The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1939
Page 2
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COURIER NKWS COURIER NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET This Ticktt Wilt Admit KusMll Marr & Companion Rlvlimille u ,—to the— . iUTZ THEATER ' —to see— "Confessions of i Nail Spj' ,, THURSDAYS EVFNTS Mrs G F Keck having rhurs day Con\ra4 club Club 28 hating dance 8 30 ockrk at Woman s dub Bi-ogd6n' r Pitfman VoWs Said In Avon Ycsteiday Miss Claia. Mac Pittunn <lau°h- ier of Mrs William A BriTiloii of Avvii, MISS, .became the bride cf Benlamin Franklin Brogdon, son of Mrs B F Brogdon, In a cciemony rerf rmed Mondaj morning in Avcn s l&e Rev A r Mclhvafn n-istor of the Greenville Methodist tlimch performed (he cerenionj at (en oclock at the Avon chiiich which was decorated -vvilh Shasla daisies and grcenen arrau»cd agninst a while background A v prograrn V I music was (river b}\ Mrs R. A Patterson of Gicen ville pianist, and Mrs Ernest W Slone Jr ( of Greenville who sail" Oh Promise Me and f Unc. You Trulv Mrs Pilleisan plavcd Scliubeil's 'Serenade' before Ihc cerem nj, Tralmicrcl' while tlic vows were being exchanged, and the traditional •wedding marches of Mendelssohn and Wagner Th"e bilde entered on the mm of her brother Thomas Riley Pilt- niHh, cf Gieenville She wore a Jim! rGlkUnglnaiof clialk white crepe trimmed «li i cot din? nnd complemented bj a lull length prirtcoss coal ulili flareo 1 skill A touch of Majvvine a I the ne-klliie was the onlj coloi milchli)" her iccess lies of Mijvvinc Her dripcti wllilc^ lurban was f Ale\ tersej a Mnlhilde original She carried a bouquet of maiooii carnations snd pmk lilies', tl"d wilh silln ribbon in blending shades Misjj Tlvjrra Bianlon of Avon, was niaid of Irnor and Mrs Perc; Tucker Jr of Memphis initron of honor Miss Branlon's gown was a Itickc 1 model of Daffodil duff n with while accessaries She carried a bouquet of pink roses and pink carnations Mrs Tucker wore a sci blue chiffon dress with tucl ed waist and white accessories Her n vvcrs were pink loses,nnd a»craluin Frances TlIcEachern, of Memphis fiowergirlj K v>cro,whiie\dolted Svvl«s Irlmmcd <nllh vviiite lace and satin ribbon She carried a mlnlnluie French bouquet The bride.,loom was attcndc I bs Richard Tipton us best man The ushers were BUI Madd n of Avon and Leo Logan cf Greenwood The weddinf plrty nnd out of town guests attended a reception following the cerem ny at the horns I of Mrs Brankn After the rec°plloh Mr and M.i Brogdoh left for i wcldln» irij) to the Gulf Coisl They will re lum here next week to make Ihelr h me Blsthevllle pebple who allemurt Ihe wedddmg were Ihe bride^r-oms "isler, Miss Eunice Brogdon Mrs Jess Homer, and her hou "ilesl Mrs Nick Gulp of Clvesler III FLAPPER FANNY By s>iv ia Bits of News Mostly Personali 'icmi, ahd Majflcig. Ky, where Ihey have been \lsltln s for a [cw days They were the guesU of Mr l Reeves' parents, MI and Mrs J J Jlccvcs In Riplcy, and allended the 'puichase picnic' In. Mayflcld perbcit, Johnson and cliilJren of Meilipliis, crtluc Satuiday for a <Wl vvjth MI and Mis Co7ine J31ncl'«ell MI Johnson leturncd jesleitfay, but the chlldicn vvill ic- majii hprc foi a week Miss Frances Holliud is expected 10 iclurii the hllei pail of the vvcil' from Hot Springs vu'ieic she' Jias been visiting jiei sister MM 11 S OaWvven and fainilj, foi a week Mis O W MKS ifcills. W Mo-r^ and daughter' ) , Mr . 11 * n < 1 Mls N)ck Gulp of Oies jura «iL-ius, ,ind Mi6 c i, Nabers f ' r c"iined homo last Jiiglil and (hughlrt Miss Mary Ann having spent the weekend have relumed from « is davs' as lhc S" e!