Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 20, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1887
Page 1
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VOLtJME 26. ALTON, ILL., FBI DAY EVENING, MAY 2(X 1887, NTJMBEK 3O1. [REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, i READ 1,I6|T OF BARGAINS -AT;C, A, Schluetefs Agency. L,.££!L B i Ble l, < 3 hoa l 1 ' cor ' 0 ' ''"and Alton stB.'; IllOtletmonth 8|irooms . ana "o"""'. routs lor 1 MF °* Bftl » <w-Exoban K oo--10<> acres, 85 In oul- ' fl m nortl ">a8' i of.JTostorburg, |»tabargaiu. Kor sale—Five-roam brick house, story and • ball, corner Eighth and Mechanic street. IL 1 e " aa ai a bargain. Good .property, to ^K r lwnt. •• .•'•'...• SBi' o .. ne .' 0-r 9 o > n now houeo, with collar, cistern house. Lot 60 by Ho on flth and S5fr- ; v¥ I! ' or Sttlo— one 8 -room nonee andjone 8-room '4-<3 j * ouso ' 9tM and • Market -sts. Lot 80 by 110; 'I. i, t!°O(\ clitorn and coal. lionse, at a bargain. S-isiVwrilPas oaVo^-lb acres in North Alton with good ifeJlf;OTOhard, Born aacl plenty of water. • jV'wfe For sale— GOO acres Improved farm with ;,« : ,f V s good house«and. stables in Wopdson county, '.w&fsKansati. It It; runs across Xroih'JTort Scott to &.'Vf'^lohltB, B miles from oounty scat, •::"!'!* For iale—7B acrna partly bottom land, 1m- '^jjjftoved farm, near Dorsoy, with' plenty of • 4''rgpp(J buildings on lame. flttlo— 10 iplooes of valuable property .,,,. .j'or >ule or exchange— A nice little cottnge •:tn BeUialto, with 'plenty of ground, stable ,ud good water on oremtscs. ''for sale or exchange- Two sections oIJIi.K. ker land in So, Missouri, 160 miles from St. tt on the Iron Mountain B.' B., at a barn.'-'" For ealo or exchange, 8 acres of ground! on Main «„ adjoining Mayojr.Ooppinger's on the ' ' ' ••• tfor Bale orexchange—6 seotlong of prairie junoV to Crookflt oounty, Texas. Wm sell ohoap. Suitable for any farming purposes. Tbreeaoreg adjoining Dr.Roberts on north. live lots oh i)ry St., adjoining/Thomas Big-, 1 gins' residence on the east. One and a half lota in Hawloy'e addition. One and a Dal< lots in Sholly'B addition. Any of the above property can be bought at a bargain. I also represent the Buffalo German Tire Insurance Co., Buffalo; K> Y., one of the best companies in the TT. S. ; And other good* Companies in addition' lv) v __. SCHLTJETER, _„, tit' 1 New Building on Seojtmd street. '"' '* > -~ >1 mchHdw in Tarrant's Soltior you bShoId , Acortnlu euro for young and old; For ConnJpatlon will I And ludlgestloa quickly Blok Headache, too, will _..80on«ub«l(lo. When Tarrant'g Solteer bos p«e» tried i onest Help foriMen. Pay 86 More Honer to Quacks! w'U send you a NEW SELI'-OUKK, discover- d after 80 years' experimenting, which EVER FAILS and UOSTB TOU ABSOLUTELY OTUINQ until cured. Address HENBT 8PRAUL, box <65, Milwaukee. Wls. inyMcUw JAJKJKJBTX'S BY STABLED JTHONT STREET, BHTWKKN. ALBY AND 1CA8TON. i&uror ILI.INOI . tnylflly. AKE ADYASTTAQB OF THE BOOM: ' ' - ! ' Real Estate in the Alton'br Vicinity 'will find It to their Intorest to call at the offloe 6f Budo'rshauson i' Sonntftg and exaiidne''tU6'Ullst of proper ' yjgM^ftlatoies i^lifeSfS* Soni _ . . ....... iMP^%S| ! t ties Idr sale as only a part, thereof IB advor- ijijr°-: "' : ""-g- Sugar-Coated Cathartic [ AVER'S If tho Liver be- DI I I Q comes torpid, if the r I Lw fc«%rii nv bowels aro constipated, or if the stomach • y faila to perform Its, functions properly, use - Ayer'e Pills. They are invaluable. ; For some years I was ft victim to Llvor ' i Complaint, m consequence ol which I !