Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 14, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1887
Page 2
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AUOT DAILY TKLB8BAPH. ay w. T. NORTON, OOP. Third And PlMa Stre«U, Alton, 111. SATURDAY EVK., MAY H. MR. COLE'S bill to prevent boycotting, or black listing, has passed the Illinois House and will probably pass the Senate. It prohibits boycotting or blacklisting under very severe penal, ties. MAT 4th, San Jose, Cftl., was visited by the most destructive tire known to that city's annals. The portion known as Chinatown being all destroyed except tjifO ••{ ; houses. The devastated section •'• ijrni. inhabited almost 'exclusively by Celestial if.' The loss was about $70,000, insurance $40,000, agents being chary about taking risks in "Chinatown." MB.iA\'G, Wolford says that Topeka, Kan., has, no inflated real estate boom, but w solidly prosperous and growing rapidly. Alluding- to the speculative excitement in some parts of Kansas he says that: an absent-minded Wichita preacher 'lately began his sermon as follows: "You Ijrlj'l. find my text this morning, brethren, 1 ' in lot 1, block 2, Paul's second addition to Timothy." .,__,___ are' beginning to ask the XjueBtlon whnre shall we go for the sum- "iaerP- Some will conclude to go to the seashore. If so .let them take the C. '& A. and go via Chicago and the lakes. No other route eont compares with this. If you go north to the lakes and summer resorts of Wisconsin, or Minnesota, take the Ci & A. If you prefer the bonndless plains and tho mountains of the far west, take tho C. & A. via KanV aas City. And if yeu visit the south.jt will bring you good luck to go as far as St. Louis, via the O. & A. It Js.Jthe best road in the west. It will take you from Alton to any point ot tho compass, safer, quicker and more comfortably than any other route, For parties going to ; New Kork and New England, especially,!! offers uncomparably superior attractions over any other route in tfidi wSy of palace cars and Pullman 'sleepers/ TUB FUUEK8 OF A MAYOR. ;j One.of our,leading lawyers says that, -£pop|dirifi['to 1; all';parliamentary usage, the" Mayor", b1 a city has no right to {appoint the CVunoIl committees. The Mayor is merely a presiding officer and has no other power except to appoint certain: :eity officials,. at Counsellor, Marshal <&c.,- : ..The arrangement Of com- mittflbs is merely for convenience, for the'naore equitable division of work, and tho committees should be chosen by the meMberV thenwelves by ballot. As an evidence of the truth ol his statement our Authority, refers to tho fact that the Presidents of. the Senates, National and State, do not appoint committees, but that the Speakers, who are chosen to their positions by the bodies over which they preside, are members of the same bodies and are therefore situated differently from Presidents of Senates and Mayors of cities. In Alton it has always been the practice for the Mayor to appoint and the Council to confirm the committees. Ordinarily we believe it to be the best way. and so long as the Aldermen are satisfied no One else," probably, will object. • ;,'.; . : ;•.:..'.