Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 18, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1887
Page 4
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WOMEN Kt t J&X* tt1ni J! tnu * tt 'l OI> w 1 " "«f"' «Vom InflrnltUM p.ooll«r to itclr MX. «fc.>«U ti-j KAXZ.*™L°SP p l*" a '!< an "'"««««tie nkln «mi nil*?? "'* h'""**" th " IWJtl '. """"> bonftMliii . "low (XmrtJlMllon-fjH o/Vr >r.,», wltcinn ih. . ».l *^ — ' °''" r "'"' mr'liruiri W) A*. Et.tzlBr.TH BAIRD. 74 F«mi,II A»n., Mllirlin- "TfcS^M'Sf ?l onU *. r ','"'" '.'/, "" I - ^"i- (HH: ^lja?e uMxj Drown'* Iron Hlttonl, ami It III-.M hpen II IildlfK bato In Hf«. Al», cored me of 'lalnt. »n<l now my enniplntlon In rlnur ami ~~. .Ju aim boon tonnficial (o my children " .™? a i.V2 m ' u Oi, llB *o»«K, .KMt Iocki«.rt. N. Y , J2., I.I 1 ?**• "L"' t " r T! u ? l "! cl " 1| ™P ""<" t'uoMla l2S'fe!i.*S' 1 , «""?..:*'?.» ~ll«r'rum notblxx Kood. MIL. **T8! A «»¥ U*rtni»lftlnta, fcnii uuuiu mjiaiii eicept Brovn'ft Iron Hltl*r»." Oemilno hu aboje Tradn and cnmccd mil llnm on wrappor. Tnko tin in her. Mndo only by UltOW.N C;IIK1UOAI, (.11, IIAl/riMOMI', MI» ALTON DAILT TKLEGBAPH. (Entered a* Secortd-ojiua Mutter nt the P O. Rt Alton, III,) Hamlm's Wizard Oil. Neuralflia, Toolhacho, Headache, Earache £ l '! rr i'.,S r « u P'.8«™ Throat, JS, Burns, Fever Sores, o:!.';""^""' " IU Soros ' Chilblains, Frost Ali S °. r0 £' PI "- OS ' Cakod BrB ^ls, and A. J. HOWELL, -DEALEli.JJIN- FURNITURE I 'A Full and Complete Stock SHE IJADJIEK- WAV. " Jiidgo, I'm afraid we cnn't gnt on. Tho liorsca can hardly flounder through the snow now. Xho wheels won't turn, and tho roads get heavier and heavier." "\Vo must go on. I promised to keep Christmas Eve nt Lymlo." "It looks, sir, more as if we'd spend it buried in the snow." "It would be no easier to return to Mount Gray?" "I don't think wo could return if wo tried," said tho driver. "Then go on," said tho judge, an grily. "It only needs courage." "Sylvia, do you hour'/ Wo ar buried in tho snow!" shrieked Mis tress Damon, bursting into sobs. "I'd rather bo buried in tho snow than be taken to Lymlo to marry a man I have never scon!" cries Sylvia bringing a lovely pink face, cloudy blno eyes, and a rnllle of gold hnii out of tho fur depths of her cloak. "It is a judgment on you for trvim' to make a girl break her solemn promise, and marry one man when she loves another!" 'Sylvia, your language is scandalous—a young girl so boldly assertinf her love fora man, and demanding to choose her own husband! The tiring is outrageous!" shouts tho judge. "You think so, grandfather, because you have lived all your life in France. I think when a girl honestly loves a good man, she should frankly say so. 1 love Koger North; and mind you, I won t marry Count Clianliou. I'll say -No' to him and -No' to the minister." 'And I'll say -Yes' for you; you shall not marry a beggar." "Koger is no beggar. By his art ho could gum all we need, and to mo, love is better than wealth." "Chanlieu is the best man in the world, son of my dearost friend, mv benofaclor, who saved my life and fortune. • In ten years, Sylvia, you will thank me for. the husband to whom I give you." North*" U " 1CSS >0 " giV ° m ° ll ° S01 ' "Sylvia, until now you have obeyed CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OIUIBV JfUK UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly qjccutoa., Bollo st., Lot. Third and fourth. UNDERTAKER. KESIDKNOE COU. STATE & SEVENTH STS ATENTION! The Pickle Factory to inaico contracts for ^Vwbi 0 Bliol?o? 8 tj5iuwi,"rSno ""' M ? """ nii"'{hn» V.!, 1 !" 1 !*'"''. 111 Koodslmno. will tnku or not. r " IS0 "' ""<*"»'• by contract WHU eliding: Detachable Sl>H«8f«. CS" Better than Whalebone or Horn.