Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 21, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. REAL ESTHTEFORSALE: BEAD LIST OF BARGAINS -ATC. A. Schlueter's Agency, ALTON, ILL.» SATUR PAY EVENING, MAY 21, 1887. NUMBER 302. ti^Mno Efoliangao-loo acres, 85 in oul- Bt a bnriSn. m nortll( "w» of Fostcrbnrg, L ?°. r , sa ' 0 brick house, story and IM*'', oor . n<)r Eighth and Uoolmnlo street. SSt ttC tt 1)nrgflln> G 9 0(1 .Property to _One e-room new hou&a, with collar, cistern S- ° U88> 6 ° by 110 °" 9th Bnd ? For sale—one 8-room house and,'onp 3-room louse, 9th and Market sts. Lot 60 by 110; rood Cistern and ooal house, at a bargain. *Fpr solo—16 acres in North Alton with good jrolmrd, Imrn and plenty of water; tiff For solo—600 acres improved farm with if good house and stables in Woodsou county, >Eansab. n.R;-runs across from Fort Scott to 'v.Wichita, fi miles from county sent, S For sale—78 acrns partly bottom land, 1m- sproved farm, near Uorsoy, with plenty of »«[ppd buildings on same. .For sale—10 pieces of valuable property rflth good Uousce, In this city. * r if For sale or exchange—A nice little cottage & Bethaltp, with "plenty of ground, stable and good water on premises, if.'or sale or exchange-Two sootlonsof B.R. aimberland In 8e. Missouri, IBO miles from St. Jtouta on..the Iron Mountain n. K., ,;at a bar- SWaln. V'-'.,.- / ... v, •... • . 8fM F £5 *£ le 9f ?*,? ntt ?£ 0 ' 8 ttore 8 of groundl on Ufutt'ijii, adjoining Mayor.Oopplnger's on the For sale or exohan(?o—B sections of prairie in Q >'ltV'.'. IJl*Artlrnt: nAH«fr\r TA-vnn ^ITAl anil NEWS.: _.__»,.. -..HHAVHWAW *v* .*?**j r *iiriiitnjf purposes. > Three acres adjoining Dr.lloberts on north. «, .^'Y 8 lo ,S on Dr y St.; adJolnlag.Thomas Big- f gins' residence on tho oust. ' ' One and a half lots In Ilawloy's addition. One and alialf lots in SheUy*s addition. Any of the above property can be boutrht 5 at a bargain. • |; I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Cp., Buffalo, N. Y., one of the best companies in the U. S. f And other good Companies in addition. , C. A. SCHL1IETEE, in my New Building on Second Street, , mchUdw • in 'lotrnnt's ^oltzer you behold ; A.certain ouro for younir and old; For Constipation will depart, And Indljcstlon quickly " start; • Sick Beadacho, too, will • .™>on»u)»<o. when Tarrant's Seltzer has been tried. I onest Help forjjMen. Pay (to More Money to Qnachs! I wlll send you a NEW SELF-OCBK, discovered after 80 years' experimenting, which NEVER FAILS and COSTS YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTIIINU until cured.-. Address . , pKNBT;: BrBADIvrbpx 406, ! 'Milwankee.-Wls. The Importance of purifying the blood cannot be overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every one needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and we ask you to try Hood's PorMlliai* Sarsaparllla. Itstrengthcns r council and bull(ls up tho S y sten]i creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while It eradicates disease. Tho peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used giro to Hood's Sarsaparllla pecul- f- l+e. A!« lar curative powers. No * O 1156IT othermedlclnehassucli arecord of Wonderful cures. If you have made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not be Induced to take any other Instead. It Is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparllla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared byC. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. 1OO Doses One Dollar THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT of Cooking Stoves ever brought to Alton. BUCK'S BKILLIAXT tuo BEST GASOLINE STOVE! in the market, saves time, labor and money. The favorite summer stove with al) iliouse- beopers. All sizes. Call and examine. I am also prepared to do Roofing, Guttering.Spoutingand r all kinds of Tin Work, at reasonable prices, A. J. DEGENHARDT, 038 BAST SECOc » STREET, FIFTH HOOK WEST CF HJSfTBY. ap30dwly Hcndricks and Dick Vaughn, horse thieves, were killed at Caddo, It is intended to abolish fifteen or twenty revenue collection districts in the United States after July 1. Purnell's malady is said to be Bright' 8 disease of the kidneys. His friends have about abandoned hope of ultimate recovery. Investigation at Rome develops the fact that the alleged memoir of the Irish college denouncing Parnell and Gladstone is a forgery. Two of the wealthiest Episcopal churches in New York, Grace and Trinity, have, determined to make their pews free to the public. The Presbyterian assembly at Omaha adopted a resolution which implies a willingness for closer relations with the Southern branch of the church. W. F. ENSEVGER, W&&P FBQNT, STEHKT, _BETWEKN AJUTOIi- mvldiV F THE :>..;• BOQM.,,; -.