Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 17, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1887
Page 4
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"•y^'wi • «;\'«" BROWN'S BITTERS TKLEgRAPH, (Entered a* Seoond-oiam Matter At th« P. O. nt Alton, III.) Comblnlig IBOS Tflth PCItE TOHIC8, qnleklf tod completely C1/KANHE8 and BXB1CIIES TUB ]!IX>OI>. QilckMU th»«Uo«oflh»I.lHr»niJIU4nejt. Cleinths wmpUiloi, nukM the ikln smooth.. It dora not •Upition-AM, OTnfcB IBOS MEDICINES DO. PhfsMun «nd Drnt gift* owtywhere recommend It, D«. N. B. HcaotM, of M»rlon, MUM., itwai "I rtoomnwnd Brown'; Iron Bitten M n nlaiblo ton to for •nriobUialb* blood. »nd rumorlniiall dj>«pepUo •jrmplom*. U flow not nnrt tlio tooth," t.ntMj. Remolds. Ind, win: "I BrownM Iron Bitten In cum of 3 dlmum, aim whon a tonlo waj . piwod tlioroo », M8t. ManBt., ron Bill*™ nU nu, and I boartl " 7 Mtfofwtory," .,Km« Orleans, La., lovod mo In a OMO :ll/ commond It to Ala.. BATS: "I h«e~b«ra'troubled from childhood with Impnw Blood »na ernptlon on mj face— two bottloa .of Brown'ilron luttan oftoctod a twlwt <»"»- * cannot ipeak too highly of thto taliublo modlolno." Q.nnlne hu aboro Trade M»rk and cronjed red llnea on wrapper. Tnke no other. Madoonlyby BUOWN CI1EMKJA.1, OU.. I1ALT1MOKK, MB. SCOTT'S EMULSION OF PURE COD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. Tho only propnrollon of COD LITKR Olfc Hint can bo (alien rcadil}%u<l toloratod for a long tuue 1>T delicate Blomnchn. ANP AS A KKJIKBY TOlt COySCMPTIOff, K(:RoyilU)l.'H AKm.TlOMH, AMABII1A, OKN- ~ KKAL DEDIIJTY, CODOIIS THltOAT~AF- t'KCTlB.'v, «>d all WASTIXH 1)IS0111>KRS OF SSs-E ISKNIl OMILPMiN It la minrcllOPfl In lln reunite. Frencribcd and endorsed by tbo liosl I'hynlclMis In the counlrica of tho world. FOR RHIF «V AL 1 DRIfQGISTS. REAL ESTATE FOR SAI^E OR RENT, —BY- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. - ., '; ; ' .'•''•' For Bale. • A convenient anil pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-Blory frame house ou Eighth street, near Henry. For Sale. A choice farm ol 320 acres, with first class mjirovcmontB, situated 2M miles east of Ilrunswlok. Oharlton Co., Mo. For Bale. A one-story Iramo dwelling bonne in good condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Chenp The residence otOapt. W. P. : oble: two btorlOB and mansard roof) 12 room., 1 hn.Ua, closets, collars, eto.: 8 acres ol groan Most desirable property In tho city. F«r Sftlo. ISOacrceot land near city limits* Scu^a .., twoetory brtck and Irame dwoi. no, cause, both gltuatod on the oust • n o dtate street between eth and 7th nicots- BO the brick block of storbs on Socon Htroet, between Hemv and lUdgo street oown as Hunter's row. For gale. A iimaU Iramo (t .JiiK house within n no Clocks of the U ot lor {375. 160 acres > f good farming land. another tract ol 2 00 acres, both unimproved Situate lu Hot i <• co,, Kansas, at {10 anO no per acre lOspootively—one-third oaah,bala»oe on time. For Sal*. A I niiu of HOuores on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A «oort two-story frame dwelling house on U. : .Price $8,000 j ; ., Var Snle. 1 ] : A choice farm of 1'JU' aaros, situate 1 uille noiltli of Btilpman, Uacoupln county, 111., at alowllguro. -aim A (fti in, conslstliiK of HO acres of good land ftluuuu within 2 mllos of Upper Alton, suitik • bio for dairy purposes. Cheap. JOSEFil JAttltBTT'S LIVERY STABLE > STEKKT, BETWEEN AUIY AND KASTON. . i • IM.INOI myldlv TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BOOM. Parties Intending to buy Real Kstato In tho olty ot Alton or vicinity will flnil It to their Interest to call at ihoofllceof Rudorsbauson A Honntag and examine tliolrllst of propor- tlos lor siilo as only a part thereof Is advertised. npSdwtt \VItIi gliding: DctacSiatJle Springs, tsr Hotter than \V~lialcboiie or Horn,..