Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 13, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1887
Page 2
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DAILT »T W, T. WOBTOH. Cor. Third And Plata Street*, Alton, Ol, FRIDAY EVE., MAY 18. THE Chicago News thinks that if the Merrill, nntl-coruplracy bill becomes a law tbo anarchtate of that city will have to place their mouths In the hands of a receiver. j THE unveiling of the Menarcl statue, at Springfield, has been postponed throe times on account of Hon. K, U. Wash- burne'a inability to be present and take the leading part, m the ceremonies. Keronue Lciclslatlon. The tlnkennfc of tlio Legislature with the HoYonuo bill promises to end in total failure. So far that body has merely demonstrated its incapacity to deal wlth.the question at all. The best thing that can bo done is to accept the report of the Revenue it came from their hands. It, doubtless, has defects, but It is so infinitely better than any substitute this Legislature can devise that it should be adopted in full. The failure of the Legislature to revise the Revenue laws will bo laid at the door of the Republican party, as it controls both houses. Unless the Republicans in the Legislature aot wisely in this matter it will coat the party thousands of votes in the state in 1888. To postpone action, as is now proposed, until next winter and then call a special session to deal with the question, would cost the party more votes still. I (The last Legislature had the honesty to acknowledge its incapacity to deal With the revenue question, and relegated it to a Commission, which, after many and protracted sossionB,(prepared a bill which this Legislature has busied itself with dissecting without improving. This trifling with public interests will not help to elect a Republican Legislature to succeed tho present body. A Line for Cnlhonn County. ^t may be not generally known that .there Is a county in Illinois which Is entirely without a railroad, possessing no other means of transportation than that afforded by the rivers. This tract of country is said to bo quite rich in farina and fruit, and is bounded on the east by the Illinois river and on the west by the Mississippi. That it shall much longer remain in this primitive state in unlikely, as the St. Louis and Central Illinois railroad is making preparations to run a survey from its terminus at Graf ton across the Illinois- River and up through the county, par* allel with the Mississippi, the objective- point being Quinoy. It is said that the 'Mississippi landings are in many instances shoaling, which adds to the difficulty of tho much needed transport tatlon, and should the road be con* , structed at an early date the farmers will be much benefited by the oppor tunity offered of rapid transit for their fruit and other perishable commodities. The survey will bo begun in a few days, and though it may' not at tho present timo bo extended as far as Quinoy, will be run in a northwesterly direction as far as it isldeemed judicious, — St. Louis Globe Democrat. in London. May 12.—Mr. Parncll arrived hero today. He was mot at the railway station by a few friends and quietly driven to his apartments. lie is still very far from being a well man, and in his pale, emaciated face shows traces of groat mental and physical suffering, accentuated by the fatigue of his Journey from Avondale . When he will be able to resume his seat in Parliament; is purely a matter of conjecture, but his presence in London at this time will be to his colleagues and his Liberal allies of immense advantage, Mr, Parncll has not been idle in his retirement and has succeeded in collecting documentary and . other evidence, which he brought back with him, showing irrefragibly that not a single member of tho Parncllitc party as then or now constructed, was implicated in tho murder of Lord Cavendish and Secretary Burke in Phoonix park. Ho held a consultation with his parliamentary colleagues this afternoon, in roferenco to a course of action in tho matter of submitting these proofs, and arrangements have boon made for a conference with the loading Gladstonian members on the sirao subject later. GODFREY. QOOFBEY.UByll, 1887. • MM. W. IT. Waggoner ana Mlu May, huvi< returned homo from u visit to Lebanon. Mr. Lou OolHOn, of 1'loasant Hill, visited at Mr. U, 0.risrce's lust woolc. Mr. Geo. Dunn, of St. LouU, Is liura visiting relatives. Mr, U. K. FHrnam, of Tappan,Duk., arrived at Mr. J. II, Ferguson's Saturday evening. Ho Is quite proud of kin ten pound boy. Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson, of Brighton, spout tuo Sabbath lit Ilotiiany. Mr. Robert Steward liui boon quite slok but U bettor. The many friends of Mr«. Jolin kohorls will bo glad to hour that iho wna able torlUe nut us far an HetUuny last Sabbath. Munilo and Kdillo U visited at Mr. Karr's lust woolc. MlwLuoy Vounv visited lu Alton this week. lieu aud Lathy WnffKonor liuve bought Mr. Aloi. Oruwford'a strawberry crop. There will be u Union Sunday school con- oertattliollotlmnyoliiiroli Sabbntli afternoon Ht tit roe o'clock, Methodist parsonage In Godfrey Friday evo, May 13{admittance froo, No one with the leasttosta can fall to Appreciate so rich n treat. MOUK'ANON. BETH ALTO. IIKTIIALTO, 111., May 10, '87. School closes here next Friday with appro prtato exercises. Wa aro Informed that an old fashloned.plonlo Is to be arranged and tho old tu woll oil the young can enjoy a very pleasant day. The schools here have boon very progressive thn past yoar atid the splendid corps of teaohora deserve much credit for the faithful work performed. Ills iinltolikely that all, or nearly nil, will ho retained another term. 1'rof. 1-ianlol tolls us that ho has boon on • gaged to toach.tho Oomstookschool, another year at an advanced salary. This spoaks well for tho Professor, Musiuxtr-Micsos Minnie Klein, Corn and Gertie Battles, Lou and Minnie Woldmor and Bessie Kills, scholars of Miss Alice Vetting!!!, took part In a piano recitation given atlluuk- or Hill lastlSttturday. Thoy wore accornp an • iod by Mrs. 0.1'. Kills, Mlssesj Jonnio Uzzoll, Jennie Kawson and Allco Weldmor, who say that tho little folks all performed tholr ro spoottve parts admirably. PHKSONIL MKtmox-Mr. J. D. Elliott was tho luoky candidate for Superintendent 01 streets. Mr. Jacob Uuppert, of St. Louis, called on friends horo last Thursday. SupervisorEstabrook, Thomas O. Springer and Sidney Uobluson, of Fort Hnsscll, wore among tho visitors to our village on Friday. Mr. llumphroy(tlokoti agent horo) and lady, are visiting frlonds and relatives at Loxa, 111., this month. Mr. Ed. Burgess, of Fostorburg, was in town tho past week, calling on friends. Mrs, Jonkluson and daughter, Miss Ella, of Foster, wore tho guests of I'rof. and Mrs. Mo- Oroa, last Saturday. The Importance ot purifying the blood cannot be overestimated, lor without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every ono needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and wo ask you to try Ilood'a Sarsaparilla. It strengthens an( i builds up tho system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while it eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Sarsaparilla pecul- *r n If calf iar curative powers. No « ** IIOCII other medicine has such a record of wonderful cures. If you have made up your mind to buy Hood's BarsaparUla do not be Induced to tako any other Instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparilla is sold by nil druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Moss. IOO Doses One Dollar and Scalp Covered with EC zomatous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuticura. M l little son, aged eight years, has boon afflicted with Eczema of tho scalp, and at times a groat portion of tho body, ovor slnco be was two years old. U began in his ears, and extended to Us soalp,which became covered iwlth scabs and sores, and from which a sticky fluid poured out, causing Intense itching and distress, and leaving his hair matted and lifeless. Underneath those soabs the skin was raw, like a piece of beefsteak. Gradually tho hair came out and was destroyed, until but a email patch was left at tho back ol tho head. My frlonds In I*onbody know how my little boy has suffered. At night he would scratch his head until his pillow was covered with blood, I used to tie' his hands behind him, and in many ways trioll to prevent his scratching: but it was no use, he would scratch. I took him to tho hospital and to tho best physicians in p 0 a- body without success. About this tlmo, name frlonds, who had boon cured by tho Outloura Itomodioa, prevailed upon me to try them. 1 began to use thorn on the 15th of January last. In seven months every parti- ale of tho disease was removed. Not a spot or scab remains on his soalp to tell tho story of Ills suffering, Ills hair has returned, and Is thick and strong, and his scalp as sweet and clean as any