>ls of Mi imi Mis Western liip llicj . attended the Jc<i<i Hoiner ahd family .fill In Sin rianchco and iLsd ' Ml nml Mls Tom Mlbl > 1n <l IvWled in Los Anjeks Holljuo^l ™- ' lomn >V reliuncd hst nltlil nnd Bcvcily Hills Calif the Carls- I " om Hclenn wlieic v they visited bad Cavcins and While Sands Now 1 Ml M < br y Piunts Mis Mibiy Mexico Ilic Grind Qanyon, the nncl sot1 ' wll ° * cnl 01C1 cailier, Pelnlied forest and tho anlcd vele ^ olllei1 tncl e Salmdfij "bj Mr dcteit *,„,„ Hie Moimon Icmple and the oiea't Silt Likes in Utih Pikes Peak and Ihc Rockj Maintains of Colorado. Mr and Mrs Hcnty Ouitii and children, of Kelsci, spent Sundav here with Mr nnd Mis Pettv Crattfoid and children Mi and Mrs Rilph Beiryniiu eic (he dlmler guests of Mis Aubrey ElllcU in Caruthcrsvlllc itnnlny night BUI Wuiideihch Ji is spending Ihis week In Luxora with his ginndpareiils Mr and Airs M C Cookc.' Mrs C G Redman and daujh ler, L-iVoiinc, and son,- c. G. Jr '(o llie be.ibJi •>' Of torn so not" Cmitclw sec I < ______ my Jie« b.tllmtg- suit'" Members uid Guests nf O uiili-j Cllili Ifivc Si'ipjicr A supper arranged fm members of (he county club (hcli fimllles nnd old of lovdi giiesk wasseived to 125 icople H^r in'lit al thq Roddy of Mnj field Kv siKiil Ihc °" 'he dining Hblc which ivis weekend with Mr ind M^s R M centciejl ,vvlth Stmti diisies Mcl«od and iainilj flicy vv^re ac Svvcet|)eis \\ere used on the but Deli Mere man led at the home ot ca "l nnlccl heic bj Miss Glen Oh fcl - and thioughoul the house la the Uidcs pit cuts Sundaj Rev !vtc! - i: o cl who hticl been ^Isillng them blei1 r ° l bildge pmg pong bid- C W Pottci of Joncsboio odlclal iu Miyflcld for sc\en weeks Miss minlon and Chinese thcckcis \veie Ing McLcod Is i sister of Mrs tiodcrj arniigcd in Ihe living looms ind and Mis Rnjmond Kohler last week Mis W J Polhld Mis Jolm r Lenll nml Mrs B A Lynch iiicin bcis of llie cominltlce hi chni^o of airangemcnts loi llie itffaii, served lh° siipjicr fipni ii) D niM. porch f Ihc club' They iverc as slslcd by Mr Polhld Mi Lcntl mid rni moi England, memLeit, oi Ihe I tiriianient committee The supper ineliu vva, iituia ii|i of baibecue wilh side dishes toppe^ widi homo mndc cake nu\ scrvd willi Iced drinks. A number of oul f lov n guesl vcrcpiesent foi (lie alfalr Amon- jieso were Mi and Mrs Mf\ Wo (en of Memphis lions"uest ot Mi and Mrs C M Buck Mies C.lndjs King of poplar Bluff h iiscguest of iMiss nances Ut\lc, Miss Chmloltp Gee of Pnrnu Mo nnd Bill and 'lorn Pcjton of M<jm I his h nsegucfils of Mi in I Mil Lverelt B Gen , Mrs Josiah rorl of OliiXsvllle Teitn h iisegucsl of Mis i j Mnlian am oilier iclivllves Miss Alice Ul? of Nashville rcmi hoiisc- of Mr — Lmllv Smith ind George Hilc Jr of Sliest n hau,e- glicsK '( Jainf; Guard, Dr in I Mis C A L)u s Mr .ind M's Chutes C Coleman Mr an I Mr» Ing I Mi Iwcie bndl> Ul L w Poltei ot Joncsboio lltLiiched it (he Simpson Memoilnl MLtlicdl ( Chinch Sunda\ and held the Ihiid quarleilj conference Fcafoid-Rogns Rites Held Last Salm day CFCIOI>A Aik July i-Announcement of the wcddlii" of Miss ricahor Louise Rogcis of Foil emlth Aik (o Edvuird A reafoul Jr cf Ihls cllv Is made lodij bv Mis Douslns G Roads' of Foil tnillli uiothei of Ihe bride Tlic miuriage Originally bet foi June i,\ al (lie PicsbyCcilnn chilu'i in |Iia( ells ind which was to nine been one of (he cutsl-Hiding nuplmls of Ihe season was post (icncd on account of (!IL deilh of llie bi'dcs father from a lieut ntlnck llireo hours before tlic ccie niony, Ihe ccirmmo nns pel formed O alindny afternoon at four ocloc* ill the. bride's home in Fort .Smith in Ihe | rcbdice of only the mime olilc fnmlly nnd Mis E A lei foul of Osceola mother of nrrom Homer Hiitchinsou of C l uid