&3 and gruariuitccfl iicvcr to break* Frice, $1.35. Far tain by leading wholuala anil retail etttb- luliiuepn, MAYER, STROUSE&CO. 413 Dromlwny, N. Y., Manufacturer)). TAR DID PILES, SALfnHEUH . Aii»wniothodof«om- uro , Jiuuruntowl, or inotioy "cliiciob' I'FltiSVi' ARMEI) NEirrilALITY. Mrs. Dennis Gallagher (tlio second "g" Is silent since they entered society) occupies ivn elegant if not entirely comfortable residence on the East Side. The house has bay windows everywhere, a cupola, and ;i tower. It has grown as the district has grown, from what was called "Shantytown" Into a tract of surpassing amirtmont houses. It has grown as Gallaher has grown, from a Castle Garden frcscoer in whitewash to a politician whoso barge lias gathered golden sands by the banks of the amber river of rum. It has grown as Mrs. Gallaher has grown from a thin woman in a nine- dollar paisley shawl of a Sunday to a stout woman in a "snleliido" saCquo nnd "solitary shtones" in her cars. Gallahor, In fact, is now n drum major, socially speaking, while Mrs. Gnllalier is a full brass band. The only thorn in Mrs. Gallahor's ttniple side has boon the G. Washington Millards. The G. Washington Millards live opposite. They are not people of color, because black is not a color, and they are black. When Gallaher, liko young Michael Angelo, was mixing pigments for the walls ho was destined later to own in fee simple, G W. Millard was a sleeping-car porter on the Central. Their fortunes grow together and they became rivals socially. They were neck and neck in tho matter of bay windows, and when Millard mountetl a cupola Gallaher angrily saw him and went ono better with the tower. This won the game, as the cupola had been set in tho center of tho Millard roof and there was no room for a tower unless built on a platform with supports. * Tho rivalry in display has been intensely bitter between the wives. Consequently when Gallaher came home litet Tuesday night tvnd saw the frown on the face of his bettor half ho knew something had happened. Tho dinner passed otf in silence. When Gallahor had taken a post-prandial plunge in tho "fish bowl" and was wiping his mouth on a napkin, which has a deafening monogram iu green embroidery and an emerald crest that was lost by one of the Irish kiligs at the light by tho Uoyno water, Mrs. Gallalier said to tlio bonne: "Ornriotto!" "Yes, madamo." "Take the children to rowl their shkates an tho new cimint sbidowalk. Don't be lettiti' thim tark to any odhor childhron, or yo naden't como back. Do yo moiml? "Yes, madame." And the parents wore left to themselves. Mrs. Gullahcr was silent for a fow moments, lost in sad and bitter musings. Gallaher, understanding the situation, was apparently absorbed in tho largo print, at a newspaper waiting for her to speak. Alter smno- minutes she said furtively, in n hourso whisper: "Dinnis!" "What?" "Tho naj'gur woman has a pug darg." "What's a pug darg?" "A dirty little baste wid a black nose all jammed in an' glash oycs." "An 1 what do she be doin' wid a pug dargP" "I/a'din" it up an' down all day long in friiit av the house to shpoito me" She breathed savagely and her eyes snapped with suppressed anger. Gallaher was aroused and angry too. "Kelly has a slynall bnlldarg ns '11 chew the head oll"n him," ho said. Tho lady shook her head. "It's not Frinch t'lmve bull dargs." There.WM silence, and each cast about for a counter to this body blow that the Millards had struck. Mrs. Gallahor spoke first. "Dinnis!" "WhatP" "Paycocks is nice." "What's paycocksP" "It's a big bun-id wid bull's-eye feathers in its tail. Yo Boon 'em in tha pairk." "Like a pintod turkey?" "That same." "Aha!" The next day Gallalier purchased the finest peacock that money could