Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 11, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1887
Page 3
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•*•* I II UO "IT/iT Tk WO Second street.noar K) fU/MiUflSl D| corner ol llonry -FOB- FINE ^STATIONERY, Buoh aa Crane's Floral, Whiting's Standard Papers, Hurlbut'a Frtmoli Linens, Eclipse • Hogged Edge, Elite Bagged Edge, Balmoral Linen, Qriffln'8 Linen, Turkey Tiold Linen, Poach Blow, Mikado, Charred Bdtce, Oream Laid, Mourning Note, and a largo assortment ol Illuminated and Decorated Stationery. Dennlson's Wax and Seals: School Tablets grid Stationery. __ decedvfly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CHEAP FOB CASH ON TIME PAYMENTS Hanoi and' Organs tuned and repaired .So w mg Machines repaired: BnppUro tor all Machines. , • ; i - . «» i*« -LAM.UHKUA, Uuslo Dflaler, Third street, nearly opposite Bell<v<Uton 111. decftfwjy WATCH •'MBS. ». HBITKAMP'S, All kiritU pi Fancy, Hand made, Knit and Oro- en"t goods. Hoodfl.Tobaggans and Mils. Men's Boaria and Fascinators at'very low prlcea. f, Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sowing •ad. Htamptng Done. Ooma and give us o cm. Don't target the olaoe-. <lec6<lwly Lucas Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL BUJeEBINTENDEN T AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office onThlrd Bt»»oue door west of Plaaa. third floor. SUPPLIES. Oils. Needles, and Parts of all all Ifaol&ie0. We have "now the B» & G, Howe 'i Shuttles* Also Turks fib'-Eug PatterriB ! .and Machines. E. B; ^GULPING. • ' \ •• 4 ,',s ..- " ,, , mohMdw , ' .',.*• »OB Ocean Passage Tickets Atl/JWBST KATB8 Ol tllO OUNAIU), WU1TB STAB, and &0£S£'£f£i m ««» ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH, NOTICE *O For the year 1887 we (hall charge the (ol lowing raui tot traastout notices in o-ar local columns: .- . • RATES OJ 1 ADVERTISING! TIUSBUWT.-F/ Jrr cents per inch first In sortlon, and VlPBlfTy-FirB cents per Inel lor each subsequent insertion. $8 por Inoh first month, $ perlnoli each month thereafter.: LEGAL ADVERTISING! $1 per Inoli lor the .first insertion, and DO cents por Inoh lor each subsequent Insertion 49- Above rates will be strictly adhered to THE DAILY TELEGBAPn is delivered by carriers to all parti ot tiro city o£ Alton ana Upper Alton, for ton cents per week. Mailed to any address at the rate ol $0.20 per year. TUB TBLEQIJM'H has the largest circulation of any paper In Alton, and is the best medium for advertisers. : ' CollNBn.TlIIHD ANL> i'lASA STREETS. TKLB- 1>1IONKN0.88. •.•:•:•:•..-' Strawberries, Bananas, Oranges, Lemons and Pice Apples, ai Connor's. . dlt NOTICES for the Weekly TELEGRAPH should bo handed in by 9 a. ra. tomorrow to suoure insertion. in THEBE will be a meeting of the Y. M.. O. A. tonight at 8 o'clock in the Presbyterian church. All young men are cordially invited to attend. A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Nemlnger's Fig and Magnolia bre the best cigars in the market. REAL ESTATE TRANSFER —p. A. Schlueter has sold to Mrs. Anna Munoy, his property in Bethaito; 111. Consider* atlon,$600. , Clothing und Hats for all at Globe. ' '. .. " ; ' •. '',' . :"• 93 THE action of the State Senate yes- terdav, on the bill prohibiting base ball playing on Sunday, was favorable to the passage of that measure. FOR RENT—A seven room house on Fourth street, between George and Langdon. For particulars apply on the premises or to J M. Ryrie. dtf Just received, choice new selections of Lace Caps, Parasols, Kid Ulovos, Bilk Mitts 'and Gloves.—Haagen & B'uessD. G; Co. d wit HAIL STOKM—There was a heavy storm of rain in the Little Piasa valley, yesterday afternoon, attended by a destructive fall of hail. Windows were broken, vegetation and fruit trees considerably damaged, and the Little Piasa overflowed fls banks. Shoes und Slippers, the best goods and lowest prices, at the Globe. 9 3 TUB central part of the o'ty asks of the Council the improvement of Eighth street. When it is remembered how large an amount. has been spent in the eastend.tbe past four years, to the neglect of the central part of the city, the request is certainly reasonable. A complete line of Spring and Sum* mer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by H. C. G. Morltz, Third street, rncbl? tf MB. Will Sparks states that there were errors in the report m the TELEGRAPH of the Naval Cadetship examination at East St. Louis, and that L. Smith, of Greenville, stood first; an East St. Louis boy, second: Ed. Sparks, of this city, third; Harry Lumen, of Upper Alton, fourth. WICHITA BASE BALL NOTES.