Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 12, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1887
Page 4
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FOR sai r av »;.. i>r>it/i REAL, ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, —BY- Rudersnausen & Semi tag. For Snle. A convenient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-alory frame bonne OQ Eighth street, near Henry. For Sale. A choice farm of 820 acres, with flrst class mprovomonts, situated 2X miles east of ISrunawlok. Olmrlton CO., llo. For Male. A ono-story frame dwelling house In good condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cneap The residence of Oapt. W. P. oble; two fctorlos and mansard roofi 12 room . 4 halls. closets, cellars, etc.; 8 acres of groun Moat desirable property In the city. F«r Hale. 1 bo aerosol land near city limits, Stu,a ., two story brlok and'frame dwo! n,-, nouse, both situated on the OUBI '• o .itnto ittrect between6th and7th moots' eo tho brlok block of stores on Secon ntruut, between Hernia and ttldge street nown as Hunter's row. For Hale. A uniall frame >< ..lug house within n ne clocks of tiled >t for 1375. 100 acres f good fanning land, , another tract ol 300 acres, both unimproved Situate In Mou co., Kansas, at $10 and Lie per acre i oupootivoly—ono-thlrd cash,balance on time, For Sale. A larm of 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A g«iotl two-story frauio dwelling house on it. Price $8,000 i ; :••••• '.;. '•; for Sale. , A choice ; farm of 120' acres, situate 1 mile south of Shlpmun, Macouplu county, 111., 'at u low figure. -(UtS A farm, consisting of 140 acres of good land situate within 2 iclles of Upper Alton, sulta • bio for dairy purposes. Cheap. JOSMtJi JAKKJKTT'8 LIVERY STABLE i "• 'raONT 8TBKKT, BETWEEN ALBY AND HASTUN. 1LI.INO1 mvlrtlv TAKE ADVANTAGE Ol? THK BOOM. Parties Intending to buy Itonl Estate In die city ot Alton or vicinity will llnd It to their Interest to call at tha olllooof Rudorshauaon A Sonutag and examine their list of properties for solo us only a part thereof la adver- tlaoil. apHdwtf eliding' Detachable Springs. (Sritctter than Whalebone or Horu,j£] and guaranteed never to break* Frlcc, $1.25. Formic by leading wliojcMlp MI! retail l • ; f \ ' ' ' MAYER, 8TROUSE AGO. 412 Broadwiiy, N, Y., Manufacturers. TAROID A new uaetlio*! of «om< )r njoisoy oofAotiof rivti«l, THDRaL>AY EVE., MAY 12. TETRlBUTIOf," ; BY "tHB DTJOHE8S." ^^ CHAPTER XX. A silence, Intense, horror stricken, fol« IOWB on his words. Miss Roche has fallen back from him, nml Is now leaning against the wall, with her hands clasped upon her bosom, and her eyes, largo and affrighted, (Ixed on his. "Stolon I" sho Says, the words coming with difficulty through licr white lips. "Do they think I stole them?" Sho shrinks backward against the wnll ns though she would fain sink through it, and so disappear forever. "Oh, nol Good henvensl Nol" replies he, shocked. "Hut this man An- nerley. It Is essential that he should bo found »vtw\ compelled to say where he got them. You wiy you don't know hiS'ad- drosH, but surely It may be discovered." "Have they been thinking that?" says Nadlnc, heedless of his lost words. "And you, have' yon, too"— Sho breaks off ns thorigh'the power to goon Is lost to her. Her blanched face terrifies him. "My darling! Don't look ut mo like that. > Nadlncl Who Is accusing you? Who suspects you? Bo reasonable." ''Lady Valworth suspec'.s me. I sec It all now, though I did not understand before why she was so cold to me all to-day. She thinks most cruelly, most unjustly •of inc. Oh I what shall I do?" "Nothing now. To-morrow you must give us any help you can toward finding Mr. Anncrley. No doubt," with a quick contraction of the brows," he tfill be able to explain to us in a satisfactory manner how these jewels came into his possession." • "What-a terrible situation," says Nadine, faintly. She covers her eyes with her hands. "If I had only obeyed him. If I had followed his injunctions not to wear these fatal ornaments." "He advised you not to wear them?" Duran's voice is sharp and keen. "Yes. But only because he believed them too handsome for mo, just now, when wo were both poor. Afterward, he said, when he had made his fortune, they would suit mo well." "Did it not strike I you that it was strange for a man calling himself poor to be able to purchase such costly things?" "I did not think. I seldom thought of Him." Her low and self reproachful. "How strong Is fate," sho says presently. "To drive me here—to compel mo to wear what I had never worn before. But lam not regretful," cries she, suddenly, with a touch of vehemence.