-. '•',':" rartieB'ititeridlTigtobuy,lloal Estate x ln tho city pi Alton or Tloinlty, .will find it to their Interest to,call at the <?fflpo of Rudorsuauson It Sonntatf and examine tliolr.list of properties fOr sale as only a-part therpof Is adver• •''' ''''' "' apSdwtt Of riuijigfjjea}tfeivu?tl}er |n ; the form of Kight Sweiits- audi Nervousness, or In a BUUSO of G oneral Woatiness and Loss of Appetite, ,should,.8iiggost_k.tuo use of Ayet's. 'Sarsaparllla;, •: .This preparatlou 1s moat.effective for,'giving tone and strength : .to' the euteobled system, pro- motlrig tho digestion'and ; asslmilatlou of food;*r'estbr!rig-the uervoufl forces -to thel^r ]np.t^V ^ijndHlon, and : for purlfy- iug,-euricliiug,'aud vitalizing the blood. Failing Health. Ten years ago my health began to fall. I was troubled with a distressing Cough, Night Sweats, Weakness, and Nervousness. I tried various remedies prescribed by ' different physicians;' but liecamo so weak that I could not go up Blairs without stopping to rest. My fHonda recommended mo to try Ayer's Sarsaparllla, which I did, and I am nmv us healthy and'strong as ever. — Mrs. B. L, Williams, Alexandria, Minn. I have used Ayer's Sarsapartlla, In my family, for Scrotula, and know, 11 it i» taken faithfully, that It will thoroughly eradicate this terrible disease. I nave also prescribed it as a tonlo, as well as an alterative, and must say that I honestly believe It to be tho best .blood medicine ever compounded.—W. P. Fowler, M. J),, I). D. 8., Greenville, Toim. Dyspepsia Cured. It would be Impossible for mo to describe what I suffered from Indigestion and Headacbo up to the time I began taking Ayer't Baisaparlll&, I was uudor the car« of various physicians, and tried a great many kinds of medicines, but never obtained more than temporary relief. After taking Ayer's Sarsaparlllu for a short time", my headache disappeared, and my stomach performed its duties more perfectly. To-day my health is completely restored. —Mary Harloy, Springfield, Maul. I have boon greatly benefited by tho prompt use of Aycrs Sarsaparllla. It tones and invigorates tho system, regulates tlvo aotion of tho digestive and assimilative organs, and vitalizes the blood, It is, without doubt, the most reliable blood purifier yet discovered,— H. D, Johnson, m Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.I • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Yttpanil by Dr. J.C, Aycr & Co.,T,oi«ell,U»", Trice «1 1 llx lnitlll.ll, »8. Plain and Decorative Panel Hanging (UU WORK PROMPTLY ATTMNDED TO AT LOWEST TERMS. OVFIOB AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA AI/DON. . . REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, — Bf— Rudersnausen & Sonntag, for Sale. A convenient aad pleasant home at a reasonable flguro, being a two-slory frame house on Eighth street, new Homy. VQTC ftale. A choice farm of ssso acres, with first class mprovemonts, situated 2X miles east ol Brunswick. Ohortton co., Mo. For Hale. A one. story frame dwelling house In good condition. In Topping's addlSon to Alion. For Sale Cheap The residence of Oapt. W. V. oble: two •torlesaud mansoruroofi 12 room,. 4 nails, closets, cellars, eto. : 8 acres of groun Most lostrublo property In tlie olty. fn Hale. IWaorosof land near city llmlte, Sea.o ... cwo story brick and trarne dwol. n f . nouao both situated on the eaur ' O' dtate street bptween eth and 7th ptrodta- 'BO the brick block of stor&s on Booon Htroet, between Honii and Aldge street . aown as Hunter's row. For Sale, A ainaU frame'* .^tng house within n ne ulockaofthsd -it for $875. • • 100 aoros • f good lanmng land, another tract of 800 acres, both unimproved Situate lu Mon i co., Kansas, at $10 and '18 per acre laspootively-one-thlrd oaah.balauoe on time, For Sale, A larm of 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this oouuty. A teortostory frame dwelling house on it. For Sole. A choice farm of 120' acres, situate 1 mile south of Shlpman, Maooupln oouuty, 111,, at a low llifuro. 'aw A form, oonslstliiK of MO aoros of good land sltuaw within 2 ralles of Upper Alton, sulta . ble tor dairy purposes. Olieup, Patents. To ny persons wishing to obtain letter S atont on now Inventions, improvements.