Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 11, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1887
Page 4
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ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH. (Entered nil Second-tutu* Matter at Hie P. O. M, Alton. 111.) '-THE BEST TONIC. This medicine, combining Iron with pure Tcgetttb16itonlc«, (Uilokly and completely Cnrti Dirkpepila, Ittau«*tlon< 1V«-nV- nen, Impure mood, Malaria, Chill* •nil Fever*, and Sfaaralgla. It IB an unfalltiie roineUy for Dlsciucs of tno Kidney ana Xrlrer. It is Invaluable for nisonnon peculiar to Women, and all who lend sedentary lives. ltdo<!8not Injure tli^ccth, cause produce conitlpM(n9 other Iron malldna do. It enrlohe* and pnrlfle* the blow!, (ttlmulntcs the appetite, aids tho nsslmllntlon of food, relieves Heartburn and Delchlng.uiid strengthens tho mtucleii «nd nerves. For Intermittent Fe-seri, Lanltade, I*clc at Euergri etc., It liw no equal. ff* The genuine has above trndo mark nnd croaiM.mnineil on wrapper. Tnlco no.otbor. •U. »tt ti DHOWS CfiJUUfiU'CO. UiVTltmt, »D URTO bcon onloycd by oltteons of ovory town and city In tho U, B. Mtlrvoloni* CHVCR littvo been wit. nocacil by thou/mml* of pooplo, who cnn lenity to Til* WnNDBlWUI. IIKAI.INO J'OWEIl or Hamlin's Wizard Oil, Neuralgia, Toolhacho, Headache, Earache, Catarrh; Croup; Sore Throal, • Lame Back, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Bites,, Sore.. Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, are quickly relloreil by thin nmirical remnay. 1 ry it once anil you will novor toe without It, Knr Rule ny dniKfiMt*. 1'rlcn. flOc. UKI-POMI IIODK fr«otiinll. AddVnss WIZARD-OIL COMPANY CHICAGO REAL, ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, —BV- Rudersnausen & Soontag-. • .• - , ' For Sale. ':•,:• A convenient and pleasant homo at a roil sonable figure, being atwo-sljry Jrauio house ou Klghth street, near IIom7. < for Salt). A choice farm ot 320 acres, with first class tnprovemonts, situated-, 2M miles .east of Uruoswlek, Oharlton co., - Mo. WOT sale, A one-story frame dwelling house In good condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cheap , Tho residence- of Capt,.WV t. oble; two itorlea and mansard roof | -ia ; room I halls. closets, eollarg, etc. ; 8 tiaras of groun Moat 'leslrablo property in the city. JTor HlUe. IGUooi'esof land nour city limits, 8-..-Q two story brick and Irauie dwoi a., nouso, bothsltufttodontheoaiit •• o Jcute street between 6th and 7th meets- go the brick block of stores on Bocon street, between llnmv and lUdgo street aowu aallunter's row. For Sale. ji miiaU frame '' ..ini? house within h no Ulockfl of thu d .tior$375. IdOaoroa f good fanninB land, another tract ol SOO AUVCB, both unimproved Situate In Moil • co., Kansas, at $10 and ^10 por acre laspootivoly— one-third eash.balanco on time For Bale. Alarm of 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county, f goort two-story trauio d-woUlng houae on It Price $3,W» ; ' lor Snio. • A oholca s -farru of 1ZQ' acres, situate i mllo nouth of Shlpman, Uaoouplu county, 111., a alowflnure. -aid A farm, consisting of Hfl noros of K»od IIUK situate within t in (lea of Uppur Alton, sulta Ijlo for dulry purposes. Cheap. JOSEPH J AKUfiTT'S LIVERY STABLE i ALB Y AND K ASTON. IUI.INOI mvlrtlv TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. Parties intending to buy Iteal Estate In the oily ol Alton or yfclnity will find it totholr Interest to cull at tlioollliioof Undorshauson A SonntUK and examine their list of properties for sale OB only a part thereof is Hdvor- lined. , ' iipbdwtf ftlitliiife Uctactoatole Kir Better tliau Whalebone or Horn, .