child's in the world, I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for this wonderful euro by the Outlcurti lionio- dies, and wish all similarly afflicted to know that ray statement la true and without exaggeration. oiiAULES MCKAY. Oct. fl, 188S. I'oabody, Mass. I have seen Mr. McKay's hoy when badly affected with tho Eczema. Ho was n pitiful eight to look lit. I know that he 1ms trlud our best physicians, and did all a father could do for a guttering child, but availed nothing. I know that tho statements ho has made you us regards the curing of his boy by your Untlouru ItenU'dlos arc true In every particular. WILLIAM J MoOAHTIIV, 33 Foster struct, I'oabody, Moss. I I do not know of any Instance In which tho Outlouru Remedies have failed tu produce satisfactory results. I believe I huvo sold inoro them than of any other skin romoalos I have ever handled during tho 33 years of uiy experience us a druggist. A. D.TllYON, llatavia, N, Y. Sold everywhere. Price: Outloura, 60 ots.; Outlaura Soup. 23 cents; Gutluuru Dcsolvont, II. 1'roparou by 1'ottur Drug and Chemical Uo.. Iloston. Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." T3T1V/T I'I'ES, niaokhcuda. Skin Blemishes IrJLM. a • Soap. and Baby Humors, use Outlcutu A Word about Catarrh, "Ills tho mucous membrane, that wonderful seml-lluld envelope surrounding tho delicate t Issues ol tho air and food pussngos.that Ontarrh makes its stronghold. Once established, it oata Into tho very vitals, and renders Ufa but a lonn-druwn breath of misery and disease, dulling tho sense of hearing, trammelling the power of speech, destroying the faculty ot smell, tiilntlnif the breath, and killing tho mined plonanrcm of tusto. Insidiously, by creeping on from a simple cold 111 tho head, It assaults the membranous lining and envelops tho bones, eating through tho delicate coats and causing Inllammutlou, aloughlng and death, Nothing short of orud- loatlon will secure health to thoipatlont, unil all allovlutlvou aro simply prourastluatod l HUHorliiKU, loading to a fatal termination. Banfortl's Hadloal Cure, by Inhalation and by Internal administration, has never lulled: oven when tho disease him made frightful Inroads on delk'iito constitutions, hearing, Binoll and taste havu beun recovered, anil tho disease thoroughly driven out, BANFOIIU'B 1UUICAI, OUHK consists of one bottle of the Itudlonl Ouro, one hoxUaturrhal Solvent, and one Improved. Inhaler, neatly wrapped In ono imokuuo, with full directions; nrloe jl. t'OTTKH DltUCl AOllKMlCAl, UO.,J10STON. Mr. A. <T. Oanipols moving this week to Mrs. Cox'* property on Main street. Prol. McUren and family will occupy l>r. Hold's former residence on Prairie street l.n the near futnre. So we'are Informed. Mr. It. riokorhasnow a complete flailing oittnt linvliiK purchased a splendid large skllf. Sir. Oharlog QroaTos will soon start a new meat market In 'Squire Miller's corner building on Third street. Mr. J. I'.Yonngwirth, formerly of this place, now n prominent drnguistol Kansas Olty, Is In town, tho uueit of his parent*. The Doctor was n groat favorite In society circles herd anil his many friends aro gratified to know that lie has boon very successful since branching out Into business for himself. His number Is 1721 Grand avo. and ho will bo pleaicd to have his friends call on him when going westward. Tho harness business sooms to bo improving, as wo are Informed that frlond Rottorath has recently boon to St. Louis to got a man to help him out. Fort Hussoll Township Sunday school con vontion meets at tho 0. P. church next Sun. day afternoon at half past ono o'clock. Sunday school workers and talkers will ho on hand and a Cordial welcome is extended to nil. Tho wall paper trade in Bcthalto sooms to ho hotter this year. Mr. Klein has purchased a splendid assortment and Mrs. llattlcs has received her second order from Janowny & Co., Chicago. Our citizens will find St. Louis retail prices at either of those stores. BBC01UT10N DAY—Tho G. A. 11. folks aro arranging for a grand turn-out horo on Doco ration day. Thoy propose to moot at tho hall with all tho different orders and citizens of tho village and nt half past ono or two form into lino, headed by the It. 0. band, which has been ongagotl, and march to the cemetery whore tho graves of tho soldiers aud others will bo strewn with (lowers. Kov. Win. Frocoo has consented to deliver an address for tho occasion and 'tis expected that everybody will lend a helping hand to make a perfect