Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 13, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1887
Page 4
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•tor. .nd t«r «lren»Unnilni» nsrai O. Burr. Jadgo of Oil-emit Oonrt. , lai., ujn: .''I bout matt cliMrfol twll. AITON DAILY TKLESSAPH. (Kntcrtd M S«ooan-qm*> Mutter fit the F. O. *t Alton, 111.) ~~* FRIDAY EVE., ~ KETR1BUTION. JfS, fn b S? n M l) i oy Sl by c ! Utm ' of every town and c "» 'n i. h °U- 8. Marrolou» Cnros Imve been wit- 3>°«»ecl bj tlioii»iind» of people, who cnn toil fyto TH* .WONUIItrpL IlJEAtINO I'OWEIl or Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia,' Toothache, Headache, Earache, Calarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, Lame Back, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords, c RHEUMATISM. Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, nu Wounds; Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Biles, Sore Nlpplos, Caked Breasts, and A I Aches and Pains, •JJ5ulekly rolloved by this mniilcnl remedy. Try II SPSS if y( Vf will novef bo without It. For inlo by dnijwtau. Prtoo. BOc. Onr MONO nook frcn to all Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO REAL ESTATE FOB SALE OB RENT, — BY— Rudersnausen & Sonntag, For Sale. A opnvonlent a'ad pleasant home at a rea- 8 n £, 2$ garo ' beln 8 a two-slory frame house ou Eighth street, near Henry. . . »olr Snle. ™«^5P °° fl i rm 9' m Mres. with nrst class n??££3 tl l en n s , 1 B ' tuated 2X miles oast ol Brnnswlok. Ohariton oo., Mo. For Sain. «» rP, n 4 e " 8t 9 rymframo dwelling house In good condition. In Topping's odd! Won to Alion. _. For Sale 'Cheap The residence of Oapt. W. P. oble: two stories and mansard roofj 12 room... * iaUs, olosots, collars, etc. : 8 acres of groun Koti aeelrable property In tho olty. ,-„ F»r Sale. »JT ttorospl lana near olty limits, Stum ... * w .° "tory brlob and tramo dwo: nn nouse both situated on the east •<,) o - rftaloBtroet WoJkSf SS h nd 7th / troota ' 80 *"» b ri«& ira^. °* B S°£?2 on SeooD street, botwoon Hern v and Bldge street fl own as Hunter's For Sole. WIHUn nne BY "THE PTJOHESS." ^^ — n cvine is up, no says. "Miss Roche haa forged tho first link of tho chnln of evidence against me; tho rest should be easily nmde. I shall save you all trouble by giving yon tho exact facta gratis. I took the diamonds. I took also tho Sapphires. Ilnl my pretty couslul" turning his handsome liehd to where Mil- llcont la standing, and laughing gayly. "As often as you acted with me In private theatricals, you little guessed how well I could sustain a part, even a difficult 0110, if I threw my whole will Into it. I must apologize to you for that handkerchief, by tho way. I could Imvo wished it were a finer one; butnn actor must be perfect even in tho minor detnils, und n burglar should not bo acquainted" with cambric." Here Mamarecne makes a dash forward, but Is restrained by Duran. "Let us hear him out," entreats the latter wisely. "Don't wasto your superfluous energy on mo, Mnssareono," says Uoylc, lightly, "I'm not good enough." "Keep it And after all I am hardly a rival. My charming cousin cared for me as I cared for her. I had no intention whatsoever of depriving you of her." "You are a damned scoundrel" says Massareene, flinging off Duran, and advancing to Boyle, his face white with rage. "Beyond doubt" replies the other, with a shrug. "Stand back, Gerald. Why should you bandy words with such as him?" says Miss Grey, in n cold, haughty tone. A step places her between the two men. "So, sir I" she says, addressing Granit, "while holding openly to your engagement •with me, and declaring It loudly to tho world, you were carrying on an intrigue under a false name—of which this girl was to he tho victim I" "Far from itl" replies her cousin coolly. "You were to bo the victim I I had no Intention whatsoever of marrying you. I hod—I have—every intention of marrylnc Miss Roche!" ' Nadlno starts violently. Quick to see and judge, ho notices her emotion, and turns to her. "I have your promise," ho goes