Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 18, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1887
Page 3
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^^ O UO "|T/\T T\WO Second street,near IO n,\/JUUJaa O, corner ol Henry -FOB- FINE J STATIONERY, Such ns Oranc's Floral, Whiting's Standard Papers, Hurlbut's French Linens, 'Eclipse Rugged Edge, Elite Ragged Edge, Balmoral Linen, Grlliln's Linen. Turkey Laid -Linen, J'eacn Blow, Mikado, Charred Edse, Oreara Laid, Mourning Note, and a largo assortment ot Illuminated and Decorated Stationery. DonnlBon's Wax and Seals. School Tablets and Stationery. decfldwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! ; PUBAP FOE OA8IT ON. TIME PAYMENTS ' : Pianos and Organs tuned and repaired. Sowing Machines repaired. Supplies lor all Ma• chines. N. n. LAMOUEUX, Mnslo Dealer, Third street, nearly opposite ; Belle, Alton 111. , decddwly ! WATCH • OB THE BARGAINS IN JOB'S NKW COB. BUILDING, HKNKY ST,, AT MBS. O. HKITKAMP'S, All kinds of Fancy, liana made, Knit andOro- errtgoods. iroods,Tobaggau8 and Mlts. Men's BOOM'S and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Bowing and stamping Done. Oome and give ns a call. Don't forget the nlnce d«c6rtwly Lucas Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL s . DRAUGHTSMAN, if JOfflce onXhlrd st.,one door west o* Piasa, third floor. SUPPLIES. Oils. Needles' and Farts of all all Machines, We have now the B, & G. Howe Shuttles. A Iso Turkish Rug Patterns and Machines. E. H. OOULDING. tnchMdw von Ocean Passage Tickets AtLOWBBT 11ATKS Of the OUNAUD, WHITK 8TAK, and ALLAN MNKi aluo ot all QKUMAN and FHKN01I UNB8 Apply to HUPKUSIIADSKN & BONNTAO, •P80UW6W Alton, III. ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH, I WEDNESDAY EVE., MAY 18. NOTICE TO AUVERTI8EB8, For the year 1887 wo shall charge tlio lol. lowing rates tor transient notices In our local columns: Single Insertion . .. . loljonts! Throe to nvo insertions, . . 7 " Six to twelve Insertions, . 6 " KATES OF ADVERTISING: TnAN8iBNT,-y/lfrr cents per Inch nrst Insertion, and TWENTf-Ftm cents per Inch (or each snbstcruont Insertion. $3 per Inch first month, 11.50 per Inch each month thereafter. LEGAL ADVERTISING: $1 per Inch lot the first Insertion, and 50 cents per Inch lor each subsequent Insertion. JKr Above rates will bo strictly adhered to. THK DAILY TELEGBA1MI Is delivered by carriers to all parts ot the city ol Alton and Upper Alton, tor ton cents per week. Mailed to any addrebs at the rate of $8.20 per year. THK TKLEGKAl'11 lias tho largest clroula- tlo^i of any paper In Alton, and Is tho best medium for advertisers. OOHNKR TlIIBD AND PIA8A STKEBTS. TELE- PHONK NO. 88. INDICATIONS fair weather. for Illinois: Warmer, aro lead niokols in circulation. Look out'for them, 1'EKSOSAL. Mr, II. E. Bayle, of Edwardsvllle, Is In town. Mayor M'Piko loaves for Chicago this evening;. Mr. Samuel Stahl, of Moro, was in tho city lotday. Mm. J. W. Caldwell and Mrs. Morton, of Shipman, wcro in tho city today. Mrs. Geo. F. Woitzol of Oberhtt Kan. who has been visiting her daughter, re- lumed homo this morning. Dr. MoKinney returned this morning from Northern Illinois. Ho reports that section suffering for lack of rain. RIVKR MEWS. Tula evening's packets are tho Hud* son, for St. Louis, the Spread Eagle, for Grafton; the War Eagle, for St. Paul; Calhoun, for i'coria. ALTON IHl'BOVBMKM T1UN. A8SOCIA. Remember the concert at tho Presby-, terian church on the 25th. 14 td Lost—A pair of skeleton eye glasses attached to chain. Finder will please leave at this omco. It Mrs. Cunningham will sing "At Length a Brilliant Ray," from Seniira. mido, and Gounod's "Angelic Salutation" with violin obligato. Newport Button Slippers, and Lace Oxfords Star Shoe Store.