success. GIMLBT. the bent and aafeatWaah- Ing Oomponnd known, P«ed As Dlrantni) It produces hotter results MAKES Shorter Honrs For Women, with a greater saving of Time and Labor In Washing and Sonae- cleaning, than anything yet Invented. Wash yonrDlshes,Glass- ware/Windows, OurtalnBi Jewelry, Sliver, in fact everything, with it. Try It in the Bath, and note its Snperlorlty over Soap Bewflreoflmltatlonn. Tltc Genuine always bcarl the above Symbol mid name or JAMBS PEARLINEDIDITj New York. Sore Eyes The eyes are always tn'sympathy with the body, and afford an excellent Index of its condition. "When the eyes become •weak, and the lids Inflamed and sore, it is an evidence that the system has become disordered by Scrofula, for which Ayer's Sarsaparilla is tho best known remedy. Scrofula, which produced a painful inflammation in my eyes, caused me much Buffering for a number of years. By the advice of a physician I commenced taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. After using this, medicine a short tlmo I was completely Cured ' My eyes are now In a splendid condU tlon, and I am as well and strong aa ever» —Mrs. William Gage, Concord, N. H. • For a number of years I wa« troubled!, with a humor in my eyes, and was unabta to obtain any relief until I commenced using Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This modt! cine has effected a complete cure, and I believe it to bo the best of blood purifiers— 0. B. Upton, Nashua, N. H. „ From childhood, and until with a few; months, I have been afflicted with "Weak; and Soro Eyas. I have used for these) complaints, with beneficial results. Ayer's Barsaparilla, and consider it a great blood purllior. — Mrs. 0. Phillips, Glover, Vt. ,' I suffered lor a year with inflammation in my left eye. Three ulcers formed on the ball, depriving mo of sight, and causing great pain. After trying many other remedies, to no purpose, I was finally induced to use Ayer's SarsapariUa. By Taking three bottles ot this medicine I have boon entirely cured. My sight has been ro^ stored, and there is no sign of inflammation, »ore, or ulcer in my eye. — Kendal T. Bowon, Sugar Tree Bldgo, Ohio. My daughter, ton years old, was afflicted with Scrofulous Soro Eyes. During the last two years she never saw licht of any kind. Physicians of tho highest standing exerted their skill, but with no pormauont success. On tho recommendation of a friend I purchased a bottle of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which my daughter commenced taking. Before she had used the third bottle her sight was restored. Her cure is complete.—"W. E. Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayer it Co.,Lowell,Man. Bold by all Druggliti. Price (1; ilx bottles, »5. WILSON Tlieae "Washboards are made with ull cut .Wood rim, Tlio Btrong- CBt boarjs nnd best wtuliers in tlu world. For «alo by all dtmleru. Tako no other. •11 I SAGIWAW M'F'G CO., DUUIiLK. ft Hnvlnavr. Michigan. J. WILKES FORD & CO. Ol <b O3 IV. Wllllllnvlnn HI,, Chlcnlfo, III, FELT AND CRAVEL ROOFERS And Dealer* In KuoIluKMiiterluU, Our.fu- llltlos for doing work In Alton are such that wojcan do tho vory best quality of Felt and iraval lloollng, tho same as In use on all ho llrst-olnss buildings In Chicago at a low- r price than Tin or Iron, and warrant our oofs for flvo years. Wo also soil matorlalu with full Instruction how to do the work or urnlsh unexperienced man. npiOdly 200 BA.G8 UIGOINH' FUREKA FINE SAIL For Dairy and Table Use, inJ14 Ib. linen sacks and 50 Ib, HiickSt for sale by J. A. UY1UE. KASKINE (TUB .$13W QUININE.) No bad effect NQ headache No nausea, MO ringing ears, C" res quickly (Pleasant,!* 1 " 0 A I'OWEKFUEi TONIC, that the most delicate stomach will boar. A BPJfiOlFlO FOB MAJL.AIUA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Oorm Diseases , FOH COLDS KASKINE HAS 11KENFOUND TO BE ALMOST A SI'KOIFIO. Superior to Uulnluo. Hcllevuo Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally sue cossful." Mr. F. A. Miller, 630 EnstlBTth street, N. Y., was cured bylKaskluo of nxtromo malarial prostration after seven years suHoring. Ho hml run down from 1"6 pounds to H7i hogun on Kasklnoin Juno. 1980. wont to work in ono mouth, rCKalnodihis full weight in 0 months. Quinine did him iio good whatever. Mr. Charles Baxter, architect, 133 K, 120th st. N. Y., was cured by Kaskiiie of dumb ague In 3 months after quinine treatment for 10 years. Mrs. J. Lawson, HI llorgon St., Ilrookly was ourod of malaria