Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 14, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1887
Page 4
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TIRED OUT! At UllA Mtf^rtM *UU»lw ***•• MU HABllfl *«4 M«i M^M.M ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH. (EnUrtd M 8eoo«a-<ua«« Matter at the f O. lit Alton, 111.) ' ' b'ATtTKOAY KVfl.l MAY 14. •™. JT produce oonrtipatlon— oltttr Iron mtdfefeu tie oA OhS D " I " T ' * lu<Ul1 ' P'tf''" 1 *'" o' Spring" Bnnro'i Iron bitten h a thoronghlr good modi- T*' i,-?!* 8 'l ln "WprMtlce, «nd flndfti action ei- <JMI au otuer fonnB of Iron. InweakopM,oralowoon> altlon of UM lyBtom, IJrown'ji Iron Bitters In umally * pMltlre iMoomltr. It Is all that it claimed for It." _Dl». W. R. Wum, 1JIB Thlrtj-iooond Street, rau D. 0., >an; "Brown's 1 Iron Bitten la , .., rl rownron tten tlie ago. Nothlig bottor. It oreatw •ppetlto, gtrM itrenjth and liaprora digestion." • O*nnlna ban abonTrgde Mark and crowed red llnea ^Mijitynm. Take no.qthor. Made only br ' *jtffi* f $ itt * lv ltf° t q-*"^ 7 ;** 0 ^*"*• fill III?H _k{\<\ ': ' V; ' EWILSIfflM AWI »>»n»»^^ .. -.., _. last my duty Is at an end: my final guest has departed. 1 can now rest my weary limbs,"says Miss Grey some hours later, sinking into a chair as she speaks. "You look awfully done," returnsMas- sareeno with deep solicitude. , "I am tired. leonfesslt. With all this anxiety upon my mind, to be obliged to KO about among the guests arid apologize tfttnera for poor Lady Valworth's absence, WAS'more trying than I knew. Auntie was of no help at all. Sho was thoroughly upset herself, and for tho first hour un- presentable. Then she rallied a little, but to hardly any purpose. Oh, Gerald! Teat a terrible evening this JIBS beeni" . ."It .has,, hod its good side, However. You arc freci" '•.•!<• - ;si ;i '•; "Free—yes.". : : • ' ; . ' "To lot me Ipve you." |t "I.hiwe time to think of that." Almost as Palatable as Milk. v «* J «" *. uui*uv( iv* w*. biiu wuni FOR Rai.c nv flL-- REAL ESTATE FOR SALE QR RENT, ', S»Ie. f ;.- : •• . .'. isaht homo at a roa- iKuni, upjng a two-story frame house i street, near Henry. , ? > •• > • , -, for Sale. ' • A choice farm of SM acres, with first class improvements, situated 2M miles east ol Brunswlek. Oharit^i oo.i M6.T* > r i? For Bale. story frame dwelling house In ttnaa u. In Topping's addition to Allon. For Sale Cheap : - r Hale. BOl land near city limits. Stu^o ?h li ?J7 i"! 011 ttna 'romo dwol A* nouse both situated on the oast • -d o- dtate street between eth and 7th meets- so the. brick block of stores on Secon atreol: betwnBn nomv and lUdgo street fl own 0 as HuSte?'s ix'W. •,• „• t For Sale. : "• •aass 5°" : CO.. Kansna, at $10 ahO no per Sore •aspootivoly-one-thlrd cosh.balrinoo on ttae. For Sale. - i ,, - * 140aor «s on bottom land, all in ; formate. • '••'. ;• • • ifpmaii.Miiqmtpln county, lll^al of 140_aoros of good land 7 A ~.~i\- "'" COnipel' mo to believe you selfish," she says slowly. "Is it seldsh to consider above evory- tftlng the welfare of tho ono best beloved? If BO, I plead guilty. I tell you I have tnought of nothing since—since Boylo's expose—hut tho fact that you have been delivered outqf.the hands of such aman " "One must think of Nadlne." : "How Is'she-now?" "Well, but stll torrlfled, , ; His,violence did hor no bodily harm-, but she fs oppressed by norvou horror, and will not consent to remaii alone for oven a moment. She is now in tho morning room with Mr. Duran and auntie." "You were surprised about Duran?" ."Weren't you? When she called out to mm that time, and,.wh'eti ho caught her In his arms, I could hardly believe my senses Well, it is a good exchange for her. Maurice Durau is handsome, and rich, and —her heart's chosen. Sho is a girl I" "Are you unlucky?" He asks the question wistfully, looking down at her with his plain, kindly face rather disturbed. I am ugly and poor, and not altogether sure that I am tho chosen of her who is all the world to me." "OhI you are you?" returns sho senten- tlously., "And as for Maurice Duran, I would