Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 14, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1887
Page 3
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o> W s UO IT/IT "nWW'O Second street,near I'O : JQLUJu 11 XM Q« corner of Henry '.' •: : .'{, ' . ' -FOR-' ; '•' FINE : STATIONERY, Saoh as Crane's Floral, Whiting's Standard i'apors, llutlbut's French Linens, Kollpso Ragged Edge, Elite Ragged Edge, Halmoral LI nun. Orimn'B Linen, Turkey Laid Linen, J'tiacli Blow, Mikado, Charred Kd«o, Oream Laid, Mourning Note, and a large assortment ol Illuminated imd Decorated Stationery. UonnlBon's Wax and Seals. School Tablets and Stationery. __ dccfldwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! C.lEAP KOIl GASH ON TIME PAYMENTS flanos and Organs tuned and repaired. Sewing Machines repaired' Supplies (or all Ma- o.i!noa. • ' N. p:LAMOHEUX, Music Dealer, Third street, nearly opposite Hello, Alton 111. _ decSuw^y WATCH MOB, .THE BARGAINS IN JOB'S NKW COB. liUIUUNG, HENRY ST., AT S. D. UK1TKAM1"S, All kinds of Fancy, Hand made, Knit and Oro- cn-tgoodB.Hood8,Tol>aggans and MUs. Men's Boon's . and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dressmaking. 1'laln and Family Sewing had Stamping Dane. dome and. give us a cull. Oon'UorKHttlienlaeo .Lucas Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, GENEUAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL ! DRAUGHTSMAN, OlUco ouThlrd st.,oue door west of Plasa, third floor. SUPPLIES. Oils, Noodles, and Parts of all all Machines. We have now the B. & Gi Howe Shuttles. Also Turk' ish Rug Patterns and'; ' E. H, 6QULDING. meliiAdw FOB Ocean Passage Tickets At LOWEST IUTKB Of till) (JUNAUD, WHITE UTAH, and ! ; ! A'r.iAKWNJOjalsQof all r GERMAN and FRENCH MNB8 BOWB*AOi Alton, III. 'ALTON DAILY SATURDAY EVE., MA* NOTICB TO AUVEBTJWEB9. For the year 1637 we shall charge the following rates for transient notices In our local columns: Single insertion . . . '"cents. Three to nvo insertions/ , . . 7 «• Six to twelve Insertions, ,. . 6 " KATES OF ADVBRTismQ! TnANsuBHT.-Jwrr cents per Inch flrst Insertion, and TWBlTTX-yirB cents p«r Inch for each subsequent insertion,: $3 per Inch flrst .mouth, $1.60 per Inch each month thereafter. ' :' LBQAL ADVERTISING! II per Inch tor the .first Insertion, and 00 cents pbr Inch for each subsequent Insertion. JOr Above rates will bo stiletly adhered to. SUMMER heat: mercury 88deg. Dr. H. M, Batemuu htfs returned from a trip to California. Swiss and Limbyrger oheeso at Deters It THE inlot near the Episcopal church was promptly cleaned out today. Remember the concert at the Presbyterian church on the26th. Hid TUB DAILY TELEGRAPH Is delivered by carriers to all 'parts of the city of Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents per week. Mailed to any address At the rate of $8.20 per year. TltK TSLEQRAPU • has the largest circulation of any paper in Alton, and Is tho best medium for advertisers. ' OORNBB TltmiJ AND PlASA STREETS. PIIONB NO. 88. , ADDITIONAL local matter on seoend page. THB St Louts Browns defeated the Baltimores once more yesterday. THE circus is coming. It is corning next Thursday to remain three days. MORRISSKT Bros., hung a "new banner on the outer wall" today, • Ladies' Silk Clocked Balb. Hose, 5c a pair; hose to $1.50 a pair at Globe. 138 wit INDICATIONS for Illinois: Cooler, threatening weather, with local raina, variable winds. . MR. Goo. Strobbeck was in town today from Foster and reports a heavy hail'storm there yesterday, but, fortu« nately, less.damage appears to have been done than was feared at the time. THE strawberry crop in the vicinity of Centralia, 111.,will be cut short about onerthird owing to myriads of insects gathering on the blossoms and destroy* ing them. . (i. A. B..—Alton Post No. 441 will meet next Monday, evening. Business of importance. A full attendance requested. C. A. HERB, P. C. 14 2 A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neininger's Fig and Magnolia ure the best cigars in the market. Every Hung you need in Shoes or Slippers at prices to suit at Globe. ' . . ' 13 3 wit . SLOWLY but surely the little red cent is forcing its way into circulation. It is gaining ground m St. Louis and other cities and is bound to succeed,but those who thought they could suddenly spring it upon the community did not appreciate the fact that even so small revolutions as this can only be accomplished with time and patience. A complete line of Spring and Sutn«' mcr Goods for Gent's Wear, lately re- oeivsd by H. C, G. Moritz,'Third street. . moh!7tf It will cost you nothing to look at the stylish Hats and Bonnets at Globe. 