Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 16, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1887
Page 4
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OH! MY BACK Imr itrtl* «r cold alUeki that wc«k back ud ntul/ prottntM JOB. J^^BESTltlHIC ?• Strengthen* the ftlunclc», :/,!)':• . HtemUM the Ncrrem t '(RnrlahM thc.Biood, Ulvoi New Vigor. '•'. ! P* J. It MT»B» JTalrfleld, Iowa, un: i i J iBroroViron Bitten In tho bwt Iron nnxUclmt I ~ v n*YB known In my >0 yearn* pracuoe. 1 ba» e found it •peolally beneficial in nerrous or phfRlcal eihanstlon, mad In ul debilitating allmontfl tbat bear so heavily on th« intera. Uoo It freely In mjr own family." MB. W. F. BROWtt.H; Main St., Oorlnitton. Kj-.. •ayi: "I wu completely broken down in health and troubled trith palni in my back, ilroivn'H Iron bitten entirely reetond me to health." Genome nu abore Trade Mark and ororaed rod HUM on wrapper. Take no other. Made only by BliOWM tlllEMUJALOO.. HAI/riMOHK, UD. Hi»TO beon flnjoycd by oltliann of qycry town and city in the tJ, 8. 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A one-story frame dwelling hotiHO in good condition, In Topping's addition to Alion. For Sale Cheap Tho residence ol Oapt. W. I', oble: two btorios and mansard roofi 12 room . 4 halls, closets, collars, etc. : 8 acres of groan Most 40Blrable property in tho city. F«r Hale. 160aore80f land near olty llmlta, Stui.o .., two story brlok and Irame dwel n^ nouso. both situated on the oast ••<' o' .jtato stroot butweon (1th and 7th ftrcots- so tho brick block of stores on Socon ' street, botwoon Honiy and lUdgo street nown as Hunter's row. For 160 acres < f good tarmmgland, another tract ol 800 .icroa, both uminprovod Situate In Moit ; co., Kansas, at $10 and 416 per -acre lispootlvoly— one-third oash.baltmop on time. For Sole. A larm ot 140 acrea on bottom land, all In , c^Hivatlou, noarMadluon.ln tnlsoouiity. A ' SSft't two-story traino dwelling houae on It. JPrliw W.OOO ' , 4-i}ii ! ;.i' .i. . i For Bale, . . . • A .choice fonn ol 120' acres, situate 1 mllo oontli of. Shtpman, Muuoupln county, 111., at -848 / A fann, consisting of 140 acres of good land situate Within 3 lollos of Upper Alton, sulta . ble tor dairy purposes. Ohaup. JOSKPU JAWKBTT'8 J,fYERY STABLE riiONT 8TKKKT, BETWKKN AUnrAKJDKASTON. AljTUP 5 . ILtlNOl mvldlv TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. I'artlos Intending to buy llflul Estate In tho olty ol Alton or rlolulty will Ilnd It to thoir Interest to call at thoolllooof Uudorshauson & Sonntag and oxamlno their Hut of properties for sulo as only a part thereof Is advor- tl»ed. ap8dwtf ALTON BAILT TELEGRAPH. (Entor«rt iu 8«t!onil-fliniil Mntler At the I*. U. nt Alton, 111.) MONDAY EVE., MAY 10. RETRIBUTION BY "THE DTJOHESS." CHAPTER XXIV. Joy there, misery horol Lady Valworth pnshcs back the por- tlore, and with a slow and heavy tread advances to whore the motionless flguro Is Heated npon a chair, his head burled on the arms that are lying upon the table. "Qranltl" whispers she tremulously. Ho starts to his feet with an oath, and turns,a stormy face to hers. "What, cannot I bo left alono oven now? What brings you here? IB there no rest—no peace?" "It, Is only I, my dear—your mother I" Her voice breaks. "Oh, my chlldl my son I rny darling! It Is your mother, dear —your own mother! Did you think anything could make any difference to mef" The poor woman flings herself on the ground beside him and encircles him with her arms. "I know you were alone," she goes on eagerly. "I would have como sooner, but I—I was not very well. The moment I Could, however, J came to you. I could not bear to picture you sitting hero all by yourself, and perhaps believing your poor mother was holding aloof." "You had done better had you so held yourself." "Oh, Gnmit! do not so speak to niel Do not repulse me!" She is still kneeling beside him, trying do draw his dark, sullen face to look at her; and 7iow she takes his hand and holds It In fondling fashion