on in a low tone full of meaning; then again lets his glance fall upon Sir Thomas. "Well, how is it to be?" he asked recklessly. "On which count am I to be first arraigned? The diamonds? Is my mother to be the first to cast a stono? It is only justl Senlorespriores." Lady Valworth lifts her head from her arms and looks at him. Those who see hor face never afterward forgot how it was then. The agony, tho despair, the deadly cold of it, all buru themselves into tho memory! "Oh, Granitl Granitl Granit!" The mournful cry rises and rings through tho room. It is a cry from a broken heart I Silence follows on It. Tho gray head has again fallen forward upon tho outstretched arms. If the son is moved by this evidonee of the cruelty of his mother's grief, ho gives no sign of it. With a. face marble indeed, and quite colorless, and therefore impassive, ho waits to receive an answer to his question from Sir Thomas. ftm sstlsfit-d with the knowledge that no other has gained It. Cornel what IB thero to wait for In this landP Your heart, if not quite mine, Is still your own. If. you follow mo it is to gain a slave who will call your lightest wish a dear command. Cornel" Again he takes her hand. Softly this time—with gentlest care; and the girl, an though in a dream, suffers herself to be led toward tho door. A step or two sh» ( ;es, then stops confusedly, and raising little pink palm presses it convulsively to her brow. "You hesitate, my lovcl But why, why?" whispers ho, still with his glowing eyes on hers, his grasp growing warmer. "Nay, consider! Would you send me out Into tho cold, the dark, forlorn, lost, without the one sweet thing I crave, whose presence will restore to me light and hope and joy? Oh! have pity, love! And remember, too, yon are mlnol Mine only! If I havo sinned It was to gain means to make a homo for yon elsewhere. For you I have resigned fortune, homo lu my own country, honor—all I Now, when every man's hand \i against me, you, at least, will not draw back?" A shiver runs through Nadlno; this lying speech, false in all but the wild love that speaks through it, stirs her frame and holds hor against hor will. All power of volition seems gone from her. She suffers her hand to bo passively In his; like sobs her breath rushes from her breast. As though conquered by a superior power, she lets herself bo led slowly but surely toward the door, beyond which lies captivity. She feels numbed, senseless. She would fatu cry aloud; but some strange inward force strikes her dumb. Already tho threshold is reached. She pauses mechanically. Tho anguish In the eyes always fixed so immovably on Boyle's warns him it is best to humor her for tho moment. That she is on tho verge of fainting is apparent to him. "For all this I will repay you with the service of a lifetime," he whispers eagerly. "My beloved, collect your strength. Trust to mo wholly. And think—think always of the blessedness of the work before you I I will repent for your sake. I will lead from henceforth a godly life- tor your sweet sake. Oh, Nadinol my very soul is yours to make or mar! Your promise to me! You shall think of that too! It gave you to me; it made you mine! Mine for nil eternity! Come! Together we must bo forever!" Again he endeavors to draw her across tho threshold. "Never!" •' . • • . • . . : Tho word rings out loud and clear and desperate. And then even clearer, and filled with a passionate entreaty; "Maurice!" she cries, In a tone that thrills the hearts of all present. Yesterday snToral persons took us to task uociuiNO in a previous issuo wolmd used the word "filf' instead of "thill" in speaking of a runaway. OHO gentleman was so agitated thai ho scut us a marked copy of tlio paragraph and underneath wrote: "Great Scott!—, got this man a dictionary." Wo are tlio owner of two Webster s unabridged works, in oauh of which the word "fill" is dclinftd in such n manner as to give us the impression it moans n part of a sleigh or wagon. Tlio Union referred the critic lo Webster's Dictionary, and lie evidently concluded lie had boon hasty in IUH criticism, for this morning we received tho following apology; "Awl ritoj bi nice wun."