Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida on October 8, 1975 · Page 2D
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Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida · Page 2D

Cocoa, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1975
Page 2D
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V " - - . - I . . - ', . . - . .. .. - ...v - .rf,,, yt ,. M e. jrsrrtwr I u l - l J TO" TODAY, Wednesday, October 8, 1175 ;OrlandoQWESH(NBC)OwOBO(CBS)OwrrVtABOQ)wMrE(E(lu)W.Palm(QWEAT(ABC) Television TODAY Betty (Original) Boop Protects 4 Tampa OwTLAtNBC) (QwTVTtCBS) Palm Beach OWPTVWBCJ Vero Beach QDWTVXCBS9 evening 6. - 00 "& THEBIQ HEWS WITH ED Mcdonough h GCDOCEOOB) OH 30 Newt, Sporta, Weather - QD 83) Aa Man Behaves (4) Dateline Brevard fS) Ecdpae of the Quiet Sun (5) Family Aflalr (13) Daytime - Variety Ej Lost In Space 9$ The Lucy Show " 6:15 H) Melbourne Today 6:30 O CB CD NBC News CD Teaching Children With Special Needa (4) Blue Ridge Quartet (5) Beneffla From Space " (6) IDreamotJeannle . O 99 CBS Newt rOCQ) ABC Newt ' M Bewitched 7. - 00 O To Tell the Truth d) Romagnolla Table (4) Sports and Travel (5) Krlyayogl (5) Truth or Consequences (6) 02 Hogan'a Heroea O CB Concentration O Wild, Wild World ofAnlmala (13) Entry Into the Unaeen 3D CBS Newt (H) Intercom 24 (H) Big Valley 63 Star Trek . 7:30 OCE The Price l Right ' CD Book Beat (5) Aatroweek JB Sanlord and Son 4 () Love. American Style , .O Don Adam'a Screen Test O $25,000 Pyramid (2) Uatol the Wild Truth or Conaequencea (Hi Love, American Style 8. - 00 O 0D CB Baaeball Work) ol Joe Qaraglola GDIS) DoorolMyttery 44) Zane Grey Theatre (5X13) It'a Your Nickel .() Movie - "Johnny Belinda" Jane Wyman, Charles Blcktord A deal - mute girl, raped by a bully, Is overwhelmed and bewildered by the problema ahe must face (1948) E O (D) 33) Tony Orlando and Pawn Guests. Nancy Walker and Tony Randall O 32 When Thlnga Were .Rotten Robin - becomes the .victim of a cunning plot when ,KJng Richard's captor demands high ransom to spare his life. ,Q3 Movie "Girl From Jones ..fieach" Ronald Reagan, Virgin - la Mayo. An artist createshls .1mage""6f "theT'perfecf'glri'" and then meets the duplicate at a beach. (1949) H) JS) Dinah) Guests: Peter lawford. Bob Barker and Diana Trask. dom to keep his brother "stralghr,(1939)eVitiD 10:00 CDSay, Brother! (4) National Fight of the Week (6) News O O 3D Kate McShane - Suspicious when her client confesses to puzzling murder, Kate tries to find out what really happened and stumbles on a super - secret government operation. O STARSKY& HUTCH SEASON'S NEW HIT ' .. O 92) Stars and Hutch - . Hutch kidnapped and la forced to take a hit of heroin by a ealous mobster. ' S3) Soundttage Barry Manilow 10:30 (6) Best of Groucho CD Solar Energy 11:00 , O CD (S) O CD O QD 13) IB) News, Sports, Weather CD ABC Captioned News () Race to Riches 2$ Ullaa, Yoga and You S) 700 Club IS) Love, Americart Style 11:30 O CD CD The Tonight Show (6) Bob Sheridan's Sports O CO 33) Movie - ''Banacek: The Greatest Collection of Them All" George Peppard, Penny Fuller. Banacek Is Called In to Investigate the disappearance of a priceless painting collection. O 02) Movie - '"Outrage" Robert Culp, Martyn Mason. Story based on reported Incidents of a man terrorized by a gang of neighborhood teenagers. 