—Mr. Geo. Mold, formerly of this city, has been elected Manager of a base ball club at Wiobila, Kansas; with a salary of $100 a month. The club belongs to the Western League and the capital stock, 912,500,was all subscribed In one day. The clnb will' play the first game the 16th inst., with music by a full brass band. The battery consists of Wiley and bchullz. Hemp, Whistler and Perkins, formerly of the Altons, are members of the olub. You can get anything you want in Dry Goods and Millinery at Globe, 9 3 A THUNBKB BOLT.—About 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon lightning struck a fine, large walnut tree In the enclosure at the northeast earner of Thirteenth and Langdon streets, riving the branch* es of the tree to some extent and splitting a post and a few pickets in an adjoining fence. Three ladles who were only 40 or 60 feet away wore considerably, shocked by the electricity and badly frightened. It appeared to them as though a large ball #f tiro of vivid brightness, accompanied by a stunning report, descended from the topmost branches of the tree to the ground. A smell as of burning sulphur pervaded the air for a few minutes after the occurrence. A distinct mark is visible down the north side of the tree to within about 0 feet ot the ground where It turned to the south side and ran to the earth, a pi Inters from the tree and fence were scattered 20 feet In all directions. WILLIE HOLDEN'S FONEBAI. — Th funoral of Willie T. 8. Holdon loo place at 10 o'clock today from the faml ly residence, corner of Fourth an Henry streets, with a large attendance Rev. Or. L. A. Abbott, of the Baptts churnh officiated and read a number o passages of scripture commencing will the promise: "Blessed are they tha mourn, for they shall be comforted. He spoke feelingly of the faUhfulnnss o the deceased in his attendance at Sun day school for five years without one omission, ot his long continued suffer tug so patiently borne, and the univer sal feeling oi sympathy for the aftllotod relatives. The hymns sung were ••Refuge" and"! would not live alway,' the services closing with prayer. On the casket was a silver plate inscribec "At Rest." There was a profusion o beautiful floral offerings, among them a column of evergreen encircled by wreath, the whole surmounted by a jure white dove, Its wings plumed for light. The bearers were R. Martin, Denny Roper, Clark and Elmer Whit ney, Richard Ralph, Charles Ray. Money to loan on improved form >roperly. For particulars, apply to WHIFFLE-& SMILEY. PKKSONAL. Col. A. F. Rodgers, of Wood River, was m town this morning. EJlir. C. B. Rohland is attending the convention of the State Dental Associa- iion at Jacksonville. Cilty Engineer Rutledge has made a profile of Eighth street, showing the >resent grade of that thoroughfare. Capt. J. H. Crane, recently of this my, has accepted a position as book ceeper in a bank at Wichita, Kan. Mr. H. Watson' returned from Chi* iago this morning. , . • Mr.'R. H. Crandall, of Brighton,was i town this morning. He reports a remendous rain there eaviest for years. yesterday, the tireat Chance for Bargains. The U. M. Crandull stock of China- are, Queonsware, Silver-plated ware, lassware, Lamps, Table Cutlery, in iort household goods of every variety ud style, is being sold off at 60 cents n the dollar, until June 1st. 9 tf «. A. B. BEUNION. The reunion- Executive committee eld a meeting this morning and re- eived the reports of a number of sub- ommittees bringing the subscriptions or the reunion up to $1,200. It is ur- ently requested that the remainder of sub-committees report lo Secretary [. M. Schweppe by Friday, other* ise icy will be called upon through the ewspapers to do so. The reunion affords rare chance to boom Alton by giving lousands of visitors a chance to see the lace and gain a knowledge of the city's dvantagcs in location and otherwise ; ot only this, but the affair, if success* ully carried out, as will, doubtless, be he case, . will give us a prestige to be cquired in no other way. For Kent. On Fourth street, south side, between eorge and Langdon, brick house. nquire of Mr. Beorn, adjacent house. — Alfred Browne. ap25tf OUURCH, (Continued from Yesterday.) Action