Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 18, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1887
Page 2
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DULY TELEGRAPH. BT W. T. MOBTOIf, Cot. Third and Plasa Streets, Alton, III. WEDNESDAY EVK., MAY 18. ' . » -^ i T i. . Illinois Hallway Commission. .SpRtNuriELD, III.. May 17.—In compliance with the resolution adopted by the Legislature, the Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners inquired why the railroad passenger rates of the St. Louis bridge had bepn raised on or about April 1, Dr. Taussig, General Manager of the bridge, writes the Commissioners that arrangements are now in progress whereby the rates will be reduced to the old schedule of prices, of which he expects to be able to notify the Commissioners in a few days. The Commissioners aver that many railroads in the State have raised" tbeir freight rates, alleging that the Inter- State Commerce bill renders the advance necessary. Commissioner Rinaker says that this action will render a general reduction of rates in the State imperative, which the Commission contemplates at an early date. birthday on Friday last at her residence on Woodrlvor. Tb« near relations and Intimate friends of the good ladv enjoyed « very pleasant time,as vrell a* a splendid dinner prepared for the occaslin. V The latest Is that we arc to lose our ,'e«teemed fellow citizen, l-rol. 11. T. McCrea, who hafl been solicited to teach the Marine TlieFnt and ibcLcan. It is generally supposed tlmt fat people Imve much inure blood than others. On th« contrary, they have less. The blood llu-v httvu. moreover, is really poor, while the fat tills the TUVJIIV, uoun BOHCHBU 10 lentu me Marine space wlliull is rOOllircil t'VOIl for tllO school, Ho has accepted the position at rjulte circulation of tlmt. Fat pcoiiiu hare an advanco In salary and will move to that then, less vital enerjrv than the thin' Placein the near futnro. While hi. friend, not possessing sufficient bkxxl to bring are pleased at hi. good fortune they re«ret to CV ery organ tin to its full working 01. him and h,» estimable lady who have ;» „»„,, <,],, f hind'-rinK Wat llred (along and on such friendly relations j.i,,,,,! ii,,.,.,, :„ f... ,„ ,i ,,.:' b » to all. Tbo kindest wishes of all for their !,„,»th o tL t,-r "/? fl ' PC .'- V future prosperity will accompany them. ™T,™, J ?' g wp?«al^ at t he The Sunday School Convention at tho 0.1'J'",?"! 1 ,?i °?i °? ."^"'""B 'J- 1{ °- chureh last Sabbath was well attended and? , ,i ' ttu! , fat otl *tnicUs the play was very successful. The same officers were P ., .",'«? s .° thut suH'i'ient air can- elected that served Imt year. Mr. Jas. Oesr- Ilot " v '""ale" «o l>unfy the blood: tho Ing.ot I'ppcr Alton, was present and ad Iiatura '. ami necessary combustion is dressed the meeting. I'rof. Daniel made a . s so jnlerfeml with that the functions of the body arc hindered, it Killed While Drunk. ST. Louis, Mo., May 17.—John Hampell retired at 11 o'clock last night, sickened with beer. An hour later he arose and staggered through the window and fell from the third floor to the sidewalk, where he was picked up half an hour, later, in a nude condition, with his skull crushed and life extinct. dressed the meeting. Prof. Daniel made a brlef talk. Mr. JacobKauffman made aeplen dJd speech. Kcv. Mr. Boss, pastor of the Jloro church also delivered an interesting address. The convention adjourned without appointing a place for tho next meeting. 8HAVIK03—"More rain, more rest." Joel Williams reported Booty branch on another tear Tuesday morning. There was some promiscuous shooting over In the south ward Monday night. The new police had better lay low. llad weather for corn planting Splendid new goods airlved at Mrs. Battles this week. GIMLET. Socrates. follows that too much exertion should always be guarded against in people uf large and fatty development, and too much should never be expected of them.— Kan Francisco Argonaut. TALEQDAU, I. T., May 17.