••' Buffered from General Dehlllty and Indl- "; gestion. A few boxes of Ayer's Pills restored me to .perfect health. — W. T. Brightney, Henderson, W. Vn. ...'' for years I have lolied mora upon g; Ayer'stillB than, anything else, to Regulate my bowels. Tliaso Pills aro mild in action, and do thehr work thoroughly. I have used thqrn, with good effect, in caadB of ^Rheumatism ^and Dyspepsia. — iQ.».MiUler, AttleborouKh, Moss. ,.,'er'B Pills' cured me of Stomach and i^ivertrouhles,' from, which I ha/1 suffered tor years. I consider them tho best pills ado, and would not be without them. MorriS'Gfltos, DowiiHvillo, N, Y, was" attacked with Bilious Fevor, :h was .followed by Jnumlico, and so dangeroURly 111 that my friends 'despaired ofiny recovery. I commenced taking Ayer's Pills, and soon regained iny customary strength and vigor,— 'John 0. ruttlHCiu, Lowell, Nubroskit. Last spring I suffered greatly from a )uble8om«liuinor on my ulclo. la cplto ,,, every effort to euro this eruption, It In- cieaaea until the flesh became entirely %'•:•• 'j; ':''''y'Mjtuv, I was troubled, at tho same time, ^. ]; ptA?;tt*?;wIth Indigestion, and distressing pains tu Sllfg,, The Bpwejs. I*« f "';' ' > By the advice of a friend I began taking Ayer's Pills. In a short time I was ireo from fain, my food digested properly, tho acres On my body commouoed healing, and, in leas than one month, X was cured. —Samuel D, White, Atlanta, Ga. I have long used Ayor's Pills, in my family, and bojlovo them to bu the best pills made.—8.0, Pardon, Dardon, Miss. My wife and llttlo girl wore taken with dlgeaso booaiuo any worso. In a short time tlio bloody dteoharKoa Htopped, all pain wentaway, and health was rostorod. J-Theodore Baling, Hlohmond, V». • Ayer's Pills, . J, 9' To Regulate THE FAVOIUTK HOME REMEDY IB war- El rpntod not to contain a single parllolo f Moroiiry or any injurious BiiUatunco, but IB purely vegetable, • ... , • / • - JTWU.I.OUBB AM, DlSKASBS OAO8KI) 11V DEnANQKMBNT OP THE LlVKlt, KI1>NBVS;AND STOMACH. If your ivivur 18 ont of ardor, tlion your whole svstom Is deranged. Tho blood Is impure, the breath oflonslvo: you have heudoohe, foel lunfculd, dln- plrltod und nervous. To prevent a more notions condition, take at'onoe Simmons MI|-nBEGIUI,AT01l. 11 you load a sod .|VCll outl «"y U'o,or sufror'wlth Kidney l(fo<!tfons,'avold stimulants und take Simmons Ltvev Hegulutor. , euro to restore. If you huvoeuteH anything hard of digestion, or fool houvy utter moals or HlooplosB ut night, tuko u doae und you will foel rOIuvod und sloop plciut- nntly, •• . If you uro a, miserable sufferer with C'oiistlpittion, I>r«pe[)ela, and Bll- louiueat, seek ™)iut ut onoo in Sim- mouB Liver Kogulutor. It does not require continual dosing, nnd costs but a trifle. It \vlU euro you. If you wako up In the morning with u bitter, bud tusto In your moutb, T m ur Simmons V.-vor llugulator. It cor I HlVb roots the bilious stomach, sweotona ho breath, and cleanses the Purred Tongue. (Jliildi-ou often need, sorna safe cathurtlc und Tonic to avert approaching slclmeBB. Simmons Liver Kogulutor will relievo Oollo, leadaehe, SlukBtomuch, indlEostlon, Dysentery, una Complaints incident to Childhood. At" any time you feel your syaiom needs'cleansing, toning, reirulntlng without violent purging, or stimulating without Intoxicating, take Simmons Liver Regulator PREPARED BY J. H. Zeilin & Co., Pliila., Pa. PRICE, $1. • 4-rawf wlky THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE ASSQBTMBNT of Cooklnj? Stoves 'ever brought to Alton. BUCK'S BlilLLIAMT the BEST GASOLINE STOVE! n the market, saves time, labor and money. Tho favorite summer stove with ul> 'housekeepers. All sizes. Call and examine. I am also prepared to do Roofing, GutterlngvSpoutingand • all kinds of Tin Work, at reasonable prices. A. J. DEGENHARDT, G32 EAST SECOND STREET, FIFTH I1OOK WEST 8K HENRY. up30dwly W. F. ENSINGER, Plain and Decorative Paper Hanging ALl WORK PROMPTLY ATTKNDED TO AT --•• LOWEST TEHMS. OFFICE AMD SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIAS^ ALTON. ... REAL ESTATE FQR SALE OR Rudersnausen & Sonntag. For Sale. A convenient aud pleasant home at a rea sonaule figure, being a two-ulovy frame houae on Eighth street, near Henry. 