buy. Tho peacock arrived the next evening 'on. u, dray. The huge, coop was taken into the lanndry-roum, in the basement, and tho family gathered for a private view on the eve of tho public display. When tho coop door was opened it stopped out, took ono, two, and then three suspicious stops, craning its purple neck and looking about. The family stared, but said nothing. Noithor did tliOi peacock. "Has it a songP" asked tho servant girl, breaking the silence. "Faith, it's no diokoy bttrrtid," said Mrs. Gallaher contemptuously. "Wo ortor food it," said Donuis Gal- lahor Jr., agod 12. "What does it cat, waP" "Oil, thiiji things rttos chancywnro and rocks and ahinglo nails," .said his mother airily. She was fashionably familiar with tho gastric weaknesses of all fashionable pots. Dennis junior tried it with a broken cup, but it had no appetite. When somo corn was put in tlio cup it took throe grains, ono nt u timo, and with deliberation, It appeared to prefer Donnis junior." "Why don't he blow up hi« tail, map" usked ho. "There's no grash horo. When it gita ou the lawn yo'll see it pull tho sthring." Having inspoolod It (ill (hoy couldn't rust, tho bird, which after dismission in dofornnco to thu father had boon called Hubert Kmuuil, WHS locked up iu tho wagoii-hdiiso in thu ruar of tho lot, Mrii (luHiilirr was not satisliod. Bhi! douidi'd to call it hm-illo, but had been physiologically ovmTillml. When the family rutir«d to Iwd Mrs. Gal- lahor's mind was lillod with vlnioiiH of her front yard converted Into a tropical Jimglo In which peacocks), birds of punuliHii, anil new IxvuncU of elegant pluinago stood In lint* upon tho I i nibs of tho irous ami poured forth Ihoir lov in melodious roulades and thfiTii*ng roundelays. It wan the dead hour of night. Mrs Gnllnher's fuco hod sunken in its soft pillow and her rosy features were wrapped in a lace bonnet de nuil, which came down over bur ears and shut out all earthly sounds, It had cherry ribbon strings lied under her chin, All was still with one exception, which was Gallahor. At regular Intervals ho snored defiance lo the English throne of which he dreamed. Suddenly upon the stillness cnmc n long, loud, blood-curdling scream that made the windows rattle. It was awful. "What's that?" cried Gallaher starting up. What is Mrs. "Go on homo," said tho~po1iccmonto MJllard, and ho wont. Mis il,i.r "Hotter do nothln' about it, Misintr said he. "It'll bo crosa- . I'll have tho Inrg. Gallaher," V* l»u «••«-.» ^ _„, complaints nn 1 no good. 11 pouwlmaslpr grub his dnrg. "Ye willf" ivskod GftlUvhtu ' Oi'll have yo mtido n snr- ncxt mooting," said tho « <IOK i« gone. »' ul tlie pcaoook, too. Tho families ooininuolom>t speak '•lipgorra! Oi'll have yo mae a sii- geantfittho next mooting," said (ho P °Th'o l doE is they ass by, and are still in a state pass by, an are s ed iici.traUty.-y. it, Dennis?" asked Gallaher, awakened and scared. "Caw h orrrkl I" The horrible scream was repeated. Gallahur sprang to the floor. "Dennis—O—Oi'11 choke to death— wid this—darn—thing." Mrs. Gallaher was spluttering with terror. She had pulled her bonnet At, nuil strings into a hard knot, and was strangling. "Howld yure jaw, will ooP' said Gallaher angrily. Ho was listening Intently. Tho string parted and freed her ears. She listened, too, still scared. "Musha, I hope it's not wan o thim hurrah away murders." "He has no nade to cut her troat an a noight liko this," said Gallaher shivering in his night gown. "Av- he houlds her still she'll freeze quick enough." "Cawhorrrk!" It came again. Ho grabbed his socks and drew on his trousers. As he pulled on his coat ho looked out of the front window, and by the light of the street lamp saw George Washington Millard in front of the house and looking up at tho windows. Instantly angry no