13 8 wit FISHING PAUTV—Arrangements are being made to have a party go on a tishing excursion to Smith's Lake, one day next week, going up on tho Hudson, returning on the Spread Eagle: One of our business men states a truism when he says such trips should be made oftener, as they afford great relief to those who are ordinarily occupied with dally business oares and anxiei ties. '^ ever before, 13 3 wit Clothing cheaper than at the Globe Assignee Sale. PICNIC—Somo.pupils of Miss Maggie Smith's room at School No. 2, gave a picnic at Triangle Park today. It is needless to say that the little lads and lassies had a good time with games and recreations on the grassy sward beneath the spreading maple trees. They enjoyed their open air dinner to the utmost, and tho picnic was u comple to success. ' We had almost forgot to mention it. 2d Saturday evening of May tonight, girls' industrial fair awards between 7 and 8 o'clock, tonight at tho Globe. Crazy Patch work. N. B. Next and third Fairs will be on Crochet work made with Tidy Cotton 18 by SC inches. it A REUNION—Mr. J. C. Waggoner.of Upper Alton, who spent the San Jose, Cal., says that one day on tho street he mot Mr. W. C. MoPiko, who, after greeting him said, "Come in here, hero are some more Altonlaas." Ho led him into a drug store, which proved to be kept by J. B. Beaumont & Bon, formerly ol Alton, Sitting by tho stove beside tho Beanmonts was another gentleman, Mr. Wm Vale, of Chicago, also a former resident of tho Bluff City. Thus chance brought together m a far off land, live former residents of Alton whose mooting was as pleasant as it waa unexpected. Seersuckers, a full line, from five cents a yard up. Call and be satisfied, at H. F, ^lino's, is 2 MANAGER Mather informs us that the Peyton Comedy Co. will not he here next week as expected. 100 pieces of good Lawn: new patterns at 60—Haagen & Fuess Dry Goods Co. _______ " ACQUITTED—Goo. Voltz was tried yesterday beforo Justice Brandewelde on a charge of assault and battery, and was acquitted. MR. M. H. Boals' fine residence was considerably damaged by the rain yesterday afternoon, part of the roof being off in tho process of [putting on slate. Money to loan on improved fftrm property. For particulars, apply to WHIFFLE & SMILEY, A FAMILY AFFAIR.—Tho .Holland & McMahon circus is quite a "Family Affair," six of the Hollands and four of the McMahons being performers. WHILE the hail was heavily falling yesterday afternoon a little child exclaimed excitedly: "See how tho sour drops are pouring down." We have added to our complete .assortment of Corsets, Kale No. 2; at .$1.00 and Dr. Warner's Health Waist, at $1.25.—Haagen & Fuess Dry Goods <Jo. •. .. .. ;.; it MR. Geo. H. Eddy's cow. was bitten by a rattlesnake on his place, on Ninth street, Tuesday night. Through tho prompt application of remedies'the animal if now on a fair way to recovery. Mrs. Cunningham will sing the cava 1 - tina from "Semiramide'," "At length a brilliant ray," at the Presbyterian church on the evening of the 25th. • • ' • •;. "'••• • 14 it; KEEP UP THE Cows—We understand that the ordinance in reference to stock running at large will now be strictlv enforced. In view of this some of our citizens will tear away their fences atui leave their grounds open. Hence there will be a greater liability to damages by tho owners of stock running at large as there will be nothing to restrain the vagrant animals. IF tho Inter-State Commerce law is earned out according to the original intent it ought to give a boom to western factories. Eastern factories find their main markets m the west, but factories in the Mississippi Valley can find a market in any direction by shipping their products a much less distance than their eastern competitors are obliged to. This matter of favorable location, therefore, under the new law would, if the law is strictly enforced, give the western factories a decided' advantage in the way of freights. For Kent. On Fourth street, south side, between George and Langdou, brick house. Inquire of'Mr. Beem.adjaoent house.— Alfred Browne. ap25tf • Spring Goods. New goods in all shades and colors which will bo made up in suits at reasonable prices. All goods out and made by the New York Fashion Review. We guarantee a fine fit, at Brueggeman, the Tailor's, cor. Third and Piasa sts. ' my 12 dOw Ureat Chance for Bargains. The stock purchased of C. M. Crap- dall, Chinawaro, Queensware, Silver- plated ware, Glassware, Lamps, Tablo Cutlery, in short household goods of every variety and style, is being sold off at 50 cents on the dollar, until Juno 1st. 9 tf Applications to teach m the Upper Alton Public Schools will be received for May 10 to May 31, 1887, certificate or copy of marking to accompany application. — John Leverett, Secretary Board of Education. s wktd The Unrnum ot lOc Circuses. Holland & McMahon?s Great World's Circus will pilch • Its touts on tho Glass works show ground on Thursday next, remaining three days. Tho Interstate law has forced all tho largo shows to remain longer at each point and play at reduced prices. . The press whoro this show has exhibited speaks in good terms of their entertainment. It Kxocntiro Committee. There will bo a mooting of the G. A. K, Itounlon Executive Committee at 11 o'clock a. m. Monday, May 10th at H. M. Sohwoppo's store. A full alien- dunce is requested. GEO. R.HEWITT. Secretary. urnud Excursion to Kausas. Tho C. & A. U. R. will run special excursions to Ottawa, Kan., on May 25th, 2Gih and 27th. Hound trip rate from Alton, only $8.00. Good for return 80 days. Low rates from Otlawa to all Kansas points. 13 3 wit SOCIETI 8PUAT. Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Handle and daughter are visiting relatives here. Miss J. B. babcook, of St. Louis, is the guest of Miss L. McGowan, of this city. Mrs. Frank Bataman and children, of Roodhouso, spent Sunday at the Hotel Madison. Mrs. A. J. Howoll, of this city, WHS visiting in Brighton the Ulrst of the week. Mrs. Dr. Van Home and daughter, of Jersoyvllle, are visiting relatives in Upper Alton. Mrs. G. A. MoMillen has been tho guest of Mrs. A. O. French, of Edwardsville, during the week. Mrs. Mary Stewart, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is visiting her mother, Mrs. E. Mg Miller, on Tenth street, between Henry and Langdon. Miss Clara Leyhe and her brother, Henry, returned from LaGrange, Mo., this morning, where Henry has been attending school. Mrs. .W. C. Goforth, one of tho most popular society ladies of St. Paul, Minn., is the guest of her friend, Miss Jennie Huskinson. Miss Jennie Baker returned from St. Louis the early part of the week accompanied by her sister, who has been spending tho winter there. The young ladles who have organized a Lawn Tennis Club, in Middle Alton, entertained their friends at the home of tho Misses Armstrong on. Monday evening. The time was delightfully spent in games and social converse by those present. Tho interest in the society dramaj"0nr Boys" grows apace. The rehearsals that occur semi-weekly indicate that this play will be of more than usual interest. Those who have the leading parts in the cast give promise of excelling all former efforts. The milk maids' carnival, under the auspices of W. C. T, U., will be given early in June. Arrangements have been made by Mrs. Brilla Cartwright to train a large chorus of young ladies. Under the management of this .popular and efficient leader this will probably be one of the most attractive features of the entertainment. A very enjoyable party was given by Miss Kittle Pates to her : young friends on Thursday evening.a large number of invitations were issued to which about thirty young people responded. The large parlor was arranged for daneing and other apartments for cards. Tasteful souvenirs and a delicious supper wero features of the occasion. The supper given by the ladies of tho Methodist church • at Root's building, Tuesday evening, was a very successful affair, financially as well as otherwise. The sale of fancy work accompaning it proved very pleasantly that skillful fingers and willing hands had been a work. There was a large attendance, also, notwithstanding the Inclemency of the weather proving that the efforts of those who had the affair in charge were not unappreciated by their friends. A very elegant dinner was given to the ladies ot the High Noon Cooking Club by Mrs. H. G M'Pike, yesterday. The menu of this club always embraces the cheicest viands of the season and this dinner was by no means an exception . The table was beautifully decorated with a profusion of cut flowers, and the entire affair was a most elegant and enjoyable One. Mr. M'Piko presided at the table in his usual urbane manner, in the absence of Mrs. Sprague who is one of the twelve ladies who comprise this very delightful club. The ladies present wore: Mrs. Morrell, Mrs. Mathews, Mrs. McKinuey, Mrs. Job, Mrs. Wade, Mrs. Phinnoy, Mrs. Drummond, Mrs. Gary, Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Martin. A new stylo of afternoon party that ought to commend itself to our Alton ladies is tho progressive luncheon and quotation party. Ono of this description was given in St. Louts last week. Small tables are laid with covers for four and decorated as the taste of the hostess dictates. There are several conr- 808 served, and with each course a card is handed to every guest upon which is inscribed a familiar quotation from a standard author. Tho guest is requested to assign tho author's name as well as the work from which it is taken and then to sign her own name. At tho end of each course the cards are taken up, and those who name the correct author and work progress to the next table, thus giving as many guesses or exercises of tho memory as there are courses. Prizes are awarded at the conclusion of the entertainment as in progressive euchre. The lady who invented this now and interesting diversion is Mrs. Arthur Mosher, of St. Louis, very bright mid highly educated woman. ' Card or Thanks. Before leaving Alton, on Tuesday, I desire to express my grateful thanks for tho liberal patronage bestowed on mo by my friends and citizens of Alton and vicinity,during my residence in this city. Respectfully, 142 F^H. HAUK. There is no danger to human life more to bo dreaded than that which arises from vitiated blood. Dyspepsia, rheumatism, headache, and general d<> bllity, all result from it, and are cured by the use of Ayor's Sarsaparillu. Take' it this month. Six bottles, $5. dv\ Iw, CENTER COUNTER EXHIBIT, We hare a Beautiful Display of these Goods, with FOB IF YOU WANT TO DO A LITTLE Inside or Outside, there is noiliing iiicer or ha^ndier than BEABY-MIXED, Quick-drying PAINTS, white or colors, sold at MARSH'S! DRUG STORE. Remember This, —GO TO— 8EELY&SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc, A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: THIRD STREET; - - OPP. BELLE. GOLD and V SHIRTS, The best for the Money, jfer^f'^fcA^

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