Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida on February 22, 1978 · Page 8A
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Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida · Page 8A

Cocoa, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1978
Page 8A
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F,V"' - ' t 'A TODAY. WednesdayFebruary H. II7S "Fine Thread Ties FSU, Western Murder Mysteries By MIKE ALBERTSON TODAY Ommtt Nw torvlc The news f nm'ViafTVf - jearjy October 1975 stunned .political circles in Seattle - Sand throughout Washington estate. .1. iSalt - Uike - CltirTmthOT'l - - ; ties had arrested 28 - year - old' Ted Bundy, who had been a rising star In Washington politics, on a charge" ,o( attempted murder. 'On Oct. 2, a pretty col lege coed, Carol DaRonch, picked Bundy out of a lineup as the man who had abducted her and beat her periodically the year be - fore. In November 1974, Da - Ronch said she was shop - , ping at a crowded mall in ; the Salt Lake City suburb of " Murray when a young man' approached and told her he Iwas a policeman, and lured ther toward, a tan Volkswagen, van, 'r The' man tried, to handcuff her. When she resisted,, Ihe started to hit her with a I steel pry - bar. She. broke ;j away - and, .'flagged,; dowruia ; passing motorist. Bundy subsequently swas convicted "of kidnap - tping and sentenced to 1 - 15 ;years in the Utah State Penitentiary. Events surrounding' the I attack on DaRonch, coupled with Bundy's prominence, sent police officers In sevr eral western states to file cabinets where a series of murders and disappearances "of "women dating" back .as far as 1969 were tucked away unsolved. ONE PARTICULAR series that extended from 1 1974 to 1975 swept Washington, Utah and Colorado; ; That series was thrust into the spotlight when two girls disappeared from a park 'near .Seattle. jinJJuly. 14, - X19?' - I, Lake Sammaish State Park overflowed that Sunday with 40,000 visitors. One of them was an affable young man, his arm in. a sling, who introduced himself to several young - women as Ted." - He. .asked them to go with him to his tan Volkswagen van and help Unload a sailboat. Four women . later would tell authorities they refused to accompany him. That .morning, Janice Ott, 23, vanished from the throng of fun - seekers. Two hours later Denise Naslund, 19, also disappeared. Their cases highlighted a string of eight such mys - T - teries - that - - began - Jan. 31, 1 1974, when pretty . Lynda ; Ann Healy, 21, disappeared from the bedroom of a ' rooming house in the university district of Seattle:i Investigators found, blood on her pillow. But there were few other clues. ' IN MARCH, Donna Gail . Manson, 19, disappeared "from , the" campus of Evergreen State College "at Olympia, Wash!, the state capital. A month later, . Susan Elain Ramcourt, 18, was reported missing from Central Washington State College at Allensburg. There were two more victims In May 1974 whom authorities know about. Roberta Kathleen. Parks, 20, disappeared from Oregon " State University1 at .Corval - lis and 22 - year - old Brenda Gail, Ball Vanished from the Seattle suburb of Burien. Georgann Hawkins,. 18, was last seen walking in an alley near her sorority house in , the same Seattle University suburb - before ; she disappeared in June. With fear stalking school campuses around the ' state, frustrated detectives : from the Seattle Police De - ; partment and King County - sheriff's deputies formed the - "Ted .Squad" Jocrack, the series of cases. After the park "disappearances which captured fearful public attention, the string of crimes became known ' as the "Ted Murders." PIECES OF the crime puzzle; began falling into place. Each of the girls - who had disappeared was pretty, most were in their early 20s and each had brown hair, parted in the middle. But there was virtually no other evidence ; available. , i' After Janice' Dtt arid "Denise! Nashlund disap - : l peared from: the park In July, the crime spree seemed to stop in Washington and Oregon. But the ' "Ted Squad" worked on, " J tracking down tips, sifting ! and re - sifting the meager : evidence available. - Later that year, In - ' vestigators found the bones of two people at the same spot on Taylor Mountain . near Seattle. And In the : spring of 1975, as though k the site were a macabre 'bursal ground, tjiey found 1 " nearby the bones of six other people, """ TTie - !'remains found at !the twd sites have been, linked to all but two Of the missing girls Donna Gall Manson "" "and Georgann nawttms." r""i ;; -.