against her bosom. He Is onco more her child, her boy, her llttlo one; in trouble and disgrace—In direst griof—and to whom then should ho come but to his mother? "My darling, why did you not trust me?" she says In a low, painful whisper. "I would have given them to you. I could have managed in some way. Yes—I would have given them." "They were not yours to give"—this allusion to tho stolon diamonds hardens his heart again, though not toward her— "they belonged to Sir Thomas. However"—breaking off savagely and dragging his baud roughly out of hers—"it Is too late to dls UBS what is over and done. If you have come hero to maunder about my crimes, I warn you I will have none of it." "No, no, dear; not another word shall be said." Going closer to him she tries to press him into a chair. "Sitdownnow and let us talk of your plans," she wliis- pors soothingly. /'Plans?" Ho glances at her-vaguely, as though ho hardly understands; plainly ho has not been listening. Then suddenly his (ace flushes; the veins swell upon his temples. "Where Is she?" he cries Jn a vehement tone. "She? Millieent" "Pshaw! No. Sho who betrayed me: that fair devil, Nodine." "Sho is down stairs. Sho has been very 111," says tho mother trembling. "Did I hurt her? Did she feel? Did she snffer?" His tone Is exultant, yet there is a fierce agony In It. "I hope so. Great heavens! how that girl lied to me, though her lips uttered no falsehood. th v 8lidlngf Detachable Springs. B^r Better tliau Whalebone or Koru,j£$ and guaranteed never to break. Price, #1.35. . Formic by lending wholwulc and retail eitab- Uhmcpu. , MAYER,STROU8E&CO. 413 Broadway, N. Y., Manufacturers, TAR DID ILES7 S^Lt iHEUM »' i * WAdl » e « l She gave herself to mo; she swore she would marry me, earing for that other nil the time. Dirt you mark how she shrunk and cowered away from me? How she paled, and glanced at me as though perdition lay in the sight of mo?" ' Ho is glancing over his mother's shoulder toward tho opposite wall. His eyes are dark nnd wild; ho is gazing at something. That past sceno in tho library Is again before him—is again being enacted —brought to light by his disordered fnucy. ; .; "Gnmit, think of something else,' 1 implores his mother, in a frightened manner. His voice, his gestures, terrify her. "Prom mo sho shrunk—to turn to him I How her eye lit as she saw him I To him sho cried £jr protection from me I Sho hold out her arms to him! She clung to himl" His breath is coming in painful gasps. "Thore was adoration In tho glance sho' directed at himl To gain such u glance I would have died. Welll" ho stretches out his arms and then he clasps Ills head, "because of such a glance I have died. She has slain mo I" "Granit, my poor boy, do not talk so .wildlj. Forget this girl; think now of what is tho best thing for you to do." "I have thought of that—that is all arranged." His tono is impatient. "Where nro you going, darling?" she asks, faintly. "Nowhere." His manner is dull and listless. "Rouse yourself," entreats sho, "you must go for awhile. You say you have arranged all. Tell mo, then, whore you urogolngl" "A long journey." "Long Journeys nowadays can bo compassed in a very llttlo while." "That is true. Mine will bo the shortest passage on record," ho draws his breath sharply. "What happened to her, when I loft?" "She fainted. Mr. Durau" "Koop his name out of it, can't you?" Interrupts ho, violently. "Go onl Sho fuintoU. \VolJ, what then?" "They had considerable dlftlculty in recovering her, I Imvo been told. I was not there," says Lndy Valworth, nervously. "Sho was naturally a good deal upset by tho whole affair. I suppose you frlght- oned her." "You say I hurt her." "You sent her with Borne force against tho wall. You did not mean It," hastily —"but when one is agitated as you were, one hardly knows what one Is doing. "Yon" anxiously—"must not take that so much to heart; you did her no real harm. You must not ho uneasy," "Take it to heart? I wish I had killed herl" Tho words come with a hiss