flew down stairs and opened the front door. "Aha," said ho savagely, by tho way of greeting. "Hcah, posey. Come hoah," said Mr. Millard wooingly to the pug dog which had followed, him over. He pretended not to sec Mr. Gallaher. "Is it watohin' my grash grow yo are?" asked Gallaher sarcastically. "Nice doggie; good doggie," said the other, patting it. "What do you mane?" demanded Gallaher, going down the walk. Subterfuge was useless. "I came over, sah," said Mr. Millard in precise tones, "because I heard shrieks, sah, in your domicile, sah. I thought I recognized your wife's voice, sah!" "Howly Mary!" ejaculated Mrs. Gallahor from an upper window. "Do that black naygur say me vice is like that?" This was too much. It could not be left to Dennis to adjust. She throw on her petticoats hurriedly. Meanwhile tlio seriousness of the occasion had caused w, suspension of hostilities between the men. They agreed that it was evidently the murder of some woman in a vacant lot in the rear of Gallaher's wagon-house. Visions of gore and bloody knives made Gallalier indisposed to investigate it by himself, particularly in his defenseless condition. Ho Invited Millard to accompany him, and. the latter accepted. The two men, followed by the pug, passed on tiptoe along the alleyway at tho side of tho house, crossed the yard, and approached the wagon-house, through which they would pass to the lot. The minute he opened the door something came flapping against him in tho darkness, scratched his face, and knocked him down. It was tho peacock trying to get out. Gallaher was a little rattled anyhow. He had forgotten tho bird, and he yelled with fright as lie scrambled to his feet and ran across tho yard. Millard and the E ug had been there some seconds when o arrived. Ho looked savagely at Millard to detect tho faintest smile. If he had seen one ho would have killed him on the spot. "It's me paycock," he said hoarsely, and he said no more, but there was blood in his eye. He found a lantern and lighted it. Then he wont back and opened the door carefully. Tho pug, aching for destruction, spied tho peacock. "Broo-oo," croaked he with tho coarse bark peculiar to pugs. "Cawhorrrk!" screamed the bird defiantly. Posey abandoned his strategic advantage between his owner's legs and un- oourteonsly llewatit Tho peacock.glad to moot something it could whip., mot him half way. It struck with its spurs, and lifting with its wings, knocked tho tloff over. Posoy squalled with terror arme ALCOHOL. Oh, Alcohol I Satanic drink Thnt hurloth miin o'ovohasm brink, Transform!^; sunshine into gloom, Exchanging it for prison's doom. Thou scourge of all tho asos past llust cursed mankind from llrst to list, For mon oi tliovitfht and men o! fame Are lowered to disgrace and shamo. AsllBhtiiinz flash of flamtna flro Uoth ronJ tho sky with fonrful Irp, 80 doth tho sword of woo and strife riorco throiiRh tbo heart iv drunkard's life. Oh, uluohol, thou iount of sin, ItORUlllug aouls of men within, Thou worm wood in our nation's cup, From which mankind doth dully nup. Thou whoso rod fangs, doth poison youth, Alluring them from right and truth, Thou gulf of d«op debauchery , That sends man to eternity. Thou I Thou I Oh, King of Alcohol, Yield now thy powor.tliy throne shall fall, Thou then shun soo our banners wave, With exultation o'er thy «ravo. HEKBEKT S. AlOHHILL, La Grange Collono, Mo. Absolutely Pure, Tills powder novor varies. A marvel ot rmvitv/strength wUoUisomonoss. More ooo- Sonftar tlmn Hio ordinary kinds, '"'d. 0 '"" 10 ,} bo sold in competition with tho multitude ol low tost, short wotu'ht. alnui I P'>°9> 1 >«"> J^; dcrs. SOLD oxi,v JS CANS. UOVAti BAKING TO WDKIt 00.. 