Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 17, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1887
Page 2
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Ainnv DAILY TKUBOHAPH. »T w. T. Noimm, Cor. Third add Flun Street*, Alton, Dl. TUESDAY JEVK., MAY 17. THE Florida Legislature believes ID "the long Uaul." It is approaching the 100th ballot, and has five aspirants for Jones' Senatorial shoo?. We suggest that they compromise on an old Altos nian, Col. J. Q, BurbrldKc, Mayor of Jacksonville. IN a brief but comprehensive letter in regard to the workings of the Interstate Commerce law, the chairman of tho commission, Judge Cooley, says that the fears of disastrous consequences resulting from the operation of the law are excessive and are not likely to be realized to any great extent. Tho inconvenience which must necessarily result from putting in force a law attempting such considerable changes will, he says, be greater at first than after tho working of tho law has become understood, and greatest while parties are hesitating to act because of doubts of construction. SOLDIERS' REUNION. The Citizens' Executive Committee for the Soldiers' Ueunion met this morning at H. M. Schwoppe's store and heard reports of the progress of the work of raising funds for the occasion. There were present, Chairman Carr and Messrs. Hnwltt, Ualble, Phmnoy, Schweppo and Nuermann. Heports showed that an additional $100 had been secured through tlio personal efforts of the committee. After transacting the business on hand the committee adjourned. Their further action is subject, to a conference with the committee of the G. A. U. appointed last evening con-, slsting of Commander Herb, Col. Ilodgors, Capt. Hobart, \Vm. Kills Smith and Wm. lload. Water Competition. Senator Reagan, of Texas, has written a letter to the Inter State Commerce Commission in regard to the enforces merit of the law. The St. Louis llepub* lican makes the following excellent comment on tho Texas senator's answer to the railroad people's plea of water competition which, it says, is as unanswerable as it is simple: "Who, ho aaks, gave the Commission, or even Congress.anthonty to deprive the people of the cheaper carriage offered by.water ways? If, as the railroads declare, water carriage is cheaper than rail carriage; what has the law to do with that? The roads ask that a part of tho law be suspended in order that they may compete with this cheaper water carriage, or, in ether words, that they may carry certain freight at prices below CMt. They can do this now, and they may do it at their pleasure, says the Texas Senator: but they canuot, under the new law, and ought not to carry one class of freight at a positive loss, and then 'make up the loss by putting unjust exactions on way freights' " UPPER ALTON. DEATH or Miss WELLS After an illness of about a year Miss Eleanor G. Wells closed her busy and useful life yesterday at 7 a. m., and gladly exchanged the sufferings, which have been almost constant during six years past, tor an eternal rest. Tho many who have, at one time or another, enjoyed the friendship or sat under the tutelage of Miss Wells, will remember her as a lady of robust physique, whoso kindly, Christian disposition endeared her to all her friends. For some months past, however, she has been the victim of a stealthy and cruel malady, which had attained a foothold in her system before it was recognized and so deeply as to be incurable. During the last months of her life she had the tendorest atten. lion from her brother, Mr. Wm. B. Wells, who has ministered to the almost constant requirements of his sister and oared also for an invalid mother with faithful self sacrifice. LKCTURE—Rev.C. A.Nichols, recently from Bassein, Bnrtnah, lectured in College Hall, Monday evening, upon tho peculiarities of that country, illustrating bis remarks with a sonos of excellent sterooptioon views. MUSICAL—This (Tuesday) evening the May Festival Riven in the to. E church last weok, is to be repeated for the benefit of the Public Library. FESTIVAL—The ladies of the