^ oslgna.I will ezeoute drawings and speclfl oBtions and make applications (or Patents AU oousulttttlon, lu person or by Ittte , (roe LUCAS FFEIFFENBEROER, Alton, nit Dakota falls into line and adds natural gaS to its other graces. The great Territory of the Northwest is not to be outdone when it comes to competition in robust novelties. Violent hurricanes are reported throughout England, and snow and hail storms in Scotland. Much damage has been done in London and vicinity, and shipwrecks are reported on the coast. The forest fires are raging with renewed fury in Northern Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. The total loss by 'recent storms and fires in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is estimated at about $3,000,000. Hon. J. G. Blaine's Washington house cost him about $100,000 and he, has refused several offers of 820,000 for it. He has bought a lot on Meridian Hill, on which ke will build another house next year. The "Asiatic Limited Express" is the name of a new train OH one of the Pacific railroads. It would have sounded a few years ago as strangely as an announcement of "the Moon Limited Express" would now. The corporation of Edinburgh will present Mr. Andrew Carnegie the freedom of the city when he lays the corner stone of the new public library which his magnificent gift was mainly instrumental in providing for Edinburgh. It is how estimated that the government revenues for the current fiscal year will be greater by §14,000,000 than contemplated when the official estimates were prepared for Secretary Manning's annual report. The receipts are expected to aggregate 8370,000,000. A gang of armed and mounted brigands captured and robbed an express train on the" International and Great Northern Railroad, near Austin, Tex. , yesterday morning. The amount of cash, taken by the robbers is estimated at about 850,000. The New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad (known as the "Nickel Plate Road") was sold under a foreclosure of mortgage at Cleveland, Ohio, Thursday, afternoon. A committee, of the bondholders was the purchaser, the amount paid being 816,000,000. The road remains under the Vanderbilt management. The exports from the United States during January, February and March of this year largely exceeded the imports. The statistics of imports and exports. The statistics of imports for April, as yet only partially completed, indicate that there has been a change in tho balance of trade, and that the imports for April exceeded the exports by at least $15,000,000, Legislature. • SrniNQFiiaD, Hi., May 20— But little business was done in cither branch of the Legislature this morning. In the Senate the Crabtree Revenue bill was taken up and the remaining sections were passed. The last section relating to official bonds was stricken out; otherwise no important change has been mudo in the bill. It was sent to third reading. The House Revenue bill was also taken up by the lower House, and remaining sections were approved and tho bill ordered engrossed for third reading. An amendment was added to the section rotating to the taxation of insurance business, providing for tho exemption of mutual benefit associations not holding a reserve fund from tho present tax. Tho House bill appropriating 8224,277 to tho Anna Insane Asylum for ovdlrwry expenses and Improvements was passed, In chronic diseases, medicines should be restoring, and not debilitating, in their action. Tbo wonderful strength* oulug and curative effects, rnall/.od from tho use ofJAyor'a Sarsapurillla, sustain the reputation of this remedy as tho most popular blood purifier. Uwlw HUGE ROBBERY IN MEXICO. A I>8» of $3OO,OO(> Suxtatiiod by a Loading Hanking Firm. CITY OF MBXICO, May 20. —The detectives of the City of Mexico are wrestling with a most mysterious crime, and thus far without satisfactory results. One of the leading banking firms of this city has sustained a loss claimed to bo as great as 8300,000. All that has been made public about the theft is that the officers of the institution on coming to the bank one morning found the doors of the vault wide open. The cash had been carried off, with the exception of some bags of silver, with which the thieves evidently did not care to burden themselves. Residence Burned. JEIISKYVILI,!.;, 111., May 20.