^ga aurt guaranteed never to break. Price, $1,25. li&Su! bylcai "'"'' wholesale ami rclun cstab . | MAYER, STROUSE&CO. . 4 »Broadwnyjsf.y. i Manufacturers. ._ _ __^;—- ,__-•—-. .. <f , FAR DID ILES, S Alt RHEUM llllSlni?Hlfr '"JOOBOB.' A llow liidttloil at «nm. MfeiliHifei ''or nine. ~~ •Judge!" cried the driver, "we cannot get on; 1 have lost the road." And so, down tho slopes of the nine Kidg«, in a lir.reo and sudden snowstorm, bringing premature ^in- tor, tho great coach of Jtidgu Unird, wherc-ir. aro tlie judge, an'd pretty oylvia, and Mistress Damon, half nurse, half governess of the motherless girl, comes to grief. The same terrible snowstorm piles its great, soft Hakes on the roof and \vindows,'and about the doors of a tiny cottage perched on one of the lower spurs of tlie Ridge. Within a lire blazes in a wide chimney, and the ruddy glow leaps over pictures on easels, and pictures leaning against the wall, a huge St. Bernard do<' lying on a wolf-skin rug, and two tall and strong young Saxons stretched in big chairs. One Saxon has a shining, wavy mano, like a lion's, over his shoulders and blonde and curly side-whiskers setting off a very handsome face,' gloomy and wrathful. Tho other athlete is close-shaved, and has a sutr- gestion of tho clerical. "I Kay, North," remarked ho of tho clerical, "wo aro likely to be blockaded for a month. I never saw such snow hero before. You are doomed to paint all winter here." "I was bound not to leave so long as Judge Baird kept my little angel of a Sylvia up at Mount Gray," said the artist. "Suppose he keeps her there all winter?" "Then I'll bide here all winter." "Do you suppose ho will over give hor to you, North?" b "No. But she will be twenty-one in about throe years, and then sho can give herself to me. He has sot his heart on her marrying someone else, I think. But my Sylvia will bo true; sho is tho dearest little croaturo—so gentle, but bravo and faithful. I wanted hor to just come oil 1 and marry mo tins fall; but she said her grandfather had been so good to her that she could not tako such a step, unless driven to extremity." Tho dog lifted his head is ml whined "North, I think I heard a faint shout; tho dog hoars it, too." North opened tho door sheltered by tho little porch, about which tho snow wna piled high. H 0 . too, heard tho "Yos, Tudbrd, it is a cry for help Mown bulr.w: someone is !,,,( | n tho snow." »l('l.,»!,»! fl.. 4 II ^onio. un to tho rescue!" cried •o'" ll «v. Mr. Taflbrd, leaping up with and loved alike a tilt witlHhe'clewonfs or theological foo.s. "There aro some of my alpenstocks 1•In the auio," said North, i-and two 01 throe pairs of snowshoes. While I got thorn Tallbnl, you pile the liro up, set the colloe-pot on tho heart 1, '""1 hang a blanket to heat. All close reefed now, as to Irousers and coats? and a little wine poured down his throat, he partially recovered; and then, holding him between them, they set out for the lodge. But the stranger was unequal for the task, and Roger North, gallantly taking him on his back, finally reached the lodge, breathless and exhausted, and laid the rescued man on the wolf-skin rug. ^ "You chose a poor day to study natui-f," said TallVml, as he fed, and j warmed, and dried the victim of the ! storm. "Oh, nature! It was not nature. But, as a man of heart—a gallant .man, I rode out from Lyndo to meet my bride, who comos wfth her pcrc, to keep Abel—Christinas, you call him—with mo. I dismount to arrange my saddle; mon eheval, he flies froin me! I lose myself; I wander hours; 1 cry, I fall I perish. You, my preserver, my hero," ho added, turning to North, "carry me on your shoulders. Hereafter you are adored of Chanlieu." "If you have a lady love whoso father is willing to give her to you, you aro bettor off than I am, if you arc lost in the