Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 16, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1887
Page 2
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AMOK DlILT TKLB7RAFH. nr w. T. NORTON, Cor. Third and Plain Street*, Alton, 111. MONDAY EVK., MAY 10. An Egyptian Funeral. A funeral in Egypt Is Indeed a strange sight, and the first one the visitor sees astonishes him very much. At the bend of the procession march a corporate body of the blind and n certain number of men, who proceed at a quick stop,singing a most jubilant nir, while swinging themselves from right to left. Behind them comes the funeral-car, or rather a sort of bier, bearing a great red shawl, In which the body is deposited. At the extremity of the bier, on a porch, IB placed the turban or the tarbouche of the defunct. Two men carry this bier. They follow with such . high spirits Cho movement of the head of the cortege that the corpse, rocked in every direction, scorns to jump under the shawl which surrounds it. The women bring up the rear, some on asses, some on foot. The first row is formed of weepers or rather screamers, who send forth toward heaven the shrillest notes at each step. The weepers hold in their hand a handkerchief, with which they are not solicitous of wiping their eyes perfectly dry, but which they pull by the two ends behind their head with a gesture that would bo desperate if it were not droll. On arrival at the cemetery they take . the corpse from tho bier to cast it, such as it is, into tho grave. The great funerals, however, take place with much more solemnity. An important personage is hardly dead in Egypt before his friends and acquaintances hurry to tho house. During one or two days they eat and drink at the expense of the dead, or rather his heirs, indulging Sn tho noisiest demonstrations. When the hour of Interment arrives a scene of the wildest character Is produced. Tho slaves and women of tho household throw themselves on tho corpse and feign a determination to hinder it from passing the threshold. This lugubrious tragedy is played conscientiously. They snatch away tho coilin, they belay each other with blows, and tho moot violent and frightful clnnior is heard. At last tho procession leaves the hpuse and repairs to the cemetery, preceded by camels loaded with victuals, which are distributed to tho poor hurrying in crowds along the road. All along the road the mourners and friends of tho family fight for the honor of bearing tho bier for an instant, and thus it passes or rather bounds from hand to hand amid the most frightful disorder. Tho interment ended, everyone returns to the house of tho dead to recommence the festivities, dancing and the mortuary demonstrations.— Brooklyn Magazine, Mr: Bowser and the Hired Girl. When wo began housekeeping and got our first hired girl, Mr. Bowser called mo into the library, shut tho door, and dropped his voice down to tho confidential pitch and said: "Mrs. Bowser, let's start out right. Let's respflct the feelings of that poor girl in tho kitchen." "Certainly." "She's just as good as we are, and wo mustn't put on any airs over her. She shall cat at tho table with us, and if she has any time from her work you might learn her how to sing and play the piano." "I can't quite agree with you, Mr. Bowser." "Oh, yon can't? Woman's mortal enemy is woman. Well, I'm going out and have a littlo talk with Eliza and tell her what I'm willing to do." 1 listened at the kitchen door. Mr. : Bowser is no man to boat about the bush. Ho went right at tho business in hand by saying: "Ell/,a, nobility does not consist in riches." She slid away from him toward tho sink. "You nro not to blame for being in your present position. How would you like to take sinking lessons?" She looked at him with an open mouth, "And learn to play tho