not marry him, oven If ho had the graqe to ask mo." .; "And you will marry me?" easerly "Time will prove that." She laughs at him a little saucily from under her long lashes, and holds.out to ilm,a hand.with such dainty sweetness'-os bnugs him to hor feet at once. "A darling girl, no doubt; but not yours yet, however." • ' "And why not, 4 since'you are free?" I was quite free all along, it seemsl" xclaims .she with o quick Hash of wounded pride that brings the hot blood o her chooJss. She springs from hor seat ml paces rapidly up and down tho room. ^•esontly she stops short before him, and •iirts her dark, : angry eyes to his. "I bonder yon have not too muoli pride to coro for the woman who was despised by that thief I" she says, with angry excite- mcnt. "I caro for Millicent Grey. It is absurd to dwell -upon such a thing," returns he strongly. "Shall I ever forget It, I wonder—to be rejected by such as him I To learn from hil i "Ji 11 ? 8 u'/, lt X wns merel y «sed na a blind; that while paying attention to me nls whole heart and soul was devoted to anotherl" ; . "But what a soul and heart I you should consider Unit." : • "Fho mcdner they arc.Ctho more'I re sent his comlupt. And,' to ; say it (before them all I—my aunt,'Lady "Via worth", Sir 1 homos,; you I When ho th us scorned mo : 'publloly,,with that ovll smilo upon his lips, I had only one wish left." "And that?" "You are very persistent," she says, tapping her fingers upon the table near. "Because I am Voryimnch 111 love " "And Millicent?" "I dare to hope that she—has found some room In hor heart for me." "Irtt her speak for herself," says Mrs. Brand, with a falut touch of Impatience "Well, Millicent, how is it with you?" "I love htm, auntio," says Miss Grey demurely. "I can't help that, can W And—I wouldn't If I could I Ho is not rich, of course, but money isii't everything. I have been verjr dutiful up to this. That yon must allow." Sho says nothing of tho secret passages between her and Massarcone, and of tho determination lately come'to, to defy the world of relations for his sake. "Once you chose for me" She pauses. Mrs. Brand sighs. "That choice was not altogether happy,"' Still Mrs. Brand is silent. "I think perhaps if I were to choose for myself this time, it would be better." At this her atiut rouses heraelf. "I had hoped to see you make a great alliance," sho says mournfully. "You with your fortune, and—and that unfortu- Uttto young man, with his prospect of'an earldom. All is shattered now. Everything Is at an.oi)d. But still thero would be a brilliant future before you if" "I Hliall not give up Gerald," says Mil- llcont, drawing back from her somewhat .coldly. "You and Uncle Timothy can leave your money to whom you will; I shall certainly marry Gerald." Mnssnrcene, coming forward, takes her hand and lifts it to his lips. There is a great warmth and gladness In tho gaze he directs at Mrs. Brand. Perhaps she gives it its value. So true, so unincrcenary a love as this is not to bo despised in the money worshiping world In which she moves. : 1 "Of course, if yon have quite made up your mind," sho says, with. hesitation, looking at Millicent. There is something now and beautiful iirthb girl's face that attracts her. Lovo has transfigured Itl After all It may bo best for her darling to abjure ambition and cleave only to love. "You will bo good to her, Gerald?" sho says In a low voice. Massareone, who is looking grave, regards her earnestly. "I shall always love her," he says, "if that is what you mean I" . "You give your consent, auntie?" asks Millicent, kneeling on the carpet beside her and encompassing her with her arms. "Yes. My meddling resulted In so dire a failure I daro not try it again. I am glad you have chosen ii inah who, if poor, Is at least one who'I believe will make you happy. One, too, whom I like and esteem. Ah I my dear to be able to respect your husband Is a great matter. Gerald I see that she can always do that. for your uncle Timothy, darling, I think I shall be able to 'arrange him." Sho stoops forward and kisses Millicent