— Schen- ectaily Union. An old sailor recently spnn a yarn to tho Martini's Vineyard Herald, in which ho said: "A spunking broo/.c was driving the ship, everything drawing alow and aloft, when (lie cry, 'man overboard,' startled the ship's company. The captain enmo on dock, and looking over the taflVnil at tlio rapidly re- cecding object and observing the good speed tho ship was making, said' 'I 3 oor fellow, God help him; rui sorry for him, but wo must take advantage of this brott/o in tho interest of the owners.' Just then a sailor who had been on the lookout run aft and said: Captain it was not n man, but it's a hog. 'Aha,' said tlio Captain, 'liard-a-port, buck the .ninlnyard, clear away the boat, and save the hog.'" Their Business Booming. Probably no one thing has caused such a general revival of trade at K. Marsh's Drug | Store as tho giving away to his customers of so many free trial bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. His trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from tho fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs", Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and ?all throat and lung dlsoasas quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a trial bottle free, large size 81. Every bottle warranted. my 1 tl w 1m Absolutely Pure. Thin powder never varies. A inarvol ol purity,' strength wholnsomonoss. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot bo sold In competition with the multitude ol low tost, short wolirht, nlnm phosphate! powders. SOLO ONLV IN OANS. KOYAL BAKING PO WDBIl 00., 10« Wall St., N. Y. • jqnBdwly Wonderful Popularity of the Renowned Medlolno. .- "• •- T r> i \ • ' ' Tlia Greatest Curative Success of ( the Age— A Voice from the People. • ( ' i> No medicine Introduced to the* nubile Im. ever met with tho success aceoruodto lloi) Bitters.. It fltands to-clnv/the-beat 'known cumtlvo article In thbwoad. IU| mnfv f, " renown la not due to tho iadvortiMng it i „ received. U la famous by .reason ol Us in. icrent virtues. It .!OOH nlf tfiiit la Claimed for It. It IB the most powerful, speedy and effei-. ttvo agent known for the bnlldlngup of dobliu tilted systems. Tho following faluoiwcs wi offered to prove this.; ..>,. ••-,-'• "™ What it Did for an Old Lady. oshocton SMton, JV, T. t Doc; 28, NTS :— A number of people had been unlnir Hitters hero, mul with marked eltecf ct, one case, a lady of over seToatyVonrn' Coihocton Sttitlon, JV, T. t Doc; 28 1884 GENTS:- ' ' '" - ' your Hlttc..- ,.„.. „.,„„ w In fact, one ease, li lady of ovorTeVority'yonrfl' had been sick for years, atidftrtho/Bast tan" years 1 have known her she hasi Wt been i to be around half the lime. About Bbf moi », i / per acre lespeotiyoly— one-third oaHh.balauooon Ufne. For Sole. Alarm of 140 acres on bottom land, all In ouUivaton.noar Madison, In flilBoonn£r. A n it. '" '.') " " for Sale. south $ B°I i farra °' MW0 ' tto ? 08 ' Bll uat« 1 mllo alow flguro U "' Uao . ou P lu °ounty, ill., at oroa of ,ui OI r dairy pilrpoaes. Cheap. lnntl sulta- JOSEPH JAKKBTT»8 FBONT STREET. BHTWEKN ALBYANDKA8TON. AJLTOP . . 3 . _ _ _ _ mvliUv TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THB BOOM. JParttos Intending to buy Real Estate In tho olty ol Alton or Tlolnlty will flud It to their Interest to call at tlioolllcoof Kudorshauson A RonntAR and examine tliolrllut ol properties tor sale on only a part thereof la fidvor. qp8dw» Ills stepfather, now utterly unnerved motions to h'.m to leave the room. "Prosecution Is Impossible." ho says hurriedly. "All that Is left you Is to quit this house and this country with as little delay as possible. This is the only kindness you can show — her." Ho points to the motionless figure of his wife. ,'!A kindness that will cost me little " replies the young man with a callous smile. "Already my plans are arranged to leave England for a foreign soil, never, I hope., to return to It. On the twenty-fourth Nadluo and I sail for Canada." Nadluo recoils from him. "You must be mod," she says. "Why do you now link your name with miueP" "It is premature certainly. But on the twenty-third It will bo linked with mine forever I" "Oh, nol" "This little affair has affrighted youf" says Boylo, with a dark glance. "In a distant land, under different circumstances, you will readily forset it " "Forget this nlghtf" "With gilding Detachable Springs. 