Presbyterian church give a festival in Murphy's Hall, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings of this week. ScnooLS—The public schools close on May 27. The special exercises attending tho close of school are: Exposition, Thursday evening; 1'icnic, Friday; Exhibition, Friday evening; Excursion, Saturday. Tho children are looking forward with much pleasure to the three X's, especially the last, the Xoursion. THE stock law is vigorously enforced In tho townships adjoining Alton. In Godfrey and Woodriver townships no a cow, hog or goat is seen running a large, but lot it be suspected that tho law is not enforced here, and both Godfrey and Woodrivor would turn their stock into Alton. Of course, we know that the law Is a hardship to many poor people, as tho Sentinel suggests, but wo do not see how any; exception can bo made In any one's favor, or how certain territory m the suburbs can bo exempt from tho operations of the law. If that wore allowed, Godfrey and Woodriver would use our suburbs as a cattle range Of course no place claiming to bo n city allows live stock to run at large. There is another point:cattlo that run at largo on public streets are stoned by boys, worried by dogs and have a hard time generally. The public street is not tho place for them and the "greatest good of the greatest number" deirmnas that tho law bo enforced. STEENGTH *OB TODAY. Strength for to-day Is all that we need. As there never will bo tomorrow For tomorrow will prove but another today, With measure of Joy and sorrow. T w»i wh ? 'S reoast tllfl "*>'» of life A^nffSS?, ?l d . n , n l« ra y° Persistence, The Ptibllo Servant wft» Insulted. Ono of Uncle Sum's servants in Washington, who Is not so famous for his personal cleanliness ns he is for the nmoutit uf liquor he onn drink, luis n grievance against a well-known War- keeper, for this reason: He went into the saloon yesterday, und, hanging over the counter, lie said thii-klj : "Say, barkeeper, gimuni soinuthin"- tnat'll do me good." "Something wot?" Inquired the barkeeper, with a cheerful smile. "Of course; what do you take me forP" The barkeeper siml him up for a moment, and reaching under the counter, came out with u basin of water. "There," ho said, "try that; I'll bring you some soap and towels in a minute." But the public servant, was insulted and left without even thanking tho polite man in the white apron.--iKas/i- inyioti Critic. The One Ho Forgot. "John, I would lik» to invite my friend, Mrs. Smaller, this evening. AVill you be able to be'inP" "No, my dear. I must attend a meeting of the Knights of Honor, tonight." "Well, to-morrow evening?" "I have the Ancient Order of United Workmen, and you know " "What about'Woilnesdav evening?' 1 "Oh, the Odd Fellows meet that night; and Thursday 1 have a meeting of the Chosen Friends to attend; Friday the Royal Templar's: Saturday there's a special meeting of the Alii- sonic lodge, and I couldn't miss that; and then Sunday—lot me see—what is there Sunday night, my dear? "The Grand anil Ancient Order of Christian Fellowship." "Why, I had forgotten; am I a member of that—let me sec " "But yon have forgotten another society, John, of which you were once a member." 'What's that?" 'Your wife's."— Boston Record. KASKINE (TUE tfEW QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, ringing ears. C" re ' quickly iPleasant,P uro A~POWmtFUIj TONIC, that the most dcllcato stomach will boar. A 8PJKOIFIC FOB MALARIA,. RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Uerm Diseases .'