—News baa just reached here of what may turn out a triple killing in Flint district, about thirty miles east of here. Jobn Blair, Jim Christie and French Christie were returning from a corn stalk shooting, where they had indulged very freely in liquor, when Jim Christie ,and Blair fell out. Christie shot Blair in the side, mortally wounding him, whereupon Blair shot Jim Christie through the head, killing him instantly. He then turned and shot French Christie through Jthe shoulder, seriously wounding him also, The National Complaint. 5V4 WeatSiztyhratgt., N, Y., Feb 7, 1886—For. the last year I have at —Simes-Skd very severe attacks of dyspepsia, accompanied with wind and pains in the skin and stomach. Everything I ate disagreed with me, and 1 lost flesh daily. Internal medicine only afforded me temporary relief. 1 then commenced applying Allcock's Porous Plasters one on the pit of the stomach and one below, Jtut above the navel. In a few hours my pains very mueh abated. In two days my food appeared to acres with mo. A f , the end of a week I was nearly well, butjl still continue wearing the Plasters as a precaution. I have used altogether six Plasters, and .must »ay they are tho cheapest and best medicine «ver invented—Thomas J Riley. A Kudo Awakening. They were on their way to the theater, and she was tromuloutly happy Slio felt that the words i,he longed to hejr would be gpoken that night, and lh T idea made her almost " The victims of religious persecution have been so many since his day, and we are so well accustomed to the deaths of courageous men in support of a religion, that wo are apt to undervalue the greatness of the first heathen philosopher who sealed his evidence to the causa of goodness with his blood, and this is the more to be lamented because there has probablv been no more consistent life and death recorded in the pages of profane history, with the exception, perhaps, ot the life and death of our own countryman, Sir Thomas More. Socrates, like Sir Thomas More, might have escaped tho extreme penalty of death had he been willing to plead guilty. In a large jury of nearly six hundred persons, a majority of live votes only found a verdict against him, and hail he appealed for mercy there is no doubt that it would have been granted, but to appeal for mercy would have been to admit guilt, and "to admit guilt would have been to discredit that- divine commission—to better his countrymen—which lie believed himself to have received. Further, he had always declared that death was in itself no evil; to live unjustly was evil; to sutler unjustly was a small misfortune in comparison with doing unjust acts; and so he submitted to his sentence with a dignilicd cheerfulness which, as described by his friend and disciple, Plato, has been the object of the veneration of all the centuries of learned and good men who have since been privileged with the contemplation of his great example.— Macmillan's Magazine. "Mr. Sampson" she said, softly, "why do you wear that .bit of strino- about your finger?" "* "Oh" replied Mr Sampson, taking It off, "that was to remind me of my engagement with you tonight." It wasn't much, but it was enough to takeaway tho delightful diziiness. Astonishing Success. It is the duty of every person who has used Boscheo's German Syrup to lot its wonderful qualities be known to their friends m curing Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup, Asthma, 1 neurapma, and in tact all Ibroat and lung diseases. No person can use it w thont immediate relief. Throe doses will relieve any case, and we consider it tho duty of all druggists to recommend it to the poor, dying consumptive, at oast to try ono bottle, as 80,000 do/en bottles were sold last year, and no one case whore it failed was reported. Such a medicine as tho German Syrup cannot bo too widely known. Ask your druggist about It. Sample bottles to try, •""'1 at 10 cents. Regular size, 76 cents. •iy all druggists ana dealers, m the I States