- Ul'l'Ett AJu'l'UN. By request of Public Library Association, the young ladies wilt repeat the programme ol the "May Festival" next Tuesday evening in College Hall. New solos and quartettes. Admission, 26o. Car will return to Alton after entertainment. : H 2 JtlVKK HEWS. Tho Hudson, for St. Louis; the Spread Eagle, for Grafton; Dora, for Clarksvillej Gem City, for Kookuk; the St. Paul and Sidney for St. Paul; the Cafhoun, for Peorla, all leave this evening. • Business on the Upper Mississippi from St. Louis to St. Paul is growing rapidly, and the tw« companies doing business in that trade will be compelled tp.i^oretise tho number of their boats tbikpep puoo with the increase of busN ness: the boats they now have are entirely Inadequate tor the requirements. PEKSOSAL. Hon. Ben R. Burroughs will be at the orator at fidwardsville on Decoration Day. Rev. A. C. Dyer has resigned the rectorship of St. Andrew's (Episcopal) church, Edwardsville. Honj Wm. MoAdams and son Clark, and Mr.S. Hager have been on a camp- expedition up the river this week. Hon. Ira H. Evans spent two days this week with bis family In Upper Alton, on his way from New York to Texas. Mr. C. B. Stanton, of Alton, III., arrived Tuesday to visit his cousin, Mrs. W..R. Plnokard. He is favorably impressed with our city and thinks of locating here— Ktngman (Jfan.i) ficws, Mr.W. L. Hat rid, of Wood Rlver.who returned from California this spring,says that Mr. P. C. Klinke, who went out with him, has located for the present at Westport in that State. Mr. A. G. Welford arrived in town this morning from Topoka, Kan., where ho is now making his home with his daughter, Mrs. Hitter. He will spend a couple of weeks here visiting friends. < White Goods, White Goods. A beautiful lino jnst received ; cheap and very cheap at H. F. Lohno's. . : : ••- . ' 13 2 CHURCH -NOTICES. To lewre interlion, notices undtr tMi Tiead m<ul • lie handed In be/ore 11 a. n.) PONOBEOA.TIONAL oinjROH. — Services as usual. Preaching at io:4fi a. m. and 7:30 p. m- byKer.J.O. Emerson, of Bunker Hill. S. S. at 9:80 a. iu. Society of Christian Endeavor at 7 p. in. PnESBYTERIAS OllOKOH.— The Pastor Will preach. to the children at in -48 a. in. Sabbath. Evening subject at 7:80 o'clock : "A promise of God's Mercy." Young popple's meeting at 0:45 p. m. Sabbath school at 9:10 a. m. Everybody is cordially Invited to these services. METHODIST Ei'iscopAL.onuncii.— Rev. G. W. Waggoner, ol Upper Alton, will occupy the pulpit of this church, both morning and eve., the Pastor, Ilev. B. H. Munler, being In Lttoh- flold, to lay the corner atono of : a flue new church to bo built' there. ' : > BAPTIST. CHimp'H.-jBev. L. A. Abbott, D.D., Pantor. In the morning the pastor will give the substance of his late address at Dooatur. In the evening Mr. It. M. Oarr and the Pastor, delegates t» the State 8. S. Convention,' will give an account of the meetings, 8. 8. at 9:80 a. m.; tiunterstown uhapofs. 8. at 2 p.m. Voung people's mooting at 8:48 p.m. All Interested are cordially Invited to all services. ', 0. P. OHtrBOH.r^ThB text for thd morning serrice will belsu. 43:2. The subject lor the evening service will bo the Bread of Life. There will bo a congregational mooting after, the: morning service to transact business of great Importance to the church. The members aie all roquesttidito attend. Si. 'PAUL'S Oiiuncn.— Holy Communion 8 a. m. • ilornlhg Prayer and 8ermon, 10:30 a. m. 3.8.9:10 a. m. ; evening prayor and sermon at Trinity chapel 3:30 p.m. Even song and ireadtngs at the ohnrob, 7:3» p.m. All cordially Invited to attend. Usher* at the door Surplioed ai d quartet te choirs. BALL MOTES. fFor the Telegraph. 1 Three strikes and five balls. Base hits will have to be hits to count. Tho Unions (Poach Pies) tomorrow; of those who composed last year's team, we ilnd Hughes, 2bj Fullis. cf; Pabst, rf; Palmer, p;plaved positions us above. Meek, c, played with the Parks, nnd Gorman, Ib, with the Nationals, while Abel, ilodde and King are new men to ua. The Maxwell-Crouch nine next Suns day. Ducky Hemp will have SchuHso for a catcher lu Wichita. Below will be found the ago, Imight, weight and birth place of the World's Champions: ,n, Nttln , 0 - A go. Height. Weight. B. place *0hft8.0omlskoy.27 « 176 Chicago »A .1 T,....,...