fondly. : . , .; . "And now where am I toi go?" says the ?oor woman, in a melancholy tone. "I eft the morning room because I felt sure that Duran wanted to come .to an tinder- itanding with Nadino, and now you two overs arc wishing me—well, any where out of this." : ... ; ."Nonsense! We shall never wish for 'our absence,"cries Millicent tenderly. Stay with us always, just as long as ever you like, dear mother minot'.' Didn't Want the 1'llln in Shells. "Gi'tne a postage-stamp and wrap it Bp soze I won't, lose it," said a little girl to a Cnmden drug clurk, yesterday afternoon. "An 1 suy, can't you gi'iiio some Easter cams and a liquurlsTi ilropP An' mothnr wants to know what's ffood for toewcllin' in tliu I'm 1 ? 1 ' "Oil. tlwt.'s an everyday occurrence Iioro," said tho drug- clork, sadly."Lnsti week IImt child's mother eamo herp with a presrripliiin for forty cjuinliio pills, ono grain tiivtili. I put 'em tip in capsules, and it isn't u nice job for n busy mull either. Two days ago she came back here with Iho capsules In a little box and wanted mo to renew tho prescription. " 'Don't put (he pills in these .little shells,' she said, ''cause it's an awful bollu'r to got 'ein out when I want to swallow em.' She wanted me to throw 1 oil 1 live cenls for returning the capsules.— J'/iilutlclp/iia NKWS. NonrMnblo, Cul., one dny last week, un Indian wonuin was killed by'fulling over u precipice one hundred feet high*? It seems she wus going over olio of those wild and tmrrbw niountiiin trails lending along ihe edge of a precipice, when her dog .eiuiie suddenly behind hor, and in trying to puss crowded the woman over the bunk. Sho wus found at the bottom of the eiwiyou crushed to a pulp. Tlielr Business Booming. Probably no one thing has caused such a general revival of trudo at E. Marsh's Drug | Store as tho giving away to his customers of so muny free trial bottles of Dr. King's New .Discovery for Consumption. His trade is simply enormous in this very vtilunble article from the fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and 'all throat nnd lupg disensas quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting, a trial bottle free, large size $1. Every bottle warranted. rn'y 1 <l w 1m- Absolutely Pure Thin powder never varies. A marvel ol purity,' strength wholoBomanoss. More economical; than the ordinary hinds, niul cannot bo sold In competition with the multitude ol low tost, short weight, alnm pbogplmto! now- Jaiindwly LIYERYSTABLjB) 8TBEET. BKTWKEN ? J 1LLIN01 mvldlv TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. Parties Intending to buy Real' JG«(ato In tho city of Alton or Tlolntty will kind it to their Interest to call at the oflloe of Budorshanson A SonutBB and examine their list of properties for aulo aa only a part thereof Is udvor- "^ apSchvtf Jl,^ ^ •**» — ^••»^»« - »A«M«K wlialcboiic or Horu,.&a and srnarautccd never to break. Price, "That I wore a man, to thrust tho words back in his throat and kill him." "And yet yoii held me frohi:hlm at tho moment. . Ho is still In the house, how- over. I will compel him to apologize— ^^ ™"~™ "G^jliifl tiio Jjofc Irisliinftii inulciiti? r ' for tlio ooori 1 * !(No, it would bo useless," Interposes she, quickly "It Is dono it cannot bo undone.uud surely his mother has suffered enough. Thero must bo no further disturbance." • "I can follow him, however." 'I tell you, you could never undo what is done. Lot him go; he is not worth notice. I should bo ashamed to confess that his sting hurt mo. And wo are bound to remember his mother." ' "AhrpoorLadyValworthl Shelndeod Is the one to be pitied." ' . ""»,uu ""So you would say, could 'you see her now. "Whore Is she?" "In nor own room. Sir Thomas was with her. .His' grief for hor was very touching, but sho seomod, I thought, 1m- brokTuI"" ' Sllolooked °H crushed, Millicent turns aside, but not before he can see that tho hot tears are running down hor cheeks. (i,r^°°Fnr womftI ,V" Sftys Lo softl y- A na then: "My darling, you are worn out. You have been thinking for every ono Lot me now think for you. You want