Miss Marj Griy the - »MI tin i tvir* "" >- ^ uiu uu^i ixmri oriy KO O Bruce Iv> riiomn-- P 11 riita Mr i tls . e| slcr oi Ihc biulc vvcic Ihe and Mrs Bob Kcndrlcks ill of onI 5 illcnd.lnls Osceola Misses Joan and Mm Katlicruxe Lennn of l\Au \Okla h uscguc«ts of Mr an I Mi' L°nti ;olo, 'IWhnl Is Your 'Lite Ti ,She ^v^^ accomp mied b> l^t^e Groii|i Atteua Bochctots Club Dance A large group ol 011 ot town guests were included In the 200 people who attended the Bncht Icrs club holklaj dance at the cltj auditorium Motidav nWit Jack Staulcup anrf his orches'n plijed for the affair as (he guesis danced below the floilm^ balloons of r«o while nnd Hue Huso palriclic colors were al'o "nrncd out in the slage decorations about the orchestra Included in the out of tovn guests at the dance were Hcmy Tiplon Jack Tiplon and joim Tiptort ot Caruthersville, Miss Gladys, King of Poplar Blult hcusetitesl of M.SS Frances Little Miss Alice Ulz ot Nashville. Tenu lioUsegue't of Mr and Mr Rii s'll Phillips, Miss Marie Esi«~ of Philadelphia Miss housegue,t cf Miss Jane Weaihersbj of O c^o'a Mlsc, 7aza Nunn of California hou^egiiest of Ml- Mndehu- Ed rington of Osceola, Miss Char lolle Gee oi Parma, Mo hou =guest ol Mr and Mrs Lverett B Gee, Jack Carson of Charleston Mo, housegucst of John Harp Mrs Constanc" Bush houscguca of Miss Patty Shine and Biron Rudolph Ephretissl, bolh ot Parn gould, Miss Sally Hardy and William Fay, hodseguests of Mi and Mrs John Miles Milkr ind Don Pcttit, Frank DoggrcII Miss BUCA fenniny and Billy Carp'nter all of Memphis ,. Mtss Pearl Cartwrle^il Ml Ma» ry Virginia Cromer, Miss Mirnn Cromer, Miss Clerhenliiie Miss rdna Ayres, Mtss Josephine Frazhr, Miss Jfarlha lane Can Wright, Miss Jane Weithersby Mt«; Nancy Snow Wilson, immcti Wilson, William Bird Edringlon m ri, G Carlwrlghl, Nelson Sc»ravr Junior Cramer, Bill Blackwood, nl of osceoja / , „ ^Mlss^Rufay Craln, Willis Jerome Blll> Nlcliokon, all of Wilson B 'E Hndlcr, pf Manila, Misses Jaie and Jean Williams of Driver, Bil/ lY Boonc of Munaj, Ky, Mr and 3~ Mrs Dale Dye.^of fat Wuis Miss , Emily Smith and George Hale Jr, ^ f liouscglicsts of James Guard, and 4* S Haze] and Miss Bonita Harrell, Jfivc Hjsmcss uncling Fifty three members of (he Wo mans Misslonarj Uiu n of the first UaptlH church met Mondav aflcriiooii at the church for n bus Incss wvilmi Mrs. II. :}t. BMOkr The incelinT was o|iencd Vlth 11 fir by Miss. Cordelia WilUilc. (lie repeating of llie vvalchwcrd fellovid vvl[h praier by Miss Cor rtelia Wlliille \fr J H Smart Jr. was In charge'of-the dcvi. tional ..;n."Scrylce' Shephord s in" i li, l.vclyn Smart Pnvcrs vcre offered by Mrs Hen Harrison mil Mrs Waller, Bishop s » » » To Cnlcrtaln Club With 1)3110111,, I'ul} Mr and Mrs Max B Reid Mr and Mr? George D P llo-l nnd \fr and Mrs L t OH will entertain member cf Club 23 -with l dancing partv lamorrov night at the Wotnnns club ' T!ic affilr which is n mouUilj ocial event, of the club will be in at 8:30 o'clock. Mi Icaford is a giaduilc of HCOIBII Te-li Atlanta m liusiness luiiilnistntltn ind chemistrj and lill be associated with his filhei L A Icnford In ills ginning ind rurmiii" interests at Lu\on His bride lUiu comes fioni a famds long Komlncnl in business ind tolliics of western Arkansas at undcd Agnes Scolt tollege De- cilnr Ga Her paternal graiul- falhei tlic lale John H Rogers as federal judge in iveslcin Ar insas until his death » In place ot the more cxleiiMvc ridil tour planned -\t rlrit, 'he Doling co«plc t tcok a thre-di> motor trip iiome through (lie Ai fiiras aiul Missouri O?irks and ire expccl"ri home todij Thrj vul( be at home for tlic pic->enl HI the house oiuied by Mrs P r Travis on