through his clinched tooth; his face is white and distorted with passion. "That she should live, and llvo with him, Is tho galling thought; that Is more than I can .boar, How her little white lingers fastened ou his arm I Liar that sho Isl how Bho deceived and ruined inol Uody and soul nho has destroyed," "Oil, not your soul, darling I Thoro is time—repentance." "There is very llttlo tlino now and I urn unrepentant." Ho throws up his head and points to tho window. Tho lamps In (ho room aro waning, and through the closely curtain od window tho ilrsUtrcaUH of coming morn nro Stirling with u wirslnti>ncy that will not bo donli'd. Day Is breaking, nn d with It his mother's heart. The cruel Hunt will tear him from liur, will carry him—whlthor? "You Imvo not told me whom you aro going," shu says, pressing hor hand «»u(nst her heart to still Us throbbing. ,<L*,\ iiU Jt.d "I cnn toll no one Ihnt." "Whntl not your mother? Grahtt, do not fear, Twill betray you; anything you sny to mo now will bo sacred. Tell me whero It is you mean to go." "I cannot." "l!ut why—why?'' "For the simple reason that I don't know myself." There Is n curious gleam In his eyes that disturbs her and makes her forget (ho flippancy of his tone. "It Is to a strange land I will weud my way before tho day is very much older. A stranger in a strange land I My reception will bo n cold one, or perchance a hot one." Ho laughs wildly. His merriment is, however, shortlived, breaking olt almost as it began, and ending in a dismal silence. "Yon aro thinking of Africa," inys his mother, trembling, she scarcely knows why. "If you still refuse to let me know exactly where, you are going, at least promise you will writo to me. Gruult, my dear, dear son, promise me that." "I will promise you anything you like, though I doubt if you would care to keep up the correspondence." There .is something terrible In his manner, which has grown frivolous in a ghastly way, and his face is livid. "She will live aud prosper," ho says ineonsequcntly as It seems to Lady Vnhvorth; "but sho will have to remember. I will compel her to do that! Anil remember you," laying his baud roughly upon his mother's shoulder, "ro- membcr well that my last words were that sho was responsible for all I" "I will not believe these are your last words. You will return to me, when all this has blown over you will return, if even for a month or so. Promise mo that, too, Gnmit." "From where I am going no man returns." "That Is not true. There is no plnco on earth from which you cannot como back to me, It you only will." "No place on eiirlhl" He repeats hor words slowly. "My place on earth will know mo no more." Hosocuiu to wander away from the actual meaning of her words to the mere sound of them. "I have no longer any place on earth," ho says dreamily. "You have a place in my heart always," cries she, with a sudden burst of weeping. She throws her arms round him, nnd clings to him in an embrace that is full of despair. "Alas I my one child I my pretty baby I that it should come to this," sho moans, blttcrlj'. "You will not forget my message to her?" Though ho is supporting her half fainting form, he hardly heeds her; her words bear no meaning to him. His mind is ever with tho girl who had unconsciously betrayed him, whom ho has loved—whom he still loves, with a terrible intensity. < "I shall forget nothing. When do you start?" "When you leave me." "There will be no train, darlVng, uutil 7 o'clock." "I shall require no train." "But how, then, will you go?" Again ho bursts .into that loud discordant laughter that chills the blood in hor .veins. "Do not bo uneasy about me. I have prepared for myself • a mode of transit swifter than any train. Poufl Steam will bo slow to it." "You do not trust mo," she says sorrowfully, still unsuspecting, still dead to the warning that his words, his face, his manner, should havo given her. of ho further tiso. It Is as well i Alllllcent should have them again. Ho tlliiKfi the pi'ti aside, mid, rUIng to