- B . le 1M jp hlllt 6 8-e 101 Hallo. B-10X 100 Mom. 6-8K 370 Phllo. B-10,V 17R StLouIs 100 X. Hum 187 Mass. 176 Ohio. 106 Mass. 168 Ohio. 170 St. L. *aifarrldtl.™ " °' Query: Is basi ball in Alton going to die a natural death P Where is tho life, snap, vim and energy of last year P Where P oh where is the interest P The teams for to-morrow'a game are placed as follows: Unions- Hughes, 2 b; Meek, o; Folhs, c f; Gorman Ib; Pabst, If; Palmer, rf; Abel, 3b; Uodde, ss; King, p. Alton- Weiss, ; rf McSweony, p; Smith, Ib: Fahey, c; Oldfiold, 3b; McClelland, ss; Barry, 2b; Kcefe, If; Ferguson, cf; An effort will bo made to get the St. Louis Browns here on July 6lh. . As the G. A.R. Reunion Will bo here "an immense crowd may bo anticipated. The foul lines will be marked with slack lino in future at Alton Park. DAN. "KASKINE (THE <$rE\V QUININE.) »A. J. Bushong...30 1>.L. Foutz M H. L. Oaruthora..2a •VVm.ll. UoblnsoniW 'Win. Gloason....2a •W. II. Latham ...27 Jas. E O'NoIl 27 'CurtisWelch. ...25 «L. J. Sylvester...30 John Boyle.. 20 n Ohas. King 20 68 0 0)i 8-10 No bad effect No headache No nausea, NO ringing ears. C ure " quickly (Pleasant,!" 1 ™ A POWJSUFULi , tlmt tliu most dolloato atomach will'banr. A SPECIFIC FOR MALAHJA, IIUEUMATISM, NEUVOUS PliOSTKATtON, and all dorm Ulsousus FOU COLDS KASKINB HAS 1IKENFOUNI) TO IIU ALMOST A SPEUIP10. Buporlor to Qiilnlno. DoUovuoHospital, M. Y,: "Unlvoraally sue- COHSflll." Mr. K A. Millor, 030 East 157th street, N. Y,, was cured byiKnaltlno ol nxtromo miilarliU prostration after seven years suffering, lie nail run down from 176 pounds to 07, uogan on luiHklnoln Juno, ISSli, went to work In one month, rngalno(l ; lil8 full wolglit In Gmuntlis. QiiliiliKi did him no good wluitovor. Sir. Cluirlos Uaxter, arahltoct, 1311 E. 12ttth st. N. Y., WHS cured by Kusklne of Uunib ague In 3 months after (mlnino treatment (or lOyenrs. Airs. J. Lawson, 141 ISorgqn St., Itrookly was cured of malaria and nervous dyspepsia of many yottrsstandina by Kasklno, tho qnlninu treatment iiavluc wlioUy failed. Uov. Jiis. L.lIau.Chaplain Albany Fonlton- ttary,writes that Kaskfno has cured his wlfo, tutor twenty years suffering Irom malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor particulars. .Letters from tho above persons, Riving full details, will bo sent on application. Ivaskluc can bo taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottlo. Sold by or sent by mall on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 61 Warren at., Now York ^ . . • my6f.lwlm Lots of Dry Goods, For Young and Old. JKAUI.1S IWCKKT COMPANY; SPRING ARRANGEMENT^ The Steamer. . Ceeuiliigly Eradicated JVlth repeated and poworful'doses of quinine olillla and fever In some one of its various .forinss, spring Into aotlvo existence again, often without the slightest apparent provocation. To extinguish the smoldering embers of this obstinate- and recondite malady, no loss than to subdue It whou it rnges fiercely in the system, Hostettor's Stomach Bitters is all sufficient. When every resource ol the pharmacopoeia, has boon exhausted against It in vain, the Bitters conquer It— will remove ovory.l|ngorlng yeatlgo of it. Nay, more, the Bitters w.111 project those brought within the Influence of the atmospheric poison that begets malarial disease, from Its attacks. Disorders of the stomach, liver and bowels, are among the complaints to be apprehended irom the use of minima- tainted water. These are both cured and prevented by tun Bitters. and ronttl oo '"- STATE DENTAL SOCIETY. Tho Illinois Btate Dental Sooloty concluded ita Annual session yostordav at Jacksonville. It proved an Inlereatlne and useful session. About 200 dentists were present irom all parts of tho Stute. The oflloors elected were: .