In said ueou of Trust, that if default should ho made in the payment of said notes, or either of them, or the interest accruing thereon, according to the terms thereof; then in that event the said trustee is empowered and authorized at once to advertise and sell said real estate. And whereas default has boon made in tho payment of said principal note of three thousand r$3.000] dollars and the interest thereon, and there will be due, on the day of sale, the sum of three thousand seven hundred and live and forty-four one hundreds ($3,705.441 dollars, as principal and interest. And whereas it wuj provided in suld Deed of Trust thut if the said Henry O, Billings or u-uatee, therein mentioned should fall, refuse or bo unable to execute this trust, then in that cuso tho Sheriff is inn de and appointed his successor In trust, with all the rights, powers, duties and trusts of said Henry O. Billings as therein sot forth, and whereas the said Henry O. Billings is unable to execute this trust on account of his absence from the State of Illinois. Therefore, 1, tho undersigned, Sheriff of Madison county, at the request of tho legal holder of said note, B. S. Billings, public notice is hereby given that In pursuance of the provision of said Deed of Trust, and by virtue of the powers therein conferred, the undersigned will, on the TWENTIETH BAY OF JUNE, A. D. 1887, at tho hour of ten (10) o'clock u. m. of said day, at the north front door of the Olty Hall, in the olty of Alton, county of Madison and State of Illinois, offer forlsalo nnd sell at public vondue to tho highObt bidder for cash, the above described real estate, to pay and satisfy said note and deed of trust, together with tho costs and expenses ot executing this trust, and compensation to the trustee for his services. Said sale to be niddo without redemption. Emily G. Lefavonr claims some Interest in said land, but any interest Bhe may claim 1ms been acquired subsequent to auid deed of trust. ETMVAHD A, BURKE, Sheriff of Madison county, State of Illinois. > J. F. MOUINNI8, Attorney. 19dtd Silk Clocked Balb. LitcHes' Hose, 6c a pair; other Hose up to $1.50, Cnlioos and Lnwns, 8c to 150 a yard. . Sateens, Domestic aiicl imported, 4c nynvd to 85c, , All grades in White Dress Goods from oc a yard up, All kinds of Fancy Goods find Dry Ooods very cheap. ^ Men's Working Shirts, lOc to $1. , Men's White Shirts, 40o to $1. Undershirts for all, at 12 1-2 to $1.25." Socks from 2c to 75c a pair. .... Men's Suits, $3.50, '$4, $5, $G, $7, $8, 89, $10 to «20, just (a little over half price. Boys' Suits, $1,60, $2, $3, $4, $5, $0, $7. $8 to $18, they are wortk much more. Odd Garments for Men anil Koys at nearly half price. Boys'Pants, 40c to $3.50. Millinery too numerous to mention, but just as cheap as you .want them and the largest, by far, stock evov in Alton. Gents' Hats, all styles, way down in price; choa p enough for all. Ladies'Slippers, lOo to $1.50 a pair. Ladies' Shoes, in button and lace, $1 to $8.50 a pair. Children's Shoes in all grades. Our profit on all goods is no more than lOc on the dollar, which will be well demonstrated at the Globe. Our Groceries we are selling out at cost; fixtures for sale. Call in and see us, wo will surely entertain you and sell you, if you want to buy, at the lowest prices. Straight -words these are, at , W, A, HILDEBRAND, prop'r of the Globe. 1887 TDK LATEST 1-; 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR; PRESSURE RANGES, Made in four stylos. Two and Throe Burners.. With Tin oud liuseia Ovens. 20O BAGS HIGGENS' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table Use, In'l Ib. linen sacks and 56 Ib. sacks, for sale by J. A. RYBIE. Jfor Rent. Two-story bouse and good stable on Oom- mou street. Good fruit. ^ & ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock u. m., and St. Louis on return trip nt 8 p. m., daily. And leaving Alton for Portage, ^eraey Landing, Gralton, und waj points every evening nt 0 :30 o'clock. «3.The Whistle will be annulled fifteen mlnuios before starting for Bt. Louis. (FAUK, TO ST. LOOI8, .... OP KOUHP Tair • - - • • *» Fast Freight & Passenger Line THIS J.OUI8 AND OENTUAL It. K. GO'S