and Canada. ja3 dw cow ly BETHALTO, „., . BKIBALTO, May 17, irs?. JUB rain Interfered somewhat with tho •ohoolploniolastrrldaji but tho exorcises »t tho 0. P. church was excedtngly good with •ourcoly uu exception. It was said that some did not speak loud enough, but there .hould bo Boioe allowance, as tho wlnu and rain made considerable noise that hindered ihos. who were farthest a-vay (rom hearing Tiio term of sohool lust ended ha« been a very nucceashi), one and reflects much credit both to teaohor and scholar*. idlss Salllo IJelk, of Liberty ber 8 " tor ' Mrs - «• Ears and Scalp Covered with Ec- zematouB Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuticura. JUfY little son, aired eight years, has been af- UA tllctcd with Eczema ot tha scalp, and at times a great portion of the body, ever since he was two years old. 1C beg&n in his ears, and extended to his scalp,which became covered .with scabs and sores, and from which a sticky fluid poured out, causing Intense itehing und distress, and leavlnjr his hair matted and lifeless, underneath these scabs the skin was raw, like a piece ol beefsteak. Gradually the hair came out and was do- stroved, until but n small patch was left at the back ot the head. My friends in I'eabodv know ho* my little boy has suffered. At night he would scratch hie head until his pillow was covered with blood. I used to tie his hands behind him, and in many ways tried to prevent his scratching: but it was no use, he would scratch. I took him to the hospital and to tho best physicians In Peabody without success. About this time, some Irlends, who had been cured by tho Outicura Remedied, prevailed upon ma to try them. 1 began to use them on the 15th of January last. In seven months every particle of the disease was removed. Not a spot or scab remains on his scalp to tell the story of his suffering. His hair has returned, nnd is thick and strong, and his sculp us sweet and clean as any child's in the world. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for this wonderful cure by the Outleuru Kerne- dies, and wish all similarly afflicted to know that my statement Is true and without exaggeration. CHARLES MCKAV. Oct. 6,1SS5, Peabody, Mass. I have seen Sir. McKay's boy when badly alfcctcd with the Eczema. He was a pltifu sight to look ut. 1 know that he has trlet our best physicians, and did all a father could do lor a Buffering child, but uvutlei nothing. 1 know that the statements ho has made yon au rewards the curing ot his bo> by yonr Outicura Herntdies are true In every particular. WILLIAM J McUAKTHV, 33 Foster street, 1'eubody, llasa. } I do not know of any Instance In which the Cuticura Keincdlca have failed to produce satisfactory results. I believe I havo sold iroro them than of any otlier skin remedies I havo ever handled during the 33 years ol my experience ni u drugglut. A. D.TItVoN, llatnvla, X. Y. Sold everywhere. 1'rlco: Outicura, Mcts.; Cuticura Soap. 24 cents; Cntlcurii Itcaolveni, Jl. I'reparod by Potter Drug and Chemical Co.. Donton. Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases. "DT Vif I'LES, IllookhoudB. Skin Blemishes Soap. The importance of purifying the blood cannot be overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every ono needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, aud we ask you to try Hood's PpfMlIiflr 1 Sarsaparilla. It strengthens rCV^UIIcu an(] i, u j]j 3 up the system, creates an appetite, aud tones the digestion, •while it eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used givo to Hood's Sarsaparilla pecul- -p— IA_ jr curative powers. No * O IIS6IT other medicine hassuch a record of wonderful cures. If yon have made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be induced to take any otlier instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparilinissold by all druggists Prepared by C. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar KASKINE (THE tfEW QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, i NO I ringing ears, j C ure " quickly |Pleasant,i"' ro A~POWKRFUL TONIC, that the moat delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARJA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases FOUCOLDS KASKIXB HAS BURNFOUND TO UK ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to I Quinine. Hellcvue Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally successful." ; Mr. F. A. Miller. «0 East 157th street. N. Y,, was cured bytKasblne ol extreme malarial prostration after seven years suffering. Ho had run down from 175 pounds to fl", begun on Kasklnolu June, 18SB, went to work In one i month, regained bin full weight in ft months. Quinine did him uo pood whatever. I Mr. Charles Baxter, architect. KB K. 12Bth «t. J K. V., was cured by Knsklne of dumb ague in 3 months alter quinine treatment lor 10years. Mrs. J. Lnwson, HI Uorgcn et., Ilrookly was cured of malaria and nervous dyspcps'iu of many ycargsianding by Knaklne, toe quinine treatment having wholly fulled. Ilev. Jan. L. Hall.Uhaplaln Albany Penitentiary,writes that Kii°kine has cured his wife, alter twenty years suffering Irom inalariii and nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor particulars. Letters from the above persons, Riving full dctaUs, will be scut on application. Kaskine can be taken without any special medical advice. Jl.OO per bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 5* Warren St., New York my.Vlwlm TV 'J .Silk Clocked IJnlb. Lrulics' Hose, 5c a pair; other Hose up to 81.50. Calicos and Lawus, '3c to loc n ynrcl. Sateens, Domestic nnd imported, 4c a yard to 35o. All grades in White Dress Goods from 5c n yanl up. All kinds of Fancy Goods and Dry Goods very cheap.'; Men's Working Shirts, lOc to 81. ' . MBII'S White .Shirts, -10c to 81 • Undershirts for nil, at 12 1-2 to SI.25. Socks from 2c to 7oc n pair. Men's Suits, &).50, SI, 85, SG, $7, §8, 89, $10 to $20, just [a Uttl 0 over half price. Boys' Suits, 81.SO, 82, $3, $4, 85, SO, 87. 88 to $18, they are worth much more. Odd Garments for Men and Boys at nearly half price. Boys'Pants, dOc to 83.50. s Millinery too numerous to mention, taut just as cheap as you want them and the largest, by far, stock ever in Alton. Geu;s' Hats, all styles, way down in price; chca p enough for all. Ladies' Slippers, lOe to 81.50 a pair. Ladies' Shoes, in button nnd lace, 81 to 83.50 a pair. Children's Shoes in all grades. Our profit on all goods is no mow than lOc on the dollar, which will be well demonstrated at the Globe. Our Groceries we are selling out at cost; fixtures for sale. Call in and see us, we will surely entertain you and sell you, if you want to buy, nt the lowest prices. Straight words these are, at W. A. HILDEBRAND, prop'r of the Globe. KAGLE PACKET COMPAQ Y. 1 SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer ncs 03 S CD H. LETHE,Master, IE I ED. BLOCK,OiBri a. On aud alter Monday, Feb. 11, tho Spread Eaglo will run as follows, viz: LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. m., daily. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing. Gralton, and waj points every evening at 5:30 o'clock. *3»The Whistle will bo soantled flltcet minutes before starting for St. Louis. (FABEi To ST. LOOTS, ... 50 EOUKD TRIP ... - 75 KICKS' 9 - - 5 00 Q W. HILL, Aeent. 1887 THE LATEST! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR;PRESSURE RANGES, Made in four styles. Two nnd Tliroo Ilurncrg.! With Tin and Russia Ovens, .y,. J. WILKES FORD & CO. Ol A 93 \V. Wa.hlncton St., Chlcneo, III. FELT AND GRAVEL ROOFERS And Dealers in Rnollng Materials. Our facilities for doing work la Alton are such that we.can do the very best quality of Felt and travel Koonng, the same as In use on ail the first-class buildings in Chicago at a lower price than Tin or Iron, and warrant our roofs for five yeara. We also sell materials with full instruction how to do the worn or furnish an experienced man. apMdly Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUIS AKD CEKT11AL ILLINOIS R. R. CD'S PALACE STEAMER 2OO BAGS HIGGfiS T S' FUREKA FINE SALT. For Dairy and Table Use, injl* Ib. linen sacks and 56 Ib. J acks, for sale by . A. RYREE. JOHN BAUER; .DEALER IN AND MANfJFACTUUER OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opi>. City Hall, ALTON, ILL, All kinds o( flno acd common fornltur constantly on hand. Also undprtikor, etc. [ice to Com aud iiuby Humors, use Cuticuin Dr. John Youngwlrth will. Ttut Kolittuld III., before returning to hU homo In Kuiuas Mr. Quo, Simpson spent Bunduy with hlB parents »tOarrollton. 