• I*re(rdent--DrVO. B; Rohland, Ait on . Vice President—Dr. Hnnry, of Jack, sonville. Secretary—Dr.'^Newktrfc, Chlongo. Trcftsuror—Dr. Fnohott, Whitniiall. .. Librttrlim—Dr. Ames, Chlosgo. • ;: The next pootip^-'will bo hold nt Cairo. : Tho election of Dr. Kohlind to tho Presldenor of this society u a rocognU Uon o< his prpfosslonal skill and attain- moots that will be very gratifying to his friends In Alton. The Dootor.roturnod homo last evening. A V P D ' Q Sugar-Coated ..*» I t II O Cathartic If tlio Liver bo- QI I I Q comos torpid, If the l I L. L. O . bowels nro constipated, or If tho stomach falls' to perform Its functions properly, use Ayer's Pills. They aro Invaluable. For some years I wns n victim to Liver Complaint, in consequence of which I suffered from Gonnnil Debility and Indigestion. A few boxes of Ayer'w Pi I la restored m« to perfect health. —W. T. Briglituoy, Henderson, W. Va. For years I Imvo rolled moro upon Ayor'ii Pills than anything olso, to Regulate my bowels. Those Pills are mil<l In action, and tlo tlipir work thoroughly. I havo used thorn, with good elTuut, in cnaes of RhoiimatlHiu anil Dyspepsia.— G. if. Miller, AttleborouKh, Muss. ,- Ayor'a Pills cured mo of Stomach and LIvor troubles, from which I hud milToritil for years. I consider thorn thu pills miulo, and would not bo without thoui, — Morris Gates, Downsvillo, N. Y. I wns attacked with Itillous Fovor, Wliloh w«8 followed by Junndico, nnd was so dangerously 1)1 that my fi-tumls duHpairod of my recovery. I coi'uinoncod taking Ayor's Pllln, nnd noon roKninod my customary strength and vigor.— John 0. Paulson, Lowull, Nebraska. Lost spring I Hiifforotl greatly from a mmliloHomo miinor on my «ldo. In spite of ovory effort to euro this eruption, It In- crooned until tho flesh became entirely raw. 1 was troubled, at tho HIUIIH time, with Indigestion, and distressing putim lu The Bowels. By the advice of n friend I began taking Ayor'B Mils. In a Hhort tlmnl wiu froo from pain, my food d!g«ntod propurly, tho Hores on my body cunmumcfid honling, and, In loss than one month, J was cured. -Samuel I). Whlto, Atlanta, Ott. I havo long iiHud Ayor's Pills, In my family, ami bollovo tliom to bo tho boot pills tnmlo.-S. 0. .Dardon, Uurdon, Miss. My wife and llttlo girl wore taken with Dysentery u fow iluyn ago, and I at oncn nogun giving thorn Hinall don«s of Avur's PIllH, thinking I would call u doctor If tho &?,. lw bW y 7ii: clwoni0 ' In '"" wrt Ears and Scalp Covered with Ec- zematoiis Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuttcura. TVf 1 little son, aged eight years, has been af- •>•«• lllcted with Eczema of tho scalp, and at times a groat portion of tho body, ever since he was two years old. U began In his ears, and extended to bis scalp .which became covered .with scabs and sores, and from which a sticky fluid poured out, causing Intense Itching and distress, and leaving his hair muttod and lifeless. Underneath those scabs the skin was raw, like n piece of beefsteak. Gradually tho hair catne out and wns destroyed, until but a small patch was loft at the back of tho head. My friends In 1'oabody know how my little boy has suffered. At night he would scratch his head until his pillow was covered with blood. I usod to tie bis hands behind him, and In many ways tried to prevent his scratching: but it was no use, ho would scratch. 