snow," said North gloomily. "My hero , my preserver! do you suffer unhappy love?" "In my case the grandfather won't give hor to me," said North, swallowing a cup of coffee. "Vere is the monster? He denies such a hero! He refuses the genius that makes tho world rich in' those pictuairea I see. Vere is he? Chan- lieu will go for him—will persuade lum. The night falls; to-morrow, my friend, Clianliou must repay you, who saved his life." The dog bounded up with a loud 5ark; tho door burst open; an ava- anche seemed to enter—but it spoke: "Help—help, some of you! Two adies and an old man, and the finest span of horses in all the country, aro getting buried in the snow!" "It is my bride!" cried Clianliou, wringing his hands and springing up but finding himself too weak to stand. To Roger North only the general idea of human beings needing help conveyed itself. He shouted, "Come, lalford!" And with the dog and the panting coachman, they were once more away. The direction was opposite to that taken to rescue the Frenchman. A carriage-lamp, hung cm a whip-handle for a beacon, directed, as also tho sound of the shouts of tho judo-e The short winter day had thickened^ night; to the carriage party the three woro only dark forms; but one lamp was hung within the carriage, and lighted the lovely face of Sylvia. "Help!" shrieked Mistress Damon. "I'll tako the young lady," said North, in a muilled voice. "Talford, bring the other lady, and lot -tho dog help the gentleman. Driver, get your horses along . as you can, un- harnessed." But Sylvia know her lover's voice even before she was lifted in his arms and he was whispering, "My love— niy darling!" a« he carried her through the snow. ° Talford had a much worse time with Mistress Damon, who was fat, and also hysterical. The St. Bernard found the judge perverse to a degree, as everybody did, but he brought him along; and tho coachman and the terrified horses floundered in tho rear. Roger, reaching the lodge first, carried Sylvia through an outer room to an inner sanctuary, cozy, and also furnished with a generous wood fire, -then ho placed her in a big chair before tho blaze, undid tho fur cloak and the white hood, took tho boots from her little feet, and the gloves from her pretty hands, and then, falling on his knees before her, clasped his arms about hor waist, and cried: "Sylvia, I will never let you go!" And Sylvia leaned "hor round dim- "Sho is in the next room, qui' safe and comfortable, I am Informed. I sot out to bring her, as I promised, for your Christmas gift, Chanlieu, and it seems I have done so. 1 have said she shall bo yours, and she shall. The gift has been disputed; but 1 know what is for her own good. With you, son of my heart, rank, fortune, honor aro hers. J will never give her to an artist, never. 1 Clianliou, who •But yon give her lo me!" crii'd Chanlieu, wing that tlio hour was unpropitious for pleading for his now friend. "Yes. Go find her and commend yourself (o her." Clianliou relumed to the lovers. "The grand /icrc is very opposed," he said. "He resolves no". But fate brings you together, and I behold in tho other room a what-yoii-call—a euro, a priest, an abbe—oh?'" "Oil, a minister. My friend Tafford," said North. ••Then why not have this kind cleric marry you two at once, and make pcaco with thu father later? The father, mademoiselle, has said to mo, •I give her to yon;' and now, at your wish, I give you to my preserver, your gallant lover. As I cannot crown my life with the benediction of your beauty aud, because your heart has gone lo another, let me give your hand to tho one you do choose. My advice is, marry now. I make my preserver this Christmas gift." "But I wish it could bo my grandfather," said Sylvia, wistfully, when this was arranged. Half an