1M Walt St.. H. Y. Their Business Booming. Probably no one thing bus caused such a general revival of trade at 'K. Marsh's Drug | Store ns tho giving away to his customers of so many free trial bottles of Dr. King's New Discov cry for Consumption. His trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from the fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, nnd ?all throat nnd lung rtisensss quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a trial bottle free, largo size $1. Every bottle warranted. my 1 d w Ini Brnc'o Up. You are feeling depressed, your ap* petite is poor, you are bothered with headache,. you are fidgetty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, whioh'have for their basis very cheap bad whiskey, and which stimulate you for an .hour, and then leave you in worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy aouon of Liiver and Kidneys, restore your vitality and give renewed health and strength. Such a medicine you will find in Electric Bitters, and only 50 cents a bottlo at E: Marsh's Drug Store, my 1 dw 1 ni BncKien'8 Arnica Salvo. Z The Best Salve in the world for cuts, bruises, Bores.ii.sers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required, [t is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. Fir sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. rneh7dwlin WHIPPLE& SMILEY, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, HKUUESKNTING THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: ln«. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladelylua; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eug.^ Continental; Girard; j Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AND OTHERS: A OASH OAFITAJ IN THIS AOGBKGATE OF $20,000,000. VfE AMO JlKPUreBKNT THIS Mutual Benefit Lito, ot Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Lute uad Accident Ins. Co.,Hartford. Office: Over Alton Wat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. Whether on land or at sea, on the prairie or in the crowded city, Ayor's Pills are the best cathartic, being convenient, efficacious, and safe. For torpid liver, indigestion, and sick head ache, they dwlw One bluebird doesn't make n summer any more than one swallow makes a Kentucky dram.— Philadelphia 'Ames. ifoT Sale. ; Five building lots ou Aluy and Market streets, between Tenth and Twelfth streets. WUU'I'LK&BillUSY. For Bale. Wmo kiln, In good running orilor, with quarry and 12 acres of laud, more or loss, known aa tho Shelly tract. WUIPPLK & SMILEY. Vor Bent. A two story brick dwelling known as tho A. Platt homestead; lately put In good repair. WllIPPliB & 8M1LBY. „„£. Posoy sqiin.... .. .. nn3 lay |iiintly/ed while Robert Emmet little rat was upon his back upon th pecked him viciously. floor and hugging an egg while a lar« pecked liim viciously. "Stop him! Stop him!" cried Mr. Millard. "Lot 'inn alono," yolleil Gallaher. Mr. Millard, fearful for Ms pet, grubbuil ut thu puacock. Thea Ue struck at him with a Btiuk. Then Gallahor'a pont-np Utlca gave way and he acted. Ho was mad anyhow. Ho would have given $10 if Millard had hit him instead of tho fowl. The accumulated linger of years spurred his right femoral muscles whuu he kicked. If ho had not hit his mark ho would have broken his leg. If ho had hud his boot on ho would liavo broken Mr. Millard in two. As it was his foot struck Mr. Millard amidships liko a locomotive and knocked him livo feet, face downward on top of the peauook. Tho bird screamed, Posoy squalled, and the men rolled over and over on tho floor. Mr, Millard was uo slouch. His month was full of feathers, but he had courage, and tho battle was hot and sanguinary. Reinforcements for tho Irish champion arrived lu the shape of Mrs. Gallaliar, who with a handy shovel was about to cleave Mr.Millard s skull when tlio iiolicoinan grabbed It. At tho sight of liim she fainted dead away in his arms, and ho dropped her, Then ho pulled tho men apart. "Horof This won't do gentlemen,"ho said. "I'll have no pug dargn in wo neighborhood," screamed Gallalier, with blood on the front of his nightshirt. "Tho peacock—tclioo began it, sail. Mr Gallahor's—tchoo—peacock attacked my wife's dog, sail!" screamed Mill- Hi'd. Thou hu spat out more feathers, The popular blood purifier. Hood's Sarsaparilla, is having n ireaiendous sale this season. Nearly everybody takes it. Try it jourself. 