83) Mod Squad 12:00 (6) Death Valley Days 12:30 (0) Notldaa en Espanol 33) PhH Donahue Show (51) Movie - "The Verdict" CeC Under, Nigel Davenport An International criminal bribes the entire fury at hla trial. (1964) v.K) 1:00 O CD CD Tornorrow Show - Tom Snyder 2:30 (51) Yancy Derringer, "Svengall" John Barrymore, Marian Marsh. Drama of a man who completely dominates and possesses a young actress he molded Into a star. (1931) ; Star and the Story; Peter Gunn morning, afternoon programming 8:15 O Maor League Baseball Playoffs 8:30 (4) The Law and Mr. Jons (5) American Travel O 32) That's My Mama - Clifton worries about what his friends win think when he falls tor a homely - looking girl (13) Focus on the Arts 9:00 3) 33) Great Performances "Jennie Jerome' (5) Historic Houses O GIRL SINGER KNIFES CANNON TOP ACTION .,. O 33) 93 Cannon - A friend asks Cannon to discover why a girt was found beaten and drugged O 32) Baretta Baretta enlists the aid of an expert ar - en Investigator after a rash of unsolved fires. 13) It Takes One to Know One Movie - "The Little "Vincess" Shirley Temple. Ri - ttiard Greene Starring Shirley "emple in a tale of rags to riches, set In the Victorian era 1939) K) 930 (5) Movie - "The Accident" Magali Noel, George Riviere. A school supervisor, decides to murder his wife. (1958) QD (13) Movie - "Beyond Sing the Woods" Gert Frobe. Story revolves around a proud iron - willed man who knows only his own law. (1 960) K (Q3 Movie - "Invisible Stripes" Humphrey Bogart, William Hol - den. An ex - con tries to go straight, ut sacrifices his free - 5:45 03 Marine Radar IB 6110 O SuiwImJuMm "" 6:10 fp SunoMno mIhwmo 6:11 OCD 6.20 QD NewZeelbvue 6J0 (I) TffiMMTnM K3 MlflnM StMlMnVf CO Teeey In Florida - George Michelle. Veda Branch 145 SuneMne Almanac 650 CD 9 O DeHy Denooonel w CD m 7s00 O CD CD Todej Show (t) Q OS'S) CIS Mews. - Hughes ftudd O Bom's Big Top Oil AHAiMrteo M fooimM 730 O AM America M ThoHHarioutHotnoolFrlghloMMii 1:00 (5X13) re Tour Nickel (S) Community Cloee4Jp Q (B CapM Kanf are M Norte - "Roughly Spooking" Rout - Ind Ruotott. Jock Carson A capable womon holpe hoppy - go - kjeky huobond In No buaineee. (1S4S) (Pail H) tS 9$ ThofHntolonoa 1:30 (SX11) Broozlng Along With Sw Lao'o ( Fran Carlton Eiordio Shoo 9 ThoThraoStoogoaiD SAO O PhH Donahue Show CD In School Programming CD Mhwlon knpooafta (I) The Rock O 92 99 Mo Douglaa Show CD BkjVatoy O Holo - "That Kind erf Woman" Tab 10 QCD Somonot (5) EnQoroy md EnvlfWrfliwil (I) MoXo - "Konga" Mlchaol Qough, Margo Johns. A London aclontlot rotuma trorn AMcS'wIlh t" Small "chlmpanroa' which no hima Into a gorilla monster (ISSt)a OCD Nowa,Spof1s,Woaeior O 921 Ryan'a Hopo 92 Soarch lor Tomorrow St In School I 94 SpcrtaScopa ID Motrta - "Tha Founlalnhoad ' Gary Coopor. Pamela Noal An architoct with dynamic kJoas deakjna houalng projoct, but ao many changos havo boon mada ha dostroya Iha buildings. (1949) IB 8 Moina - "Woe WW. wmtHo" ShlMoy Tomplo, Victor McLaglon. 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Day A wolfish song writer and an Interior decorator become enemies without meeting because they are forced to temporarily share a party lino (1959) (Part !) (5) Lakeland (0)34) Mickey Mouse Ckm O Partridge Family CD Someroet O DtnaN 92 YouDonlSay 99 Dragnet fB Tho Addams Family 430 CD 34) SoaameSlreet (4) Black Buffalo 0X11) Breeilng Along With Lao's (I) Flntetenee OCD Men Grffiln Show 92 Altar School Special - "It Must Be Love, Cauae I Feel So Dumb" 99 Irenelde M Mmrte - "Black Fury" Paul Muni. Wll - .Nam Gergan A coal miner unwittingly caueoa a dlaastrouo strike, bringing gangsters onto' the acone (1935) aealO f3 Tho Lone Ranger 14 Omigan't ktlond 5.00 B Adam 12 (0) I Lew Lucy O Alter School Special - "It Must Be Love Cause I Feel So Dumb" CS Mickey Mouse Club 341 Brady Bunch S30 B (9) CD (1) News, Sport., Weather CD 34 Electric Company (4) WOTTFKm 