Die Ermcti Lane th thr west 1 oild ol .town. Ocll W r roller I, m u lc Memphis Baplist hospital where'lie imder- 'enl an operation Silurday ot i=t week r M Woodard nn-l lamllv it ended (lie funeril of ^!rs E B tfocdard a ( p^cola bi n-l ij _ Mr? G c Giles lm returned ro_m Virgmn uhpie 5 t, r i,, s neen her brother who Is -ir- Mr Bronnlfc ind fainllj \\cnt ' D ,™ cm " h " 5>imdiy to \KH VV E Rcv ceo L McGcliM «cQl to ' oay, will, Mrs"M C GeI,ey'7l',oMs » the Methodlbl hu pih! foi \icat ncnl Dr E W lollr dK| r icl super intcndcnl of \\ v jonesborn n,< trict will picich it Ihc ' odLt chi'reh Sundis m, will hold the third qim fcrcnc6 \t two oclock in noon. William Richard'on of r-cn^cola, Fla,-ahd Miss Clara StinWn of iMt-lh i'iR lm t> coil > iller Demonstration Club News Notes 'Hie Dogwood Home Demonstration Club, lias enjoyed llirec tm- HElial .nctlvUies (liis motidi, says Mrs. Marvin Ixuie. (ho Recreational Of ™ !, 1 , on Julj 2 Miss Emily Smith and George pleasure ind the piivilege of the club to select and present an ap- ltalc Jr ., 0 , S1KCS101V propiialc gift-i pan of Imported guests cf James Guard nitmber vvith n bovver L ?" sa ?" lntl r her i her a . ,, shower. Mis Lnng- John Harp . don snfd, M know dial was the ever did for one another!" the uocin? vrairtd take an , rt I™!? ' !C ' lt " 3t icr" carries around tl\e , d forest and tho pajnlcd vele ^ olll cf Nevada, BouUtei Dam r Wabr y \ iv.,, ij.ivu*lllt, .1IIL1 ^UJl, \J. Ij. jr.. «»IU Wil^ , IJJL' lUllllCl LYilh,-. lillll have ieturned h^in Hot Springs HalL Carlisle and Mi nllej ic VVlieiP thoV cnnTll. Ill,,, l.lnnl-.. ^1 Illlllrrl Trnm limit llllrl.l (.1.. n. Uicie Ihcy spent HULL weeks at Ihe Vagabond Village Mr and Mrs D D Elkins an-1 chlldicn 111115 Mr and Mrs J W The I?cv J Walter G bb of Meiuplns attended to bushiest, here Monday. Mi dml Mrs i\fiK Wo ten and lamilj of Memphis spent yesterday line as the guests of Mis Woolen b parents, Mr. anil .Mrs. C. M Buck, nml family Miss Mai) Emma Hood hns gone to rijctlcvlllo foi the suiimier She \vlll be i playground super v it. i at Mouiit SLtiiiola ;r speiil Ml and Mis J Y ruiiie Mondaj In Meni)>lns Miss Cihdys King ol Poplar Bluff who spent (he Uollda>s here us the guest of Miss fritlces LUtle returned lo hci liunie to(Hy Siic vvis motoreJ there by Jeny irar- vvell vvh> vvill spend two weeks Ihcre vvllh his pneuls Mi ahd Mrs. J. H..Harwell. M C Cook motored lo Joncsb ro Friday for his dnighler Miss riicima Cook, W!ID his been il lending siimmci si,ho I it Arkail sn-i Silatc collc D c Thej were ac cbinpanlcd h'oiiic : by Miss Eila Cloycs, of Parasottld, -a clhssniale of Miss C:ok, who spent tlie vvcek- ciul with them and 'Mr. .and Mrs. Preston Rniiiey., Mrs. Ramey a_nd dllss'e sisters. Mr and Airs George Stickler, of. Poplar Bliiff, arc . vlsillii? Mr. and Mrs WJlllun Young Mis Stickler ind Mrs Young aic sis tcrs. Mell Brooks, of Little R:ck. re- linned home yeslerdny aller liavlno spent Ihc weekend here with h's parents Mr and Mrs ?J M->!1 Ercoks. lie .was mbtorcd as (ar as West Memphis by his parcnls inri Miss Evelyn Smart. Mrs f O Weblbrook ivho hi been Inking trealmcnts in Memphis f:-r several months,-was taken to Ihe Baptist ho pilal ye terday \vhcre stie will undergo a major operation In the nurhlhg. Mr and Mib Vernoil G 'llioun soi\ will leave oiind'iv for a tvv" weeks vacalion to be spent In New Oileiins, Blloxi aiid f'cnsicbla. Mfss .Jeanne Bradshcr reliiriieU l^ fat Loilis Moudas night iflcr hivin" spent the weekend here with tier parents. Mr. arid Mrs. Fred hradslicr. Miss Anna i Hardcitj of Troy Me., has rctvirncd Co her libme after having', spent 10 days here ,as the. guest, of Mrs.. Charles Eiilinnks. .Mr. aiid Mrs. A. H. Wallace. Miss Era Wright and Mrs. Eunice, Young tpenl i yesterday at Reelfobt Lake. tn route home they st pped (it Newborn aii'd Unitjii City, Te'hrt. for brief .'