Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 17, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1887
Page 3
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H ' JO S.^H-t uo IT AT *nVKPQ second stroot.noar JCO HVf 1*11 JClJN S3, corner of Honry —FOE— JUNE ! STATIONERY, Such as Orano's Floral, Whiting's Standard Papers. Hurlbut's French Linens, Kcllpso Ragged Edge, Elite Rugged Edge, Balmoral Linen, Grlflln's Linen, Turkey Laid Linen, Pouch Illow, Mikado, Charred Edue, Cream Laid, Mourning Note, aud a largo assortment ol Illuminated and Decorated Stationery. Dennlson'B Wax and Seals. School Tablets and Stationery. decOdwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! C.tEAP FOB OABH ON TIME PAYMENTS Pianos and Organs tuned and repaired. Sowing Machines repaired Supplies for all Ma(Mines. N. I). LAMOHEUX, Muslo Dealer, Third street, nearly opposite Belle, Alton 111. dec6dw}y WATCH • OR THE BARGAINS IN JOB'S NKW COB. BUILDING, HKNUY ST., AT MRS. D. HEITKABIP'S, All kinds of Fancy, Hand mudo, Knit and Oro- cfl'tgoods. Hoods.Touagguns and Mlts. Men's BOOMS and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sowing and Stamping Done. Como and give us u cull. Oon't target the place dncB'twlv Lucas Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Oflloo onThlrd St., one door west of Plasa, third floor. SUPPLIES. Oils. Needles, and Farts of all all Machines, We have now the B. & G. Howe Shuttles. Also Turkish Bug Patterns and Machines. E. H. OOULDING. moliMdw von Ocean Passage Tickets AtLOWHBT lUTHSOf the OUNAKD, WHITK UTAH, and ALLAN LINK; also oi all GKItMAN and FHKN011 LINKS Apply to BDUKB8UAV8BN & SONNTAU, M>28UwOw Alton, III. ALTON in,'* 1 TUESDAY EVE., MAY ,17. Strawberries at Connor'sjfruil store. i ___ __ _ - dlt THE Jerseyville public school will close May 25th. Do you ask who she isP-Plorson & Carr Dry Goods Co. it rEHBOlUL. TUB weather is decidedly cooler with wind from tho north. UNDER tho Influence of tho heavy rams the river is rising rapidly* FOB SALE—A tjood milch cow in flue order, a desirable animal. Apply to N. H. Crawford, North street 2t STILL another heavy rain laot night. This vicinity is evidently receiving its full share of moisture. Lost—A pair of gold rimmed eye glasses. Finder will please leave at this ofllce. it WANTED—A steady giW as cook: good wages will be paid, by Mrs. S. B. Gilllium, Upper Alton. 10 2 J0DOK COOK, of the Probate court, has appointed Mr. Cyrus Levorett conservator of Miss Antoinette Olcott, of Upper Alton, with management of her estate. Dr. Itauoh, of Sprmgllolil, Secretary of the State Board of Health, spent Sunday with Dr. Haskcll, President of the Board. Mr, Lysander Hanson, of Pittsburgh, Pa., arrived in town last evening on a brief visit to his mother, Mrs. M. II. Sprague. A Bargain. B'or sale, one 8 foot, plate glass, 'nlcklo show case. Must bo called for within two days, at F. H. Rabo's, cor. Third and Piasa sts. 10 2 Bnrmah illustrated. Rev. 0. A. Nichols, of Bassien, Bur- niah, will give free a lecture on "Burs man and her People," Wednesday evening, May 18th, at tho Baptist ohuroh. Seventy-flvo views will be exhibited with an oxyhydrogen light. 108 Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHIFFLE & SMJLEY. MARHIAUE LICENSES. Deputy Clerk Kudcrohauson has Issued a marriage license to: Mr. Samuel Walker and Miss Dora Dow; both of Alton. COMMANDER Herb, of the tf. A. R., commenced drilling about 100 young ladies at Armory Hall.'jesterday evening, in preparation for the Milkmaids' Carnival. Her name is White, in the window—Picrson & Carr Dry Goods (Jo. dlt A NUMBEU of members of the "First Families of America" are m the city; said to be Kickapoos. "They linger yet, a irrlsly band. Avengers of their native land." They are selling medicine. A complete line of Spring and Sum« mer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by H. C. G. Moritz, Third street. inchl7 tf THE Council Chamber has been re*, furnished, the mam floor with new matting, the "ring," within which the intellectual gladiators struggle, with nice oilcloth. The work was done under the supervision of Chairman Thornton and Alderman Hewitt, of the Public Building Committee, and is a credit to their taste. Summer Millinery. A large, varied and fashionable stock of Summer Hats and Bonnets just received at Winter's Millinery, Belle st. _ 10 4 Remember the concert at the Presbyi terian church on the 25th. 14 td THE watchmen at railroad crossings on Piasa street are relieved from duty, by the railroad company, at six o'clock. That is all right as far as the individual watchmen are concerned, but others should be put on from six to nine o'clock as the danger to the pubho from passing trains is almost as great in tho evening as in the day time. When you see her face you will say she is indeed a beautiful one. — Fierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. It EDVT AiiDjviLLE is excited over a personal encounter which took place Sunday morning in a barber shop between Editor Ansel Brown, of the Edwardsville Democrat, and Mr. A. D. Motoulfe, correspondent of the St. Louis Republican, which resulted disastrously for the newspaper man. Tho cause of tho fracas was Brown's comment oil Metcalfe's article booming Edwardsvillo in tho Republican. FUNERAL SEHVICE.