1 took him to the hospital and to tho best physicians In Peabody without success. About this time, some friends, wlio had boon cured by tho Outlcura Kemedlea, prevailed upon mo to try them. 1 began to use th.em on tho 15th of January last. In seven months every particle of the disease was removed. Not a spot or scab remains on his soalp to toll tho story of his suffering. His hair has returned, and is thick and strong, and Ills scalp ai uwoot and clean as any child's In the world. I cannot say enough to express iny gratitude for this wonderful cure by the Outlonrn Home- dies, and wish all similarly mulcted to know that my statement Is true and without exaggeration. OHAIUJ5S Mo KAY, Oct. a, 1835. 1'eabody, Mass. I have seem Mr. McKay's boy when badly aifeoted with the Eczema, lie was a pitiful eight to look at. I know, that he has tried our best,physicians, and did all a father could do for a suffering child, but availed nothing. I know that tho statements he has made .you as regards the curing of his boy by your Ontlcura Komfedlcs are true In every particular. WIUJAM J McOAimiT, 33 Foster street, Peabody, Mass. U. LHYHE, Master. JE.BOSSPOWBH, (ED, BLOOK.Olei'Ke. On and' niter Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread Stacks^of Ladies Hats and Bonnets Latest of Novelties. All things |iii above lines of Goods. Carloads of Bargains, For Young, Old, Rich and Poor, r Proud and Humble, at the Wide-awake Globe, - - - Alton. 1887 THE LATEST ! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Wtido in four stylos. Two and Throe linrnors, With Tin andHussiii'Ovofasi FOB ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 8 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing, Grafton, and waj points every evening at 5:80 o'clock. • «a,The Whistle will be oontiderl fifteen minutes before starting lor St. Louis. To ST. Loms, UODND TBIP - TWENTT UlDES* • - . 75 .'., : .:•.--. BOO Q W. HILL. Aeent. Fast Freight & Passenger Line TUE s :f,..y>™.AN.U CESrilAL B I do not know of any Instance in which the Outlcura Komodlos havo fulled to produce satisfactory results. I bollevo I huve sold reoro them than of any other skin remedies I havo over handled during tho 33 years of my experience as a druggist. A. D. TIIYON, Batavin, N, Y. Sold everywhere. Price: Cutleura, 50 cts • Outlcura Soap, 25 cents; Cutloura Resolvent! $1. Prepared by Potter Drug and Chomlca Co.. Boston. Sond for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." JpTJV/TPLES, Blapkhoads. Skin Blemishes J. F. ELL160K, Coimnanuor. UP. ANSHUTZ, t „,.._,,. Tuna DODGE, jaunts. • .-On ttndaftor. Thursdny.Fob. 37th, wiUleave Alton dally Commencing Monday, April 4tb, steamer Hudson will leave St. Louis tor Alton. Portage, Jersey, Grafton and all points ou St. L & V. 1. B. It., daily, except Sunday, at 8:30 a. m., arriving at Alton at 11 a. m. Itoturutng wlllleavo Alton for St. Louis atB:-15 p, m. arriving nt St, Louis at 7:30 In ample time for parties to attend theatres, oic. Parties pur- chaslug round trip tickets wrll bo furnished state rooms without extra cost. Kound trip tickets of steamer Spread Eagle or Hudson wlli;bo honored by cither: boat for return passage. conneotlngwltli fast express on St. Louis and Central Illinois llnih'oad lor Jorsoyvillo Wa- vorly, Spiiugfloldaud all points north and east. .. . ... FAKE. '•-•••• To ST. Locis, single trip, . ... BOO " : " round trip, . ... 