- "He will bo able to explain, of course. And now Lady Valworth and Millicent will get back their own." She tears oil the sapphire ornament and throws it Into Duran's palm with a shudder. "I must see Lady Valworth. I must speak with her," exclaims Nodlne, eagerly. Her cheeks are burning, her hands tremulous. . "Walt until to-morrow." "I shall not wait another' moment. I cannot live with this weight upon my heart." She presses her hands convulsively against her breast. "Take me to her, 11 she Implores, faintly. Seeing the excitement that is betraying itself in glance and gesture, Duran draws her hand through his arm and leads her from the conservatory. The tearoom is now assorted, and they pass into the hall without encountering anybody. Midnight chimes from some distant tower, the solemn sound breaking even through the light sparkling dance music that comes from the ball room on their left mid that swells and rings through the house. <'Tho lost train is in. I am afraid Lady Valworth will bo taken up with her son. He has surely arrived, or is on the point of arriving," says Duran to his companion In a low tone. "Nevertheless, we •will try if it bo possible to see her alone for even a few minutes," A servant gives them the Information that her ladyship has just passed into the library in momentary expectation of Capt. Boyle's arrival. There they find her >vith Millicent, whom sho has entreated to stay with her, arid Sir Thomas. As Nivdine and Duran enter Sir Thomas Is expostulating a little on his wife's desertion of her guests. "It will be but for a little while, a few moments,"'returns she eagerly. "He must, he will come by this train; and Clarissa" (Mrs. Brand) "has taken my place. I shall not be missed for half an hour, and ho Is sure to come straight here." She looks, up rather impatiently ns No- dino comes into the room. The girl Is white as death and trembling with agitation. Going up to Lady Valworth, she lays the sapphire pendant upon the table near her. "Lady Vnlworth," she says gently, her voloo low and earnest, "it is only just now that I have heard from Mr. Duran about this," pointing to the sapphires. "And your diamond cross—It is upstairs —you shall have it In a few moments. But what I want to say is—is"— Sho falters. It Is evident in her excitement sho has forgotten what it was sho had arranged to say. "I know nothing of it," she breaks out nt last pitifully, her largo eyes fixed with mournful entreaty upon Lady Vnlworth. That kind woman is touched to tho quick. Indeed, she had never suspected Nadlno of being anything but a victim in the matter, although her perplexity during tho day had led her into a coldness of manner that tho girl hnd misconstrued. "My dear child, what a miserable idea for you to get Into your head,!" she cries, kindly. *"'Como, now, I will have only happy faces round mo to-night, when my son is expected. It Is his birth night, as you know; wo must give him only smiles. As for our lost Jewels, tomorrow you will give mo any Information you can, and probably you will bo the one to restore them to me." Sho pressed Nndliiu's hand kindly, "You should not have told her to- nlghtl" exoliUnm Mlllloent, looking reproachfully nt Duran. "Oh, It Is better so—much bettor," snysNndlno. "It would have brcn horrible to wear that stolen ornament a moment"longer." At this moment the door Is thrown wide open, and a tall man enters tho room. Lady Valworth, with a little cry, TliHhea forward to greet him. She hus 'forgotten everything, except that this fa her son, and that ho has returned to her. But iv movement on Nadlno's part cheokfl her, Tho girl, too, after un In- staut'a Httmiu'il surprise, has taken u few steps fpnvnrd mul thrown out her arms In tho direction of the new comer. "Why! There ho is! There he In htm- solfl" she cries In a clear voice, touched by excitement. "Now hols come, ho will explain all I" "He! What should ho have to explain?" demands Lady Valworth, stopping short and fixing a stern glance upon her. "He will tell you how ho got the diamonds, the sapphires, that he gave me 1 " returns Nndlne eagerly, her eyes brilliant, her lips apart. Some color has risen to her face. "What farce Is this you would play, girl?" exclaims Lady Valworth, in a low bnl terrible tone. "That"—pointing to where tho tall figure stands In the doorway—"Is my sou —Oriiult Boyle I" "Madame! that Is—l.'aul Anncrlcyl" CHAPTER XXI. Granlt Boyle, his face absolutely livid, comes -straight Into the