'For Sale. A choice form of 320 acres, with first class mprovementa, situated 2M miles east of Urunswlek. Oharlton co,, Mo. Far Hale, A one-story frame dwelling house (n goad condition, in Topping's addition to Allan. , For Bale Cheap The residence of Oapt. W. 1'. oble; two jtorles and mansard roof) 12 room 4 balls, olosota, collars, eta.: 8 acres of groan Most desirable property In the city. , F»r sale. IGUoorosot l&nd near city limits Siu>u ., two story bnok and frame dwei IH. nouse, borh situated on the east <'• o • street botwaon eth and 7th ftioota- BO the brick block of stores on Seoon citroefc, 'between Honry and fildge street aown as Hunter's «>w. For Bale. A. (mall frame >' utng house within n no ulooksofthed it lor 1375. 160 acroa / f good farming land, another tract of a 00 acres, both unimproved Situate In Mon • oo., Kansas, at $10 and ne per acre legpootivoly—ona>thir<lQasu,btLl&uoe outline, For Sale. A i arm of HO acres on bottom land, all in cultivation, near Mttdlsou, in this couuty. A good two-story frame dwelling house on U. Price W.800 For Sale. A choice farm ot 120' HOI-OB, situate 1 mile south of Shlpinun, Uuooupln county, 111,, at a low figure. • H88 A farm, consisting of Ho acres of good Innd situate within 2 miles of Uppur Alton, sulta • bio for dairy purposes, Oheap. Patents. To ny persons wishing to obtain letter I'FELtTENBEHGEll, i.Tll. NBW8. The bill ceiling the locks and ilnms on the llliuoia and Michigan Canal to the general Government was passed in the House Wednesday. Another plot to assassinate the Czar of Russia has been frustrated and thirty arrests are reported. The Czar and his .wife are at present journeying in Southern Russia. Samuel Paso has been elected United States Senator by the Florida Legislature, to succeed Jones. The Senator was an officer in tho rebel army. Of course. None others are eligible at the South. Cornelius Vanderbilt is a Prohibitionist of the real practical kind. A row of stores is to built this Summer opposite thc'Grand Central Depot in New York and the deeds provide for perpetual prohibition of liquor selling on the promisee. It seems that Miss Rose Elizabeth Cleveland is not going back to teaching, as was reported, but is to be associated with Mrs. Martha J. Lamb in conducting the Magazine of American History. If she will only read the MS. instead of making it, the periodical many survive. Mexico has a sensation. It is reported that there is a conspiracy among the Conservative leaders of that country to bring Don Carlos, tha royal pretender of Spain, to Mexico, with a view of making him their leader, hoping to gain for him the control of national politics. Ex-Governor Andrew G. Curtin, of Pennsylvania, though upwards of 70, is lithe, active and quick moving. He has a clear complexion, blue eyes and snow-white mustache and hair. Although Governor of Pennsylvania during the war, the heavy burdens he carried do not appear to have undermined his health, as was the case with many others. He wns Minister to Russia and a member of Congress for eight year*. Ex-Mayor Joseph Brown, of St. Louis, illustrates Colonel Dudley's recent assertion that there is no money in politics. A few years ago ho was rich and powerful, and he is now glad to accept a subordinate municipal offlce at a small salary. 1 Too much attention to politics is said to have brought about the change. Legislature. SENATE. Si'uiNOFiKLD, 111., May 19—Senator Darnell's bill amending the law relating to railroads was taken up and read a second time and referred to the Judiciary Department. One of its provisions gives one company the right to take the right of way of any Other railway at such places) only where there are natural obstructions preventing the location of a feasible and practicable line outside of such right of way. The House bill to authorize the Judges of the Circuit Court to appoint a short hand reporter for the taking and preservation of evidence and providing for their compensation was passed. The House bill authorizing the erection of buildings in Lincoln Park for the use df the Newberry public library was passed. The bill to appropriate $5,000 to Mrs. Emily J. Blackburn, on account i of the death of her son, Francis J. 