— Prossley Coats was buried from tlie Baptist church Sunday uftoroon. Elder Turner cons ducted the funeral services and spoke encouragingly to the bereaved parents and relatives. Elder J. P. Johnson followed, making some appropriate remarks. The largo gathering of sym» pathetic friends and abundance of flowers spoke louder than words of the love of those who knew him. The remains wore interred in the Upper Alton cemetery. The pall bearers were: James Thomas, Jefferson Blair, C. Knight, William Foindexler, Baker DePugh, Sam. Green. If you, want; to reach the country trade hand in your notices for the Weekly TKLKQUAI'II by 9 a. m. Thursday. 17 2 Spring Goods. New goods in all shades and colors which will bo made up in suits at rons sonablo prices. All goods cut and made by tho Now York Fashion Review . Wo guarantee a tine lit, at Bruoggcman the Tailor's, ear. Third and Piasa stc. _ my!2 dCw STATE DELEGATE.— At tho meeting of tho State Sunday School Association at Deoatur last week Mr. H. M. Carr of this city was chosen one of the delegates from Illinois to the Inter national S. S. convention which moots at Chicago in Juno. t" tireat Chance for Bargains. The stock purchased of O. M. Cran. dal), Chlnaware, Queensware, Silver- plated ware, Glassware, Lamps, Table Cutlery, in short household goods of every vanety and style, is being sold off at 60 cents on the dollar, until Juno 1st. g tf HYMENEAL. UVRIE—HOPKINS Mr. Geo. M. Ryrw and Miss Sophia, the attractive.accomplished daughterjof Mr. Goo. R.. Hopkins, were united in matrimony at 0:30 o'clock last evening. Rev. Dr. L. A. Abbott of the Baptist church officiating. The nuptial ceremony took place at the residence of the bride's parents, on Liberty, street, the company consisting, with one or two exceptions, of relatives of the bridal pair. After the ceremony a bountiful and elegant repast was served. Mr. and Mrs. Ryrie left this morning for Springfield, Mo., where they will attend the marriage, Wednesday evening, of Mr. Geo. Hopkins, a brother of the bndo, and Miss Annie Eaton, of Springfield. were read and disposed of by reference or otherwise. Tho bonds of II. C. Cousley aa Day policeman, and F. W. Hoppe.Inspeotor of Weights and Measures, wore approved. Duplicate bills for services during the last six day* of April from the old and new clerks having been presented it was found that tho amount paid tho ox-clerk for the time in question was on error. The clerk was authorized to correct the record. Bills, not objected to.woro allowed on call of the yeas and nays. Chairman Roper.of tho Gas Committee, objected to tho consideration of tho bills for lighting coal oil strset lamps for tho reason that the lamps were not located nor the time of lighting specified. Tho bills were returned to makers for correction! The Mayor read a letter from President Haynos, of the St. L. <&C. 1. R. R. asking that word bo sent him at Now York as to what Alton would do about giving the company the right of way from Hop Hollow and into tho city. Chairman Herb, of committee on Judiciary, reported approving the documents referred to that committee Bids for repairs on Washington, Bozza streets, Milton road and at Shields branch bridge, and for putting oindors on Twelfth street were opened and read by Chairman Coppinger, of Street and Alley Committee. James Webster procured contract for cinders on Twelfth street; to F. . Hoefert, for hauling MoAdam on Washington and Bozza streets; to R. R. Dixon stone work on Shields' bridge and E. Maul for excavation at same place. The committee reported that the following amounts had been assign* od to the several wards: First ward, $760: Second, 8700; Third, $700; Fourth, §800; Fifth, $1,075; Sixth, $750; Seventh, $725. For general improvements, $5,000 ;for specified streets $5,500. Our report closes at 4:15 with the Council still in session. Our Line is Complete Buy Early, BALL JXOTES. Card ot Thanks. Before leaving Alton, on Tuesday, I desire to express my grateful thanks for the liberal patronage bestowed on me by my friends and citizens of Alton and vicmity.dunng my residence in this city. Respectfully, W 2 F^ H. RABE. UPPER ALTON. By request of Public Library Association, the young ladies will repeat tho programme of tho "May Festival" next Tuesday evening in College Hall. Now solos and quartettes. Admission, 25o. Car will return to Alton after entertainment. 