hour later Judge Baird, after much fatigue and much coffee, was sound asleep in his chair; and before Tafford, in hastily-donned surplice, stood the lovers and Chanlieu. But at the words, "Who givoth this woman to bo married to this man?" Mistress Damon interfered before Clianliou could speak. She took the judge by the arm and shouted in his ear: "Wake up—wake up! They aro asking, 'Who gives the bride?' " The old gentleman sprang to his feet, in sleepy possession of himself, and rubbed his ayes. There was the surpliced priest, and before Mm Sylvia, and certainly Chan- lieu beside her. "Who givcth this woman?" repeated Taflbrd, 'impressively. f "I do," cried the judge, firmly. Tho potent ceremony was soon finished. "North, my friend," said Tafford, 'accept my heartiest congratulations. Mrs. North, allow me to salute you." "And mo also," cried the count; "I felicitate you, mon prcservair, on such charming bride." Judge Baird glared wildly about. "Is the marriage over?" "All over, fast and sure," said Tafford, serenely. "And Sylvia is married?" "Yes, Sylvia is married," said Mrs. Damon, with tears. "But not to the count." "Why not to tho count?" cried tho judge. 'No, my friend, my tutor, my judge, she is not married to Clianliou " said the count, his black eyes sparkling, and his white tooth gleamiii"- from under his moustache in a sudden smile. "It is not to me she is married, because, like tho father-in-law of the strong man, Samson, 'you have gave tho lollay bride to be the wife of my friend!" The judge gazed ferociously at tho quintet before him; but tho chm-mino- central figure, all sparkling tears and rosy blushes, all joy and fear, melted Ins -nTath like snow before the sun. "So, madame," ho began furiously, "you have had your own way! But" —and ho softened visibly—"it is doue^and wo will not quarrel about old Absolutely Pure. Thiu powilnr novor varied. A innrvol ol purity, HlrenKth \vhulusoiinmuHS. More euo- iiuiiilcnl (linn tip! ordinary klmlo, iiiul cannot Im sold In competition with tli* multitude ol low test, Kliort wolcbt, nlnni ]iho-n>lmto powders. SOLNONLV IN CANS. HOVAL HAIUNU 1'pWDKK CO., 10<i Wall ut., X. Y. . ImiMwly WHIPPLB & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, •& LOAN AGENTS, UKISUESENTINfi TlflC FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Philadelyhiaj German American; North British and Mercantile, Lioudou; Com. Union, .London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eug.r Continental; Girard; S Glens Falls, Amercau. Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AND cmilCHS: A OASH CAI'IXAJ IN TliK AaUIlEGATE OF $20,OOO,(KK>. W1S AfcSO KKPttSSKNT THK Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident TUB. Co..Hartford. Ofiies: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. Wonderful Pop'ulai Ity O f tih? Renowned Modlolno. The Greatest Curative Success of tho A Voice from the People. No mcfllclno Introduced to tho tmhii. i ever met with tho mioccus nccwlei ,,'if«" Jllttnrs. H Htnmls to-dav llm V,, i V ""P curative article In tlie world. Usinn, !" VI1 renown la not due to the aiivcrtlnltiir 5'. ."* received. It Is famous by ream',,3 , l 'j° s lercut virtues. 11 does nlf thnt To "lain nfi "' t. It Is the most powerful, specdv• n ,,1 cn V° r tlyo agent known for the buMlng S pB "f ,&' tilted HyeteniH. The following wltni.«.i "' ollorea to prove this: s wnuessct aro What it Old for an Old Lady. Cos}ioclon tilntlM, XT, K, Dec. 28,1884, CENTS :~A number ofrpeoplo had been n.i n . voi.r Hitlers here, ami VltL mnrked f$$ In fact, one wise, a lady of over Beventy S. liaObneii nick for yunrs, mid for tlie imsu ' years 1 liuve known her she has not Wcu ahlS to bo around half tho time. AboutBlxrao 2 ago slio pot BO fcHblo she was Wriw i 1 '! old remedies, or plryslclunR, being of no avail os:^«rv^^| c 's^ beneficial clfoct on hcr that oua botflc ' "' proved hor no »ho wus able to dress and walk nbout tho house. Wien taken tiio rcm.irt boltla she was abl u „, earn i;f her MU;II i-o,,,,, ,.,,a walk out t iiclKlilioi- s iiiiii ha., improved all the tin Blncc. My wlf,! ,!