center of the room. Tho ulai'lng chandelier betrays the deadly pallor of Ills face, tho uold gleam in his eyes. He has had nnfllck'iit time, during the troubled words tlnit passed betwon his mother and Nadlnc, to understand tlmt (lie K»mo has been played out and lost. He might still deny, giro oath on oath, put all to (lie touc'i, and defy actual discovery; but to what end? Who would believe iilm innocent among those with whom he cares to associate, even should the Inw absolve him? In tho future the f.'ite of the outcast, the leper, should be Ills. She would lie the chief witness for the prosecutions—she, with her soft voice, her pure cyesl \Vliatchitnco would he have against her, even though judge and jury acquit, him? His world would believe in hoi 1 . And K is thin mime voice tlmt has botmyed him—the dearest voice on earth to him! He good slowly up to the girl who has ruined him und lays his hand upon her shonldvi*. For the moment it seems he has forgotten that there is any one in tho world but her. "You!—you hove?" he says. There Is immeasurable surprise but no *nngor in his tone: his glance dwcHiupon her Itngei'lngly, tenderly ns ever. Ho is lost in one of the old dreams. It is his last. "Tell them," entreats Nnrlino ciigerly. "They have been imagining dreadful things. 1 told them you wore returning to England soon, bubldhl not know it would bo to-night. Paul, let them know at once—at once—how those stones came In to .your possession." In her extreme anxiety, she lays her hand upon his arm. Duron makes a movement toward her, but Mnssureene, by a gesture, stops him. "You still believe in me, then?" says Boyle, in u curious tone. "You have had faith nil through? .You have never understood?" "I do not understand now," cries the girl nervously. "Oh what is this?" She shrinks from him and* presses her hand against her heart. "Why do you not speak?" Bhe cries again afl'rightcdly. "One word will reassure me. Yet you are silent. How pale you are Whathor- rlblo thing am I to learn? Lady Valworth has called you her son. Oh surely that is" "Madness on the part of Lady Valworth," interruts he, with a short laugh. "To disown me would have been her wiser plan," "What is this you say?" cries Natllne, In a low voice, faint, horrified. "You do not deny that you are Grant Boyle?" "No." "You are not, then, Paul Aunerley?" "That's true." Nadine staggers back from him, and presses her hands to her forehead us if in pain. "And what of this, sir?" demands Sir Thomas, coming forward. Ho '.has lost all his pompousness, his magisterial air has deserted him. Ho looks old, distressed, shocked. Every now and then he glances back to where his wife is sitting, with her arms thrown upon tho table near her and her head lying humbled upsc them. He has taken up the sapphire pendant, and holds It out ta Granit Boyle upon a shaking palm. "You—did you give this to Miss Roche?" "Miss Roche has said so." The tone Is contemptuous; the glance that accompanies it rather more so. "And—Lady Valworth's diamond cross that this young lady wore last night?" Sir Thomas' voice Is oven more tremulous now. He would gladly have spared "my lady" (as ho always fondly calls her) this; but it Is better tho truth should be at once known, if possible. "I gave that also to Miss Roche." There i,s a pause, startling because of tho intensity of tho silence that masks it. It is broken at lust by Granit. He bursts into laughter—light, reckless, defiant. Enjoy Lite. What a trnly beautiful world wo live in! Nature gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. Wu can dos'ro no bettor when'in perfeot health; but how ofton do tho majority of people fool like giving it up disheartened, discouraged and worn out with disease, when tlioro is no occasion for tbis feeding, as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Flower, will make them free from disease, as when born. 