* KOU COLDS KAS1UNK HAS UKENFOUNI) TO UK ALMOST A Sl'KOIFIU. Superior to (julnlue. Uellovue Ilospltal, N. Y.: "Universally successful." Mr. F. A. Mlllur, KV> East l»7th street, N. Y., was cured bvlKasklno of extreme malarial prostration after seven years suffering. JIo had run down from 176 pounds to fl", oegau on Kasklnolu June, ISSii. wont to work In one month, regained.his full weight In 0 months. Quinine did him no good whatever. Mr.,QJiarlos Uaxter, architect, 13:1 E. 120th st. N. Y.I'was cured by Kuskino of dumb ague In 3 moftths after quinine treatment for 10 years. Mrs. J. Lun-sou, 141 liergeii St., Itrookly was cured of malaria and nervous dyspepsia ot many yenras:andliig by Kaslilno, the milnlnr treatment having wholly failed. Hov. Jan. L. Ilall.Uhaplaln Albany Fenlten- tiary.writcs that Ka«kino has cured his wife, alter twenty years sintering from malaria and nervous dyspensla. Write him tor par- tlnulars. letters from tho above persons, giving full details, will bo sent on application. Kaskine can bo taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottlo. Sold by or sent by mall on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 84 Warren St., New fork inySdwlm At tie Prices in lie Silk Clocked Bulb. Ladies' Hose, 5c n pair; other lloso up to $1 fin Calicos and Lawns, 3c to 15c n yard. ' ' Sateens, Domestic nnd imported, <lc iiynrd to 36c. All grades in White Dress Goods from 5c a yard up. All kinds of Fancy Goods nnd Dry Goods very cheap.' Men's Working Shirts, lOc to 81. Men's White Shirts, 40c to $1 •. Undershirts for nil, nt 12 1-2 to $1.26. Socks from 2o to 75c a pair. Men's Suits, $3.50, §4, 85, $G, $7, $8, $9, $10 to $20, just "a lint over half price. •• IHI ° Boys' Suits, 81,60, 82, §3, §d, $5, $G, §7. $8 to $18, they ore Vort h much more. . wori11 Odd Garments, for Men nnd Boys nt nearly half price, Boys' Pants, 40c to §3.50. Millinery too numerous to mention, but just as chenp as you wim* them nnd the largest, by far, stock ever in Alton. J w ant Gents' Hats, all styles, way down in price; chca p enough for all Ladies' Slippers, lOc to $1.50 a pair. . . Ladies' Shoes, in button and lace, $1 to $3.50 a pair, Children's Shoes in all grades. Our profit on all goods is no more than lOc on the dollar, which will be well demonstrated nt the Globe Our Groceries we nre selling out nt cost; fixtures for sale. Call in and see us, we will surely entertain you and sell you if ««,, want to buy, at the lowest prices. Straight words these are, at W. A. H1LDEBRAND, prop'r of the Globe. KAGLK PACKET COSIPANV. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer Strength for today, that the weary hearts In •{"> battle for right may quail not • And the eyes becliminod by bitter tears In their search for light may fall not. "iiw'Vr » today on the down hill track tor the travelers near the valley; T1 ' atu P. far up on the other sldo Kro long they may safely rally. 8t M°« l 5?h I i/ 0 n tod £ Vl tnat our Precious youth »«!i? n , a P BlI y shun temptation, Ami build from tho riao to the set ot the sun On a strong and sure foundation. T>i'nnK > '" " OU8 ° n " hO To practice forboaranco sweetly To scatter kind words and loving deeds. Still trusting In God completely. 8t Imi 8 M h for taday i9 a " th "t w » need. IToV tnmSJ 0 novor ,, wl 'l «e a tomorrow ; With ?t» w wl " provo but 'mother toddy, With Its measure of Joy and sorrow *' __ __ —PhilatlelpMa Times, J. WILKES FORD &COl William Ward, who has just died in Sedalia, Missouri, aged 9-i, was tho first man to build a paper-mill west, of the Missouri River. His father lived to be a ciMihtnarian, and his grandmother died at 110. A H. LJ£YHB, Master. I E. Ross POWELL , (ED. ULOOIC, Olorn s. On and alter Monday, Fob. 11, tho Spread in Roofing Material*. Our facilities for doing work la Alton are such that Gra™." iM 10 v *E y b08t I"" 111 * of Felt am bruvol Hooflng, the snmo as in use on nil £™i'c\t 0 |^ roof?forflvSP norl i? n ' , ttnd warrant our SPui fnn ? °. yoar . a> Wo ull)0 9 "I1 materials furnlHh innVS 00 !" 0 " ", OW to do tho wnr * °* luinlsh an experienced man. ap-'5dly 200 BAGS HIGGINS' FUREKA FINE SALT. For Dairy and Table Use, in«14 Ib. linen sacks and 56 Ib sacks, for sale by J. A.RYR1E. AT n , Steady work. Outfit fi-no. No expo- 0 ' 1 -v JAMKa K - WHITNEY ' Iturseryman, Uoche-,tor N S' Astoulsliliiif Success. It is tho duty of every person who lias used Bosoheo's German Syrup to lot its wonderful dualities be known to their friends in curing Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup, Asihnm, Pneumonia, and in fact all throat and lunsr diseases. No person can use It without IrumeUiatu relief. Three