111. Mr. A. I)ook and lady, of llacoupln county Imve been visitors to tho "Woudon- Bpilng" /arm lor tbo put wook. Mr. U. D. Onrtor, of Dorsey. called on us liKl week and ronowod his subsorlptlou to tuu TKLKORAI-II. ilonsra Jog. Stolno and Tony rouu K wlrlb havo started a now utand. Troff suyu thoro Is room for 0110 more. ' Mr. him tnoTod Into his i». tli»r's probity on Third *troot. i.fu «m' U f"" 11 " 0 ".""""'-. lu ohargP of tho i ar* MUI», 8t. lx)ul», wits u visitor to our town Tuesday , Mrs, Lydla Wlllluum .oolohrHted her A Word about Catarrh, "It la tho mucous membrane, that wonderful semi-fluid envelope surrounding the delicate tissues of tho air und food puasaues.thut Catarrh makes Its stronghold. Once established, It eats Into the vary vitals, and renders life but u long-drawn breath of mUory nnd dlsoasn, dulling the sense ol hearing, trammelling the power of apeucb. destroying (he faculty of smell, tainting the breath, and killing tho rcllned pleasures of taste. In- tldlouily, by creeping on from a simple cold lu the head, It assaultu tho membranous lining und envelops tho bones, eating through iho delicate coats and causing Inflammation, sloughing and death. Nothing short of eradication will secure health to tbo.putlont, and all ullovlatlvcB are simply procrastinated suHorlnijs. leading to a fatal termination. banford T H Radical Inhalation nnd by Internal administration, has never failed- nvon when the dlnnaso has miwlo frightful Inroads on dullcnto coustltutlona, hearing, sinoU and taste have been recovered, nnd the disease thoroughly < U '| V on out. HAMFOUii'8 .IUIIICAI. CUUB consists of ono hottlo of tho Radical Cure, ono boxOatarrhul Solvent, and one Improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped in ono package, with full directions; I'oTTiiu uiiuo ft CHEMICAL coM HOW IT ACHES. Worij out with piiln, but ntlll com. nellod by slorn necessity to atiuul up |totuoworlc bolorous and bear tho pain, ilollef lu one inlnnto In a Cuy - i 'tionrn Antl-l'iun I'lastor lor aching ,*"*, »ldos and back.wuak * painful intis- cHon, the soro cluiBt and hacking cou«h, and ovory pain and aoho of dally toll. JSiogaiit, tin W. riHivitiul aiiiu.jtii j,.. ,i j..»., mi.i. •»"•"» iiow, original speody, and five for Infiiim-'- Sealed proposals will bo received by the Park committee, at the offlooof th« city ongl. neor, up to 10 o'clock a.*. Tuesday, May 14, 1687, for the grading im« nlllng of Seminary square, in accordance with specifications to bo seen at the engineer's olllce. The committee reserves the right to reject any or all bids. JOHN 8. KOPEK, 18td Chairman. J. F. ELLISON, Commander. Ei\ ASSIIBTZ, Ir,,- , THDE DODGE, | Clerks. On andalter, Thursday .Feb. 17th, will leave Alton dally Commencing Monday, April 4th. steamer Hudson will leave St. Louis lor Alton. Portage, Jersey, Grafton and all points en St. L. & C. 1.1{. U.,daily, except Sunday, at 8:30 a. m., arriving at Alton at 11 a. in. Returning will leave Alton for St. Louis at 5:45 p. m. arriving at St.Lonls at 7:30 in ample time for parties to attend theatrss, etc. Parties purchasing round trip tickets will be furnished state rooms without extra cost. liound trip tickets of steamer Spread Eagle or Hudson wlli;be honored by either bout for return passage. connecting with fast express on St. Louis and Central Illinois Ualiroad lor Jorseyville, Waverly, Spiinsfloldaud all polpts north and cast. FAKE. To ST. Louis,single trip, . . . sec. " " round trip 7.",3. '• " twenty riue ticket, . , $5.00 HKNHY C. TATU.M, Gen. Agt. Alton. H. A. KISHEK, Qen'l Manager. lolldtf A 1 'nm^vHh r 'i A 'unT) fS Ab-V' 1 '-l" t "' c < ' !cya . tc '" Ur> - .'""wreis obtalncfliwlth a weight, LIGIITS wiih earlivicttcif nir.ii.Mciid'til oil'in u Olp^V.r.