(£3 and Kwuruntecrt ucvcr to For Mle by Jcntltoif wholesale noil telill eii«l>- hmc«(l^ : ; ; - ': i • i MAYER, 8TROUSE &CO. 413 Broadway, N, Y., Manufacturers. TAR DID & mtnV niiBB cTln T'" r • PILES, SfiLt RHEUM and Bll»l(7nd|«ii»e»T'Anew)ii»Uioaot«oio. l»J»nwf5W;; !*Tfl8rI 8uar*utt*K"o? Boncy uea, nom iiyurnjimiiu, ana at t OIDCO.,1* lUMUMlt. MlCiOO. BY "THB DtJOHEBB," ^_^_ CHAl'l'KB' XIX. Time, In HO far us It brings them to tho next evening, 1ms not told. The secret sllll lies wltiiln lt« /indent breast It 1ms not yet (llHbanlenwl itsulf, nor declared that miKlit heal the anxiety that rages in tliu flighty, but kindly, heart of MllllccntGrey. Twenty Umcs during the any sli« had appronchcd Nailinu with n determination to fire ofT all .sorts of point blank bnttur- tca— inimiil d> tuko Uie«irl by storm— and twenty Ume» sliu bad been driven buck, routed with great slaughter by tho Innocence of Nadluo's lovely eyes. No; she could not nsk n question that would make her friend unhappy, uneasy, distrustful of tha man whom, If sho did not lovo, »>ie hiul at lcn»t elected to marry, So the duy wore on, and eventide came and died, und now lilght is on them, and once again' Nodino Is standing before her gjnjjs — n inin'or that reaches from ceiling to floor— regarding with nnxians ?nzo the lovely form that go.ze» back nt her. Onco more Bbo would lie bcantlfult Once more she would be pleasant in his eyes. His! In comparison with whom all the world is poor. To-night her gown (B blue. A pale electric blue, that throws into purer prominence the startling fairness of her neck and arms. Slio is lingering now, touching her dresB here, and moving a llower there, debating all the while what ornament shall iiavo tno honor of lying on her pretty bosom. Some vague sense, of evil had warned her against tho cross. No, she would not wear that. It had distressed dear Lady Valworth, had whitened her face and made her kind lipa stern; sorno old memory, sad and angry, had been brought to mind by It. Not only that first time when she had given way to tai exclamation, but again that second tlmo when ho — Maurice— Mr. Duran— had led her up to where she stood, Lady Valworth had seemed pained, sad, cold, unable to give her tho .kindly smile that, up to the wearing of that luckless cross, had over greeted her. No; certainly sho will not wpar it — but There is the sapphire pendant. That lovely, sparkling thing that Paul, too, had given her, and that as yet has never graced her neck. True, ho had warned her not to wear either it or the cross in common I He had got them through his business in some strange way ho had failed to explain. They were valuable; too valuable to be worn publicly ns yet, until he had made bis fortune and hers. Too valuable to be worn at Mrs. Brand's, for example. He had, Indeed, made her give her promise not to wear them at Mrs. Brand's, and she bud faithfully kept that promise, . Buttherel Ho had not surely calculated on tho fact that sho would ever be horu — in such » house as this. If he had known, be would have been, the flrst to tell her to make herself look as charm- Ing as was possible to her. He would have had her no whit behind the rest. Tho very fact that she does not love him •has made her tho more particular tn the matter of obeying him, and now a little pang shoots across her heart as she wonders whether she hai been deaf to his desires when she hung that diamond cross last night around her neck. Certainly it had brought her no delight- no luck. It had hurt Lady Valworth, her kind friend. It had hurt Duran, too, In gome odd way.. She could not tell how exactly, but