CHAPTER; XXIII. • It Is a very pale and fragile Nadine who is .looking at Durun. in the '. mornins room. " • • "Now you are safe," says he, smiling. He presses her gently into a huge arm chair, nnd stirs into a glow the dying embers'of the fire: A chill has fallen upon tlie night. As tho warmth comes to her, as she realizes that here, perhaps, Granit, will not seek her, us sho sees the beloved face of Buran loaning over her, sho lets a sense of joy and comfort steal .through her being, and as a child, tired and weary, who sees its mother, might do, she stretches out her arms to Duran. In a moment she is lying on his breast. ; "Oh, to bo herol" sho cries faintly. To bo here—in your arms—safe. Yfcu will never lot mo go, will you? You will not let him takn me from you?" • "Never, while life is lu me I But I do not wish to see you so unnerved, my dearest. Come, tuko heart! Consider I In those prosaic days a gir 1 cannot bo torn from her homo by any chance comer. Even If you were alone, you could resist Mm, because your promise to him has now been canceled; but even if it had not been so, still I am hero, your guardian and—your lovor." "My own Mauricol" Sho slips her arm round his neck. She is yet In her ball gown, and it is a soft, bare little arm, rounded:as a baby'n, thut-oncircles him. Ho turns his head to kiss It tenderly "It is a terrible thought," says Durau presently, "and -I am honestly ashamed of It; but I cannot, help feeling that this miserable night's work has boon our salvation." "Yestorday I was tho most miserable man alive—you were lost to me I Tonight, I am the happiest—you are gained I For the future lot us banish from us all thoughts save those that remind us that by a most strange chance we have been given to each other Just when hope seemed dead." [CONTIKUKD.] ; Brace Up. You are feeling .depressed, your ap* petite is poor, you are bothered with headache, you are fldgetty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, which'have for their''basis' very cheap bad whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then leave you, in worse condition than before.'' VVhat you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality and give renewed health and strength, buch a medicine you will find in Electric Bitters, and only 50 oents'a bottle at Ei Marsh's Drug Store. my 1 dw 1 m ; BncKien's Arnica-salve. The Best Salve m tho world for oats, bruises, sores.u.sers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and posi- ively cures piles, or no pay required. .t is guaranteed to give perfect .satisfaction, or money,.refunded. Prlco 25 cents per box. Fn r sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. mch7dwlm In St. Louis the Germans are complaining that the Irish are gobbling all.tho offices; in Chioa K o tho Irish complain that the Hermans aro getting a larger and longer pull at the official bung hole than they are entitled to. In both cities those people who aro ! unfortunately, born of American parents in one United States are sawing wood and saying nothing. ° „... Eiijoy .Life. ~ What a truly beautiful world wo live in! Nature gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of moans of enjoyment. We can desire no better when in perfect health: but how often do tho majority of people feel like giving it up disheartened, discouraged and worn out with disease, when there is no occasion for this feeling, as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Flower, will make thorn free from disease, as when born. Dyspepsia and Liver Com plaint aro the direct causes of sevonty-hve per cent, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Head- acho, Costivonoss, Nervous Prostration, Dizziness of tho Head, Palpitation of the Heart, and other distressing symptoms, -three doses of August Flower will i pr m° '$» VTOnderful effect. Sample bottles, 10 cents. Try it. ia3 dwoow ly WHIPPLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, UKltKKSENTINQ TFT1C FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, -Franklin, of P,hlladelyhi»; German American; Xortli British-and Mercantile, iJondou; Coin. Union, London: Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.