5 As the fashionable ball dress marks tho wan; the want of it the woman. So they say. — Journal of Education. Tho Rice Uoil Spring puts tbo baby to sloop. It settles the business between the follow and his girl. She's too happy to say "no" after a half hour's ndo in a buggy with the Rice Coil Spring. dwlw THERE are curious tacts connected with tho habits of the rat which warrant a close observation. A lady at one time missed several eggs from her closet, and naturally concluded that they had been stolen by the servant. She questioned the girl, who denied any knowledge of the oggs,which continued to disappear in the same mysterious manner. Tho lady observed on entering her storeroom, a, singular sight. A ' ' ' tho rat was havtling him round by tho tail. In this way, undoubtedly, all tho missing eggs had boon carried away. Hills. Nearly all diseases original from inaction of tho liver, and this is especially tho caso with chills and fever, intermittent fevers, and malarial diseases. To snre doctors 1 bills and ward off diseases take Simmons Liver Regulator, a men loine that increases in popularity each year, and has become the most popular and best endorsed medicine in tho market for the euro or bowol diseases. — Telegraph, Uubuquu, Iowa. tu th s wk Patents. Jo ny poraons wishing to obtain inttoi imt«nt on now inventions, improvements o designs,! will oxoouto drawings and flpeclH nations and make uppllcatloua for I'utums All consultation, in person or by lutte , frou Ll'CAH PFEIFJfKN IJKHGKH, , WBLSON WASHBOARDS. Theuo AV'nsUbosrili tiro mwlo with a lion* .Wood rim, Tho Btrong- eit hoarJa and host waaliors In tho vrorU. For oalo uy all dcultrn. Toko no other. BA.iilftA.Vr M'F'G CO., iror Un(a. Tho IV^oodroof property, A 2 story frame housn of 8 rooms, on Filth and Alton struet.i, u i room frame house on Fifth street. WUIWLBA8MILICY. Flue Residence for gale. Tho Into K, DoBow homestead, now owuod by M. U. Underwood, situated on lino ol lioreo railway, in Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, and good out buildings, two iieres ol ({round, will be sold at a bar- ealu. I'ossosslon given on completion of sale. WHH'l'LE A SMILBY. Kor Bout. Two-story house and good stable on Common street, tlood fruit. WHIPPI-E & SMILKY. ITor Hale or xfceut. A dcslrablo tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs S. J.Uutro. Jfor bnJ* Tho late residences ol J. ,>. and W. H. Mitchell, on Mill St., two ot ti (i best places ol residence property in Alton. Tho property known as "The ParK, oast of above; 1C lots ou Mill and Summit streets, an ;l u number ol ots la Mtllor A Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all o£ above at a grout barnam. wfmM'LE A SMIMOY. For Bale. A 7-room bilokdwolllng and out buildings ou Thud street, botwoou OhoriT and Vine. WUIl'PliKftBM KY. i'or Rent. Late rosldonco ot M. J. Noouiui ou State Btvuet. known us tho A. Platt plaeo. Good!) room brick liouao. In llrst class repair. Wl-IIl'PLH & SMILEY. *'or ome. The Morrlman property on State Htroe In Miller & tllcholl's Add., to Alton, IK story houso, 8 rooms and out-buUUIiiKs; all in perfect or dor. Can bo had at a bargain. WJIUTLE A BMILBY. Fur Sale or Kent. Tho 2-story frame dwelling with 0 rooms Including 7 lots: (food burn and fine liults knowu as tho Nichols homestead, situated