ho had asked her one or two questions about it, and had refrnined from praise of It, even when she laid it In his palm for Inspection. . No; not the cross. The sapphire pendant, rather. She lifts It from its case, and raises her arms above her head and clasps It round her neck. As she sees it glittering upon her lovely skin, she smiles softly to herself, and bends forward full of girlish delight at the beauty of It, and tells herself that Lady Valworth will bo pleased to see her thus bedecked out to do honor to tho homo- coming of her son, Capt. Boyle— this dearly loved son, who, to NadlQO,1s us yet unknown, but of whom she has heard so much. With n last lingering glance at the mirror, that gives her back her charms BO truly, sho leaves tho room. As yet It Is early for tho arrival of guests, and as she outers tho huge ball room she finds It almost deserted. . Tho fiddlers are tuning their Instruments In n Monotonous lugubrious way, and ono or two people are Jaughing tit the lower cud of the room. The lights ns yet are dim/ and Nadlno can scacoly see thorn. She walks quickly in their direction, her heart beating gladly with a sense of youth and joy, that no misery In tho future ba» power to kill. An sho draws nearer the laughter she can .see that her two or three have developed Into a group. Duran is bore, and Gerald Mnflsiiroono; Mrs. Brand ami Milllcent. As Naillne comes up to them some ot the servants turn up the lights to tho fullest, nnd nuHe a glow of brightness Is Hung upon the room. Duran steps forward to greet Nudliie. Ho Bays nothing to her, but only holds out his bund as if in welcome. In reality, the soft sweet beauty of her has entered into him -and stricken him dumb. Tho Inmjia nro whining upon her starry eyes, her red parted lips, her face HO like a flower. Tho dainty, shy glanco, .that half bespeaks the praise and hull decries it; the lovely klsnnblo moulh, that would fain Say, "Am I not good to look at, dear, my love?" yet dreads to say it; tho bent, yet proud llttlo head, the tomier, longing smile, all appeal to him. MlH hand closes upon burs. Hhe is his at tills moment, whatever other forlorn times Uio years may hold for him and her, and with tho eager hand clasp he lends her forward to whore the lamps shlno dearest — to wliuro nil may seo how fair his love can bo. Ho turns to make some gay remark to Milllcent, still holding Kadlne's hand, but a ghuioo at Miss ttruy'B fueo checks him. Him has grown positively livid. Slio was full of laughter Just iv mltnito ago, but now mirth IIHH died from her and her lips are all Bet and stern, her color ghastly. "Take her away— -anywherel thn napphlre«l TliP Kiii'slM have nil arrived, the bull |H at ltd height. Yet nUll hen) of It la absent. There is, however, a midnight train thai will In all probability bring him. "It must. Ho 1ms never failed ma yet," says Lady Volworth,'with. n. rather wsvti smllr 1 , who Is feeling hurt and disappointed. Milllcent, who has been going about with n nervous distressed air all tho night ba« been rexitrdert (is a mode) flnnceo by nil her world. 1'lalnly, sho IH fretting for her recreant lover. She has more feeling than they had given JUT credit for. She IH not" the heart less, soulless creature they had Imagined I Yet her thoughts have never wandered to Oruull; they have been contured on tho pretty, happy creature, who, with the Klolen Pnnnlilron lying on her bosom, has been blissfully unconscious of tho gathering ntorm that. in i«i raion to break upon her. Duran hud mmlo It a first tivre. to learn tho ciuiRO of Miss Orey's desire to net rid of Nadltic HB noon ns her glance fell upon her In tho bull