—The two-story residence of Mrs. Jennie Mahon,- occupied by J. C. Gaskill, was, this afternoon, totally destroyed by fire. Most of the contents were saved. Both are fully covered by insurance. the Presbyterians. OMAHA, Neb., May 20. —The ninety-ninth General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church met here yesterday morning with 500 ministers and elders in attendance. Singing and other exercises, together with a sermon, constituted the morning services. At the afternoon session, Rev. Joseph Smith, of Baltimore, was elected Moderator for the ensuing year. According to the statistics of 1880 there are 199 Presbyteries, 26 synods, 5,546 ministers, 6,281 churches and 661,809 communicants in the United States, and this year's figures will probably show a membership of over 700,000. For the year ending April, 1887, the Presbyterian church of the United States contributed 81,411,108 to-home and foreign missions. Death's Record. LITCHIIKLD, 111, May 20.—Mr. George Goodowu, an old and respected citizen of this city, died sudden^ ly this afternoon from the effects of a paralytic stroke. CAKI^OI-I.TON, 111., May 20.—Alex Logan, one of the early pioneers of this county, died last night at his residence, seven miles west of this city. Mr. Logan was 74 years old andj was highly esteemed by his neighbors. Soon Hare *l)Ied. Burks Medicine Co., Quincy, 111: GENTS—I want to tell you what your White PinolBalsam has done for me, I had a cough for three long montbsj contracted while in Leadville, about Aug. 19. I had doctored Tconstantly, i was so bad I could not He down at night. I would just as soon have died as to live in that condition. I took one bottle of your Balsam and am entirely cured. Have not even coughed for four days. Yours truly, HUS. S. J. BARRACK. , LITTLE APRICOTS. There is nothing so positive in its action in treatment of deranged Jiver; biliousness, heartburn, nervous and sick headache, as Little Apricot Pills, easy, to take as sugar, so small, so pleasant. Try them. , ft is no wonder that people complain of hard times when they pay a doctor bill every few months, amounting to several-dollars, instead of keeping ott hand some reliable medicine like Burks' White Pine Balsam Itlmt would cost them but fiOo, and perhaps cure three or four colds. Sold by E. Marsh. BOltliS 1 WHITE PJ]NE BALSAM. It will be found equally efficacious in colds and coughs of long standing; relieving tho distress and restoring the! throat to its normal state. For sale by! K. Marsh, Alton, 111. myldwlm i MAY 1, 1887. Ingrain Carpets from 25c to 85c per yard. Tapestry Brussels from 50c to $1 per yard; Body Brussels from 90c to $1,25 per yard, Oil Cloths from 20c to 90c oer yard," India Mattings from I5c to 55c per yard • We have No Old Stock! No Job Lots! All New and Clean I iflADES;ffii PAPER Upholstery Goods and Upholstering Agent for Awnings: Cash prices I will 1 gladly duplicate St^Louis prices. Call at THE WOEJrm AGENTS IFOR THE Buggy Go's WAERANTED FOETIVE YEAES THE OELEBIIATBD .•.UM -WH.UUUJAU..I.JUAS Studebaker Farm Wagon; BelleviUe Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Go's | Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. ,,„,**** <\ i EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS^AND MOWERS^ "H6a&6ttar C \™??^?™ an o d ™ ;ARMINK OILS ! ENGINE^CYLmDERancT > SIGNAL OILS; STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS'i fine line of COOKING STOVES ;i the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our $10 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS '.on i(i tap, and "delivered', to any part • of the city. H.K, . Cor. 2d and State sts., THE BEST | ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES^ Froml$18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years, BBEECH-LOADINa GUNS; From $16 to $30. J H BOOTH THE FADING 4j " "" °V^Hn, JEWELER SUBSCEIBE FOR THE ALTOIE?E.TELEiI110G'Pfii:, By mail or delivered, Only Republican 'Bailjr ia _ Madisojuopunty ' J. SUITER & SON, DKAMIIS IS SOAP We do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck) we do not first squeeze tha rat and oil out of our etook, and thon convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. siLVKH SOAP is made of FDltB TAI.. Low, by a clean process, and can bo usod frooly without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned, ASK TOUR GUOOEB FOB IT. EMPIKE SOAP CO, ST. LOUI8. MO. PINE AND COMMON FURNITUREJ A Fall and Complete Stock Always OB Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUIl FUHNITUUK KOOM8 AUK ON State Street, ropp, Third, ALTON,! ILL. •paawiv E. J. PEIVIFOLD, Prop. FIASA STREET, Between Second and Third. Alton, 111. MOST OONVKN1KNT WNlffa ROOM IN TUB OITY. GOOD TAHLK AND 11EA- BONAIILK HATK8, CALL AND HE CONV1NUKU. iny6ilw3iil <Lij >

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