-. Continental; Oirard; i Glens Falls, . Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. Wonderful Popularity of the Renowned Medicine. The Greatest Curative Sucooss of: the Age— A Voice from the Pedple. No medicine Introduced to tho;public )m. ever met .with the success aocorutd to 1 m. Bitters. It fitaml^ to-day ••Uie4)t>sl knnw curative article In the; world!; Jts inarvclo ,„ renown Is not duo to the ttuvfirtlflliiij it hn. received. It Is famous by reason or Its in lierwt virtues. It does all* thnt Ufclulmod for It, = It IB the moat jxwcrful, flpoody andeffon tlvd agent known for the building up of dolilll luted systems. The followlh B witnesses Z offered to prove this; :'What it Did for an Old Lady. Costiocton Station, If, T., Dec, 28,1884. OUNTS i-A mnnbi!r,of people had been usl'nc your Bitters linrc,.jmVl with marked eftoof In fact, ono cnao, a lady ol over seventy ycnrs' had .-been sick for years, and for tho cast toil yeats 1 have kiiowahcr slid Imq.niJt O 'oeh ubln to beui-otmd liulf tlib time. vAb.ou6'slxmonth» npo ehfl ftot BO fciil>lb.'8ho<waS' ; '/|Hp!a», Hot old,remedies, or iiliysIclniiH, belnijljf,no avail I fiont to Deposit. lurty-Jlvo -miles, auff cot li bottle of Hop-Bitters. It hadHiicli-'afvery hcucllctal alTcct on her tlint bnd bottle 1m proved .her i!" rh'o ymn ublu t6,dr>sa hermit and .wrtlfc :ilHiuh-'(lio.l»UBb. "W)ifiu%8lio hiid takciv the sr'nu;iiV biiMlo slia..vma <vl>|e to take care ul Iii..,- nv. 1 i voi'-ln- ftmUTviiliciout'to 1 her neighbor'j urici.'Ji.i'i lim.rb'vcil nil tile tlmo since. Alywifu ii^d.i'.hlldrchulsqliavo derived greut.beiiellt from their use. "" ' ' : -W. U. ITATJIA'VV'AY, Agt. U. S. KX.I Co. , An Enthusiastic Endorsement. '. Gorluim', N. IT. , July iLlSSO. GENTS :—TOiocvcr j'ou are, I uou't-know but 1 tlmnk the Lord and f«cl grateful'to vou to know that lu this wofld'of. adulterated medicines them Is ono compound Uittt,,provcs md'doca nil'It -advertises to do,-uifilfinore ['our yours n/m. T ImH ii al,'irT,f.' bif^nV A?JL_i_..' • \Vffi AbSO UKPRESKNT TUB Mutual Benefit Lilo, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's .Life and Accident Ina. Co;,Hartford. Office: Over Aiwrn Hat. Batik, Cot. Tlijird, aad State sts. .i.u uv'^u un *u -«uyuiijouo tu uu, unti*,inorc Four years iigo, I.lmd it slight; shock df-jialsy! which unnorvca me to such an Extent thai ,Iio lenst oxelteniciit would nmke me shako Ike: the nguo., J.Mt.Jlay I was Iiidueed to try Hop Bfttere. 'I,used ono bottlefljut did lotBce'iniy chanifej'riiiiolhcr did B(X:elinu™ my nerves that llieyWe now as ste'adv aa hey ever were. 1 fused to tnko both Viands ,o write, but now. my.good right build-writes His. Now, if .you continue -to -manufacture ai honest and pod an. artltlp as. yoiijah, you Mil accumulate nn honestifbrtuifc, Bnd'con- erthe greatest .-blessing on yourfnllo^lmen hat wua ever conferred on mankind. Z°" '" ^ -.TIM B|JliCII. mot_^ i. ncar v ""••"j*-« wuu mo uuu ui ncr. aiio-sn many dollars on. the thousand infallible 1 1 1 cures with nothing but Injurious effects. ( X lady friend, of Syracuse, 8. Y,, whoMbaaiiad simitar experlonco Atid liud been eiirprt with Hop Bitters, indnccd her to try it. One bottle has made her face aa smooth, fair andWt as a cniKi s and given her such health thatltfi^ema almost a miracle. , ". ' ~ . -••'• ^i••*- * A MEMBBB OP CANADIAN PAitLUMENT. i Rich Lady.'s Experiorice. ™,n't a y elcij(n11 ov f r 'Eu^Po and other foreign swrrfiof hLuK 8 * f fttio ^<"^o! dollars.lS searcli of health md fouud It not. I returned dlscouragedanddlshenrteiiea,aiid W n8restor8d to real youthful health and suirlta with IPHH than two bottles of Hop Bitters I hope others may profit by my exnerience'andjBtay at home. A LADY, AaGJJSTA, ME, l f or Salu. --.~ building lots or ' streets, between Tc ' and J rket '"' 1'br Salo. ' : 1,^5 ,^!!, 11 '^ nm >:. 0 ° d _. ril ,n nI PB oraer, with - .. On ana aft05.Snnclayr Moyllst, 1887, train. ?, n ^H 0 , 0nl °yf° «?1 Aljon rairoid. will loavi follows! 