room. What hu had been told ulliec by Milliceiit had led him at once to n knowledge of the truth. He was ul- re'idy aware of Uio fuisjriclon • about the diamond cross worn by Nndlno Uio night bcfui't 1 . It is now impossible to him to dlsbullcvo but that this lover of Nadine's —tliia Paul Aniievley—bad somcthiii!; to do wllh the robberies both of the dln- monits from ValwortU, and tho famous sapphires from Pork lane. If this be triio! Tf this be proved! Ho ts angry wirh Jifinsclf for the wild thrill of joy that rushes Uivough every pulse, its this thought suggests Itself and takes root wIllilVi his breast. 1C it prove truol Why then Nadiuo will be free! This man, Anncrlcy, will bo compelled to fly from OKI fnce of Ibo law, und Bho will be left behind for him—Duron—and for love! But then the shame to her' The 'awakening to the sorrow of her lover's Infamy. Sooner or Inter it must bo told to her, but iibould the task bo IcCt to rude tonau«8 who had no love for her? A (hnusand times no. Co tho man falsely suspected, or bo be in reality the one who has stolen tho jewels, It is impossible that Nnd tno should be left to learn of the suspicion resting upon him from strangers. Ho—will toll her. He baa led her into n small conservatory leading off the tea room, which, beliiR rather public, has been deserted by those desirous of uttering or hearing tender passages. Tho upper end of it, overlooking in daytime a garden beneath, is quite removed from the gazo of those in the room outside, and Dnrau, as Nadine ulnka upon a low cotich, seats himself beside her. A dim lamp, shaded to a subdued pink, sheds n warm but indistinct light around. The perfume of the dying roses fills the air. From far away tho nrnslo comes to them—rising, falling, swelling, fainting, until all tho night seems full of it. Nadine, stooping toward him, lays her hand on his. "You are troubled?" she says, softly. "I can see it in your eyes. Something is making you sorry." Her eyes, deep and brilliant as stars, arc lookirjR mournfully into his. Ho possesses himself of the hand she has held out to htm, bclievlnghim In trouble, and holds It fast. "It Is true. Tbcro is perplexity In my heart, and a suspicion of coming sorrow, but ft Is for yon," he answers, gently. "For me!' Alittle startled look creeps into her lovely face. "Tell me—tell me exactly, says Duran, leaning forward BO that he can see her face more clearly; "tell me, for your own sake, how you became the possessor o: that sapphire heart that lies upon your neck. "What a strange question," cries she paling. "It was given me—it was a pres ont from Paul Annerley. "And the diamond cross you wore las' night—ho gave you that also? "Yes; he gave me both. Shehasgrowi very white, and her large eyes nre flllec with a painful uncertainty. "Why do you question mo about them?" sho says "Is It strange that I should have sucl pretty things? I did not want them— '. do not care for them. But why is i strange?" "The strangeness does not lie In you: haying them," returns Duron, stlllhoM Ing her hand fast, though she had triet to take It from him. "It Mes In tho fac that this Paul Aniierley gave thorn ti you." "Where did he get them?" "Ahl explain yourself I" implores sho rising to her feet nnd drawing back fron him. "Your face, your voico, betra" you! There Is something terrible yet t be said.'