—Big 102. . It THE City Council, ot Rockford, 111., with the assistance of the Mayor's vote, has fixed tho rate of saloon licenses at $1,000—an increase of $400. If you want to reach the country trade hand in your notices for the Weekly TELEGRAPH, by 9 a. m. Thursday. ' 17 2 Tho stockholders of tho Alton Improvement Association held a meeting last evening in tho ofllco of McKmney & Hewitt, Mr. C. W. Milnor presiding, Goo. Fiewitt secretary, and elected seven directors for the ensuing year as follows: Wm. Eliot'Smith, Lucas Pfeiffenbergor, Chas. W. Milnor, George R. Hewitt, Henry R, Phmney, Julius H. llaible. GOOD NEWS. fhe Bridge Engineers to Arrive Next Week. • THE Western Unitarian' Conferen and the Women's Western Unitarian Conference met in annual session In Chicago, yesterday. Rev. Mr. Frost,of this oity is in attendance. The Western Unitarian Sunday school Conference will meet on Friday, in the same city. Our Ladies' Shoes in all the leading styles and qualities are leaders and fitters. Star Shoe Store Big 102. .It A complete lino of Spring and Sunn mer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by H. C, G. Moritz, Third street. mchl7 tf SOME fifteen cities in the United States have electric railroads in operation, some of them three or four milos in length. More than fifty other street car lines will be operated by means of electricity within the next twelve months. We presume tho Alton Improvement Association will operate the street car line it intends building either by cable or electricity. Both these motors have passed beyond the limits of experiment. r AY, ) 3E, S 7, '87.) Mayor M'Pike received the following letter this morning in regard to the Central Missouri. We think it will make every one feel better: CENTRAL MISSOURI RAILWAY, CHIEF ENGINEER'S OFFICE ST. Louis, Mo., May 17, H. (?. M'Pike, Alton: DEAR SIR—Col. Hayward has not yet reached here. Your telegram will be referred to him on arrival which should be tomorrow. Things are progressing here and work of construction has begun. Large outfits are here and due. I shall be in Alton next week, to conduct some borings for the bridge there. Respectfully, E. C. HAYWARP. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is the prescrption of one of the best female nurses and physicians in the United States, and" has been used for forty year? with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During the process of teething its value is incalculable. It relieves the child from pain, cures dysentery and diarrhoea, griping in tho bowels, and wind-colic. By giving health to tho child it rests the mother Price 25c a bottle. ial6 mwf wk A Common Sense ann Opera too, La» dies' Opera Slippers 'Star Shoe Store Big 102. It A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia ure tho best cigars in the market. Summer Millinery. A largo, varied and fashionable stock of Summer Hats and Bonnets just received at Winter's Millinery, Belle st. 10 4 Snrlup Goods. Now goods in all shades and colors which will be made up in suits at roa>- sonable prices. All goods out and made by the New York Fashion Review. Wo guarantee a line lit, at Bruoggeman tho Tailor's, cor. Third and Piasa sis. my 12 dCw finrmali Illastrate'd. Rev. C. A. Nichols, ot Hussion, Burmah, will give free a lecture on "Burs mah and her People," Wednesday evening, May 18th, at tho Baptist church. Seventy-five views will bo exhibited with an oxybydrogcn light. 