0 " P ° *'• ** ' B ? a ? aari Mme - •« tfor Chicago mid thoEajti ' OhlcugoJlall*... ...;..... 0:00 a.m . Wmri'LE& SMILEY. Ifor Bout. • : or out. • i« w? ostor y bl ' lok dwelling known aa tUo A. Watt homestead; lately imftn good ropulr- _ ' WllIPi'LB & SMILEY. *.,. " •" •• •*. UiUUu.l Chicago Accommodation* .... 6'OOn i LlKhtntugExpross'..;:;. ...,.....- o'lon T Peoria and Hook Island Fa«Llnet,9:bo a?m ^?. r . J Jf. 0 i 8 f "!*»*• K ?»k«*.' P.n»ioy, K«n. it; , . .nud all points weat - ixansasuity.Mail* v.'.'.-.v ..' • 9«onn m Kansas Olty Express* 9-101>'^ Denver Expresst...........;... .;; =.mop.'^ • 7:10 plm. Fine Residence for Sale. I,^'M 1 ?, to , I f' 9° R °w liomostead, now owned by M. u. UndorvvooU, sltuiited on line of loreo railway,, in Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, nail good out bulluinia two uores of grouncl, will bo sold at a our' gain.. 1-ossossfou given on complotlSn of 8fll °- WJI1ITLK & SMILKV For Kent. .6:45 a. m WUAUUKU •'^VUUUIIUULIUUOII'* <1-H Alton SpeoJali..;..- i..;./'C""ia* Kansas OltyMaU*.'......;'..;' ! ''- : '..K-S OhlcaKoMallt........... 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Miii£ i l OI »i n , ail ,fi ro 'i ortvon State stroo In Miller & Mlobolt'sftdil.,to Alton, IX itorv house, 8 rooms and out- buildings ; all; In Dor? foctordor. Can be had nt a bargain. ° & HMILBY. Hood's Sursapanlla is peculiar to itself uncl superior to all other prepa- mi'?"? !" B . tron K tb . oconomy, and ' medicinal merit. 3 "It would bo useless. I could not sleep. Ihe very air is heavy with trouble. As " lmtman roraidns in the house I ,v,i ouse lu ?nn y k"° w , how anyof us ban breathe. ."That difficulty will be. oonquorod in a WIU loavo ' ^ H|H l )oo Try to forget It all for awl, ,le ,,t least. Think of somothaig ol»e"-. ho pauses and looks nt her w- jnnUngly. "Could you not think ? of "If I hadn't you to think of I should no mad," retunmshe, with suddon soft voh 0 - 1|OU " Ollt llor hl «««l» I" Win. i a hey do not. hour the door open, and indeed Him Is still in ],ls arms Vie Mrs Brand's voice'falls on their cars "Is thin what you cull 'tnkln.r n inn rest'?" Hho «Hks, with dc p r?proich .Uhoro !„ however, uoauKuri, IICT tones -ho looks too sad, too depn-Hwd for , nv open (leinoHHtrationH otnnnoynnco X . "Airs. Brand," says Aliuwuwiie ad- VfincliiK w,gorly to,var,l her,•'•you know how it Is with inu and MUliow t Ybu must have known for u ; 16n« hne N ow Umt this iiiihupi.y affair has left her once again her own mistress, do not refuso to let me plead my cause." t0 • Mrs. Urnnd has miuH into u chair. —{ •>"« is reported to have --.. thnt "it is the one button left unbuttoned which is tho rum of an army." loo true: and it is the ono bulton loft unsewod that is tho ruin of a bonov* rnoon.-Oma/ut World. y The Hioo Coil Spring puts the baby .? B l°?. p> Jt sottle8 tho business between tho follow and his girl. She's too happy to say "no" after a half hour's rido in a buggy with tho Rice Coil Spring. ,. dwlw ' ' 'Since tho Sunday liquor laws have boon enforced, I am reminded strongly of a certain English pool." observed tao. snake'editor. "Drvtlen,"— pun. hum Chronicle. Scarlet Fever Jfor Salo or Kent. , wlth barn and !5SS»A4tRtF.feSs a ' bldder. f FlilDAY. THE TWENTIETH DAY OF MAT A. !>., 1887, between the hour* of U o'clock In the fora. noon mm sundown :to-wlt: at 10 o'olook?^ Hv« m "Y u. F. ill. MIS g , For Hille. aScS-STiP^!'?^""",^ Kg^HS^« WM.L. KLUNK " UNDERTAEEB, EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. FIND ing the Colrego buildings Tho Co .IT JW bovol " J ft 8itJ « l0 oaso, olthe? in tho Colin,™ n- oUowhoro, wn«ro '' fe^^«^ue™ 'OK| CXtl 1 stock Slon ° r g ° rm P ° l80U ">« ™ttU80 K oon' taglon. tu th a wk Ready-Made Coffins, Metallo Cases, Caskets • And Burial Robes *-or Ladles, Qontlemon and Umiarer. . arrived and arrivlrig r f or tlie A .Specialty, |rom Small to Sizes. 'A AOTf *'/-v»tT — •****• i —• -""—""WMIWI* uuu UJlUUrQl** ""^KUSfl*'«» S&agaLntesuftM NE fF * I, SMISHSSSFKF* Fourth, east -••"•

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