-- Say it!" "There Is this," says Duran, rising also "The diamond cross you wore last nigh was stolen from Lady Valworth; the sap phires you wear to-night are part of th sapphire set that was taken from Mis Grey in Park lane!" West Tho New Gorman ttlflo. Tlio 73,000 Gorman reserves hfivo eturiiecl to their homes nfter a twelve- ays drill, iind il npprnrs, says a Ber- if correspondent, Unit'Ibo new rillo •dioii has liecn introduced Into tlio rmv has grimily impressed tliu Land- veii'r men. First of nil it should bo tated that the moral effect of the new iilo is vcrv powerful. It is, indeed, lie greatest, advantage of the gun, the reserves declare.tlitil. U>uy eon- iihff themselves lietler armed than vllb the old Mauser rifle. Meanwhile hey Hi-knowledge Unit the rille range s muoii more invgular. It was ehiolly n order to reetify the rille range Unit lie reserves were culled out, but In- lead of applying themselves to this ask nearly all Ih'o time has been oe- nipied to explain to them the mo- liaiilsni ot tho repeaUng rifle, which s very dillietiKy to understand. They nivo iilso been instructed in the liana- ing of Uio gun, \vdlod, it appears, iH oniewlmt; dillioiilt. Not more thim \vnnty-livo eartridges have been lired >er so'ldior during the exerc.ises. The •ille appears very heavy, becauso of he dillieiilty will) which it is niain- .ained against the shoulder. In fuel, aceoriling to Uio view of the oltlicrs themselves, it is far from be- ng ]icrf«cl, but the moral elleet, art 1 said before, is considerable, and stif- iecs to prove that at. the present moment the German army rille is the best n Europe. It is less Important to be veil armed than to believe that 0110 is bettor armed than others. Their Ruslnoss Booming. Trobably no one thing has paused mch a general revival of. trada at K. Marsh's Drug j Store as the giving awsy to his customers of so many free rial boltlosof Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. His trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from tho fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs t Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and'foil .liroat nnd lung Uiseasss quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a trial bottle free, largo size $1.. Every bottle warranted. my I c| w 1m Bruce Up. You are feeling depressed, your ap* petite is poor, you are bothered with leadache, you are fidgetty, nervous, ind generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, which have for their basis very cheap sad whiskey, and which-stimulate you 'or an hour, and then leave you m worse condition than before. 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Marsh, Alton, 111. mchTdwlm Many ladies admire gray hair—ron some other person—but few care to try its effects on their own charms. They need not, since Ayer's Hair Vigor restores gray hair to its original color. Sold by druggists and perfumers. dwlw THE interstate commerce law does not forbid railroads to grant passes to editorial brotherhood over their .road bed provided they walk, so we wore not surprised at tho receipt by one of our fraternity of a pass reading as follows: "Section men will pass Mr. over our road for tho year beginning April 51887 on account of the press" There was nothing small about that railroad manager. Humors run riot in tno ulood at this season. Hood's Sarsoparilla expels every impurity and vitalizes and enriches the blood. 12 Into tho next room," sho says In a touo of Kiip- prr.sHod but- luiftslmmlo coinnmiul to Duran. There Is no need tor him to usk to .whom sh« alludon — lior vyctt are- rlvelctl iipuu NwlJiiu's luu'-U, where ibo sapphire pendant Is resting calmly. Duran, who Is a.iuan quick ti> umlerxlimd, scenting danger lu the air for her hu loves draws Nadine u»lil« and presently takus her out of the room. A little too Into, however. Ml'o. Ilruud too had seen and recognized J From The District Attorney ot cheater Co., New York. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. April 10, I88G I havo received many letters in refer once to my testimonial, lately pub lished, commending AUcoek's Porous Plasters. I cannot spare tno time to answer them m writing, therefore would again say, through tho press, that I have found Allcock's Porous Plasters invalu* able as chest protectors and shields against coughs and colds. Furthermore, I have found Allcock's Plasters unequalod Jor pains in side, buck and chest.—Nelson II. Baker. 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KLTJNK UNDERTAKER "AND DBALBB IN Ready-Made Coffins, Metallo Cases, Gaskets And Burial Robe For Ladies, Gentleman and Children, Office and Shop on State etree OyerUftrt a Uvery utfibie. Will attend to Jo Work and JUipttUlnir.FnrnltiucS. ^ jJaj Wonderful Popularity of tho Renowned Medicine* lit A Votes from NIB People. No medicine' Introduces to tli» iuttte ha§ yor mot with the success accorded to Hop Bitters, "at ..stiiids to^lai the ''bfist, Known ;uratlvo article In tho world. IU'tt»yplou» enown Is not duo to the ftdvertljtng, tt h«8 ccelved. rll Is lamons by rewfttv ol its m- heront vlHueSi 1 1 docs ulrthat Is claimed for t. It Is tbO,jnost powerful, spee4y and effective agent knbffii for tho building up r ot ilebUl- tated systems. The foUofftog wHncssea are offered to prove thUs ' s What It Did for an Old Lady. ' Coshocton Station, jV. 7.,Dcc. 28, 1884. GENTS :— A number of people had been uiine Tour BUWrrhcrc, and with marked effect. [n fact, ofio c^ie, a lady bf oVer ievonty years, udbceu Welt for years, iond for the paf t ten years 1 haVe Unovra her she has not be«n able) [o bo around half the Umo,— Aboutfltt'hwnUig ago she got, no feeble she* :\ras fir}fXeef.{ ller, old remedies, 6r physlclaiiscbelng of nolftVall; I gent to Deposit, forty-flvo miles, and vgot-k bottle of' Hop Bitters. It had *(?%» veryt beueflclal effect oa her that one 1}DU}e l»f proved her eo:sho .Was able to dress herself nud walk ftboiit tlie liouse. \VIien'u«h9 hjd taken the" second bbttlo She wa« able td tsJ|e care of her ofru room : ,aft£l7^falk^outx,to her-i neighbor's anfl !>«».. Improved all the time, since. My wife and 'children also;Jiavo great boaeat from Agt. U. S. Ex. Co.; An Enthusiastic; Endorsement. Gortam, NiIT., July 15, 18 GENTS:— Whoever you are, I aon'tiknaTfi' butll thank tho Lord and feel grateful to ybtf to know that in ihte world ofj adultefatad u medlclnca:there la otie'compoundithst^proyea' ottd doeslall It nd^verfises to do, and mote.- Four years ago, I had » slight shoekDlfiJ?».llSy3 which unnerved me to such an ; 6iten€ that the least excitement .would make mo fhftjci? like the ague. Last May. J. was\Jnau<*a to try Hop Blttors. lused one bottle,' butv^Jj^ not see any chancd', -another did BO change. uiy nerves, that': they.. are now as steady s i«f they ever were.' 1 It used to take both hands, to write, but now my good'.rlght hand^.wru.ej, this. Now, If you ^contlutie to imanvifscture as honest and good no article as '.you do, you will accumulate an honeBt iortunef 'KaH cotl- f or tho greatest hlcs'slug oti: youj fellow-meii' '• that was ever conlerfed'on mankind. & Husnantfs-iTBStlffli MywffewastroublojSyforijears ,. r moth patches and pimples QU her face, whlcn| nearly unuoyed the life out ofJier. She spent mauy dollars ou tho thousand Infallible (1? cures, with nothing but Injiirlouff'effects. '»A lady friend, of Syracuse, ,N..,Y., who had JfiB:, similar experience and tiad,j)eon cured with Hop Bitters, Induced her to try It.' One bottle Jifts made her face as srapotb^ialr and soft B^< child's and given her Bucli'Uealth that it seems .4 'almost a