^Gasoli'enmf.&i'rTanks are all uniun ?(l\ni^ Bnt,ealedbr»B» h -with be filled while burning * 1S ''' Kl> tf> *'"'" ! " B 1 Dnnt »V of oil In same. Cannot of J EWEL STOVES AS BR.VNGES are improved mechanically and artls- 211 for three burner Ranges; Stand pipes Increased In size to ly valve and trap ut base, AU ovens aro mado double or tfie PITTS & BAMILL. Sole A^nt^ Sealed proposals will be received up to Snt. tirday, May 11, at 10 a. m., at the office of the underatjrncd, for publishing the proceedings ordinances and advertisements of the city council for tho current year: bids to be for one insertion, by tie Inch, brevier or bour- K«ois typo, for tho council proceedings, und by the Inch, nonpareil type, for ordinances and advertisements, ono ormoro Insertions The commltteg reserve tho rlglit to reject any or all bids. GkO. R. HBWITT, Chairman Council Printing committee-. 18-3 Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Marcus II. Topping, of the city of Alton, county of Madison, and State of Illinois, by his certain trust deed, duly executed, acknowledged and delivered, bearing dntu the 2-lth day of Juno, A. D. 1875, and recorded in the Register's olllce of the dald pity of Alton, In book 7, at pn.ges 4,5, and 0, did convey unto Albert wade, astrustea, all the following described premises, situated in the city of Alton, In the county of .Madison and State of Illinois, to-wit: The south half of lot number eight (3) in block number twelve (12) in the city ot Alton, aloresnld, upon which is erected a two and a half story brick dwelling with stone basement, to secure tho payment of ono principal promissory note for the sum of three thousand dollars executed by said Marcus II. Topping and dated the 24th dayot June, A. D., 1§7!>, and payable two years after date to the order of Sweotsor und 1-ricst with interest from maturity at the rate of ten per cent per annum, tho interest, If not paid souil-annually, to become as principal and bear tho same rate of interest; nnd four Interest notes described in said deed of trust of even date therewith aud payable in six, twelve and eighteen mouths aud two years alter date respectively which interest notes havo been fully paid. And, where- us, said Marcus H. Topping, by his certain trust deed duly executed, acknowledged and delivered bearing date, tho 10th ol March, A. U., 1870, and recorded in the Recorder's olllco of Madison county, Illinois, in book Hi. of deed records on pages 147, 118 and ill) did City Engineer's Office, Alton, III., May 18 1K87.—Sealed bias will be received at the of-' floe ol theclty ouglneer.up to Saturday noon Way 21, li«7, lor tEe K raflinw, ({uttering, und MHcadaml/.ing ol tho following htroets: Wttlnutstreetfrom Third to Fifth street Kifih street from Ridge to Liberty. Seventh street from Ilenry to Liberty. Eighth street from Lungaon to Alby street, south side (ono half), except between LIIUK- don and Henry street full wldtb Also guttering and Macadamizing: BAlton street from Klghth to Twelfth street Ninth street from Alby to Hello street. Main street from bridge to Mrs. Soule's house. Ninth street from Hollo to Main st bridge. , Also for the furnishing, hauling and spreading of about OIK) hundred uqnaroa of Macadam 'or Third itroet between Ilenry and Hldgo Thu Macadam shall bo broken so lu tolgo through a 2, l t Inch ring, and lubjoct of ai>- iroval by thu city onglmoor. Tho earth shin bit placed whore directed by tho city onizl- icor. Turtles bidding will bid uo much per cubic yard of earth measured in tho cut no nuch pur rod of low feet for gutter, so rnucli leruquaro for Macadam. SpeoltlcaMons uan bo goon at tbe olllco of ho city ontfliidor, ,, . J. K. COl'l'INGKR, 8 3 ^Jlmlrman Stroo» and Alloy com. V-«JM i vj uuivs iiiu auiu ILIUUI i M UUU, U9 H US* tee, nil the following described premises situated In tho city of Alton aforesaid, towlt: The undivided one-half of forty-two WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tlio«e Vmlitwnrdi nro mado with a lloul .