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If the liver and kidneys are sluggish and inactive, Hood's Sarsaparilla will rousu them to prompt and regular action. Take It now. Ill A Singular lilril. Tim "ilcvil linwk" of Ai'i/oiu ifl n nvro bint ami an interesting ono. llo is de-scribed us having vonv.vvkably Imudsonic plmiuw, but a very ugly head. His tuloiif are long nnil strong, and liis bi-ak i* almost ns sharp as a Nuctllc and very powerful. Tlio bird, but for his lieml, when on tho. wing would pus* for, u pigeon. When seeking his pnsy 1'" plii.V* pigeon, nml llihs in nmoii" ilium unnoticed on account of his similar! ty and easily captures what lie wants. " Ho Is tho picture of grace and beauty nml spew). It is estimated that there are not more than a do/en of them in the Territory. Tho Mexieiins are .superstitious about; him and regard his appearance as aucvil Mrs. Polk, the widow of Jumes K. Polk, tenth President of tho United Status, in over eighty yearn of ago, but she is in good heallh and possesses a memory of unimpaired vigor. Sho resides in the old Polk hoinostead at Nashville, Tennessee, a largo, roomy, two-story brick building,. Queen Murguerita of Italy took pity on tlio reporters who were puzzling; over the toilets nt a recent court-ball nt Rome, and dictated to them a description of the handsomest dresses. She wound up with the 'injunction not to forget her necklace of pearls, saying, "for these are the things which especially interest your lady readers." Their litislness Booming. Probably no one thing hus caused such a general revival of trado at li. Marsh's Drug Store as tho giving away to his customers of so many free trial bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery ior Consumption. His trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from the fact that it always cures and never disappoints. 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Wll II'l'LE & SMI US V. E'or Salo. Lima kiln, In f-ood running onlor, wltli rjuiiiTy mid 12 uoroa of luncl, moro or losa known lu tlio Sholly tract. WHII'PLEASMILKY. For Kent. -A two story brick dwelling known as tho A. I'latt liomuutoud: lately put In good rnpatr. WIlU'l'LB & SMILEY. Fine Residence fo The Into R. DoBow homestead, now owned by M. B. Underwood, situated on lino of horse railway, In Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, aud good ont buildings, two acres of ground, will bo sold at H bar- o;alu. Possession given on completion ol solo. WHII'i'LE & SMJLEY. For Kent. Two-story house and 'good stable oil Com mou street. Good fruit. WIHPJPLK & SHILEY. For bale or itenc. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by lira 8. J.Dutio. WHIFFLE &SMILKY. For bale Tho lata residences of J. J. and \V. U Mitchell, on Mill St., two of ti.ct best pieces o residence property In Alton. Tlie property known as "The Pai*, eastot above; It loti on Mill and Summit streets, an 3 u number of ota in Millar A Mitchell's addition to Alton Any or all of aboyo at a groat Imixnlii. WftlfPLE ft SMILEY. For Sale. A 7-room brisk dwelling and out buildings OH Tulid street, between Cherry und Vine. WJIU'PLE&SM EY. For Rent. Late residence of M, J. Noonan on State street, knovn ns the A. Platt place. GoodO voom brick housa, in llrat chum repair. WfllPPLK & SMILEY. For 0ul6. The Harrlmnn property on Stato stroo In Miller & Mlelieli's add., to Alton, 1% story house, 8 rooms and out-bulldlngs; iillln perfect order. Can bn had at a bargain. WJIII'PLE & SMILEY. For Sale or Kent. The 2-story Inline dwelling with 0 rooms Including 7 lots; good barn and lino fiults known us the Nlohols homestead, situated on 12th st,, In a deslraole neighborhood. WIUWLE& SMILEY. Donirahle KeHlilenoeH for Hale. A two story brick dwolllug on State street known as A. Platt homestead, lately put In good rotxitr, A two story fnimo dwoUlnu on Main Hti'uot, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh street, (ill for sale in a Hacrlfico. owner having decided to ar V-B' Wmi'T'LK &BMILEY For Halo. Seven lots with good brlok dwelling and good repair, In Upper Alton. UOBldeuceof 0. fc. CloUtun, uud known as tlia Merrill property. WlIIl'PlVE & SMILEY, Al ton, or I). VV, Collet, Uppar Alton. Wffl. L. KLTOK CNDEETAKER, Ready-Made Coffins, Metallo Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes For Ladles, Oontlomon and ChUdroi'. Office and Shop on State street Oyorllurl B Uvory HtuUio. Will Rttoud to Job Work und Uupiililns! Knnilturo, tali Wonderful Popularity of tho Renowned Medicine, ' The Greatest Curative Suooossspf iheUge— A Voice from the Pfiople. ! No iriedlelno Introduced to tlio public lm« over met ivltli tlio mu.'cosfl accpnloU to lloj) Hitters. It Etaiuls In-day tlie Uflsl known curative article In tliu world. 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Aid not see any cliarii'o 1 , another did so ehatige my nerves that tliuy us BtcadyViao they ever were., ItUKwl to tr.'.ie l:oth hando to write, but now my piod rlf/'st lu.|i(V, w.rltes this. Now, if you eo.itiniie to. iii.lnutaclnro ua lionest tnul good, an article OH : j'^u (1o,.,J'bu will accumulate ftrtuuc, uikl confer tlic greatest Vilessir.g en your fellow-moil that was ever conferred on niiniklud. ,':-.•, TIM.JBUKCHi.