92 Andy Ortfflth Show IB 99 Adamll B9 MeyberryRFD M Partridge Famty 5:45 (4) HELP US SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! By MAUREEN BASHAW OenMtt Newt service FORT MYERS - The boop - boop - a - doop galls mad. There, she was, this 77 - pound, 58 - lnch, orange - haired, blue - eyed ex - cartoon and vau - devil le queen, sitting in her apartment here a few weeks ago crying and laughing with, the soap opera gangs on television, when the telephone rang and a friend told her he'd heard a lady on the tube the night before claiming to be the ORIGINAL Betty Boop gal. Small balls of fire started to burn In Ann Rothschild's eyes and heart, and although she says she's "absolutely retired from show business," she decided to speak out, "I'm upset. I'm tired of. hearing about these ORIGI NAL Betty Boopl and people around here thinking I'm a fraud. I'm the original Betty Boop. I was doing the boop - boop - a - doop songs when I was on the road with the vaudeville shows (back In the 1920s.) "THEN WHEN Max Fliescher of Paramount Studios (In New York) was looking for someone for his new Betty Rose Tattoo A Cosmetic' MMZiWii halter top (the outfit she wears most of the time), The hairdresser decided she didn't like the scar, knew she couldn't get rid of it, and decided, to do something to make It prettier. So she went to Buffalo where she found a tattoo establishment, "I was scared to death," she remembers, "but it was worth It" WHAT "RESULTED was a bright red rose, green stem and leaves. None of the dye was placed on the 'scar itself, but when she goes out In public, she often fills it in with green liquid eyeliner that can be washed away. How do people react? "I get a wild reaction," she admits. - "When - I am lylng - otf the" beach, people turn to look at it a couple of times. It's really amazing."The hairdresser has been dubbed "The Rose Lady" by .employes in the local super' market that she frequents and she says that at first, her customers in the beauty salon "went ape." Now they are used to it. "At first I thought I would be embarrassed. But it turned out well and I would be more embarrassed if there was just that ugly scar on my stomach." Actually, her rose - vested tummy goes along well with her other, job belly dancing. It's all part of the costume, and so Is her pet snake. HER HOME companion Is a boa constrictor. She says she saved ,the snake from people who wanted to send it to the SPCA. "My pet was bred in captivity, so it Is used to people," she says. "I don't really think of him as a snake. It Is a beautiful creature, gentle and kind. It even teaches me more about belly dancing." The snake Is part of the costume. Mrs. Reed wraps her friend aound her when she dances. She says the students In her classes, held In her home, are getting used to the sight. Dancing, with or without a snake, has been a way of life for Mrs. Reed for marly years. She danced professionally around the country for six years and is now spreading the fun and skill of the art to - other women ""because If Is such great exercise. "There is a lot to say for the individual muscle control that can be gained through dancing," she adds. "I've been told that I should be teaching pregnant women because jt's so good for them. There Is so much grace in the movements." Meanwhile, Diana Reed teaches belly dancing. Is a hairdresser, hair coloring ex - pen ana representative for a New York City based firm. She still runs a large home, raises three children, and entertains a house full of constant guests. She is not liberated, she says, just active. According to her kids, she's a "kooky mom." I - I rStQrtTJnooroo7Blrt we w f fejsl A I ASARNO notetonelnft. nftNL tf PIA2A r.Aa fA - "' OTLk WO ral """"" ittcZrMlaifil MELBOURNE pO MlA' 254 - 1574 .srrar, ILuikJL : HHTbngo IK EVtKTWEDHSDHT M.K 7 - JtPiL - r.amTmTmwHwVo'mT'' tnrnS . tar IE1ULU UMU Jyl H torus iePJe - i..... KJe w . a arrc. 