on the committee's report in avor of improving Eighth street WUB eferred until next meeting, one week rom to day, objections being made by wo members, Aldermen Herb and 'ries. Repairs on Washington street, Milton treet and at bridge over Shields' branch ere ordered. Committee on Public luildiogs made a report recommend- ig the engineer be Instructed to atlvor« ise for painting the entoner of the !ity building and asking that $100 be pproprmted lo renovate and repair the 'ouncil Chamber. ,_ The report was adopted. Notice. The Committee on Streets and Alleys 'ill meet on Thursday, May, 12th, 1887 t Council Chamber, at 9 o'clock, A. M. J. E. (JOPPINGER, It Chairman, RlVJSIt KE\YH. The steamers leaving this evening re: the Hudson, for St. Louis; the prcad Eagle, for Grafton; the Bald Eagle, for Clarksvillo, and Calhoun, for •eona. AUrlco to Motuers. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, for hildron teething, is the presorption of no of the best female nurses and phy- lolans in the United Slates, and has oen used for forty years with uever- aillng success by millions of mothers or their children. During the process f toothing its value is incalculable. It eheves (ho child from pain, cures ysentory and diarrbam, griping in the owels, and wind-colic, By giving onlth to the child it rests the mother rice 26n a bottlo. la 16 in w nwk GOLDEN WEDDI50. Yesterday, May 10th,' was the Cot anniversary of the marriage of Mr. an Mrs. 8. P. Greenwood, of this city. Th auspicious day was celebrated in a ver quiet manner, but a few of the Immed ate relatives knowing of the annlversar until the day passed. Mrs. Marttv Watklns, of California, a sister of tin "golden groom with silver hair," wa present, also one son, Mr. E. P. Green wood, of Edwardsvlllo, and the daugh tor, Miss Minnie Greenwood, who live at home. The oldest son, Mr. Frank Greenwood, resides at Boston, Mass The golden wedding dinner table wa furnished, as a mere matter of form with excellent wine from Mrs. Watkms ranoho in Tularo county, California where she raises about 20 varieties o grapes from which wine and lirst clas raisins, equal to the best Imported, are made. Mr. S. P. Greenwood and Miss Abigail Bowkcr were united in raatrimon, May 10, 1837, at Boston, Mass.. Rev Jacob Ide, of the Baptist church, oflici alidg. Miss Martha Greenwood, now Mrs. Walking, was the bridal attendant It is a rather singular coincidence tha she was present at the golden nnmver sary and is, perhaps, the only one liviug except the two most interested, of tin wedding parly. Mr. and Mrs Greenwood came to Alton in 1859 and have lived on Henry street ever since tha time, with the exception of one year Mr. Greenwood has been doing business n St. Louis for over 20 years and was ho first Alton commuter with the ex cepuon of the late Capt .Eaton. Mr.and Mrs. Greenwood arc m good health anc bid fair for many additional happy years. Their many friends join in congratulations and good wishes. HOKTlCCLTOIUlv. Proceedings of the Alton-Southern Illinois Horticultural Society tor May. Tbo Alton Southern-Illinois Horticultural iocloty met at the residence of Nicholas Ohallacombo, May7tli,witli President Browne n the chair. OBClUnDS. Apples woro reported aa blossoinlngllRhtly, nauy trees notnt all, and the prospect was or R small upplo crop aa a rule,.though some rcharils and some varieties hud all the loom necessary {or a Rood crop. Some leachea were reported. 1'ears blooming full verywhere. VIHEYABI>8. Mr. llrowne sutd it was time to bo getting ags rcadj, ta they would soon have to be iut on as a guard against rot, but oven wore here no rot the grapes .are so much better and handsomer that it would pay to do lit; 00 to 1000 bugs can bo put on per day, per land,und the cost including bugs varies from K to 1 cent per pound. Mr, Jncksou—Said that It was best to prune tioUoothe in the fall and throw the canes n the ground as they would then be protec- ed by the auow la the winter and grow much letter in spring. SHALL FHUITS. All Bmall fruits were reported as loooking veil except sumo old patches of Gregg rasp orry, The universal testimony was that It 3 not bcat;to attempt to take more than three rops from a plantation of Gregg. Other va- iotlcs will do well one or two years longer. The Secretary read the following: IHDS AND INSKOTS; WHICH IO KILL AND W1IICU TO FHOTECT, ANJt HOW. This subject is too largo to be fully