.visits. Miss Sally Hardy and William Fay, of'Memphis, returned to their homes last night after havin? sjieiil the holiday weekend here as the gucsls,of Mr. nun Mrs. Jclin Mile Miller Mr nnd M~rs Dale five of "51 Louis, arc vlsiling here i\ovv, Mrs. 0 (0r nll0lllCr to n the Hc foniierlv resided here n, n . .. _ Y. _. e ?. , rc Hale Jr., of were le P'? io ,, L ", tcs tamll y » ni so011 Miciiarlotlr Gee of I'arml ve into Iheli new home Ihc MO Is spending the «cck here as club surprised Mi, Lines an ncttve tl ,e guest, f her uncle I.ercti B nitmber vvit Oc l family drson of Charleston Mo , ic. drson of Charleston Mo at Fort Joseph T. Robinson. LIUli ll \ n " ll " 1 f lllck - relumed home this morning alter neck Mr Dhodes Is n m<l lieu *' • 111<clubi ««. - having been Ihc vvert end «"•• .-»•-,.. Ub Wnnl lols r,t i. ,, I ., nn los n<"S t w fir ™,« L l al .» ol E ul)ors wmmcr at Hirdj attended lo bu Incss ;hcrc .today Miss Evelvn e nv Ues lonsil ami " "" f ««»«• ftolltl The from the foiti engine'! Is twice that of a locomotive, Osceola ' Society — Peisonal Memphis as gucsis of hei parents Mi and Mrs A |i jn Jollcs Ihe Rev i«aul Galloway nnd Mrs Galloway iverc (.ucsls of Mr ahd Mrs W A Dowcll In Joncs- boro Friday Mr and Mu, Claude Havel! of Etcclc, Mo, u cje guests 0 ( Mr IU1( | Mrs Heights Diircli 8unda> Hen- iy; Gordon of Carulhersville iva.s the guest of Miss Marlha Ann Bin cli foi Die vicekcntl Mis John n Miller ind Mi C. L. Grlgsliy, membeis of the Glade. School faculty, vvill leave todij for Coiuvay for the last tcim of the Stale Tcichcr, Col legc ! Arthur Rogers 6f,Jacksoh. Miss. nrilved Salurdaj for the lointli ft July holidays In the home of Mr aii-l Mrs. II. J. Hale, Hc was ac- cuiipanicd by Mac Horn of Memphis, who' remained for the weekend, Mr. Rogers will be accompanied home by Mrs. Rogeis. wllo has .spent llie past two weeks here vVllh her parents, Mr. and Mrs, if.ilc Ci C L Htcil hoiticuiturlst with (lie lo'vva State College, Ames, la., is (lie gucsl of Godfrey White afiti Mrs. Wlille this week. Dr. Fitch was guest speaker al the Biiracii. Bible class (nu'glit by J. D. Biibn last Sunday. He Is' also an nitlioi .ind tonliibiiloi lo a tiirnl magii/ini's. WEDNESDAY, JUIA' (j, 1939 loiiscivnrinlrif for New Kriilc, Ini'itatloiis .were given to sixty of llie young man-ice: set for the nil daj play jni (y uid IIOIIS«H 11 tn ill' in llie home of Mrs Edward R'lcj on nltlnj Mis Riky was , the former Mrs.-. Ruth fronj Inch tilp on Tuesday, following tiicir marriage 17 peach colored cloth was used consolation avvird were presented nrniigcd in (he living looms ind on the screened | orclies of Iheir new hontc on Broidvay and Kcl ser.nyciiiie. Croquet sets were also set up on the shaded lawn. Ihe all-daj plnj parties hive become a popuhr diversion .among llie social set during (he 5iimni(.i moiilhs iii , place . 61 . more fbrinal affilis Guests come m pla} suits and atliictlve sporls costmnci * * • » Glvp Morning Ilrnlgc Mis Godfiej While and Mrs John Binford while were hostesses to frjiu tables of plijcis' nl il Hicrnlng brkl»u ind luncheon it (lie While home on Highvv iv 01 1 ridiv morning complimenling Mis Jolin Binford Whites moth er iml sister Mrs Muiptv> n flreira nnd Miss Eleanor Avidicw of Jittlc Rock wiio hue been Ihcii guests for'ten days Larkspur and roses were used m , decorations of the poich n.d living room ' Mrs Ed Qiiinn was given a caul (able for highest score wilh T ciy slal • cignrctte box ahd asli trays goiiig lo