piano?" She opened her mouth still wider. "And, perhaps, learn how to sketch and paint?" Sho seized a pail of water in the sink and whirled on him with: "Yon infernal oross-oyod old reprobate, to talk to an innocent girl in that fashion! Get out of my kitchen or I'll drown you in a minute!" Wh»n wo sat down to supper I wondered why Eli/a hadn't put on a plato for herself, and I asked Mr. Bowser when I should begin her piano lessons. "Mrs. Bowser, have you lost tho little souse you possessed two or three months ago?" ho hotly exclaimed Detroit Free Press. Snved the Empi-cm' life. Many American physlelnns are among the ablest, but their profession rests on a false hypothesis. It has nothing to do With science, and cn'nnot have until It has vastly advanced. Marked Improvement has been made In therapeutics. Our physicians compare very favorably with those of Europe. After the Kinpress Eugenie had given birth to tho prince imperial an Important operation was necessary, and all the celebrated doctors of Paris nnd suvcral American doctors resident there were called In, turning them Dr. Johnson, now (lend. During hur treatment It was found to their consternation that the blood had left her bruin. She was In momentary peril of losing her life. A solemn consultation took place. Nobody could advise except Johnson, who declared ho could remedy thu evil. 11 held her up by thu heels and tho ulooi flowed back to hor brnln. Ho 'saved he life. Not one of the Parisian snges wonl( have drcnmoil of offering so monstrous ui Indignity to the empress of tho French but the Indignity, no they afterward no knowlcdgcd, was preferable to hor death —Chicago News. Nevada beef Is being shipped to Callfor nia In an aliucut unbroken string of cat- tie cars. Sadden Death, Mrs. Annie Dutording, wife of Henry Detording, living at Pleasant Ridge, died very suddenly last Sunday, from hemorrhage of the lungs. Mrs. D. attended church at Pleasant Hidgo that day and as she was getting into the wagon to return home, was taken with a violent hmiiorrhage nnd was tsken to the residence of :Wm. Blum, a physician sent for and everything that kind friends could do was done to relievo hor, but in vain. Sho breathed her last just as Dr. Wadsworth, of this city, reached tho house. Mrs. D. was about 26 years old and had been married but little over a year.— Oollinsvilte Herald. KASKINE (THE ffK\V QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, There is no danger to human lifi more to be (treacled tlmn that whicl arises from vitiated blood. Dyspepsia rheumatism, headache, and general (It bihty, all result from it, and nro cured by the use of Ayer'a Sarsapanlla. Taki it this month. Six' bottles, $6. dnlv Chenp Fuel Natural gas is piped into Buffalo, N Y., from a distance of about eighty miles, and is furnished to consumers a' 20 cents per 1,000 feet, which is only one«third of the price first establlshec six months ago. Besides being the cleanest and most convenient fuel Buffa lo has ever had, it is also the cheapest. Yet oven at these Ugurcs thore IB money in supplying the gas. In JCittsburgh it is furnished much cheaper than in Buffalo, and the company that supplies the former city recently held its annual meeting and heard the report for the year 1886. The company has a capital Block ol $7,000,000, and the earnings for 18«ij were, in round numbers, $1,500,000 The operating expenses were SM2,175, and, after paying dividends of 1 pei cent, a month, there was a surplus of $336,000 in the treasury— Chicago Journal. The Importance of purifying tha blood cannot be overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every one needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, .and wo ask you to try Hood's ParMlliai* Snrsaparilln. It strengthens . • CuUllai a ,id builds up the system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while It eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Snrsaparllla pccul- Tr^» l-t-octlf lar curative powers. No ' O ITS6IT other medicine has such a record of wonderful cures. If you havo made up your mind to buy Hood's Snrsaparllla do not bo Induced to take any other instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsanarllla Is sold by nil druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar Patents. A. Miser's Death. , Pa.,May 15.