and nervous dyspepsia ot many yoarsstnndlna "y Kaskino, tho quinine treatment having wholly fulled. Kov. Jas. L. HalljOhaplain Albany Ponlton- ttary.wrltos that Kaskmo has cured his wife, after twenty yours suffering from malaria aud nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor particulars. Lottors from tho above persons, giving full details, will bo sent on application. ICasklne can bo taken without any special medical advice. Jl.OO por bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price, KASKINE CO., 51 Warron St., New York • inyBdwlm, EAGLE PACKET COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT The Steamer CQ II. LEYHK, Master. CD IE. KOSSPOWBLI, ( ED. BLOOIC, Dior* i. On and after Monday, Fob. 11, the Spreai Eagle will run as follows, vizi LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on retnri trip at 3 p. in., daily. And leaving Alton fo Portage, Jersey Landing, Gralton, and wa~ points every evening at 5:30 o'clock. t9»Xue -Whistle will be sounded flftee' mlnutesbefore starting for St. Louis. To ST. Louis, ROUND TBIP TWBNTT - --58' W. HILL. Acnnt. Fast Freight & Passenger TOE ST. LOUIS AND OENT1M • ILLINOIS II. U. GO'S 1'ALACK STEAMKK Line TUAL J. F. ELLISON, Commander. ED.ANSHUTZ, jnim-ira TRUE DODGE, ) ulollts ' On audafter., Thursday,Feb. 37th, willleavi Alton dally Commencing Monday, April 4th, stoiuno Iludson willloavoSt. Louis lor Alton, Port ago, Jersey, Grnfton and all points on St. L & 0.1.11. tt., dally, except Sunday, at 8:30 » in., arriving at Alton at 11 n. in. Returning will leave Alton for St. Louis ut5:J5 p. in arriving at St, Louis at 7:30 in ample tlmo for parties to attend thoatrss, etc. Parties pur chasing round trip tickets will be furnlshod state rooms without extra cost. Round trli tickets of steamer Spread Eaglo or Iludson wili;bo honored by cither boat for return passage. connecting with fast express on St. Louis imd Central Illinois Railroad for Jersoyville, Waverly, Spiingtiold ami all points north and oast. FARE. To ST. Louis, single trip, . . . sue " " round trip 750 '• " twenty Hue ticket, . , $5.00 HENRY 0. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. IT. A. FISHER, Gon'l Manager. folldtf Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Marcua U. Topping, of tho city of Alton, county of Madison, and Stato of Illinois, by his certain trust deed, duly executed, acknowledged and delivered, bouring date tho 24th day of June, A. D. 1876. and recorded In tho KOfiistor's oflieo of tho paid city of Dillon, in hook 7. at pages 4,5, nucl 6, did convoy unto Albert Wado, as truBteB,',.all tho following desorihed promises, situated in tho city of Alton, lu tho county of Madison and State of Illinois, to-wlt: The south half of lot number eight (8) in block number twelve (12) in the city ol Alton, aforesaid, upon which la erected a two and a half story brick dwelling with stone basement, to secure tho payment of one principal promissory uote for the sum of three thousand dollars executed by said Slarons II. Topping anil dated the 24til day ot Juno, A. O., lS7,'i, and payable two years after date to tho order of Sweatser and 1'rlost with interest from maturity at tho rate of ton por cent per annum, the interest, if not paid semi-aunually, to become as principal and bear tho same rate of intercut; and four Interest notes described in said deed of trust of oven (late therewith and payable In six, twolvo and eighteen months and two years aftordato respectively which Interest notes have boon fully paid. And, whore- as, said Marcus II. Topping, by his ceVtain trust ilood duly executed, acknowledged and delivered beurlngduto, thoioth of March, A. I)., 1879. aud recorded In the llecorder's olllco of Madison county, Illinois, lu book 114, of deed records on pages 147, US and 140 did convoy unto the said Albert Wado, as trustee, all tho following described promises bkuutcdln tho city of Alton aforesaid, towlt: Tho undivided one-halt of forty-two and ouo-halflcot fronting on Third street, oil of tho west sldo of lot number six (0) in blk number twelve (12) to further secure tho payment of said principal promissory note for tlio sum ef thruo thousand dollars. And, wheroue, default has been made In tho payment of tho said principal promissory note aud there is now duo and unpaid thereon the sum of two thousand, nine hundred r>nd forty dollars of principal and tho sum of $'.)