163 Groat Chunce for Bargains. Tho stock purchased of C. M. Crandull, Chlnawaro, Qucanswaro, Silver- plated ware, Glassware, Lamps, Tabla Cutlery, In short household goods of every variety and stylo, IB being sold off at 60 cents on tho dollar, until Juno 1st. 0 tf P. T. Uaruuui'B Story. "—"~ P. T. Barnum, tho great showman, has contracted with Frank A, Mnneey, publisher of Tho Golden Argosy, to writo a long serial for that popular weekly. Mr. Barnum is now seventy seven years of ago, but ho comiuonoos this arduous undertaking with tho enthusiasm of a young man. The opening chapters appoar in tho Argosy for May 21, and ithoy aro ox* truuioly Interesting. The Golden Argosy 1« for iftlo by nil newsdealers. SEMINAR? EXCURSION. The young ladies of Monticello Seminary with their Principal, Miss H. N . Haskell, went on an excursion today on the; Hudson to Grafton. Tho boat arrived at 11:80 with nag and banner flying in honor of the occasion. Tho fair excursionists arrived about tho same hour by an extra train from Godfrey. The boat left at noon affording a pleasing picture as she walked tho waters, tho charming Seminary belles thronging the docks. Tho Alton Orchestra was engaged for the trip, their dulcet strains adding to the prevailing "sweetness." Tho day was all that could be desired and tho excursion proved thoroughly enjoyable, affording, as it did, a daylight view of the beautiful scenery above the city. THE ST. L. & C. I. E. K. With referenco to the letter from President Raines, of the St. L. & C.I. R. R., read by tho Mayor at the Council mooting yesterday, which we mentioned last evening, Alderman Hewitt read the following p'reamblo and resolution, which wore unanimously adopted: , Whereas, the St. Louis and Central Illinois railroad company desire to enter the oity of Alton along tho rivor front on tho west part of tho oity: and, Whereas, wo think it is tho general wish of the people of Alton that said company be granted all proper facilities that this Council can legally grant; therefore be it Resolved, that it is tho sense of this Council that all proper facilities, such as right of way upon the streets of this city, bo granted to said company upon said railroad company filing with this Council tho proper petition to be acted upon boreaftor. On motion, tho Mayor appointed tho following committoo to take immediate steps to obtain tho right of way from Hop Hollow into tho city: Aldermen Armstrong, Burko and Roper on tho part of tho City Council, and Henry Watson, L. Pfeiffonborger and II. R. Phmney to act in behalf of the citizens of Alton, tho committee appointing Mayor M'Piko as its chair* man. The Rico Coil Spring puts tho baby to sloop, It settles tho business botwoou tho follow and his girl. She's too lumpy to say "no" after a half hour's rido In a buggy with the Rice Coil Spring. d w 1 w There is no danger to human life more to bo droudad than that which arises from viliatod blood. Dyspepsia, rheumatism, hoadaolio, and gonoral debility, all rumilt from it, and are cured by tho use of Ayor's Sarsupimlla. Tako it this month. Six bottlou, $0. di\lw UPPER ALTON. '' MAT FESTIVAL—The concert in Col lego Hall, last evening, for the banefi of tho Public Library was greatly en joyed by those who were present, but unfortunately, it was not patronized as it deserved. The programme, as print nd, was as follows: I'AKT J. Evening 1'rayor -Chorus. Quartette—(Smart,) l.adyrise,Sweet Jlorn'i Awakening, Messrs. Schwoppo ana Ilotz, Mis sos F. and 1'. Ilawlt. Instrumental .Solo—Spanish Dance, (Mo* kowekl,) Mrs. II. B. Mills. May Hells and Flowers, lMendol»sohn, Ohorua. Solo-Tho Two Grenadiers, (Schumann, 1 Krnost Schwoppo. I'AHT II. Solo-Magglo's Secret, (Olnrlbe),) Mrs. V. E Harnay. Anvil Chorus—(Verdi,) Chorus. Solo—FrulillnguUlumon, (noinlcko,) Lout Betz; Flnto Obligate, by Ernest Sohweppo. Quartette—Tho Crusaders, (I'lnsutl,) Messrs Schwoppo and Botz, Misses F. and P. Hewitt Solo—Morrlly 1 Houm, (Solilolltarth.) Pear Howlt. Good Night—(Carnlll.) Chorus. To this should be added encores upon nearly every number. Everything m the musical line passed off admirably. Tho chorus was aomposod of 34 young ladies undir direction of Miss Pearl Hewit, to whoso ability and tireless perseverance much of the success of the evening is