753 '• " twenty rlao ticket,'•. , $5.00 ',r . "F.NUYO.TATUM, Gen.'A«t. Alton II. A. F1SI1EB, Oou'l Munngor. folldtf f •Ueffliwltoni .,y u '• rhe «S'} lllu 'T ll " oofJJE ^y l ^ lSTOVESAN:l:>n ANGESaro Improved mechanically and artls. nno fei, La ffi 0 , douul < ) oven for throe burner Banges; Stand pipes' Inoroasea In size to lined S^ al ' B ° 8U1>ply vul vo and trnl> ^ bus «- AU ovon8 «« ««0« .double o? .flue • iMwaa . , Ayer's Pills, Pr»p«mil by Dr, J, 0. Ayer & Co., Uw.ll. MUM. lu -Soap,. i . and Baby Humors, use Outlcura • A Word about Catarrh, "Ills the mucous membrane, that wonderful semi-fluid envolopo surrounding tho delicate tissues of tho air and food pussagos.thnt Catarrh umkos Its stronghold. Onoo ostab- liahofl, It oats into tho very vltalg, and renders life but a long-drawn breath of misery and dispose, dulling the sonso ol hearing, trammelling tho power of spooch, dostrovliig flif! fiioulty of smell, tulntinc the brouth.and killing tho rollncd plonsurcs of taste. ln- sidiouBly, by orooping on from a simple cold in tho head, it assaults tho membranous lining and envelops tho boiios, outing throuuh tho dolloato coats and causing Inflammation, sloughing and death. Nothing short of eradication will secure, health to tho.patieut, nnd all allovlutlvos are simply procrastinated sufferings, loading to a fatal termination, sunford's Itadlonl Inhalation and by Internal admlnlBtrntion, has never failed; oven when the disease has mndo frightful Inroads on dellonto constitutions, hoiirlng, ainoll and Casto havo boon rooovon-d. and the disease thoroughly driven out. i,?.n Nro , It R! s ', I , U ! ) . I0 ^ 0unB consists otono bottlo of the, Radical Onro, onoboxCiitairlml Solvent, and one Improved Inhaler, uoutly Sn 1 *! ° UO nttol " l B°i with full directions; POTTBH DllDQ & OlIKMlCAL UP., llogTOK. HOW IT.ACHES. . Worn out with pain, but still com o. .... sides and buok.woak A painful mus- olos.i the sore ohost and hacking comrb mil ovory pain and ache of dully toll, feint low, original, spoedy, ana y Infa llblo* At' ^"gKla^Mo.; live for «; or. -postage Iroo, ol Potter Drug and Chemical Co, , Boston. Soi pd bids will bo received ut tho olllco of ho City Knginoor up to Tuesday noon, May 7, '"7, for tho furnishing, imulltig and sprottd- ig of 100 Biiuayos ot MoAdnm, moro or oes |to 0 Ploooa on Washington street, lloznu sir ot nd Milton road, uu3or the dlrootlou of the ity bnglnoor. Also for tho building of u wing wall at 1 Idgo at Shields Brunah and backing tho amu with earth. Parties bidding will bill so ! l !, < i,M'. ul ;! ) "!' c "' i: " r " l8l ! l " >< •""'atorna laid Miuinont; uluo so mnoh per cubic yard for Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Marcus n. Topping, of the city o Alton, county of Madison, and State of fill nois, by his certain trust docd. duly executed acknowledged and delivered, bearing date the 54th day of Juno, A. D. 1876, and recorded In tho Uegister's olllco of tho said city of AI ton, In hook 7, at p«.ges 1,5, MH\ 8, did convex unto Albert Wndo, as trustoo, ; all the follow Ing described promises, situated In tho city of Alton, lu tho comity of Madison and State of llliuola, to-witi Tho south half of lo number eight (8) In block number twelve (12 in tho city ot Alton, aforesaid, upon which is erected a two and a half story brick dwelling with stono basement, to socnro tho payment of one principal promissory note fm the sum of three thousand dollars exeoutot] by said Marcus H. Topping mid dated the 24th day ot Juno, A. D., 1S7&, and payable two years after date to tho order of Sweotsor and 1'rlost with interest from maturity at tho rate of ton per cent por annum, tho iutor- cst, if not paid seml-annunlly, to become as principal and bear tho same rate of. interest- and four interest notes described In said" deed of trust of ovouilRto therewith and puy- uhlo In six, twolvo and olghtuun months and two ytiara after date respectively which Inter, ost uqtos havo boon fully paid. And, whero. as, said Marcus 11. Topping, by his certain trust deed duly executed, nclcnowlodgod and dollvorod bearing dalo, thoruth of Muroh. A D., 1879, and recorded In the .Recorder's olllco otMudlaon county, Illinois, In