doses Will relieve any onse, and wo consider it Uie duty of all druggists to recommend it to tho poor, dying consumptive, at least to try one bottle, as 80,000 do/on bottles were sold last year, and no one case where it failed was reported. Such a uiedioino as tho German Syrup cannot bo too widely known. Ask your druggist about it. Sample bottles to try, sold at 10 cents. Kogular size, 76 cents. Sold by all druggists and dealers, in tho United States and Canada. )a3 dwoow ly Vitality of Uroat lion is not always innate or born with them, but many Instances are known where U UM boon acquired by the persistent and Judicious use of Dr. Harlor'n Iron Tonic. _ wlt Ears and Scalp Covered with EC- zcmatous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuticura. iyp little son, aged oii?ht years, has been af- «* filctcd with Eczema ot the scalp, and at times a great portion of the body, ever since he was two years old. It began in his ears, ail extended to his scalp,which became cov- ^ r i°i-" « h , 8 , oab8 nnd 8oroa ' lind fr °m which n sticky fluid poured out. causing intense itching and distress, and leaving his hair inattoa nnd lifeless, bnderneath these scabs ri?,rt kll j, wa8 r "Y- , llke tt P' eco of beefsteak. Gradually the hair camo out and was do- stroyed, unti but n small patch was left at the back of the head. My friends in reauodv know ho* my littlo boy has suffered. At night ho would scratch his head until his pil- ow wua covered with blood. I used to tie his hands behind him, and In many ways tried to prevent his scratching: but it was no use, ho would scratch. 1 took him to the hm£ ltal »i ln V 0 the "estphvsielanslnPea* £?.nX y 1 ," 10 , 11 ' "ucoess. About this time, so'no friends, who had been cured by the Outicura Remedies, prevailed upon mo to try them. 1 began to use them on the 15th of January last. In seven months every particle of the disease was removed. Kot a spot or scab remains on his scalp to toll tho story otMaanSoTlae. Ills hair has returned, ana Is thick and strong, and his scalp as sweet and clean as any child's In tho world. I can- ?i?u w y °H °^ s ^ to °^ ra ' OS8 ™>' gratitude for this wonderful cure by the Outicura liome- clies, and wish all similarly aflllcted to know that my statement is true and without exag. deration. CHARLES MCKAY. Got. 6,1885. 1'eabody, Mas'). I have seen Mr. McKay's boy when badly ?£hJ £ wltl ' tno Eczema. Ho was a pitiful ?,?, i to » lo ? k ?*; r taow that he has tried our best physicians, nnd did all a father 5°« <J <i° 'or a sufferlnB ehUd, but availed nothing. IknowthatthoBtatcmentsho has made you as regards tho curing of his boy by ypnr Ontlcura Komedios are true In ovorv particular. WILLIAM J MOOAKTIIY 33 Foster street, Poauody, Mass. I I do not know of any Instance in which tho Cuticura Remedies have failed to produoo satisfactory results. I bolievo I have sold ?]?„?„ «° m t , httn .? f , ai >y othor skin remedies I have ever handled during tho 33 years of mv (tviini^n.inA no n ,,« FL* ju«ia wi POR ST. LOTTIS at 7 o'olooli a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at3p. in., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing, Gralton, and wa\ points every evening at 6:30 o'clock. «m.The Whistle will be sonnded nfteo) minutes before staining tor St. Louis. (FABEi To ST. Louis, ... • 5(l ROUND TBTP ... 75 TWENTY RIDES'' . . _ B or __ __ G W. HILL. Acenc. 1887 THE LATEST ! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES Mudo ... four style*. Two and Throe Humors.; With Tin nnd Russia Ovens. . M3 ' Fast Freight & Passenger Line TUB ST. LOUIS AND CENTHAL ., .ILLINOIS H. U. GO'S J. F. ELLISON, Commander. EP.ASSIIUTZ, | n ._,, THUE DODOE! j Olorka. - TUursaa >"' Feu - «th, willleavo Commencing Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson will leave Si. Louis for Alton, Port age, Jersey, Grafton and all puiuts on St. I, * °- l -} l ; "•• da' 1 ?, except Sunday, at 8:30 a. ni., arriving at Alton at 11 a. in. Returning will leave Alton for St. Louis at B M p. m arriving at St. Louis at 7:30 in ammo time for parties to attend thoatrss, etc. Parties purchasing round trip tickets will bo furnished state rooms without extra cost. Hound trin tickets of steamer Spread Kajrle or Hudson wili;bo honored by either boat for return passage. conneotlngwlth fast express on St. Louis and Central Illinois Uallroad for Jersoyville, Waverly, Springfield und all points north and PARE. To ST. Louis,slt.Klo trip, . Mc " round trip 7 8o.' £«nSS b. of s x 1,,'cli tcumlcsB bi "sB'tublng- BInoilco^VectC"* 3 !