•„! -hiltfreu nlso have derl grunt bvuvlll from thnlr line. ' \V. 11. HATHAWAY --\gt. U. 8. Ex. c'o, in Enthusiastic Endorsement. i,^±'%-' ur - n7 /"';'l UI Ii5.iS8fl. and does all it advertises to do, and I'our years ago, lh:ul a alight shock of i, a i» jje'^Se^^^^S {»E u . J 11; 6 JSTt^bu5 not see any change; another did so chan™ jiy nerves that fliey nre now as stemv m they ever were. U used to take both M tillsi Now I "°\ v ' lny ^ ood r! Rl't 'mud wrllca as honest a'nd good Tn KrUcle'as'you do^vju will accumulate au honest fortnno, and'con fer the greatest blesslug on your fellow-nZ that was ever conferred on mankind. TIMBURCH. fl Husband's Testimony. My wife was troubled for years with blotches moth patches and pimples on her face wfi r,^,^:L°rl th f ; .L^' °f i?o r . K$l ladv-^a/o. 8^^ TMlSS-h.i """"" StfSSS&'tfg* *s#™ "' imooth,; almost a mfracic. — • A MEMBBH o? CANADIAN PARLIAMENT. Rich Lady's Experience. Europe and other . a 8t '' Cet> ° WDe(1 WHU-l'LR &SMJLKY. (r ? >° uln . c ?lHi nnd spirlte with less m« ^ T °n b ? Ulcs ol H °P Bltte ™- 1 ""PC other, may pront by iny cxuerieuce ana stay nt horn™ A.LADY, AUCfUSTA, ME. 11AILWAY TIME TABtK. mi " 1 ' W» The lato reslileiicos of J. j 1 ' °" MU1 *- two OL t: W. 11. n ns''fh'I' '•«'" A ! wp - Tl '° I'rotiuity on Mill and Sumrnlt Btz-oBta.^u ^i° n°uinb«rol AnvV^r?' 1 Mi ' c " u11 '^ «<W'«on to A wS Any or all ol above ut a /?ri>at barituln. for Sale, K dwul "" e nlld OUt bulkll "« et, between Chorry niul Vine WHU'l-LK & 8M KV. For Horn.. !' e ' fl < l(mc « ol SI. J. Noomin on State ,nmi ^iT 11 "" lll ° A. Matt place. Goods room brick houso. in t\rst cluss rcnnlr __ VWJin'1-H! & SMILE r. _. for Male. Tlio Woodroof property. A 2 storv framu bouse of 6 1 rooms oifWii und Alffit reot^ "'-"*' OHIOAQO ANU AJ..TON On and after Sunday, May list. 1887 tral-i the t J}£ 1 °" ioR 8° nnd Alton raliroid. will leavi follows: ' t «t for Ohlcairo nnd tho Kaeti Clll(!a«0 Jlllll' fl'OOom OhleaKO Accnminoaation* .V." " "a-00 n in IJebtnlne Express' " .. O- .JQ g' ™ I'eoria and llock Island Fast Line |,9:boa.m tfor JucltBonvllJe, Keukuk, Qtilncy. Kan. |«UH City.nni! all poluts wwt; Ur.nsnaOlty Mall* .. B-oonm Kansas City Express*. . " «.,„ ^ "^ Denver E.ipiosst ..,.'.' " "" j.'-inJr'J? Jacksonville Accommodationf!""y:io n m ' BOX* Ht» LoulM t . * LlKhtnlUB Ejcpross* 6-4Ba.m Ohluago Accommodation*. . S'-SfliVn? Alton Speelalt i^SS" S Kansas City Mall* 5 : 40p' un a 4 room friuue house on Fifth utrocit SMILEY. (8 M a. m. Snndaysonly). P- ' •Dally fJSxeept Sunday. ' 8. t). JRBEVK. 0. G. JTORKI., TlclK. 8 n t t. i(mtol>IVW011 Sheriff's Sale. Jennie K. Depry But ho saw the *»» taalu( .,.- -.-.,, , "Pardon, my frlend-il'- iulstivke!- 1 'it 13 your Imly who hug ;*66nic! 1 Congratulate you!" | ; ' • ' '•If I huil hope of Scoping hor, I would inducil bo hiippy, 1 'said North, "bylvin, do wo moot but to pnvtp" "I urn afraid grandfather will nuvor consent," Bobbrsd Sylvia. "Whoro I'H tho oruol onoP 'Lot mo bosooeh him for my friond, lf tUp -in-e- sorvor ot my Hfc, ChauiioiH will your ailvoealu." .' ;: ,,-',. Thoso words woro a, Vovolntlon to Sylvia. Sho turned, in her pretty way. "My grandfather has his own views •>! love and marriage. -Mthlnk it would DO wicKed to marrr'.one man while I loved anothor. All-summor grandfather has called Mr. North his favorite,, and urged him to'lie at onr lousoj but as soon as he know that we loved each other ho wus .very anjrrv However good a man my. grandfather has chosen for mo, is it iiot-iiist that I f i7 : —n."y"^r m £7* *VTI.VUM uj, urtmu at K. >Marph»s .