\Voo<l rim, Tlie Strong- ott boarji and bc«t wiutien In tho world, fat sale by all druleri. Take no other. HAUINAW M'F'O CO., ...». ^ ..w u.iui , tul^u UI1U-1111J1 UI lOIly*1<»VU nnd oiio-liiili loot fronting on Third street olf of thowestBidoof lot number six (li) in blk number twelve (12) to further secure iho payment of said principal promissory note for the sum «f three thousand dollars. And, whereas, default hasbcmi luadu in tho payment of tho suid principal promissory note and there Is uow duo aud unpaid thereon tuu sum ol two thousand, nine hundred i',! 1 ^ '?;' ty llollal ' s of principal nnd tho sum of $!KJI.I8 Interest, making 11 total of ^j.sii 13 now duo und unpaid on suld note, besides tlio Interest which may uccruo on said principal from now to tho day of sulo hereinafter mentioned, ut tho rate of oh/nt per cent, per annum; and thoro Is non-duo tho legal holder of said iioto Iho further sum of ono hundred and fifty-six dollars and olghty-llvo cents for taxes paid on said promises and Interest on tho taxes so paid; milking In all tho sum of *4,OUO.U8 now'duo the legarholdor ol said uo"o under said note and deeds of trust, and tlio legal holder of said note Ilenry u. 1'riest, surviving part of said flrm of Swoeuur A: 1'rlcBl has mndo application to tho undersigned tlio trustee In nafd trust deeds nnujod, am! ro quested him as such trustee to soil and dispose of said promises unilur the pmvoi In »uld trust duods and lor the purp'osos t or" stated, and It appears from tho records of Madison county, Illinois, ihut suld MiircuH II Topping has convoyed said promises to Mary Fannie Topping: Now, tl'oroforo, public- notice l« hereby given, that in pur-numcc if said trust doods, and by vli tun of llio iiowor and authority to mo g.Wcd |,, nil fy tho samo.und by virtue ol tlio statute of tlio Stilt!) I, tho undurHlgnml. will, on THURSDAY, T1IK NINTH DAY OP JI'MF A. l)., 1HU7, ut ton o'clock n. in. at. tlio noi-il! from door of thoClty Hall buldlngi In tli city of Alton, uforoDiild. Bell and dUpose 1 tlio promises abovo and In suld trust dmulH ri spoctlvoly described, und all tho i-luht till"' bomillt and equity of redemption i? tlio »alif Marcus 11. Topnl.iK, Ills heirs of- its" Una" ,?, •„. '"' "V!"."''""'S!,',",'.' '°.''<» u »'K»'»t"G ...., ALCOHOLIC ANTIDOTE "-—• i — NON-ALCC3HQLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS' DERANQEHENrS. , t tar Prostration caused by ALCOHOLIC A, stimul ant which, whan token with Soda. Vichy, ' M V ? ny 8 P ttrWln B Water, will supply the on 1rinlt ' ""&<>"» '«" disastrous results, Being non-alcoholic, It commends itself especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergymen, Merchants, nnd others following sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy. CHICAGO-lu. B LUOKOUT HBi'ttE! TUK CELHUKATEl) QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! KOK SALE AT -ruil BjlJUCi AT f. HOFFMANN & SON'S Druid's in 8TOV108 AND HARDWAUB Uoonng and PHYSICIANS AMP aUKGEONS G. A. HERRMANN, BI.D., Physician and Surgeon, THIRD STREET, OVER FFKIFFER'S SHOE STORK, Olllco hours: 8 to 10 a.m.; 2 to i afternoon, and u ;30 to 7:30 evening. .. inyTdflvfk DR. B. Gtnsjuim, I'by«iclan ana burgeon, ornou Isj-dwly did 's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COn. SECOND ANO AIJIV ST8. W. A. HAMKKIjIj, M.D., I'liyslclau and Surgeon, OmoK-SKOOND ST.. ALTON, ILL. °" lctl » ours-j a. m.; 12 to 1, and 6 p.m. DR. U. u. Dentiatt ISTIllItDSTaKKT, ALTON, ILL. Olllco Hours-8 a, m. to 11 m.: 1 to < p, m labdwTr mont, Virginia, ,on Jumo« Itiver, Va, In 0)»r»- .iiiont (Joloiiy. lllustrKteU o KM- ''""'-•• J.V. UANoYlA, •"'«•• , i«w«

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