die- HBsed in a paper like this but as the question a oltou uskod andeomo of our members liav- ng requested that it be dUcussed ut one ol ur meetings, I will give some general noughts on the uubjcct. Why kill either birds or insects and j ffhen 'I fa. as fruit growers, know to our sorrow that oth birds and insects at times do us great amago and some persons come to the con lusiou that we must wage a continual war of xtermlmitljn against those foes. I, for my 'ftrt, do not think so and have followed a .iffereut course. I make war only on such irds and Insects aa are doing me a positive njury and only when they are dolug it. Moat Irila do us so little damage that the good hoy do probably overbalances the harm and n my experience of over twenty years I have ever had to make war on but two kinds ol Irds, the Cherry bird, or Waxwing, and the irlole, both ot ihusa I have killed by the housand and find that a No. twelve broeoh- oader, with plenty of sheila loaded with No. ten shot in the hands of a boy tun to llftoen ears old, is about the best means to do it with. But, aa uUovo indicated. 1 never kill ny birds of any kind except wnilo I can by o doing protest my crops. There Is, how- ver, one exception to this rule and that is bo Knullsh sparrow. I kill them whenever 1 an find them on uiy place, us Ipieleruur native birds, which the sparrow will drive on f allowed. There are Home birds that never do s any harm and should bo encouraged to iroou on our promises. Foremost among these consider the Wren and Bluebird. These an easily be encouraged to do so by putting p boxes lor thorn to ntibt In where they will 0 secure Irom disturbance by their food, specially the cat, Urows and hawks should also bo protected which to some ot you may sound strange, as jy many these birds are considered great lulsanoes. The ciow. I think, never doeu us any damage except when ho pulls some latu iluuted corn, which can bo prevented by iluntlntt the corn HO deep that the grain will tot oome up when the crow goes to pull It up r by tarring the seed before planting. Tbo row tan knowing blid and,like uiysoli.iH not o fond ol work as to do It when It don't ay, so if ho lluds the corn la tarred and unfit oeat, or If the young slioots break olf and OKve tlui uralu in tlio ground ho will leave your Held in disgust and try aouie other, liut 10 doubt you will ask why not kill the hawks? Jon't they kill chickens? X answer yea, some- linos, and when they do, I kill that hawk, tut hawks live largely on Held mice and liould, on that account, bo lot alone except when one gota a tust» of chicken meat und oes to raiding the barn yard. 1 want to speak a good word for the skunk, 'his little nnlinal, despised imd killed by al- noet everybody, la one of our beat friends, vlngaa it does almost exclusively ou Insects nd unlike most insect eating creatures the uaoots which It outs are largely injurious, And.whilu 1 am about It, I wish to say don't .111 the BiuikuB, oxcept the rattler, which I ollevo is the only one that la really polson- uu In our section of country, Snakes are rout destroyers of Held mice und do us no arm whatever. As to liisouu I hold about the same views, ill thorn when they are dolng,or likely to do arm, otherwise let them alone.nature usual. r keens up a proper balance except when Isturuod by unusual causes. Somu Insoots re grout fooa to the fruit grower and farmer, ut some also are his bust friends, and do nore to protect Ills crops from depredation y inlurloui Insects than all the birds eom- Ined. Tlierofoio, Insects should not bo kill- d except we know tliotn to be tho ones that re doing us harm. Therefore, the practice f killing Insects by attracting them Into •ans by llghtii, should never bo practiced /or o are aa upt to destroy our meudu aa our neiules. K. A, RIBIIU [Uonclmlod to-morrow,! CENTER COUNTER EXHIBIT, We have a Beautiful Display of those Goods, with nairor, FOB IF YOU WANT TO DO A LITTLE PaintingY Inside or Outside, there is nothing nicer op handier than BEADY-MIXED, Quick-drying PAINTS, white or colors, sold at - r "i-, " - ' ' MARSH'S. DRUG STORE. Remember This. -GO TO— SEELY & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Paper, Mr Shade BuliE and Picture Frames* Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: THIRD STREET; - OPP. BELLE. GOLD and SHIRTS, The best for the Money. BRANCH, n oi

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