14 2 IUYKR MEWS. This evening's packets are the Pitts- bur*, for St.' Paul; tho;Gom City, for Keokuk; the Spread Eagle for Grafton and Hudson for St. Louis. A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. CENTRAL MISSOURI. ST. CHARLES, Mo., May 1C—Tho Central Missouri may now bo said to be fairly under way at this point. Four or five car loads of horses and mules arrived hero on the 14th for use on the line. Two hundred teams more are now heading for the county under different contractors. One outfit arrived at Hamburg on Saturday and has gone to work at or above that town; another gang was started in at Green's bottom yesterday. The men and tearao here only await the arrival of wagons and harness to begin work at once outside our city limits. Tfco contract is with J. Johnson for tho tho first six miles through and above tho city. There is a good demand for men and teams now, as it seems the work is to be pushed vigorously. They expect to complete tho work through tho county by tho 1st of August next. COUNCIL MEETINU. "An adjourned mooting of tho City Council took place this afternoon. The petition of Gaapard Crlvlllo for privilege of selling fruit at license of $25 per annum was referred to Commit* tee on Ordinances. Petition of property owners for appropriation of $100 to improve Summit street between Mill and Prospect streets, was referred to committee on Streets and Alloys, also one for Seventh between Belle and State streets. A petition for tho drainage of a pond near corner of Fourth and Langdon streets was referred to School committee in connection with committee on Sewerage, Reports of some of the city ofHcers [For the Telegraph.1 Only 23 errors! Did you find out where tho strength of the AltonsJ was during the Union gameP The question naturally arises: Who killed the base ball patronage F A picked nine wearing the Alton's suits does the town no credit. None are so blind as they who will not see. Talking "taffy" incessantly to players and patrons is not a winning policy. It is ho who deals liberally with the people that succeeds; the moneys worth must bo guaranteed or loss of patronage surely ensues. Pointer! Warner continues his good work for the Scranton club, and the coal city daily press smgoth his praises loudly. Fahey and McSweeney won for the Prickly Ash, Sunday, by timelv batting. Weigraffe, of lost year's Hub club, seems to please St. Joe bettor than he did Memphis. Chicago is after Hutchison, an old Yale College pitcher. The Louisville papers want the Eclipse management to purchase Hudson, the pitcher. Newark, N. J., wants the Mets frani chise in the Association. It is said that Radbourn never pitches in the same style two days in.succession, bonce his SUCCORS. A singular thing occurred in the sixth inning of the 18 inning Detroit-Pittsburg game last Tuesday, Miller was at bat and struck a ball foul into the air. A sparrow was at that instant skimming over the field, and the ball struck the bird squarely, bringing it to the earth dead. All the spectators said it was a hoo-doo and sure enough Detroit had all she could 'jo. Tho loft hand pitchers are not the terrors they wore last year. The new rules place them nearly on the same footing with the right hand twirlers. Baldwin, Cushmau, Morris, Smith, Toole, Ramsey and others are being batted rather hard. Kilroy and Casey alone seem to hold their own. HARRIED. HYIUE—UOfKINS.— In thin olty, May IBtli, at tho rosldonoo of the bride's parontii, by Key. I.. A. Abbett, D.D., Mr. Goo. M. Uyrio mil) Mlaa Sophie Hopkins. teemlngly UriulloiUocl With repeated und powerful cloaca of quinine olillls nudforor in eomo one of us various foruiss, spring Into active existence again, often without tho slightest apparent provocation. To extinguish the smoldering ember* of tills obstinate and recondite miiliidy, no less than to nub<luo It when It rugos fiercely In tho system, Hostotter's Stomach Bitters la all BUlHclem. When every resource of tho phar- mucopoolii 1ms boon exhausted against It In vain, the Hitters conquer It—will remove every llnnorlnis vestige of It. Nay, morn, the Hitters will project those brought within tho Inlliiunco of tho atmovphorlc poison that bo- gets malarial disease, from Ita attacks. I>ls- onloraol tlio stomach, liver and howule, are among tho complaints to bo apprehended from the uao of miasma-minted water. Those are both cured and prevented by the ItlttovH. liheiunatlmn. constipation and ronal oom- dlalnta, yield to Its action. IF YOU WANT TO DO A LITTLE Painting*, Inside or Outside, there is nothing nicer or handier than READY-MIXED, Quick-drying PAINTS, white or colors, sold at MARSH'S] DRUG STORE. Remember This. —GO TO— SEELY & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, f+ ••• ~™"7 ^—+*r»*** <M**V*&KF WAAUt m*\ Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies. Remember the place: THIRD STREET; - - OPP. BELLE. GOLD-and SILVER SHIRTS, FOR SALE. The residence ot 0. M. Oraudall, containing eight rooms, gas, water and numerous cloaetH, with large yard und good woodshed. Apply at residence, south side Second it., near Hotel Mudluon, or addrevs box I'J'J. mylU dwtl la. powoix ' The best for the Money.

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