™ Th Ee ™ a ^'?*»*• « a "» : union coupiinpe. Oue end oltank Is ol glSS L -1 P!I)CB o£ *}' av y annealed bras»,,wltli Th i|pglsS;s&ssSS ap6<Um If. A. nagor - folldtf — , w ~,n. .>(*.ti«iuu uuiiiiL; vi.u 33 years i my experience as a druggist. A. D. TltYON, Batavla, N, Y. Sold everywhere. Pi-Ice: Outicura, 50 cts Outleura Soap. 26 cents; Cutloura Resolvent *'• '"•"""'•idbyPotter Drug and Ohomica . m'iu^P Cul '° Skln Diseases. LK ».,? I '«'kliead8. Skin Blemlshe and Baby Humors, use Outicuia A Word about Catarrh, *™ We do not manufacture Lard Candles, Butterlne, or any klndroc truck! we do not first squeeze th fat and oil outof ourstook, and then convert the refuse Into a worthies soap. We are not near stock yard or slaughter houses, buy nodlseasor ~- dead animals or refuse material •» Eu SOAP |g made of FUBM TAL LOW, by a clean process, an.d can ba uoQd freely without danser of havlru the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK Torn auociut von IT EMPIBE SOAP 00, ST. LOVilS. MO. paper In kopt on aia nt Uio «uic« 01 ADVERTISING AGENTS TIMES BUILDIHQ fflfflJ'KJ PHILADELPHIA. onto tlBsuosof the air and food it Catarrh make* Its stronghold. Onco established, it oats Into tho very vitals, and ren aSd* 111 " Ion "' arawn breath of mlsoi" trammelling'tho power of gpoec^i^dos'tiwiini kiHi',?° u i y of T 01 !' '"'"ting tho Cat"? am* H I! 1 " 8 , lll ° rofll " ! il pleasures of taste In i,,H?l?i y 'i iy . crool)lnBOnfrom ft simple cold n tho head, It assaults tho membranous lin- insnnd envelops tho bones, eating tlir-nimh the dollcato coats and causing inflammnttnn sloughing and death. Nothing short of eradication wll secure health to tiio.nationt, and Bi,ifmHn Vl0a H vos ,, llro 8llu l"/ Procrastinated Iunfm.,1?VT 11 ,^ to ," fatnl termination, biinford's Kadioal Inhalation and by internal administration, has never failed- nvon when the disease has frightful Inroads on dollcato constitutions heiii-lnir WSff&S^^s^*^ ^w^^^^t^stiss ^$™™™^«*™^w UllUQ & OllKMlOAt. OO..HoiiTnK. HOW IT ACB[ES. , Worn out with pain, but still com* ^Nto'th' 1 by ? torn llocel «<lty to stand up ypaln. Ilollnf in one iiilnuto j'li'n Ou- "tloura Antl.l'aiu l-lastor for Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Marcus II. Topping, of tho city of Alton, county of Madison, and State of i lit. nois, by his certain trust deed, duly executed acknowledged and delivered, boarlnir iinfi.' the 24th day of Juno, A. D. 187&. and recorded in tho Keglstor's olllco of tho paid city of Al , t ,^ 1 ! 1 "A n°°!Sl; a f PHBCS 4 ' B - ana 6 . l »d convoy unto Albert Wade, as trustos,, all the follow- Ing described promises, situated in tho cltv of Alton, In tho county of Madison and Stato of II Inois, to-wit: Tho south half of lot number eight (8) In block number twelve fl") In the city of Alton, aforesaid, upon which la erected a two and a half story brick d we - lingwlth stono basement, to secure the nuv- mcnt of one principal promissory note for the sum of three thousand dollars oxooutod by said Marcus 11. Topping un d dated the 2/th day ol Juno, A. D., 1876, and payable two years after date to the order of Sweotsor and l-riost with interest from maturity nt tho rate of ton nor cent per annum, tho interest, If not paid semi-annually, to become as principal and bear tho same rate of interest • and four Interest notes described In said dpfid of trust of ovon date therewith and nav- ublo in six. twelve and eighteen months imd two years after date respectively which Intel" eat notes have boon fully paid. And, whoro- as, said Marcus II. Topping bv his onrtnln trust deed duly executo'd" acknow odgod and delivorod bearing