his feet, pnciw hurriedly up and down I ho room, lie cnn walk now. Hut 4lke u Hash It bursts upon him that soon movement will he impossible. Thcro upon tho carpet he lies like a »tlck—a stone! The great gmml fever nf living Is tearing through his relnsi. Ilia pulses throb, his heart bents—thon; nvo years of life within tho tall, slender, I'n.ily built frame that looks Its las:!, limmgh the open window. The early mornlin. air, fresh nnd frugrant, rushes gayly In. Heavens! how fair the world Is! Was It ever HT fair as to-day? Ho takes up the revolver again and lifts it to his mouth. There Is a short hesitation. His mind (ravels backward. His brain reels. There!—there! she IB before him again! A slight form, clothed all In palest blue. A face illvlnol Hcsr lovely arms! Her eyes—dark—liquid. See, now, they gleam for—Duninl Curse himl To him she holds out her hands. To him she gives hersoIf. She turns A groan of agonized remembrance bursts from his lips. Then follows n sharp report! It rings through thehousel He sways, and a corpse, disfigured in a horrible manner, falls heavily to the ground. All Is over. Through tho window the light breeze enters merrily, and floating downward, lifts the hair, that Is still iinwel, from tho dead man's bead, and softly, delicately, ploys with it. There Is only the breeze. All other motion Is gone. So intense is the silence that reigns within this chamber, that a tiny lilrd, emboldened by it, perches on the sill of tho window, and breaks forth Into a morning enrol, loud and shrill. A carol I A requiem rather! And now the silence is broken. Through the passages beyond comes the sound of hurrying feet. 'Chore is one that runs bo- fore tho others. Nearer, nearer they come, and still the bird carols, tho wind plays— tho dead man lies there, careless—unknowing. A touch npon the handle of the door. The wind still revels In lifeless tresses, but the bird has flown away. The door opens Upon the threshold stands—hie mother. THE END. I trust yon entirely. I trust yon with .my last message—to herl Now go." "I shall see you again?" entreats she, lingering. "I hope not I I hope from my soul notl" For the first time his composure seems to desert him. Ho grows ghastly pale, and a (It of shivering seizes upon him. "You aro ill—you are sufferingl" cries his mother quickly. "No. It Is nothing. Only gol I must be alone for awhile, and my time is short. Good-by. Stooping, he presses his lips to hor forehead, "For tho moment?" she answers anxiously. "Good-by." There Is no denial other question In his manner, and she is fain to bo content with it. She clings to him, nnd embraces him warmly; an embrace ho returns in kind. She moves as if to leave him. Almost as sho reaches tho door, his voice stops her. "One word," he says huskily. "Do not—do not bo unkind to herl When I am gone, do not show or fool resentment toward herl" Ho makes hor a sign with his hand to declare he has said all he had called hor to hear, and giing out, she closes tho door behind her. Tho sound of her retreating footsteps has died away. He is alono I He stretches out his arms wearily, as one might who has Just Hung from him some cruel burden, and drawing back the curtains, opens wide the window and gazes out upon tho growing day. Already tho sun has ilionnk'd tho heavens, and from tho eait soft rosy bars of tremulous light are descending upon (he distant hill tops. From among tho laurels conies tho thrilling music of Innumerable birds; from tho wood tho cooing of tho gontlo pigeons. A rose that has climbed up tho wall, more ambitious than its fellows, thrusts Its scented petals into his hand. Mechanically he accepts tho gift, and breaking tho (lower from its stem, inhales its perfmno. It Is sweat with dew, and sweet as only n morning rose can bo, with all tho cool moisture of the dead past nlgH still on It, and burled in its heart, IJoylo, still as If without thought, having trilled with tho (lower, carries it to a table near and puts out his hand toward n vase filled