Mrs W W Prewitt foi second high ECOIC Mis Joe Cro mci icccivcd a ichih dish foi Handkciclnef* --— , Aiulrevs <incl MKs AiKfievvs and Rfis A Conwaj of Bljthcvillc Mis Jesse Brown of Ln\ora was ilso n yucst * • » Mr- Ohlrmlarf I ii(cr(nns Mks Catherine Hunell of Oscc olli uid Mrs n I, Hoitok of Lucora were guesls of tlie Fndav Bridge club placing at the coun try home of Mrs Harold olilen iorf on Highway fil i0 iuli of tovn Fridaj afternoon A color nolc of jellovv ,ind hvcn- 1er vvis emplovcd vvilh use of jcl low glariiol IE mid lavender phlox The sime shicles wcie used in tallies and the rcficMimcnl plale Mis Robert L. Kcndricl' wis given an fee bowl ,ind (ongs foi highest score * * * Kas liirtlnli} 1'irtv Mr> W B Marshall wis hostess to thirteen snnll tots it a pirtv li her lawn Frldij -tflrrnoon hoii- ciiiij the sixth birthday of her "on Will! nn BIJS Mirslnll Mis Ely nrlvor Jr issMccl Mis Mil 'ball in cntcrlamln,' Uio children at thc^swln^s <amlpilo, see siw ind the new sliding board and Irapeze given William Bays by his parents as birthday gifts. Rickrack sets were given each child >'a favor. The guest list included Divld :ahry Elv Driver Jr Charles Manley, Clinton Davis, Carolyn Spic e Jtanelle Bo* en Mary Sue .Manley,. Patsy Miller, Jim 3Ickoy JWriBlit. Bobbie Jean Dav- dson, and La Driver. Gors (o Officers fitcimpninik D. Fred Taylor Jn left last week for Atlanta, Ga., where he will spend two weeks at tlie Reserve Officers Encampment at Fort Me- Plicrsoti. lie vvciit by Monlgomcry, Ala., where lie transacted legal business. Mis. Taylor will spend lie time with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Shearon in Marked Tree. Mr. Taylor is B captain Hi the Reserve Officers Corps. Joe nhode.s will leave later In he. month for two weeks at this' Citizens • Military Training CaiiVp at Fort Joseph T. Robinson. LiUlc At The Hospitals Dlvllicviltc hab|ii(il Leioj riancwti), licimaii dale admitted Jane Bledsoe, Luxora. adihlltc'd Jtvvcl Kiecli, cilj admitted Alvin Liieilan Bragg City ad mitt<.(i Waitei Giaj Slcele a Imittcd Junes Ejvvaid Vicks, cilj, id ilUtted Nancy Uichirds clt> admitted MeciUt Vcncgns luxoia, admitted, Vanda; Lee Blythe, Lcachvillc, dismissed Born to Mr and Mrs 1 (.ros riancvviv Hcrmandile i diughter Monday ', njght, , wcTghing eight lioiinds. Th6 baby has not becii named. Walls hospilil Marvin Fulleiton. Steelc. admitted. ' Mrs Mai v in rulleiton Steele a'tmiltted. Miss I cttie Mie Hoppei tmnilo admitted. Agnes Sue Beiiton, city, admitted. Nancy Elizabeth Penh, city, admitted. Ellon McCatin. Mariila. admitted. Airs. .Paul Rich, city, dismissed. Mis Neil luilciton ind babj Steele, dismissed. Cody Eaton, city, -dismissed. Miss Evelyn Blytbe, city, dismissed. Mrs. c. W. Glenn, city, dis miSjse'l "Mrs Maude, Higglns Hollind dismissed. Miss Corolla Kerncy, Cooler, dismissed, Memphis Itaptist hnspila! Mrs. W. M. Morrow. Luxora. admitted. s Mrs. Roy Dillard, Osceola, admitted. Mrs. I.'o. -Wcstbrook, city,- admitted Memphis Sli'lliwlist Hospital Mrs. C. J. Lovvrancc, Driver, ad- nitted. illtriiptiis St. Joseph's hosjiftAt Miss Mary Hcicii Green, Car- litliersville. admitted. .Born to Mr. aiid Mrs. Bill King, Dyess, a son. Memphis Summer Musical Shows To Open Friday In a. thu/tlng bla/o ol light and :oloi summer musical shows. In Overtoil Paiks huge open-air shell Mil m ike then bow Friday night! «Hh (lie nist production of "The Nc« Moon and O nc of ^ j,;,,^ jjcclaciitoi fii!,t nlglils" ever witnessed in !Uc South. ozens of {xraeiriil .scarchJI'Ms, 311117 j»o\c than 2000,000 can- dlepoucr will viaie beckoning flu- sm of llgln acioss Die sky for an ho.Ur before curtain lithe. Ncvvsrecl cameras