date tho loth of llferoh? A. , '.J 87 / and roc oJ''lod In the Ueoordor's olilcd of Mad/son county, Illinois, in book H4 of deed records on pages H7, 118 and 119 did JILTS (,'JWAM 11AL.M Is not a IfgtiiJ, snuff or pointer eo, all tho following doscribod"''nr()mVH(>H ituatodiu tho city ol Alton aforesaid to? wit: The undivided ono-halt of forty.'two aiidpno.half loot fronting on Third street of of tho \vost side of lot number six (m In Jlk numbor twelve (12) to further secure the payment of said principal promisHory note or the sum ef three thousand dollars And, whereas, default has been made in tho ayment of the said principal romlsLory olo and there Is now duo and unpaid tliori- n tho sum of two thousand, nine hundred nd forty dollars of principal and UioNiini><r 101.18 Interest, mnkiug a to "l f|) Sll 13 now duo and unpaid on said note, bosldes Hie intoreat which may uooru'o or ."." Blu . u3 ."'° sores. JfmhtAe '" Hundreds'Have Been CURED By taking tho GREAT GOLDEN SEAL. Testi- monluls are being received dally regarding lu wonderful properties. Eminent physicians endorse It ns tho greatest medical discovery of tho day. Tho GEEAT GOLDEN SEAL fa a Nerve Food, Building- up tho nervous systcn and the tlrod bruta. An Anti-Periodic Or Preventatlvo of Chills, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming tho o vil effects of excessive alcoholic Indulgences. A N»«Alcoholic Stimulant Toning up tho entire system. If you are Just recovering from sickness, no known remedy will glvo strength and health so fast. Frlco, 81,00 por bottlo at all Druggists. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUB CO., 54 LaSalle Av.. CHICAGO, ILL. tho olllco o thi pM a o ollco o -he City Knglnoor up to Tuusduy noon, May 7, 'W, for the Iiirnlshlug, hauling and siirciid ng ol'lOO squares of MoAduin, moro or losJlto bu ° ° ° n, moro or osl bu P&°,? d °" Washington street, llo°/u st?e "" 3 °'' Also for the building of u wlna wuli u-ldgo at Bhlolds lirunoli and b cklug t'lu amo with oarth . Parties bidding wl Eld H e inch por porch, furnishing all material laid jjOement; also so much, per cubic yard for Also for tho lurnlshlng. liaullBg and sproii d • ng of 60 loads ol cinders on Twelfth sti'eot iider thodlrootlon of tho Olty Kiigluoor. 'I ho committee reserves the rhjht lo reject, iy and all bids If not doomed best tor tho torust of tho oity. J. K. (JOl'l'lNUKIt, C'linlruiun JStroot and Alloy Committee 12 did :T , " ••---•»" «t»j- w» n«iu nui uiuaiter i tionod, ut tho rate of eight pur ('out annum; and there lu now duo tho loin"] holiler Ol HUllt HOtO IllQ flll'tlicr 811111 of nun linmii.r, i and llftv-slx dollars and ol«lny.«v2 cents for taxes paid on said prouilius and Interest 01. £'.'«. tj«9S so nnldj iimklup in all 1 S mm, o $l,0p0.8t> now duo tho loKaPholdor ol said Vmtn under said note and doodn of trust and if,u Imrnl 1mtrim. i\f »»J,l «.*•.. t. *^ u J H 't HIIU II)U tit, BUI 1 - LOOKOUT HBitiE! THE OKLEHIIATISU QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove I trust deeds and lor tho Madlso FOUSALKAT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Deulurs In STOVES AND If ARDWAltH . ooa. spectyoly described, aiKHtll to right title' Mn',""" '.','" ,,° ( "">>' °' I'OdMlllptlOB ,T I/O Hllllf ilaiTus 11. Topping, his heirs oiMisBlgnstlim' o H : r s «~-«" { " ...... '" w,,,, «,„,,,, \ did Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND, «OU. BKCOmi AND AW1Y STH. G. A. HERRMANN, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, TIIII1D STUKET, OVEK PFKIFFEU'S SHOE STO11UJ, onico hours;; 8 tolO n. in.; s to t afternoon, and 0:30 to 7:UU pvonlnff. . . n.yVdOwk . B. i-'byaiolan and Surgeon, l«J-dwly W. A. HAMKBLL, M.D., Pnysioiau and Surgeon, OfFIOK-HEOOND ST., ALTON, ILL. houra-aa.m.. Ig to 1, and 8 p.m. "KNTIHTttY. »R. O. Mi. UOH&AND, Dentist, !8 THIRD BTJIKKT, ALTON, ILL. Ollloe Hours-8 a. m. to 12 in,: 1 to < p. M dibdwly TADMC u n ivi ^ f*IIIIIU out, VlrBlii ; on Jamon Ulvur, Vu, In Clare- niniit Uolony, Illustrated circular fruit, J.V. HANOIIA, Ulftrc

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