'loo it: lE IE1ULU UMU KMK JACKPOT B "That's Entertainment" Starring Judy Garland Gene Kelly Fred Aitalre Ruby Keeler - SEARSTOWN .TITUSVILII T Each year, fh'ousands of unwanted, ifarved and maimed animals come to the Central Brevard Humane Society, We need your tax deductible support to continue our program. VolunteenrvorkaTsTsTance is 'also needed. Call 452 - 8277 or 636 - 3343 aMB - TTiTnrMB features - I lHEi&U.H 7;20 - 9.40 I IBBPeaLLMalaMBan mnr . "PBg?raTTQi(f SEE )T I munn x - I l H I WMwmmmMt FEATURES: WVml I CA1 Mi $rtr f 8 00 10:00 I ' (fTES! I EME? ( J BaoeanBBBBBBooooaBBaeBoeooooBBl , Boop cartoon character (in 1932), I went to the auditions and he chose me. "There were hundreds of girls there and most of them could sing better than I could. But I don't know. I suppose I had wnat ne wanted, i was very tiny and very pretty, you - know, and I had jthis high - pitched voice. "Anyway, Mr. Fliescher always said, I was the original Betty Boop. He even won a court case over me once. "Of course, there were other boop - boop - a - doop girls (back in the late 1920s and early 1930s). Helen Kane (she died several years ago of cancer) was, one of them. When Mr. Fliescher told her she couldn't use the name Betty Boop In her acts, she tried to sue him foi" a quarter of a million dollars but she lost the case. "Yes, that was back In 1934. You can look up the case in the New York Supreme Court records. "YET, THERE are still people who think Helen Kane was the original Betty. Just a few weeks ago, on 'Musical Chairs' (a CBS program), someone asked a lady on the panel who the original Betty' Boop was and the lady said 'Helen Hayes',' and she won the prize money. "Then my friend called me ... (In late August) to tell me he'd heard this Mae Questell on television - she's a little fat woman 1 met in Mr. Fliesch - er's office a few times - saying she was the original Betty Boop on the Tom Snyder show (NBC). "I'm upset. Some people around here are beginning to think I'm a fraud. They go around wisp, wisp, whispering about me; It bothers me. I'm absolutely retired from show business now, "I still teach tap (dancing) to one little girl, but that's all. Most of the time. I like to sit and watch television. I love the soap operas. I cry and laugh with all those people, you know. "I just' want to clear this up. Let me show you this let - Tm upset. Some people around here are beginning to think I'm a fraud. They go around - wisp, wisp, whispering. It bothers me.' Betty Boop HW3i fir "sS m vJbbV bLh ter. It's from the president of my fan club. He's upset about this Mae Questell thing, too." SO YOU look at a copy of a letter by Mike Lacy of Rush - ville, Inc., who apparently Is the president of the National Betty Boop Fan Club, to Tom Snyder which says: "It has been called to my attention that Mae Questell appeared on your program Thursday, August 28, 1973. "She claimed to be the original voice of the cartoon star, Betty Boop. It is my belief that this is an iniquity to the original voice of Betty Boop. "Mrs. Ann L. Rothschild of Fort Myers, has valid proof of being the first Betty Boop. "Even though her (Mae Questell) voice was heard in several of the later cartoons, this definitely does not give her the privilege to say that she is the first voice of