will catch the nivals of ('opens pf distinguished dignitaries diul ndio microphones will nin = ' ihdi «oids liroaiiciht. Govenioi Coopei of Tennessee. Coveinoi White, ot Mississippi ana Gotemoi Bailey, of Arkansas, have been invited. rive minutes bcfoie the curtain, a thmideioils silvo bomb's' crash the skv lockets of fire pierce the clouds In bieaUi-taJdn" patterns ol coloi finally, a tremendous bhst of mah-ma'de tliuii- dci fiom hlL,h in the air to sMja'l the start of (ho oveit'ilre. And 4 ODD persons will' settle nick to enjoj Quil Hnmm'mlclu lls beloved musical romance of old New Orleans. uiting sitUi nevci-fading so'rig hits such as "Lover Come Buck to Me One Kiss" "Wanting Vou faoftlj rts In a Morning mibO ami Stout llcartcd Men," is i cist of top ranking Bro.ialvii'y favorites Headed l?j Nancy Mc- Ccrd, Guy Robertson, Eric Mattsen, Robert Pitkin,. Cliff Brocie antl the comedi team of jack Sli'eehtiji nh'd Helen Dray.' lo suppoit, them Producer Reginald Hammeistem has gathered in ensemble of 50 6'f the iiifet beautiful male and female voices in tlic Mid-South, and a dance chorus of 25 comely girls. The Nev Mcon sets the'pace for foui othei big productions in the Shell this smntnr. In the order of piodilcfiou they aie: "Kbberla" (Jul\ 17-->2) Bibei hi Tpylanrl" <Julj 24 28) No No, Nanette" (Julj 31 Aug 5) and ;-The VugV bond King' (All" 7 12).• : Rosen atlons foi tickets for "flic Nen Moon ahd the older pro'du'c- ticjii as well me on sale in Blytheville at Kirby Dnig Store. Penny of 182b Fouiill . DUNKIRK, N. Y. (UP)—Workmen dismantling an old residence here foinid a penny dated f83C while dealing avvij debris, bis- Lolotcd uid aged the coin appar T cntly was lost during the early days of the home. ' T. L. Hale To Speak At Townsend Meeting T L. Hale vvill, be the, speaker at the . mccUnij of, the Toiviiscnd Club; No. One. at IJie 'court iiousc tonight, it was announced today The meeting will begin at TM o'clock. Ofiiccrs of the group have urged all members to attend the meeting to which (he public is Invited. Mfty per cent, ol the people iii Hie .world still carry iiiimlels or other charms lo protect. them against bad luck, cyll spirits, and slckiicrs, .it is sai'd. Eugir beds bolanicaliy sp'eak : ing", belong to tile same- species as (lip gaiden beet Although they contain less than 20 pec cent sug : ai lliej furnish nearly, cf tlie WOllds supply of-that com- inodily. .,'.-• \' ;p\T 5 ' v; - : There is DUG .automobile to py- cry -six persons in the United States. Masons Will Meet In Special Session Tonight Ihc chuLisanba Lodge 141 will meet in spccill c ill meeting in the Lodge, .Hall tbiiiglit at 7:30 o'clock foi (he purpose of confening i Master Mason's .degree. Neill Reed, Worshipful Master, announced toil iv AH Masons ire urged to attend the meeting to which visiting masons are invited, Mr. Reed said today. A Yellow r l iht niay Mean' You arc Bilious arid Need Calolabs. The trataed cja of your physician can tell it i glance that you are hihous or as we Southerners say jou have so called lorpid Liver'' lo miko sure of Ins diagnosis he looks for a co itcd tongiie, poor appetite ind digestion In itis absence "™ Mnous symptoms he (ells Vcj igi r Quiet? n ind GIBRALTAR (UP) — Stewards searched ; Die 22.0l)5-ton H.M.S. Strathaird, which .is on the Australia rim, when il was at Gibraltar, for a passenger who disliked music.' He Had thrown all the .ship's band Instruments' overboard during (he night. A British expert In child stu ly tales thai no child is born trutli- ttil nnd that .the virtue of truth has to be aiid can be acquired. I C f tenant In ibc Cillrciis Military Training Cftrps. Mrs. Hliodcs -vlll (be visit with her pircnls In Conwiy while her husband is In Ult'c neck Mr and Mrs W j Drlvci hive lo tlicir liome in Ihls uhg ,.v nn IIULIU; tuiiusviiiv; H lonsu- luiuiuuq -10 incir liome ill Uus Iccloiny performed recently at Iho city' from Washington where Oniy WnUt tif till!