-:. Husband's Testimony: w 't r , r Jfy \v1fe was troubled for years wltli blotclies, moth patches and pimples on her face, wliloh nearly annoyed the ]}£« out of her. She spent many dollars on the thousand infallible (0 euros, with nothing 'but injurious effects. A lady friend, ot Syracuse, N. Y., who had bad similar experience aiid had been cured with Mop Bitters, Induced her to try it. One bottle has made her face U3 smooth, fair and softas a cutld'8 and elven licr such health tutit it seems almost a miracle. ••,-.. ;, A MKMBBK op CANADIAN PAUUAJTRNT. A Rich Lady's Experience. I traveled all over Europe and other foreign countries at a cost of thousands of dollars, in search of health and found It, not. 1 returned discouraged and disheartened, and was restored to real youthful health and spirits with less than two bottles of Hop Bitters. •. I hope others may profit by my experience antLstay at home. A LADY, AUCTUSTA, ME. ^ T1MK TABI.K. OHIOAQO AHU AlA'ON. On and after Sunday, May list, 1867, tram on the Ohlongo and Alton railroad; will leaV' the Union Depot, .Alton, standard time, si follows: For Chicago and the Boatt Ohlcago Mall* ..... .... ............. 9;00a.m ChlottRO Accnmmotlatlon*....... .0:00p. m Lightning Express*..-.. ...i....; ..... B:JOp.w Poor I a and Ilock Island Fust Line t,9:00 a. ra For JaoheoiiTlUei Keokuk, Qalnoy, Kan|>Bg Clty.utid all poluts west. Kansas City Mall* .. ': .. ..... 9:00 a.m. Kunnas City Espresu*. ... ...... :.... 9:10 p. ra Denver Kim ess f ....... . ........... 7: 10 p. tn. Jacksonville icconvmoaatlotit.....V:10p. m. For St. Lonls i Lightning Express*.... .......... ...0:<S a.m Olfluago Aeoommodatlon*. . .'. . . . i .9:80 a. in Alton Special! ....... ......... .....12:38 p. m Kansas Olty Mall* ................... 5:40 p. m Chicago Mallt...* ......... ...:.. ...6:20p.m IIlAINS LEAVE ST. 1.OU18 ONION DEP01 •' FOIl. ALTON. t7 BO a. m. f8 00p.m. *4 50 p. m, *7 55 p. m. (8 15 a. m. Sundays only). . •Dally rBicopt Sunday. S. D. RKKVB, Sup't. St. Xouls Division O. Q. NOB1U8, Tieknt Aeant. ' Sheriff's Sale. . , Jennie K. Uepry ) ; -^ . ; vs. > Execution Noi 890. •'•<••'. ' Franklin Dopry, > Ji'eo bill No. By virtue of an-.oxeoution.In this case Issued out of the clerk's ofHco of tlie Circuit Court of Madison oounty.Illtnots, directed to the Shor IK. of said county ,1 have levied upon aH th« right, title aiidi Interest {of the defendant In and to tho following property, situate la the county of Madison and State ol Illinois, and doscrlhed as follows, to-wlt: . Two U2J rods olf of the north side of lot No. live (5), In block No. sir (0), In E. Lonit's addition to the town of Upper Alton, ami, also, two (2) Tods off of the .south side of lot No. six (BJ, In said block No. six ((!) in said addition. ' Said two (2) pieces' of land fronting four (4 1 rods on Main street In sold town and running back postwardly the entire depth of said lots, and situated in the town ol Upper Alton, in the county of Madison, In the stato of Illinois, which I will expose at 1'ubllo Sale, to tho highest bidder, for cash, on FRIDAY, TUB TWENTIETH DAY OF MAT A. l>.,1887, between tho hours of 0 o'clock In tho forenoon ajid sundown; to-wlt: at 10 o'clock, B. m., of said day, in front ot the north front door of the City Hull building, in the city ot Alton. In tho county and Stato aforesaid, to satisfy Bald execution together with coats. B. A. nuaicE. Sheriff of Madison county, ill. . Ono WK, Deputy. Ifdtd EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. . Kstuto of Ifunrlotto M, Born, deceased. . • The undersigned, having been appointed Executor of tho last will and testament ot Heuriotto : M.; ; Born, late of the county of Madison Una State of Illl.wls.deoottsod, hereby iflvos notice' '> thtttjhe will appear before the County Court of Madison county, nt tho court house, In fcdwardsvlllo, at the Juno term, on the third Monday In June next, at which time uUpor- • sons haying claims against said ostato'ara , notiilod und roauestod to attona for tUefpur* '. pose of having the same odjustoa; AllnorsoniU Indebted to said ostalo are requested eolmaka Immod atopaympnt to tho uudorslgnod. Dated thin 14th day of April.'A .D. 1887. „„„... WILLIAM 86NNTAQ, 2UI4W Eiooutor. WALL Now and Beautiful Doslgne Just arrived aud arriving for M»o Spriug Trade, i f WINDOW GLASSJ A Specialty, from Small to largest Mlzea, At the old reliable UOUSK-PAINTINQ und DKOOHAT1NU OBtubllshinout Of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, oast of Belief. feblldSw

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