Betty Boop, a great cartoon star. A trial was held (the one In 1934) which proved Mrs. Rothschild to be the voice of Betty jn the first Max Fliescher Betty Boop cartoon." Mrs. Rothschild came to Fort Myers in 1951 from St. Petersburg, where she operated her own Betty Boop studio for five years: SHE SPENT 20 years in show business and another 20 studying and preaching the teachings of the Unity faith. Her show business career started in the early 1920s when she was "the baby" of the lijiw.cmweMTTHHtftiir """"'"""""" ,nE rCW.RLEY" STEPFORDLd WIVESgPcw! X'JT PahftrftaB l 2(9 - 1172 iimviri.in.injimi f TICKET I AGENCY 11 e CENTRAL LOCUTION J , e rurvATE rARium . ;V taMtrnju.! $i p C0C0a4eaelM4SM 7LV fofi FLORIDA'. fa JDfTWTAIHf BINGO ST. MARY'S SOCIAL HALL From Barton Or Seminole Wed. at 7:30 Regular Games $25.00 Specials Jackpot Game $100.00 OntSSOOfilVEII WEEKLY tee Fret tarty Urs Par Plater WHkTWsU tact WaurMe ta Aa Cut" JWAGONWHEEL Startling prool thai we a In the unayeree. m i SUN flASSIC nciURft matwummmntim MUMMnMmKiiMn mn ENDS TOMORROW TOWN times CINEMA 7.00 TITUSVILLE ' j one mn ONLY WED. OCT. I MELTIUIS tTHEWnSIDENS SUNDAY BUFFET JAM SESSION OPEN 7 DAYS EAST HIGHWAY SO 568 - 4152 Star preen. MNhMHrffN WiEmmJLMAIm m mi rum umm MM LAST 2 DAYS IrV cmuouiH (jnavnmmsaim I.1LT4S Wu Hr 4M l MM, J) Brother oftfce . Auurfraatythraiti Mel BfMkt'wU watt . jStLUM JS SADDLES" . MS, Ml Tetim Mr l IM J aft, Ms e StartJairrwIliatM are set earn btiaearisrw "THE OUTER SPACE CONNECTION" MLIM lnr tM twMJM Hr JAMES raiTMORE CrtTE'EM UTTT.T, rj earn kiwi, Hr ., saeMeer. Peter lfr ttl bU al. l lee 3W - Vnnyrf wu FRANKENSTEIN'? V THMN,IMaUni Greenwich Village Follies. She later teamed up with another Follies performer and played In the vaudeville houses In and around New York City a number of years. Then, of course, came the Betty Boop stint. The name Betty Boop became a household word from 1933 to 1945 when Betty Boop cartoons and Betty Boop dolls were the rage. Mrs. Rothschild also starred in movies from Paramount during the 1930s. But, In 1943, she gave it all up to run her studio in St. Petersburg. Among her students was Carroll Baker who has since appeared in a number of Hollywood productions. Then, she enrolled in the Unity Village school In Kansas City, Mo., and kept up correspondence courses. , In 1951, she was sent to Fort Myers for on - the - job training. By 1954, she was an ordained minister and at one time hosted a weekly radio program on the Unity faith. - Back in 1971, she was coaching a dance troupe of over - 60 - year - olds at Seven Lakes condominiums for a variety show. She left the pulpit IS years ago following her marriage to her second husband, Joe Rothschild, who died six years ago. ;:10LAJT XX RATED "FEAR ON FANTASY "CHARITY BALL" MswtY fk fa ' J w. viTaMt t m. piH, I f ll fe - '.aBBBBL - P iJH ab till L tlTQH I tlTt AwiWbWI p iidUm NX AM NeMW AaiMv mm PtntMmwm Hf MMlMMra)) NOW PLAYING PINES THEATER 740 - 145 Starts let It - San Plau ClatMa MkewM f a miaiiiMi its, "THE 740 - M5 Tan Laaghlui MASTER CUNFIfiHTER" liHij ;J5,,o I ' IMltMlial lU Iff) ' " I ATUFtt tlDEOFTHEMOUNTAir UiiM ttnbaM tCaaa g "FUNNY LADY" MHiHIMAtw ftfmi IMOalf Raqial Welch "THE WILD PARTY" MIMfli'i H y 745 - MO '""" "THE REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD" rs IPP! 7:30 Only "TOMMY" Ce - MtatlJI "LORDS OF FUTBUSH" 7t30) 0ntyt - 1 "THEeROOYEIUU risum. """ IM 1MI - ' MIIP gu4 Ati.ii' ,iiEAK0ur - - T? - ' - ''''srXJ'x.t - 'j'' - ' - - "VivS - i - ,i Z&j'K''?2l;2. - i.jZjiZi?i - i.i' ' - 'Sr - z. - .t

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