with wator. The action rouses him. Ho cheeks himself, and a after a brief pause flings tho (lower upon tho ground. Ho had boon about to place it in the water with n viow to Its preservation when that revulsion of feeling came over him. To save It trom Instant destruction —why? That ho might seo It upon tho morrow? Tho morrow? Whero will ho bo then? i Ho sots his heel upon tho flower and crushes it out of all loveliness. Death IB rushing t ward him on swift black wings —shall that senseless flower bo sparaU It IB a very poor, a very paltry bit of malice, yot it mrves him, and brings him again face to face with his indomitable resolve. Crossing tho room, he opens a caso lying upon a bureau and draws from It a revolver. Ho rmiB his hand lightly over It, nnd tho cool touch of tho stool BCCIIIH to utoady him, Having assured hlmsolf that it Is loaded, ho lays It down again and turns to a writing table. HIM hand is linn, tho writing bold as over. A few words, explaining whero tho famous sapphires (now dhmmiiUud and unset) may bo found in his rooms In town, uro uddreMaud to his mother. Hold wordt, wlthno'imlenrlng commencement, no af- fuctloimto termination. To him the nap- Their Business Booming:. Probably no one thing has caused suoh a general revival of trade at E. 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Such a medicine you will find in Electric Bitters, and only 60 cents a bottle at E: Marsh's Drug Store. my 1 dw 1 m BncKien'8 Arnica Salvo. The Best Salve m the world for cuts, bruises, sorea.u.cers, salt rhoum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, nnd positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 ceats per box. Fnr sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. . mch7dwlm Whether on land or at sea, on the prairie or in the crowded city, Ayer's Pills are the best cathartic, being convenient, efficacious, and safe. For torpid liver, indigestion, and sick headache, they dwlw STRIPPED of its nonsense, Henry George's "antispoverty" idea is to wipe out one man's liabilities with another man's assets. "Blessed bo nothing" when it comes to that Detroit Tribune. Pain in tho Back and Hips. 178 Fifth streot, Detroit Mich., Dec. 10, 1885.—A year ago I was taken with severe pain in my back and hips. 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J.Dutro. ; WaiTPLE 4SMILKY. For IjfU* The late residences of j. J, and W. II. Mitchell, on Mill at., two ol 4t(i boat pieces ol residence property In Alton. Tho property known as ''The Parjc, oast of abovo; U lots on Mill and Summit streets, an 'J a number ol pti In Miller A Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all of above at a groat bargain. WftlPPLE & SMILEY. For Sale. A 7-roombrl3k dwelling and out buildings OB Thhd street, JDotwoou Cherry and Vino. WHII'I'LE & SM BY. ainoAGO ANJJ On and after Sunday, May (1st, 1887, train on the Chicago and Alton railroad, will lean the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, m tollows: For Chicago and the Kaelt Chicago Mall* ...................... 9:00 Chicago Accommodation* ........ 0:00 p. in Lightning Express'... ................ 0:10 p. ni Peorla and Hock Island Fast Line (.9:00 a. m For Jacksonville, Kookuk, • Qaln-or. Kan(sag Oity.and all points went! Kansas City Mail* ....... ,. .. ...... 9:00a.m. Kansas City Express* ........ .. .... 9:10 B.m Denver-Express* .............. ;....7:10p. m. Jacksonville Accommodation?... V:10p. m. For tit. Louis t Lightning Express* ................. 8;« a. m OhiuagoTicoonimodatlon*. .;...,..9:80a. in Alton Special!... ....... ....i!-.:-..-;W:B6p. tn Kansas Oity Mall*.... ............... 6-40 n m OhioagoMallt. ....... , ........ .. ...6;20n m TEAINS LEAVE ST. LOUIS UNION DBPOt FOB ALTON. |7 60a.m. J600p.w. •460p.m. * (8 45 a. m. Sundays only). 'Daily rfi*eopt Sunday. 