|>I.IS interest, making a total of £1,81 I.I;) now duo and unpaid on said noto, besides tho interest which may accrue on said principal [rom now to tho day of xulo hereinafter mou- tionod, lit tho rate of eight pur cout. por annum; and thoro Is now duo tho legal holder of said note tho further sum of ono hundred and fifty-six dollars and ulidity-llvo cants for taxes paid on said prcmljos and Interest on tho taxes so paid; making in all tho sum of $1,000.98 now duo tlio logui holder of said note under said noto aud deeds of trust, and tlio legal holder of said noto Henry 0.1'rlust, surviving part of said firm of SwooUor & Priest lias imuto application to the undersigned, tho truutuo In said trust deeds named, ami requested him us such trustee to sell and dispose of said promises under tho power In imld .rust deeds and lor the purposes therein itutoU, and it appears from the records of Madison county, Illinois, that sold Marcus II. Topping has convoyed said premises to Mary t'uimiu Topping: Now, therefore, public notice In huroby given, that lu pursuance of said trust deeds, and by vlituo of the power and authority to mo granted lu and by tho bunie.iuul by virtue of the statute of the State, I, tho undcrslttued, will, on I'llUUSIJAY. n fHK NINTH DAY OF JUNE, A. 1)., 1887, at ten o'clock u. m. at tho north runt door of the0'Hy Ilallbuldlng, in the city >f Alton, aforesaid, soli and dispose of tho premises above and In bald trust doods reflectively described, and nil tho right, tltlu, lonoilt itml equity of redemption of tho gum iliircnsll. Topi>lnj[,hlo heirs or assigns ihere- n, at public unction, for the highest and bout [irloo fhu Buiiio will bring In cash. Datod May Uth, 18«7. AUIKIIT WAI1K, Trustee. WIDK & DAVIS, Attorneys for Trustoci. did Lots of Dry fioods, 1 HIS. F01 'Young lu fy and Old. Stacks J)f Ladies Hats and Bonnets Latest of Novelties. All tilings |in above lines of (foods. Carloads of Bargains, For Young, Old, Rich and Poor, r Proud and Humble, at the Wide-awake Globe, - - - 1887 THE LATEST I -1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES. .Made in four styles. Two and Throe Burners.. With Tin and Kusala Ovens. A11 EKl'kOT Air Pressure, without tt e elevated tnnU. 'fitceure !s obtained.with a weight, ffti- not with a ptirap. Absolutely tut safest; simple with no Intricate parts. LIGHTS with cnrburettod ulr, instead of oil in a aril) cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks aro all of S)i inch seamless brass tubing- email connecting pipes of heavy annealed brasi.wlth union coupling. Ouo ond of tank is of glbss, showing quantity ol oil In name. Cannot bo tilled while burning. The regular line of JEWEL STOVES AND RANGES ore Improved mechanically and artistically. Largo ctoublo ovun for throe burner Ranges; Stand pipes Increased In size to one inch, with largo supply valve and trap at base. All ovens are made .double or flue linod. • apOdtm PITTS & BAMILL, Sole Agents* ALCOHOUCANIDOTE NON-ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERANGEMENTS. An immediate rollof tor nrostratlon causod by ALCOHOLIC EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, whon taken with Soda, Vichy, ApoHinarls, Soltzcr, or any aparkllnff /Water, will eupply the Craving for Strong Drink, without Ite disastrous resulte, leaving tho system refreshed and invigorated, Prepared as a HEAVY' SYRUP, most agreeable to take. OKbV BY THE BOTVbB. Being non-alcoholic, it commends Itself especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Olorgy- mon, Merchants, and others following aodontary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy. CHICAGO-ILL. U-S'A- PHYSICIANS AND SDMGJJONS G. A. HERRMANN, M.D., Physician and Surgeon. T1IIU1) STIIKKT, OVEH PFKIFPEH'S SIIOK ' STOItE, LOOKOUT THIS 013LEUIIATED QUICK MEAL Gnsoliue Stove ! KOIl SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVBS AND UAUDWAltE Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON 1IANU. CUB. SECOND AMU Olllco hours: 8toloa.m.;2 to 4 afternoon, imdMO to7:;iO ovonlne. DU. B. GUKfcUJM, Physician and Surgoou, /ND UKBIWHNOK, (JOB. FOURTH AND ILHINHY STS. loVdwly W. A. HA8KEIX, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, Om<JM-8KOOND ST., ALTON, ItL. OiHcn hnura-lft. in.; 12 to 1, and 0 p.m. DK. U. Ji. KOUJLAND, DoUtlHt) f, ALTON, ILL. oiiico Houi»-8 n. in. to U m.) i w«y. f' r *^n HIi noiTjofnoi"Illver, Vn, In Ol«*; FARM Si 00 ?' ut)lo , u «! iteffiV" 1 oKS I nlllllwiurfroo, J, V. MANCJfIA, C1M» jflirii (.-, . * iSvit;i«;,i.'\.».

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