1ST Better than Whalebone or Koru,.&g and guaranteed never to break, Price, $1*5. UhmcS* tyty** 08 f^" 10 ««> «<«« «««l>MAYER, 8TROU8E & CO. 413 Broadway, N. Y., Ufanufacturcrs. TAR DID '" '' PILES'," SAl't'fiHEUM M&M>lte«»lfW«», An.wm.tbo7ofwm! to "You hope too much." "This hope is my life! It shall not bo too much I You shrink now: your woman's heart falls you; but in tho time to como thore will bo no room for regret Joy shall fill your days. Como, take courage." "Not for such cause as this." ' 'A truce to folly I" cries ho, wl th a flaali of passion. "I tell you you are mine, and shall follow mo whore I go. Have you forgotten your oath, your promise!"' "That promisw was given to Paul An- norley," returns she firmly. "That promise was given to uio! To me—do you hear? whether my name bo Granit Boylo, or Paul Annerley, or— tho devlll Cornel" Going nearer to her, ho grasps her hand, "I cannot speak to you with all these gaping fools around: como to Home other room." Ho drags her toward the door, not brutally, but with determination. Duran, going quickly up, by a sudden sharp wrench delivers her from him. Ho would perhaps have done more; butthatNadlne's agonized glance of entreaty restrains him. ihls glance fortunately Boyle fails to see. "Who arc you to dare to interfere?" ho erics savagely, glancing at Duran. «1 ? p *r!" lc !" ™ s matter is between me and Miss Hpohu." ro , turus *° Nadlno, and again > CHAPTER XXII. Duran is at her sido in an Instant. Ho has encircled her with his arms. Her head has fallen upon her breast. Ho looks at Boyle as though prepared to dispute him for hor to tho death; but there is no occasion for him to bo on tho defensive. AVhen that cry, when the word "Maurice" has rushed from her lips, Granit, as though ho had received a mortal wound, hud loosed his hold of her and now stands apart from them, staring vacantly at tho half unconscious girl. This ho had never suspected. That her heart was not his, ho knew; that it was in tho keeping of another bursts upon him now.for the first time, without a moment's warning, and crushes out of him his last hope. Thore is something terrible in the glance he has bent upon her. He has appareut- ly given no thought to Duran, though in him ho finds his rival; all his thoughts are centered on Nadino. As If she feels the terrible concentration of his regard, she shivers in Duron's arms, and slowly lifts her head. Her eyes met Boyle's. "Sol" he says, and no more. There Is such a cruel meaning in tho ouo word ho has uttered that Nadino, freeing herself from Duran's restraining grasp, goes forward as if to refute in person whatsoever ho may dare to insist upon. Yet, as she draws near to him, the extreme agony of his expression touches, and forbids hor to say anything that mav hurt or wound. "Stand back!" says Boylo malowtone. Do not como near me. If you touch me I will not answer for myself. Probably I shall kill you." "Paul!" She has forgotten everything save tho despair that she has brought to him, and that stands marked upon his pallid face. "I warn you to keep a way," repeats ho in tho same dull, methodical tone as bo- fore. "If you spoko forever you could not tell mo more than I know now It is too lato to cajole or deceive mo further You must bo satisfied with tho old victory. " "If you would but listen" "To believe again—to be again undone? Bo warned!" cries ho with a sudden access of violent passion. "If you approach me one stop nearer, If your treacherous voioe sounds onco more upon my ear, I will dash your false brains against that wall opposite!" He draws his breath fiercely, and his hands work together in a convulsive frenzy "Trait- ress!" ho whispers, a cold