J. V. KIjlil&ON, Commander. KU.ANBllimi, Joinrta S T»OBB01>0», {U'°" £8 ' On andaltor. Thuraday.Fob. 17th, wlllleave Utondally Coiinnonolnn Monday, April Itb, Bteamor will leave Ht. Lout* for Alton, 1'ort- \ue, Jevauy, Qratton ftud all pulnts «u 8t, L. to. 1, It, |L, dully, except Sunday, at 8:30 a. in., arrlvliiK at Alton at 11 a. in. Koturulni; Will leave Alton (or St. Louts nt D :4A p. m. arrlvinK at Bt, Loula at 7 :3o In ample time (or nurttaa w uttoud tliuutvaa, oto, Parttoa pur- obanlnK round trip llokota will bo furnlibod utato rooma without extra ooat. Itound trip tlolcota oi Bteainor Spread KuKle or UudBon Willie lionured by eltber bout lor return . oonneotinKwltb f ast oijirosa on Bt. IxiuU and tlontral Illinois Itallroad (or JoruoyvUlo, Wa- vorly, BptliiKueld uud \\\\ pulutD north and TO BT, Louis, BliiRlo trip, . . . 60o. " " round tilp, .... 76o. '• " twenty vino ticket, . , *5.oo I1KNUV 0, TATUM, Cion. AKt. Alton. 11, A. I-'IHIIKU, Uiui'l MiinilKor. iulldtl WBLSONI (Those Viwhboardi ora mudo with a Ben* .Wood rim. ThcBtrong- 1 ekt boftiva and teat wanliew in tho J world. For nolo by all dealers. W1U» sliding Detachable Spring*. (J3T Better than Whalebone or Horii,j£3 and guaranteed never to break. Price, $1.25. For ulo by leading wholesale anil retail citsb- lUhtucQti, MAYER, 8TROU8E & CO. 419 Ilroadw.'iy, N. Y., Manufacturers. Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Marcus II. Topping, of the city of Alton, county of Madison, and State of Illinois, by his certain trust deed, duly executed, acknowledged and delivered, bearing dut.> the 24th day of June, A. D. 1875. and recorded in tho Register's omoe of the said city of Alton, in book 1, at piges 4, B, and 6, (ltd convoy unto Albert Wnde, us trustee,: all tho following described promisoB, situated in the city of Alton, in the county of Madison and State of Illinois, to-wlt: The south half of lot number eight (8) in block number twelve (12) in tho olty of Alton, aforesaid, upon which is erected a two and a half story brick dwol % ling with stone basemen*, to secure the pay • ment of one principal promissory note for the sum of throe thousand dollars executed by said Marcus II. Topping and dated the 24th day ot June, A. D., 1875, and payable two voars after date to the order of Sweotaer and i'riest with interest from maturity at tho rate of ton per cent per annum, the Interest, if not paid soml-annually, to become as principal und benr the same rate of interest: and four interest notes described In said deed of trust of oven date therewith and payable in six, twelve and eighteen months nnd two yours after date respectively which interest notes have been fuhy paid. And, whereas, said Marcus U. Topping, by his certain trust deed duly executed, acknowledged and delivered bearing date, the 10th ot March, A. O 1 1879, und recorded In the Becordor's olllce of Mndlson county, Illinois, in book 144. of deed records on pages 147, 148 and 140 did convey unto the said Albert Wade, as trustee, all tho following described promises bituutedln tho city oi Alton aforesaid, towit: The undivided one-half of forty.two and one-half loot fronting on Third street, off of tho west side of lot number six (0) in blk number twelve (12) to further secure tho payment of said principal promissory note for tho sumef three thousand dollars. And. -whereas, default has boon made la tho payment of the said principal promissory note and there is now duo and unpaid thereon tho sum of two thousand, nine hundred nnd forty dollars of principal nnd tho sum of $«01.1B interest, making a total of $3,841.18 now duo and unpaid on said note, besides tho interest which may accrue on said principal from now to tho day of anlo hereinafter mentioned, at the rate of eight per cent, per annum ', and there Is now duo the legal holder of said note the further sum of one hundred and flftv-six dollars and eighty-live cents for tuxes paid on suld premises and interest on the taxes so paid; making in ull thu Bum of it.OOO.OB now duo tho legal holder of said note under said note and deeds of trust, and tho legal holder of suld note Henry 0.1'ilest, surviving part of said nrm ol Sweotsor & I'riost has