—Dr. John BurucU,agcd 80 years, who has lived alone in miserable and filthy rooms at 58-1 South Fourth street, was found dead there by tho police today. Secreted about the place was found 82,700 in gold, silver and bills. He apparently died of old age, and lack of proper food. NEW BEDFORD, Mass., May 14.— The whaling bark Europe, owned here, has been wrecked off the Japan const, the entire crew of thirty-two perishing. NO ringing ears, C u "" quickly Pleasant, P uro MAKES Shorter Hours For Women, tho b««tand nafostWash Ing Componnil known. jfj«od A« Directed It proJnooa better mult; with A greater taring of Time nnd Latin: In Washing and Honso- cleaning, than anything yet Invented. Wash ytrarDishes, (Hasa- wardWinaows, Curtains, Jewelry, Silver, in faot everything, with It. Try It In the Bath, and note Its Superiority over Soap UewitreofItuUntlouft. The Genuine iihvnyi bcnri tlic above Symbol ami name uf JAMIS8 I'YIJB. Kew Yorli. A POWJSKFUIj TONFC, tlmt tlio most dcllcato utoinnch will bnnr. A SPECIFIC FOK MAJLARIA, RHEUMATISM, NKHVOUS PKOSTItATION, nnd all Uorm Iilsonsos . FOIl GOLDS KA8KIN1S HAS H KEN FOUND TO II10 ALMOST A SI'ISUIFIO. Suporlor to (jntnlno. llollcvuo llospltnl, N. Y.: "Universally successful." Mr. V. A. Miller, 030 East 157th street, N. Y.. was ourcd byiKnsldne of oxtrcmo mnlniinl prostration after aovon yours suHoi'luij. .Ho had vnn down from 170 pounds to 1)7, oegnn on Knskluoln June. 13)Hi. wont to work in one month, ruKiilncd Ins full weight In D months. Quinine did him no tfood wlmtovor. Mr. Olmrlos llnxtor, nrcliltout.lilli 15.120th St. N. V,, wns Knsklne ol dumb HKU« in 3 months nfter (jnlnlno trentnicnt for lOyonrs. Mrs. J. Lnwson.Ul Bargon St., Brookly was eurod of mnlarin nnd nervous dyspepsia of many yearss;undluu by Kasklue, tlio quinine treatment having wholly failed. Rev. Jas. L. llall.Ghnplalu Albany I-onlton- tlnry.writos that Knsklno 1ms cured his wlfn, after twenty years suffering from mnlnrln and nervous dyspepsia. Write him tor pnr- tlrmlnrs. Letters from* tho nbovo persons, giving full details, will bo sent on application. luiBklnu can bo taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 nor bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. KASKINE GO., 04 Wiimm St., New York myfidwlni A Ears and Scalp CoVorcd with EC- z cm a tons Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuticura. M Tf little son, aged eieht yonrs, has boon afflicted with Ecxemn of tha scnlp, and nt lines a great portion of the body, over since 10 wns two years old. U began in his oars, ind extended to his scalp .which becnmo cov- ired .with scabs nnd sores, uud from which a tlcky fluid poured out. cnnsing intense tchina and distress, nnd lenviue his hair nutted and lifeless. Underneath tneso scabs ho skin wns ruw, like n piece of beefsteak, iradunliy tbe hair came out and was do- itroved. until but n small patch was loft at ihe back oi the head. My friends in Peabody know how my littlo boy has suffered. At light ho would scratch his head until his pil- ow wns covered with blood. I used to tie lis hands behind him, and in many ways ,ried to prevent his scratching; but it was no use, ho would scratch. I took him to the lospltnl and to tho best physicians in Pen- )0dy without success. About tliis time, so'iie friends, who had boon cured by the )uticurn Remedies, prevailed upon mo to try them. 1 began to usn tl;em on tho 15th of January last. In seven mouths every particle of the disease wns removed. Not a spot or senb remains on his sonlp to toll tho story if his suffering. His hair 1ms returned, nnd s thick and strong, and his scalp as sweet nnd clean as any child's in the world. I cannot sny enough to express my gratitude for Ills wonderful cure by tho Homo- dies, nnd wish nil similnrly nfllicted to know hat my statement is true nnd without oxng- uerntion. CHARLES MOICAY, Oct. 8,1885. 