'Blackburn, from disease contracted while in the discharge of his duty as a private in Company B. First Regiment, I. N. G., while in actual service, on second reading was advanced. ' The General Appropriation bill was taken up on second reading. Amendments were offered increasing the amount for lighting the State House from §4,000 to $6,000; tho salary of the Assistant State Librarian from $800 to 8900; tho salary of tho Attorney General's clerk from 82,000 to $2,500 ; for clerk hire and incidental expenses of tho Board of Public Charities, from $3,000 to ' 84,000. Tho sum of 815,000 per atiuum for public printing was allowed, no sum thereof to go toward paying for any work done under present contract, nousu. Tho question of tho employment of convict labor received a brief discussion in the Houso this morning. Mr. Ruby, acting Chairman of the Appropriations committee, reported hack the bill appropriating 8150,000 to bo used by tho Commivaiouors of Joliet Penitentiary in providing employment for convicts whoso torms of conviction expire during tho noxt two years. A substitute prepared by the Penitentiary Committee was also submitted. Tho latter appropriates tho samu sum to be uaod iu tho construction of a reformatory to tho same institutions, in which prison labor, so far as possible, is to be employed. Tho two bills wore made special order for Tuesday noxt. Mr.'Eaton's Bill rcquirong elevated railroad companies to obtain the Jousent of two thirds of the property loldors along tho proposed lines of construction before right of way can be granted was passed ; also the bill exempting tho crops of farm tenants from landiords's lien after such crop lias been sold. The vote by which the bill providing for tho publication of the names of soldiers, sailors and marines residing in the State to pass was reconsidered and the measure lost. The Senate alien laud bill was called up on second reading and referred, together with a large number of amendments, to the committee on Judiciary. TUe special committee appointed to investigate the cause of the removal of Mrs. Ohr from the Superin- tendency of the Soldiers' Orphans' Home reported this morning. The report reviewed at length tho charges against Mrs. Ohr, and the testimony adduced connected therewith, and concluded by completely exonerating Mrs. Ohr from the charge, and holding that her removal was.unwarrant- able. The report contained no recommendations. -.. ; A resolution to amend the report of the committee to the effect that it is the sense of the House that Mrs. Ohr should be reinstated as Superintendent of the Soldiers' Orphans' House was adopted—yeas 72, nays 44. • O'Brien Koughly Handled. TorioNTO,' May 19—Editor O' Brien had another taste of the temper of a Toronto mob last night. About 8 o'clock he started out of the Rossin House in company with two local newspaper men, Mr. Wall, a correspondent of tbe New York Tribune, and several officers of the local branch of the League. They had not proceeded a block when a great crowd gathered, and.presently stono.s and bricks began to fly. • Mr. Wall was knocked senseless by a blow on the head and was carried into a drug store near by. Mulligan was slightly hurt and D. P. Cahill, IJwho accompanied the party, also suffered. O'Brien fled for his life down Wellington street and ran into a bicycle repairing shop. The mob followed at Ins heels and pretty well smashed everything in the store. He was helped out into the alley and pushed by his friends onto the top of the ten foot wall in the rear of the Rossin House. After that he was safe. Wall's wound'was not serious, and he was soon around again. The mob kept ia front of the Rossin House till midnight, howling and hooting at the object of its wrath. O'Brien charges that the mob