-;,Drqg.;| :Store V.j» 8 v the giving ,away to.hwloftstoniors of so" manv free trial bottles ol Dr. tang'a. New Discovery for Consumption. His-trade is | simply enormous in this very valuable urticJofrqni. tho fact that it always cures and never dwappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and 'all throat and lung disoasas quickly cured. lou can test it before buying by getting largo size .$1. Every my 1 d w 1m Brace Up. rou are feeliug depressed, your an* potito is poor, you are bothered with headache, you are Tidgetty, nervous, and generally out of-sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up,, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bittors, which have for.ibeir basis very cheap bad whiskey, and. which stimulate y for an hour, and then leave yon in worse condition than before. What . o. ffilA. fl r ?c d8 ( 5 ), ufbloSUoX «W DoHlralilo Kenl<limco» for Snlo kn^n" 0 nS D A yll ,?J± awu .ll l _ n « °" Stitto stroot T nnd ^--. ...w, ,„ ,„ 4*<Jl, MJHfc IJlJll 1. should marry the one .whom - my heart has chosenP" • • v , "It is most just,"/said'ChanlUsu, warmly. -Is the parent in 'the o"tlior' roomp it j g i who win k to .-Aim with ardor;" and ho darted to •tho nF BY. Oiiee, Iwico, canm the cry for in !»>«! Hioii silenco; .ho wind no I (MI(W boro ilw uppo,,! up /,,„,„ , h() V](]| " ' 10 young mon dhvrg,,! to widen im. Hold of soared, Inn ( | U) ( |,,, r . s jn _ stinct proved boiler than th,)°m,,,i's reason, and ,I,,, ,1,^, | 1|lv , )f tll ' £ * Uerimrd told his masters uf | lis , u . ISIlwl l|lU'St. ,Jh h "",i J1 " n i ml " ml North ( ' 1 '"'" together tho dog had dug ft H | umlm . dark, richly-drossod young fellow out of the snow, j,, w j, jch hu j By flktf MHO ^Mistress Damon ;jmd boon made comfortable, and the Judge relieved of Ills cloak, and further comforted by dry socks and slippers, lent by i'ufford, was standing with his logs planted wide apart before tho blaze, and drinking coffee at a groat rate liecognUlon was instant, my guardian, my noble - ...-.-.' "'nrt healthy notion of and Kidneys, restore your vitality and g, V o renewed health nnd strength Such a medicine you, will find in Electric Bitters, and only fiO.ceuts a bottle at K- Marsh's Drug Store. my i dw l ,,, » "SW* ArnicMJairo. hn7,« Ja ' lyo M -°">.world for cuts, I BMS 1hZ"S rfl ',^ t -? lloum ' fovo 'corns ^ f 0 '.', i!: PpC(l ' haml8 ' ohilbliUnH, corns and all skin eruptions, «ud i, os u lively oimw piles, or'no' pay requ rod gjf-f "»»««•««• to «Ivo poffi tis- i faction, or money refunded. Trice 2fi ! lC. 1 Tii. box ' For 8al ° bv £ M«£ Fine Kottldonco for Sale s£SSS=S«""s The - Htorv y,' S ""!'"' 1"""' InJltlllfm' 7 ^ «•'mm,l"i"" llj Wlth " """'W known us tlio .s'lniiriii i!H," a '. ul l ! no ''""H ~.. ..*.. "7° >"" ^IUIOIB noMiostfliui. ^Huatod ous'h, ou "° b " 101 to " le "'«Uest bidder. lor FIUDAY. THE TWKNTIKT1I DAY OP MAY •A« 1). ( 1887, EXKCUTOB'S NOTICE. J '°", rloWo "• KLU1TK OJVDEBTAKER, poliitod l'Z C ", t f /} l """'IonrU,thT-- M" ~~Jl6nV With some rubbing and shaking,, You hero! How K^-'^^^^^^^' i am bulled in snow; mon cheat Hies; ncho, they novorfoll. L?u/° SC "" a ", l tllu l'"int of death! e o elli'r" "?i ll1 , 1 * "'« «»vlno mod- | " W AJWI'M 11^. ONO^ A KK u n ul fronoh ' WILLIAB B6NNTAG, Kxooutor. Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes Now and Beautiful Designs Just a <.i..l •—•"«"«**«* J-ruBlHHB JU arrived and arriving for tlio ^^ Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to to ,N.V. anil ,,..U owtiibllMlimont ol anU NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st, Sf,»A H

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