miracle. . y<i ,,.,j ... • "S»:,i A MEMDBK OT CANADIAN PAWjAMBK-iC' ^ -• A Bicb Lady's ExperlenoB^ 1 ' I traveled all over Europe and other foreign countries at a cost of thousands of dollars,In search of health and found It not. I returned discouraged and disheartened, and was restored to real youthful health and-spirits with loss than two bottles of Hop Bitters. I hope others may profit by my experience andstay at home. A x«ADY,'-A.UCr~ BAII/WAt Oino AGO AH U • Al/TOR. - On and utter Btmaay, May flat,, 1887. traiiu on the OhloBgo nna Alton rallrowl. will leavi the Union Depot, Alton, Btand^ra^Umv, 5| follows: •"'•-.; " f *'^ For Chicago and the Eaiti . , Chicago llall . »:W «.in . Ohloago Accommodation* ..... ;. .6;00p. in Lirhtnlut'Biuross* ........ ..' ........ .9:10p. m Feoria and Book Island Fast Line t.OrOO^a. ni For JaoksoiwlUe, Keoknk, Ohluago Accommouation». ........9:80 a. m., Alton Speelalt...... ..... '.•!.. •;.:;;!'.Sll\9&liK KanmisOltyMaU*. ...... '..r,/.;; '.'..';8:«K 1 «n 4 Chicago Mallt ........... .... ....... 0:2 On. in IBAINfl-EAVK ST. .iOUIS DJHpN DKIPQ* ^ • ••• FOB ALTON;-! «* . -jnfil.- : n w».m. icoo»..ip, , "4 60 p.m. ....'. , »7 Mp. m, (8 16 a, ' "'' Sheriff's .Saje. JOnlllO E. f^v&t.f /T :.*i. t'T ,. -•';-'. vs. ; - x Kxoentloiv Fi-ttiiklin Dopiy. j Xf'ee.btl By virtue of an,cxeou,tlpn out of tho clerk's ofTlce^f HI Vadlson oonnty,llUuol>), (llfcotoiltotheShor. Iff of /iald county,! havo levied upon hu tha right, title andj interest |of tho :flef<roagn» In an<l to thu follo\VlCi{ property,'ultnate'IO' • tho county of Madison and State of Illinois, and dosoriuad as follows, to-Wttt': J • " : - ' • Two im rods on ol tbo 1 north, slda of lot .No. flvo (5), In block No. six (6), In E.Lonu's addition to the town of (Upper Alton, und, also, two (8) roils- oil ot tne south slda of lot No. al.Ti((lJ, In said blook. No. t«ll j (0) In said addition;: .Said two;iW; ploees,o£ > land fronting four (i| .rods on iMalncBtceet In said town and. runiilnu baok .ea8t.wacdly.tbq.,, entire depth of-Siiitl lbts,'aiia wtiiatecl. In the town ot Upper A\ton, In ttie county of Madl-. sou, la thostatuof I/linol#.,whlpli.i.wllLpx- . poxo at J?uL>llc Sale, to the highest bidder, for cash, on ' ••"''•>••• •'• KIUDAY, THK TWENTIETH JJAYOF'MAT A. 1)., 1887, ' " - •"' '•'•between tho hours of 9 o'clock In the forenoon ojiasunaown; to-wlt: ut 10 o'clock, a. m., of aiilddny, In front ot =tbe north. frpn| { door of the Oity Httll building, In'tna'clty 'M Alton, in tho county and Stitto aforesaid, to satisfy said execution together with costs. B. A. JWRKK. Sheriff of i Madison oountyi UU By a. r. OitoVlii.Deitucy.'; ' • ''~ J !f<ltd EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Kstate ot Ilonrlotto N,J>oro,do?(5a»i64, i ; . •; 'Sho iiiulurslgiieil, , having boon . appointed Exeontor' of'the last-Avill akd ites- tamont ot " ' •' " Henrietta. Into of tho ' county 'of «. , ijBorn. „ „__ .. _ ttdlson and Statool IlJlnols,doooa»od,heroby «JvX*aotl08ij' thiit-lio will appear before the County Court of Madison county, at the court'house, In U,dwardsvlllo, attfia Juno term, on tho third Mouilay In Jiuie jn)xt,:at whloli «»(•'»•"*^"--' sons IniylitK «lalina; attuUiat sold .o notlQod Hndirpfrausted tp otMiiul f poBoofliatlBBartaaiSi " ' " Indebted to sold oatittp ore Iminedluto poymont to tho u Dated tills 14th day of, Aj '•'• WlLDIJjL _. , Kiooutor. Now and Beautiful -Design* Ju*t urrlvod and ftrriytOK *or Uje _ TT WINDOW GLASS A Specialty, from Small to . . ,,... At tho old' reliable UDpSK-tATOTlNQ .»n4- DKOOUA'WNU qgwu«ftTn\ont of ,. NEFF & OBERIYIUELLER,

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