was incited by Lansdowne. Fire at Quincy. QCINCT, 111., May 19—The livery stable of J. Balthrope, corner of Seventh and Vermont streets, was burned this morning at 5 o'clock. Nine horses, 24 hacks and buggies, 7 sleighs and all the harness was burned. Tbe loss is about 815,050 ; insurance on stock, 03,150 in Win, M. Aviso's agency; insurance on buildings, 81,400 in the' Gormania, of Pittsburgh. : Soon llavo Died. Burks Modiomo Co., Qulucy, 111: GBNTS—I want to tell you what your White Pine^RaUam baa done tor mo, I had a cough for three long months, contracted while in Leadvillo, about Aug. 19. I had doctored 'constantly. I was eo bad 1 could : not He down at night. I would just as soon have died as to live in that condition, i took one bottle of-your Balsam and am entirely cured. Have not even coughed lor four days. Yours truly, ; MK». S. J. BA.RRA.ClC. LITTLE APRICOTS. Thoro is nothing so positive in its action in treatment of deranged Jivor, biliousnuss, heartburn, nervous and sick headache, as Little Apricot Pills, easy to take as sugar, so small, so pleagant. Try them. It is no wonder that people complain of hard times when they pay a doctor bill every few mouths, amounting to several dollars, Instead of keeping on hand some reliable medicine liko Burks' White Pino Uftlsatu (that would cost them but 6Qo, and perhaps euro three or four colds. Sold by K. Marsh. BUltlCS 1 WHITE PIMS BALSAM. It will be found equally otllcacious in oolda snd coughs of long standing, relieving the distress and restoring the throat to its normal state. For sale by E. March, Alton, III. . myldivlai There Is no danger to human life more to bo dreaded than that which arises from vitiated blood. Dyspepsia, rheumatism, headache, and Run oral do* bility, all result from it, and are cured by the UBO of Ayor's Uaraaparilla. Take it this month. Six bottles, $6. d« Iw For Uenl. Ttvo-story IIOIIDU and (food stulilo on Common utraot. Qood trult. WlIIl'Pl.K A HHH.KY. MAY 1, 1887, Ingrain Carpets from 25c to 85c per yard. Tapestry Brussels from 50c to SI per yard, Body Brussels from 90c to $1.25 per yard. Oil Cloths frqtt 206 to 90c tier yard. • India Mattings from I5c to 55c per yard. We have No Old Stock! No Job Lots ! All New and Clean! Upholstery Goods and Upholstering dofce. Agent for Awnings* Cash prices. 'I will gladly duplicate St.^Louis prices. Call at A. NEERMAM'S. FOK THE BEST BUGGY .-•;• •''•• >. i; .-I: ,': i : •!., IN""-"' THE TTOBLD. AGENTS FOR THE (Jir Boggles Buggy Co's WARRANTED FOE FIVE YEABS. THE CJElvEBRATED Studebaker Farm Wagon, BellevUie Thresnerd and Engines; Moline Plow Co's Flows and Cultivators and PulverizingHarrows. i EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, ters lor EUPION and (JAEMINK OILS ; ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL OILS; STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPSr fine line of COOKING STOVES; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our $10 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $30. We keep the i BEST GASOLINE and ' BURNING OILS on tap and delivered to any part of the city. HI Cor. 3d and State sts., ALTON, ILL. THE BEST ON EARTH J BOSS EILLPD WATCHES, From$18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BBEECH-LQADJNGf GIJNS, From |16 tb $30. I H ROOTH THE BEADING J. O. PVV -I'*!*» JEWELER raylidwlv SUBSCRIBE FOR THE . TELEGRAPH, lOc Per By mail or delivered, Only Bepublican Daily ia Madison oounty J. SUTTER & SON, DEATHS IN FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A. Fall and Complete Stock Always on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BKB'ORE PURCHASING. OUU PURtUTimE HOOSIfl AUK ON State Street, r opp, Third, ALTON,! Ili, ••" «pMwlv E. J. PENIFOLD, Prop. FIASA STREET, Between Second and Third, Alton, 111. MOST OONVKNIHNT DJNJNU BOOM IN TIIK U1TY. GOOD TA1ILU AND UUA- SONAIihl! J1ATKB, UALL AND UK UOKVINORU. myUilwim

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