-"While the "fed Murders" stopped "In. Washington and Oregon after July, women began to disappear under Identical circumstances in Utah and Colo - , rado later that fall. UNLIKE THE Washington cases,' where the remains were so' decomposed that the cause of death could not. be established, the bodies of Wo victims were found in Utah: in late 1974., The young women had been battered cruelly about the head, causing death. In early October 1975,. law enforcement officers from: throughout the West held a "summit meeting" at a motel, in Aspen, Colo!, to compare notes and hatch a strategy to stop the "Ted Murders."' . Z"z : In February. - 1975, pretty, brown - haired Caryn Campbell, a nurse from Dearborn, Mich., was enjoying & skiing vacation at a lodge near Aspen with her fiance.. One minute she was there' in the crowded ski lodge, arid the next she . was gone. Her body was found irt a snowy mountain pass about two miles Jrom Aspen "Severe neaoT Injuries showed she had been beaten to.death. . Again, there was very little evidence. But in vestigators said they found hairs In a van Bundy was driving that were "microscopically indistinguishable" froni those of Caryn Campbell. And, - they" said,; credit card gasoline .charges put - Bundy in the Aspen area when the woman disappeared, as well as in the area where three other young Colorado women vanished in late 1974 and early 1975. --THEIR BODIES have never been jound. Colorado authorities charged Bundy with first - degree murder.' .He was taken from' the Utah State Prison to Aspen to stand trial. Bundy demanded and was allowed to appear before the court "pro se," as his own defense counsel. During a court recess June 6, 1977, he jumped out of a second - floor window in the "Pitkin County Courthouse - and disappeared. burg, and. severely - Injured tfireeoihejrcoeds - ' Gannett News Service learned that a man of Bundy's description had been living ; Irt ' an ' apartment In" jTallahisseei. mjjel.from' wTiere, the slaylngs took u place. Students said he seldom left his Oaks apart - , ment. o BUNDY WAS heading west last Wednesday morn - . Ing when Pensacola PatroP"" man David Lee instinctively checked out the license plate of the speeding Volkswagen, found out It was stolen and stopped it. Taken into custody, Bundy . who at that point did not reveal 'his real namer - hid' Pensacola Detective Norman Chapman and others' convinced that' he was Kenneth Raymond Mistier, who turned out to be sr. FSU graduate student - and track star. Bundy had Misner's FSU identification card, his' birth certificate and an uncanny store of accurate per - - jonal (nformation.about .the;': , real Mistier . Contacted by Gannett News Service at his: Tallahassee home," the real Mis - ner said, "This is chilling." For another day, "Mr. X" refused to tell .authorities who he was! Circuit Each of the girls who had disappeared (in the' West) was pretty, most were in their early '20s and each had tirown hair, parted in the middle. Coast, was struclt, by .the from his step - father, similarities In the murders: He graduated with hon - Larsen has followed the , Jrs in 1971 from theUnlver - case .closely since Bundy slty of Washington, earning was arrested In the Salt degree In psychology. He Lake kidnapping!. JuLsajd! !has!,.worked..as.a; .bellboy, many of the cases that West - busboy, cook's helper,1 dish' BUNDY Judge M. C. BlanchafAre - tused to grant bail to, the mystery Imposter charged with 21 counts of possessing stolen property, possession of a stolen tag, aggravated battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest with violence. He' was allowed - to call attorney Millard Farmer of Atlanta, a famed : criminal defense." lawyer" whom"1 Bundy probably met by telephone from Glenwood Springs, Colo.,. when Bundy was preparing his defense against the - murder - charge filed there THURSDAY NIGHT, reporters learned that the man's real name was Ted - Bundy: and that he.was.jhe. most recent addition to the "FBI's 10 Most Wanted list. By Friday morning, 25 law enforcement agencies, mostly on the West Coast, had contacted local authorities,, seeking to question Bundy about nearly 40 mur - ' ders from California to Lake City, Fla., as well' as the FSU coed slay ings. Some of the cases date back to 1969, and the possible links to Bundy are tenuous. The most recent is the Feb. 9 disappearance of a 12 - year - old girl from a Lake City school,. On Feb. v16, someone" handed a clipping to Seattle , Times political writer Richard W, TLarsen" about the,' FSU coed murders. He, like many others on the West Coast law enforcement offl cials want, to ask Bundy about have, little or no link to Bundy's!: whereabouts at the time they occurred. Larsen has; talked frequently with Bundy, Including a call the prisoner made to him from the Glenwood Springs Jail three days before his escape. Bundy has maintained he Is not guilty of any of the charges, Larsen said. BUNDY WAS born Theodore R. Cowell on Nov. 24, 1946, In Burlington, Vt. His! family' moved to'.Ta - coma, Wash. Later, he assumed the name Bundy washer, janitor and office: worker, Colorado. An FBIflyer describes - Bundy as 5 - feet - U. 145 Jo 175 "pouridsT slender" "and athletic with dark brown; col lar - length hair, blueeyes, and sallow complexion. " Occasionally, he stam mers when" upset "arid" re He became 'active" In, portedlyjias worn various politics and worked as a staff member af the: Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Commission and a rape crisis counselor, In the fall of 1974, he left the state of Washington and entered law school at Utah State University, about the same time the; "Ted Murders" stopped in Washington and Oregon and began In Utah, and disguises. When arrested In Pensacola, , he. was! cleanshaven with short hair. J Larsen describes. Bundy as a Very complexinteresting man ' engaging, with a good sense of humor and considerable ego. WHEN NEWS of his Salt Lake City arrest reached friends In - Seattle, one said, "That's not. the Ted Bundy I knew,;'' ..,, Fereydoon Khoshnood, M.D. Announces tho opening ' of his practice far Internal Medicine and Digestive Diseases 465 W. Mlnutoman Cwy. Cocoa Baach 783 - 5181 ACUPUNCTURE CENTER ! OF BREVARD mi) 230 S. COURTENAY PKWY. 0 MERRITT ISLAND Phono 636 - 0560 Trie combination of acupuncture A physiotherapy has successfully helped many people' who. have not been helped by conventional treatment methods." Migraine Headaches" Neuritis Low Back. Pain Neuralgia Arthritis Tennis Elbow Sciatica Knee Pains Hip Pain Bursitis Whiplash Injuries Sinusitis ,, : i Six days later, hungry and tired, he was captured in the rugged mountains near Aspenr " .',. .Authorities .'transferred Bundy to the Garfield County Jail at nearby Glenwood Springs after he was recaptured because the jail was equipped with" "maxT mum - security cells. Still acting as '.his own defense counsel, Bundy was provided elaborate assistance from the State of Colorado. At taxpayer expense, two lawyers helped him prepare his defense, and he was allowed 'use of a private detective, a forensic laboratory in California and a credit card for long distance telephone calls. At a hearing in Glenwood Springs where he had successfully argued for. a change of venue, Bundy. grew upset when the presiding Judge moved the - trial to Colorado Springs, a conservative comrnunity - from which five of the six men oh Colorado's death, row were sentenced. "YOU'RE SENTENC TNG me to death!" Bundy shouted at the judge. On New Year's Eve two. months ago, ,with,hisJan,, 9, 1978, trial 10 days off,. Bundy again escaped from authorities say he had fasted and exercised to lose! weight, and on New Year's Eve removed a light fixture from the ceiling of his cell. Wriggling through a foot - square hole, he made - his way along a crawl space to the jailer's empty apartment and fled., '.Bundy's escape went undetected for nearly a full day. 9y that time, police had reports. of ah old car stolen off. the street in Glenwood Springs: At 2 a.m. on New Year's bay, another car was ., stolen in Vail, a few miles to the east. - Because of his apparent eastward movement,authorities from Colorado and Washington talked to Florida officers In Leon County on Jan. 16, the morning after the bludgeoning attack at Florida. State University that: killed Chi Omega sorority sisters Margaret' Bowman and Lisa .Levy j. both - of St. Peters - Sun and fun dressing. It's bright. W' - '":'"" - : ''"'. r'"' iiy 'ffla3W?lift.' :. - :Mii - - :i vj - : .: - '" '5 . P ; ''' '' ' i J l - r7vov wmr ' Breezy. mmismM m' I JTfMTJlVY ? I ' j'r.': :; :;:":& i lJiJsil JtelZfnS. ' - ?vir'i'; - ''i - ' :' - ' - TlJWm??; imff 7 rrtr - T . jIl ifxft H."ll !jr?rx - rJS & I ". It3r4' - y, JiTZ . , - mA ' ' W iS.iB': 'JMW' XBP M'(ll'a W ' M - - r".HXV hH - 'Ut' ri .ism I x jT J ' .... x3 - ; i.,jvTrrt, j 'j&rJrsJKZrrr1eje L fe i - seSHflH t - :?t,Tx. r i'X.afc:?'.'' JTe - 'vrjirj..v: - i'.z wmsm, '. i . w r i0x - nme. : . h.a &&. 2 :.rJs?.m . .&... WlW .&';.&. Hl v v T a u "V f t i KWSJfK . - j?;iv ll,vS.il'';1:BV T5rfr - 7 ' j'l - 1 ' yi 4 Fl Ml 4 : I 'l uivsaM1' I V u I " " - I 'I ,wi9 1 1 " i '.M - . - t N A 'a' Va I im :"' ' . "i&i,,l vi ir "1(1 hK Vv "M - ''' '' V;.:' " - - ft W K $.'' iv W i - JCPnnev T i And better than ever at our Sun Festival, Sun dressing. Ruffled, flounced and very feminine. The; kmdof look; that makesttifiSfiineTintrinkyrlemon - colored polysilk gauze. Two styles, 8 - 18 fc - - Sleeveless with tie - waist, $25 Cap sleeve with tie - waist, $27 Fun dressing. Cool and comfortable in a polysilk blend. Lots of mix and match possibilities with pale yellow solids and pastel prints and stripes. 8 to 18 Blazer, $24 Skirt, $16 Print shirt, $15 Striped tank top, $11 Short, $7 Blouson, $13 T - shirt, $15 Slack, $17 MERRITT ISL. - MERRITT SQUARE Opn 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mon. - Sor. Opn 12i30 ro 5iOO p.m. Sunday Stor... Ph. 432 - 6811 VlSTI JCPtwwy Co. I"C MEUOURNE - BREVARO MALL Opn 10 a.m. ta 9 p.m. Mon. - Sat. Opn 12:00 to SiOO pjn. Sunday Storo ... Ph. 727.0933 TITUSVILU - MIRACU CITY MALL Opoa 1 0 o.m. to 9 p.m. Mon. - Sat. Opon 1 2i30 to SiOO p.m. Sunday Storo .. . Ph. 269 - 3S1 1 f tit h I ' - j i:f - I

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