1'enbody, Mass. I hnvo seen Mr. MoKny's boy when bndly affected with tho Eczema. Ho was n pitiful igbt to look at. I know that he has tried >ur best physicians, nud did nil n father ould do for n suffering child, but availed lothing. I know thtit tho statements ho has nndo yon as regards tho curing of his boy y your Untlcura Remedies lire true in every •mrticulnr. WILLIAM J MCCARTHY, 83 Foster street, Penbody, Mass. I do not know of any instance in which the Jutioura Remedies have failed to produce atlsfaetory results, I believe 1 have sold more thorn than of any other skin remedies hnvo ever handled during tho 83 yonrs of ly experience as a druggist. A. D.TRYON, Bntavlii, N, Y, Sold everywhere. Price: Ontloura, 60 cts.: utleiira Soap. 26cents; Ontloura Resolvent, I, Prepared by Potter Drug nud Ohomlcnl To ny persons wishing to obtain lottoi i °°," Boston. DHtont on new inventions, Improvements c loslgns, I will execute drawings and speclfi jnttous and make applications for Patent All consultation, in person or by lotte fro KA«I>K PACKET COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer H. L1CYHK, Moetor. ( E. Rosa POWKI.I , JED. UI.OOK,Dim-lie. On nnd niter Monday, Fob. 11, tlio SpreniJ Englo will run aa follows, vizi LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS nt 7 o'clock n. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. m., dully. And leaving Alton for I'ortngo, Jersey Landing. Grafton, and wnj points every evening at 0:30 o'clock. *a,Tuo Whistle will be Bounded flfteet mluutos before starting for Bt. Louis, [FAUKl To ST. Locis, ... so Ronm> TBIP ... 75 TWENTY BIDES' . - - 5 oo G W. HIM., Asnnt. Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUIS AND CENTRAL ' ILLINOIS 11. R. GO'S PA1ACJ3 STIC A JI lilt L11CA8 PPEIPPENBEUGKK i WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tlieno *\\ aahboarda uro mado with A Iteitt Wood rim, Tho Strong- Qitt boarJa and bobt waatiora in tho world. For unlo by all dculiru. Take no other. HAUINAW M'F'G CO., Knvlnaw, Michigan. When Soimtor Sherman WIXH soorotu- ry of the treasury ho wont to Mansfield, O., for a few dayH. Ho was fol- tlowocl by. a host of newspaper corro- spoudonts. Sonio of them snld ho was preparing to run for governor, others that ho was working up a president ml boom. One of tlio correspondent!) boldly asked tho soerotary what he wna doing In Miinsllokl. It hupptmed that on that day Shermttu had contracted with a man to repair Home fences on his nlaeo, so ho told the roporter that ho tmd come to Man.slleld to look uftor his feueoB. Thus originated an expression which has had wide UNO in politk'uldr- ulog and has even found its way into tho British houso of parlimuiit. Mi »- ^ A Mluflourl farmer, driving homo at night from St. Louis, dropped a eont and a bag of oats from his wagon without knowing it. His dog knew it, though, and lying down by them watched them for throe dayH, despite all itflbrU to coax or drive liim away. At the end of that tlmo tho farmer Ottiuo back- He .said that ho had boon wondering what had bucomn of hln coat, bag, and dog, and hearing of a dog acting utntugoly on thu road, U> sue If It WUH his, J. WILKES FORD & CO. Ol <fc oa W. WlMlllltatnn 81., ClilciiL-i,, III. FELT AND GRAVEL ROOFERS Anil Dealers In KoolluR