>i1 li«..A^..i^.^t ii. - ...i_.i L ' ' . _ have spent the vviuici 'rticy' were ,..., ..!.,,,.!,„ .nave -.ptiu me vvimci nicy vvcr Mss Evclvn Snnrt ind hu iccompiiiied by (heir granddaugh- Lrolhers D n nnd Jim will leivc leis, Ui Lou and Pecev Jaue tomorrow for Ccnitobli ind oilier Hilvtr who hid been visiting V>.lnts of Mississippi where they their grandparents In Washington \iri7l iris IT. rninllv^c fnr n n-n n i. r^^ a __... .-, . 9 Conner N ews ad , (will visit n ' Vt and relatives for a week. and for two weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ohl'endorf £'f-sf^^ ' * ' , ,. Memphis Open Air Tfieatre INCORPORATED brings you •k A musical romance ol old New Or! e an 5 •fr Slnginz and JancingrtmiisdtCi T*r 5»1E (ills yon remsmSzr 4 lova •fa Entire ptoducVloii nntfer peisonal sopoivlslon ol Reflaald Ham nwslslri July 7 - July 15 at beautiful Overton Park Shell "Ifnifcr itic Starj" 4000—SEATS—4000 Prices $1, 7S«, 50e, l$c Contiftg ncu "ROBERTA" July 17-July ia Buy j-oiir (icA'cli ot KIRBY ISU0S. DRlIp CO. FJibnt 2S—Main * Bniartway )!>ythcvilie When jou -»o the symptoms of biliousness why «ait until you are really ill lake Galolabs, the Improved cilomel compound tableti; thai mike calomel-liking a pleasure. Calotabi act like cilomel and salts combined helping expel the sour stagnant Bile and washing it out of join syst"in One or two Cilotibs at. bedtime with a glass of witer,— that's all Nest morning jour system feels clean and refreshed your head n clcir your spirits bright, and you arc feeling fine with a hearty appetite foi brciUist Eat what yo.u wish and go about jour work or pleasure. Ccnulno Calolab- are sold only in cn.cKcr-boarcl (tltck and white) pacl;- (ir-'v bearing the trnde mark "CaloUlbs " / 1 Inltjtlon inmlly pactoga only I a, vaceilU, Ulnl package ten cents c j^uri-pa'c " (Adv ) BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! 'IS, TUHKS. ..RADIOS, PARTS, RKPAIRS, UtinY & riJNDER WORK, 'AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW - PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE GHEVROtEf CO. 633 Always Opcii And Other Malaria Misery! .poii'l go tliroiiEli tlic visual Malaria suffering!;. Don't g 9 pn shivering with chills pne moment arid burning with fever the next. < Malaria is relieved by Grave'; Tasteless .Chill Toi,ie. Yes ihfc medicine really works. Made especially for Malaria. Contains last!less jjuinidinc and iron.. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic ac- Uially combats Hie Malaria infection in the blooil. Relieves th<» wracking chills and fever, flclp? you.feel better fast. P tbolcst Spdt ih Town Witfcli Society F Oit Ciurier Newi F Free SKow GneiU RITZPftTRONS Tfie" Ritz malincCs .lyiil fie Shown' a) (he ^nx> Tficalre liiilil Pridiiy of tliis' vveiek Sue lo making repairs/ but th« ilight sh%s'' will be at the Riti as usiiiil. EOW. G. ROBINSON i I Ceorse Sari'ders • Men'rii b'Kcit't H pirectetf b) «M.TOU LITVIlk ''! Preiented by WURHER BSos. , brmei G-Man • A Fin) f^alionol Pkiur* ' <Mso Pnmniount- News & I-arry "Union -Short, • , Admission ATatfneb IDc A ^6c Night 16c & 36c ROXY Admission always lire & 2£c MaUneei Frl.-Snt.-Smi. Last Times Today _ Also F6x NevVs'i-,Conicdy Weds. - Thurs. PAL Z admltleci far (he ^rlcc of I Victor McLAGUK Tom BROWN-Non GREY IConilarttoMOORE'Vy'm.Frowl'y, Also selected sliorls

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