fury in his tone; "how has it boon between us? I gave you all—my love, my life, my hopes. You gave mo a serpent's smilo and glances false as hell! With desire in your heart for another, you held out a hand to me, and swore you know not tho meaning of tho strange word love! Stand back, I tell you, if life Is still of value to you! Nay not a word I Treacherous devil that you arc, I would still spare you I" "If you would onlv int. i how Brace Up. You are feeling depressed, your ap>. petite is poor, you are bothered with headache, you are fidgetty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, whichlhave for their basis very cheap bad whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then -leave you in worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality and givo renewed health and strength. Such a medicine you will find in Electric Bitters, and only 60 cents a bottle at E; Marsh's Drug Store. my 1 dw 1 m BncKien's Arnica salre. The Best Salve m the world for cuts, bruisps, sores.u.aers, salt rheutn, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skm eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required, it is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Prico 25 cents per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. mch7dwlm THE spruce gum trade is having a boom m Maine, and manufacturers lind it difficult to nil orders from female boarding schools prior to commencement. Two groat enemies—Hood's Sarsa- panlla and impure blood. The latter is utterly defeated by tho peculiar medicine. you would only let mo toll you I'rUt) «1, "NodliiBl" ho says, and his voice has grown wonderfully soft. «TI,I.,I, my belovedl Would you cast T now, whon tho world has cast T . 11 Bo ?L I would uot nltwl to yon, I would not throw myself, so altogether on your morcy-ovon though that mercy jnoans tho saving of my soul—but that I know no other man is dearer to you than *• Your own lips have told mo this Your voice, as you gave mo tho blessed assurance, still rings In my oarsl" Duron, who lias been standing near hor, With his eyes upon tho ground, lift* then •lowly now and fixes them upon Nadiue. fie has grown very palo. NftdiUB Is standing w ith white Dps 8U d She has placed hor hand oppeallngly upon his. With a sudden cry, wild as though coming from a beast hurt unto death, he seizes her, and flinging hor far from him, sends hor with a crush ugainst tho furthest wall. She drops like a stone to tho ground. Duran, holding her to his heart, looks round. Boyie is no longer to bo seen. Without waiting to learn tho consequences of his fury, he had rushed from tho room. [CONTlNUliU.J * * lork Tribune; Good booms can not bo manufactured. They have to be developed. There is a doctor in our town, And he was wond'rous wise: His buggy has u Kloe Coil Spring, And now rough roads defies. The Chronicle, of Augusta, Ga. couples things together as follows: Slavery and free trade go hand in hand as do protection and freedom. Eiijoy life. What a truly beautiful world we live in! Nature gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of moans of enjoyment. We can desire no better when in perfect health; but how often do the majority of people feel like giving it up disheartened, discouraged and worn out with disease, when there is no occasion for this feel' mg, as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Flower, will make them free from disease, as whon born. Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint are the direct causes of seventy-five per cent, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, Siok Heat aohe, Oostivonoss, Nervous Prostration Dizziness of tho Head, Palpitation of th Heart, and other distressing symptoms iliroo doses of August Flower wi prove its wonderful effect. Samp) bottles, 10 cents. Try it. lay dvveow ly WHIPPLB & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, UEUUKaJSNTlNG THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladolyhia; German American ; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Kng.; Continental; Girard; s Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fond, Western Assurance Co, AND OTHEUSlA CASH OAP1TAJ IN THE AGGBEOATK OF $20,000,000. WJS AIiSO IIBPHEHKNT THE Mutual Benefit Life; of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's lafe.aud Accident Ina. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third anxl State sts. ifor Sale. Five building lots on Alby and Market street!, between Tenth and Twelfth streets. WJIIPPLB'&SMIUSY. azp sho cot GO feeblo she,was ,.,.,,„„„,. iler old remedies, or physicians, being of: no' avail I sent to Deposit, lorly-llvo inllcS, atid cot n. bottle of Hop Bittern: Ib had such a vm benelleliil effect on her that'ono bottle itn proved her BO n\\D wus nble to ili-csai herself mid walk n'jOiit the houue. Whou'-sho had taken tiio n^cond Mottle she was'able to take care of he;- f•••..:! ro'iiu and wulMout to her neighbor's nnU h:n. improved 'all the time since. S!,v vifo .TH! children also have derived great benufll Irani their use. ; •. W. 1!. ITATJIAW'Ar, ; ; .ASI. u. a. EX, Co. An Enthusiastic Endorsement. Qorham, JV, IT,, July ife,1888 OUSTS:—Whoever you are,-'!, don't'kuow but I thank the Lord dud fdblgrateful to vou to know that In this world of 'adulterated medicines there la one compound thitt >brovcs mid does nil it advertises-to'do;'.apd more ' 1- our years, 1 had a (slight shock of .palsy' which uuncrved mo to such an extent that the .least excitement would iriako jino.'Bhako llke^the ague. Lust.May I was induced to try Hop Hitters. 1 used one bottle; but did not see any chaiiL'o; another did so'change my nerves that they are now as 'stcadv as they ever were. .It ueod tdtako both hands to write, but now my good right hand writes this. Now, if you continue ?« manufacture • asi honest and good an article no you do. vou will accumulate an honest fortune, and coi- fer the greatest -blessing on .your fellow-men that was ever conferred on mankind. '<•• : _•___,;, Till BUBCII. A Husband's Testimony s ;; • My wife was troubled for years with blotches, moth patches and pimples ou her face; which nearly annoyed the life out 'ofi her. She spent many dol ars on the thousand Infallible (") cures, with nothing but injurious effects. A lady friend, of Syracuse, N. Y., who had had similar experience and had been cured with Hop Bitters, induced her to try it. One bott e Pas made her face as smooth, fair and soft as a almost a mirftcle. A MEMDEII or CANADIAN PARLIAMENT. A Rich Lady's Experience. I traveled all over Europe and other forclrn c^«r i rie f 8 ^ t 1 t ? 08t ? f thousands of dollars.ln Bearch of health and found It not.. I returned ^ SC °", r ^^?M lsh ?ft rtell « a ."'«VW8restSred Lime kiln, tn For Sale. good running order, -with or 1089 W HIPl'LE & SMILEY. . . Rent. m ^ W0 Btory brioh dwelling known as the A. I latt homestead; lately put in good repair. ff & SMILEY. Flno Residence! for Sale. The late II. DoBow homestead, now owned fiX i u ;, Ui'terwood, situated on lino of horse railway, In Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, and cood out bulldlnirs two acres of ground, will bo sold at a bargain. I'osseusfon given on completion of sal0 ' WIIIPPLB& SMILE r. For Bent. WHIPJ'LE on Com & SMILEY. RAILWAY . TIME TABLB. OHIOAGO AND AJ7TON. " On and niter Sunday, May (latj isw. tratai on the OhlcRgo and Alton rouroid, will loavi the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, ai follows: v.iuo, m For Chicago and the Bfuti Chicago Hall* 8:00 a.m Chicago Accommodation* .6:00 p. S Lightning Express* :;.......,9:IoS m Peoria and Kock Island FastiUnet,9:00 al'm For Jacksonville, Keoknk, Qoloor, Kan. (BOS Olty.and all point* wesff J> Kansas Olty Mftll* ....,.„., ... Kansas Olty Express* Denver Expressf-.. I-lOn'm" Fop C 8t!°i!oJu» f oconunod aa<»»t.• • V:10 p." S LightnlugExpress*...i..i........j.e1i5 turn Chicago Accommodation*. ;.... .'-.9SW aV m Alton Spoelalt " ia-Ssn m Kansas Olty Mall*.. KJniS'S pwoBgoMttiit..' .'.:-:;:«;l6S's FaS'A^A 8 . UNIOND ^ 0 « sop.