Mnterlliln. Ourifn- ollltlna fordoing work In Alton nro miolt tlin wo.onn do tlio very boat quality of Kolt inn Uravol Itoolliitf, tho tmino as in 1190 on nl the Ilr«t-oluu8 iinllillngs In Chicago nt n low or prloo tlmn Tin or Iron, nnil wnrrnnt 0111 roofa for live youra. Wo nlao soil nintorl n'H wltli full Irwtruotlon how to do tlio wnrlt 01 (nrnlali nnoxporlonood mun. np«dly •200 BA.OS IIIGGJNS' FUREKA FINE SALT, For Dairy and Table Use, lnJ14 Ib. lluou sacks and 5O Ib. Hacks, for sale by J. A. RYKIE. AT ' -. UAHLK MAN" to tnkoorUorBforolioleo nnrsorv Htook. (jood liny. Steady work. Ontllt frnu. No 0x1,0- rionci!i necUod. JAMBS K. WIIITNKV, Ulrtftdlni NurHeryiuun, Uoohootur.N.V. VbU paper U kopl on Die at the onino of ADVERTISING x GENTS 1ME8BUILDINQ ff^fgj PHILADELPHIA. eOTIUmC ForlBWRPlFRR IDTKRTI8ISS CBCC toiimrlir.4 at LowoctOaih Rntea incC ~ LAYERS SON'S MANUAL Send for "How to Ouro Skin Dlsonses." OT VfTLKS, Ulnekhonds. Skin BloinlsUcs X JLJL.U. and Ilnby HuinorB, use Cutlourn Sonp, A Word about Catarrh, "Ills tho mucous membrane, thnt wonderful soinl-iluid envelope surrounding tho doll- cnto tissues of tho air nnd food passages,that Catarrh makes its stronghold. Once established, It eata into tho voiy vitnls, and renders life but a long-drawn breath of misery and disease, dulling tho sense of hearing, trammelling tho power of speech, destroying tho faculty of smell, tainting tlio breath, and killing tho rcilnod pleasures of taste. Insidiously, by creeping on from n simple eold in tho head, it assaults tho membranous lining and envelops tlio bones, outing through tho delicate coats and causing Inflammation, sloughing and death. Nothing short of eradication will secure health to tho.patient, nnd all nllovlatlvos nro simply procrastinated sufferings, loading to n-fatal termination. Sanford's Radical Inhalation nnd by Internal administration, has never fulled; i<von when tho disease has mi'.do frightful Inroads on dellcnte constitutions, hearing, sinoil and taste have boon recovered, and thu disease thoroughly driven out. SANFOIID'S RADICAL Ouiw consists of ono bottle of tho Radical Ouro, ono uoxOatarrhul Solvent, and one improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped in one package, with full directions; price fl. . ' POTTKU Dnuo A CHEMICAL oo., HOSTON. J. F. ELLISON, Commander. ED. ANSUUTZ, I r,i«»i „ * TIIDE UODOE! i OJorks. On and after Thursday ,Feb. 17th, will leave Alton daily Commencing Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson willleaveSt. Louis lor Alton, Port- ago, Jersey, Grafton and all points on St. L & 0.1. It. l£., daily, except Sunday, at 8:3n a. in., arriving nt Alton at 11 n. m. Returning will leave Alton for St. Louis at 5:15 p. m. arriving at St, Louis nt 7:80 in ample time f or pnrties to attend thcntrss, etc. Parties purchasing round trip tickets will be furnished state rooms without extra cost. Round trip tickets of steamer Spread Eaglo or Hudson willlbo honored by either boat for return passage. connecting with fastozpross on St. Louis and Central Illinois Railroad lor Jerseyvillo, Wn- verly, Spiiugllold and all points north nnd oast. FARE. To ST. LODIS, single trip, . . . 50c. " " round trip 7n». '• " twenty rlue ticket,. , $5.00 HENRY C. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. H. A. FISHKlt, Oon'l Manager. lolldtf HOW IT ACHES. Worn out with pain, but still compelled by stern necessity to stand up to tho work bolero us and bear the ptiln. Relief in ono minute In a On- tlcura Anti-Pain fluster for aching sides and baok.woak & painful muscles,; the sore ohest and hacking conuh. unr! every pain and noho of dully toll. Elegant, new, original, speedy, and infallible. At drui/giBti>,2So,; live for Jl; or,;postage iroe, of Potter Drug and Oliuniloiil Co.. Boston Sealed bids will bo received nt tho ofllco of .he City Kiiglnoer up to Tuesday noon, May 17, '67, for the furnishing, hauling and sproad- ng of 100 srjunros of MeAdani, more or less Ito be placed on Washington street, Boz/n street md Milton road, under tho direction of the )lty Engineer. Also for the building ol a wing wall at hrldgo ut Shields Branch and bucking the nine with earth. Parties bidding will BlJ so nuuli per perch, furnishing nil material laid II cement i also so much per cubic yard for Also for the lurnlshlng, hauling ami spread • ng of 60 lends of cinders on Twelfth street m or tho direction of tlio Olty Kiiglnoer. The comnilttou reserves tho rlglit to reject ny and all bids If not doomed best for tlio itm-estof tho city. j. K. Ooi'i'INUEIt. Olinlrinnn Streut and Alloy Ooiimilltno. I! did Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Marcus 11. Topping, of tho city of Alton, county of Mndfson, and State of Illinois, by his cortnln trust doed, duly executed, acknowledged nnd delivered, bearing dnto tho 2-itu day of Juno, A. I). 1870. nnd recorded in tho Ueglstor'8 ollleo ol tho nald city of Alton, In hook 7, nt puges 4,5, and 0, did convey unto Albert Wndo, us trustee, nil the following described promises, situated In tho city of Alton, in tho county of Madison and Stnto of Illinois, to-wlt: Tho south half of lot number eight (8) in block number twelve (1") in the city of Alton, nforosnid, upon which is erected u two nnd a hnlf utory brick dwelling with stone basement, to secure tho pay- montof one principal promissory noto Tor the sum of three thousand dollars executed by said Marcus II. Topping and datod the 24th dayot June, A.!)., 187!), nnd payable two years after dnto to the order of Sweotsor and 1'rlost with interest from maturity at tlio rate of ten per ceutpor annum, tho Interest, if not pnld soml-annually, to become us principal nnd bear tho snmo rnto of Interest: nnd four Interest notes described in said deed of trust of even date therewith and payable in six, twelve and eighteen months and two years after date respectively which interest notes havo been fully paid. And, whereas, said Marcus [I. Topping, by his certain trust deed duly executed, acknowledged nnd delivered benrlug dnto, the 10th of March A. !>., 1879. nnd recorded In the llooorder's office of Madison county, Illinois, In book U». of deed records on pages 147, 1J8 and 111) did convoy unto the said Albert Wade, as trustee, all the following described promises situated in tho city ol Alton nforosnid, towit: Tho undivided one-half of forty.two nnd one-half feet fronting oil Third street, off of the west side ot lot number six («) iii blk number twelve (12) to further secure the payment of said principal promissory note for the sum »f thruo thousand dollars And, whereas, default lias benn made in tho pnymunt of tho said principal promissory noto and there Is now duo and unpaid thero- 011 tho sum of two thousand, nine hundred SS,. ,'i'!' ty llolllu ' a of principal nnd tho sum of TOf.lS Interest, making a total ol now due and unpaid on said note, besides the Interest which may accrue on said principal from now to tho day of sale hereinafter mentioned, at the rate of oluht per cent, per annum; and there In now duo tlio legal holder of said note the further mini of one hmidrod and llfty-Hlx dollars and eighty-live cents for taxes paid on said premUos and interest on &™Ji"?ff iB01) ,' lllli , mald ' 1 K in «» the sum of W.000.% now due tho lognriioldor of suld noto under said noto and deeds of trust, and tho logul holder of said note Henry 0.1'rlest si r- ylvliiK part of said firm of Sweetsor A I'riost hns made application to the undersigned, the truntoo In said UiiHt deeds named, and requested him as such trustee to sell ai d d™. pose of salil promises niidor the power in wild trust deeds and lor the purposes tlierelu Mnd < lson i couniv' 1 Vi'i| l , l ,',' i | lr n"\ '!'