book 144. of deed records on pages U7, 148 and 141) did convoy unto tho said Albert Wndo, as true- l °e, all tho following described promises bltuatfldln tho city oi Alton aforesaid, towit: The undivided ono-halt of forty'two "nd pno-half loot fronting on Third street, olfof tho west side of lot number six (in In blk number twolvo (12) to further secure tho payment of bald principal promissory note for tho sum el three thousand dollars. And, whereua, default hasboim miule In tho paymont of tho said principal promissory uoto and there is now duo and unpaid thereon tha sum of two thousand, nliiu himdrod !'„".?,'??'? Ho»ar«'of principal and tho mini of W01.J8 Interest, making a total ol ,W,81 l.l;| now duo and unpaid on said note, bosldos tho intercut which nniy aooruo on suld principal from now to the daj»of sulo horolmiftor mentioned, nt tho rate of eight por ootit nor annum; and there Is now duo tho legal holder of Bald note tho further sum of one hu nd rod and nftv-slx dollars and olghty-flvo conts lor taxes pnld on said promUos and Jntori-st on tho taxes so paid; making In all tho bum of W.OOO.U6 now duo thb loBHriioldor of sam uo°o under mild note and doods of trust, uiid the logiil holder of siild note Henry 0. Piio"t mi" vIvliiK part of said firm of Hwontiitr ™Pr|"st UivaiimUo npplloatlou to the undersigned tho trustee In safcl ti list deeds nnmoU,, and ro" iiuoatod him as such trustee to soil and dls poHoof saia promises under tho power in wild trust diiods and lor tho purnosos t oru utatfld, and' it appears from the recor . , , . & HAMILL. -• • • - Sole Agents ELY'S Jsnot aliyu/it, snuff or wmlcr. Applied into nosing mUM,, abwrbftl. It clevises Ute/icad. Allays injla mm ati 0 ,i. Jlculsthe sores. fieaturcHt/if senses of butt nniliuimil. t • VB «"«i r ,"^'*" ; l " "'""' T«0<>t™i, co «,,to. ELY BROTHERS. J»rnar B i8«s,Owcgo.HY, Hundreds Have Been CURED By taking tho CHEAT GOLDEN SEAL. Testimonials aro being received dally regarding its wonderful properties." Eminent physicians endorse It as tho greatest modloal discovery of the day. Tho GREAT GOLDEN SEAL to a Nerve Food, Building up tho nervous eystou and tho tired brain. An Anti-Periodic Or Prevontatlve of Chills, Jfoyor and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming tho evil effects of excessive iilcohollo Indulgences. A NonAkohelic Stimulant Toning up tho ontlro system; If you nro Just recovering from sickness, no known romody will gi vo strongth and health BO fust.. Price, fl.OO por bottlo at all Druggist*. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUQ CO., 54 UaSallo Av., CHICAGO, ILL." LOOKOUT HERE \ ' TU1S OKLE.IJHATKU QUICK MEAL Gnsollno Stovo ! FH VMICIAMS AHP utho In thi " .'' I *ansproiid- ngof oo loads of clndom on 'l^volfth stroot m or tho dlrootlou of Hio City Un ll °'" lt0 ' ...— v..u «.^,,v V\J IVJVVV "j ""r """•«<» ii HUS doomed best for the itoroiit of tho city. j. u. OOPI'INUKK. Ohalrnmu Stiwt ana Alloy Committee ' l»ata Pitr Wii» ft BAVM, Attorni,^ for l?uK 0Btuo - utu KOIt SALE AT * \Jii o^kjjU AJL J, HOFFMANN & SON'S poalorsin • :_ STOVJ3S AN J> HARimAUE U«,onvorkA- Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYB ON HAND. COW, BKUONU AND AfcBV G. A. HERRMANN, M,D., Physician aud Surgeon, TlIIltD STUEKT, OVER PFISIFFEH'S SHOE STOHE, Olllco hours: 8 to 10 a.m.; 2 to J afternoon, : uud 0 :3Q to 7 ;«0 ' DM. Bi GUJHtlCH," i; i'bywioiun and Hurg«on, W. A. HA8BLKJH(» M.JD., Physician and Snrgeou, OlfJTlOK-fiECOND 8T.,ALT(JNrliiu onion hnnm-4) i i« to{. V anct,6 pim »K. O. U. UOHLAND, OoUtlHt, " ' '' ' ,m. to u m.j i to i on Jaiuoif Ulvur, Vu, In Olare- Iw (r«o. J, V, MANO|IA, Clan' ' i 4

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