due. Tho anvil chorus was finely sung; each singer was provided with a call boll, whioh she struck at tho proper times, making an excellent representation of anvils. Miss Nettie Hewit and Prof. F. J. Zeisborg acted as accompanists. PERSONAL—H. E. Mills, Esq., is absent upon a business trip to New York. Mr. W. L. Fairman has returned from a stay of several weeks in Chu cago. Mrs. H. E. Mills entertains the Mendelssohn Club this afternoon. Prof. G. B. Dodge is still very ill. Ho has had a succession of troubles, and is now threatened with a run of fever. Rheumatism, malaria and sewer gas aro held responsible for his sickness, A. E. Benbow.Deputy U. S. Marshal, is spending his vacation among his old haunts. W. W. Arnold, tho genial agent of the Bee Line at Alton, "took in" the festival last evening. PUBLIC SCHOOL EXAMINATION—The closing examination of the Upper Alton public schools will begin Monday, the 22d of May, and continue throughout the week, in the following order. Monday morning, Mo. 1; afternoon, No. 2; Tuesday morning, No. 8; afternoon, No. 4: Wednesday morning, No. 5; afternoon, No. 6. Thursday, High school. The examinations will be public. Money to loan on improved ffinn property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLE & SMILEY. The Anti-Saloon Movement. Tho Anti-saloon Republican National committee hai called a public mooting to be held in Cooper ' Institute, Now 1'ork, on the evening of May 25. Sona-i tor Evurts is to mtiko tho principal speech of tho occasion, and tho meeting is attracting a good deal of interest throughout the country. The Lost Season. Our Line is Complete Buy Early. Is this the gentle spring Of which the poets sing, Or Is It but the IICMII or winter's tattered robe? And must wo wait awhile For April's sunny smile, And for the fresh mosquito's aggravating 1 probe? Wo doubt the pleasant days, Tho sun's enticing rays, Even the bluollyo's loud and most familiar buzz, Because wo sadly know That these things can't be so, And the times aro not a bit like what they used to was. Old fellows who look back Along the lengthened track, May toll us fairy tales or springs they used to know. Those tales, If they aro true, Help neither mo nor you, Who only sou our springs of sluot and slush and snow. Therefore wo doubt the spring, And fondly do wo ollng To worn but warm and heavy winter overcoats, And some of us declare That they cnn hardly dare To trust the starling o( the Coney Island boats. Let winter have his reign. With sharp rheumatic pain. And all discomforts that the frozen months may bring; Jlut let him go his way When ha has had his day, And give us once again a good old-fashioned spring. JHBSBR the beat and «Kfo»tWiiih- ing Compound known, Pn»d Aa Dlreotnd It produces bettor rcnnlta with a groator saving of Tims and Labor 111 Winning and Honso- oleanlng, than anything yet Invented. WaihyonrDlilies.Qlaii- MAKE* Shorter Hours For Women, Jewelry, Silver, In fact everything, with It, Try It In tlieBdtMnd note Ita Superiority over Soap DcwnrooHmitntloua. Thu (IfiHihiu alwuyi bt'uri thu abuvu Hyutbol and imtno uf JA3IKH 1'VtiE. New York. FOR SALE. The residence ot U. M, Crimdall, containing cl«lil rooms, KII», water and numerous oloautH, with lai'KO yard and uood woodshed. Apply at residence, aoutli side Huooud at., near llolol MitdlHon, ormlilrovu box IM. mylO ilwtl IF YOU WANT TO DO A LITTLE Painting*, Inside or Outside, there is nothing nicer or handier than HEADY-MIXED, Quick-drying PAINTS, white or colors, sold at MARSH'S] DRUG STORE. Remember This. —GO TO— SEELY & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Paper, fmfloff Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies* Remember the nlace: THIRD STREET, - - OPP. BELIE, GOLD and VJU SHIRTS, V ' The best for the •JSHU

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