8. D. fiKEVB, Snp't. St. Louis Division O. a. KOBRIB, Ticket A«ent. For Itent. Lato residence of M. J. Noonan on State street, known as tho A. Plutt place. Good9 atium. Known us mo A. nutt place, room brick house, iu first class repair. VVHU'I'LK & SMI SMILEY. Tho pocnllar purifying and building' up powers of Hood's Sarsapnnlla rnako it tho very best mediolno to take at tins season. 4 SKNATOU Voorheea thinks that Sena^. tor John Sherman would bo tho strongest candidate tho Republicans could nominate. He also thinks Cleveland will be ronominatod. HOT oule, »IM, property on State streo in Jlillor & Mioholl's add,, to Alton, Itf story house, 8 rooms and out-bulldluifs; all in por- foot order. Can bo had at a bargain. WHH'I'LE & HMILKY. For Sale or Kent. • T ,"°,2-story frame dwelling with 9 rooms including 7 lots; good barn and flno fiults known as the Nichols homestead, situated on 12th st,, in a doslraolo neighborhood. WHII'PLE & 8M1LK Y. Desirable Residences for Hale. A two story brick dwelling on State street Jtnown as A. I'liitt huinostead, lately put in good repair. A two story frame dwelling on Main streot, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh street, all for sale at a sacrifice, owner having decided to gr j^2! WHU'l'LK & SMILEY: For Salo, good brick dwelling and Sheriff's Sale. Jonnlo E. Dopry ) vs. •• 5 Execution No. 390. Franklin Dopry. ) Fee bill No. Uy virtue of an.oxooution.ln Hils oaso Issued out of tho clerk's olllco of the Circuit Court of Madison oouuty.Illlnots, dirootod to the Shor iff of said county ,1 have levied upon all th« right, title andj interest |of the defendant in and to the following property, situate in tho county of Madison unS State 0" 111 nols, and described as follows, to -wit: """»°i Two H.2I rods off of tho north sida of lot Ko. five (fi), in block No. six (6), In E. Long's addition to the town of Upper Alton, and, also, two (2) rods oif of the south sldo of lot No. six («>, in said block No. six (0) In sold addition. Said two (2) pieces of land fronting four (4| rods on Main street in said town and running boot oastwardly tho onttro donth of said low, and situated in the town oi Upper Alton, in tho county of Madison, in the state of Illinois, which I will ox- cash "on *° tU ° '''K" 68 * bidder, for FHIDAY, THE TWENTIETH DAY OF MAT A. U., 1887, between tho hours of 0 o'clock in the forenoon and sundown: to-wlt: at 10 o'clock! a. m., of said day, In front ot tho nortU front door of tho City Hall building. In the city of Alton, in tho county and State aforosaicl to satisfy said execution together with oOBts. BY O. Svonlot3 The Hieo (Joil Spring puts tho baby to sloop. It settles tho business between tho follow and his girl. She's too happy to say "no" after a half hour's ride in » buggy with tho Itloe Coil Spring. dwlw They are luuglung down at Louisville over a man who set up "an Joe-water cooler" in tho Democratic State convention, and Imd moro water when the thing adjourned than when it starU od—us tho ice all melted. How to Unlit Flesh and and Strength Use after utinh meal Scott's Kmul- aion; it IB as palatable as milk and ens* ily digested. Delicate people improve rapidly with its use. For Consumption, Throat affootious and Bronchitis it is uuequalloU, Dr. Thos. Prim, Ala., says: "I used Soott'n Emulsion on a child eight months old; ho gamed four pounds In a month." mwf wk 1m outbuildings, in ijoiia repair; iirumior" Alto'u gJSgffSL-'-S 1 -A.9.°.l'.'.'!S, and known as Fho ton,or . . , own as o l»'oporty. WIlll'l'LE & SMILEY, Al- 0. W. Collet, Uppar Alton. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. tain out lato of State of the Honrlotto county of of and* iv«i notice WM. L. KLUNK UNDERTAKER, IAHD UBA.LER IN inclol Immediate .,citato are llftllOU. •II, A.D. 1887. SONNTAO, Kxnoutor. WALL Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes rot Ladles, Gentlemen and Children, Office and Shop on State street Now and Beautiful Designs Just arrived aud arriving for tho .^^ Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS ! A .Specialty, from Small Largest Sizes. to NEFF & OBERMUELLEn, Fourth, east of Bollest. febii

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