™. «7MS:S: ._ (8 45 a. m. Suudaysonly). , *Dally rKxceptSumlay." !, : s* J7 60 o. m. Sllle or WniPPMi &SMILBY. _, Kor bal» .The late residences of J. i. and W. H Mltohell. on Mill St., two of «i. ( , best pieces o reBldence nropoi-ty In Alton. Tlio property JtiiOWH fL8 The I*flrlf. OflHt of nlinvn • 1* lr>ta onMlU and SummitMta, an 3 a uu'mbor o? ot« In-Miller * Mitoholl's addition to Alton Anv or all of above at a great bargain WRiPPLB & SMILEY. O. G. NOKBIS. Sheriff^ Jennie E. l)epry j - : - Dopryy I Sale. - 890 ' Madison county .Illinois, ow Iff of said county,! liavo levied upon all right, title anifj Interest |of the'lfflMi In and to tho followirg roert it For Sale. « rriii^j dwelling and out huildliiKs on Thlid street, between Oliorr '' ""- - and doBcrlbod 1121 rods to-oil of north iny and Vino. •LK & 8M EY. T for Rout. Late residence of M. J. Noonan on State Jtreot. known as tho A. Platt place. Good 9 room brick housct. In llrat oliisa repair. . WIIU'l'LK & SMILEY. llow to Ciuln Flesh and nnd Strength Use after onob. meal Scott's Kraul. slonj It Is as palatable as milk and ens*' ily digested. Delicate pooplo improve rapidly with its use. For Consumption, Juroat affections and Bronchitis it is unequalled. Dr. Xlios. I'rim, Ala., says: "I used Soott'g Emulsion on a child eight months old; ho gamed four pounds in a month." uwf wk 1m . "or glanco riveted upon as thoudli fascinated. ' i««i ? J llll n u '""eatnod your entire heart I know," coutiiiuos Granlt, In tho wme low but Impasslouod ton* 'But? Many ladles admire gray hair—on some other person—but few care to try its effects on their own charms. I hoy need not, since Ayer's Hair Vigor restores gray hair to its original color. Sold by druarglsts and perfumers. dwlw Some of tho elegant New York bar wore draped in mourning upon Sunday It would be suggestive and quite in keeping doubtless with a good many o homes of their patrons if the mourning should be kept up during the week days Murdered by rrojndlce. Thousands of men die every day who might be saved. Prejudice has murdered many n man and woman. If u wore boliovod that tho sum ol disease could be reduced by physio much would be gained. The nightmare of death would not frighten us as It does. In our modern civilization wo ought roa. sonably to expect disease to settle upon us because wo do so much to attract if because we so often and so steadily ox. pose ourselves to It. At tlio same time wo all ought to understand, as a part of our rudimentary education. th>,t to save ourselves from tho effects of such exposure some kind of fortilication should bo built around our vital forces lost the enemy carry UH, as it were, by a sudden onslaught. For many years the unprojudloed have uncd Urandroth's Pills In this way and they Imvo proved a most, effective wall against tho op. preach of disonse. Stop tho daily niur. ders—wo had almost said suicides—bv using tbes» Pills. They speak for themsolvos-astlicy aot. When every, thing else Las failed IJrandrotli'a Plfls have saved lives. They arc to bo had at every drug store. for Bale. «iniI2 1 i < "7' mR n Property on State stroo in Miller & Mloholt's add., to Alton. IK storv ho,,™ a - bulldlnuBi auin for^ at a bargain. WHIFI'LE & HMILBY. cash, on FUIDAY, l ° Sal °- T1IE TWENTIETH DAY OF MAT 1887| For Bale or Itont. ^^^ST^^L'SS^ , •« t teSoXb 8 £a&s!f iitad WHU'I-LEASMILKY. ""SIT" 1 ; 10 . «e»i«loi'0e» tor Sale. .B-i.-BDEKB. *B & EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. »r n Mon,;i7f""= °" Sovoilt h street, all for sale «„» saorllloo. ownor having Uooldod toT? For Sale. Tin np- W8- Merrill ton, or pointed Executor of t.. u .„» „,„ court house, In — -ufhe«hird - L. KLUNK ONDEBTAKEB, 21d4w Ejxooutor. DBA LEU IN 4 5-!-"A Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes iror Ladles, Gentlemen and Children. State street Now and Beautiful Designs just 1 arrived and arriving for the .^ Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS t A .Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes, v, ;U i iSS}" ttewl ^ Jo " NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle it, fel>u

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