?. ™ llori l u °' Topping I; "" " ' '" ' Silk Clocked Hull). Ladies' Hose, .Oc n pair; other lloso up to $1.50, Calicos mid Lawns, 8c to Ifio n yiml, Sateens, Domestic and imported, -lc a.yard to 35c. All grades in White Dress Goods from fie n yard up. All kinds of Fancy Goods and Dry Goods very cheap. '• Men's Working Shirts, lOc to $1. Men's White Shirts, -JOc to $1. Undershirts for all, at 12 1-2 to $1.25. Socks from 2c to 7fic a pair. •- ; Men's Suits, $3.00, $-1., $5, 8fi, $7, §8, SD, $10 to 820, just a littlo over half price. ' ' • Boys' Suits, 81.50, ?2, $3, $4, $5, SO, $7. $S to $18, they are worth much more. Odd Garments for Men and Boys at nearly half price. ;; - ; ... Boys'Pants,'I0c to 83.50. Millinery too numerous to mention, but just as cheap as, you want them and the largest, by fur, stock ever in Alton. Gents' Hats, all stylos, way down in price; chea p enough for all. Ladies'Slippers, lOc to $1.50 n pair. Ladies' Shoes, in button and luce, Si to $3.50 a pair, Children's Shoes in all grades. Our profit on all goods is no more than lOc on the dollar, which will be well demonstrated at the Globe. Our Groceries we arc selling out at cost; fixtures for sale. ' Call in and see us, we will surely entertain you and sell you, if you want lo buy, at the lowest prices. Straight words these are, at W, A, HILDEBRAND, prop'r of the Globe. 1887 TOE LATEST ! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, , - r ."Urnss'tulaing. eir nil connecting pipes"bfTuavy iinrcaled bfass.iwHli union con minus. One end of tnnh is of gluss, showing quimtitv ol oil In same. Cannot uo lined wlule miniing. ,' -., ;-. The reenlnr lino of JMVlFL STOVES AND KANGKS arc improved mechanically';ana arils- ticnlly. Lareo double ovon lor throe burner Kaiigos; Stand pipes Inorooaea In size to ono inch, with Inrgo supply valve nnd trap at base. All ovens are maUo double or fluo lined, fcassa - apOiUm ^\ ftp ---aaSDta.^ «S«* ALCOHOLIC ANTIDOTE NON-ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NEKVOUS DEfiANOEMENTS. An immediate relief for prostration caused by AIjCOHOI*IC EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, when taken with Soda, Vichy, Apollinarls, Seltzer, or any Sparkling Water, will uupply tho Ciavinir for Strong Brink, without its disastrous resulte, leaving a^r?™ 01 " rofreBnetl and Invigorated. Prepared as a HEAVY SxKUP, most agreeable to tako. QNbV BY TUB BOTTI.E.-<,-••— Being non-alcoholic, It commends Itself especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergy, men, Merchants, and others following sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy. (forBY ft WW'tMYtythe n SECY. CHICAGa-lLL. U-B'A- LOOKOUT HBittB! THIS Oi:i,G.UUATEl> QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! PHYSICIANS AND 8UUQKOH8 Knlmin B l''Jm,M"" VOy v " " ll ' 1 ' , nnl "" soa '" Mary ««%v^, m V'rri?,s u i w is ?" V., 1 : 1 .', 8 ..",?. 1 !'"- 1 " 111 I'!'vlitno of thopowm' l''OU BAUS AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Donlurs STOVISS AND HAItD\VAltK Undertaker's Supplies did ALWAYS ON HAND. OOU, HKOONU AND AMIV ST8. Sli&k'ta.V G. A. HERRB1ANN, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, TIIIKO STUEKT, OVER PFKIFFEH'S SHOE STOUK, OIllcolionrH: 8 to110 n. in.; 2 to 4 nftoruoon, nudl).-aoto7:aO ovonlng. invTdGwk I>H. B, GUEJL1UU, I'Jiysiclau and burgeon, OKKKW A NirniKMDieHOlj^OOB.FOURTU lan-dwly W. A. HA8KELL, M.D., ODlro Surgeon, OimtllS-SKfJOND BT.,AI/rON, IJJ- w . , 13 to 1, n»a fl p.m. UKNTIBIUV, . IS. UOMJOAND, Dentiut, Jii Till IU) 81'HKKT, AT,TON, 1U,. omoe llouiu-8 a. in. to IU m.l 1 to 4 p, in foudwly 'MnniO ol < JnniiH Hlver, Vn, In Oluro- " fl K IVI Ninnnt Oolony. Illuatrutod olrou- nilllltflm- lout, J.V, MANOHA,

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