on 12th st,, In a duslraolo neighborhood. WHU'PLE & SMILBY. Ueslrnblo Kosldencos for Sillu. A twoatory brick dwolllug on Stnto stroot knowu us A. Watt homestoud, lately put lu good repair. A two story iramo dwelling on Main street, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh stroot, nil lor sale ut a suorlUco, owuor having doaldod to gr wa' WllllM'LE ^ l'"or Hulu. Sovnn lots with «ood brick dwelling and outbuildings, lu goid repair, in Upper Alton. HosldoHco ol 0. B. Collins, and known ns the Merrill property. WIHl'l'LE & SMILKY, Alton, or 1>. W. Collet, Uppsr Alton. L. SLUNK UNDEETAKEB, C1HD Ready-Made Coffins, Metalic Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes For Ladles, Uontlomon aaia Oluiaror, Wonderful Popularity O f tht Renowned Medlolno, The Greatest Curative Success of tha Age-. A Voice from the People. No medicine Introduced to'the nubile 1m ever wot with the success accorded to linn Bitters. It stands to-day the host kt3 curative article in tbo world,. Its' timrvolniii f tnown IB not duo to ttio adyertlBlnii if ftj rocotved. It Is famous by ro'aaon of Its in Jierent virtues. It does all that Is claimed fr» it. It Is the most powerful, speedy and offeos tlvo agont knowu for tho building up of dehni tated systems. The following wltne«to» »£ offered to prove this! " What it Did for an Old Lady. Cashoclon /SfciMon, JV. 7., Dec. 28,1884 QENTB :—A number of pooplo had been uslnif vonr BltlovB hero, and with marked cBecf In fact, ono caso, a lady of over seventy veim' had boon slclc for years, and for the past ttn • years 1 have known her she hua not been abla to he around half tho time. About nix month! ago she got BO feeble she was hetpku. jji! old remedies, or physicians, being of no wall I sent to Deposit, forty-Ilvo miles, and got i bottlo of Hop Bitters, It, had such a v«r» boneftclal effect on her that Jono bottle InJ proved her I'D she was able to drees licreclt and wnlk tVbrmt, tho liOuso. When slio lina taltcn tlio t>pniin\ boUluBhe,was able to tain earn ot her own rouiu and walk out to her neighbor'.'! im<\ him improved all tlio tltua since. jMywKoaiM nhfktron also have derived treat benefit I'rom tliclr use. , ' " W. li. HATIIAWAY, -Agt. U. S. Ex. (!'o. An Enthusiastic Endorsement. Gorham, N. jr., July IB. 1888. fiENTs:—Wlioevor you are, I don't know, but I tliaulc tho Lord ami feel grateful to you to know thnt in this world of adulterated medicines there is ono compound ; that proves and does nil it advertises to do, ami more Four years ago, 1 had a slight shock of palsy! •which unnerved me to such an extent that tho least excitement would make mo shake liko tho nptio. Last May I was Induced to try Hop Bitters. 1 used one bottle, but did not sco any chanse; another did so chan^o my nerves that they arc now as Bteurty &s they ever were. 11 used to take both hnrali to write, but now my good right hand writes this. Now, If you continue to luanufiicluro ns honest and good an article as you do, you will accumulate an honest fortune; nnd confer tho greatest blessing on your .fellow-men that was ever conferred on mankind; TIM BURCII. 4 Husband's Testimony. My wife was troubled for years with blotches, moth patches'and pimples on her -face, which nearly annoyed the me out of her. • She spent many dollars on tho thousand infallible (1) cures, with nothing but injurious effects. A lady friend, of. Syracuse, N. Y., who had had similar experience and had bcon cured with Hop Bitters, induced her to try it.=..• One bottls )ias made her face as smooth, lair and soft as a child'sand given her such health that it seems almost a miracle. : A MEMBER OF CANADIAN PARLIAMENT, i Rich Lady's Experience. I traveled all over Europe and other foreign countries at a cost of thousand,-! ot dollur8,1n SDarch of health and found It not. I returned discouraged and dtsheartoied, uiiO was rea tored to real youthful health and uplrto with leas than two bottles of Hop Hitters. 