made application to the undersigned, tho trustee in said Must deeds named, and requested him us such trustee to sell and dispose of said promises under the power In told trust deeds and lor tho purposes therein stated, and it appears from the records of Madison county, Illinois, that suld Marcus H. Topping has convoyed said premises to Mary Faunlo Topping: Now, therefore, public notice U hereby given, that in pursuance of. said trust deeds, and by virtue of the power und authority to mo granted In and by the sumo,and by virtue of tho statute of thu State, I, tho undersigned, will, on THUIlSnAY. Till'! NINTH DAY 0V JUNK, A. I)., 1887, at ton o'clock a. m. at the north front door of tho Olty Hallbuldlng.ln the city of Alton, aforesaid, sell nnd dUposo of the premises ubovo and in snld trust deeds respectively described, and all tho right, title, benefit and equity of redemption of the said Marcus H. Topping, his hairs or assigns there- In, ut public auction, for the highest und bust price thu BIUIIO will bring In cash, Dutud May Utu, 1887. A L1IEHT WADK, Trustee. WISH & DAVIH, Attorneys for Trustee. ^ ' dtii "Air A TV r I r U 1 T\ AT ONCE, A UK- W -A.1* JL JjjU LIABLE MAN' 1 to take orders for ulioToo nursery stock. Ciood pay. tUoudy work, Outfit free. No experience nofldwl. JAMES K. WII1TNKY, Niirsurymun, Uoohoatur,N.Y, A PERl'ECT Air Pressure, without tho elevated tnnlr. Pressure is obtained ;Wltn a. weight,-. not with n pump. Absolutely the safest; simple with no Intricate parts, LIGHTS with carburetted ulr, Instead of oil in a ilrip cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks . are all of SH inch seamless brass tubing' small connecting pipes of heavy annealed brasn^vith One end of tank is of glttos, showing quantity of oil in' same. Cannot • union couplings. burning. , ,/• ••, The regular line of JEWEL STOVES AND GANGES are improved mechanically and artli- bo tilled while burning tlcolty. Large double oven for throe burner Ranges ; Stand pipes Inoreasea in size to one inch, with largo supply valve and trap at base. All ovens are made double or flue lined. ' '-..-- •••.-.> .-•.-'. ' apddto PITTS & BAMIU. - - - -'Sole Agents. CATARRH HAY-FEVER EL Y'S C1UHA M. HA LU Is not a liquid, snuff or jxntder. Applied into nostrils fa quickly absorbed. It cleanses tlie Jicad. Allays inflammation. • Heals tin sores. Restores the senses of ta-ste and tmell. 60 cenlt at Druggteto; liy mall, regMcrttl, 00 cento. ELYBROTHERS.Druugists.Oncfc'O.HY, Hundreds Have Been CURED By taking tho GEE AT GOKDBN SEAL. Testl- monlala ore being received daily regarding lt» * wonderful properties. Eminent physicians endorse It as tho greatest medical discovery ot, tho day. Tho GREAT GOLDEN SEAL 18 a Nerve Food, Building up tho nervous systen and ' •the tired brain. An Anti-Periodic • Or Preventatlve of Chills, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Antidote Overcoming the evil effects of excessive *• aloohollo indulgences. A >' Nonalcoholic Stimulant Toning up theontlro system. It you aro Just recovering from slokneas, no ,, known remedy will give strength and health »o' • fast. Price, $1.00 per bottle at all Druggist*. ' THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUB CO., *54 LaSslle Av., CHICAGO, ILL.* LOOKOUT HEikE! THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Uonlqrs in 1 STOVES AND HABD\VAUB Also Outside Work a specialty, Hoofing and Ualvaul/.«a Icon Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. • COK. HMOONH AND ALIIY HTH, PHTglOIAMB AKP BUHQKOMB G. A. HERRMANN, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, r THIRD STIUSET, OVKH PFBIFPBB'8 8HOB 8TOUK, Oflloohours: 8 to 10a. m.; i to 4 afternoon, uud 0:30 to 7:30 evening. DB. Physician and OFFIOE AND UK8IDENOE. OQB.FOUBTif AND HMNtY 8T8. W. A. HAHKBLLt M.D., Physician and Surgeon* OmOK-SBUOND ST., ALTON, ILL. Office h aura—» a. m. l 18 to 1, and 8 p.m DXi. U. JU. KOHJLAND, * Dentist, 13 THIHD 8TUKBT, ALTON, ILL. Office Hours-0 a, in. to U m.f 1 to 4 f. B> on Jamot Ulver. Va, to 01»»- inont Oolony. Illustrated olrou- lurfi'oo, J.V.MANOIU, Clan wout, Vlralultt, FARMSi ,.11

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