1 hope others may profit by my experience ana. stay at home. A LADY, AOCfUSTA.ME. KAIL WAX TIME TABI.B. 9:00 a.m. and Shop on State street Over Uai t s Uvory Hvitblo, W1U Attend to Job Worltand Kop»itl OinOAQO AKl) On and after Sunday, May list, 1887, train on the Chicago and Alton railroad, will lean the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, M follows: For Chicago and the Uugti Chicago Hail* 9:00 a.m Chicago Accommodation*.....,. ,6:00p.m LlKhtnlneExpress* 9:IOp.tri Feoria and liook Island Fastldnet,9:00 a.m For Jacksonville, Kcokuh, Qnlacy, Kan- [nas Oltyittnd all points west. Kansas City Mall* ...;... .v .., Kansas City Exprosa*, unup.ia Denver Exinusst 7:10p,trv Jnc.ksonvillo (\ecommodntloii|... 7:10p. ui, For St. Louin i DfrUtntnf- Erpross*................ ,0 M a. m Chicago Accommodation'. .....,..9:80 a, in Alton Special)., ....l'i:»p,in Kansas Olty Mall* ,...5'.40 p. m OhloacroMallt ...6:20p..m -p E sa ,_ LQjjm UNION DBPOJ FOK ALTOK. re oo p.m. I 50p.m. •- *7 Up.m. (8 45 a. m. SnnClaysonly). •Daily r-Ezcept Sunday. Sup't. bt.'lx>ul8lMVision O. a. NOBRIS, Ticket Aaunt. t? w a. m. •I Sheriff's Sale. Jennie E, Uopry v .'.".'•• vs. fjSxecutloa No. 890. Frankllu Depry. ) Fee bill No. By virtue of an.execution,In tliIB cnso issuod out of tho olork's offlcei of tho Circuit Court of Madison county,Illinois, dirooted to tho Sher iff ol said county,1 have levied upon all th» right, title audilucurest (af> the defendant In and to tho following property* situate in tho county of Madison and Stuto ot Illinois, and described as follows, to-wit: Two 1121 rods olf of tho north slda of lot .No. five (5), iu block No. six (0), In K, Loan's addition to the town of Upper Alton, and, also, two (4) rods off of the south Hide of lot No. six (ilj, la said block No. six ((!) in said addition. Said two (2) pieces of land fronting four (4| rods on Main street la uald town and running back oastwardly the entire depth of said lota, and situated in toe town ot Upper Alton. In the county of Madison, in tho state of Illinois, which I will ox- pose at Fubllo Sale, to the highest bidder, for ottsh, on , FRIDAY, THE TWENTIETH DAY OP MAT \ A. 1)., 1887, ' botwoon tho hours of 0 o'clock in the forenoon imtl sundown; to-wit: nt 10 o'clock, a. m., of said day, in front ot tho north front doorof tho Olty Ilall building, In tho olty of Alton. In tho county nnd State aforesaid, to satisfy said execution together with ootta. E. A. BURKE, ShnHffnf Xfnrlt IiV 0. P. &, A* i>uivivn>. Sheriff of Madison county. III. tows. Deputy. 17dtd EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Henrietta M. Born, deceased, Tho \nidorslgnod, Imving been appointed Kxooutor ot tho lost will and toe- tamont ot Ilonrlotto M. l>orn. lato of tho county of Madison »tfd Stuto of Illlaols.doooaacd, hereby gives notice tlmtilio will appear boforo tho bounty Court of Madison county, at tho court houso, in Hdwardsvllla, ut the June term, on tho third Monday In Juno nuxt, at which time all l>or- sons having claims aaainst ;swd oetuto are notillod and roauastod to atwnd for the purpose of having the same adjusted, Alljmrsons indebted to said estate are roqub8tedto|uiakB Immediate payment to tho undorslgnou. Uatod this Hth. daypf April,AJ). 1887. WU-UAM 80NNTAQ, 21d4w ' Exooutor. ILL Now and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for tlio Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS j A Specialty, from Small to Largest wizen. At tho old reliable JIOD8K-PAINTJNQ w<> DKUOKATINU ustublmhinoiit Of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle Bt, u

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